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The BBQ Times “Smokin’ off the Press”

Volume 4• Number 6

April 2013

Table of Grande Creek Pig Jam has top knotch event Contents ............ 28 Pages

Swainsboro GBA...........2 Audrey Evans................4 Dana Hillis...................4 Harry Faircloth.............5 Clermont, FL..................6 Eagle Lake.....................7 GBC Throwdown.......... 8 GBC Awards.................9 Dothan Tri State..........10 Fire Ant BBQ Bash.......15

Joe Wright, pitmaster Bethel Smokers out of Douglas, Georgia took home $3,000 for Grand Champion at the Grande Creek Pig Jam in Swainsboro, Georgia April 6, 2013. Bethel Smokers turned in a first place ribs, first place pulled pork, and a tenth place pork loin.

Buster Davis, Pitmaster of Smokin’ AJ’s out of Perry, Georgia took home Reserve Champion at the Grand Creek Pig Jam in Swainsboro, Georgia. Buster turned in a third place pork loin, third place PHOTOS BY GREG HOYT. pulled pork and nineth place ribs.

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Wooley takes SOTW Smokin’ 42 BBQ Takes the

Black Train to Reserve Grand

SOTW...........................18 Subscribe.....................19 Calendar......................20 SCBA............................24 Slidell BBQ..................25 Classifieds...................26 Damon Wooley and “Pops” have done it again. For the second time in three years, Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia out of Live Oak, Florida has taken home Grand Champion at the Smoke on the Water BBQ & Music Festival in Thomaston, Georgia. Wooley scored a first place chicken, second place ribs, and second place pork. PHOTO BY MATT SHARPE / UPSON BEAT

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Smokin’ 42 BBQ out of Tifton, GA took home Reserve Grand Champion at the Smokin’ Pork N Butts in Jackson, GA April 13, 2013. They scored a second place pork loin, fifth place ribs and fifth place pulled pork. Shown above are team members: Chad Brooks, Chris O’Neal and Justin Marchant.

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The BBQ Times

April 2013

Grande Creek Pig Jam • Swainsboro, Georgia • April 5-6, 2013 Special to BBQ Times

Nineteen teams gathered at the Georgia Sports Arena in Swainsboro, GA for the first Grande Creek PigJam. The teams & judges found the new venue to be an excellent site for a BBQ competition. The GBA family and members of the Swainsboro community were treated to a concert on Friday night by The LACS. Mr. Joe Wright of Bethel Smokers claimed first place in both Pulled Pork & Ribs to take home the Grand Championship. His finals Ribs score of 595.4 was 0.3 of

a point better than his finals Pulled Pork score to claim the top award of the day. Smokin’ AJ’s Pitmaster Buster Davis had a strong showing in all three categories to win the Reserve Grand Championship. Buster’s top 3 finals calls in Loin & Pulled Pork along with a 9th place finish in Ribs was the highest overall score in the preliminary round. Cookin’ took first place in the Pork Loin category just 0.6 of a point ahead of Butt Rubbin BBQ. Smokin AJs claimed third place with Budmeisters tak-

ing fourth. Sauce Hogs Smokeshack edged out Dirt Road Grillin for fifth place by 0.3 of a point. The finish in Pulled Pork was even closer than the Loin category as Bethel Smokers winning score was just 0.3 of a point better than Bubba Grills. Smokin AJs once again took third place. Butt Rubbin BBQ finished fourth with Cookin’ with in fifth place. Bethel Smokers topped the field in the Ribs category with Shadetree Smokers as runner up. Smokin Butts took home the third place award. Just a single point sepa-

rated fourth and fifth place with Rump Burners just ahead of Butt Rubbin BBQ.

Pictured Below: Smokin’ Butts Competition BBQ Team

Rump Burners Competition BBQ Team PORK LOIN: 1. 590.8 Cookin with Stumps 2. 590.2 Butt Rubbin’ BBQ 3. 586.5 Smokin AJ’s 4. 588.8 Bubmeisters 5. 586.9 Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack 6. 586.9 Dirt Road Grillin 7. 583.9 Anarque 8. 583.5 Bubba Grills 9. 580.6 Shadetree Smokers 10. 580 Bethel Smokers RIBS: 1. 595.4 Bethel Smokers 2. 583.5 Shadetree Smokers 3. 575.6 Smokin Butts 4. 590 Rump Burners 5. 589 Butt Rubbin’ BBQ 6. 588.8 Old Henry’s 7. 587.5 Bubba Grills 8. 584.5 Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack 9. 584.2 Smokin AJ’s 10. 580.2 Anarque

Redneck Boat Races

PULLED PORK: 1. 595.1 Bethel Smokers 2. 594.8 Bubba Grills 3. 582.6 Smokin AJ’s 4. 590.2 Butt Rubbin’ BBQ 5. 587.5 Cookin with Stumps 6. 584.5 Bubmeisters 7. 583.6 Shadetree Smokers 8. 582 Smoke Shack 9. 579.1 Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack 10. 577.1 Smoken Rascals

April 2013

The BBQ Times

Hammond Blues and BBQ

Hammond, Louisiana • March 22-23, 2013 Kansas City Barbeque Society

Grand Champion: Pellet Envy Reserve Champion: Bayou Boogie BBQ Chicken: 1. Wild Bunch Butt Burners 178.8572 2. Big Bear Shottin Smoke 174.2856 3. Swiggin Pig 173.7142 4. Cajun Blaze 173.1428 5. Smokin Triggers 172.5714 6. House Of Q 172.5714 7. Brian Lipps 172.0000 8. Aces Cooking Crew 171.4288 9. Iowa’s Smokey D’s Bbq 170.8570 10. The Blue Bloods 170.8570

Pork: 1. Quau 2. Team Enoserv 3. Pellet Envy 4. Pop’s Blazin Smokers 5. Iowa’s Smokey D’s Bbq 6. Fire Dancer Bbq 7. Bayou Boogie Bbq 8. Texas Pepper Jelly 9. Swiggin Pig 10. Bibs N’ Ribs

Pork Ribs: 1. Team Enoserv 176.5714 2. Pellet Envy 175.4286 3. Bayou Boogie Bbq 174.8572 4. Hambones By The Fire 174.8572 5. Chix, Swine & Bovine Bbq 174.2858 6. Cajun Blaze 171.9998 7. The Blue Bloods 171.9998 8. Give It To God 171.4286 9. Brian Lipps 171.4284 10. Consistently Random Bbq 170.8570

Brisket: 1. Bibs N’ Ribs 175.4286 2. Smoking Baptist Team 174.8572 3. Aces Cooking Crew 173.1428 4. Quau 171.9998 5. Southern Krunk Bbq Socie 171.4286 6. The Blue Bloods 171.4284 7. Tuscumbia Bottom River 169.7142 8. Lotta Bull Bbq 169.7142 9. Hambones By The Fire 169.7142 10. Bayou Boogie Bbq 169.1426

177.7142 171.9998 171.4286 170.8570 170.8570 169.7142 169.7142 169.7140 169.7140 169.1428

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April 2013

The BBQ Times

What to do with all those competition leftovers...

Audrey Evans

Editor & Publisher

I haven’t ever figured out why this column is so hard for me to write. Well, OK maybe I have a little. I think that most of it comes from me writing the stories, covering the events and being at so many events. By the time this column comes across it seems like I have already written everything I can think of so I’ve gathered a few of my favorite recipes to share with you this month. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do., these are great for your leftover BBQ products after a competition.

Pulled Pork Enchilada Salad

2 corn or flour tortillas 8 ounces Mozzarella cheese, grated In a medium saucepan, 4 cups pulled pork 1 10-ounce can enchilada combine enchilada sauce, Coke, brown sugar and sauce Sriracha sauce. Cook over 10 ounces Coke, regular medium heat until reduced 2 tablespoons brown thickened enough to coat the sugar 1 teaspoon Sriracha back of a spoon. Remove from heat. Set aside ¼ cup sauce of sauce. Add pulled pork to 4 cups lettuce greens 1 cucumber, peeled and the remainder of the sauce and toss to coat the pulled diced 1 cup cherry tomatoes, pork. Assemble salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, halved 1 14-ounce can black black beans and onion. Top with sauced pulled pork, beans, drained and rinsed then cheese. Drizzle each ½ red onion salad with a bit more sauce. 2 tablespoons canola oil

In a medium skillet, heat canola oil. One at a time, cook tortillas on both sides until lightly browned. Remove with tongs and allow to drain. Slice into strips and serve a few pieces alongside each salad. Smoked Chicken and Apple Salad Approximately 8 oz. smoked chicken, pulled or cubed 1 medium golden delicious apple, cored and sliced thinly 3 scallions, sliced 2-3 roasted red bell pepper segments, chopped 2 tbsp of your favorite Ital-

ian style salad dressing salt and pepper to taste a few romaine lettuce tips as both garnish or an addition to the salad. A few almonds or walnuts to top Place all ingredients except romaine in a large bowl. Toss gently to dress. Place 2 or 3 romaine tips on a serving plate. Mound 1/4 of the salad on the lettuce, arrange a few apple slices nicely on top. Serve immediately. Enjoy....and until next month, Keep Rubbin’ Those Butts!

CAN YOU BBQ? Be Careful It Can Be Fun

Dana Hillis

Pitmaster Big Papa’s Country Kitchen We have been running up and down the highways and roads of this wonderful country cooking competition BBQ anywhere we can get to. It is just incredible to me how many new teams we have met and how well these teams can cook! You used to pull into a competi-

tion and think yeah maybe there are 4 or 5 good teams that have a chance to win but lately those numbers have greatly increased. You have teams like Sweet Smoke Q, Gitchasome, Winks, Rooster Sunday, Swinos, Newmans, Matt Daddys, United Pork Smokers, Smokin Pink, Red Raymonds, Cedar Creek, BGE Pit Crew, Captain Jacks, Smokey Butts, Hick Town, E.T.s BBQ, I mean this list goes on. There are a lot of teams I did not mention these were just off the top of my head. Any one of these teams could be your next Grand Champion. We have had 11 competitions so far this year with 10 different Grand Champions. Wooley

Bully has only cooked 6 competitions and has won 2 and Swamp Boys seems like he wins every time he shows up. Hot Wachulas has been as consistent as anyone cooking and Team Unknown was hot until they did not buy pizza! Has anyone out there not heard about pizza mojo? If you happen to win a contest you better buy pizza or (if you believe in BBQ mojo) it could be a while before your good fortune comes back to you. I don’t want to bring up any teams or names but if you look back in BBQ history the teams that don’t

NEED TO CONTACT US?..............

The BBQTimes

Audrey A. Evans Editor & Publisher

“For The Folks That Want A Little Smoke In Their Life”

Daniel F. Evans Associate Editor

The BBQ Times• P.O. Box 1710 • Perry, GA. 31069 • 478-218-2333 Published by Double A Evans, LLC DBA The BBQ Times. Mailed Standard Permit 2 Paid at Perry Ga. 31069

feed the losers at least a slice or 2 of some heavenly pizza – after cooking BBQ all weekend and losing – pizza is a gift from above! Some other things you must do to keep the good mojo working is if you make a little wager like signing a dollar bill if you lose you better sign it! If you say to your buddy “if either of us wins grand or reserve we will jump in a lake” you better jump in even if it is really cold. If you are that guy that likes to guzzle down your friends cocktail during awards while he is not looking, you better not make bets after getting intoxicated. My good friend – I will not mention his name, but he wears a cowboy hat and pink, lost a bet that means he has to wear a cheerleaders outfit. Several were there to witness the wager and I know he will pay up soon. If you want to have some fun bring something pink to his trailer without him seeing you. He will think I did it and that gets to be a lot of fun. Someone left a large pink butterfly in his trailer and he swore it was me. He even took one of my shoes for NCIS, DNA, and witness analysis. I was

proven innocent by the way. There was a crime scene at my camp when I came back from the store in Thomaston and my whole camp was wrapped in crime scene tape and the outline of a body was drawn on the ground right out in front of my trailer. I did a little investigating and have not proven it yet but the shape of the outline on the ground looked just like Dorsey Odells body when he is curled up on the floor of his trailer after taking a butt whoopin from some of his teammates when he wont get up. I have watched this. I saw some pictures on line of some of the remodel work done to the Team Unknown trailer. I think they have come up with a way to carry all there grease home with them by mounting a grease barrel on top of their trailer. They installed a stool on top of the trailer for Dorsey to play guitar on while they travel. They had some cones, antennas and lots of cool additions. They are hard to keep up with. I had the chance to hang out with Garrett from Sweet Smoke and we had a lot of laughs. I have parked next to

Hot Wachulas several times lately and that is always a blast. He could be one of the funniest people I know. Get him, Wooley Bully,Team Unknown and Get Cha Somes Bob Williams close by and I guarantee Janet will be telling everyone to go to bed long after quiet time! We plan some of our trips to where we can stop in Live Oak and rest along the way. We pull into Damon and Ashley Wooleys place plug in , shower eat good and get up early to finish our trip wherever it may be. Not only is Damon a great competition team, he cooks up some perfect ten meals whenever we stop thru. This past weekend we stopped thru on the way to Dothan along with Sweet Smoke Q and Matt Wachula. We ate some fried corn and taters that were just awesome. On the way back home we were greeted with Ashleys favorite marinated steak, grilled asparagus with cheese sauce and a fantastic oreo desert. 5 star accommodations all the way. I hear Ashley is working on some work out and dance videos.

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April 2013

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The BBQ Times

Are you ready for the ultimate “turn-in”?

Jeff Petkevicius Pit Master Give It to God

Hurry, quickly take a picture… As of this writing, Give it to God has the #2 rib in the country, the #9

Pork and #16 overall…. My Jesus is the best Pit-Master ever! Of course, most of you haven’t started cooking yet, so I’m working on the “quantity VS. quality” approach to getting into the top rankings for KCBS Team of the year ☺. I love everything about Professional BBQ competitions…including scraping chicken and building parsley boxes…ok, call me goofy! The fun for me starts on Sunday of Game week when I pull my brisket and start the preparation process. The awards, the trophies, the checks, the calls are all

great, but what grows on me are the developing relationships with very cool people. It shouldn’t be a surprise that people who love to cook are fun to hang around. It’s a very cool atmosphere where people leave home and journey to another part of the country to display their BBQ skills, share stories, share meals and spends some quiet time together with friends. It’s the servant, nurturing spirit of Jesus being reflected. Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, King of Kings was a servant. He journeyed away from His home, fed people,

healed the sick, raised the dead and worked miracle after miracle to demonstrate God’s love for us all. You have to agree, Jesus spent some quality time with people throughout His ministry. Jesus came down from heaven to serve you and I. We’ve all heard that, but if you stop and think about it… WOW! The question I ask myself daily is… am I doing all I can to serve Him? It’s not a “have to” for me, it’s a “want to”. Just like my BBQ family that is growing and my love for them develops, so has my love for

God. I think of God as my Father in Heaven who has demonstrated how much He has loved me for years and years and I don’t want to disappoint Him. I have the saying on my BBQ trailer, “You’re counting on Jesus not paying attention?”. It’s my reminder to live my life pleasing my Lord with everything I do. It’s ALL about serving Jesus! For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not [use] liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. - Gal 5:13 NKJV “If anyone serves Me, let

him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him [My] Father will honor. - Jhn 12:26 NKJV Every one of us is headed for the ultimate “turn-in”. Just like the atomic clock at competitions, we are well aware that it’s coming, we’ve been given grace time to get it right, but in the end, when the clock is folded down on the table…. judgment is made. Are you ready? Make Jesus Christ your Lord today…what are you waiting for?

The Great “Run - for - the - Roses”

Harry Faircloth President GA BBQ Association

Well folks we are off to a great “run-for-the-roses”, i.e.; Team of The Year that is. We have a couple teams running neck and neck down the back-stretch and there are several more on their tails and if front the runners should slow down just a little then they might just get passed. What a great race we’ve got going on and team after team is moving up after each contest. How much better can it get down the stretch? And speaking of the stretch, we have Acworth coming up in May, Gainesville in May. Then Fernandina Beach and Blairsville in June and the finale in Newnan, Georgia July 1213. The Georgia Barbecue

Association is giving you Pitmasters and Judges your monies worth this year, cooking from the mountains to the shore and from border to border. We have added events that have far exceeded our expectations and we have had events that set new records for purses and attendance. All of the cookers said “where’s the money”? I do believe they are seeing it now. Even got some Florida boys coming up here trying to get some. What more could you ask for? Our 2013-2014 cooking events calendar is taking shape with events already on the calendar. If you are a past event and haven’t secured your spot now is the time to do so. If you are an event and would like to host NOW is the time to contact the GBA and see if you can be scheduled. We are very committed to our past host but they must remember not to wait too late to renew their commitment. Next, it is time to start thinking about your election of officers for the next 2 years. Here is the process: You may nominate anyone who is a current member of The Georgia Barbecue As-

sociation. You simply get their permission first before you submit their nomination to Pam Nelms, our Secretary, in writing or by email before May 31,2013. If the person nominated is a judge, they shall not be able to judge a contest during their tenure in office. If they are a member of a cook team they shall not be a member of that cook team during their tenure in office. Our terms now are for a period of two years unless amended by The Board of Directors. Voting will by email ONLY unless you do not have an email address and then you may submit a vote in writing. Voting will begin on June 10,2013 and will end on July 31st. Tabulation will be done electronically and verified by two members of The Board of Directors. Your new officers will take office at the start of our 2013-2014 cook season in Ft Valley Ga. Let me add a personal note to this process. This is a very serious matter if you should decide to run for office. The pay is terrific because it is “volunteer”. The hours are long, as I can attest to, traveling to every

contest on the schedule and traveling far and wide to secure new ventures. Miles---many. Peacemaker—yes. You would not believe how much you will need “peopleskills” in any of our offices. It has amazed me what a great group of people we have in our organization. It has also amazed me what a few little “kinks” in the road can do to the “road” a bump here and a bump there, so you have to stay true to your road map when sometimes there are detours. So be thinking about who you would like to have for your next slate of officers. Give it some very serious thought and remember talk to your nominee first before you make a nomination. I would like to continue to wish Mr Carl Williams and Miss Mary well on their journey back to good health. Everywhere I go folks continue to ask about them and their progress. Mr Carl, Miss Mary we are all still praying and pulling for your recovery. I continue to solicit your ideas and suggestions for improving our organization. Any organization that doesn’t change becomes stagnant and melts away and

I can assure you that The Georgia Barbecue Association is on the move Up, Up and Up. You our member-

ship are the ones that prove this over and over all year long. I am very proud to be your President.

Florida Bar-B-Que Association

President’s Message By Tony Wolfe

Three months into the season and it has definitely been a busy one. The contests are all raising the bar and working to make the contests better and better. It has been great to see some new faces walk across the stage keeping the old reliables company. March and April are both busy month with several opportunities to get your que on! We welcome Eagle Lake as an officially sanctioned contest this year and welcome the Fire Ant Festival back for its second year as an FBA sanctioned contest. Find a contest near you and meet some of the best people on Earth. I have been very impressed by the high scores we have seen so far and know that more are on the way. We have already seen 1 perfect score, how many

more will we see before season end? Plans for the Fun Cook are in full swing. The weekend promises to be full of fun and friends and of course Barbeque. So of the favorite events from the previous year will be featured again - the Kids Que, the dessert and chili contest and I believe the golf tournament might make an appearance again. In addition, Battle at BBQ Junction joins the agenda. This year there will be an organizers workshop with the BOD. Don’t be left out, register early. See the FBA website for more details. We send our thoughts and hugs to the Bennett family. Jim will be truly missed. See you all on the circuit! Tony Wolfe, FBA President

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April 2013

The BBQ Times

March 8-9, 2013 • Pig On The Pond “For The Kids” • Clermont, Florida

Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team Grand Champion CHICKEN: 1. Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team 195.75000 2. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ 194.81666 3. Budmeisters 192.91666 4. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 192.68333 5. Mount Dora Bar-B-Que Company 191.68333 6. Git R Smoked 189.41667 7. Forrest’s Fine Foods 188.71667 8. Sweet Smoke Q 186.98334 9. Smoke on the Lakes 186.28333 10. Florida Boys 186.05000 RIBS: 1. Florida Boys 194.35000 2. Sweet Smoke Q 193.65000 3. Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team 190.78334 4. Mount Dora Bar-B-Que Company 190.73334 5. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 189.81667 6. Wolfe Brothers BBQ 189.13334 7. Matt Daddy’s BBQ 188.63334 8. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ 187.91667 9. Git R Smoked 185.61666 10. Smokeys 185.11666 PORK: 1. Budmeisters 194.31666 2. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ 190.03332 3. Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team 189.35000 4. Matt Daddy’s BBQ 189.13333 5. Sweet Smoke Q 188.90000 6. Forrest’s Fine Foods 188.43333 7. Git R Smoked 188.39999 8. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 187.49999 9. Smokeys 187.26667 10. Mount Dora Bar-B-Que Company 186.68332 BRISKET: 1. Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team 199.49998 2. Sweet Smoke Q 196.23332 3. Mount Dora Bar-B-Que Company 196.16666 4. Git R Smoked 190.96666 5. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 189.61666 6. Budmeisters 189.36667 7. Forrest’s Fine Foods 189.30000 8. Matt Daddy’s BBQ 188.43333 9. Two Crackers Cooking 187.20001 10. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ 187.03333

Sweet Smoke Q Reserve Grand Champion OVERALL:

1. Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team 775.38332 2. Sweet Smoke Q 765.76666 3. Mount Dora Bar-B-Que Company 765.26665 4. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ 759.79998 5. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 759.61665 6. Git R Smoked 754.39998 7. Matt Daddy’s BBQ 748.31667 8. Budmeisters 748.26666 9. Forrest’s Fine Foods 747.81667 10. Smokeys 741.80000 11. Florida Boys 737.76667 12. Wolfe Brothers BBQ 727.48335 13. Two Crackers Cooking 725.75001 14. Grilling Gangsters 718.65000 15. Smoke on the Lakes 718.46666 16. Nobody’s BBQ 693.73331 17. BBQ Shack 693.41668 18. Kennedy Compound 669.56668 19. Penny’s Hog Wash 532.98333 20. Oxie Foods 317.76667

Big Papa

I got a glimpse of them on the internet – She Rocks! We have been to Dothan, Thomaston, Eagle Lake , Fort Myers and we have Venice, Marianna, Barnesville and Tavares coming up. Lots of good places to BBQ and a lot of good laughs to be had. Lets all look out for our families and friends and get back to the basics of what makes our country so great. Someone has tried to terrorize this great country and we need to stand strong together to be strong again. It all starts at home. Bless

Florida Boys First Place Ribs

The BBQ Times “Smokin’ off the Press”

Continued from Page 4

everyone in these hard times and get our families back home. I miss you Pop. Cornish hens

Budmeisters First Place Pork

4 cornish hens 4 tablespoons olive oil 1 cup lemon juice 2 cups orange juice 5 cloves fresh crushed garlic 2 teaspoons chopped fresh oregano 2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme 2 teaspoons chopped fresh rosemary

2 teaspoons chopped fresh basil 6 carrots 4 sticks celery 4 red onions Additional flavor Herb Chicken rub – or salt and pepper or Everglades seasoning

Mix olive oil orange juice lemon juice garlic and herbs Pour over hens in a bowl and cover in the fridge for a couple hours mixing and turning every ½ hour Cut up all veggies small

and stuff into hens Put on smoker about 240 for 2 to 2.5 hours – till juices are clear or about 175 in the breast When the skin looks the color you like loosely cover with foil until they come to temperature On a stick burner I use cherry in the pellet cooker I use hickory or pecan – I like them all Enjoy – I have won Beer Can Chicken with this recipe

April 2013

The BBQ Times

Page 7

March 22-23, 2013 • Eagle Lake BBQ Festival • Eagle Lake, Florida BRISKET: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Git-R-Smoked Hot Wachula’s Get-Cha-Some BBQ United Pork Smokers Team Unknown Whiskey Bent BBQ Swinos Beachneck BBQ The Woodhouse Grill Blitzkrieg BBQ

198.58332 197.18332 194.09999 193.38332 192.90000 192.88333 192.18333 191.96667 191.23332 189.53333

OVERALL: Team Unknown - Grand Champion

Git-R-Smoked - Reserve Champion

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Team Unknown Git-R-Smoked Whiskey Bent BBQ Blitzkrieg BBQ United Pork Smokers Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Swinos Hot Wachula’s Smokin’ Pink BBQ Red Raymond’s BBQ J & J Bar-B-Que Palm Beach Porkers Get-Cha-Some BBQ Hogs Gone Wild All Racked Up BBQ Beachneck BBQ Cedar Creek BBQ The Woodhouse Grill Smokin Blue Q Boca BBQ

777.99999 774.43330 769.51666 767.48331 764.16665 763.29999 762.63333 762.56666 756.54999 755.94998 754.41664 752.83333 751.61667 749.91665 749.83334 749.81666 748.89998 748.68333 748.55001 748.19999

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

CHICKEN: All Racked Up BBQ Smokin’ Hooligans Florida Skin And Bones Cedar Creek BBQ Red Raymond’s BBQ Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Team Unknown Blitzkrieg BBQ Smokin Blue Q Whiskey Bent BBQ

196.18332 195.28332 194.76668 194.36666 194.01665 193.59999 193.38333 192.69999 192.60000 192.21667

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

RIBS: Team Unknown Git-R-Smoked Hogs Gone Wild Whiskey Bent BBQ All Racked Up BBQ Hot Wachula’s Swinos Kings Burgers & BBQ Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Blitzkrieg BBQ

196.66666 195.93332 195.76666 194.33333 193.13334 192.86667 192.66667 189.86667 189.58334 189.50000

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

PORK: J & J Bar-B-Que Palm Beach Porkers Blitzkrieg BBQ Team Unknown Smokin’ Pink BBQ Git-R-Smoked United Pork Smokers Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Gourmet Rednecks Smokin’ Hooligans

196.43332 196.21666 195.74999 195.05000 194.11666 194.06666 193.81667 192.64999 191.98333 190.20000

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April 2013

The BBQ Times

February 8-9, 2013 • Georgia BBQ Championship Throwdown • Young Harris, Georgia

Smoke Me Silly Grand Champion

Warren County Pork Choppers Reserve Champion

Diggin - Que GA First Place Chicken

Overall: 1. Smoke Me Silly 679.4286 2. Warren County Pork Choppers 677.7140 3. Bs Pitmeisters 675.4284 4. Parrothead Smokers 670.8572 5. Uncultured Swine 667.9998 6. Que’n Stew’n & Brew’n 667.4282 7. Superior Smokers 667.4280 8. Aporkalypse Now 665.1426 9. Soggy Bottom Smokers 662.2856 10. Smoke On This 662.2854 11. Pig Whisperers 660.5712 12. Bub-Ba-Q 659.9998 13. Kudzu Q 659.9994 14. Bbqr’s Delight 659.4282 15. Serial Griller 657.7142 Chicken: 1. Diggin Que-Ga 2. South Pork 3. Bs Pitmeisters 4. Parrothead Smokers 5. Foggy Bottom Bbq 6. Bub-Ba-Q 7. Smoke Me Silly 8. Smoke On This 9. Coles Que 10. Aporkalypse Now

Aporkalyse Now First Place Pork

177.1428 176.5714 176.0000 174.2856 174.2856 173.7142 173.1428 172.0000 172.0000 172.0000

Pork Ribs: 1. Superior Smokers 174.2856 2. Foggy Bottom Bbq 173.1430 3. Warren County Pork Choppers 170.8572 4. Smoke Me Silly 169.7144 5. Soggy Bottom Smokers 168.5714 6. Pig Whisperers 168.0000 7. Que’n Stew’n & Brew’n 167.9998 8. Aporkalypse Now 167.4284 9. Tenacious Q 166.8570 10. Kudzu Q 166.2858 Superior Smokers First Place Ribs

Parrothead Smokers Second Place Pork

Backwoods: Chubby-Party-Ext.Party Lang - and to your Specs.


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Pork: 1. Aporkalypse Now 2. Parrothead Smokers 3. Uncultured Swine 4. Soggy Bottom Smokers 5. Coles Que 6. Pig Whisperers 7. Primo Oval Rulers 8. South Pork 9. Zombie Pig Bbq 10. Dawg On Gud” Bbq” 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Brisket Smoke Me Silly Warren County Pork Chopper Uncultured Swine Serial Griller Adam’s Rib Smoke On This Que’n Stew’n & Brew’n Bs Pitmeisters Kudzu Q Old Plantation Bbq

177.1430 176.5714 175.4284 168.5714 167.4284 166.2858 166.2856 166.2856 165.1428 165.1428 176.5716 176.5714 175.4284 173.7144 171.9998 170.8572 169.7142 169.1428 168.5712 166.8572

April 2013

The BBQ Times

Page 9

GA Barbecue Championship Awards 2012 • Young Harris, Georgia • February 9, 2013 PHOTOS BY JAN WILSON

Que’n Stew’n and Brew’n - Third Place Bub-Ba-Q First Place

Wicked Que - Fourth Place

The Right Stuff BBQ - Fifth Place

Uncle Chet’s BBQ - Sixth Place

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Page 10

April 2013

The BBQ Times

April 12-13, 2013 • Tri-State Barbecue Festival • Dothan, Alabama Grand Champion: Bub-Ba-Q Reserve Champion: Haulin’ Butt BBQ OVERALL: 1. Bub-Ba-Q 769.61665 2. Haulin’ Butt BBQ 767.01665 3. Jacks Old South 759.23332 4. Sweet Smoke Q 757.79999 5. Big Kahuna BBQ 754.54997 6. Hot Wachula’s 750.46667 7. B & T BBQ Cook Team 749.70001 8. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 749.69998 9. Rooster Sunday 746.84997 10. Smokin’Redtops BBQ 741.79998 11. Forrest’s Fine Foods 741.48332 12. Hub City Smokehouse 741.45002 13. Trippsmoke 740.96668 14. Git-R-Smoked 740.49999 15. The Ross Team 740.33331 16. Q-Fused 740.31665 17. Team Waterdog 739.48332 18. U Rub Me Raw 739.09999 19. Pleasant Ridge BBQ 737.23331 20. GB’s BBQ 732.43331 CHICKEN: 1. The Ross Team 2. Bub-Ba-Q 3. Rooster Sunday 4. Poolside BBQ 5 [Tie]Deep Smoke BBQ 5 [Tie]Hot Wachula’s 7. Team Waterdog 8. Q-Fused 9. B & T BBQ Cook Team 10. Big Kahuna BBQ

196.88332 196.18332 194.11666 193.51666 193.14999 193.14999 191.28332 190.80000 190.10000 190.06665

RIBS: 1. Big Kahuna BBQ 2. Bub-Ba-Q 3. Jacks Old South 4. Hot Wachula’s 5. Sweet Smoke Q 6. Bethel Smokers 7 [Tie]Smokin’Redtops BBQ 7 [Tie]Old Man Joe’s 9. Haulin’ Butt BBQ 10. JB’s BBQ

192.90000 192.14999 191.66666 191.45000 189.30000 189.10000 188.64999 188.64999 187.90000 187.60000

PORK: 1. Rooster Sunday 196.48332 2. Big Kahuna BBQ 194.56665 3. Git-R-Smoked 194.36666 4. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 193.64999 5. Haulin’ Butt BBQ 193.13334 6. Sweet Smoke Q 192.93333 7. Jacks Old South 192.41666 8. Smokin’Redtops BBQ 192.18332 9. Wink’s Barbecue 191.55000 10. Team Waterdog 190.28335

ABOVE: Bub-Ba-Q - Grand Champion BELOW: Haulin’ Butt BBQ - Reserve Champion

ABOVE: Pleasant Ridge BBQ - First Place Brisket BELOW: Sweet Smoke Q - First Place Brisket

LEFT: Big Kahuna BBQ - First Place Ribs

BRISKET: 1 [Tie]Pleasant Ridge BBQ 1 [Tie]Sweet Smoke Q 3. Haulin’ Butt BBQ 4. Bub-Ba-Q 5. U Rub Me Raw 6. Hub City Smokehouse 7. B & T BBQ Cook Team 8. Trippsmoke 9. GB’s BBQ 10. Jacks Old South

196.68332 196.68332 195.96665 193.11667 191.94999 190.50001 190.28333 189.95000 188.89998 187.88333

BACKYARD: 1. Smokin’ Gunz 742.03332 2. Xtreme Smokin’ 737.83333 3. Smokin’ Butt II 732.86669 4. Opossum Trots 729.51663 5. Team USP 725.43334 6. The Little Smokehouse 712.53333 7. Double Deuce Smokin BBQ 712.21669 8. Funny Farm BBQ 703.54999 9. Q-Lish-Us 703.04998 10. Gentlemen of Leisure 696.06667

RIGHT: Rooster Sunday First Place Pork

Smokin’ Gunz - Backyard Grand Champion

April 2013

The BBQ Times

1st Annual Parkinson’s Smoke Out April 5-6, 2013 • Evansville, Indiana

Grand Champion: Warren County Pork Chopper Reserve Champion: Eat Mor Butt BBQ

Warren County Pork Choppers Chicken: 1. Thunder Hog Bbq 174.2858 2. Big Rack Smokers 174.2856 3. It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere 173.7142 4. One2bbq 172.5714 5. Yellow River Bbq 172.5714 6. Eat Mor Butt Bbq 172.0000 7. Rest-In-Pork 168.5716 8. Hoosier Meatheads 167.4284 9. Memphis & Main Bbq 166.2860 10. Warren County Pork........ 166.2856 Pork Ribs: 1. Rest-In-Pork 174.2858 2. Warren County Pork......... 172.5714

3. Bark Shark Bbq 170.8570 4. Eat Mor Butt Bbq 170.2856 5. Monty Pigthon & ............ 169.1430 6. Son Seekers Bbq 169.1428 7. Hickory Pit Stop 168.5714 8. Rural Route Bbq 168.5714 9. Kentucky Kookers 168.0000 10. Canetuck’s Bbq Team 167.4286 Pork: 1. Canetuck’s Bbq Team 177.1428 2. Bunny’s Butt Smokers 171.4284 3. Eat Mor Butt Bbq 171.4284 4. Warren County Pork ....... 170.8570 5. Yellow River Bbq 170.2858 6. Thunder Hog Bbq 170.2856 7. Boss Hawg Bbq 169.7144 8. Hoosier Meatheads 169.7142 9. Rural Route Bbq 169.7142 10. Addiction 167.4286 Brisket: 1. Warren County Pork........ 177.7142 2. Monty Pigthon & ............ 175.4286 3. One2bbq 172.5714 4. Poverty Ranch 171.4286 5. Z-Smoke 170.8572 6. It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere 170.8570 7. Son Seekers Bbq 169.7140 8. 82’S Bbq Crew 168.5714 9. Cookin Dutchmen 166.8572 10. Lefler Smokin Pit Crew 166.2858

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Moonshiner & BBQ Festival May 17th, 18th & 19th Barbeque Competition


RIB CLASS $25 to enter $10 Sauce Competition

Butts will be provided for Pro & Amateur Class. You will be responsible for bringing your own ribs if you enter the Rib Class.

Judging Will be Combined People’s Choice / Blind Judging.

Moonshine Samples & Barbeque Samples

Cast Members: Mark & Jeff ~ Lynn & Lance Mike & Tweedy

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April 2013

ll i r D A s I d e e N u o Y l l A

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The BBQ Times

Smokin’ Pork N Butts

Bubba Grills Dominates. … Again Special to BBQ Times

The Georgia Barbecue Association (GBA) returned for the second year to the Exchange Club Fairgrounds in Jackson, GA for Smokin Pork N Butts. It was a strong field of 30 teams and Lonnie Smith, pitmaster for Bubba Grills, repeated as Grand Champion. Those in attendance were treated to a Friday night concert by rising country music star Gannon Adams. Smokin 42 BBQ finaled 1. 596.1 2. 584.6 3. 584.6 4. 596.4 5. 595.8 6. 593.9 7. 591.8 8. 590.5 9. 589.6 10. 589.2 1. 595.1 2. 594.2 3. 585.2 4. 593.1 5. 592.1 6. 591.2 7. 588.5 8. 588.2 9. 587.8 10. 586.6 1. 596.7 2. 587.9 3. 586.9 4. 595.4 5. 594.5 6. 594.5 7. 594.2 8. 593.9 9. 593.9 10. 593.1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

in Loin and took fifth place in both Pulled Pork and Ribs to secure the Reserve Grand Championship. In his first GBA contest, The Fat Redneck BBQ Co., won the Pork Loin category. Smokin 42 BBQ and Sauced Hogs Smokeshack tallied the same score with Smokin 42 BBQ taking second place on the second tiebreaker. Smoke Shack and Sutters Backwoods BBQ finished fourth and fifth respectively. Bubba Grills Grand

PORK LOIN: The Fat Redneck BBQ Co Smokin 42 Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack Smoke Shack Sutter’s Backwoods BBQ Old Henry’s BBQ Smokin AJ’s Bubba Grills Jethro’s Cooking Crew Smoke Twen The Hedges RIBS: Bubba Grills Sauced Hog Smoke Shack Jethro’s Cooking Crew Smoke Shack Smokin 42 Quenut BBQ BCD BBQ Dixie Que 57 SmokeHouse Big D’s Firehouse Smokers PULLED PORK: Bubba Grills Smoke Shack Rub Shakers Que Sauced Hog Smoke Shack Smokin 42 Sutter’s Backwoods BBQ Smokin AJ’s Dixie Que AnarQue Fletcher’s Finest BarBQue

RESERVE SCORES: Smokin 42 1785.4 Smoke Shack 1785.2 Bubba Grills 1784.8 Sauced Hog Smoke Shack 1782.1 Sutter’s Backwoods BBQ 1770.6 The Fat Redneck BBQ Co 1770.4 Dixie Que 1767.6 Quenut BBQ 1766.7 AnarQue 1760.5 Jethro’s Cooking Crew 1760.4





Championship winning score in Pulled Pork topped the category. Smoke Shack took second place with Rub Shakers Que in third place. Rounding out the top five were Sauced Hogs Smokeshack just 0.9 ahead of Smokin 42 BBQ. Bubba Grills also claimed first place in Ribs with Sauced Hogs Smokeshack as runner up. Jethro’s Cooking Crew claimed third place. Smoke Shack finished in fourth place and Smokin’ 42 BBQ took fifth place.

April 2013

The BBQ Times

Jackson, Georgia • April 12-13, 2013

Bubba Grills - Grand Champion

Sauced Hog Smoke Shack

A group of Georgia Barbecue Association representatives and judges share conversation in Jackson.

Blazin Butts BBQ Team takes a break Saturday morning for a photo. CAPTIONS FOR PAGE 12 1. The Fat Redneck BBQ Co. - First Place Pork Loin 2. Smoke Shack BBQ - Fourth Place Pork Loin, Fourth Place Ribs, Second Place Pulled Pork. 3. Grayson Smith gives the camera a “high-five” as their Ribs win is announced. 4. Chris Coleman and teammate from Dirty South BBQ sauce their ribs.

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Page 14

The BBQ Times

Pirate 50 Custom Trophies & Artwork Let your event trophies be larger than your wildest dreams! We specialize in making one of a kind, hand crafted trophies each custom designed for your event. Every piece of your trophy is cut and painted by hand by the Pirate himself, Dale Wilson.

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April 2013

April 2013

The BBQ Times

Page 15

Fire Ant Festival BBQ Bash - Ashburn, Georgia - March 22-23, 2013 CHICKEN: 1. Big Kahuna BBQ 2. Midnight Burn 3. Budmeisters 4. Smoke Risen 5. Tiki Hut BBQ 6. Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia 7. The Ross Team 8. Big D’s Firehouse Smokers 9. Smokin’ Your Butt 10. Munchees Smokehouse

PORK : 1. B & T BBQ Cook Team 196.45000 2. LJ Smokin 195.44999 3. Budmeisters 194.33332 4. Rescue Smokers 192.89999 5. Smokelife BBQ 192.85000 6. Bethel Smokers 192.68333 7. Munchees Smokehouse 192.66667 8. Bub-Ba-Q 192.19999 9. Captain Jack’s BBQ Crew 191.96667 10. [Tie]Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia 191.26666 10.[Tie]Tiki Hut BBQ 191.26666 RIBS: BRISKET: 1. Budmeisters 196.18332 1. B & T BBQ Cook Team 198.33332 2. Cook’s Portable Smokehouse 195.04999 2. Heavenly Hawgs BBQ 197.34998 3. Captain Jack’s BBQ Crew 194.34999 3. Forrest’s Fine Foods 196.46665 4. Smoke Risen 192.43334 4. LJ Smokin 195.24999 5. Sweetwater Bar-B-Q 191.44999 5. Rescue Smokers 194.09999 6. Munchees Smokehouse 190.76667 6. Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia 193.83334 7. Tiki Hut BBQ 190.56667 7. Big Kahuna BBQ 192.68333 8. Smokin’ Your Butt 189.80000 8. Budmeisters 190.99999 9. LJ Smokin 189.31666 9. Tiki Hut BBQ 189.81666 10. B & T BBQ Cook Team 189.06666 10. Munchees Smokehouse 189.38332 Overall: 1. Budmeisters 772.04996 8. Big Kahuna BBQ 755.28333 2. B & T BBQ Cook Team 771.79997 9. Captain Jack’s BBQ Crew 752.35000 3. LJ Smokin 765.58331 10. Smokelife BBQ 752.25000 4. Munchees Smokehouse 761.44999 11. Bub-Ba-Q 751.99999 Thomas, Zola and Josh Henry keep their “A” game on at competitions and 5. Tiki Hut BBQ 761.03333 12. Smoke Risen 748.76669 it continues to pay off. Budmeisters went home with a first place Ribs lock- 6. Rescue Smokers 758.38331 13. Heavenly Hawgs BBQ 747.79997 ing in their position of Grand Champion at the Fire Ant Festival in Ashburn, 7. Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia 757.18334 14. Hoggin The Sauce 747.18330 Georgia March 23, 2013.



196.23332 190.56666 190.53333 189.40001 189.38334 189.38333 189.31667 188.81666 188.68333 188.63333

Page 16

The BBQ Times

April 2013

More from the Fire Ant Festival BBQ Bash

Big Kahuna BBQ First Place Chicken

Bill and Teresa Tanner, B & T BBQ Cook of Thomasville, Georgia racked up in Ashburn, Georgia with a Reserve Champion finish. They had First Place Pork and First Place Brisket along with a tenth place rib box.

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Heavenly Hawgs Second Place Brisket

Cook’s Portable Smokehouse Second Place Ribs

Midnight Burn Second Place Chicken PHOTOS BY AUDREY EVANS

April 2013

The BBQ Times

Big Kahuna BBQ

Page 17

Tiki Hut BBQ

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Smokelife BBQ

Forrest Fine Food’s

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Page 18

April 2013

The BBQ Times

Smoke on the Water BBQ & Music Festival By Audrey Evans

PHOTOS BY MATT SHARPE THE UPSON BEACON The 6th Annual Smoke on the Water BBQ Cook-Off and Music Festival, held on April 5th and 6th 2013, was a Florida BBQ Association sanctioned event at Bickley’s Lake in Thomaston, Georgia. Featured on last season’s BBQ reality show, BBQ Pitmasters, SOTW is a community event benefiting the county’s 6 Volunteer

Fire Depts. Each year this event provides great headlining music acts and tons of venders, good food, live music plus a Kids Zone for the kids. Damon Wooley and his Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia managed to take home Grand Champion rights for the second time in three years. Damon turned in a first place chicken, second place in ribs and pork making him the first team to win

two contest in 2013 and giving him an almost five-point lead over Big Papa’s Country Kitchen. Dana Hillis, of Big Papas Country Kitchen took home Reserve Grand and barely missed a perfect score in brisket by 7/10s of a point. Dana had a fourth place chicken, tenth place pork and of course that first place brisket. Dana also won the John Boy & Billy Grillin’ Sauce Contest to wrap up

his weekend. Matt Barber of Hot Wachula’s also had a hot weekend. Matt brought home a first place in Ribs, Second Place in Brisket and ninth place in chicken making him third overall in Thomaston. Rodney Ellington, Pitmaster of Smokey Butts BBQ didn’t have far to travel this weekend but made sure he made his mark with a first place finish in pork, sixth place in Brisket and seventh in Chicken leaving him fifth overall. RESULTS RECAP Chicken: Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia, Captain Jack’s BBQ Crew, Mad About BBQ, Big Papa’s Country Chicken, Southern Touch BBQ, Hick Town BBQ, Smokey Butts, Get-ChaSome BBQ, Hot Wachula’s and Bar-B-Que Monsters. RIBS: Hot Wachula’s, Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia, Sweet Smoke Q, Forrest’s

Dana and Janet Hillis accept the Reserve Champion reward from Bobby Bickley, Event Organizer in Thomaston, Georgia April 7, 2013. Fine Foods, Bub-Ba-Q, Hick Town BBQ, Bar-BQue Monsters, Southern Touch BBQ, Way 2 Que, and Mad About BBQ. PORK: Smokey Butts, Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia, Sweet Smoke Q, Mrs.. T’s BBQ, The Grateful Pig, Jacks Old South, GetCha-Some BBQ, Heavenly

Hawgs, Captain Jack’s BBQ Crew, and Big Papa’s Country Kitchen. BRISKET: Big Papa’s Country Kitchen, Hot Wachula’s, Captain, Jack’s BBQ Crew, Team Unknown, Midnight Burn, Smokey Butts, Forrest’s Fine Foods, Mrs.. T’s BBQ, Get-ChaSome BBQ, and Wink’s

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April 2013

The BBQ Times

Page 19

Thomaston, Georgia • April 6-7, 2013

Hot Wachula’s

Smokey Butts

Sweet Smoke Q

Captain Jack’s BBQ Crew

Smoke At The Lodge •Southern BBQ Network BY JIM HARMON

One table of Judges begin taking appearance scores for one of their pork boxes.

Summerville, SC – April 6, 2013. Located in the heart of Summerville, Land Of the Pines, the Summerville Masonic Lodge (#234) hosted its 10th annual BBQ contest, bringing some of the best cooks in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and the surrounding area! The Lodge sponsors this fantastic contest each year to raise money for the many

charities they support. The area is limited, and only 20 teams are usually able to compete. However, Bob Kuziak, the event’s organizer, managed to fit 24 teams into the small parking lot behind the Lodge. This contest is a favorite among the best cookers in the area, making it as competitive as any contest you might see! Friday evening’s “Anything But …” contest presented the judges a host of

The BBQTimes

“For The Folks That Want A Little Smoke In Their Life”

challenges with some unique and well-prepared dishes, but Saturday morning was the biggest challenge for the cookers! On the field were Killer B’s BBQ, SBN’s 2012 Team of the Year and the Grand Champion for Wine & Swine in Augusta, Queology, the State Grand Champion for the Commissioner’s Cup, “Smokin’ At The Farmers Market,” and Some-R-Swine, who won this contest three years in a

row! Well, Seth Watari and his wife Nona did it again! Yes, Some-R-Swine won Smoke At The Lodge for the 4th time, a 4peat! Amazing! Queology came in 2nd. Congratulations to Seth and Russ Cornette (Queology) and thanks to the judges who showed once again why SBN is considered to be so professional!

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The BBQ Times

Calendar of Events

You can now view our calendar online at You can even link them to your calendar on your computer with Google + If you would like your event added or updated, you may do so on our website. Please email to make changes in the Print Edition.

South Carolina Barbeque Association April 19-20, 2013 Hejaz Shriners Cook-Off 200 Ranch Rd. Mauldin,SC 29662 Contact: Matthew Tapp cnctapp(at) (preferred contact) (864)436-8296 April 19-20, 2013 Come See Me BBQ Cook Off Come See Me Festival Rock Hill, SC Contact: Jim Armour 800-681-7635 or 803-242-4407 Fax 803-329-7761 comeseeme(at) April 26-27, 2013 Project Host Annual BBQ Cook-Off Greenville, SC Contact: Tom Fischer 864-9811247 or Sally Green 864-235-3403 projecthost(at) April 26-27, 2013 Old Friends Barbeque Cookoff George St. @ Jim Thomas 4-H Horse Club Arena Bamberg, SC 29003 Contact: Mary Bray Mehrzad (803) 682-5805 or May 3-4, 2013 Hog on the Hill Chester, SC 29706 Contact: Mike Eland, 803-3854803 info(at) May 3-4, 2013 Picking and Pigging at the Park Saluda Shoals Park, Irmo, SC Contact: Jim Wellman, 803-2132009 JWellman(at) May 17-18, 2013 Pig in the Park Williamston, SC Contact: W. L. Cantrell @ 864934-4040 or Brad West @ 864-704-6876 www.williamstonpiginpark. com/

May 24-25, 2013 EFOC Memorial Weekend BBQ Cook-Off Education Foundation of Oconee County Seneca, SC Contact: Seth Chea, 864-9852841 cheas(at) June 7-8, 2013 High on the Hog White Hall Plantation 10 Harborview Circle, Beaufort, SC 29902 Contact: Bob Albon 843-8380046 highonthehogbeaufort(at)

Georgia Barbeque Association May 10-11, 2013 Smoke on the Lake Acworth, GA Jeff Bass 678-354-8363 ext 116 404-234-8271 May 24-25, 2013 Breanau Barbecue Championship GBA/MBN Dual Contest Gainesville, GA Jim Barco 770-654-3600 June 7-8. 2013 GBA Goin’ Coastal Fernandina Beach, FL Jay Robertson June 14-15, 2013 Hog Jam The Lodge at Copperhead Blairsville, GA Michelle Evans 706-835-7433 July 12-13, 2013 The Pig N Swig Powers Pavilion 4766 W Hwy 34 Newnan, GA 30263

(770) 253-2011 September 20-21, 2013 Sumner Egg Festival BBQ Bash 107 Walnut Street Sumner, GA

Florida Barbeque Association April 19-20, 2013 Suncoast BBQ & Bluegrass Bash Venice, FL This contest is a qualifier for the World Barbecue Championship Don Fisher (941)-809-5232 or (941)-485-0804 April 19-20, 2013 Paint n Pork Fest Marianna, FL Jonathan Fuqua or Richard Kunde - Marianna Arts Festival (850)-573-0100 or (850)-2092959 April 26-27, 2013 Barnesville BBQ & Blues Festival Barnesville, GA Barnesville/Lamar County Chamber of Commerce (770)-358-5884 April 26-27, 2013 Planes, Trains, and Barbeque Tavares, FL Cheryl Fishel (352)-394-8618 May 3-4, 2013 O.L. Raulerson Airboats, Buggies, Corn Hole and BBQ Cookoff Okeechobee, FL Noel Stephen (863) 763-3117 or (863) 634-0650 May 4-5, 2013 Big Papa’s Competition BBQ School Naples, FL Email for details.


May 10-11, 2013 Treasure Coast BBQ Championship Ft. Pierce, FL Annette Miller (772)-696-2095 May 24-25, 2013 BBQ Blowout! Oviedo, FL Angela Iversen (407)-697-4077 May 31-June 1, 2013 Martin County Fair’s 2nd Annual BBQ Fest Stuart, FL Danny Culberson: (772)-2203247 June 7-8, 2013 Historic Cocoa Village’s BBQ & Blues Cocoa, FL Emma Kirkpatrick (321)-863-0851 July 26-27, 2013 Smokin On The Suwannee BBQ Festival Live Oak, FL Damon Wooley (386)-590-6038

Memphis Barbecue Network Apr 26 - 27, 2013 Southaven Springfest Snowden Grove Southaven, MS State Championship Contact: Kristi Faulkner Phone: 662-393-6939 or 901-461-1791 Email: kfaulkner@southaven. org May 2 - May 4, 2013 Smokin’ on the White Riverside Park Batesville, Arkansas Contact: Bill Couch Phone: 870-793-5231 Email: May 3 - May 4, 2013 Que on the Yazoo Downtown Greenwood Greenwood, MS Contact: Brantley Snipes

April 2013

April 2013

The BBQ Times

Calendar of Events

You can now view our calendar online at You can even link them to your calendar on your computer with Google + If you would like your event added or updated, you may do so on our website. Please email to make changes in the Print Edition.

Memphis BBQ Association

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Phone: 662-453-7625 or 662-453-0365 Email: mainstreetgreenwood@ May 11, 2013 Esperanza Bonanza Marion Sports Complex Marion, Arkansas Contact: Missi Norman Phone: 8707356580 or 9016473391 Email: mgnorman@cspermit. com May 23 - 25, 2013 Brenau Barbecue Championship 500 Washington Street SE Gainesville, GA Contact: Jim Barco Phone: 770-654-3600 or 770-534-6161 Email: Jul 26 - Jul 27, 2013 3rd Annual BBQ-Fest Cooking 296 James H Rice Road Dyersburg, TN Contact: Natalie Patterson Phone: 7312997076 or 7315893670 Email:

Kansas City Barbeque Society April 26-27, 2013 BBQ Capital Cook-Off Lexington, NC Contact: Chad Hodges Phone: 336-249-0383. April 26-27, 2013 Smokin’ In The Creek Sugar Creek, MO Contact: Sue Mikula Phone: 816-252-4413 x302. April 26-27, 2013 BBQ Boogie & Blues Calhoun, GA Contact: Aaron Walkover

Phone: 706-625-3200. April 26-27, 2013 Char-Broil Pig Bowl Columbus, GA Contact: Matt Hilliker Phone: 706-221-1900.

April 26-27, 2013 R’Kansas City State BBQ Championship Arkansas City, KS Contact: Ronnie Dornhoffer Phone: 620-441-7693. ronnie_ April 26-27, 2013 7th Stagecoach BBQ Fest Indio, CA Contact: Thom Emery April 26-27, 2013 Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour Overland Park, KS Contact: KCBS OFFICE Phone: 800-963-5227. April 26-27, 2013 Southern Hot Wing Contest Memphis, TN Contact: Brooks Monypeny Phone: 901-826-3629. May 3-4, 2013 Columbia Elks Lodge #594 BBQ Contest Columbia, MO Contact: Curtis Stone Phone: 573-881-3739. bbqelks594@ May 3-4, 2013 Brew, Blues & Bar-B-Q CookOff Lansing, KS Contact: Sundae Holler Phone: 913-727-5488. holler@lansing. May 3-4, 2013 West Knoxville RotaryBBQ Cookoff Knoxville, TN Contact: Oliver Smith Phone: 865-584-2000.

May 3-4, 2013 The Whistle Stop Festival & Rocket City BBQ Huntsville, AL Contact: Whitney Heaps Phone: 256-564-8116. whitney. May 3-4, 2013 Bixby BBQ & Blues Festival Bixby, OK Contact: Mark Musser Phone: 918-369-3202.

May 10-11, 2013 Boss Hog Cook-Off (GBC Qualifier) Waynesboro, GA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Contact: Amy Lively Nan Lynch Phone: 706-554-8100. May 10-11, 2013 Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour Knoxville, TN Contact: KCBS OFFICE Phone: 800-963-5227. May 10-11, 2013 Mississippi Springfest Ashland, MS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Contact: Tony Tidwell Phone: 662-224-3220. msspringfest@ May 10-11, 2013 Jiggy with the Piggy BBQ Challenge Kannapolis, NC Contact: Eddie Smith Phone: 704-920-4308. May 10-11, 2013 Roman Roast on the River Rome, GA Contact: Betsy Hampson Phone: 706-314-1324. May 10-11, 2013 Platte City BBQ Cook-Off Platte City, MO Contact: Gary Vest Phone: 816585-5551.


May 17-18, 2013 Bloomin’ BBQ & Bluegrass Sevierville, TN Contact: Carroll McMahan Phone: 888-889-7415. May 17-18, 2013 Chesapeake Jubilee BBQ Cook-off Chesapeake, VA Contact: Dorothy Kowalsky Phone: 757-482-4848. May 17-18, 2013 Taste of Wheatstock Abilene, KS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Contact: Barbara Schoming Phone: 785-263-6688. May 17-18, 2013 Hawgin’ on Lanier Gainesville, GA Contact: Ryan Thompson Phone: 770-561-8966. May 17-18, 2013 Lake of the Ozarks Blues & BBQ Weekend Lake of the Ozarks, MO Contact: JR Hartenstein Phone: 573-480-9866. May 17-18, 2013 Cotton Pickin’ BBQ Cook-Off Hartselle, AL Contact: Susan Hines Phone: 256-773-4370. May 17-18, 2013 Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour Marietta, GA Contact: KCBS OFFICE Phone: 800-963-5227. May 24-25, 2013 Lewisburg Rotary Club BBQ Cook-off Lewisburg, TN Contact: Jeff Jordan Phone: 931-359-4373.

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The BBQ Times

April 2013

Smokin’ On The River – Chattooga’s BBQ Cook-Off By Jan Jeup-Wilson

The 1st Annual “Smokin’ on the River” BBQ Contest was an event you didn’t want to miss! The competition site was held at Chattooga High School, located in Summerville, GA, and was held on April 5th & 6th. This event was the primary fund raiser for the The Well of Chattooga County — The Well provides an opportunity for women who are homeless to acquire the resiliency and skills to become self-sufficient contributors to society. Smokin’ on the River drew a great competition field of 41 Pro teams and 11 Backyarders. The teams were led by a dynamic duo of KCBS Reps – Randy and Carol Bigler. Randy & Carol were highly visible and maintained peace and order all weekend! The first-time event coordinator, Roxie Weesner, and her team of volunteers worked feverishly and re-

lentlessly and successfully pulled off a 1st year victory! Teams, vendors, and visitors were all delighted with the entire event; especially Mike & Tammy Moore of Old Plantation BBQ who took home top honors, the check, and Pirate 50 trophies! The 1st Annual Smokin’ On The River results are as follows: Overall: 1. Old Plantation BBQ - 2. 4:20 Q - 3. Moyers Competition BarB-Q Team - 4. Smoke Me Silly - 5. Tenacious Q - 6. Jiggy Piggy - 7. Bub-Ba-Q 8. Que’n Stew’n & Brew’n 9. Holy Smokes BBQ Team - 10. House Of Q Chicken: 1. Backyard Kuisine - 2. Foggy Bottom BBQ - 3. Tenacious Q - 4. House Of Q - 5. Bub-Ba-Q 6. Kudzu Q - 7. Holy Smokes BBQ Team - 8. South Pork - 9. Curly Tails BBQ - 10. Berry Patch BBQ Ribs: 1. House Of Q - 2. Chatham Artillery BBQ - 3. Smoke Me Silly - 4. 4:20 Q -

5. Moyers Competition BarB-Q Team - 6. Tenacious Q - 7. Foggy Bottom BBQ - 8. Curly Tails BBQ - 9. Jiggy Piggy - 10. Old Plantation BBQ Pork: 1. Smoke Me Silly (With A Perfect 180) - 2. Old Plantation BBQ - 3. Berry Patch BBQ - 4. Kudzu Q - 5. 4:20 Q - 6. Que’n Stew’n & Brew’n - 7. House Of Q - 8. Georgia Boys BBQ Team 9. Southern Thunder BBQ - 10. Moyers Competition Bar-B-Q Team Brisket: 1. Jiggy Piggy 2. 4:20 Q - 3. Moyers Competition Bar-B-Q Team - 4. Bub-Ba-Q - 5. Old Plantation BBQ - 6. Holy Smokes BBQ Team - 7. Hogz Gone Wild Ga - 8. Smokin Hoss -9. SNOUTS HONOR BBQ TEAM - 10. UNCULTURED SWINE King of the Wings Challenge: Q-Inator People’s Choice: Uncultured Swine

Grand Champion : Old Plantation BBQ

Reserve Champion : 4:20 Q


Join us for the 2nd Annual

GBA Goin’ Coastal BBQ June 7-8, 2013 Central Park

Fernandina Beach, Florida Presented by First Coast Community Bank & The Palace Saloon


Payouts thru 10th Place!

$1,000 Reserve Champion

GBA Meats 1st $500

For more info Visit

Moyer’s Competition Bar-B-Q Team

BBQ Competition • Fun Cook Ribeye Challenge • Seafood Suprise • Dessert

Win Grand Champion... Get a ticket to Las Vegas for the World Food Championships and


For more information, please contact Jay Robertson at:

(904) 753-0001 •

Holy Smokes

Curly Tails BBQ

April 2013

The Judges Tent

The BBQ Times

Southern BBQ Network Presidents Message By Jim Harmon

The Network is cooking over fire again. I’m always amazed and thankful for all of the Blessings in Barbecue that come my way. The Southern BBQ Network is judging “strong” to start the 2013 season. Our opening contest in Augusta went off with nary a hitch. 20 judges made the trip to the fine city of Augusta to experience the Wine and Swine Festival. Congratulations to the SBN Team of the Year, Killer B’s. Pit Masters Jim and Jan Burg continue to amaze the pallets of our judges with a spectacular display of “Killer” Que! Congratulations to all who competed, and all who got calls in this great contest. Thank you to all of the judges who helped to make this event a success. We are looking forward to opening the season with this contest again next year. Holly Hill stands as a marker in South Carolina competitive Barbecue. It is one of only a few whole hog contests still around in this region. They are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, largely due to the challenges they pose, so organizers of the Holly Hill Spring Blast want to keep that tradition in South Carolina Barbeque alive. Thanks to all who made the trek to the Academy. The location is a little off of the path, but if you travel well, you can make a stop at Sweatman’s to stock up on the product of a South Carolina BBQ icon. Congratulations to Razor Back BBQ’s Pit Master Jason Peterson, who proved to be this year’s top whole hog cooker. Congratulations to all of the Pit Masters who got calls and all who cooked or judged in this “old school” event. “Smokin’ at the Farmers Market” – The Commissioners Cup – was an exciting event. Governor Nikki Haley signed the proclamation stating that this contest would serve as the SC State BBQ Championship. Teams from all over the Southeast came to compete for honors. This contest was also an auto-qualifier to the World Food Championships in Las Vegas. 50 plus judges braved the cold and drizzly day at the Farmers Market Vegetable sheds to choose the best in South Carolina BBQ.

information will be posted, and your judging friends will be hanging out waiting to hear from you. “Like” the SBN facebook page. The future of the Southern BBQ Network is bright. Contests are on a waiting list to get the services of the best Judging organization in the area. We are proud to work

Congratulations to Queology for The SBN has a facebook page. the Grand Champion award. We If you are facebook savvy head on also must recognize Swig-N-Pig over and like the facebook page. for the 1st place win in Pork and Updates will appear quickly, event Ultimate Tailgaters for the 1st place in Ribs. Congratulations to all of the cookers who heard their names called and all who competed or judged in this super event. The South Carolina Department of Agriculture throws one heck of contest. “Smoke at the Lodge” – Smoke at the Lodge is the Super Bowl of Lowcountry BBQ. The Gadsden, Alabama Lowcountry is a little pocket of April 12-13, 2013 BBQ goodness in the state of Grand Champion: South Carolina. There seems to be an uncanny concentration of Swiggin’ Pig world class cooks that call the Chicken: Lowcountry home. This contest 1. Swiggin Pig 179.4286 kicks off the season for many 2. Big Blue Que - Athens,...177.1428 of those cooks. The field is al- 3. The Blue Bloods 173.7144 ways strong and space is limited. 4. Que’n Stew’n & Brew’n 173.7142 Contest organizer Bob Kuziak 5. Fat Bear BBQ 172.5714 172.0000 somehow found a way to expand 6. House Of Q 172.0000 the team list to 24, up from the 7. Bean Bandits 8. House Of Hickory 171.4286 traditional 20 teams. This year 9. Smoke Of The Shoals 170.8572 was extra special: It was our 170.8572 2nd qualifier for the World Food 10. Smoke On This

A few BBQ Results We’ve Missed Along the Way... Smoke on the Falls

Championships in Las Vegas. What a great opportunity for the Lowcountry Teams! Daryl Mast from Barbecue Superstars was also in attendance doing a live stream and interviewing the teams. The rain subsided just in time to make a great “No Pork” night on Friday and the entertainment from the Beach Band “The Out of Towners” made it a fantastic event. This was a single category event. Some-R-Swine took top honors – for the 4th time in a row. Amazing - a 4pete!! What an achievement. Congratulations to Seth and Nona from all of us here at SBN. It was an honor to give the award. Congratulations to team Queology, and Killer Bees for their achievements. We offer huge cudos to all of the teams that walked and participated in this event. The success of Smoke at the Lodge is very near and dear to many of our hearts here at SBN. It was the first contest to apply for sanctioning when the organization was born, and we enjoy the success as we grow in the future.

Pork Ribs: 1. The Looney Pit 2. Swiggin Pig 3. Big Blue Que - Athens, .. 4. Butt Naked And Smokin 5. Jiggy Piggy 6. E.M. Azing BBQ 7. Smoke On This 8. High On The Hawg 9. Smokin Butt Crew 10. Smoke Me Silly

176.0002 173.1432 172.0000 171.4286 170.8574 170.2856 169.7142 169.7142 168.5714 168.5712

Pork: 1. Wild Bunch Butt Burners 2. South Pork 3. Smokin Butt Crew 4. Swiggin Pig 5. Uncle Chet’s BBQ 6. Smoke Of The Shoals 7. Team Enoserv 8. Jiggy Piggy 9. The Looney Pit 10. BBQ Boss

176.0000 173.1428 172.5714 172.0000 171.4284 169.7144 168.5714 168.5714 168.5712 166.8572

Brisket: 1. Daddy Gray’s 2. House Of Hickory 3. Big Blue Que - Athens, Al 4. Team Enoserv 5. Wild Bunch Butt Burners 6. 4:20 Q 7. SwiGgin Pig 8. Smoke On This 9. Smokin Butt Crew 10. Que’n Stew’n & Brew’n

179.4286 175.4284 175.4284 174.2858 173.1428 172.5714 172.0000 170.8570 169.1428 168.5714

Page 23 with charitable organizations, bringing a level playing field and well trained judges to the contests that we sanction. Thank you for all of your support and I look forward to seeing you all out on the BBQ Trail. If you see me, stop me… Let’s talk Q!

Atoka Springfest BBQ Contest Atoka, Tennessee • April 6, 2013

Grand Champion : Boars Night Out (Shoulder) Whole Hog
 1st Place – Victory Lane BBQ
 2nd Place – Smoke Masters
 3rd Place – Sweetness Of Hog
 4th Place – Boars Night Out Shoulder
 1st Place – Boars Night Out 
2nd Place – 10 Bones BBQ
 3rd Place – Victory Lane BBQ Ribs
 1st Place – Sweet Swine O’mine
 2nd Place – 10 Bones BBQ
 3rd Place – High Life On The Hog
 4th Place – Victory Lane BBQ

Pigs in Flight

Memphis, Tennessee • March 16, 2013 Whole Hog
 2nd Place – BOARS NIGHT OUT 
3rd Place – PARTY Q
 4th Place – WILL-BE-QUE Shoulder
 2nd Place – SWEET SWINE O’MINE 
4th Place – RED HOT SMOKERS Ribs
 1st Place – BOARS NIGHT OUT
 2nd Place – SWEET SWINE O’MINE 
 3 4th Place – WILL-BE-QUE

Cooking for Mental Health

Newton, Mississippi • March 23, 2013

Grand Champion : Diamond D Cooking Team (Whole Hog) Whole Hog
 1st Place – Diamond D Cooking Team
 2nd Place – Party Q
 3rd Place – Slapjo Mama Championship BBQ 4th Place – Fireman John’s BBQ Shoulder
 1st Place – Party Q 2nd Place – Chimneyville Smokehouse BBQ 3rd Place – Boars Night Out 
4th Place – Slapjo Mama Championship BBQ Team Ribs
 1st Place – Chimneyville Smokehouse BBQ
 2nd Place – Diamond D Cooking Team
 3rd Place – Burned At The Steak
 4th Place – Boars Night Out

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The BBQ Times

Facebook: South Carolina Barbeque Association Online: Email:

April 2013

A winning team proudly displays large trophies at the new Hog Fest in Spartanburg.

Team Buckwheat’s BBQ is pleased to be in the winner’s circle in Sumter to support the local Boy Scouts. Team members from Bold Branch BBQ Boys, Buckwheat’s BBQ and Swig-N-Pig show trophies following the award ceremony in Easley. Can’t Quit Smokin’, Big GQ, All Smoked Up, Pimp My Pig and North-South Smokers were winners in Florence. This popular event supports Big Brothers and Big Sisters each year.

Join us on Facebook at South Carolina Barbeque Association and be sure to LIKE us there.

Upcoming Events April 26-27

Project Host BBQ Cook-off in Greenville, S.C. (864) 934-4040

May 3-4 Jamie Harris of Darlington samples great BBQ in Florence as Brian Teigue of Up in Smoke explains techniques of cooking award-winning butts.

May 17-18

Pig in the Park in Williamston, S.C. (864) 704-6876

May 24-25

Education Foundation Picking and Pigging at the Memorial Weekend BBQ Park, Saluda Shaols Park Cook-off in Seneca, S.C. (864) 985-2841 in Irmo, S.C. (803) 213-2009 June 7-8 Hog on the Hill High on the Hog at White in Chester, S.C. Hall Plantation in Beau(803) 385-4803 fort, S.C. (843) 838-0046

April 2013

The BBQ Times

Slidell BBQ Challenge: A Street of Teams on the Bayou are Sexy, 2nd; Parrothead Smokers, 3rd; The Blue Boods, 4th; It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere (IL), 5th; Consistently Random BBQ, 6th; Smokers Wild, 7th; Chix, Swine and Bovine BBQ, 8th; Red Eyed Smokers, 9th; and House of Q, 10th. Ribs: Chix, Swine & Bovine BBQ, 1st; Bayou Boogie BBQ, 2nd; It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere (IL), 3rd; QUAU, 4th; Give it to God, 5th; Swiggin’ Pig, 6th; JoBeaz Blazin’ Butts & Wings, 7th; The Blue Bloods, 8th; Smokin’ N the Dark, 9th; and Red Eyed Smokers, 10th. Pork: Smokin’ Lipps, 1st; The Blue Bloods, 2nd; Team Enoserv, 3rd; Smokers Wild, 4th; Red Eyed Smokers, 5th; It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere (IL), 6th; Give it to God, 7th; BarbecueXpress, 8th; House of Q, 9th; and Smokin’ N the Dark, 10th. Brisket: Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ, 1st; Consistently Random BBQ, 2nd; Parrothead Smokers, 3rd; Hickory Prime, 4th; Skin & Bones, 5th; Smokin Lipps, 6th; The Blue Bloods, 7th; Hambones by the Fire, 8th; The American Dream BBQ Team, 9th; and It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere, 10th. Backyard BBQ Challenge: Big Green Ace, Grand Champion. Ribs: Industrial Strength BBQ, 1st; Big Green Ace, 2nd; and Rotary Club of Slidell, 3rd. Chicken: Big Green Ace, 1st; Peyton Manotas, 2nd; and TasteBuds, 3rd. Kids Q: Emily Trahan, 1st; Drew Siebenkittel, 2nd; and Addison Manotas, 3rd.

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Grand Champion 180 score on his brisket enArticle & Photos By try. “It doesn’t get any better Jan Jeup-Wilson The sun was shining than that,” said Johnny Crow, bright over this street of 44 master of ceremonies. Another great surprise at teams on the bayou, where smoke and camaraderie this event was the filming of filled the air. When the part of the next season for smoke cleared, it was “It’s BBQ Pitmasters on Destina5 O’Clock Somewhere”, IL, tion America! What a fantaspitmasters Bryan and Kari tic opportunity for so many Luke who walked away to see what goes on behind with the Grand Champion the scenes to provide us with trophy and cash prize. This this awesome show! This was their eighth year trying particular episode includes for the most coveted prize Piggy’s UK, The Bastey in KCBS sanctioned com- Boys Barbecue Brigade, and petitions and, they admitted, Shiggin’ & Grinnin’ Championship BBQ, and there are Slidell was the charm. A quaint area of Slidell, lots of spectator’s who are LA known as Old Towne anxiously awaiting the airwas, again the home of this ing to see who prevailed! The Street of Teams fincontest. Forty-four teams from throughout the coun- ished out this year’s Slidell try competed, and 45 judges BBQ Challenge as follows: Overall: It’s 5 o’clock from the United States and Canada traveled to the Ca- Somewhere (IL), 1st; The mellia City to participate in Blue Bloods, 2nd; Smokers Wild, 3rd; Iowa’s Smokey the event. “Some of these teams D’s BBQ, 4th; Consistently have been on the road for Random BBQ, 5th; She weeks; and some of them Thinks My Slabs R Sexy, don’t want to go home yet 6th; Hickory Prime, 7th; because there’s still 5 or 6 Bayou Boogie BBQ, 8th; Jofeet of snow on the ground Beaz Blazin’ Butts & Wings, where they’re from,” said 9th; and BarbecueXpress, Frank Jackson, chairman of 10th. Chicken: Hickory Prime, the professional cooks portion of the competition. “But 1st; She Things My Slabs that’s good for Slidell because they pull in here and they shop in our stores and eat in our restaurants. This event has a real economic impact on Slidell. They love it here, and we love having them.” Taking away a golden memory from the Slidell competition was Darren Warth of Iowa’s Smokey D’s The Blue Bloods BBQ, who earned a perfect

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The BBQ Times

April 2013

The BBQ Times FREE Classified Listing Page ALABAMA

ELBA - 5 x 8 trailer with 59� door clearance--900.00 Call: 334-301-8709.


WARNER ROBINS Stump’s Monster , perfect condition $5,000 478-335-4684

WARNER ROBINS American BBQ Systems Pittboss 8 Rack Rotisserie w/custom cover $2,000 478-335-4684

KATHLEEN - 4 Cookers on Down To Earth trailer. Will sell separate or trade or sell all together. SS Stumps Gravity Feed Smoker w/4 racks. Double walls & insulated walls 6Ft. Morrow’s Rotisserie Smoker. Competition 6 racks with hog cooker rack. 5 Ft. Steak Cooker 5 Ft. Hog Cooker. Direct cooker w/water pans or indirect smoker. 3 racks with fire box. Please call 478-954-5033

WE HELP YOU JOIN OUR NEW GROUP ON FACEBOOK: THE BBQ TIMES FREE CLASSIFIEDS Listings are updated daily, and select listings will appear each month on this page. Let us help sell your USED BBQ ITEMS for FREE!

CUMMING - Santa Maria Style grill we built and used at one event, is like new We sell them new for $1200, will take $900 for this one. CALL: (770) 886-6290

PERRY - Stumps Smoker ONAN generator, 40 gal“STRECH� $3,300 Call lon fresh water with water 478-808-2708 heater, 3 - 15K RV AC/heat pump units, custom roll-out counters (like slide outs), 26 cubic foot commercial refrigerator, sleeping quarters with toilet & shower - two beds, two custom Pitmaker Smokers - 1 MegaVault - 1 S. CAROLINA custom reverse flow magBEUFORT- Southern Q num sniper, custom wheels, Smoker $2,000 This Full-Custom trailer is Call: 843-338-7219 nicknamed “One Off� because there are so many custom one of a kind (first of its kind) items. Competition/ Catering/Vending do it all!! Wife and daughter want me to build another 40’ gooseneck - So she has to go!!! NO TIRE KICKERS please TEXAS .... $55K invested - will TYLER - 34’ Class Act make someone a GREAT - Fully Custom V-nose - Fi- DEAL!!! WIN-WIN ....... lon sides - NO screws - NO Call: 832.474.9871 seams, 16’ kitchen - custom stainless steel cabinets (16’ down both overhead sides), 8’ stainless steel custom base, custom enclosed stainless steel commercial triple sink with hand sink, stainless steel island, 7KW

Contact Audrey for the Great Rates to advertise your business on this page. 478-218-2333 •


Richard Horne





April 2013

The BBQ Times


HOUSTON - Custom Stumps Smoker dual cooker rig, just looking to sale if correct offer comes thinking about $15,500. It has a Stretch and a 42x6 offset with plenty of room for storage on the trailer. See it on my Facebook site and call 713.294.1413 for information, during the day CDT. I’m not looking to give it away but think it is a decent price for the rig, all built by Stump’s Smokers.

PORT ARANSAS 1994 r/v for sale. 4000 firm. Call Robert Waters 817-629-1798 (Pictures bottom left column)


WHITTIER- Have this custom made trailer that is full aluminum and has a foldable tongue and I took a stumps stretch off has never been in the weather you could mount several smokers on this trailer will sell for 1400 it is 6 ft long and 5.6 wide about 1-2 Years old call Roger if interested 828 736 1402

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with 10 ft garage and 12 ft living quarters, small kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet, always been converted when not used. Let me know if you want more pics, ordering a porch trailer EMAIL: Mroczka.bryan@


You’ve put a lot of hard work into your BBQ sauce. Give it the attention it deserves – a beautiful package. We carry a complete line of glass and plastic bottles, jars, jugs and closures in a wide selection of shapes, styles and sizes. Big or small orders, All American has it all. For more information contact Lee Tobin at 813-248-2023 or

BRIGHTON - Austin National smoker 6 racks and extra large box on back it also has gas assist for those cold nights! Asking $5900.00 email for more pics or questions


ORLANDO - 2005 22ft Work and Play toy hauler

4917 Oak Fair Blvd • Tampa, Florida USA • FAX: 813-248-1059

Whether you’re competing, catering or entertaining in the backyard, Use the product that is a proven winner... One Taste Will Hook You! BBQ Times Ad (5.08 x 5.58”)

Head Country BBQ Sauce, seasoning and marinade has been used by competition teams to win National and International Competitions including numerous Jack Daniels Championships, American Royal Invitational and Open Championships, Houston Livestock and Rodeo, United Kingdom BBQ Series and the most recent BBQ Pitmaster Show.

1-888-762-1227 •

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The BBQ Times

Bubba Grills

April 2013

A Southern Cooking Creation

Located right in the Heart of Central Georgia in Haddock, GA.


The Bubba Grills Cooking Experience!

Ask about joining us to cook a competition, with purchase of your new Bubba Grill!

7bbKd_jiDem9ec[IjWdZWhZM_j^$$$ 15” Tires • 3500 lbs. Axel Cast Iron Fire Starter in the Smoke Box Safety Door Catch on Lift Doors • Stainless Flex Regulators 2 Full Length Sliding/Removable Racks • Protected Lights & Wires WE KEEP SOME MODELS IN STOCK & CUSTOM UNITS ARE BUILT IN LESS THAN 20 DAYS!

We are Family Owned, Come Join our Bubba Grills family!

478-288-1433 • Email or Call Today for a Custom Quote • Please include your name & phone number in email.

April 2013 BBQ Times  
April 2013 BBQ Times  

April 2013 BBQ Times