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top shelf Victoria designer JC Scott believes slow food principles are a natural for interior design.

Rebecca Wellman

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by Sylvia Weinstock

Interior designer and hospitality planner JC Scott has amassed an impressive body of work, including 23 notable restaurants and pubs in Victoria and Vancouver, as well as high-end residences, resorts and stores. Scott is the visionary behind The Teahouse in Stanley Park, Victoria’s Marina Restaurant, The Oyster Bar in Pescatore’s, The London Chef and Swan’s Hotel, as well as many distinctively beautiful Victoria buildings and homes. In his spacious, green workspace/gallery/home in Fan Tan Alley, Scott has been immersed in applying 100-Mile Diet principles to sustainable interior design. The fruits of his aesthetic imagination can be seen at his eco Design Gallery in Chinatown and at HeartH eco Design Gallery, Sidney, where furniture with a Zen sensibility, built by local artisans from locally sourced materials, is displayed. “My concept of 100-Mile Design is partly a tribute to the locavore movement and the 100-Mile Diet,” says the long-time environmentalist. “I believe the same principles can be applied to design, by supporting local artisans, materials and suppliers and lowering the carbon footprint. Pursuing those goals in the food we eat and our surroundings also supports the local economy. I’d like to see people take full responsibility for what they eat and the environments in which they do it.” Scott believes slow food movement fundamentals—terrain, product, place and social activity—can be employed in interior design. “It comes down to repurposing a sense of community around food,” says Scott, who has put considerable effort into trying to get a permanent year-round public market established in Victoria. Scott’s ultimate fantasy design project is a restaurant that marries 100-Mile Design principles with 100-Mile Diet principles in all aspects, from ingredients served to building materials. “That would include wood harvested on Vancouver Island and stone quarried on the island where streams aren’t being polluted. I’d love to find a client committed to having a locally sourced menu in a locally sourced environment.” “I envision a restaurant as local and West Coast as possible, a bouillabaisse of authentic Vancouver Island cuisine and Vancouver Island design aesthetic. Let’s go further,” Scott says, “and merge our regional cuisine with regional design.” Contact JC Scott at eco Design Gallery, 17½ Fan Tan Alley (2nd floor), by calling 250-385-9545 or at HeartH eco Design Gallery is located at 2348 Beacon Ave., Sidney.



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