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BELARUS, BANKING AND THE BOMBERS: Meet Bentleigh’s Leon Gouzenfiter

THE PERFECT BLEND OF NEW AND OLD: Embracing the elegant Edwardian

Issue 14
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To say that 2024 began with a bang would be an understatement.

We wasted no time in getting to work. And we worked hard! In fact, 2024 saw one of the strongest starts to the year our agency has ever seen.

But it wasn’t only strong because of business. We welcomed 17 new team members. We held our annual Family Day. We celebrated the Chinese New Year. We had the year’s first Team Night. And we headed to Carousel for our iconic annual Kickstart Day.

We repeatedly found a way to gather our entire team and celebrate our professional and personal wins –together. A sentiment we’ve carried into this issue of The Peer Review

It all starts with our cover story stars. An organisation that’s ‘serious about fun’, Flying Fox has been connecting people with disability with the wider community for a decade now. And we caught up with the team to hear all about it.

We also share all our favourite spots in Malvern and Malvern East for you to check out with your nearest and dearest. And we sat down with Director Leon Gouzenfiter to learn about his life and career to date – from Belarus to Bentleigh.

As always, our Sales, New Projects and Property Management teams are back to give you the real estate rundown, sharing the secret to the year’s smashing success so far – in English and Mandarin.

So sit down, settle in and read on, because this issue of The Peer Review is sure to have you intrigued, inspired and invigorated for 2024’s next quarter.

THE PEER REVIEW | 3 In this issue All information was correct at the time of printing. Published by Gary Peer & Associates Pty Ltd. The State of Play data sourced in this report covers properties sold in the entire industry. Data is extracted from with a date range of January to March 2024. © Copyright 2024 04 18 36 State of Play. Explore the latest market insights, from our experts on the ground. Browse your suburb’s key property sales data – and its most beautiful homes. Features 04 Suburb Spy: The must-visit spots in Malvern and Malvern East 08 Celebrating a decade of fun, respect and integrity: Flying Fox turns 10! 14 The perfect blend of new and old: Embracing the elegant Edwardian 32 A star-studded lineup: The Gary Peer Kickstart Day 2024 36 Belarus, banking and the Bombers: Meet Bentleigh’s Leon Gouzenfiter 40 Not your problem: 10 ways a property manager will change your life (for the better) State of Play 20 Recent sales 22 Key data by suburb 24 Market updates 26 Property Management update 28 New Projects update 30 Asian market update And to finish… 44 What’s been happening at Gary Peer? 46 Our people Savour, unwind, connect From essential eateries to epic entertainment, we’re walking you through Malvern and Malvern East’s must-sees.
talks us through his upbringing, life and career to date.
Belarus, banking and the Bombers. Our favourite Bentleigh Director


The mustvisit spots in Malvern and Malvern East

Tucked between Glen Iris and Caulfield, you’ll find the charming and sophisticated Malvern and Malvern East.

Only 8 and 12 kilometres southeast of Melbourne’s heartbeat, respectively, these sister suburbs are beloved by locals and visitors for leisure and living.

From the lush parks and gardens to the thriving café and bar scene, join us as we unveil the best places to savour, unwind and connect.

Harvie Essie Wine Clubhouse

The essential eateries

Want to dine like the locals? Then don’t skip these iconic Malvern and Malvern East spots for guaranteed good times and great wines.


A Malvern favourite, Clubhouse is a golf-themed café that radiates good vibes.

Light-filled to the brim, stylish but cosy, it’s the spot for a casual meet-up with your nearest and dearest – and a lively event with the whole crew.

Coming here for breakfast? Solid choice! For the sweet tooths out there, don’t look past the signature Clubhouse Hotcakes. Topped with mascarpone, yuzu curd, macadamia and white chocolate crumb – and mango and passionfruit syrup – it’s an immediate yes.

In the afternoon, indulge in their Barja Bowl or Smoked Duck Roll – and enjoy the refreshing craft beers on tap. Seriously, this place is a hole-in-one.


On the corner of Glenferrie and Wattletree Road, local rooftop wine bar Harvie is elevated, sophisticated – and the answer to all your planning problems.

Your turn to organise date night? Harvie. Need a bougie lunch spot to catch up with the girls? Harvie. A perfectly Instagrammable spot to show off your social life? Harvie.

The chic, contemporary ambience will impress your guests – and the food, your palate. The drinks list is extensive (so we don’t blame you if you take your time choosing!) and changes to match the weather.

Sharing is caring – and Harvie knows it. So go for the classic bar snacks like the Wasabi Macadamias. Or get share plates for the entire table, like the Chorizo Croquettes or the Pumpkin, Feta & Rosemary Arancini.

And if you need any more convincing that the views are just as tasteful as the menu – the Harvie website updates you with the sunset time each day. So you can optimise your trip to enjoy the perfect golden hour!

Essie Wine

A true hidden gem, Essie Wine is a cosy wine bar that promises an intimate escape from the everyday.

It showcases a diverse range of wines, both old- and newworld, with an emphasis on independent producers.

And while enjoying your drinks and deli snacks, you can soak up the sun in the beer garden out back. And if there’s no sun to be found? Cosy up next to the fireplace inside, wine in hand.


Whether you’re a novice sommelier or a connoisseur with discerning tastes, Essie Wine offers an educational journey guided by passionate staff. Private wine tastings for up to 20 guests start at $65pp. (Or book an at-home tasting from $75pp!)

Millstone Patisserie

Dreaming of a getaway? Aren’t we all. So, if you want to feel like you’ve been whisked away to Paris (even for a few hours), Millstone Patisserie is the place for you.

Created and run by French-trained chef Alice Wright, Millstone is a haven of French-style feasting. Their cakes, canapes and pastries (both savoury and sweet) are second to none, with a menu that dances between innovative dishes and classic comforts.

Millstone’s entrancing cake cabinet makes it almost too hard to decide what to order. So, here are a few recommendations from us to get you started: the lemon drizzle and the orange almond cakes. And, of course, the fresh croissants. But you’ll need to get in quick; they sell out daily!


Speaking of holidays… Italy, anyone? Bustling Italian eatery – and Malvern institution – Sugo brings you authentic, vibrant and flavour-packed food. It’s a celebration of all things pasta, pizza and amore.

Kid-friendly and date-night approved (hey, it’s up to you!), Sugo welcomes everyone and anyone with open arms. It’s the Italian way, after all.

Step through the doors, and you’re instantly embraced by the aroma of simmering sauces and freshly baked dough.

Patrons rave about the gnocchi, in particular. Pumpkin gnocchi… ricotta gnocchi… gorgonzola-bacon gnocchi… pan-fried gnocchi and pesto. Deliziosa!

But whether it’s the rich, hearty ragu or the perfectly charred crust of their wood-fired pizzas, Sugo serves up comfort in every bite.

For epic entertainment

A whole lot of family-friendly fun awaits in the Southern Hemisphere’s largest shopping centre. And yes, we’re talking about Chadstone.

The Social Quarter, Chadstone

Having just celebrated its first birthday, Chadstone’s Social Quarter has cemented itself as, truly, an ‘all-seasons playground’. From Asian fusion eateries and arcade game classics to breweries and bowling – we won’t blame you for feeling a tad overwhelmed by how much this multi-level precinct has to offer. But don’t worry – we’re here to guide you and your friends through. That’s right, you and your pals. Because the Social Quarter isn’t designed to be done solo. After all, it’s in the name!

Fuel up on contemporary European classic food at Cityfields, enjoying the rooftop garden or the terrace dining room with stunning views of Melbourne’s skyline. Bonus points if you go on a Tuesday for the steak specials!

Then, put your problem-solving skills to work in Hijinx Hotel, an interactive game experience with 10 different challenge rooms. Or hit up Holey Moley for some mini-golf.

Finish off with some creamy gelato from Piccolina Gelateria and you’ve had yourself a perfect night out!

Legoland Discovery Centre, Chadstone

Calling all Lego enthusiasts – and those who just want to indulge their inner child!

Legoland Discovery Centre offers attractions and entertainment for children aged 3-15. (Adults 16+ must be accompanied by a child.) It’s a fun-filled, family-friendly fantasy land.

We’re talking themed rides, play areas and interactive building zones.

Sugo Millstone Patisserie The Social Quarter, Chadstone Legoland Discovery Centre, Chadstone

But for the adults without kiddos: don’t worry, they’ve got you covered, too. Legoland hosts monthly Adult Nights where you can enjoy the rides, watch a 4D movie, explore the mini Lego recreations of iconic Melbourne landmarks –or simply build, build, build! There are prizes to be won, too!

Stop by the Lego retail store afterwards to stock up on your favourite toys and merchandise. Really, this place has got all the building blocks for an awesome adventure.

Stonnington Toy Library

Stonnington Toy Library is serious. Serious about play, that is. With over 4000 toys, puzzles and games on offer, you can drop in to let your child pick the new toys they want – and return the ones they just borrowed.

But joining as a member means you also join a community. Since it’s member-run, families who join also do their part to volunteer at the library and give back.

Everyone wins: the kids are always entertained with new toy options, parents spend less on buying toys that will be discarded in a few weeks, fewer toys end up in landfills –and you get to contribute to a valuable community cause!

The library staff even go above and beyond – recommending toys to suit your child’s age, stage of development and interests. With annual memberships starting at just $100, it’s truly a no-brainer.

For relaxation and rejuvenation

After all that running around and excitement, you’re probably looking for somewhere to unwind. And here are Malvern and Malvern East’s best places to do so.

Holism Retreat, Chadstone

Nestled safely within the opulent Hotel Chadstone, Holism Retreat offers a haven of tranquillity with meticulously crafted facial, massage and wellness treatment packages.

Their facial rituals – especially the Wellness Warrior – will have you glowing from the inside out.

If you’d rather go big than go home (and trust us, you won’t want to go home from Holism) – book the Santosha Body Treatment.

Indulge in the ancient tradition of body brushing to detox your system and encourage lymphatic flow. Then decompress with a coconut oil back and neck massage, finishing with a nourishing body mask.

Stress? Don’t know her!

Central Park

New York City, look out!

Malvern East’s 19 acres of serene parkland are putting up a decent fight for the best Central Park.

Winding pathways shaded by majestic trees, fun-filled playgrounds, private picnic places, Central Park has it all. What’s more? It transforms with the seasons. With vibrant blooms in spring and fiery foliage in autumn, Central Park has some truly picturesque backdrops – all year round.

This expansive green oasis is as much a sanctuary as it is a bustling hive of community activity, with regular concerts, sporting events – and always plenty of precious pups out for their daily sniff!

Have some Malvern and Malvern East gems of your own to add to the list? Have your say!

Stonnington Toy Library Holism Retreat, Chadstone Central Park


Flying Fox turns 10!


If, on 25 February 2024, you stumbled upon a rabbit hole and fell into an explosion of colour, chances are you were at Flying Fox’s 10th birthday celebration.

A truly whimsical high tea with over 800 guests, the event marked a decade of connecting people with disability with the wider community.

We caught up with Flying Fox team members Timnah Kieser and Carly Glasser to hear all about their celebration, the highs and lows of the past decade – and their hopes and dreams for the future of Flying Fox.

Carly Glasser (left) and Timnah Kieser (right)

Knights of the (dining) table: The start of Flying Fox

It was meant to just be one four-day camp, but seeing how happy all the campers were from day one, we realised just how important a role we had to play in building a more socially inclusive society.

In 2014, a young Dean Cohen’s Friday afternoons looked pretty similar: him and his mates and a soccer ball in the local park.

Until one day, a mum in the community reached out to them. She told them about how she wishes her son (who has autism) could get involved in a soccer game, too. An opportunity to do so wasn’t so readily available in 2014.

So, Dean and his friends added one more to their regular Friday match. It was the start of a beautiful friendship –and organisation.

‘Their friend group realised that a lot of people with disability lacked a solid social network,’ explains Community & Partnership Manager Timnah Kieser. ‘They knew it was always going to be left to young people to be creative, energetic and innovative in tackling such a pervasive issue.

‘So they gathered around his parents’ dining table to plan a fun, four-day camp in Phillip Island for a group of people with and without disability,’ she continues.

And so, after a few months of doorknocking (and assuring parents their children would be in safe hands), Flying Fox was established – and its first camp came to fruition. The organisation then – as it is today – was powered by youthful energy.


Humble beginnings: Flying Fox’s first camp

Starting strong with 39 buddies (volunteers) and 19 campers (people with disability), Flying Fox began with a bang. And the potential for more was impossible to deny.

‘After that first camp, it just continued to grow and grow,’ says Timnah.

Flying Fox didn’t take long to take off, but the society of 2014 needed a while to catch up.

‘Our basic understanding of accessibility was totally different a decade ago,’ shares Carly Glasser, Community & Corporate Partnerships Coordinator.

‘Back then, accessibility looked like a ramp on the side of a building. Today, it’s more about listening and engaging with people with disability, and holding space for them to lead the social change they want to see.’

Needless to say, 2014 didn’t offer many opportunities for people with disability to hang out with friends in our community.

‘It was meant to just be one four-day camp, but seeing how happy all the campers were from day one, we realised just how important a role we had to play in building a more socially inclusive society.

‘So, our organisation had to keep growing,’ Carly states.

After that first camp, it just continued to grow and grow.

Onwards and upwards: Picking up speed

When the camper waiting list hit 100 people, the team knew Flying Fox needed to expand its repertoire.

‘Our campers got four days of fun, but we couldn’t help but wonder, what about the other 361 days of the year?’ Timnah remembers. ‘How can we facilitate our campers staying connected?’

And so, Flying Fox’s Shortz and Hangouts programs were introduced.

‘Our Shortz getaways started in 2016 as a weekend away for a small group of campers and buddies, in a holiday home down the coast,’ Carly explains. ‘Now, we run Shortz getaways every weekend – in two of our very own holiday homes.’

And let’s not forget the COVID-borne Hangouts.

‘During the pandemic, our overnight camps were obviously a no-go,’ says Timnah. ‘So we started running five online sessions a week. They were a mix of Zumba classes, international dance parties and just classic catch-ups. We had about 60 people logging on each night!’

Today, the lockdowns are behind us. But the Flying Fox Hangouts are here to stay.

‘Now every week, our Hangouts could be anything from a comedy show to a pizza night,’ Carly adds. ‘As the name suggests, they’re just an excuse to socialise, have fun and –ultimately – hang out!’

From the ground up: Sharing the Flying Fox mindset

Flying Fox has been – and always will be – a youth-led organisation. So, naturally, a large part of its work is in educating Australian youth.

‘We run a bespoke program at schools for each year level. They’re all about sharing how we view disability, who we are, what we do – and recruiting new buddies!’ Timnah says.

‘Because if you get young people motivated and passionate about a cause, it’s going to be revolutionary,’ Carly emphasises. ‘And that’s exactly what’s needed to turn society’s perceptions about disability around.’

But Flying Fox isn’t only looking for young people to get involved.

‘We’re also growing our corporate relationships,’ Timnah shares. ‘Last year we held our first annual Corporate Basketball Funday. It was the perfect way for philanthropists and corporates to feel the magic of Flying Fox.

‘And each year, we’re adding more and more events to the calendar!’


Little wins and big wins: Fostering change with Flying Fox

While everyone has the most fun imaginable on camp, the real impact comes from the growth in independence and confidence that happens as a result.

Even after 10 years, it’s still the little things that make the biggest difference for the team at Flying Fox.

‘One of our favourite activities on camp is the giant swing,’ Timnah says. ‘And on our first camp, one of our campers put on the helmet and watched the others.’

‘His mum burst into tears when she heard about it. Because for him, that was participation.’

This camper returned the next year and put on the harness. The following year, he sat in the swing. Then several years later, he went all the way to the top… and swung down!

‘He still comes to all our camps to this day,’ Carly shares.

‘While everyone has the most fun imaginable on camp, the real impact comes from the growth in independence and confidence that happens as a result.

‘We could list a billion stories just like his – of campers performing at our talent shows on the last day of camp. Of campers and buddies embracing each other on the streets of St Kilda months down the track. Of campers and buddies now living together, being in each other’s wedding parties, being lifelong friends.

‘But what it boils down to at Flying Fox is the genuine feeling that we’re all just human. We all bring something unique to the table, and we’re here to celebrate that.’


Big dreams, bigger hearts: The future of Flying Fox

If you asked Carly and Timnah, Flying Fox is nowhere near slowing down.

‘In the next five years, we want to triple our programs,’ Carly shares. ‘Because we’re ready to provide opportunities to more and more campers.’

And where better to work on these extra programs than in a brand new, central community hub?

‘Our big dream is to have a four-storey building to house all our operations,’ says Timnah. ‘One level to be a hangout spot for campers and buddies. Another to be used as our training space, so we don’t need to keep using other people’s offices (including Gary Peer’s) for our education sessions – as beautiful as they all are. And on top would be all our offices.’

One way to send Flying Fox hurtling towards turning that dream into reality? By giving them a little push.

‘We’re always looking for financial donations and partnerships,’ Timnah explains.

‘But at the end of the day, we really just want more people to come and experience an immersive Flying Fox program to feel the magic firsthand.’

Curious to learn more about Flying Fox –and discover how you can help?

Visit the Flying Fox website today.

Hip Hip Hooray: Flying Fox turns 10

On 25 February, Flying Fox celebrated its 10th birthday. And the community came out in droves.

‘In the past 10 years, we’ve gone from running one camp on a whim to racking up 268 getaways – and we all feel this passion to keep going,’ Timnah says. ‘So it was incredibly special to be able to share that passion with a room full of 800 like-minded people.’

The room in question? A kaleidoscope of colour.

‘The room was filled with flamingos, bunny rabbits, balloons and generosity,’ Carly remembers. ‘We wanted to engage our community – including campers, buddies, volunteers, parents, families, donors, schools, corporates, the list goes on. And, we wanted to make it fun

‘So a whimsical high tea theme was perfect. Especially when it was paired with all the incredible interactive elements incorporated throughout the day.’

The pillars of the day were just the same as they were at the very first camp back in 2014: holding fun, respect and integrity at the core.



Embracing the elegant Edwardian


Nestled in Melbourne’s inner-city suburbs, amidst vibrant streets and modern developments, lie these hidden gems of architectural history: Edwardian and period homes.

Loved by buyers for their timeless charm, these elegant residences – when restored well – offer the perfect blend of classic and modern.

But how do we strike the balance?

We spoke to interior designer Romy Dankner, Founder of Homeroom Studio in Caulfield South, about how to honour a period home’s historical appeal while updating it for modern living.

Romy Dankner

Unveiling an Edwardian’s essence

Edwardian and period homes exude a timeless elegance that transcends generations.

Characterised by their red brick exteriors, high ceilings, decorative plasterwork and leadlight windows, these abodes capture the essence of a bygone era – and highlight some of Melbourne’s historical legacy.

‘It’s often the ornate facades and spacious front rooms that make period homes attractive to buyers,’ says Romy.

‘It’s almost impossible to walk through the doors of a period home like an Edwardian and not feel some sense of appreciation for times past – and potential for times to come,’ she muses.

The love is in the details

While it’s indeed simple to spot an Edwardian home by its character-filled exteriors, their allure transcends mere facades.

‘What I particularly adore about period homes is their wealth of unique details and intricacies,’ says Romy.

‘At every turn, you discover features that elevate its character: bay windows, fretwork, stained glass windows... these small nuances truly redefine a space.’

Contributing to their charm and warmth is the selection of materials used in period homes.

‘During this era, homes boasted sturdy construction with timber and brick, mixed with robust finishes like terracotta and parquetry floors,’ elucidates Romy.

‘These natural materials not only add depth and texture, but also evoke an undeniable sense of authenticity in the home’s design.’

Unfolding traditional layouts into modern spaces

While Edwardian and period homes boast plenty of timeless charm, their traditional layouts may present challenges for modern families.

‘It can be tricky to balance honouring a home’s heritage while adapting it to suit our contemporary lifestyles,’ says Romy.

‘But by reconfiguring internal spaces, creating adaptable living spaces and integrating modern amenities, we can create functional, family-friendly environments that retain the home’s character.’

Another common change? Opening up the back of the home to create an entertainer’s dream.

‘While the rooms of an Edwardian were larger than their Victorian predecessors, their segmented living style is still not in line with our modern lifestyle,’ states Romy.

‘So, one of the first things buyers often do is add to the back of the house with an open plan extension, creating those kitchen, living, dining and indoor-outdoor zones we know and love today.’

Let there be (the right) light

When illuminating Edwardian or period homes, your lighting choices should be about more than simply brightening spaces. Ultimately, lighting offers an opportunity to amplify a period home’s grandeur – and marry tradition with modernity.

Picture this: lofty ceilings adorned with pendant lights and chandeliers, casting a warm glow that dances with the shadows of ornate cornices.

‘These fixtures not only illuminate rooms but also serve as visual anchors, blending old-world charm with contemporary elegance,’ Romy enthuses.

‘It’s a delicate dance between preserving history and embracing innovation, and the result is nothing short of captivating.’

Adding your sense of style

When it comes to adding the finishing touches to your period homes, Romy’s advice remains consistent: ‘It’s all about highlighting the old and the new!’

‘So you’ve probably modernised the colours, the layout and added the mod-cons, so bring a nod to the past by incorporating some vintage-inspired furnishings and accessories,’ she suggests.


‘Opt for classic pieces with a modern twist, such as sleek lines and muted tones, to create a timeless aesthetic that pays homage to the past while embracing the present.’

The best way to strike this balance? To consult an interior designer who has experience working with homes just like yours.

‘And start slow,’ she continues. ‘You don’t need to complete the whole house immediately. Wait for pieces that make you feel something – or for a space in the home to tell you what it needs.’

Edwardians in the wild

With Gary Peer & Associates’ home soil in the inner-city councils of Glen Eira and Port Phillip City, we are no strangers to beautiful Edwardian or period homes.

In fact, last month we listed two stunning properties that were renovated and restored to perfection. And true to form, they didn’t stay on the market for long.

First up was 754 Inkerman Road in Caulfield North. Nestled in a prestigious location, right next to Caufield Park, this home is objectively timeless.

With that classic ornate charm and red brick exterior, it’s almost unassuming from the curb. But as you step inside, you quickly see how these sellers executed the extension meticulously. Flowing seamlessly from the original structure out into the luscious modern entertaining areas.

Just a hop and a step down the road, still in Caulfield North, we sold another beauty, 15 Mayfield Grove.

With spacious living areas seamlessly connected to a private rear garden sanctuary, and a gourmet stone kitchen beckoning culinary adventures, this home offers a haven of sophistication and comfort for both family living and entertaining.

Honouring tradition while embracing the future

There’s so much to love about Edwardian and period homes. They ooze a sophisticated yet homely personality that lures buyers back time and again.

And while their presence is not as widespread in Melbourne as it once was, we believe that fact just makes these architectural gems all the more worth the time and effort. Because when restored well, they pay you back tenfold in liveability and style.

So, whether you’re seeking to preserve the past or create a home for the future, let the timeless allure of Edwardian architecture guide your journey. You simply can’t lose.

Need someone to give you a hand turning your house into a home? Reach out to Romy and the team at Homeroom Studio.

19 STATE OF PLAY Q1 2024 What’s inside 20 Recent sales 22 Key data by suburb 24 Market updates 26 Property Management update 28 New Projects update 30 Asian market update

Recent sales

5 5 4
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3 Ward Avenue, Caulfield North Sold at auction with 9 bidders in front of a crowd of 200+ people 35 Evelyn Street, St Kilda East Sold at auction with 3 bidders 7 Bayview Road, Brighton East Sold at auction for $2,290,000 with 4 bidders 17 Jenkins Street, Caulfield South Sold at auction with 3 bidders 8b Purtell Street, Bentleigh East Sold before auction for $1,750,000 5 Powderham Road, Caulfield North Sold at auction with 3 bidders
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8 Myrtle Street, St Kilda East Sold at auction
THE PEER REVIEW | 21 Q1 2024
754 Inkerman Road, Caulfield North
4 3 1 2 2 1
Sold at auction with multiple bidders
4 3 2
36B Wheeler Street, Ormond Brand new townhouse sold before auction 110/3 Elliott Avenue, Carnegie Sold at auction well above reserve for $741,000 with 4 bidders 19 Hornby Street, Brighton East Sold at mid-week twilight auction with 4 bidders
3 3 2 Loved it Bought it 4 1 2 5 4 2
55 Tranmere Avenue, Carnegie Sold for $2,095,000 316 Inkerman Street, St Kilda East Sold at auction for $1,890,000 with 4 bidders

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The data sourced in this report covers properties sold by the entire industry. Data is extracted from with a date range of January to March 2024. Please note that some suburbs may not have any statistics due to insufficient data.


22 | THE PEER REVIEW STATE OF PLAY HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.83m $615k Quarterly price change -11.6% -3.1% Median rent $895pw $520pw Rental yield 2.2% 4.3% Clearance rate 70% Properties sold 44 Av. days on market 35 HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $2.49m $629k Quarterly price change 12.4% -21.7% Median rent $860pw $550pw Rental yield 1.8% 4.5%
Balaclava Bentleigh Bentleigh East Brighton East Carnegie Caulfield North Caulfield Caulfield South HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $2.48m $1.3m Quarterly price change 7.6% -11% Median rent $925pw $700pw Rental yield 2% 2.7% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.66m $570k Quarterly price change 15.7% -1.7% Median rent $775pw $500pw Rental yield 2.7% 4.4% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.73m $565k Quarterly price change 13.6% -15.7% Median rent $738pw $500pw Rental yield 2.3% 4.2% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.46m $910k Quarterly price change -14.2% -1.6% Median rent $740pw $620pw Rental yield 2.4% 3.3% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.94m $480k Quarterly price change 0.1%* -33.8% Median rent $830pw $540pw Rental yield 2.2% 3.7% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.49m $1.28m Quarterly price change 5.2% 4.7% Median rent $700pw $790pw Rental yield 2.5% 3.3% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.81m $1.21m Quarterly price change 9% 22.8% Median rent $775pw $600pw Rental yield 2.3% 3.1% Clearance rate 76% Clearance rate 83% Properties sold 90 Properties sold 62 Av. days on market 43 Av. days on market 39
Clearance rate 76% Clearance rate 67% Clearance rate 80% Clearance rate 69% Clearance rate 82% Clearance rate 83% Properties sold 68 Properties sold 29 Properties sold 93 Properties sold 81 Properties sold 17 Properties sold 133 Av. days on market 40 Av. days on market 41 Av. days on market 44 Av. days on market 40 Av. days on market n/a Av. days on market 45
THE PEER REVIEW | 23 Q1 2024 HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $2.73m $578k Quarterly price change -9.4%* -3.8% Median rent n/a $475pw Rental yield n/a 4.3% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.93m $537k Quarterly price change 22.1% -16.2% Median rent $775pw $493pw Rental yield 2.4% 4.2% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $2.05m $610k Quarterly price change -12% -4.8% Median rent $820pw $525pw Rental yield 2% 4.5% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $2.78m $639k Quarterly price change 23.1% -11.3% Median rent $950pw $525pw Rental yield 2.2% 4% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.89m $550k Quarterly price change 12.9% -15.4% Median rent $745pw $430pw Rental yield 2.2% 3.8% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.82m $794k Quarterly price change -14.7% -10.2% Median rent $920pw $650pw Rental yield 2.4% 4% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.71m $645k Quarterly price change 8.9%* 24.4% Median rent $735pw $490pw Rental yield 2.2% 4.1% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.77m $580k Quarterly price change -2.2% -1.8% Median rent $700pw $495pw Rental yield 2% 4.2% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.24m $820k Quarterly price change -8.3% 25.2% Median rent $620pw $560pw Rental yield 2.5% 3.6% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.51m $637k Quarterly price change 6.1% -15.9% Median rent $650pw $550pw Rental yield 2.3% 3.7% HOUSES UNITS Median sale price $1.55m $481k Quarterly price change -9.2% -18.2% Median rent $778pw $490pw Rental yield 2.6% 4.8% Clearance rate 57% Clearance rate 64% Properties sold 67 Properties sold 14 Av. days on market 42 Av. days on market 30 Elwood Malvern East Murrumbeena St Kilda East Glen Huntly McKinnonast Ormond St Kilda West Hughesdale Moorabbin St Kilda Clearance rate 71% Clearance rate 59% Clearance rate 71% Clearance rate 75% Clearance rate 83% Clearance rate 77% Clearance rate 72% Clearance rate 88% Clearance rate 66% Properties sold 110 Properties sold 101 Properties sold 52 Properties sold 25 Properties sold 39 Properties sold 43 Properties sold 38 Properties sold 27 Properties sold 177 Av. days on market 41 Av. days on market 37 Av. days on market 34 Av. days on market 50 Av. days on market 45 Av. days on market 42 Av. days on market 42 Av. days on market 48 Av. days on market 38 For more suburb statistics visit our website * Annual price change

Market updates from your local property experts

Jeremy Rosens, Leon Gouzenfiter, Leor Samuel and Gary Peer offer their latest takes on southeast Melbourne’s property market.

Find out which properties are in vogue across the Glen Eira and Bayside areas. Explore last quarter’s standout sales. And keep your finger on the pulse of what’s selling in the streets you call home.

So… is 2024 off to a good start?


JEREMY : Stock-wise – and volume-wise – this is as good a start to the year as I’ve ever seen. So yes, we’ve hit the ground running. And so have the buyers.

There’s been a pent-up demand over the summer, and it’s resulted in strong listing numbers, clearance rates and sellthrough rates. In conclusion, the market feels like it’s found its groove.


LEOR: This quarter has definitely been the busiest in terms of both supply and demand. And all the homes are selling well. In most cases, exceeding the reserve.


GARY : I don’t know if we’ve ever had a busier quarter. Comparing it year on year, we’re up around 60%. This is perhaps partly because more people, thankfully, are discovering the way we work and wanting to be part of the vendor experience we offer.

That’s something we’re excited about and proud of. And the pressure to perform is always there.

What’s happening in the market?


LEON : This is probably as high-volume a quarter as we’ve had for a number of years. Suburbs like Bentleigh East have had an exceptionally high clearance rate, with 41 out of 44 auctions sold in February.

We’re finding that people are steering away from renovation projects, with some developers making things harder to stack. This puts a bit more pressure on raw land values.


GARY : It’s been a prosperous time for our agents, who’ve had to sustain a lack of volume transactions through much of the last 18 months.

A lot of vendors received more than they expected, and sometimes dreamed of. This sparked noise of some properties being underquoted across many price ranges and suburbs, but I don’t believe that to be the case. Rather, it’s because so many buyers have been waiting for these properties – so come auction day, they’re prepared to pay.


On the flip side, some vendors, particularly apartment vendors, possibly didn’t do as well as they would have liked. But still achieved a good result.

JEREMY : The market has withstood the record amount of stock. Late last year, a lot was listed. Now, we’re in full flight with record numbers of auctions.

Interest rates have steadied, and there’s chatter they’ll come down mid to late this year. As a result, investors seem to be coming back to the market.

LEOR : With confidence restored in the market due to talks of stabilising interest rates, people are preferring to buy rather than build. And the ones that are building now are the same ones who bought the land a number of years ago.

What properties are in the hottest demand?


LEON : We’re seeing a lot more strength in the $1m to $1.5m range. We’re finding that people are happy to extend their budget if they know they won’t need to pay any more once they settle.


LEOR: Units are popular again. Anything renovated with an outdoor space and open plan is performing well in Carnegie.


JEREMY : After a struggle last year, blocks of flats and apartments are selling now. The top end of the market is holding well, with investors coming back to scoop up some well-priced properties.


GARY : Some great homes that have come to the prestige market have been hugely sought after – and achieving premiums as a result.

With the collapse of more building companies, labour shortages and overpriced construction materials, people prefer to buy something that’s nearly perfect now –potentially renovating it later. This makes now a very lucrative time to sell those properties.

What’s been this quarter’s standout sales?


LEON : 2/22 Buckingham Avenue, Bentleigh was a great one for us. It sold at auction for $950,000 after an intense back-and-forth with three bidders. Considering it’s right in the middle of the prized Valkstone primary and McKinnon secondary school zones, it was hardly a surprise.

JEREMY : We had a great sale at 35 Evelyn Street, St Kilda East – with three bidders throwing their hats in the ring at auction. Both vendor and buyer walked away very happy with the result.

LEOR : An incredibly exciting auction occurred this quarter at 110/3 Elliott Avenue, Carnegie. With multiple bidders, this apartment sold for $741,000 – which was $121,000 over the reserve.

GARY : Speaking of exciting, 3 Ward Avenue in Caulfield North drew a crowd of over 200 people for its auction. After a gruelling battle between nine bidders, it sold for a price all parties were satisfied with.

What are your predictions for the coming months?


GARY : Volume is shrinking. The luxury of choice we’ve had in the last three months is going to wane very soon. But the second quarter is always an exciting one. Even though a lot of buyers have been satisfied with purchasing in the first quarter, there’s definitely still an appetite for great quality homes.


LEOR : Considering all the public holidays in April, we’ll have more properties coming on for May. Especially with people wanting to sell before winter.

But in my experience, February and March often set the tone for the rest of the year. So, it’s looking good.

JEREMY : As the temperature drops, so will the stock. But even so, the market seems to have levelled. So we’re set to maintain reasonably high clearance rates at auction –because across the board, demand remains consistent.

THE PEER REVIEW | 25 Q1 2024
Thinking of selling your home? Contact your local Gary Peer & Associates agent today for an appraisal.

Property Management update

As we step into the last quarter of the financial year, our clients are readying themselves for tax time. And we’re here to assist in every way we can.

Property records. Bank statements. Depreciation records. For many landlords, tax time can be messy. That’s why we do everything in our power to make sure it’s a breeze for you – making ourselves (and your records) available at any time.

Tax time also presents a golden opportunity to get bang for your buck by investing in some home improvements before 30 June – which you can then claim in this financial year. And many of our clients are making the most of it.

During this period, we also encourage owners to think about their properties’ depreciation schedules. And if you’d like some recommendations for companies who can facilitate this for you, we can connect you with the best in the business.

In other news, the rumours are true: there is a very limited stock situation going on right now. This makes our days on the market phenomenally low, ranging between 4 to 6 days – with no drops in rent.

As such, investors are beginning to wonder if they should re-enter the market. Especially seeing as the trend among tenants right now is to stay put – absorbing rent increases rather than heading back out into a competitive market. Frankly, it’s never been a better time to be an owner. So, if you can hold onto your property, chances are you’ll be rewarded.

In our own backyard, it’s been a great start to 2024. Our offices leased more than 1,300 properties in 2023, which is a very similar number to 2022. This means we’re maintaining the high standards we set for ourselves – and continuing to demonstrate the consistency our clients know (and love) us for.

As VCAT continues to clear out its backlog of cases, our team’s advocacy skills are only sharpening. With over 30 VCAT hearings in Q1 2024, we know how to represent and advocate for our clients – and achieve the best possible outcomes.

And as we continue to get through these historical cases, it also clears us up to focus on more of the issues that matter to you now.

So if you have any questions about your rental, please reach out. Remember, the time to maximise your return on investment is now – so don’t miss out on your property’s potential!

Looking for an experienced and engaged team to manage your investment? We treat your property like it’s our own.

Property Management Division 0418 350 414


0435 653 255

How has your property career evolved since you first started?

I’ve been in property management for 19 years, which is more than half my life.

My first role was in administration at an agency in Armadale. From there, I took on other Property Manager and Department Manager roles with large agencies before I moved to Gary Peer.

The industry – and, therefore, my career – have evolved massively over the years, largely due to technological advancements and legislative changes.

What do you love about working at Gary Peer?

I’ve been at Gary Peer for three years now, and I’ve loved every minute.

It’s a big agency with a boutique feel. Gary and Phillip have done a great job in cultivating a family atmosphere through the agency’s immense growth. There’s a real focus on making sure everyone feels seen and heard – and never as though they’re just a number.

What do you think helps you perform your current role?

Hospitality is in my DNA – my mum was a chef, and my brother and I used to run club nights together before he opened Secret Garden Bar in St Kilda (which I’m a Partner in). I also have a Diploma in Management and Business.

Each of these initiatives has one thing glaringly in common: customer service. That’s why I count it as one of my biggest strengths.

How would you describe your approach to property management?

For me, honesty is the best policy. If you’re not being your most authentic self or delivering on the services promised, your clients will see right through you. That’s why I take an upfront approach to everything I do.

Another big one for me is flexibility. I always remind my team that you need to tailor your approach to each client. Everyone has their own unique personality and circumstances, and we should embrace those differences.

Finally, you’re known to be quite the jetsetter. What are your favourite places to travel to?

Bali is truly my second home. I just love the culture, lifestyle and weather! America and Mexico are close behind.

But, after having just taken Chump and Cinnamon, our (dachshund) children, to Daylesford for their very first dog-cation, that area has a special place in my heart now, too.

THE PEER REVIEW | 27 Q1 2024

New Projects update

Ready to move in mid-2024

0412 713 121
Windsor Park: Discover tranquil parkside living in a neighbourhood like no other, where quality of life meets elegant residential design
Licensed Estate Agent

Looking at the first quarter of 2024, it’s clear that in New Projects, we’re dealing with matters of when – not if

In terms of enquiries, it’s been a particularly impressive start to the year. But the buyers aren’t pulling the trigger as quickly as we’d like. That said, we know they will, especially those from the first- and second-home buyer market.

With interest rates stabilising – and even perhaps dropping towards the end of the year – the first home buyers who held back through the second half of last year have come out and said, ‘the time is now’.

So calling all downsizers! We know you’re still floating around, and we’ve got several opportunities for you to look at in the next few months. Stay tuned!

Across the board, our projects are only growing.

Olive Green has started construction, which is particularly exciting because buyers have been keeping an eye on it for the past six months. And it’s not hard to see why. Olive Green is unveiling a new standard of living in the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant Caulfield South – with its integrated home offices, secure basement car park and generous private balconies. So, now that things are happening, buyers’ confidence (and incentive) to lock it in is right up there.

The same is true for Seymour & Blanche. Bringing their own architectural presence to the established Elsternwick locale, these beautiful homes emphasise shape, materiality, light, space – and wow

Meanwhile, our Windsor Park project is nearly complete, with the first of these finished park-front apartments almost ready for buyer viewing. Designed for expansive entertaining, these timeless yet distinctly modern homes are sure to impress.

Buyers are also looking very closely at our recently launched Caulfield North project. The perfect blend of

European modernist architecture and contemporary living, ‘Caulfield North’ is selling fast, with a number of penthouses already gone!

Burton Place and Casa Elwood are also well under construction now. As a result, we’re witnessing skyrocketing enquiries for them both. A quick tip from us: if you like the idea of Bayside luxury living at its finest, keep an eye on Casa Elwood in particular. We’ll be launching Stage 2 in the next couple of months.

So bring on the year’s second quarter! With the momentum we’ve built from Q1, we’re marching full-steam ahead into mid-year.

We’re dedicated to helping you enjoy the highest standards of living – in bold, brand-new, luxurious residences.
To find out what’s available and what’s coming up, head to the Gary Peer Projects tab on our website.
THE PEER REVIEW | 29 Q1 2024
SEYMOUR & BLANCHE Elsternwick Construction commenced OLIVE GREEN Caulfield South EASTON PLACE Bentleigh East Construction commenced Ready to move in

Asian market update

Melbourne’s Asian property market is growing.

And with the Year of the Dragon already seeing more activity, development – and celebration –it’s certainly not slowing down.

We sat down with Yan Dosen, Dizzy Wang and Gary Peer to hear all about the professional (and party) highlights from January, February and March. And for a sneak peek into the next few months!

How has the start of the year been?

DIZZY: We’ve had a great start to 2024. Buyers are more than 90% more active now than they were 12 months ago –which is a fantastic sign. Especially because we also have 60% more listings now than the same time last year!


YAN: But we’d love those buyer numbers to keep increasing – because our stock levels are still comfortably outnumbering the buyers.

GARY: We had an exciting start to the year internally as well, as we welcomed Jerry and Leo to our incredible team of Asian agents.

What factors are drawing Asian buyers to properties right now?

YAN: The brick-facade, double-storey homes in good school zones remain comfortably at the top of the hot properties list.

DIZZY: But if it’s a good property, it’s easy to sell. That’s particularly the case with apartments, which are all performing much better now than they did last year. This is essentially due to the interest rate stabilising and firsthome buyers striking while the iron is hot.

Bigger, newer and modern properties are also popular right now. A recent property attracted nine bidders – seven of whom were from China. In the end, it sold for over $4 million.

GARY: The strong presence of Asian buyers is particularly evident in our prestige sales. Especially through Ormond, McKinnon, Bentleigh, Caulfield South and Caulfield North – because they’re safe, family-oriented areas with reputable schools.

What are your predictions for the coming months?

DIZZY: The coming months will depend entirely on the interest rates. If they go down, the market will only get hotter. Especially with the increased number of investment properties on the market now from vendors who couldn’t hold them any longer.

YAN: Agreed, the market will most likely go up when the interest rate cut happens. But winter is always a little quieter than summer and spring, so it will be an interesting few months.

GARY: And with talk of more Asian buyers moving to Melbourne, the existing clientele may move with greater urgency to secure their listings before the competition intensifies.

Finally, you celebrated the Chinese New Year on 8 February with our beautiful Gary Peer community. How was it?

YAN: It was a wonderful celebration. Around 100 people from our community came to our Balaclava office and enjoyed food, drinks and wonderful cultural performances. Events like these foster a sense of community while also providing an opportunity for people to learn about different cultures. For example, when a young boy stepped up to perform a piece on his cello, every single audience member was visibly inspired!

DIZZY : I cannot wait for it to become an annual event. It was such a special occasion for the Gary Peer team – and the community at large.

With our buyers and sellers, past and present, along with our staff and other members of the community, we welcomed in the Year of the Dragon as we should. With food, friends – and fun!

Thinking of selling your home? Get in touch with your local Mandarin-speaking Gary Peer & Associates agent today for an appraisal.



墨尔本房地产的亚洲市场正处于增长 态势。

春节过后,市场和开发项目已经渐趋 活跃。在龙年的节日氛围里,俨然呈 现出回暖态势。

我们与Yan Dosen、Dizzy Wang和

Gary Peer一起坐下畅谈从一月至三 月间,三位在其专业领域(还有节日 聚会)捕捉到的一些精彩瞬间,并对 未来几个月作出短期预测。


DIZZY :未来几个月的走势将完全取决于利率。如果利率下降,市场 热度会进一步提升。特别是考虑到目前很多投资房产业主因较难继 续持有,会考虑将手中物业投入市场。

YAN :确实是这样,如果降息,市场很可能会上涨。但相比春夏季, 冬季一般属于淡季,房源数量会有所下降, 但是买家看房的人数也 会有所减少。

GARY:而且,随着越来越多的亚洲买家移居墨尔本,现有客户群可 能会更急于在市场过热之前拿下心仪的房源。

最后,几位在2月8日与我们的 Gary Peer 大家庭共同庆祝了中国新 年。感觉如何?


DIZZY :2024年开局不错。目前的买家活跃度相比去年提升了很多, 新上市的房源也比去年同期多了不少。

YAN :年初的市场我们看到挂牌数量明显增加,市场在较高交易量的 情况下表现的还是比较出色的, 清盘率有较大的提高, 我们还观察 到一些中高端的房产需求强劲!另外就是首次购房者对进入市场比 较有信心,但是房产投资者目前大多数还处于观望阶段!

GARY :我们公司内部今年也有不错的开局,Jerry和Leo新加入到了 我们的亚洲房产经纪人团队。


YAN :位于好学区的现代两层的砖房住宅仍然稳居热门房产榜首。

DIZZY :好房产不愁销路。公寓的情况尤其如此,目前的销售情况都 大幅好于去年。这主要得益于利率趋稳的大背景,首次置业者希望 抓住市场机遇。


GARY :高端房产参与竞价的亚洲买家尤其多。特别是

Ormond、McKinnon、Bentleigh、Caulfield South和Caulfield North 这几个地区,环境安全、适合家庭居住,而且属于优质学区。

YAN :新年庆祝活动很精彩。当天大约有100人来到了我们的 Balaclava分公司,一边享用美食和美酒,一边欣赏精彩的文化演 出。

这类活动在培养社群意识的同时,也为大家提供了了解不同文化的 机会。比如说,当天有个小男孩主动上台用大提琴演奏了一曲,令 在场的每一位观众都深受感动。

DIZZY :我非常希望这种活动能够每年举办一次。活动对 Gary Peer 团队和整个大家庭来说都有着特别的意义。

我们与既往客户、公司员工和其他社群成员一起,以最好的方式迎 接了龙年的到来。还有美食、好友相聚,乐趣多多!


Gary Peer & Associates


GARY PEER Co-founder, Director 0414 532 778 PHILLIP KINGSTON Co-founder, Director 0414 353 547 YAN DOSEN Licensed Estate Agent 0452 661 029 DIZZY WANG Sales Consultant 0459 999 896 KEVIN HUANG Sales Consultant 0413 712 880 LEO YU Sales Consultant 0422 325 783 YAN : GARY: DIZZY : : DIZZY : YAN : DIZZY : GARY : YAN : DIZZY : GARY :

The Gary Peer Kickstart Day 2024


The beginning of each year brings with it many things. Excitement. Hope. A clean slate. And, for the Gary Peer team, a trip to Albert Park’s Carousel.

The Gary Peer Kickstart Day has been an annual staple for longer than Co-founder and Director, Phillip Kingston, can remember. But its purpose remains front of mind: to bring everyone together for a day of eating, learning and being inspired.

And the 2024 instalment lived up to this promise in every way. In fact, Phillip says it was the best yet. We sat down with him to find out why.

But first: Why a Kickstart Day at all?

For Phillip Kingston, Kickstart Day is about togetherness – and inspiration.

‘We love bringing the entire team together and try to do it as often as possible,’ Phillip explains. ‘Kickstart Day gives us the opportunity to spend time together as a team – but it also sets the tone for the year after the holidays.’

Kickstart Day is now part of the furniture here at Gary Peer. And while the day itself hasn’t always been around, the idea behind it certainly has.

‘After a couple years, we realised our approach as a business was fundamentally about involving our team in every step of the journey,’ says Phillip. ‘This led us to build Kickstart Days – because why wouldn’t we create an opportunity for our team to get together, learn and be inspired?’

‘But let me tell you, it took us many years before we could afford to host it at Carousel!’


and round:

The circular loop of our business – and Carousel

If you asked Phillip, there’s no better venue for whole team events than Carousel.

‘It’s one of those feel-good places,’ he says. ‘The minute you arrive, you feel somewhere between Palm Springs, Miami and the Melbourne city skyline.

‘It just brings a smile to everyone’s face.’

For more reasons than one.

‘We hold our event at Carousel because it’s a great venue,’ Phillip shares. ‘But also because we know the owner – in fact, we sold his house!’

This circular loop is written into the very DNA of our business. When our clients support us, we support them

‘We always try to reciprocate,’ Phillip explains.

‘If you’re a lawyer and we’ve sold your house, we refer business to you. If you’re a doctor and we’ve sold your house, we refer business to you. If you happen to own a function centre and we’ve sold your house, then we’re going to try and hold functions there!’

Kicking off Kickstart: For new friends

Of course, we needed a kickstart of the caffeine variety before we could really begin. So we kicked off Kickstart with our Gary Peer coffee vans.

And after a brief welcome from Phillip, it was time to introduce our first speaker.

‘We started with the inspiring Mark Wizel,’ Phillip says. ‘A commercial real estate icon, Mark is known throughout Australia for being energetic, a deal doer and a business builder.’


And, closer to home, he’s known for being a dear friend, mentor and mentee of Phillip and Gary’s.

‘When I was 15 years old, I watched this auction – and I fell in love on the spot,’ Mark explained in his speech. ‘I went home and told Mum, I want to be a real estate agent.’

Who was the auctioneer? Well, of course, it was Phillip.

Mark’s main piece of advice before morning tea was simple, yet essential: ‘Always remember your team’s value. Because if you’re fortunate enough to be in a team that genuinely cares about you, you’re already ahead of threequarters of the world.’

Learning to grow: Having wise words for lunch

Mark’s speech – and the delicious morning tea – were tough acts to follow. But our next speakers certainly stepped up to the plate. Starting with former AFL player, coach, commentator and journalist Nathan Buckley.

‘It’s obvious Nathan is a football superstar,’ Phillip states. ‘But we’re always more interested in people’s human stories rather than their showbiz stories.’

And Nathan’s story was as moving as they come.

‘He spoke about his life journey, his growth and what he learned about building a team,’ Phillip continues. ‘Only 50% of the people in the room probably even followed footy – but 100% of them were inspired.’


After an incredible lunch, it was time for our next speaker –Clinical Psychologist Chelsea Pottenger.

‘Chelsea walked the team through building resilience, facing adversity and how to manage life’s stressors,’ Phillip says. ‘She shared universal, integral lessons – and was beautifully received by everyone.’

‘None of us will forget her talk for a long time.’

Finishing with a bang: Q and A-ndy

Closing out the day on the same high we started with; our last guest speaker was none other than Andy Lee.

‘When you listen to or watch Andy, he has the most remarkable ability to make you feel like he’s your oldest friend,’ Phillip says. ‘And it was extraordinary to sit beside him and feel that energy.’

Everyone in the room felt it too, with Andy’s segment being more of a Q&A – a conversation – than a speech.

‘He talked about his life, shared some funny stories, and riffed with Gary and me,’ Phillip remembers. ‘It went so well that I’m sure he’s considering making the Phil and Gary Hour with Andy Lee a regular thing!’

Just waiting for your call, Andy!

Finally, our day ended with a heartfelt thank you from Gary – and a big round of applause from the team. All of whom are now more than ready to get down to work this year.

A great start to a big month: Prepping for a big year

What did our team have to say about Kickstart Day, you ask? Well, it seems they’re all saying the same thing.

‘Everyone just kept talking about how joyous the day was,’ Phillip says, a smile on his face. ‘And when you think about life in general, when people feel joyous, that beats any key learning.’

And in February, the joy didn’t stop there.

‘We backed up Kickstart Day with our Family Day, then we backed up Family Day with our Golf Day,’ Phillip laughs. ‘February is a big month for us in terms of looking after our team, their families and our clients.

‘So yes, we hit the ground running in February, making sure to check in with the people who matter most,’ Phillip states.

‘But the effort, care and friendship that all these events are born out of? At Gary Peer, they last all year round.’

Want to be part of our next Kickstart Day?

Come join the team!



Meet Bentleigh’s Leon Gouzenfiter

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut? Archaeologist? Racing car driver?

Well, perched by the window of his 11th-floor apartment in central Minsk, a young Leon Gouzenfiter would spend his time orchestrating imaginary flights. He hoped to become a pilot.

Fast forward to today, Leon has traded the pilot’s seat for the Director’s chair in Gary Peer’s bustling Bentleigh office.

Life, it seems, has unfolded very differently from what he once dreamed. But as we settle in for a chat over a coffee, it’s clear to see that – in this case – ‘different’ is even better.

The view from the top: Life in Minsk

For the first six and a half years of his life, Leon and his family lived in Minsk, Belarus.

‘I do have memories of Minsk,’ he shares. ‘I remember exactly what our apartment looked like. I remember going to school. And I remember my grandparents’ homes.’

Despite the many fond memories, life in Minsk wasn’t easy for Leon and his family.

‘My mum, dad, brother and I lived in the equivalent of a five-square-metre, two-bedroom apartment. Finding an apartment to rent was a feat in itself, it can take years for one to become available.’

And their neighbourhood? One commission apartment block after another – all of them just like theirs.

So, after many years of much the same, Leon’s parents decided it was time for a change.

The land down under: Becoming Aussie

Hello. Goodbye. Toilet. Thank you.

Evidently, these are the only words you really need to get through the last three weeks of Australian schooling in Grade 1, 1990. And, conveniently, as Leon touched down on Australian soil and headed to school the next week, they were the only words he knew.

‘I don’t recall the move to Australia being difficult for us kids,’ Leon explains. ‘We just got on with it because we were so grateful to be here.’

And that gratitude trickled down from Leon’s parents.

‘My parents weren’t the kind of migrants to come to Australia and still talk about all the good things back home,’ he shares. ‘It was quite the opposite, actually! They were practically kissing the ground on the tarmac when we landed.

‘From then, we grew up as Australians with a Russian background – not as Russians in Australia.’

But that said, the transition wasn’t exactly easy for Leon’s parents.

‘My parents’ previous work experience and education weren’t recognised here,’ Leon says. ‘So they did whatever jobs they could while they got their English to a decent level – and ended up being professionals in their fields here in Australia.

‘Within eight years, they’d bought their first property in Caulfield North. And they still live there now.’

Banking on finance: From the lecture hall to the workplace

After a great high school career – spanning from St Kilda East’s Yeshivah College in Year 7 to Glen Eira College from Years 8 to 10 and finishing at Caulfield Grammar –Leon went on to study banking and finance at university. Snapping up a job at Commonwealth Bank at just 19.

So, why banking?


‘It was what I was most interested in when I had to pick a course at age 17,’ Leon says with a laugh. ‘I wasn’t a medicine guy, I wasn’t into arts and crafts, I didn’t want to get into law, so I thought, why not banking?’

And given that Leon worked his way up to a managerial role in the internal insurance department by the time he was just 21 – why not, indeed?

But he didn’t feel that spark. And he said as much to his cousin and her husband – both developers – when they caught up for a coffee one day.

‘What about becoming a developer?’ Leon’s cousin replied.

From the ground up: Developing a new career

In typical Leon fashion, he became a site manager in less than a year.

‘We built a block of flats, and looking back, it was so great for my current understanding of building and development,’ Leon shares.

So when people came onsite to ask about buying the apartments, Leon unlocked a new skill.

‘I was an unofficial, unqualified real estate agent, trying to negotiate prices for the different apartments,’ Leon shares. ‘And I thought, this isn’t so bad

‘I could have returned to banking or development if I wanted, but something about real estate was drawing me in,’ Leon remembers. ‘So I dove in the deep end – and I swam.’

Fast forward to November 2009, after spending time at another real estate agency in Bentleigh and Elsternwick, our very own Jeremy Rosens calls him to ‘talk about a property’ over coffee.

Only when Leon showed up, that wasn’t quite the case. really here about a property,’ Jeremy confessed. ‘I’m actually looking for a sales assistant, have you ever thought about a career at Gary Peer?’

But at this point, Leon was already his own agent and had no interest in assistant work.

‘In that case, why not give Gary and Phillip a call?’ Jeremy replied.

Lights, camera, action: Directing a new beginning

Leon joined Gary Peer & Associates in February 2010 as a Sales Consultant and immediately, he knew it was the agency for him.

‘There was so much success in the office already, and as competitive as I am, I knew I had to be a part of it,’ Leon remembers.

‘And what’s more, I genuinely like everyone I work with,’ he says with a smile. And it’s safe to say, the agency likes him back. In the past decade, it’s impossible to find a year where Leon wasn’t recognised for his many industry accomplishments. He was named in REB Online’s Victorian Top 50 Agents list, its Top 100 Agents in Australia list and has even won REIV’s Residential Salesperson of the Year – but it’s his consistency that Leon hangs his career on.


‘No one wakes up one day being able to run super fast,’ Leon explains. ‘That happens as a result of training and discipline – and it’s the same with real estate.’

Co-founders Gary and Phillip agree. So when they needed a Director for their new office in Bentleigh, they knew there was only one man for the job.

‘February 2024 will mark six years of being our Bentleigh office’s Director,’ shares Leon. ‘I’ve loved every minute of it, and I love the team. That’s another thing I’m most proud of – my staff retention. I love being able to watch them grow in both confidence and skill during their time here.

‘In fact, if the only thing I do is continue to improve my team’s skills and love for the business – leading to better incomes and lives for them as a result – I’ll be a happy man.’

Family, friends and football:

Leon’s other loves

Recently, Leon was walking along the water in Smith’s Beach, Phillip Island, with his wife, Jess, and three kids, Abigail, Zara and Blake.

‘It’s so sad our holidays are almost over, Daddy!’ said Abigail. ‘Well, we’ll just have to go for another one soon,’ smiled Leon. And they did. Two weeks later.

‘I’m a big softy with my family,’ he admits. ‘I love spending time with them, especially while the kids are at such a special age. I love seeing all three of them grow up and develop their own personalities. They’re all so different!’

And he’s the same way with his friends, always looking for reasons to bring the group together. Especially if sports are involved.

‘I play basketball and cricket, but I’m a big footy fan,’ he says. ‘I love the Essendon Bombers, it’s one of my and my family’s biggest passions. And one day, I’d love to get on the club’s board.’

But there’s something else he hopes for ‘one day’.

‘I hope for what some people might call boring,’ Leon admits. ‘I want to watch my family learn and grow, I want to continue leading an amazing team at Gary Peer Bentleigh, and I want all my loved ones to remain happy and safe.

‘That sounds like a great life to me!’

Did Leon’s journey from Belarus to Bentleigh strike a chord in you?

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10 ways a property manager will change your life (for the better)


You work full time. You’re raising a family. You want to see more of your friends. And you’ve deemed this the year you run that infamous marathon.

But you’re also knee-deep in paperwork for your investment property, receiving one too many calls from your renters about one problem or another. (This week? A leaky tap. Last week? A ‘funny’ smell.)

Sounds like something’s gotta give.

Read on to find out why hiring a property manager will improve your life – in oh-so-many ways! Special thanks to our very own Anthony Lee for his insights and expertise.

1. You’ll have more time for you

Ever thought about all the things you might do if you weren’t spending hours upon hours managing renter communication, maintenance requests and rent collection?

Spoiler alert: A lot.

And don’t let that voice in your head tell you otherwise. You know, the one saying you’ll save time and money by not engaging an agent. It’s lying.

‘Clients who tried managing their own property at first are now returning to agencies due to the complexities of compliance,’ Branch Manager in our Property Management Division Anthony Lee says.

‘In many cases, going it alone costs more time, money and worry, especially when things go wrong. Trust me, you don’t want to be manoeuvring your own way through VCAT and dispute resolutions!’

2. You’ll find the best renters, and quicker

As good a judge of character as you may be, conducting background checks and verifying rental histories is harder than it sounds.

‘The Privacy Act has seen many changes to what and how much information you can ask for – and legally not ask for,’ Anthony shares. ‘As a result, verifying references is more cumbersome – unless you have a written agreement with your renter.’

And yes, that sounds easy enough to organise. But then what? Do you know the subtle red flags to look out for?

The sure signs of a top-tier renter?

Property managers have expertise in exactly that – reducing your risk of problematic renters and late payments.

Anthony Lee
The constant updates and changes to legislation affecting real estate, like the Residential Tenancies Act and the Privacy Act, are quite a burden – even for those dealing with it daily!

3. You won’t need to worry about legal compliance

You won’t need to worry – because your property manager will look after it for you.

‘The constant updates and changes to legislation affecting real estate, like the Residential Tenancies Act and the Privacy Act, are quite a burden – even for those dealing with it daily!’ Anthony admits.

But the good news is that property managers are wellversed in this ever-changing roadmap of legal compliance. It’s their job to ensure you’re keeping up with all the twists and turns and avoiding the legal potholes and roadblocks along the way.

What does that mean for your property?

A clean slate – across local, state and federal regulations.

4. You won’t have to deal with maintenance requests

Blocked drains, faulty smoke detectors, loose tiles. Really, who has the time – and the connections?

Well, property managers do, as it turns out!

‘Reputable and reliable tradespeople are hard to find,’ Anthony says. ‘But with a property manager, you’ll have access to qualified and insured tradespeople who you can trust. Even if your preferred provider is busy.’

As a bonus? Your property manager could even save you money through any bulk service agreements they may have in place.

5. You’ll have a streamlined rent collection process

Professional property managers have the rent collection process down to a fine art, enforcing lease terms and handling any late or missing payments with ease. Which means you can maintain a steady and consistent income flow.

And yes, maybe you could get a reliable renter who will pay their rent on time, all without the help of a property manager.

But what happens when that goes wrong?

‘It’s always okay when the rent is on time,’ Anthony explains. ‘But what if it’s not? Do you have the skills to review unpaid debts and overdue payments with a fine-tooth comb? Can you navigate your own way around VCAT records and requirements? Do you know how to lodge compliant documents?’

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, you need a property manager.

6. You’ll have someone else to handle the emergencies

From a burst pipe to a malfunctioning oven, emergency situations are just that: emergencies. So they need to be dealt with. Pronto.

If only there was someone who was available seven days a week to handle these issues…

Oh wait!

‘Property managers have access to tradespeople during peak times when response time is vital,’ Anthony shares.

‘Because we know the ramifications if these issues aren’t dealt with within an appropriate timeframe can be serious. Especially if it’s to do with safety or essential services.’

And that means minimum damage to your property – and maximum renter satisfaction.


7. You’ll have access to the latest market expertise

There’s a lot more to property management than meets the eye.

‘Market conditions are constantly changing, so it’s important to be on top of the latest conditions, values and fluctuations – and to ensure your Disclosure Statement is correct,’ Anthony says.

Property managers have a deep understanding of the local real estate market. They can provide valuable insights on setting competitive rental rates for your property, maximising your return on investment as a result.

8. You can stay out of conflict

Rather keep the drama in your life to the type you watch on TV? We get it.

But the reality is that dealing with renter disputes is par for the course in property management. And believe us, it’s stress-inducing for all parties.

‘Most renters feel very uncomfortable approaching you, let alone negotiating directly with you,’ says Anthony.

So, to make the process easy for everyone, it’s best to have an objective third party – one with diplomacy and relevant knowledge – to address and resolve any issues.

9. You won’t have to handle evictions

When eviction becomes necessary, it’s a sad situation for everyone. Which is, again, why an experienced property manager will make it as painless as possible.

‘You need to deal with the police through the eviction procedure, get in touch with the locksmith, and then follow protocol if goods have been left behind,’ Anthony shares. ‘It’s a big job.’

But with a property manager by your side, you will be well placed to meet your legal requirements, reduce your mental load and minimise the potential for complications.

10. You won’t have to be a pseudo-accountant

With a property manager, you can say goodbye to the calculator and the memories of high school math class you’ve been forced to hang onto.

That’s because property managers handle all those financial aspects for you. And yes, that includes budgeting, expense tracking and financial reports.

‘We put together accurate records of all your income and expenditure, both monthly and at the end of the financial year, to save time and money at tax time,’ Anthony explains.

This way, you can stay organised and make informed decisions about your property investment.

Has your property manager changed your life – for the better?

Tell us about it!


What’s been happening at Gary Peer?

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon

On Friday 8 February, approximately 100 of our Chinese vendors, clients, staff and friends got together to celebrate the Chinese New Year at our hospitality centre on Balaclava Road.

We enjoyed cultural dance and music performances – including a beautiful cello piece from one of our client’s sons – as well as delicious food and drinks. There was a real feeling of joy and excitement in the air for the year that’s said to bring prosperity and good fortune.

The Gary Peer Chinese New Year celebration was such a success, it’s set to become annual. We already can’t wait for next year!

Come one seller, come all!

Our Seller Information Evenings have become a staple offering here at Gary Peer, where we gather all our sellers – past and present – to catch up and discuss the sales process.

And on Tuesday 27 February, we held our biggest one yet, with over 100 people! With delicious food and drinks keeping a smile on our dials all night long, we shared all the latest news on the property market – and our top tips for before, during and after your auction campaign.


Gary Peer’s family-first philosophy

On Sunday 11 February, over 150 Gary Peer team members and their families headed to Greenfields at Albert Park Lake for our annual

A calendar highlight for us all, Family Day is the perfect way to introduce our work families to our immediate families!

And this year’s event delivered in spades! With a magician, live music, Mr Whippy ice cream and face painting, how could it not have?

Ready to see your career soar?

Come join us!

Browse our open positions (or express your interest) at

Recognising the wonderful women we work with

At Gary Peer, we know our agency wouldn’t have nearly the same success without our women. So this year, on International Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate them accordingly.

That’s why we held a morning tea at our hospitality centre on Balaclava Road with some very special guests.

Director of Retail at Belle Property Commercial South Melbourne, Tamara Gross, and our very own Director, Sally Zelman, spoke about their careers as women in real estate – and offered advice for the women among us who want to replicate their success.


Our people

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