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The next green revolution in fashion starts from chemistry. At Kingpins Amsterdam, Garmon presents its innovative approach: “GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals”.

Thanks to its eco-sustainable advancements, Garmon Chemicals, the Italian leading chemical supplier for the apparel world, has been the main player at two successful events informing the future of the denim industry.

15/17 April, Amsterdam - A big hit for Garmon Chemicals during Kingpins in Amsterdam, where it was on stage for two major appointments that had a more sustainable future for our Planet at their very heart.

Garmon, leading the Green of Change revolution. Sustainability will be the single biggest issue to affect business over the next 5-10 years. There is an undeniable collective mind-set among European and US consumers that can be called “Future eco” and that sees the fast rise of ecological living as a trend. Nowadays, consumers are giving their preference to socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly companies. Fashion brands and laundries can indeed no longer just promise future change: an answer must be given now. Through the introduction of the GreenScreen ® for Safer Chemical certification to the apparel industry, Garmon Chemicals changes the paradigm in fashion. Garmon Chemicals is the leading chemical supplier for the apparel world that provides worldwide fashion players with advanced solutions to give wearers exactly what they ask for: beautiful fashion that is safe for them and for the planet. In fact, while in previous years sustainability was often associated with a “shaggy organic” look, now chemical innovation ensures appealing aesthetics that are highly responsible.

Garmon is the only company contractually granted a 2-year license on the GreenScreen® trademark in apparel, a worldwide publicly available and transparent chemical hazard screening method developed by the NGO “Clean Production Action” (CPA), recommended by ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) Joint Map (2014) as the best tool to assess the safety of chemicals.

Garmon at Kingpins: the seminar ‘Be a part of the solution’ Orta and Garmon have joined forces to achieve a very ambitious goal: being the first ones in the industry to apply the GreenScreen ® methodology to denim fabrics. An important shift, not only for the denim industry but also for the entire apparel world; a boost for change that is even more revolutionary since it’s introduced by a chemical supplier, highlighting the one-of-a-kind value that a premium chemical lab can add to the creative process itself.

The conference “Kingpins 2029 - The Transformers”. Denim, Jeans and Water. The discussion has involved members of the denim community that are committed to creating, implementing and sharing the changes which need to happen in the jeans industry to make it more environmentally viable and socially responsible. Garmon presented its expertise in the presence of some of the most important companies of the sector, both brands and players of the supply chain. Garmon Chemicals was one of the key actors of the event thanks to its technologies that allow brands to access the market through a cool with a conscience approach. ‘’Vision was the true rhythm behind GreenScreen®. Now, the only way forward is to get everybody involved’’, says Alberto De Conti, Garmon Chemicals Marketing. For information, please contact:; +39 0543 798463 / +39 347 563 1654

Garmon Chemicals innovation at Kingpins Amsterdam  

The next green revolution in fashion starts from chemistry. At Kingpins Amsterdam, Garmon Chemicals presents its innovative approach: "Green...

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