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Magazine Committee

L-R: Karen Brown-Chambers, Anginette Murray (Chair), Halthea Latty, Reverend Alwyn B. Walters and Kediesha Watkis


he 40th Anniversary Magazine Committee congratulates Miracle Open Bible Church (MOBC) on this significant milestone achievement! This milestone is certainly indicative of God’s faithfulness throughout all the various challenges and obstacles that were presented along the journey. I am reminded of the scripture “Many evils confront the [consistently] righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all”. Psalm 34:19 (AMP). He is truly a faithful God. The task of producing this first ever MOBC magazine was certainly not an easy one. The members of the Committee deem it a tremendous honour to have been asked to preside over this great work. I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the members of this Committee, the Editorial Committee (which includes all members of the Magazine Committee, sisters Kadian Walters, Erica Francis, Dorine Brooks, Yanique Rodgers, Novia Barrett and Lavern Chin), Pastors, Church Board, Leaders, members (locally and overseas), friends, sponsors and the various other contributors who assisted in the compilation of this document and ensuring that the information presented is not only accurate but that the

memories (final product) will live on throughout the generations. The scope of this 40th anniversary magazine covers our history, individual ministry achievements, spiritual and inspirational articles, members’ gallery amongst a myriad of unforgettable treasures. As you peruse the pages of this magazine, we trust that you will be blessed in every way possible. Be at liberty to laugh, cry, explode into praise as you reminisce on or become familiar with our forty-year journey. The 40th Anniversary Magazine Committee salutes the leadership and membership who continue to work tirelessly in fulfilling the PURPOSE for which the Lord has predetermined! Miracle, keep pressing on! Anginette Murray Magazine Committee Chair


Messages Reverend Andrew Miller Senior Pastor


Reverend Miller and his family



Messages Reverend Andrew Miller Senior Pastor

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Reverend Miller and his administrative staff

Visitation Staff

Reverend Hugh A. Elliston The General Superintendent


“ t is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness” (Lamentations 3: 22-23 KJV). On this special occasion we congratulate and celebrate with you what God has enabled you to achieve in building His kingdom over these forty(40) years. We pay tribute to the members past and present for their co-operative spirit and prayerful support of the leadership at the Miracle Open Bible Church in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Portmore. Like any other church, the journey for Miracle has not always been a smooth one. There have been trials and you have weathered the storms along the way. Storms help to make the sailors sturdy, and trials help to make Christians strong in faith and in every other grace. Like all of us, youmay have had your doubts as to whether the church was able to maintain its witness to the community, but thank Godyou never gave in to the devil or gave up.

You can now say, “we accomplished all things through Christ who strengthened us”. We have seen the favour of God upon your ministry as you have been shining brightly as a beacon of light through positive Christian witness, impacting the community and its businesses over the years. As II Thessalonians 1:3 (NKJV) tells us “We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is fitting, because your faith grows exceedingly, and the love of every one of you all abounds toward each other”. You have been an exemplary church throughout your journey, in faith, spiritual and physical growth and in love. You have accomplished much because of God’s mercy, faithfulness and goodness to you these forty years. Miracle you have done well: to God be the glory! You have cause to celebrate, so rejoice in your God, be of good courage, because whether in your storms or prosperity, God is working for your lasting good and for His glory. The future journey may be a challenging one; be assured however that your God who was faithful in the past holds in store your victories in the future: “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever” (Heb.13:8 KJV)


Messages Bishop Dr. B.S.E. Dyer

The Portmore Ministers Fraternal


s one that has been in ministry for the past 50 years I am a living testimony of the truth of God’s word in Philippians 1:6 “ Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ”. It takes God and a total dependence on and in Him to be able to handle the many challenges of ministry in a world of relativism, materialism and liberalism. Further, to be able to reach this milestone of 40 years in ministry and continuing with the passion of the gospel is enough reason to reflect, celebrate and honour the name of Jesus. No doubt your forty years (40) of ministry has had its own challenges but the grace of God and the will of his people proved to be unmatched. We are called to serve at a time when there is an incessant attack on Christian morals and values. However, we must not just counter but also take the

initiative in the fight against low morals and anti-Christian forces by embracing a posture of radical non-conformity to the surrounding culture and develop a Christian counter culture that reflects engagement without compromise; prayer with action, and service with accountability. This is our mutual responsibility as the Church in Portmore. We are afforded the opportunity to offer ministry for Christ in these our communities, an honour that we do not take lightly but embrace with a deep sense of commitment and enthusiasm. At the heart of the Christian ministry are the indispensable components of integrity, consistency, accountability, humility, creativity and teachability and judging from all indications, the Miracle Open Bible Church is doing her part in making Jesus Christ, our Jehovah Nissi, visible and infectious among our people. I wish to convey on behalf of the Portmore Ministers’ Fraternal our feelings of fraternal affection and communion at this your 40th year of ministry. We congratulate you and hope that our presence here in Portmore will deepen the bonds of communion and cooperation among us as we collaborate in providing hope and clear direction for our people, especially the young. Let’s work harder and be keepers of each other’s dignity and pride, all to the glory of Christ Jesus. Bishop Dr. B.S.E. Dyer – Rehoboth Apostolic Church

Reverend Franklyn King Divisional Superintendent


deem it an honour and privilege on behalf of the Middlesex Division to extend heartiest congratulations to the leadership and membership of the Miracle Open Bible Church, as you celebrate your 40th Anniversary of Ministry in Portmore and the wider St. Catherine Community. The Miracle Open Bible Church has made sterling contributions to Open Bible Standard Churches of Jamaica and to the fraternity of churches in the wider Portmore area. Many churches, both Open Bible and non-Open Bible, have benefited significantly from your ministry and generosity. Psalm 77:14 states: You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power amongst the people. As your church is so named, Miracle Open Bible Church, my


prayer is that there will be greater miracles and demonstration of the power of God in your midst. If there is a time that the church needs to see the miraculous hands of God at work it is now. We live in a society that secularism is the order of the day. People want the church to become worldly and the world to become churchy. The church can no longer be reactive, but the church must demonstrate the power of God, pulling down the stronghold of the enemy and establishing the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. So as you celebrate, it’s a time to reflect, it’s a time to reclaim and it’s a time to renew your vows and commitment to continue the Jesus ministry, not just in Portmore, but wherever God opens doors. May Almighty God bless you, may He enlarge your territory, may He extend your borders and may His hands be upon you mightily. May you go forth in the name of Jesus and allow Him to perform miracles through you. Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes! Rev. Franklyn King, Pastor – Charlemount Open Bible Church

Church Leadership Senior Pastor Provides strategic planning and direction in addition to providing a balanced ministry of preaching, teaching, pastoral care and organizational leadership to the congregation; enabling the church to grow to its full potential in membership and spiritual vitality. Reverend Andrew Miller & Sister Ingrid Miller

Assistant Pastors

Assist the Senior Pastor in providing a balanced ministry of preaching, teaching, pastoral care and leadership to the congregation in the areas of evangelism, prayer, administration and management.

Reverend Melecia Davis-Gibbs & Brother Donald Gibbs

Reverend Alwyn Walters & Sister Angela Walters

Miracle Open Bible Church Board The Church Board acts in an advisory capacity with the Pastor and is responsible for the planning, directing and organizing of all business decisions of the church. It also assists the Pastor in developing strategies for achieving the Church’s goals and objectives. (l-r) Michael Hepburn, Andrea Duncan Secretary, Andrea Smith, Erica Francis, Rev. Andrew Miller - Chairman, Rev. Alwyn Walters, Merril Tomlinson - Asst. Secretary, Raymond Latty, Charron Brooks. Absent: Janet Richards




Bishop Errol J. Wright and Reverend Floret Wright

Founding Pastor & Spouse


o the pastor, Reverend Andrew Miller and his family, ministers, board members, other leaders, members and friends of Miracle Open Bible Church, I bring greetings on this the 40th year of celebration. It’s July 1972. A young couple along with a few faithful believers, embarked on an amazing yet almost impossible journey. Filled with an unwavering faith, my wife and I along with members of the Elim Open Bible Church where we pastored in Naggo Head, conducted a two-week crusade at the community park in Independence City. Subsequently, the Miracle Open Bible Church was birthed in 1973 - and a miracle it was. I am filled with an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia as I recall those early days. Our tent was made from tarpaulin and lumber, our seats made from building blocks and 1x 8 lumbers, and our pulpit, a table and a board box, covered with a white sheet. Our first believers class began on the front lawn of our home on St. Thomas Avenue in Independence City. Today, the Miracle Open Bible Church stands as one of the founding Churches in the Portmore community and has impacted the lives of numerous individuals not only in Jamaica but all over the world. Miracle has been blessed with outstanding leaders and a faithful membership. Founded on the principles of faith and sacrificial giving, similarly it grew. It was through the sweat and tears of members past and present that the Church was able to grow. After that crusade at the community park in Independence City so many years before, then the construction of a small blue building

which also served as a basic school, the Miracle Open Bible Church expanded by leaps and bounds along Portmore Drive. With no major fund raising venture, the Miracle family established a sanctuary with a church office across the street, at cost of approximately sixty million dollars, debt free after 30 years. Although my wife and I continued to pioneer five additional churches for the Open Bible Standard Churches of Jamaica over an expanse of 20 years, Miracle remained the pillar. I pray that the Lord will continue to raise leaders within the congregation that will go beyond its walls and fulfill that great commission. “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature…And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” (St. Mark 16: 15-18)

To God be all the glory great things he hath done. My prayers are for the Church to continue to be a blessing to the many sons and daughters that the Lord will place under your care. Bishop Errol J. Wright, Hope & Mercy Ministries & Miracle World Outreach Ministries – Pastor & Founder



Reverend Monica Wright Associate Pastor (retired)


s many waters have fallen under a bridge, so there have been many persons who have been called to the Ministry of the Miracle Open Bible Church and who have served in various capacities as leaders, members, friends and visitors since its inception in 1973. Among the many called, some have migrated locally and internationally to various places, countries, cities and towns but God continued to build on the foundation by adding daily to the Church. As we celebrate this 40 years milestone

we know without a doubt that we have only come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord and His Holy Spirit’s power. I beseech you therefore to continue in God’s ministry, being always reminded of this profound scripture in Philippians 1:6 “Being confident (convinces with assurance), He which hath begun a work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ”. I encourage you to implicitly trust and commit the future into His hands; maintain positive, fruitful and righteous activity with faithfulness, until Christ returns. As we reflect on last year’s celebration of Jamaica Reverend Monica Wright & 50th Jubilee year and the vision to be a nation on Brother Kenneth Wright a mission; let us as a church align ourselves to the concept of a church within a nation; let everyone rededicate themselves to the mission of soul winning because only righteousness shall exalt our nation. God has redeemed Miracle for life. May we walk in life and may we give God all the glory for all He has done and for all He is going to do. The Journey continues but great is God’s faithfulness. Happy 40th Anniversary!


Greetings Gillian Whyte

Church Administrator


n ancient proverb states that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step�. Simply stated, no matter how large the task or how insurmountable obstacles may seem, it all starts with just one step. This one step will lead to great achievements and a successful journey. Miracle Open Bible Church started its journey 40 years ago with just one step, a step of faith and the tasks I am sure may have seemed impossible. Like any journey there will always be obstacles in the way; hurdles to overcome but it is your decision to determine whether the obstacles, hurdles, difficulties and challenges will cause one to end the journey or will propel you to move forward to achieving great victories and successes that are also to be experienced along the journey. Miracle Open Bible’s journey has been marked with great challenges as well as great successes. Through the difficulties and challenges Miracle stood firm in Christ; we maintained the vision; we kept the course; we ran the race with perseverance and determination and today we celebrate a milestone because we did not quit. We embrace a history that epitomizes the amazing grace and mercy of God; His unconditional love and never ending faithfulness. We have witnessed the healing , deliverance of many, the birth and death of many. We have participated in the joys and sorrows of our brothers and sisters. But, through it all we have learnt to trust in Jesus Christ. I am greatly humbled to be a part of the rich heritage we celebrate as a church. A heritage of great leaders; committed and devoted workers; purposeful and impacting ministries and a strong family bond. We differ in personalities, gifts, talents and motivations but united in purpose. There are more battles to be won; more souls to be saved; more victories to be won but our God who has carried us these past 40 years is well able to carry us forward into our Miracle. Happy 40th Anniversary Miracle! Let us continue to be a church with a PURPOSE; impacting the spiritual, social and economic spheres of people everywhere and in all places.



Voice of Hope Open Bible Church Reverend Wilton L. Wedderburn, Pastor


reetings to Reverend Miller, the Leadership and members of the MOBC Fellowship.

You are truly blessed to be celebrating forty years of faithful Christian walk and fruitful ministry! This momentous occasion is an undisputable proof that God is with you and His Spirit is dwelling in your midst. On behalf of our church I must express appreciation for the ten (10) years you cared for us as our parents. May you continue to proclaim the saving power of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and reap a bountiful harvest of souls for His kingdom and enjoy God’s gracious and manifold blessings and rewards. A glorious 40th anniversary to one and all! Voice of Hope Open Bible Church being inducted.

Deliverance Open Bible Church Reverend Beresford Bailey, Pastor



ear Brothers and sisters in

On behalf of the Deliverance Open Bible Church family, it is with great honour and privilege that today we give God the highest praise and thanks for His wonderful kindness as you celebrate your 40th church anniversary. It is truly a blessing for you to be God’s mouthpiece for these many years. If you continue pressing on in the work of the Lord, I know that the Lord will surely reward you because, after all, He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. As God continues to bless you and send new sheep your way, I would like to challenge and encourage everyone


to appreciate the goodness of God in your lives and for His peace that reigns in the church and in your family. If you continue pressing on in the work of the Lord, I know that the Lord will surely reward you because, after all, He is the rewarded of those who diligently seek Him. Your steadfastness, commitment, and painstaking efforts to ensure the spread of Christianity is commendable and I would like to thank your church leaders and all members for setting positive examples for the world to see.

Hebrews 6:10 “God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them”

Greetings His Worship The Mayor George Lee Portmore


he Portmore Municipal Council takes pleasure in congratulating the Miracle Open Bible Church on the occasion of its 40th Anniversary of vital Christian service to Portmore and surrounding communities. Indeed the church at 40, is one of the unique organisations that has grown and contributed much to the growth and development of modern Portmore, which was established 43 years ago. May Miracle Open Bible Church continue to expand, inspire and challenge the conscience of the nation and bring sinners to repentance.

Honourable Colin Fagan

Member of Parliament


s the Member of Parliament for South East St. Catherine, I take great pleasure in extending greetings to Senior Pastor, Rev. Andrew Miller; Assistant Pastors, Rev. Melecia Davis-Gibbs and Rev. Alwyn Walters and members of the Miracle Open Bible Church as you celebrate forty (40) years of service to Portmore and the wider Jamaica. This milestone indeed could not have been reached if it were not for God’s will and mercy. He has commissioned His people – Reverends Miller, Davis-Gibbs, Walters and congregation - to preach and teach the gospel in all the world and to be of service to all, of which you are doing. Congratulations are in order. Through your various Social Outreach and In-reach ministries, you are able to effectively meet the spiritual

and social needs of your congregation as well as community members which illustrate true service. The Lord is to be exalted! We are indeed living in a time when immorality and selfishness have become the order of the day. The Jamaica that we have known where Christian values were paramount has been replaced with a society that glorifies the things which are opposite to God’s desire for His people. We need to return to our Almighty, the Author and Finisher of our faith. The Miracle Open Bible Church since its inception forty (40) years ago has played its part in allowing the people that the church serve to look to God, and is continuing to do just that. Again, heartiest congratulations to the leadership and congregation of the Miracle Open Bible Church. Continue to remain steadfast in your service with ofcourse, the Almighty at the head so that your beacon of light will forever shine in not only Portmore but the rest of the world. Hon. Colin Fagan, M.P. South East St. Catherine Minister of State Ministry of Local Government & Community Development


Congratulations Miracle Open Bible Church


on your th Anniversay

from the members and pastor of

With thee complim ments Of Fairrview Open O Bibble Churcch

Reveelation 1:20

1 Henry Cres., Fairview Park, Spanish S Town,S St. Catherine, Jaamaica, W.I. Tel: (876) ( 981-3128 Fax: F (876) 943-11713 � E-mail: faairviewopenbib m Website: ww Mailing Address: P.O. Bo ox 450, Spanish h Town, Jamaicca, W.I.

With thee complim ments Of We offer in nternet café serrvices O& Tues.Bib Open ble ch00 p.m. Mon.Fair 10:00 rview a.m. - 5: p.m. – Sat. 1 Churc 10:00 a.m. – 7:0 Reveelation 1:20

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Our Weekly Schedule Sunday School Sunday Worship Evangelistic Service

9:30 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 7:00 p.m.


Miracle Open Bible Church


on your th Anniversay from Reverend Glendon Powell and the members of

UNITY HALL OPEN BIBLE CHURCH Unity Hall, St. James Tel: 971-7125

Our Weekly Schedule

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10:45 a.m. 8:30 a.m. 7:30 p.m.

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Reflections History Of Miracle Open Bible Church 1973 – 2013


Reflections History Of Miracle Open Bible Church 1973 – 2013


Reflections History Of Miracle Open Bible Church 1973 – 2013





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Heartiest congratulations on your 40th Anniversary With the Compliments of Church of the Open Bible 12 Washington Boulevard, Kingston 20, Jamaica W.I. The Church where the Gospel and Friendship meet Rev. Dr. Alston Henry – Pastor Regular schedule

Congratulates the Miracle Open Bible Church For forty (40) years Christian Service in the Independence City Community and the Portmore Municipality God’s richest blessings be with you

Sundays: 6:45 & 10:15 a.m. Worship Services; 7:00 p.m. Evangelistic Service Tuesdays: Bible Study & Prayer Meeting – 7:00 p.m. Thur. Mountain Movers Prayer Meeting - 10:00 a.m. Thur. Youth Meeting - 7:00 p.m. 4th Fridays - All Night Prayer Meeting 10:00 p.m. 876- 934-0790; 876-934-0902; 876- 934-1090 Fax. 876- 934-0878, Email: Webcast:

Highlights Jamaica 50th Celebration



Anniversary Service Sunday, July 14, 2013

Music & Arts


Music Minister: Kevin Wright Arts Coordinator: Anginette Murray


The Music and Arts Ministry has grown, and has always endeavoured to be led by the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Ministry which was initially focused on music with an adult and youth choir, has mushroomed and now also incorporates other arms such as, the Drama Ministry, the “Wings of Eagles” Dance Ministry, the Sign Language Ministry andthe Mime Ministry.


(1970s -1980s) We give thanks to God as we remember the formative years when the ministry was titled “The Music Department”. We started with a keyboard and tambourines, then added a lead guitar followed by a drum set, donated and played by Winston Wallace. Other basic music equipment were utilised to amplify the quality of the sound in our worship services. At the time we were blessed with the melodic voices of song leaders such as Rev. Monica Wright, Sis’Mavis Christie, Gerthel Lewis, Cislyn Willacy (deceased), Mable Brissette and Dorine Brooks to name a few. Popular voices and musicians during this season included Bros. Winston Wallace, Wayne Brown, Jimmy Brown, Johnny Webster, The Disciples (Norman Sparks, Toney Thompson, Loraine Hall-Love, Coleen and Dawn Bucknor); Sisters Donna Pink-Smith and Annmarie LewisMcKinnion, The Miracle Sisters, young Kevin Wright and Patrick Brissett.

(1990s-2000) As the church developed to meet the growing population, the Music Department evolved into the Music and Arts Ministry. We witnessed the evolution of ministries such as the Youth Choir which became the Miracle Chorale,and nowthe Voices of Judah; the Dance Ministry now to the “Wings of Eagles Dance Ministry”. Miracle grew into a church that not only sang together on Sundays but to a church that produced an album which caused the nation to sing with it, ‘Miracle Sings’. In our ‘dry’ season the Lord blessed and ‘watered’ us with the anointed talent of the “Schroeter Brothers”, who not only ministered as a group but filled in as the house band.


(2000’s to present) When the ‘Schroeters’ migrated, the Lord raised up the “In-House-MOBC Band”; musicians who have grown in number and talent. The ministry saw a whole new set of faces including Eric Murray (Band Leader) , Patrick Brissett, Nicardo Benbow, Mazahurlt Davis, Kevin Gordon and Garth Jones (no longer serving at MOBC) where collectively their ministry have been prophetically called “The Sound of Heaven Band”. Over the years the Music and Arts Ministry, through various arms have ministered to the church and community using various annual and seasonal productions. Some of the most memorable productions include Candlelight Services, Hosanna Choir Production, Royalties in Worship, Rhythm of the Soul, Breathe and the Sunday School Christmas Programme. As we celebrate this anniversary journey and embrace new seasons, we give thanks to all persons and groups that contributed to the development of the Music and Arts Ministry: • Worship Team • Musicians • Sound and Multimedia Engineers • Senior Choir • Voices of Judah • Radical Youths For Christ • Sign Language Ministry • Drama Ministry • Children’s Choir • Wings of Eagles Dance Ministry/Mime • Soloists • Mass Choir


Music & Arts


Praise and Worship Team- Executive

Praise and Worship Team

Radical Youths for Christ

Mass Choir


Musicians, Sound Engineers and Media Team

Music & Arts


Senior Choir The Senior Choir boasts a history of over 35 years in ministry. It was started by Sis. Gerthel Lewis and Faye Kiffin. Its first leaders included Bro. Stephenson and Sis. Ariel Hudson. Sis. Hudson migrated in 2003 and continues to support the ministry by way of visits, letters, telephone calls and emails. Sis. Eudell Wood succeeded in leadership and led the choir for 7 years. In 2010, Sis. Andrea Kerr became the new leader. The ministry currently has 34 active members. The mission of the Senior Choir is to: proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through musical presentations; to inspire the congregation and give praise to the Lord, here at our local church and wherever we are called to do so. Through the years the choir has benefited greatly from dynamic executive bodies, coupled with the direction from the Music Minister and Technical Director. The Candlelight Ceremony has been staged every Christmas since 1999 and continues to be a greatly anticipated event. The group also shares in the Sunday School Department’s annual Christmas programme.

The choir believes in ministering with gladness of heart, always bearing in mind

Psalm 100:2

‘Serve the Lord with gladness, come before his presence with singing.’ 25

Music & Arts


Voices Of Judah

Formerly the Miracle Chorale


ith the fast growing Youth Department having persons of diverse kinds of gifting’s and abilities, the Miracle Chorale was birthed in 1983 by Sis Janet McCalla. After successfully establishing the Ministry, Sis. McCalla handed over the leadership to Rev. Marjorie Brissett-Dyer. During her tenure the musical accompaniment was provided by the well-known group the Schroeter Brothers who had made Miracle their church home. The Chorale grew in numbers up to a recorded 98 members. Rev Brissett-Dyer was then succeeded by Sis. Anginette Martin-Murray who during her tenure led a team of dedicated persons – sisters Claudine Morgan, Sunita Russell, Avia Clarke (deceased), Avis Green, Judy-Ann Minott, Marcia Rush, Carmelia Blidgen, Maxine Roberts and brothers Donovan Green and Philemon Williams. With the migration of the Schroeter Brothers the Lord raised up musicians from within the Chorale to fill the gaps. The Chorale grew not only spiritually but also in the effective delivery of the craft. Noteworthy of being mentioned is Sis. Keisha Miles who served as Music Coordinator for several years. Under her guidance the team was able to further develop the talent thereby producing an even more harmoniously sounding choir. During November 2002 the Chorale hosted its first ever musical production entitled “Hosanna!” Sis Veronica Wilson-Seargent s ucceeded Sis Murray. During 2009 The Miracle Chorale’s name was then changed to the Voices of Judah (VOJ). The aim of the ministry is to deliver the unchangeable message of salvation, through the medium of singing; to edify the body of Christ and to witness to the surrounding communities, the island and world at large. VOJ is dedicated to succession planning, and to fostering the development of vocal gift within the general congregation of the Miracle Open Bible Church.


Music & Arts


Children’s Choir The ministry which was birthed out of the Sunday School’s May Month Initiative began in the late 1980s with fifteen (15) members, and was led by Sis. Victoria Bowers-Mamby (affectionately called “Aunty Vickki”). Sis. Lorraine Elliott succeeded her, and was assisted by Delrose Thomas and Nicola Lacruse (deceased). Assistance was also provided by Sis. Sandra Graham-Mitchell, Portia Graham, Paula Ebanks, Michelle Tulloch, and Lurline Nelson affectionately known as Aunty Beauty. The choir participates regularly in church services and is integral in the church’s Child Month activities. The choir is also actively involved in the Open Bible National “Children’s Choir in Praise”. The leaders endeavour that the members of the Children’s Choir are nurtured in all aspects of their lives. The ministry is proud to acknowledge that past members have developed spiritually and some are graduates from the Jamaica Open Bible Institute (now CTIS).


Music & Arts


Wings Of Eagle Dance Ministry The ministry of dance emerged from the Visionettes, when five friends (Suzette Alladice, Suzette Marsh, Jasmine Wedderburn, Georgia Wedderburn and Ambor Mair) formed a dance group in 1989. At that time, dancing could only be seen through the medium of a concert, as it was not allowed in church services. Through the passionate efforts of Toni White, then leader of the Visionettes and church secretary, dancing became a formal ministry in the church. In 1991 the ministry was fully established with Sister Paulette Cole as the director, under the name Miracle Praise Dancers. Throughout the years the ministry has had outstanding leaders who wholeheartedly committed themselves to its growth and development. These persons included Sis. Jacqueline Saunders, Georgia Wedderburn, Ambor Mair-Watson, Venecia Henclewood, Sophia Wright-Lewis, Anginette Martin-Murray and Keisha O’Meally. The ministry expanded with the establishment of the Children’s Dance Workshop in 1993; the adult female ministry in 1999 and a men’s ministry in 2000. The revelation of having Worship Dancers came in 2000; specific members of the ministry were chosen to lead the congregation in worship, in conjunction with the Praise and Worship team. The ministry’s growth and development in all aspects allowed it to host various “dancerts” and pantomimes. Doors were also opened for the ministry both locally and internationally. In obedience to the prophetic word delivered in January 2002 at an annual retreat, the ministry was renamed ` Wings of Eagles’ (Exodus 19:4) on October 28 of the same year. The membership of the ministry now stands at approximately twenty-five (25), inclusive of adults, young adults, teens and children, led by Joan Antonio, Georgia Wedderburn, Veronica Russell, Camille Henry, Kadian Briscoe-Jones and Damion Hurst.


Dance Ministry History in Pictures


Music & Arts Sign Language Ministry


The Sign Language Ministry now “Hands of Praise Extended” (HOPE), was founded in 1999, by three young ladies, Charial Thompson, Julie Russell and Georgia Wedderburn. The group first ministered at Watch Night Service of that year, to the musical interpretation of Psalm 121. This psalm remains the driving force of the ministry’s existence, continued strength, and growth, as its members believe their help comes only from the Lord, Maker of heaven and earth. Under the leadership of Charial Thompson the ministry embarked on recruiting and training additional members. Sis. Keisha Gray continued this mandate and was later succeeded by Melecha Davis who continues to execute HOPE’s mandate to date. The ministry has grown spiritually, united in its mission to extend praise to God through the art of signing. The Ministry’s vision is to partner with the Missions and Social Outreach ministries to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the hearing impaired.

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Music & Arts


The Drama Ministry TThe Drama Ministry is almost as old as the church!

Mark Rush - Director

It started in the Youth Department and was headed by persons such as Errol Thompson, Donovan Pink, Everton Perez (deceased), and Roy O’Brien. The ministry regularly participated in Youth Day competitions (now Interfest), where they were the undefeated Champion. Mark Rush has carried the baton as leader of the Drama Ministry for the last twenty years. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit the focus of the group shifted from simply acting, to a ministry that has transformed lives. The pieces became soul searching that first ministered to the group then the audience. During this period the ministry entered the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (J.C.D.C.) Drama Festival Competition

and placed second. Productions coordinated within the church include “Jesus Shall Reign” which was directed by former Associate Pastor Rev. Monica Wright. One of the performances that remain a highlight of the ministry is the play entitled “Six Man Bringing Me Back” which was aired on cable Television. The ministry had and is still has great people that God has chosen, to name a few, Dave Thomas, Latoya Deslandes, Racquel Davis, Kadian Walters and so on. With this God-given talent the group was compelled to take its ministry beyond the walls of the church in response to the Great Commission. In this regard performances were staged in many different churches, at crusades and concerts. The aim of the ministry is to reach people with the gospel in schools, communities and churches through the art of drama; to impact more lives, and preserve these pieces by electronic means. God has started a great ministry within Miracle Open Bible Church that has grown tremendously over the years and He is still working through it. . As it continues to fulfil its mandate, the Drama Ministry stands firmly on its motto,

“We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.”




Since its inception in 1973, the church has been involved in the ministry of evangelism by way of home visitations and street crusades. In 1986 the Evangelism Ministry was formally established by Rev. Monica Wright who was appointed Minister of Evangelism from 1985 to 2008, under her portfolio as Associate Pastor. As the ministry evolved February was designated Evangelism Month. This was characterized by events such as door to door visitations, evangelistic and deeper life crusades, during which local and international speakers ministered the Word. In addition, the Evangelism Choir ministered under the direction of Rev. Monica Wright.

Missionary partnering with Missionary June Reid in the daily evangelistic efforts. Rev. Melecia DavisGibbs was appointed Evangelism Coordinator.

Rev. Melecia Davis - Gibbs Evangelism and Missions Co-ordinator

Training in Evangelism was a main thrust of the church. Using the Evangelism Explosion method, Rev. E.J. Wright embarked on a programme to ensure Evangelism Ministry that as many members as possible were trained in person to person evangelism. This was also extended to other churches that caught the enthusiasm. Key evangelism members were Elder Rupert Bailey, Min. June Reid, Evane Johnson, Alroy Love and Veronica Daye. These were full time personnel who worked during the week along with Rev. Monica Wright, in the 1980’s and 90’s, evangelising the Portmore community and following up on the progress of new converts and first time visitors. Sis. Evane Johnson was the first overseas missionary who went to work with Youth With a Mission’s (YWAM) Mercy Ships. Sis. Marcia Chambers followed in this direction and became the second overseas missionary when she also answered the call to work with YWAM. She is still serving today. By the year 2000, Sis. Veronica Daye and Bro. Alroy Love left and Elder Rupert Bailey migrated. Later Sis. Miriam Wright another member, later became a full time


The Evangelism ministry expanded its scope in 2006 with the establishment of the Missions Ministry, by sending teams to assist developing churches across the island in their Sunday Services. From this, two members were blessed and released as missionaries to the Pine Grove Open Bible Church, in Manchester. The Missions ministry also assisted in Sunday School, prayer walks, hospital visitations, door to door evangelism and Vacation Bible School. The following Open Bible churches benefited from the ministry of the missions team: Deliverance, Faith Temple, Upper Room, Rhema, Hebron, Triumphant, Pine Grove, and the Majesty Tr a n s f o r m a t i o n Fellowship. Past presidents of the Evangelism Ministry were Bro. Evon Russell, Elder Rupert Bailey, Bro. Dave Thomas and Sis. Valerie Jones. Bro. Albrick Andrews who worked Missions Ministry closely with Elder Rupert Bailey, also played a major role in the Evangelism Ministry during the 1980’s and 90’s. These persons were all committed to the Great Commission and their work contributed to the growth and development of the ministry and church. Sis. Lorraine Simmonds served as past president of the Missions Ministry and was assisted by Sis. Pauline Harper (deceased). The current president of the Evangelism Ministry Sis. Royena O’Brien, has been serving since 2006. The president for the Missions Ministry is Deacon Gregory Jones. Rev. Melecia Davis-Gibbs has remained Evangelism and Missions Coordinator since 2000.


The Evangelism and Missions Ministry’s activities have evolved to include Altar Counselling, School Devotions, Bible Clubs, Tract Ministry, Golden Age Home Ministry and Home Bible Study.

OVERSEAS MISSIONS Marcia and Shaneika

Youth With A Mission “God's promise is for double-filled days, overflowing, spilling out in abundance. This is what God wants; His wisdom to characterize our lives.� Jack Graham Marcia has been with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for 21 years, ministering in Jamaica, USA and Canada. She has served in administration, evangelism, training and mercy ministries. Currently Marcia is involved in leadership of short-term Mission Adventures teams and Capital City Adventures. These amazing programs offer youth groups and school teams a time of teaching and outreach to First Nation Communities, or urban ministry to the homeless and the poor in Victoria. Recently Marcia completed her Pastoral Care Training course with the Vancouver Island Health Authority and continues to serve as a Pastoral Care Facilitator for local hospitals. As a full time missionary, Marcia is responsible for raising all of her support. It is only through the generosity of friends, family and churches that she is able to serve in these important areas. Your giving makes all the difference. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Marcia and Shaneika Correspondence: Marcia Chambers 102 - 527 Constance Ave, Victoria, BC, Canada V9A 6N5, Facebook, (H) (778) 430 1191 (W) (250) 386 4040 Finances: YWAM Victoria 102 - 527 Constance Ave, Victoria, BC, Canada V9A 6N5



Ministry all-night and half-night prayer meetings, early morning prayer on Saturdays, as well as prayer within ministries and departments. Support also comes from eight Prayer Mothers whose functions include ongoing prayer for the Pastors and the congregation. Additionally, the Intercessors are divided into several groups which meet on Wednesday nights for prayer and to strengthen and encourage each other. Members also meet on Sunday mornings before the service to pray for the morning’s proceedings and the designated speaker.


“Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) Overview

It is said that a praying church is a powerful church and Miracle’s foundation has been built on prayer for the last forty (40) years. The Intercessory Ministry dates back to the 1980s and was formally established as an arm of the church in 1994, under the leadership of Reverend Monica Wright. She was assisted by Sisters June Reid (now Minister), Vera Clarke and Mavis Lewis. Past members who have contributed significantly to the growth and development of the ministry include, but is not limited to Sisters Dahlia Kelly, Pauline Harper (deceased) and Ruth Blake.

Growth and Development

Over the years, the ministry has experienced significant numerical growth. In 2001 there were twenty-eight (28) Intercessors, presently there are forty-five (45). The goals and objectives of the ministry are to stand in the gap for the church, families, communities, the nation’s leaders and Jamaica in general, through fervent prayer. This intercession is to uphold the standards of holiness, righteousness and compassion in our nation. The ministry is supported by a Prayer Council and Planning Committee, under the leadership of Christian Worker Sister Belinda DeMercado. Its activities include coordinating corporate prayer within the church through


Highlights within the Intercessory Ministry include its annual One Day Retreat, Christmas Social, and trips to locations such as Castleton Gardens. Rose Day, Hat Day and Stocking Day were recently incorporated as fundraising ventures. One of the ministry’s major annual activities is the 72 Hour Shut-In Fast which begins on Ash Wednesday to usher in the season of lent. This was instituted as a result of the prophetic vision of Sister Pauline Harper who was responsible for its inception approximately seven (7) years ago. Members of the ministry, the wider church and the community have experienced the powerful presence of God during the fast which is characterised by continual worship, prayer, reading of the Word, spiritual warfare, deliverance and ministry in the prophetic. The Intercessory Ministry’s vision is to remain strident in prayer that will propel the church to another dimension as it prepares for the coming of the Lord.

SOCIAL OUTREACH/ INREACH The department’s goal is to provide dynamic social programmes that express practical concern regarding the needs of our congregants and community. This ministry commenced as a result of the Church’s vision to minister to the total man. We were mandated to ensure that our members and the wider community received emotional and physical support in times of sickness, bereavement and financial need.

Sister Beverley Webster Social Outreach / Inreach Coordinator

Outreach Activities SKILLS TRAINING

In an effort to equip church members, adherents and residents of the community to become self-sufficient, various skills training initiatives are provided at a minimal cost to the participants. Training includes Cake Baking & Decoration, Food Preparation, Floral Arrangement and Jewellery Making.

of Worth ministries and children in the Dance, Choir, Visionettes and Royal Brigade Ministries.


The Miracle Internet Café came about as a result of a grant of nine (9) computers from the Universal Access Fund. Mr. Shane Dalling, Councilor of the Westchester Division and Mr. Everold Simms of Universal Access Fund presided


Educational support is provided free of cost and are opened to members and their children as well as residents in surrounding communities. Classes include: CSEC Mathematics, Accounts, English, Information Technology, Biology, Social Studies, GSAT preparation & Conversational Spanish classes. Assistance is also given to primary aged students in completing homework and special assignments. There are approximately 100 persons registered at this time.


Financial support is provided on a weekly basis for approximately fourteen students from early childhood to tertiary institutions. Food packages are also distributed to members, shut-ins and residents in adjoining communities on a weekly basis. In addition to assisting members and residents in the community with medical and utility expenses, a stipend is also given to needy members. Your contribution to the Needy Basket (1st Sundays) will be greatly appreciated.


In association with the Ministry of Education we intend to establish a ‘neighbourhood place’ which welcomes and supports parents and their children. Activities will include computer classes and internet access, counselling, seminars, parenting workshops, recreation and skills training (baking, floral decorating, costume jewellery and soft furniture making). Participants will also be invited to take part in our interactive classes, sports, Men of Vision, and Women

over the ribbon cutting ceremony at the official opening on Sunday, November 27, 2011. The Internet Cafe offers classes for adults and children, access to GoGSAT practice sessions, research facilities, typing, printing and photocopying services.


Health and Wellness Fairs are scheduled in collaboration specifically with the W.O.W. and M.O.V. Departments once every two years. Various health checks are provided free of cost or at a minimal cost (for example Pap smear, Eye Examinations, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol). Medical examination is also conducted by a team of doctors. Additionally, information pertaining to healthy lifestyles, as well as financial and nutritional counselling is provided.



Powerhouse Marriage Ministry


he Powerhouse Marriage Ministry formerly known as the Couples’ Ministry supports the marriages of Miracle Open Bible Church. The ministry has been in operation for over twelve (12) years. It was first introduced under the guidance of Rev. E. J. Wright, as there was an evident need for marriages and families to understand their roles and importance to Kingdom building and Kingdom living. The Ministry was established with Zeelah and Marvine Davis as leaders, supported by an executive body comprising Walter and Nichola Rodney, O’Neil and Judy Minott, Errol and Adelecia Duncan, Mark and Marie Lyttle, Vaughn and Anieka Lawrence and Chris and Tedia Haughton. The ministry sought to foster the growth and development of marriages through the hosting of various workshops, seminars, couples Sunday School classes and meetings to equip husbands and wives with the tools needed to maintain a healthy marriage. The Ministry catered not only to the spiritual wellbeing of the couples but also focused on the physical and social wellbeing. In this regard, exciting social activities were embarked on such as banquets, dinner functions, pool-side events, games and a host of other interactive sessions. Two of the ministry’s most memorable occasions are the Mass Renewal of Vows and the Weekend Couples Retreat. The Renewal of Vows was conducted on a Sunday during the morning service, with the sanctuary fully decorated in a wedding ceremony setting. It was profound and filled with

Ministry Leaders: Zeelah and Marvine Davis excitement! The retreat held at Cannon Villas in Runaway Bay, saw married persons on a getaway weekend for a time of fun and relaxation! In 2012 the Ministry was revamped and renamed the Powerhouse Marriage Ministry. It remains committed to the task of developing marriages; finding new and meaningful ways to renew and strengthen marital relationships in order that MOBC may be known as a family church filled with Powerhouse marriages.

Hospitality Ministry


e give God the praise for the services which are offered through this ministry over the past sixteen years. We are governed by the Social Outreach Department of the church, and so we operate as an arm for outreach service. The ministry was first led by Bro. Evon Russell who handed over the reign to Sis. Janet Richards. As we celebrate this 40th anniversary of our church, we give God thanks that we are able to serve by visiting the: • Sick of the church, their families and friends • Hospitals • Grieving members and their families • Parents and new born children • Shut Ins of the church Regular visits take the form of a typical church service where hymns, choruses, reading and exhortation from scriptures, and prayers are offered for the individuals and their families. Packages prepared by members of the


Ministry Leader: Janet Richards ministry are also taken on visits to the shut-in members of the church. They are so appreciative that their church has not forgotten them. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit the team goes in faith, believing that visits will bear fruit of healing, deliverance and restoration.

AUXILLIARIES Singles With A Purpose The objective of the Singles Ministry is to assist single adults to develop a lifestyle that promotes holiness, integrity and completeness, while anticipating the fulfilment of God’s purpose for their lives. This ministry is aimed at catering to all categories of single persons (the never married, divorced, separated, widowed, soon to be married, and single parents).

Activities include various forms of entertainment (socials, trips to the cinema/theatre, beach and so on) in addition to events with a spiritual emphasis, (for example prayer focus, workshops, seminars, panel discussions).

SILVER THREADS (Senior Citizens) Motto: Growing in Grace This ministry was established on October 16, 2004 out of the desire of the Women’s World Fellowship (WWF), now called Women of Worth (WOW). Our main purpose is to bring about an awareness of the potential of senior citizens; while assisting them to understand and adjust to the changes in the aging process. The ultimate purpose is to improve their quality of life and provide the wherewithal for them to enjoy a productive life. In addition to activities with a spiritual and cultural focus, there are health checks, trips, socials, outreach ministry and craft. The first executive members were Sis. Elmaye Mitchell (President), Sis. Pansy Boland (Program Coordinator), Sis. Zilpha Malabre (Hospitality), Sis. Pamella O’Brien (Treasurer, now deceased), Sis. Hazel Ashley (Secretary) and Bro. Alphonso Josephs (Transportation). Mention is to be made of Sis. Boland and Nurse Bailey whose contributions are noteworthy. Over the years, the Silver Threads has grown numerically and continues to impact the lives of the seniors within the church and community. To date, the club has over thirty (30) active members, seven (7) of whom were recently added, and two (2) volunteers. The present executive comprises Sis. Elmaye Mitchell (President), Sis. Icella Rawle (1st VicePresident), Bro. Norman Spencer (2nd Vice-President), Sis. A. Williams (Secretary) and Ss. Audrey Spencer (Treasurer). The group continues to be vibrant, visiting places such as Fort Clarence Beach, Bath Fountain and Somerset Falls to name a few. It is our wish that new members will join us and with God’s help we will grow from strength to strength.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all” – Psalm 34:19


Units Nursery& Kindergarten Primary Junior (boys & Girls) Junior High Senior Senior High Young Adult Adult

Age Groups 0-6 years 6-8 years 9-11 years 12-14 15-17 18-21 22-30 30 & Over


Teachers for Interactive Study


Interactive Study


*Not all classes shown here


Children’s Church leader Georgia Wedderburn






College of Theological & Interdisciplinary Studies

The official training arm of the Open Bible Standard Churches of Jamaica

We offer the following courses: Bachelor in Theology & Biblical St. Diploma in Theology Diploma in Biblical Studies & Counselling Diploma in Biblical and Pastoral St. Diploma in Counselling Certificate in Biblical Studies Certificate in Counselling


Montego Bay Campus at the Mt. Salem Open Bible Church


“To Serve the Present Age” Overview

The Visionettes is a national programme of the Open Bible Standard Churches of Jamaica and an auxiliary of the Women of Worth. It is designed to meet the spiritual, social and emotional needs of young ladies aged six (6) to nineteen (19) years. The Visionettes’ involvement in Miracle dates back to the 1970s when the group began under the leadership of Sister Ingrid Brown, who at the time used her home to facilitate meetings. During this time the membership was approximately fifteen (15) to twenty (20) girls who met on Saturdays. As the group experienced growth, others became involved in its leadership. Sister Florett Latty gave her assistance for three (3) months and was followed by Sister Toni White Spicer who served as Advisor from 1988 until1997. Members at that time included Ambor Mair (now Watson), Shari Thompson and Nicole Espeut who were being trained for leadership. Successive Advisors include Deaconess Joanna Branford, Sisters Beverley Webster, Venessa Williams, Donna Williams and Merril Tomlinson.

Past Activities

Miracle’s first dance group and chorale are just two groups which emerged from the Visionettes. Sister Janet McCalla was highly instrumental in chorale rehearsals and was readily available to assist the girls at their sessions. The Visionettes hosted many fundraising concerts at which they performed in drama, song and dance. Bake sessions were also held in the church’s kitchen during Christmas and Easter holidays. The girls were also involved in social outreach activities such as visiting the Wortley Girls’ Home in Constant Spring and accompanying the Hospitality Team on visits to shut-ins. The Visionettes were also quite active in a number of national and divisional Visionette competitions where they were awarded first place in different categories on numerous occasions. In 2003 Janice Scott an active member at that time, received the Joanna Branford Award for “Most Outstanding Visionette” in the local group, and was crowned “Visionettes Princess” at the Visionettes Surrey Division Annual Convention in 2004.


Recent Highlights

Like any other work aimed at mobilising young people for the Kingdom of God, the Visionettes faced its own challenges. Nevertheless God has remained faithful. In 2009 a project to revamp the group was undertaken with the guidance of Sis’. Beverley Webster and Joanna Branford, who served as President of the Women’s World Fellowship (now Women of Worth) during that time. The group has experienced much success and increase since this initiative. Present membership spans approximately fifty (50) girls within the church. Recent highlights include participation in National MegaFest, the annual Women of Worth Promotion Service, attendance to divisional socials, National Visionettes Retreat and the establishment of Visionettes Sunday held in April, which is recognised nationally as Visionettes Month. The group continues to inspire success and development among young ladies through programmes such as motivational talks, skill building workshops, indoor and outdoor games, presentations on health, etiquette, appropriate attire and sexual purity to name a few. The Visionettes’ desire is to continue making a difference in the lives of young ladies, grooming them to adopt Christian principles as part of their daily lifestyles.

AUXILLIARIES MEN OF VISION The purpose of Men of Vision in general is to promote the forming of fellowship groups among the men in local churches with the end in view of coordinating the interest and assistance of men in all Open Bible Standard Churches’ activities such as definite assistance for the Pastor in church projects, personal witnessing to men for Christ, a paternal interest in and care for the boys of the church, participating in benevolent enterprises.

Men of Vision Executive

Ushers Ministry

The Usher’s Ministry is very active comprising of mostly senior members of the church. Sis. Lelieth Holmes currently leads the team of dedicated and committed members.



Royal Brigade

formerly Royal Rangers The Royal Rangers began in the early 1980’s and was focused on reaching both boys and young men within the church and the surrounding community. Bro. Garfield McDonald was the first leader to pioneer this group. The ministry’s name was later changed to Royal Brigade in the late 1990’s as an adaptation to fulfilling the needs of the total man by focusing on four cardinal points the mental, physical, spiritual and social. The current Executive Body leading this vibrant group of young men are Bros. Damion Hurst, Leon Phillips, Nicholas Jarrett, and Aaron-Daniels Glanville. Noteworthy of mentioning are the members (both past and present) who have contributed significantly to the growth and development of the ministry include Neil Palmer, Seymour Lanaman, Damion Hurst, Alickson Campbell, Wayne Lawrence, Kirk Gray, Vera Clarke, Gillian Whyte, Pauline Hill and Sheryl Palmer; and specifically for helping to design the programme, Dwayne Brandford, Andre Stewart, Andre Simpsons, Owayne Anderson, Richard McClae, Andre Wood, Dwaine Watt, O’Neil Barrett, Shevon Robinson, Aaron-Daniel Glanville, and Kemoy Murphy. The ministry has grown numerically and spiritually since its inception. The present membership comprises of: Javaughn Anderson, Joshua Henry, Javoy Henry, Daniel Anderw Nelson, Tyriq Campbell, Matthew Nelson, Matthew Night, Ushane Taylor, Rodgerick York, Jordon Chin, Antodeen Campbell, Jordon Jarrett, Kevin Lodge, Akeem Nelson, Tashour Lynch, O’Neil Brown, Jahmine Simmonds, John-Michael Simmonds, Alex Reid, Dashawn, Isaiah Simms, Ishmar Simms, Adrian Green, Gerald Prince, Lemark Myers, Shevon Robinson, Gianni Hemmings, Giovanni Hemmings, Jomo Blake, Michael Grant, Rodgeph Finley, Lushane Black, Michael Lee,


Aldane Smith, Don-Patrick Taylor, Damoi Simpson, Shawn Lypher, Sheldon Lypher, Albert Garner The scope of ministry activities creates various opportunities for the troop to gain exposure to outdoor activities that will help individual troopers to develop socially and physically. Below are just some of the many things that have been done:

• • • • • • • • •

Trips Hiking Cook out Swimming Fishing Cycling Interest visits Nature study Community service

The ministry welcomes boys and young men as many stimulating adventures await them in Royal Brigade. Selective adventures will be more challenging than others. However, no matter how hard, life teaching experiences will be gained. We believe technology is not the only source of teaching though it cannot be discounted. Many life-long experiences come from interacting with nature. The peaceful mountain side with waterfalls, tall trees, natural scents, long hiking trails, birds and animals, combine to present beautiful natural scenery may last a lifetime. In addition many behavioural challenges await you. Troopers may be able to deal with some of these individually, while for others you may need to draw on the expertise of others. However, each of your experiences will help to make you into a better person.

AUXILLIARIES Overcomers (Youth) Department Overview The Overcomers (Youth) Department at the Miracle Open Bible Church has sustained a vibrant history, and rich legacy of moulding the lives of young Christian believers within the church and community. Its inception dates back to the mid-1970s shortly after the church was found. Thereafter, what was commonly deemed “a gathering of young people” soon became a formal part of the church’s programme, boasting an attendance of up to one hundred (150) persons on any given Friday night. Activities then ranged from hikes, socials, cook-outs (run-a-boat), and mass meetings or revivals to name a few. Personalities instrumental in this foundational history include Elder Colin Baker, Alwyn Walters (now Reverend), Roger Watson and Anginette Murray to name a few. Under their leadership the youth department grew in both strength and numbers, impacting the community and Open Bible camps in a positive way and demonstrating the power of God in individual lives. As the department thrived, God’s anointing upon the young people became increasingly evident and numerous talents discovered, out of which several ministries were born.

Aim and Activities Today, the Youth Department remains an important and influential body in the church; with the responsibility of leading, teaching and training young persons for effective ministry in the kingdom.

The mandate as promoted through various activities is “to cater to the total man,” that is the spiritual, social/ socio-economical, emotional and physical needs faced by humans. Several activities which facilitate meeting these needs include group bible studies (“Pop off di Word”), worship sessions (“Behind the Veil”), All Night Camp Meeting (“Away”), Youth Retreat, socials, trips (“Baqua de fiesta”), presentations on health, emotional well-being and money, as well as interactive discussions about life’s challenges ( for example “Voice It” and “Unbreak my Heart”). Other programmes worthy of highlighting include the King & Queen Competition first held in 2009 under the theme “Royalty Personified”; the Iron Chef Competition: Battle of the Sexes (2010) and All Night Camp Meeting (2011).

Former Youth Council Executive 2012-2013 These programmes were met with resounding success, and have played a vital part in identifying leadership skills and talents among the youths, as well as developing their Christian maturity. One of the most notable accomplishments for the youth department has been the establishment of the Overcomers 2 “Life by Design” group which was formed particularly to address the needs of young adults aged 21 and over. Under the guidance of the department’s Deputy Coordinator, Kadian Walters, the group has matured in several respects. It continues to provide a place in which young adults and adults receive wholesome Christian fellowship and support. One aspect of the youth department’s history which has remained steadfast, and continues to keep the body alive is its leadership. Over the years God has handpicked several young people whom have given themselves wholeheartedly to servant leadership. Their service will always be remembered. Special mention is to be made of Keith Logan who served as Coordinator for several years, and assisted tremendously in the department’s growth.

The future of MOBC’s Youth Department looks bright! It is a certainty that God will continue to raise up leaders and members alike, in whom He will work to do of His good pleasure.



Overcomers (Youth) Department

Former Youth Executive

Former Youth Council

Youth Department Camp / Retreat


We Worship with

Joseph Anderson

Carmen Ashman

Vivalyn Anderson

Cloris Bailey

Albrick Andrews

Joan Antonio

Linneth Bailey

Norma Bailey

Tanya Bailey- Robertson

Trevor Bailey

Luaska Baker

O’Neil Barrett

Sylvia Barrett

Mellecia Baugh

Barbara Beckford

Nicardo Benbow

Roselyn Bird

Norma Barnett

Oshieka Baugh

Daphne Blackwood


We Worship with

Terece Blair

Aileen Blake

Carmelita Brae

Joanna Brandford

Uriel Brandford

Mable Brissett

Patrick Brissett

Dorine Brooks

Angella Brown

Felecia Brissett

Charron Brooks

Mable Brown


Nadine Bryce

Edwin Bloomfield

Iris Buckeridge

Pansy Boland

Winsome Briscoe

Marjorie Brissett-Dyer

Karen Brown-Chambers

Sylvia Buddington

We Worship with

Donna Bulli

Charmaine Chambers

Christina Christie

Melvina Christie

Sophie Comrie

Phyllis Burrowes

Rosemarie Carby

Fay Card

Margaret Chatrie

Lavern Chin

Diana Christie

Marcia Christie

Mavis Christie

Doorley Codling

Lamar Codling

Triciana Chambers

Oliver Cranston

Shemicka Crawford

Jennifer Collins

Michael Currie


We Worship with

Deloris Davis

Joslyn Davis

Marvine Davis

Mazahurlt Davis

Tamisha Davis

Hyacinth Depass

Meisha Ducally


Zeelah Davis

Latoya Deslandes

Elaine Duhaney

Lisa Davis

Marvette Davis

Melecha Davis

Racquel Davis

Belinda Demercado

Doreen Dennis

Sutania Dixon - Chin

Adelecia Duncan

Paulette Douglas

Andrea Duncan

We Worship with

Angella East

Rudolph Edwards

Valerie Elliott-Small

Ellis Ferguson

Cosetta Forde

Racquel Ebanks

Vivia Edwards

Madge Facey

Madgerine Ferguson

Neil Forde

Burdell Edwards

Donna Elliott-Bailey

Pauline Fearon

Linda Fisher

Erica Francis

Prousent Edwards

Lorraine Elliott

Austin Ferguson

Gidget Ford-Strickland

Janice Francis


We Worship with

Dave Fray

Judith Gardner

Daphne Gordon

Tania Marie Gourzong

Eudell Graham

Cynthia Green

Jaqueline Gregory


Jade Gaynor

Fredericka Golding

Herman Grace

Pauline Grace

Sandra Graham

Burchell Grant

Muriel Grant

Edward Green

Ena Green

Olive Green

Sashae Gregory

Novia Gunning - Barrett

Sylvia Hamilton

We Worship with

Camille Henry

Lola Higgins

Dorrett Howard

Sophia Irving

Stacy James

Pauline Henry

Lurline Hines

Beverly Hutchinson

Vera James

Barbara Johnson

Pearl Henry

Andre Hinds

Deborah Hutchinson-Barnet

Joan Jennings

Daisy Johnson

Helogeen Hepburn

Leleith Holmes

Yvonne Hylton

Jerome James


We Worship with

Melesa Johnson

Norma Johnson

Garfield Jones

Nadine Jones

Valerie Jones

Alphonso Josephs

Daphnie Josephs

Opeline Josephs

Claudette Kemp

Hillary Kemp

Minette Kemp

Andrea Kerr

Ruth Kerr

Christine Knight

Junior Knight

Marva Knight

Valrie Lannaman

Florette Latty

Halthea Latty

Raymond Latty


We Worship with

Yolanda Latty-Palmer

Michael Lee

Keith Logan

Zilpha Malabre

Edris McDermott

Christine Lawrence

Corine Lawrence

Dianne Lee

Savrenee Lee

Natasha Lindo

Euton Lindsay

Althea Lopez

Jeneil Lopez

Ermin Mair

Yvonne Malcolm

Cislyn Martin

Kerry-Ann McCarthy

Catherine McDonald

Sharon McKenzie


We Worship with

Marveia Miller

Paulette Mills

Ingrid Miller

Elmaye Mitchell

Yvonne Moore

Bryon Morgan

Gloria Morrison

Damion Mullings

Anginette Murray


Eric Murray

Petol Miller

Enid Mills

Sadie Moiten

Samuel Montaque

Rosalyn Morgan - Brown

Sandra Morgan

Lisa-Gay Letts Mullings

Elaine Myers

Diane Murdock

Carole Myers - Stewart

We Worship with

Jennifer Neita

Arlene Nelson

Claudia Nelson

Jodi-Ann Nelson

Lurleen Nelson

Rema Nelson

Mario Notice

Royena O’Brien

Meloney O’Gilvie

Dorett Patterson

Mavis Peterson

Icella Rawle

Judith Reid Malcolm

Eric Pottinger

Delores Reid

Courtney Nelson

Linton Notice

Eleanor Parris

Kearon Prophete

Karen Reid


We Worship with

Viviene Reynolds

Janet Richards

Euton Rodgers

Yanique Rodgers

Walter Rodney

Marcia Rush

Daphne Scarlett


Ohenia Rose

Jennifer Russell

Christopher Seaton

Linnett Roberts

Mauvalee Robinson

Nichola Rodney

Ornella Rodney

Roxanne Rose

Roxanne Ross

Nordia Samuels

Lorraine Seaton

Valerie Samuels

Veronica Sergeant

We Worship with

Victoria Shepherd

Lorraine Simmonds

Sharnice Small

Leonie Smith

Pauline Smith

Carmenta Spence

Norman Spencer

Shanique Sterling

Donna Taylor-Bulli

Don-Patrick Taylor

Donna Thomas

Nicole Thomas

Philistena Stephens

Novlet Taylor

Beverley Thompson

Andrea Smith

Audrey Spencer

Benford Taylor

Aubrey Thomas


We Worship with

Gloria Thompson

Jasmine Thompson

Merril Tomlinson

Audia Tracey-Lynch

Amoi Walters

Angela Walters

Ambor Watson

Georgia Wedderburn


Myrtle Thompson

Joan Tucker

Rosalie Thompson

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Poetry Corner The Many Uses of Mama’s Frock-tail by Judy Ann Minott

(Frock tail = skirt-tail, blouse tail, shirt tail etc.) Mama’s frock tail has many uses: Drying hands Drying tears Wiping out matter For years and years.

Mopping the brow Wiping the face Cleaning up “nose-naught” Even when it full of lace. So God provided mothers with this frock tail To cover her body But also for her children to hang on and trail... Like a mother hen Lovingly adorned with feathers The Almighty God Made frock tails for mothers.

The Potter’s Work Jhonelle Grant

Clay in hands Thumbs gently carving vessels Charting lives surrendered to His will This vessel, the apple of His eyes You, you are His design a beautiful piece of work initiated in His mind, Finding no duplicate of you-niques at its highest Created in His image and likeness but if you could only see you through the Potter’s lens A beautiful creation independent of your friends and societal views A work of art, a perfected you.

Jamaica Land We Love By Joanna Brandford

You turn on the radio listen the news, And what you hear makes you so confused, Watching television brings so much pain, The violence, the murder, the corruption, the shame Is this our Jamaica the pearl of the Caribbean? Which is said by many to be a Christian land? Eternal Father bless our land; Guide us with Thy mighty hand, Keep us free from evil powers; be our light through countless hours. This is our anthem, a cry to the one with ultimate power. So why is this prayer not being answered when we pray? Is it that God is not pleased with our wicked ways? Our women and children seems to be top on the gunmen’s list Drugs and homosexuality has also found a niche, Deception and corruption is now a national pride


You say you’ll wait ‘til you have spent a few more years in sin And that you hope that by next Fall the latest pool you’ll win, But can you tell me just how long on earth you will remain? You’ll never know true happiness ‘til eternal life you gain. You say you hope to settle down in another year or two And that the girl you love so much means ‘all the world’ to you, But she can’t really satisfy the longings of your soul – You’ll never know true happiness ‘til Jesus makes you whole.

Oh Friend, can’t you just see the truth and give your heart to God? He gave His only Son for you – the best He ever had! Unless you give your life to Him you’ll never really live You’ll never know true happiness ‘til your heart to Him you give. True happiness this world can never give, When Jesus meets you friend o’ mine – You’ll really start to live Come give your heart to Him today Do listen to His voice – You’ll never know true happiness Until you make Christ your choice. © Phyllis Burrowes Written in August 1970

Daily being conformed to the image of His Son By ridding you of impurities removing bubbles of air of besetting sins, inconsistencies, extracting failing human idiosyncrasies And placing in you a more spiritual propensity But wait, He’s not done, the fire is yet to come So the genuineness of your faith may be found to be praise, honour and glory at the revelation of his Son… so Don’t let the world allow you to deviate from his original work because like dirt sin perverts a beautiful image But dwell in the centre of his sight, Don’t even move from His peripheral vision Because the Potter sees you as precious that He sent His Son to renew connection So stay in the centre of His hand, I implore you stay in the Potter’s palm

And yet we wonder why God is not on our side? Blessed are the people whoseGod is the Lord, But as a country we have strayed from His Word. God’s word still rings true, Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people. God has bless us with so many things Fruits in abundance all through the year; sea and sand beyond compare. Our sportsmen and women has brought us much fame, Our national heroes have done the same. But yet it seems all these things are in vain, And we continue to hang our heads in shame. But all is not lost let me hasten to say, for God says for if my people who are called by my name Will humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways Then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins And will heal their land. When this happens then and only then we can truly say, Justice, truth be ours forever JAMAICA LAND WE LOVE


Poetry Corner No More Victim

If I Must Die

By Audia Tracey Lynch

By Alwyn B. Walters

If I must die, let me not die as an infidel

But let me die as one who has offered himself on the alter Of hard work and sacrifice to break the curse of worthlessness And poverty that might have seized hold of my ancestors. Let me die as one who has blazed the trail of success for my next generation. If I must die, let me not die laden with regrets. Regrets that I never spent quality time with my family Regrets that I never executed the mandate of my Lord Regrets that I never touched enough lives meaningfully. But let me die knowing very well that my family will call me blessed That I have caused sparks to return to many eyes, fed many hungry souls, Clothed the naked, visit the sick, poor and destitute And have returned hope and given a new lease on life to many. If I must die, let me not die only for myself But let me die in the fight for justice and fair play for the simple, The poor and the destitute; Knowing that justice for one is justice for all. Let me die on my knees of intercession for my fellowmen. Because where man’s ability fails God’s possibility takes over. If I must die, let it abound with joyful anticipation Let it be one of peace and tranquility. Let it not be pre-mature and unplanned, But let it be a death of divine purpose and timing. Knowing very well that I have fulfilled the mandate on my life; But who says I must die.

No more victim of rape abuse No more victim of hurt or being used No more victim of shame No more victim oh God I don’t want to be the same No, no more victim No more victim of my own past No more victim, no this hurt won’t last No more victim of defeat No more victim of being weak No more victim of being put aside No more victim for in His love I will abide No, no more victim No more victim of being rejected No more victim for with Christ’s love I am being infected No more victim of being cast down No more victim of holding my head to the ground No, no more victim No more victim for I have been freed No more victim of envy or greed No more victim of negativity From now on I’ll think positively No more victim of the old mask No more victim of that’s too much of a task I’ll hold my head high I know someday I’ll touch the skies No, no more victim!!


Grace is truly God’ eternal gift to mankind, Through which our lives will be divinely rearranged. If we look to Jesus today, we will find that He is truly the only way. No other will be able to do what He has already done for us. His precious blood was shed on Calvary’s cross; To allow peace to flow within our hearts. Blessed is He above all other gods, For there’s redemption through His Holy blood. The stars tell of the wonder of our Lord. Conception speaks of the wisdom of God. Love defines the nature of God. And salvation signifies God’s mercy and grace which is a free gift to all.


Marvalette Royal



Healed from the After Effects of a Gun-shot By Euton Lindsay, September 22, 1987

Miracle testimony By Cynthia Green

Jesus picked me up, turned me around and planted my feet on higher ground. As a diabetic, I had to make regular visits to the doctor for treatment but was ailing from an illness that wasn’t diagnosed until years later In 2010 I became so ill and had to see the doctor. I left his office and while on my way home I became so weak that I couldn’t walk; experiencing shortness of breath and sweating a lot. I later discovered that I had a serious heart problem. I asked the church to pray and got some relief. In January 2011, I was tested at the UWI Hospital and diagnosed with four blocked arteries which were causing the severe pain in my chest and back. The test also showed that I’d survive multiple heart attacks which I wasn’t aware was happening to me. I eventually had to do an emergency surgery on my heart because I was facing death’s door. But to God be the glory, I went into surgery with a low chance of survival but I’m alive and well today. Jesus was and still is my deliverer!

On the 29th April 1986, I was held up at the gate to my house by three (3) gunmen who demanded money. When their request was not met, I was then shot in my left leg. I was hospitalised for two (2) months. During the time of my hospitalization, the doctors tried their best to remove as many of the gun shot pellets as they could, but the majority had to remain in my leg. The doctor said I have to live with them. The doctor also told me that I would be feeling pain and would not be able to walk on the leg for eighteen (18) months. Praise the Lord, after prayer I walked after six (6) months. However, there was still pain and I had to have physiotherapy twice weekly, along with pain tablets. On Monday 28th September, 1987 the pain started to be more severe than ever, but I refused to take anymore tablets because I was tired of them. The next Tuesday night I went to church for prayer meeting and Bible Study; outside of the church pastor Wright saw me walking and limping and said to me, “Brother Lindsay! We are going to pray for you tonight and God is going to heal you”. I was prayed for that night by Pastor Wright and Sister Christie. From that night I have been totally healed. There is no more pain and I can walk as normal as before. God has removed the pellets from my leg. I must encourage everyone that God can do all things if we believe.





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Word of Inspiration


Word of Inspiration

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Word of Inspiration

Congratulations to Miracle Open Bible Church on your 40th anniversary. From Rev. Valerie V. Blake & the

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Congratulations Miracle Open Bible Church

on your 40th Anniversay from Pastor - Rev. Norman King and the members of CHURCH OF THE OPEN BIBLE - MAYPEN

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Congratulations to Miracle Open Bible Church on your 40th anniversary. From Rev. Winston Wilkins, Min. Winsome Wilkins & the members of The Good News Open Bible Church


Sunday School Sunday Worship Evangelistic Service

9:45 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 6:30 p.m.

Marlie Mount Old Harbour, St. Catherine 983-0560 (Ch.)

Miracle’s Journey: Celebrating God’s Faithfulness TEXT: Deuteronomy 7: 6 – 11 by Rev. Alwyn B. Walters

The journey of Miracle Open Bible Church (Miracle) began 40 years ago in 1973 at the Independence City community centre under the leadership of its founders Rev. Errol J. Wright and wife, Floret; a young couple from Mount Salem Open Bible Church, Montego Bay. The church had its genesis under a tarpaulin with the use of building blocks and lumber as makeshift seats. Forty years later the successful journey of Miracle is obvious and the faithfulness of God is so glaring. The church which began in a community centre under a makeshift tent today is housed in a two-storey building accommodating 1,000 members and visitors each Sunday morning. This year we will celebrate this milestone under the theme: Miracle’s journey – celebrating God’s faithfulness. This theme is a most fitting theme for this 40th anniversary celebration because etched and intertwined in the journey of this great work from its inception to this present moment is the faithfulness of the Sovereign God. We celebrate God’s faithfulness in His provisions of visionary leadership, an appropriate and beautiful sanctuary for worship, and the warmth and friendliness, resilience and faithfulness of

the people we interact with. (Scriptural references: 2 Corinthians 9:8-11, Philippians 1:6). Application:Jehovah, the transcendent God is faithful in His provisions for His people. Whatever our needs are we can trust the covenant-keeping God to meet them. He is not short on supplies. He is omnipotent. We also celebrate God’s faithfulness in His protection of his church from the onslaught of the enemy, in the form of: sheepstealers, abusive leaders, and natural and spiritual disasters. (Scriptural references: 2 Thessalonians 3:3; 1 Corinthians 1:8-9; 1 Thessalonians 5:23- 24; John 10:28-29; Matthew 16:18; Isaiah 54:17; Isaiah 59:17). Application:Is Satan raging a battle in your life (marriage, children, at the workplace, at home, in your community, in your family, in your ministry)? Trust His faithfulness to protect your mind (mental fortitude), soul (seat of your emotions) and spirit (that which connects you with God) and wrest victory from the jaws of the enemy. HE IS OMNIPOTENT AND ALSO FAITHFUL. And we must celebrate God’s faithfulness in His pronouncements – what he promised he fulfilled. (Scriptural references:Acts 7:1-3; Joshua 24:1-3; Genesis 46) Application:What pronouncements/promises has God given you? Be assured as He fulfilled those made over Miracle He will bring your pronouncements to past. His Words are “yea and amen” and He is not a God that He should lie. HE IS FAITHFUL! The song of the great hymn writer, “great is thy faithfulness” is a fitting way to close this celebration.

Congratulations Miracle Open Bible Church on your 40th Anniversay from Reverend Gregory Morris and the members of the

CHURCH OF THE OPEN BIBLE- MONA 174 Old Hope Road Kingston 6

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Miracle Open Bible Church 40th Anniversary Magazine- 2013  

Highlights of the last 40 years of the Miracle Open Bible Church

Miracle Open Bible Church 40th Anniversary Magazine- 2013  

Highlights of the last 40 years of the Miracle Open Bible Church