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FINE RIM Laser cut, polished rim essential to direct the flow of wine to the correct part of the tongue.

OVERSIZED BOWL Bowl shape enables the wine to develop its tastes and aromas.

DURABLE Lucaris provide extra thin, yet extra strong and durable glassware.

INVISIBLE JOIN Lucaris stemware offers an invisible join mark for extra strength and timeless beauty.

Designed especially for the hospitality and leisure industries - Lucaris meets the demands of wine lovers and food service professionals alike. Lucaris produce glassware to the highest levels of quality, functionality and design. This luxury lead-free crystal glass collection offers exceptional clarity and brilliance. Available in both a contemporary and classic design style, for both modern and chic casual dining where a sense of style is essential. As part of the Ocean glassware group - manufacturers established in 1982 - Lucaris is one of Asia’s leading glass brands. Churchill’s exclusive partnership with Lucaris brings exceptional stemware, with extra strength and durability, to the UK.

Lucaris - Crystal of the Modern World

STRENGTH Lucaris use advanced production technology to produce a stem that can endure a load of 30kg without damage.

F L AT B A S E Greater stability and breakage resistant.

All items listed are available in the UK only


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