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I N T E R I O R S By Lorna Sixsmith Multi-Purpose Rooms

If they are away at college or indeed in most homes, a student’s bedroom will double up as their study. However, this can lead to distractions, particularly if there is a television in the room. Locate the chair at the study desk so it faces away from distractions such as the television. A student’s bedroom is often used for at least three purposes: studying, sleeping and socialising. Using a moveable screen will ensure that they can enjoy watching television or surfing on their phone without staring at the work waiting for them on the desk. Similarly, it can also hide the television when they are studying and keep temptation at bay.


A study desk and comfortable chair are essential for studying. The desk should have ample room for a laptop/PC and a couple of book as well as a good lamp. Shelves above the desk will keep books at an easy reach and help to keep them tidy. Alternatively a bookcase is a necessity. A bean bag is a handy seat in a bedroom/ study too as sometimes it can be nice to curl up on a large cushion or beanbag with the book you are reading.


A comfortable chair or large beanbag will create the perfect chill-out zone in a bedroom. Bookshelves are essential for storing those tomes as well as some attractive accessories.

Good lighting is essential for task work. Positioning the desk near the window will maximise the amount of natural light entering the room which also acts to invigorate. All they need is a good directional lamp positioned at the desk to prevent eye strain and ensure that they can stay focused, an anglepoise is ideal and would be very stylish too.

Creating student spaces With September comes ‘back to school or college’ and for many pupils and students, that means preparation and studying for exams. How do you create an environment in your home that is conducive to them studying without distractions and without excuses? 28

In a girls bedroom, a pretty desk will almost appear like a dressing table and will ensure the room still feels like a bedroom.

INTERIORS Using wall panels to create a ‘zone’ will delineate the ‘study space’ in the room from the other areas.

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If they are away at college, their room is likely to be painted cream or magnolia. If at home, pale blues and greens are nice calm colours that will stimulate learning and they can be enlivened with some orange accessories. Colourful bedlinen and cushions will inject some personality into a magnolia painted rented room. A framed colourful print such as the B@1 print will keep them grounded and calm in the run up to exams too - giving them an important reminder to stay at one with themselves and all will be well. Don’t forget nice stationary too - colourful pen holders and folders will help them to take pride in keeping their desk tidy and orderly.

friends and family and get it framed so they can bring it with them. Students seem to consume a lot of biscuits too so a nice large biscuit tin can come in handy - just in case they last long enough to go stale! Students use their rooms to socialise in too so it needs to be planned well for it to work effective as a multi-purpose room. Students need a room that is conducive to studying in order to encourage them to get down to it. By getting organised now, it means that you are setting up the right environment for relaxed and purposeful studying.

Other Accessories

If students are moving away from home, they may not like to admit it but a few homely touches with go down well. Have some fun creating a photo collage of

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Tips on furnishing and decorating a bedroom for students.

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