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Garden Centre EV Charging


Ge e t ready for new w packaging re e gulations

Plant Hope at Perrywood

EPR is coming

Encouraging customers to make the switch to peat free gardening Comment from RHS, Millbrook, Buckingham, The Gardens Group, Hillier, Cherry Lane, Pughs, Alton’s, Groves, St Peters, Monkton Elm, Lakeside Plant Centre, Planters, Notcutts, Green Pastures, Summerseat & Bradley Fold Garden Centres.

Give back to nature what nature gave to us!


EasyMix 2-in-1 Composter With the new EasyMix 2-in-1, a tumbling composter with unique features, gardeners can recycle their food and garden waste efficiently. Boasting quick composting times and an innovative ‘Click & Spray’ feature, a high-nutrient compost liquid is collec ted under the drum,, then the user ca an simply click and connect it to a hose to easily fertilise their garden!






*On average across the range; as the % is dependent on the diameter of the hose

Recycled Materials We are committed to in ncreasing the sustainability of our products, packaging and manufacturing processes as well as helping gardeners to enjoy their garden in a more sustainable wa ay with our innovative product solutions. One of our key initiatives starting in 2022 iss that our knitted hose range, which in ncludes Ultimate, Ultramax and Utraflex, will be made from 40% recycled PVC*. The update will remove 535 tonnes of viirgiin PVC matteriiall from the range. Find out more about Hozelock’s sustainable initiatives at

New Spray Gun Design Our best-selling spray guns have an all-new design, bringing more comfort to garden watering and making it even easier to save water. The smooth flow control allows you to reduce water usage by up to 50%. Plus, by adjusting between a high power jet for cleaning, or gentle watering for flowers, you can choose exactly the right amount of water for every task whilst protecting your more delicate plants.


Sustainable garden retailing gets serious


elcome to the third edition of GTN’s Sustainability Directory. Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds in garden centre retailing right now as buyers look for more and more products with a sustainable back story and customers are expecting garden centres to be helping them with their planet friendly gardening and outdoor lifestyle. And the sustainability challenges are starting to get really serious. The government have re-stated their intent to ban the sale of peat based growing media in garden centres by 2024 and next along the line is Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR), a scheme to eventually fund improved kerbside recycling across the country that will be funded by producers, and that includes growers, paying a fee based on their use of packaging. In this issue we have been able to include

feedback from many garden centres as to how they are managing the switch to peat free growing media and an introduction to the challenges of EPR for the garden market. We hope they, along with all the other great sustainability initiatives and products included help you with your quest to keep garden centres at the forefront of sustainable retailing. Congratulations, and much media coverage, go to Dobbies who were awarded the RHS Chelsea Sustainable Product of the Year at the Chelsea Flower this week. Dobbies’s John Innes 1, 2 & 3 composts were unanimous winners as they are considered to have the lowest impact on the environment, having been rated ‘A’ under the Responsible Sourcing Scheme for growing media. Head judge Deborah Meaden said “the scalability of Dobbies peat free growing media offering was also a key factor. It’s unusual for a bag of compost to win an award but this range was a clear winner.”

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Encouraging customers to make the switch to peat free gardening – part 1 Taking Charge – Garden Centre EV Charging LOFA members Improving green credentials Get ready for new EPR regulations Green commitment at Highfield Garden World Small steps, big difference at The Gardens Group Plant Hope at Perrywood New Sustainable Products Encouraging customers to make the switch to peat free gardening – part 2 Sustainability Directory 2022

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GTN’s Sustainab bility Directory 2022 3

Peat-free gardening

Aylett Nurseries Peat-ometer on its point of sale for Westland Multi-Purpose Compost with added John Innes is a simple device to help customers make buying decisions.

Encouraging customers to make the switch While we wait for the results of the DEFRA consulation on peat, the industry is gearing up for the expected ban on retail sales of peat products. That means we must make sure our increasing numbers of gardening customers are able to cope with peat free growing and get levels of success that encourage them to carry on gardening over the coming years.


s growing media sales continue to increase, latest GTN Bestsellers data shows volume sales up by 2.3% on 2021 and a whopping 24.3% up on the prepandemic levels of 2019, we asked a range of garden centres how peat free growing media sales were performing for them, which gardeners were choosing to buy peat free and which questions were they being asked about peat free gardening. We also asked if they would be looking for more products with a sustainable story when they attend the trade shows this summer. The photos with this article come from Aylett Nurseries, which in our opinion, has been leading the way in growing media point of sale material with its Peat-o-meter so customers can make a clear choice about which growing media to buy. Thanks to Ayletts and all the other garden centres who have helped with

4 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022

content for this article. We hope it provides useful information for your peat free gardening retail journey and if you have something you’d like to add, please e-mail trevor@pottingshedpress. and we’ll include that in future issues of GTN and the GTN Sustainability Directory. We start with feedback from Duncan McClean, Senior Buyer, RHS Garden Centres: “We’ve had a very positive response from the public since we moved away from peat-based bagged growing media in 2019. Sales of compost have increased dramatically in recent years as people become more and more interested in gardening, so it’s even more important the RHS are able to offer responsibly sourced options with only new peat-free growing medias. “Eighty two percent of respondents to our latest survey stated that they were concerned about the environment, and sustainability is high on the agenda of many gardeners.

“Purchasing of peat-free is across the board, from beginners to experienced gardeners. These gardeners said they have had a positive experience growing healthy plants with the new peat-free growing medias. Duncan told GTN the commonly asked questions of the RHS about peat-free growing include: Queries on watering and water holding capacity of peat-free vs peat-containing growing media. Content of peat-free growing media, and whether peat-free alternatives are sustainable. Feeding and need for nutritional supplements Effectiveness and availability of peat-free growing media mixes to grow certain ‘difficult’ plant groups, e.g., carnivorous, ericaceous, proteaceous.

Peat-free gardening “As people are increasingly concerned about the environment, about a third of respondents to the latest RHS survey of gardeners said they now exclusively use peatfree compost. Our survey also found that a proportion of bagged growing media may be going to waste as it is used as a soil improver, where it is less effective than specific soil improvement products and home compost. By using the most effective products, such as their own home-made compost or shop bought targeted soil improvers, gardeners can ease the transition to peat-free. “At the RHS we are constantly expanding our sustainable ranges to align with our sustainability strategy. We are especially looking into products that are designed with sustainability in mind.” Tam Woodhouse, Managing Director, The Millbrook Garden Company and Chair of the GCA explained: “We are getting more customers asking about peat free but it is not a huge number compared to the number buying compost. We are actively driving this forward and reducing our peat sales. This year Millbrook has sold 73% of bags of compost that is peat free versus 34% last year. “The people who are aware of peat free tend to be younger. The older experienced gardeners still seem to prefer peat. “Sales are mainly price driven. We have taken all peat-based composts off special offer or multibuys and customers have switched to peat free almost without realising it as this is the only thing on offer. “We are getting some questions about peat-free gardening, and we are actively talking about the need to water and feed more. The GCA has launched five compost modules on GROW five online training platform written

Ericaceous mix - one of the more challenging specialist plant groups for peat-free growing

with the HTA and Defra and almost 2,000 modules have been completed. These help our teams understand the peat issue, how to grow peat free and how to advise customers. “Absolutely we will be looking for more sustainable products. We have already gone pesticide and glyphosate free this year and are looking at removing all single use plastics from garden products next year. We will be searching for plastic free weed stop fabric, string, plant labels etc. We will also be looking for British made gardening products, perhaps from smaller independent companies.” Chris Day, Publicity Manager, Buckingham Nurseries & Garden Centre said: “Over the last year we have experienced more customers asking for peat free versions of the compost they usually use. We have also noticed a number chatting to us who have

The Peat-o-meter can be seen as part of all growing media point of sale.

GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022 5

Peat-free gardening had pretty negative experiences. This is useful feedback because it highlights the potential management issues these composts have. The majority of our customers buying peat free are experienced gardeners. New customers seem to be not entirely fussed on which compost they use and will adapt quicker as they have nothing to compare to. That said, our customers often ask for guidance if they are unsure, and it is at this point we are able to explain the difference of the compost types as well as the brands and try and encourage them to go peat free. “Some customers do not buy it due to the price difference; it’s not huge but for a lot of people who are on tighter budgets this is a consideration. We offer a range of composts and try and cater for all gardening needs. Customers have time before the ban to trial and experiment with a much wider range of peat-free composts. I think it is important, given rising prices of growing media that multi-buys are offered on all types of growing media. In view of the escalating price of growing media, peat-free products are more expensive than traditional peat-based materials but hopefully that price difference will disappear in time. “We haven’t seen any increase in questions, most people simply want the ‘best’ compost for the purpose. Normally we would give a couple of alternatives including peatfree as that may be their preferred option. We feel there should be better labelling on the bags of peat-free composts stressing the need for extra watering when using the product as it’s not peat and it doesn’t hold moisture particularly well. “We are always looking for ways to make gardening more sustainable and better for the environment. We will be looking at future products at Glee.” Mike Burks, Managing Director of The Gardens Group who is seeing an increase in the sales of peat-free products told GTN: “With the staff training internally and also the GCA GROW e-learning modules thatwere made availableto everyone earlierin the spring we are able to cope with the demandand enquiries re peat free. “We are finding all age ranges are using it, some older (experienced) gardeners are still wanting peat-based product, but we had this issue back when traditionalgardeners wereused to John Innes compostsand didn’tlike the move to completely peat based composts. Younger gardeners are purchasingwithout question but then they maynot be aware of peat anyway. “We are placing soil improvers(that haven’t got thehigh-quality peat alternatives in) as the best buy, then peat free on multi

6 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022

buys with peat reduced as the thirdgroup of growingmedia that the customer sees. Any peat-reduced product is kept at a price that doesn’t undercut the peat-free products. “We are getting more questions; most are around the look of the product when the bag is opened but then also the different watering and feeding requirements. As we use the peat-free products that we retail in our own nursery, we can show customers that it can be very successful and also we will experience the same challenges that the customer will face. “We are always seeking out the sustainable story with all products not just gardening but gifts, Christmas and furniture too.” Chris Francis. Hillier Garden Centres, commented: “We’ve definitely seen a growing demand for peat free growing media recently with customers asking for our peat options and an increase in sales. We don’t have any data to tell us if it is new or

Peat free grow bags and top soil are two products where gardeners can more easily make the switch.

Peat-free growing media for house plants.

experienced gardeners buying peat free but the feeling is it is a mixture of both. “Peat free is priced the same and is not a more expensive option to ensure that customers have the choice. We also do what we can to help educatecustomers through marketing on not only the benefits to the environment but also on how to get the best using peat free to encourage them to move towards peat free. “We’re constantly focused on our sustainability journey and how we can work with our suppliers to introduce more sustainable options to our customers.” Mike Ryan, Cherry Lane Garden Centres, said: “We are seeing a strong increase on our 2021 peat free sales. Our own peat free multi-purpose compost is our number six overall bestseller at the start of May, which has been the trend for the last month. Generally experienced gardeners

content continues on page 27 07936 928981

If Sustainability is about the constant regeneration of natural resources, and never depleting that natural resource, then RocketGro is 100% Sustainable. We grow, produce and manufacture our products on our farm in Somerset. Thousands of acres of Rye, Maize and Grass are planted and harvested on the farm, and then fed into our biodigesters. These then generate clean green renewable energy in the form of Biogas (some of which then generates electricity), which powers 8000 homes and our farm. The by-product of our Biogas generation business forms the base ingredient to all RocketGro products, and what is left is spread back onto the fields to grow our next crop of Rye, Maize and Grass. It is a wonderful virtuous cycle. In 2022 we are committed to a full Carbon audit and the results of which will hopefully confirm our belief that we are somewhere between Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative as a business. We are 100% Peat-Free, and 100% Coir-Free. Whatever our pro or negative position on Peat and Coir, the high amount of pollution created in shipping and transporting these products into the UK is indisputable and we are not ever going to include these ingredients in our products. All ingredients in RocketGro products will continue to be sourced from Somerset and the South West, and from the UK only. All our products are Soil Association Approved Organic. None of our products contain chemicals of any sort. We utilise the finest certified Soil Association Approved

composted green waste to blend into our products. Again this is another 100% sustainable approach. We believe in constantly pushing the eco boundaries and trying to do better. Our plastic packaging is made from part recycled plastic and we will raise that to be as close to 100% as soon as the plastics industry will allow. Our electric vehicles on site are powered by the electricity generated by the Biogas produced in the production of RocketGro products. We are rewilding some of our land to create bee friendly habitats with wildflowers, and we are moving in the direction of making our farm completely Organic. RocketGro are producing videos, training manuals, and always striving to do our best to help our customers fully understand the sustainable RocketGro difference, enabling the customers in garden centres to make an informed decision. Soil health and the creation of superior natural growing media is what we stand for at RocketGro and we are proud to be 100% British and 100% sustainable. The founders of RocketGro are Tim Roe and Toby Thomas. Tim’s family have been successfully farming in Somerset for over 100 years. Toby is a businessman passionate about driving forward change in how we live through innovation, creativity and positive disruption to established markets.

Electric vehicle charging

Taking charge With just eight years to go before the UK steps away from the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles, garden centres are grappling with a conundrum – is this the right time to install electric vehicle charging facilities?


arden centres are heavily dependent on car users, so providing EV charging stations in their car parks – especially for those with spaces for hundreds of vehicles – appears to some to be an obvious opportunity, both to provide a customer service and to create a potential new revenue stream. Dobbies has already thrown its hat into the ring, pledging to install charging hubs in 30 of its 68 stores in a deal with GRIDSERVE, while the Blue Diamond Group says it will install EV charging in all its centres this year through a supplier-funded scheme. How ready are others to follow suit? GTN has been attempting to find out. We invited a cross-section of leading operators to share their thinking with us – but the disappointingly low response could indicate that this is not yet a top priority for most. Meanwhile, it would seem there is a growingg need for more information from suppliers to add clarity in what is still a fledgling market place and make

it easier for garden centres to decide whether or not to become adopters at this early stage Martin Stewart, Managing Director of Stewarts Garden Centres (which operates three centres on the south coast of England), drives an electric car, which he charges at home. “So far we have not installed electric charging points,” he told us. “I would be very interested in hearing how much they are being used by those who have installed them. “One of the reasons for buying it [an all-electric car] was to understand where this electric journey is taking us. “To my mind, people with electric vehicles will charge them at home and go about their day, retuning to recharge at home at the end of the day. That will suffice for 95% of our customers, even those driving, say, 35 miles to come to us. It is the cheapest and most convenient option for the vehicle owner. “What do we want to put charggingg points in for? I would never usee one. It is the main trunk routes that need rapid chargers.”

Guy Topping, Managing Director of the award-winning Barton Grange Garden Centre near Preston, is also ambivalent at this stage. “We have looked at them and nearly proceeded a couple of times, but have always been put off by: Not being sure we were installing the best/ rigght ones Cars charging Thinking they are going to quickly improvve at a Dobbies so we will end up with dated technology gyy Garden Centre

Darran Oakley (Squire’s Purchasing Director) at one of the new electric charging points at Squire’s Garden Centres.

More information

8 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022

Electric vehicle charging Having no great demand from customers The sight of empty charger points at most local sites “I’m looking forward to reading others’ views.” At Baytree Nurseries & Garden Centre in Lincolnshire, which has a customer base stretching across vast swathes of eastern England, General Manager Nigel Wallis says the business has not yet been persuaded that EV charging is right for them. “We are not really sure what to do as of yet. We have had a couple of meetings [with suppliers], and when they leave we are as confused as we were when they arrived!” He suspects it will mean investing “a huge amount of money”. But north west of Baytree, Matthew Bent, MD of another multiple award-winning centre, Bents Garden & Home at Warrington, has adopted a more positive stance. Bents installed a Tesla charging station 2 years ago. “Overall our experience has been really positive,” he told us. “It started very slow when we installed them with very few people using them. With the increase in the number of electric cars we find they are occupied around 40-50% of the time, but it’s like buses, no one on and then you have a queue of people waiting.” He says that it’s difficult to know for sure at the moment whether EV charging benefits the business, but tends to think it will in the longg run. “It is a ‘nice to have’ but goingg forward, having a network of charging points the customers can use while they wait will be

Charging at Dobbies. The owner of the blue Audi enjoyed a coffee in the Dobbies cafe while is car was topping up with power.

seen as a key service which garden centres should offer. As an electric car driver I know how hard it is to find and use charging points at the moment.” Taking the long view, Bents plans to install more charging points in the next 12 months. At the end of last year, charging points were installed at Squire’s Garden Centres in each of the centres Badshot Lea, Milford, Shepperton and Twickenham. They were 22 kw fast charges and add to the existing 3kw charging spaces at the Squire’s centre in Woking. “We are committed to supporting people to lead more sustainable lives, and one way we can do this is by encouraging the use of more environmentally friendly modes of transport,’ says Sarah Squire, Chairman of Squire’s. Blue Diamond CEO Alan Roper is sure customers will expect the service as much as they expect a parking space. “Not having this facility will be detrimental to your attractiveness as a first-choice garden centre visit. It’ss a fully funded scheme by the supplier,” he told us.


Without a doubt, there’s a lot of homework to be done before deciding if EV charging is right for you – but the suppliers we have checked out all offer to hold your hand while you’re making your mind up. Before you invite them to meet you, it will pay to understand how far your customers travel to reach you and how long they generally stay (the so-called ‘dwell time’). These factors will massively influence whether you opt for so-called ‘fast’ – but actually slow – chargers (like those for home users), ‘rapid’ chargers (which might offer an 80% charge within, say, 40 minutes, ideal for a quick visit to your cafe for coffee and cake) or ultra-rapid points which might suit customers in a hurry (reps, click & collect customers). You may want to provide the service for the sole use of your staff. Suppliers will talk you through the deals on offer – which will range from those where you buy and install the points, then charge a rate per charge to get a pay-back on the capital cost, to those where the provider installs, services and maintains the points at no upfront cost to you and gives you a pay-back, perhaps based on profit-sharing. You will need to think about whether to offer charging as a free service (as some supermarkets and retail parks do, in return for your custom) or whether you want it to contribute to your bottom line. The cost (and viability) of an installation will depend on your connection point – how far away you are from a suitable grid connection. The work may involve building out extra infrastructure. When we asked about a typical ROI, estimates varied wildly. Matthew Bent reckoned it could be as little as two to three years, depending on the nature of the installation and the type of deal you negotiate, while Joe Topping (nephew of Barton Grange MD Guy), who works for Mer UK, a supplier backed by Statkraft, Europe’s biggest supplier of renewable energy, says it could be 8 to 10 years for a full installation. It’s a longterm investment for both parties – surely something that any sustainability project demands anyway. As the government is keen to see the EV charging infrastructure grow as quickly as possible, grants towards the cost of installation are currently available from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles to qualifying businesses – £350 per socket up to a maximum of 40 sockets per business (e.g.if you have 40 sites, that’s one per site…). You can roll out your allocation over time.

GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022 9



W-Select offers you a one-stop solution for the planning and management of your greeting card assortment. Partnering with the best of British publishers, we ensure plastic-free packaging and the reduction of glitter and microplastics.

"$&2 )&7$ 6*$4 #*-0# #7#1*3(*'-)

We decided to move to W-Select for several reasons, including reducing our impact on the environment. With all the cards being recyclable and both plastic and glitter-free the move makes perfect sense. "-/1 #0#*#.! '#,+),,#/0, */ (0.! -.0%& ,&!&+*#/0 *$& process was relatively easy and straightforward. Customer and colleague feedback has been extremely positive, with sales ahead of projection from the off. Stuart Whalley, Buying Director Rosebourne Garden Centre

/$&!06!3(. 1,0 %(53$&(+0(! At Woodmansterne, we are committed to using sustainable materials and practices wherever possible. As a third-generation family business, we understand the importance of protecting our environment and safeguarding it for the future.

18% /%'8*5#)%2+04*/ 2*64%'*,2*!+. 7%252*!4+.$(( •

All our cards are printed by us in Croxley, Hertfordshire. UK manufacturing and distribution keeps our carbon footprint low. %( 53$7/ .1$7& -(&(/42!( $7"1 67 545(3 '369 #+)8 0(3/$,(* sustainable forests. Our envelopes are made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.

• Woodmansterne pioneered the ‘Smart Seal’ solution in 2019 that saves over 50 tonnes of plastic per year, and has also now been adopted widely across the industry. • •

We have removed all glitter from our products.

Our foil waste is burnt for energy (one tonne of foil waste creates enough energy to boil 3,500 kettles, and that’s a lot of cuppas!)

"2! &* 3'87We would love to explore how we can help your business grow and become more sustainable. 01923 200 600 or


Improving green credentials Garden centre customers can rest assured knowing that LOFA members continue to improve the sustainability of their products


ost consumers are now looking for green credentials when purchasing products. Where does it come from, how is it made and what is it made from? LOFA has always had a respect for the environment, in fact it’s included within our Code of Practice, so we asked our members to share what they are doing to make their working practices and their products a little greener.

Eco focus at Woodlodge

Woodlodge is on a mission to tackle energy efficiency and waste reduction. The energy powering its warehouse and offices comes from its own wind turbine which supplements that from a renewable energy supplier. Even in the office it reuses and recycles paper, ink cartridges, milk bottles and food packaging. In the warehouse, packaging is recycled and pallets are re used for distribution and storage.Key ranges are also made from recycled and sustainable materials. Cool Earth is a collection of contemporary planters made from bamboo fibres and Eco Pots is a new range of self-watering planters made from recycled plastic. The Feather range has been created using 100% recycled plastic and the Dorset furniture collection is FSC certified eucalyptus. Resistant to different weather conditions, this wooden garden furniture is highly popular due to its of traditional design and contemporary style. Phone: 01666 501000 Email:

Innovators International brings long lasting wood effect furniture

Innovators International has produced a collection of zero maintenance wood effect furniture called Winawood. It has combined the recycled polymer with the latest manufacturing techniques, to achieve a unique and durable product. Winawood reduces the need to grow, harvest and extract new

raw materials from the earth and is fully recyclable, meaning materials can be reused and converted into future products. Phone: 020 8736 2700 Email:

LOFA partners with Planet Mark.

LOFA, made the decision in 2021 to support its membership on the journey to becoming more sustainable and help them reduce their carbon footprints bypartnering with Planet Mark. Its certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action, and helps build an empowered community of like-minded individuals to make a whole world of difference. By measuring and reducing its carbon footprint with Planet Mark LOFA can directly and measurably contribute to up to 9 sustainable development goals (SDG) and address 25 SDG targets. ‘At the LOFA office, a Planet Mark audit showed LOFA had earned its stripes and saved an acre of rainforest with Cool Earth

Tree planting through SOLEX visting

This year LOFA is offsetting the carbon footprint of the exhibition to help the environment. The plan is to make the show a carbon neutral event, so with a little help from Planet Mark LOFA will be asking visitors and exhibitors how they travelled to and from the show. LOFA will also be partnering with the RSPB and for every visitor that attends SOLEX 22 (12-14 July), will donate £5. Each donation will plant a tree at RSPB Haweswater on the eastern edge of the Lake District National Park

12 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022

More trees planted with Bramblecrest furniture

Carbon footprint focus for RotoSpa

RotoSpas are manufactured in the UK and their carbon footprint is the lowest of any available in the UK. During the last 12 months, RotoSpa has redesigned its range to reduce the amount of unnecessary outsourced components, and make improvements to reduced the energy required to run the spas. The spas unique Rototherm Insulation shell is designed to route warm air from electrical components back into the spa to reduce the energy required to heat the water. The innovative jet system has also been designed with energy consumption in mind. To encourage the use of ‘green’ heating options such as air source heat pumps, RotoSpa now offers heat exchanges to the end user These reduce the energy consumption required to heat the spa water. As manufacturer it is constantly striving to offset its carbon footprint and create a product that is more energy efficient. Its tree planting in the UK with the Woodland Trust will continue throughout 2022. The logistics department has hard targets on reducing CO2 emissions from

Bramblecrest is conscious of the world around it and with strong principles when it comes to working sustainably it is taking positive steps to a greener future. Everything is designed with longevity in mind. The majority of its cushion covers are made from yarn spun from recycled plastic bottles, timber furniture is compliant with EU Timber Regulations and synthetic rattan is made from recyclable polyethylene woven over fully recyclable aluminium frames. Solar panels are used on a selection of parasols to utilise the power of the sun to power the LED lights. All Bramblecrest packaging is recyclable, and it is proud to be a ‘zero-to-landfill’ company. Bramblecrest also plants a tree for every furniture set sold and in 2022 it started working with Ecologi so its tree planting progress can be followed online. It is also a proud member of Planet Mark and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint each year across all its business practices. Phone: 01285 760947 Email:

the delivery schedule and is embracing low polluting vehicles. Biomass heat generation is used in power the UK factory and it is looking into developing solar powered spas with holiday parks and ways of recycling the hot water currently drained away on park changeover days. Phone: 0121 354 3428 Email:

GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022 13


LifestyleGarden recycled furniture is a social game changer

Sustainability and having a positive impact on the planet is at the heart of LifestyleGarden. Since 2019 the DuraOcean Chair has gone on to repurpose 204,000kg (240 tonnes) of ocean plastic. It has now formed a new collaboration with Plastic Bank and Social Plastic giving consumers the chance to build a brighter future for people in poverty and effect real change in the lives of people who are struggling. This is a game changing initiative. In simple terms, local people join Plastic Bank as collectors, gathering waste that has been dumped in coastal locations. When they take it to a Plastic Bank collection branch the value is exchanged for premiums that can be used for basic family necessities, such as groceries, cooking fuel, school tuition and health insurance. Collected material is reborn as Social Plastic, which can be sold to manufacturers and integrated into new products and packaging,

creating a closed-loop supply chain. There are international collection centres in countries with high rates of plastic pollution and poverty, currently Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt and Haiti. Always keen to use as much recycled content in its outdoor furniture as possible, LifestyleGarden has now launched a range of Nassau Social Plastic furniture. Every Nassau chair will be made from the equivalent of 175 recycled plastic bottles, with each chair directly contributing to vulnerable communities supported by Plastic Bank. LifestyleGarden has such faith in the popularity of this set and the value Social Plastic will have to modern consumers, it has set a target of recycling the equivalent of 13.2million plastic bottles in its first year. Phone: 07851 610573 Email: kimberley@

14 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022

Ginique has sustainability at its heart

Ginique only works with companies who share its ethos and its products have sustainability sustainabi b liity bi at their heart. As well as its products being made from recyclable materials, it only uses recyclable packaging materials, so its pallet wrap, cello tape, and cardboard is fully recyclable. Its re-uses and recycles daily, including old pallets for storage and distribution, paper, ink cartridges, cardboard and plastic. The Ginique range of fire pits, BBQs, candles and fire sculptures are made from two sustainable metals stainless and It to. Stainless steel lasts a long time, is fully recyclable and has no detrimental impacts on the immediate environment or local ecology. It is untouched by most weathering effects (even rain, sleet, and snow) as well as atmospheric corrosion. Corten steel is 100% recyclable, making it an attractive and environmentally friendly option. Corten steel is long lasting, easily recyclable and has a zero-maintenance finish making it a very ecofriendly and sustainable material. Plus, for every Glowbus firepit or candle holder produced a donation is made by the manufacturer to a nature conservation organisation. This results in 25 trees being planted for every Glowbus product and so far, 8.1 hectares of forest has been planted. Ginique is also continuously working to optimise production and transport processes and looking for ways to reduce its ecological footprint. Phone: 01952 443865 Email:

A natural choice for passionate gardeners. ReThink - The new EcoLine range. Sustainably made. Aesthetically designed. Durably built. GARDENA Ecoline is the first range of high quality gardening tools in the market that is the made with significant shares of recycled consumer plastics. The products are designed not only to keep the garden flourishing, but to address shoppers consciousness to actively protect the environment by buying sustainable and long-lasting products. All EcoLine plastic elements are made out of high shares of post-consumer recycled plastic, ranging from >65% up to an impressive >90% recycled plastic! All EcoLine products are made in Europe. The outstanding quality and the sustainability of EcoLine is reflected by the product warranties ranging from a minimum of 5 years up to 25 years. EcoLine Packaging Concept The Ecoline packaging is also environmentally friendly. Made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard and printed with water based high tech ink. Visit to find out more about what initiatives we are taking to make our gardening tasks and tools more sustainable.

₁ Plastic elements made from >65% recycled plastic

* Warranty information: or +44 344 844 4558

EcoLine represents the GARDENA best-sellers from mobile watering, small tools and garden secateurs

Packaging recycling

Get ready for new regulations Extended plastic recycling regulations on the horizon will significantly impact garden centre businesses. Jane Lawler explains.


n the garden products supply chain, we think of ourselves as a largely environmentally friendly business sector and we take sustainability pretty seriously. This includes our attitudes to reducing packaging waste and promoting recycling.There’s been a great deal of progress in recent years and some innovative strategies for collecting and recycling compost bags, for example. All garden businesses turning over more than £2 million and handling 50 tonnes of packaging already fall under the 2007 Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations. These regulations minimise waste and promote recycling and re-use, and all obligated businesses contribute to the cost of collecting and managing the waste packaging they handle. The bill for recycling packaging is shared out between all the businesses in the supply chain, from the producer right through to the retailer. Most businesses have become used to the arduous task of collecting data every year and the associated levy they have to pay through the Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) scheme.

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In the coming years, the regulations will be extended to incentivise even more sustainable product and packaging design, increase re-use and significantly increase collection and recycling rates. There will be four core initiatives: The Plastic Packaging Tax. Already in force, driving an extra £200 per tonne on any plastic packaging that does not contain 30% recycled content. The introduction of deposit return schemes designed primarily for food and especially drink packaging – although there could be some interesting opportunities for garden businesses here too. Compost and aggregate sales could possibly be run on a deposit return scheme, using returnable bulk bags. All local authorities will have to provide the same basic set of collection and recycling, both for households and businesses. Great news for frustrated consumers who struggle with the inconsistencies of kerbside waste collections and recycling. The full net cost of the recovery of the packaging will be collected from obligated companies.

Jane Lawler, a panel member of the wellattended GIMA conference to introduce and explain the new regulations.

This fourth element will have the most significant impact on manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers of garden products. Estimates of the overall costs of the current scheme range from £230 - £300m, shared across the supply chain. The real cost of recovering all packaging in the UK (currently met from local tax payers and councils) is estimated to be closer to £1.7 billion. The additional costs for collection schemes and administration of the new EPR is estimated to be up to a further £800m so in future, compliance costs for businesses could be between 6x and 10x what they are currently. Additionally, from 2023 the new scheme will make the UK brand owner (or importer) of the packaged product solely responsible for meeting 100% of the cost of collecting, recycling or disposing of the packaging. It’s early days and the implementation of the new scheme is already running behind schedule. Originally planned for 2023, the most recent consultation response from government lays out a phased introduction beginning in 2024. The bad news is that the levy placed on obligated companies is most likely to be based on the historic sales of product packaging. This means anyone likely to be affected needs to

Packaging recycling through a process of ‘modulated fees’, set to be introduced in 2025, some packaging materials will be charged less per tonne than others. While the modulated fees have yet to be finalised, it’s clear they will provide strong financial incentives for using packaging that is easy to recycle through domestic kerbside collections. Packaging that is less easy to recycle will be likely to attract much higher fees so, it makes sense to remove the worst offending materials entirely and as soon as possible. Expanded polystyrene, foil laminates, plastic swing tags and carbon black plastics are just a few of materials that could all be very costly under the new scheme. As well as making plans to reduce overall packaging weight and removing non-recyclable materials from product packaging, businesses also need to begin the process of collecting detailed packaging data. This means understanding and recording the precise weight of different materials in product packaging - primary, secondary and transit packaging, including the pallet! And small businesses won’t escape. The new scheme aims to fund the recycling of a much L-R Panel members Tim Hayne, Wessex Packaging; Josh Remi, Ecoveritas; Jane Lawler, Lawler Associates; Sam Marriage, Marriages; Jane Hartley, Evergreen Garden Care; Lee Waring, Valpak.

make sure they’re collecting the relevant data from January 2023. Whatever happens, it’s clear that the bill is going to bee significant. So, what can businesses do to try and manage the costs and plan fo or the future? Firstly, because the levy calculationss will be based on tonnage, reducing the overall weighht of packaging in the supply chain will ultimately low wer a business’s cost. Where practical, this might mean reducing the thickness of board, using a thhinner film, or removing secondary packaging entireely. There may be opportunities to minimise trannsit packaging where materials like stretch pallet wrrap can contribute extra weight and therefore push costs up significantly. As the new scheme is focused on recovering the direct cost of dissposal or recycling, g,, it’s logical that packaging thhat is easy (and cheaper) to recycle and has a value to thee post-consumer waste supply chaain will attract a loweer levy. This means that entradene ew e wss..cco o.u .uk uk

Tim Hayne brings home the importance of weight. The plastic on the left weighs 403g, that on the right is just 151g.

higher proportion of the UK’s total packaging burden than was funded in the past under the old scheme. The new scheme will continue to obligate all businesses with a turnover of £2 million and 50 tonnes of packaging handled. Even smaller companies with a turnover as low as £1 million and handling just 25 tonnes of packaging will be required to register and report all the packaging they place on the market, although they won’t have a levy bill to pay until they go over the £2 million threshold. No business, however small, escapes the obligation to include appropriate recycling advice on packaging by the deadline of March 2026 (March 2027 in the case of plastic films and flexibles). In future, unlike under the current system, estimating and rounding of packaging weights will not be allowed. Detailed records of material weights will be required in order to complete packaging returns - a not insubstantial task, especially for businesses importing finished goods - including retailers direct importing and, of course, those selling product under their own brand. Even retailers who only sell UK supplier brands don’t escape completely - while there is no levy to pay on those goods, there is still a reporting obligation. Individual component packaging weights will need to be reported quarterly and, from the end of 2023, separately by the devolved nations (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England). There’s also some further ‘devil in the detail’ that could catch companies out who set out to improve their packaging sustainability. Businesses that have moved to compostable or biodegradable packaging will be required to label their product clearly ‘do not recycle’ as there is still uncertainty and inconsistency in how these materials will be managed through the recycling process. We have to assume that if they are not goinng into the recycling stream, they will not be eligible for modulated fees, so by definition will be a much more costly option. So, the industry is bracing itself for yet another costly legislative burden and all the extrra administration required. At least we can takee comfort in the fact that this new system is bouund to have a marked impact on the amount of waste packaging going to landfill. Businesses who o don’t take heed of the changes and act now w will be the ones who pay a much larger proportion of the bill for improving our overall packaging recycling rates.

Further information:

or information on GIMA’s Plastic Fo Paackaging Pledge and access to the webinar recordings from the event (m members only benefit).

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How recycled rubber is driving change within garden retail


onsumers have been requesting more environmentallyconscious products for some time now, with recycled or recyclable material often top of the wish list. However, in recent years, there has been a definitive shift in this demand, with consumers now expecting far more from suppliers, as the scale of the global environment crisis has been fully realised.

Rubber tyres may not immediately spring to mind when you think of the biggest contributors to climate change issues, but they certainly have a role to play. Each year, the UK uses over 40 million tyres, resulting in 40 million old tyres being turned over to landfill or recycling schemes. Those that make it to landfill can take upwards of 80 years to decompose. Not only does this mean that large areas of land are required to create landfills for waste management purposes, but decomposing tyres can also leech toxic chemicals back into the local eco-system, as well as posing a possible fire risk, if stored incorrectly.

borders, and deck tiles; all in a variety of colours to match current interior and exterior trends. The complete collection is supported by tailored merchandising support, designed to help each retailer identify their best-selling lines and to optimise visibility of these product groups. Further developments for the 2022 season see Primeur introduce increased levels of recycled packaging into the Eco Garden offering, enhancing both product and transit packaging. Where it is not possible to use recycled material, Primeur is working hard to source material that can be recycled after use. In addition, the team is also working closely with its retail customers to maximise pallet loads to reduce the number of trucks on the road. This streamlined process is paying dividends for Primeur and its retailer customers up and down the country – but, more importantly, the planet.

But all is not lost! Many tyres are now heading to recycling plants, where they are transformed into recycled rubber crumb. This crumb, traditionally used to create softer flooring in children’s playgrounds, has quickly been recognised for its wider benefits – including creating lightweight, durable and flexible products. Rubber doesn’t crack, fade, stain or rot, and is also slip and nylon-cord resistant, making products in the range a top choice for garden products. The rubber also acts as an insulator, helping plant roots to survive plummeting winter temperatures. Realising these incredible benefits was the driving force behind the creation of Primeur’s multi-award-winning Eco Garden collection. Launched in 2016, the offering, which includes self-watering planters, stepping-stones, garden borders and decking solutions, has witnessed a phenomenal response from both consumers and retailers; the latter enjoying the reduced wastage and breakage costs that are the result of the material’s ability to withstand transit and relocation stresses. Each year, the Primeur Eco Garden collection is repurposing millions of recycled rubber tyres; breathing new life into this material and creating good for both the circular economy and for consumers who want something durable, long-lasting and trend driven. The Eco Garden collection, extended in both 2019 with the introduction of the self-watering Tierra Verde planters and in 2021 with the all-new MultyDeck™ offering, now includes the widest collection of design-led stepping-stones, garden

01274 518800

Garden centre sustainability actions

Commitment at Highfield Holding 216,000 litres, a vast new irrigation water tank has become the latest planet-friendly addition at Highfield Garden World, Gloucestershire.


ater efficiency at Highfield good about our sustainability initiatives – Garden World has been our staff do too.” drastically improved While the irrigation tank is just one following the installment of a new water of the ‘behind the scenes’ green tank. The whole business will benefit initiatives at Highfield others are more from this latest development which is obvious and customer-facing. Social one of many in its drive to adopt more media messaging and signage in-store eco-friendly ways of working. helps customers wanting to make The tank collects rainwater from the more ethical buying decisions, and in garden centre’s various roof sections the planteria there is information to which is then used to water the 1000’s support customers as they look to of plants on-site and to flush customer increase biodiversity in their own outside toilets. With predicted longer periods spaces. The range of peat-free products of drought interspersed with dramatic is set to expand while pollinator plants periods of rainfall, this pioneering and biological pest control products are approach will help the business moderate enjoying a rise in demand. and plan water use to minimise its reliance The buying team at Highfield seek on mains water. out suppliers – as local as possible “Research confirms that most of us offering more sustainable versions of want to adopt more eco-friendly ways of popular products across the board from doing things in our everyday lives, and plant-based foods to pots, pet toys we know from talking to our customers and ‘wicker’ furniture made from they are ever more focused on recycled materials such as ways they can do their bit plastic bottles. British for the planet,” says Tim made greetings Three generations of the Greenway family that built Greenway, Co- founder cards with no plastic Highfield and continue to and Director. “We’ve packaging by improve its green credentials. noticed that it isn’t just L-R Emma Russan, Sue Weaver, Joan Greenway (seated), Tim our customers who feel

Rain water collected and stored on site is used to irrigate plants.

Woodmansterne now line the shelves and customers are encouraged to use cardboard boxes for their shopping and pick up free packs of coffee grindings from the cafe for their compost. Changes have also been made in the restaurant to reduce food waste and during lockdown the business took time to understand what customers like best and buy most. “Then we devised better ways of buying the ingredients and scheduling food prep tasks so customers,” says Tim. “We are thrilled with how little food waste we now produce,” he adds. Elsewhere in the business when choosing new floor surfaces and wall paints, the business is opting for lightreflecting options which help reduce its reliance on electricity for lighting. “A bit like offering old wooden pallets to customers to make planters and garden furniture from - these are all relatively small changes. But put them all together and you start to see a worthwhile shift towards more planet-friendly and ethical ways of living our lives,” says Tim.


Greenway, Bobby the dog and Saffron Weaver.

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Garden centre sustainability actions

Peat free and reduced peat growing media along with a pot recycling scheme help The Gardens Group improve its green credentials

Small steps make a big diff fference f

From collecting Christmas trees to reducing mains water consumption, The Gardens Group is living up to its Sustainability tyy and Environment Commitment.


t the beginning of the year, The Gardens Group, with three centres in south west England, came up with a clever system to maximise efficiency and help reduce its carbon footprint. By combining the collection of 1,500 Christmas trees with the delivery of 7,500 bags of peat free compost it made sure every van leaving Castle Gardens, Sherborne, Brimsmore Gardens, Yeovil and Poundbury Gardens near Dorchester did so full of compost bags and returned brimming with Christmas trees. “These two important thrusts of the business seem unconnected, but have been combined to work together for the good of the planet,” says Mike Burks, The Gardens Group Managing Director. “So with some careful route planning, we were able to make sure deliveries going to certain villages and towns coincided with Christmas tree collection requests. It has been extremely successful and something we intend to hone and perfect in years to come, as we continue to limit our impact on the environment as much as possible, while inspiring gardeners of all ages to protect their little patch of the planet.” The Christmas trees will be chipped and used for soil improvement schemes on the Sherborne Castle Estate, where the garden centre is located and throughout its other centres.

20 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022

This is just one example of how the ‘The Gardens Group is working to improve its green credentials set out in its Sustainability and Environment Commitment published in February. Weaving through all aspects of the business from sourcing and purchasing all goods and services in catering through to furniture sales, it illustrates the company’s aims to reduce its carbon footprint. It is also looking at how its customers use the products and services in their own gardens. Reducing reliance on mains water is a key issue and at the Sherborne centre this has

Helping to ensure pots are used again and again.

been addressed through the creation of a 50,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank and the discovery of a Victorian well and plumbing system. The brick lined well was once the source of water for the castle’s walled kitchen garden and it has now been revived to channel rainwater for use in the bedding plant area. The remastered system will also help to reduce localised flooding as excess rain water is collected rather than allowed to hit the road. “Water is such a precious resource and climate change is contributing to higher levels of rainfall, so we’re really excited to have revived this relic of the site’s horticultural past, while reducing our own impact on the environment as a business,”says Mike. All three sites now have rainwater harvesting facilities. Other initiatives which might not be so obvious to customers include solar panels, biomass heating and ground source heat pumps but customers will notice that the centres are offering to collect pots and used compost bags. As long as they have been neatly opened along the top edge the bags will be used again for example to cover bare root hedging during transport. “We hope this new scheme will help everyone reduce their waste and demonstrate how gardening can be a force for good when it comes to people and planet,” says Mike.

Garden centre sustainability actions

Hopeful changes for a better future Through its Plant Hope theme for 2022, Perrywood Garden Centres are helping customers find little ways to shop and garden more sustainably.


lant Hope is the theme to promote sustainable gardening practices at a family run business with two centres, one in Essex the other in Suffolk. Perrywood Garden Centres has recognised its customers are keen to do their bit to help protect the environment but first of all it wanted to understand a bit more about them. Some 600 people responded to the Perrywood questionnaire called ‘How sustainable are you?’ which included asking their thoughts on peat free compost, whether or not they recycled at home and if they bought their own carrier bags when shopping. “We are delighted with the fantastic response,” says the company’s Senior Communications Manager. “This enables us to get an accurate view of how sustainable our customers are and, more importantly, identify which areas we can focus on to help improve this in the future.” Some respondents indicated that cost was a barrier to using peat-free growing media but the starting price point of these composts at Perrywood Garden Centres is now the same as the few that it sells

Inspirational displays throughout the stores with associated signage offer ideas on how to be a greener gardener.

with peat. Through sharing information about peat-free v peat composts on social media, online and instore, Perrywood is encouraging more people to switch to peatfree and has published a how-to guide on its website with advice on watering and feeding. How-to guides have also been published online to help the 10% who said they would like to install a water butt but don’t know how to do it and those that would like to grow their own but were unsure because of limited space and time. More than half of the shoppers at Perrywood bring their own bag but the survey highlighted that around 27% make use of the recycled boxes and plant trays

made available for taking plants to their car. Those that use trolleys can take advantage of the free paper boot liner. Through staff wearing designed t-shirts to overhead, point of sale and ‘shelf barker’ signage throughout the two stores, inspirational themed displays and a new area of focus monthly (May is all about watering), Perrywood is encouraging its customers to make changes. It is also widening the net by actively promoting the campaign through regular social media posts and attending eco festivals to make contact with, and encourage more people, who may be potential new customers, to take part. Staff sporting Plant Hope t-shirts reinforce the theme.

Encouraging data

Nearly 70% of Perrywood customers have switched to peat-free compost or would love to give it a try. 62% of customers have a water butt and use it to water their plants (one customer even had 7 set up in the garden). More than 50% of customers have tried growing their own vegetables and find eating and sharing the harvest rewarding.

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Reuse & Adapt Our pots are frost proof, UV colour stable, and made to last so customers can keep sowing and growing, reusing their pots each season and reducing waste Our core range of Clever Pots round pots are multi-use with add-on accessories to enable flexible use across all seasons

Sustainable & Recyclable Our pots are made of 20-60% recycled plastic content and we’re working hard to improve the sustainability of all our products All our pots are widely recyclable

Water Management Reservoirs enable plants to remain watered for longer without overwatering or water wastage

Sustainability Strategy Contact:

Shaun Dubberley Head of Sales 07776 960998

We’re working towards B-Corp status, balancing the impact of our business on the global community



Product update

Gardening the sustainable way Keeping you updated with new products and developments so you can help gardeners make more sustainable choices Natural gardening with Vitality Hemp

To meet the rising demand for plastic, toxic-free and zero waste gardening products, Vitality Hemp has introduced a range of products made from British grown hemp which is said to remove three times more C02 from the atmosphere than trees. Hemp Soap Pasteis a 100% natural cleanser which melts into a luxurious lather when a pea-sized amount is mixed with water. Sold in a 50g tin, the soap paste comes in lavender, mint and unscented plus charcoal to provide skin with a deep clean. It can be used as a shampoo as well. Seed ItTM grow mats made from hemp fibres are an alternative to compost as a base for growing microgreens and leafy herbs. Afterwards they can be used as mulch or composted. They fit snugly into the company’s Bamboo Seed Tray made from bamboo fibre, rice starch and organic resin which can last up to five years and be used indoors and outside. Once its usable life has reached an end, the tray can be fully composted.

Rattan certification is a world first for Van de Sar Import

A Dutch company with bases in Indonesia is thought to be the first in the world to gain a certification for the production process of its rattan products. Baskets are sold under the brand name of Terima Kasih (Indonesian for ‘thank you’) and it took Director Gerard Van de Sar four years to gain certification from the Non-Timber Forest Products - Exchange Programme. ‘Tropical rainforests are under pressure partly due to the large-scale harvest of the climbing rattan plant. Workers need to harvest a certain amount of rattan per day to have sufficient income. As a result, rattan is disappearing much faster than it can grow,’ says Gerard. Workers on islands such as Sulawesi and Kalimantan now harvest rattan based on a restricted number of plots in the jungle and young plants are protected. As piece-rate workers are now only allowed to harvest a limited amount of rattan, Van de Sar Import pays a higher price per kilo and workers are guaranteed year-round employment and can work when they wish. “Every piece of rattan is now fully traceable, from harvesting to the arrival of products in De Lier. Every transaction is recorded.” The company also supplies products made from sea grass, jute and recycled cotton and is now working to certify the process for these raw materials too.

Wildlife World takes on plastic free gardening

Hortiwool’s versatile garden pad

Made from 100% British wool Hortiwool Garden Pads can be used in a number of ways from providing frost protection to lining hanging baskets. Wool’s amazing natural properties also mean the pads can be used for extra hydration, nutrition, or even pest control against slugs and snails. One pouch contains 5 Hortiwool pads measuring 27cm x 66cm and they are made by a family business in Staffordshire which has found a niche in the market providing wool lining to insulate boxes and packaging. For gardeners Hortiwool can be used as kneeling pads but for plants they can be added to growing media to boost nutrition, as mulching, or around root balls for plants growing in pots.

The Natural Rubber Seed Tray from Wildlife World is a new product to look out for and was voted Best New Product at The Garden Press event this spring. Available in two sizes with 20 or 30 cells and FSC certification from the Fair Rubber Association these non-plastic trays can be used again and again. The company also supplies and 8 cell Rubber RootCoach for growing larger seeds, plugs and cuttings. Natural rubber is harvested from trees on a plantation in Sri Lanka which is certified as one which has not replaced natural forest.

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STAND WITH LIFESTYLEGARDEN® IN THE FIGHT AGAINST PLASTIC POLLUTION AND WORLD POVERTY The world is in turmoil again with yet another humanitarian crisis making waves across the globe. Inevitably, this causes consumers to reflect on the plight of others and consider the poverty and dire situations that aren’t currently hitting the headlines, whilst hopefully asking what they can do to help. Here one of the UK’s leading outdoor furniture manufacturers, LifestyleGarden®, highlights the change it is trying to bring to people’s lives across the globe by supporting organisations like Plastic Bank, and how retailers can make a difference through responsible decisions about both their plastic usage and the products they choose to carry.


oo often, people and circumstances can be forgotten when they are out of a news cycle and we carry on with our lives but there is still an enormous amount of poverty, pollution, and people existing in dismal situations. That is why organisations like Plastic Bank are so vitally important, as they strive to give back to communities and help people find a way out of poverty, whilst also clearing the world’s waterways of plastic waste. It’s also why sustainable furniture manufacturer, LifestyleGarden® has teamed up with Plastic Bank to create a new version of its iconic Nassau collection, made exclusively from Social Plastic®.

So, what’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Even though Social Plastic® costs a little more than virgin plastic, its perceived as value for money because it provides a social benefit. This incentive increases the recycling rate for ocean-bound plastic, whilst giving collectors a path out of poverty. With this story and value attached to Social Plastic® products, consumers will see the worth in paying more while also giving more significant consideration to the retailer for stocking ranges that demonstrate social responsibility.

What is Social Plastic®?

If you’ve never heard of Social Plastic®, then prepare to have your eyes opened to a game-changing initiative. Social Plastic® is ethically sourced recycled material that drives environmental, social and economic impact. Local collectors in vulnerable coastal communities exchange plastic waste for premiums to help them provide basic family necessities such as groceries, cooking fuel, school tuition, and health insurance. Plastic Bank is literally turning plastic waste into gold by creating ethical recycling centres in coastal communities across the globe, where the materials can then be reprocessed for reintroduction into the manufacturing supply chain. In simple terms, local people join Plastic Bank as collectors, gathering plastic waste that has been dumped in coastal locations; thus preventing it from polluting waterways. When collectors take their plastic to a Plastic Bank collection branch, the materials are sorted by colour, type, and are weighed. The value is then exchanged for premiums that can be used for basic family necessities, such as groceries, cooking fuel, school tuition, and health insurance. Collected material is reborn as Social Plastic®, which can be sold to manufacturers and reintegrated into new products and packaging, creating a closed-loop supply chain.

Sustainability and having a positive impact on the planet is at the heart of everything LifestyleGarden® does – from reducing waste and the consumption of resources and energy, to ensuring its colleagues are well-educated about environmental issues. As many retailers will know, this is a cause very close to the heart of LifestyleGarden®, who shook up the outdoor furniture market with the introduction of its DuraOcean® chair in 2019, repurposing plastic marine waste into stylish garden furniture. Since its launch, DuraOcean® has helped to recycle more than 204,000kg (240 tonnes) of ocean plastic – and this journey continues today. Now this new collaboration with Plastic Bank and the use of Social Plastic® takes this quest to make a difference to the next level and gives consumers the chance to effect real change in the lives of people who are struggling; helping to help build a brighter future for people in poverty.

Plastic Bank has intentionally established these collection centres in countries with extremely high rates of plastic pollution and poverty. Where the lack of disposal infrastructure and greater dependency on single-use packaging results in a disproportionate amount of pollution. Currently, Plastic Bank operates in Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, and Haiti. It refers to this global network of mini recycling markets as an ecosystem that empowers disadvantaged communities and helps them to transcend poverty by providing an opportunity to collect and trade plastic waste as a currency.

What does this mean for LifestyleGarden®?

Always keen to use as much recycled content in its outdoor furniture as possible, LifestyleGarden has now launched a range of Nassau furniture made from Social Plastic.The range boasts all of the same benefits as the original Nassau collection – a stylish, vibrant set of outdoor and indoor furniture with extreme weather resistance and complete recyclability at end of life. Within this new collection, however, every Nassau chair will be made from the equivalent of 175 recycled plastic bottles, with each chair directly contributing to vulnerable communities supported by Plastic Bank. In fact, LifestyleGarden® has such faith in the popularity of this set and the value Social Plastic® will have to modern consumers, the company has set a target of recycling five million plastic bottles through its Social Plastic® range in 2022. or

SENDING PLASTIC ROUND IN CIRCLES... At Altico, we’ve held ourselves to account from the outset to make more sustainable choices; reducing waste wherever possible in our business.

That’s why every product AND every POS board in our range is presented in 100% recyclable plastic and contains 30% reclaimed material.

From our central geographic position, to investments in new machinery as well as our behaviour towards waste reduction - we’re in pursuit of carbon footprint reduction.

Further to this green pledge, we’re offering customers a new way to merchandise Rockery lines with our eco-friendly crates. Our durable, metal stillage crates irradicate the need for wire baskets entirely, which Garden Centres would typically need to dispose of at their cost. Our stillage crates can be topped up easily for re-use, time and time again.

As a national supplier of landscape products to the Garden Centre sector, we take our responsibility to reduce the amount of single use plastics going in to landfill seriously.

Tel: 01302 354500 Web:

Peat-free gardening

continued from page 8 are staying with more peat-based composts. Jack’s Magic and Miracle Gro, along with our own multi-purpose composts continue to be top sellers. Customers buying peat-free compost cover a wide age range. There is still not the confidence from experienced gardeners that non peat-based composts will give the growing quality they want. We are seeing this particularly with growbags. “We are definitely being asked questions such as: What is the difference between peatbased and peat-free composts? How good is the water retention? Do they need to add anything extra and which compost is best?’ “Our buyers already work hard to develop our range with less impact on the environment for the 2022 ranges as well as significantly reducing product packaging. They will continue to do this and increase our sustainable product ranges for 2023.” Roger Crookes, Pughs Garden Centres is worried they are not being asked enough questions: “Peat free has been our biggest sales increase within the growing media category. It’s a mix of customers buying it. There is the ‘eco-gardener’ who has been peat free for a few years and grow their own organically, there are ‘new green gardeners’ not so passionate or experienced but have heard the buzz either through social media groups or celebrity gardeners who promote peat free. But a common factor is that most customers do not understand what goes into producing a bag of compost, the whole process of balancing all the different ingredients, to provide the right balance of drainage, water retention, nutrients, air spaces, density etc, so it seems easy and obvious to them to just stop using peat and use something else, which of course is far from easy. “Price is less of an issue now as most retailers are selling peat free for the same price as peat based. Some customers are demanding peat-based compost because they have struggled with peat-free compost in the past. I think there is some loyalty to

Peat free all purpose growing

Even Strulch gets a peatometer rating at Ayletts so that any new gardeners are sure it is peat free.

run 38/40 SKU`s. known brands with some at media from Melcourt least peat content. “They are not asking “Worryingly we are not questions so much as I’m being asked enough questions. telling them why some of Again, this could be because they the lines they are used to are not do not understand how it can make there in the same format. I must admit a difference. The real concern then is that having seen many crops of both bedding and they fail with peat free and then just give up hardy nursery stock that are just destined for thinking that they are no good at gardening. the skip over the last two or three months I We do not want to lose all those three million do worry. We havehuge job of educating our new gardeners we picked up during lock customers. My concern, like many, is if the down because they do not know how to grower fails what chance has the consumer?” grow successfully with peat free. Charlie Groves, Managing Director Groves Nurseries and Garden Centre “Another important question should be: Do says: “We have a fairly large demand for we in the trade know how to grow peat free? “Absolutely we are looking at products peat-free compost, which really seemed to with a sustainable story, it’s our biggest kick off last year.Interestingly it hasn’t been garden care opportunity for many years.” talked about by customers so much this Andy Bunker, Director, Alton Garden year but that might be because we now have Centre comments: “Generally we tend pretty much a full range of peat-free compost to lag behind on consumer demand on and there have been much better supplies various areas such as peat. However, over coming through from the manufacturers the last few weeks demand and requests this year. I also think there is an assumption has realistically gone up three-fold. that all compost might be peat free now and With Westland New Horizon, Levington there is an element of disappointment when Multi Peat Free, Melcourt and Dalefoot, a customer discovers their favourite compost customers have a very good choice. We contains peat. We are finding that customers

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Peat-free gardening across the range are asking for peat free, there is no particular type, but the biggest challenge is trying to sell it at a comparable price as it is significantly more expensive than peat passed compost. “Managing customer expectations withpeatfree compost is still a problem.There are huge differences in consistency between brands and we are having to offer exchanges to customers who aren’t happy with the compost they have chosen. Without mentioning brands they all seem to have a drawback or two: some are very heavy and wet, some dry out very quickly, some grow mushrooms, some ‘smell funny’, some ‘look funny’ so helping a customer understand and find a compost that works for them has become an important job for us but it also makes it hard to find a brand that ticks all the boxes that we can really get behind. “We are always on the lookout for sustainable products. Interestingly one of the most commonly asked questions this year is about the plastic waste generated from compost bags. It would be great if the industry could come up with some kind of ‘takeback’ scheme.” William Blake, Managing Director, St Peters Garden Centre told GTN: “We are

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definitely getting an increasing number of customers asking for and buying peat-free growing media. Still a long way to go, but our peat-free sales are steadily growing. 4.5% in 2019, 9% in 2021, 16% so far in 2022. “It’s younger people asking for it, and older people who are taking notice of what they see in the media. “For the majority, it seems the biggest influence is price. Experienced gardeners may pick a specific product or brand, but most are led by the multi buys and price. We are pricing and promoting peat free exactly the same as peat-based products to mitigate this influence. “The most common question is: ‘Is it any good’, followed by ‘is there a knack to using it’. “We’re constantly seeking out environmentally friendly and sustainable products, along with trying to minimise our impact on the planet.” Steve Searle. Store Manager, Monkton Elm Garden Centre said: “We are definitely noticing a move towards peat free this year from experienced gardeners and new to gardening customers as most have either read about peat-free compost or seen it on the news and feel they need to change. There are still customers who just look for the price but

Peat-free gardening Shane Matthews, Garden Sundries Supervisor at Planters Garden Centre Tamworth and Beth Ingram, Customer Service Manager told GTN: “We are currently seeing a high proportion of customers asking for and purchasing peat free. Miracle Gro peat free is one of our bestselling lines in compost next to Jack’s Magic and JAB multipurpose which is our entry level compost. We have a varied mix to who is buying it. I would say 60% of sales are to new younger gardeners who also seem to be going for the organic and pesticide free chemicals. “The attitude of our older, more experienced customers is quite negative towards peat-free as I don’t think experienced gardeners are comfortable and confident that they will get the results from the peat-free compost. “There now is really no price difference between With the Peat-o-meter in the amber section, customers peat free andpeat-based can easily see that specialist compost. A lot of customers rose growing media are not bothered and will contains a level of peat. just go for the three for £15 JAB multipurpose as that’s the perceived best value. Some customers don’t know what peat is and seem a

nowhere near like it was a few years ago. We have brought prices more in line anyway. Compost has always been too cheap for what it does. “We have started selling Rocketgro peat free which is sourced within 15 miles from us and is proving to be very popular in-store and online.I have used the new compost at home so know how it works and any tricks I pass onto the staff if they don’t garden for when they are getting asked questions. The feed value in the peat free is great and young plants love it, just the watering side is harder as the compost does not change colour like peat does.” Kevin Turley of Lakeside Plant Centre comments: “We’ve had a slight increase but nothing major. Compost is on track with last year, but the peat free side has not altered either way. It is mostly ladies who are buying peat free. Our traditional gardeners like what they like which is the likes of Jacks Magic. “I am always keen to our bit, but it is down to the end consumer what we sell. I have just brought in fatballs in boxes rather than buckets and it has strangely knocked sales a little, I am not sure why as it is priced the same. I am very much a dinosaur and I like what I like but will carry on stocking what customers want and trying to offer all the full mix of options.”

Neudorff’s new sustainability report Neudorff is proud to publish its latest sustainability report – making it one of the few medium-sized companies in the green sector to do so in recent years. The current version of the digital “Magazine for Sustainability 2020” can be found online at The report is based on the 17 goals for sustainable development defined by the United Nations.

Sustainability is in Neudorff ff’s f DNA. The manufacturer of environmentally friendly plant care products has been working assiduously for many years to become increasingly sustainable in all areas of the company. Part of this process has been to define goals and conduct regular reviews on what has already been achieved. The current Magazine for Sustainability informs employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders on the company’s activities, its vision and ongoing goals. A summary of the Neudorff fff Sustainability report includes the company’s medium-term goal is to lower its own CO2 footprint, as well as continuing to protect resources by committing to increasing the amount of raw materials it uses that are of a domestic, or even regional, origin. The report also outlines how fff has also already achieved climate-neutral Neudorff production at all its facilities through the generation

of its own green energy and, where applicable, will continue to off ffset f unavoidable emissions with climate protection certificates. Elsewhere, Neudorff fff highlights its use of hydropower, photovoltaics and combined heat and power to generate the energy its uses in its manufacturing process, with the report also outlining the company’s ongoing conversion of its company vehicle fleet to electromobility. Additionally, the company takes its responsibilities as an employer very seriously and within the Sustainability report explains more about this, including how each year it provides a training programme for young people, employing, on average, two thirds of them. As a company driven by equality, the report also showcases the proportion of women in managerial positions at ff,f which currentlystands at 35%; 7% higher Neudorff than the German average according to Statista*.

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Peat-free gardening bit baffled by the amount of range and choice, so we are looking to have more information boards to help customers understand. “We have had more questions regarding peat free and how to use it correctly. Many new gardeners don’t actually know what peat is, they just read peat free and ask what it is. I also believe we are getting more questions in general because we have a lot of new customers and new gardeners in store. “We try and find new suppliers with sustainable stories not just in compost but also things like recycled plastic pots, truck tyre edging, bamboo pots and this year will be no different. In terms of compost though, we want to be able to offer our customers the best of both worlds. Some peat and some peat free options. Colin Dale, Category Head Plants & Gardening, Notcutts Garden Centres told GTN: “We are over 60% peat free in our sales and it is moving fast. “I think all types of gardeners are concerned about doing the right thing. “The bad reputation on the old peat-free composts is stopping some people buying and price will also be a factor. “We will definitely be seeking out even more products with a sustainable story when we visit the trade shows this summer!” James Debbage, Owner, Green Pastures Plant Centre says: “We are getting an increasing number of customers asking for and buying peat-free growing media. It’s very much expected as the norm by many customers now compared to two years ago. “It seems to me that there are two main groups buying peat free. There are the ‘new’, often younger gardeners who probably only started the hobby during lockdown. At the other end of the scale the more experienced gardeners are also ‘giving it a try’ because they feel it’s the right thing to do. In most cases its media influence which is bringing their attention to the issue. “As well as offering a ‘value’ peat-free option for inexperienced or unsure gardeners, we have very much been concentrating on very premium quality peat-free brands which the experienced gardeners are becoming to know and trust. We have had to cut our margin to try and make it more affordable, but I hope to change this as we build the level of sales. So far, I have been very pleased with how its performing and I will be increasing my range. “There is still a huge chunk of customers either totally oblivious to the issue or feel it doesn’t really concern them. Trust is also a huge factor as a lot of gardeners still don’t have the confidence in the quality of peat free and just want the best compost. “The questions we normally get come about after somebody has had a bad experience with it. “I’ve already been adding more products

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Helping gardeners find the right products for peat free gardening will be increasingly more important

More information

If you’d like to add your comments about peat free gardening and growing media sales please e-mail trevor@

with a sustainable story this season and will be looking for more.” The last comment comes from John Ainscow, Owner, Summerseat and Bradley Fold Garden Centres who started us on this journey of understanding the peat issue back in 2020 : “Peat-free composts are definitely becoming more popular in our neck of the woods including some of the more expensive lines. There’s probably a slight majority of the peat-free buyers who are confirmed gardeners. Habitual repeat buying of the product that a customer knows the name of has a considerable bearing on continued peat usage but price and uncertainty about peat-free products performance has also detracted from their appeal. It should be noted that apart from one peat free compost (Westlands New Horizon) none of our staff can voice an accurate, honest opinion on the performance of the new peat free lines as they are new to all of us. We’ve not had many questions; I think it’s a more a case of let’s give it a go for the sake of the planet. “If all the peat products are available in 2023 then our range will remain similar, that is more or less 50/50 on facings but new, innovative products will always be of interest. We’ve also had good sales from the Real Soil Company’s product, although more expensive than the usual blended topsoil it seems to ring the same bell that the non-peat brigade listens too.”

Success with peat-free gardening

As well as its peat-o-meter signage Ayletts is leading the way with linked products to help with peat-free growing. Its merchandising unit at the entrance to the growing media area contains various products that will aid growing success. Haskinshas also picked up on the fact that Westland’s Boost has been specifically developed for peatfree gardening. It has a unique water management system, which effectively ‘makes water wetter’. This almost eliminates leaching, making it better for the environment and is much faster and easier to water.

Change your soil for good Our biochar products improve soil structure, aeration, water-holding capacity and nutrient retention. They also provide a refuge for beneficial microbes, which we add to improve plant health. Our 100% Peat Free products are approved by the Soil Association and Biodynamic Association.


more abou ut

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What’s more, our enriched biochar sequesters (locks) CO2 into the ground. So as well as improving the health of your soil, you are doing your bit to help the environment too.



Find out more

Planet-friendly fire logs powered by coffee. Coffee Logs are exempt from Ready to Burn and approved for sale by DEFRA.

Organic based lawn fertilisers to put a smile on your face

Made entirely from renewable resources 100% Peat free

Our vision is one of creating sustainable products which will enhance the environment

Soil Association approved


West Country Soil Improvement Limited, Rainbarrow Farm AD Plant, Martinstown, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 9JF Tel. 01305 267886

The Orchard • Chiddingfold iddi f l Road • Dunsfold • Nr Godalming • Surrey • GU8 4PB. Tel: 01483 200976 • •


The first All Purpose Plant Food optimised for peat free composts

As the peat content in many composts is reduced or removed altogether, it is important to choose a plant feed that works in all growing media types. Ensuring your plants receive the correct levels of nutrients and water is particularly important in peat-free composts. Boost has been formulated with the perfect blend of nutrients and a unique water management technology to work in peat-free composts to ensure nutrients and water are continuously available to maintain healthy plants. Producing four times more blooms compared to watering alone, this revolutionary product makes application faster and more effective. Boost will be available from February 2022 with eye-catching ‘blooming’ displays available for point of sale. A £1 million advertising campaign will be launched in May 2022.





Bedding plants versus unfed




To maximise sales in your centre with vibrant displays and engaging content please contact Eliza Murley:

Sustainability Directory for 2022


Steve Harper, Southern Trident with the 2021 Glee New Product Sustainability Award for their Harmony Gardens range. Who will win the award for 2022? Find out at Glee on Wednesday 29th June.

Sustainability Directory for 2022

Add to your Sustainability Credentials for 2022 DJ Turfcare Equipment Ltd DJ Turfcare’s 100% chemical-free range of organic-based fertilisers includes the highly recognisable, RHSendorsed MO Bacter Lawn Fertiliser, MO Bacter Instant, Bio-Lime, Recovery, Lawn Boost and Autumn Lawn Treatment. All have been created to ensure they only positively impacts the environment.

EKJU craft products using the most durable timber from FSC well managed forests. If well maintained EKJU Picnic Tables will last as long as it takes to grow a tree.

6 Elements Outdoor Living Eco manufactured Fire Pits, Fireplaces and Wood Burners for sustainable outdoor living. Stainless steel outdoor fire products designed for life. Hand built and made in Britain. A.Mir & Co.Ltd Sold for over 25 years our wide range of Plantation Acacia furniture is sourced from managed forests. Our new Faro collection of PP plastic furniture is 100% fully recyclable.

20 years old EKJU Picnic Table



ere is our Sustainability Directory for 2022. We hope you find it useful and use the listings to get in touch with the companies for more information. We’ll be keeping this directory updated and on-line throughout 2022 so if any other suppliers would like to be included please contact Alan Burdon on 01733775700 or by e-mail


Shopping Basket Made From 100 Recycled Materials Formbar have a large range of environmentally sustainable shopping trolleys and baskets available. Pictured is our exclusive UK manufactured hand basket made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste plastic. Strong and durable it is even fully recyclable. If you are looking for a cleaner greener trolley or basket for your customers to use when shopping in your store then contact Formbar. £5.95 Each. Formbar Limited.

Acopia Group Announcing Nest - our 100% eco-friendly ecommerce range that’s fully recyclable and has FSC accreditations! Mailing and protective wrapping solutions for all your ranges – from gifts to fashion to plants Adios Plastic Compostable dog poo bags that don't cost the Earth. Certified HOME compostable, our poo bags are plant based and will naturally breakdown leaving no micro-plastics behind. Agralan Ltd 30 years ago Agralan began to offer gardeners non-chemical products for pest control. Early products included insect traps and Enviromesh. The range has grown and now includes biological controls. Andy Campbell Consulting Team facilitation to coordinate all sustainability activity right across the business, to create a definitive sustainability development plan. Apollo Gardening Ltd We’re working hard to make our great-value gardening ranges more sustainable.We’re eliminating single-use plastics from our supply chain wherever possible and switching the materials we use to recycled alternatives. B Green B GREEN works actively with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our products are made from and with natural materials e.g. our clay pots are fired using Rice Husks.

Green Olive Firewood Co. Green Olive Firewood Co is an approved & assured manufacturer of superior firewood, cooking woods & charcoals. Their brand values are to use natural, ethical & sustainable materials as reflected in the honest & homely branding proven to be a preferred choice. Green Olive Firewood Co. Affordable range with retail marketing support T: 0203 0181918 E: W:’

34 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022

Marriages launched 100% recyclable Wild Bird Food packaging, made from 100% recycled material, that is also 100% bio-degradable at Glee 2021.

Sustainability Directory for 2022 Bathgate Silica Sand Ltd Bathgate Horticulture products are packaged in 100% recyclable packaging, which contains 30% recycled plastic. Raw materials are all responsibly sourced and our new product offerings are high quality peat free. bio-bean Ltd Coffee Logs are made from recycled coffee grounds collected from UK coffee shops. They help reduce landfill waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. Bio-bean is a Certified BCorporationTM. Burgon & Ball Burgon & Ball is working to reduce plastic across its tool and gifting ranges, with a move to recyclable cardboard packaging and vegetablebased inks. Plastic secondary packaging is also significantly reduced.

EcoLine A natural choice for passionate gardeners. GARDENA Ecoline is the first range of high quality gardening tools in the market that is the made with significant shares of recycled consumer plastics. With packaging made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard and printed with water based high tech ink. Sustainably made. Aesthetically designed. Durably built.

Capi Europe Dutch company Capi Europe has been awarded the CO2 Neutral® Product label for its climate-neutral production methods. Every flowerpot from the Made in Holland collection will have this quality mark. Concept Research UK made and designed for 26 years, our products are environmentally friendly and effective alternatives to poisons and traps. Distributed direct from our Hertfordshire factory to minimise our carbon footprint. Creative Products Creative Products are focusing on sustainability from switching to fully recyclable, eco-friendly packaging to sourcing products which re-use household items like water bottles to ensure we are helping the environment. Ecofective The ecofective® Child and Pet Safe range is designed to meet the increasing demand for safer home and garden care, consisting of feed, control and cleaning products.

Leon Boots EVA is an extremely clever product & already used by other leading footwear suppliers like Adidas, Nike & Sketchers in running footwear. EVA Foam is the most frequently used closed cell material within footwear production that offers excellent heat insulation, shock absorption, high flexibility, moisture resistance & recycled in many other forms like gym mats. It’s considered eco-friendly because it is BPA Free & does not contain chlorides unlike all PVC or PU wellingtons. All our products are produced/manufactured within Poland & all boxed using recycled cardboard so reducing carbon footprint on travel & production costs.

elho We call it the beauty of waste. 80% made from recycled plastic, 100% recyclable. We recycled 8,400,000 kg of plastic waste this year plus we manufacture with 100% wind energy. Ergrownomics Producing self-watering raised-planters to last a lifetime - with a 40-year design-life & a 10-year warranty. Made entirely in the UK. Widely recyclable, with fully recycled containers also available. Evergreen Garden Care New Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics™ is a new range of 100% organic growing products which performs as good as conventional feeding products and is fully certified by Organic Farmers and Growers. Fallen Fruits At Fallen Fruits we are proud to reduce our impact on the environment through using recycled materials where possible, FSC Certified Wood and dramatically cutting down transportation distance of products.

Lifestyle Garden LifestyleGarden® is made by outdoor lovers for outdoor lovers. Sustainability remains at the centre of all we do and as a guiding principle in everything we do. We create timeless and beautiful pieces of furniture made for the modern lifestyle, combining international design and production expertise with ethically sourced materials that can be enjoyed year-round, including the ground-breaking DuraOcean® and new for 2022 Nassau range made from Social Plastic® from Plastic Bank.

Fatty’s Organic Spirits Soil Association certified 100% organic, handcrafted vegan-friendly spirits. From bottling to branding, our sustainable values are paramount. For the conscious consumer who wants to feel good about what they drink.

Honeyfield’s High Energy Mix 5kg A high energy formulation containing suet pellets, as well as ingredients sourced from Fair to Nature farms. These farms dedicate at least 10% of their land to helping regenerate wildlife through wetland, flower rich habitats and sustaining grassland. The packaging is 100% Recycled, Recyclable and Biodegradable – made from 100% post-industrial recycled material and sourced within 50 miles of the Honeyfield’s manufacturing site.

Dalefoot Compost won the Sustainability Award at the GIMA Awards in November 2021 for their wool based growing media and their peatland restoration work.

Honeyfield’s RRP: £13.99 Email:

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Sustainability Directory for 2022

Norfolk Leisure Buy with confidence from Norfolk Leisure Lifestyle Limited The weave on all our furniture is environmentally friendly using non-toxic and 100% recyclable materials. We are certified to LOFAssured no. 10010 and FSC Chain of Custody Licence Code -FSC-C107679. All LIFE teak is made from 100% Indonesian legal wood with SVLK certification. All products are fully compliant with current regulations 01553 811717

Pot-mate Pot-mate is simple yet highly efficient solution to container gardening problems. The innovative tripod design creates air flow, drainage and manoeuvrability eliminating unsightly stains to patios and decking. Pot-mate is available in three sizes to suit pots up to 360mm base diameter. Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled polymer. E-mail Phone 03301755765

Rubber Revolution

Preventing millions of rubber tyres from reaching landfill each year, Primeur’s multiaward-winning Eco Garden collection is breathing new life into this utilitarian material. The collection includes self-watering planters, stepping-stones, garden borders and decking. Primeur

Coco & Coir and Harmony Gardens A wide range of compressed coir brick and bagged, loose growing media, all of which are peat-free and based on natural coconut coir and other recycled bi-products. These include seed & cutting compost, multi-purpose composts, mulches, growbag, top soil and soil improver plus basket liners and other growing accessories. Packed in eco-friendly packaging. Southern Trident Ltd RRP: Various Launched: 14/9/2020 and 14/9/21 Video links: UCEOE3qu05NvQLqjfni_ZulA

36 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022

Formbar Limited Formbar Limited have a wide range of products made from recycled materials, including trolley baskets and plastic trolleys. Contact us for more information or visit our website. Funkit World Limited trading as Scrunch Scrunch offers sustainable recyclable reusable 100% silicone travel products for kids. Roll them, fold them, scrunch them, buckets, watering cans, scoops and much more, designed to squash into small spaces. Garden Pride Marketing Limited Garden Pride manufacture in the UK using raw steel which is the most recycled product in the UK, all off-cuts are reused, and the steel is milled in the UK. Garland Products Garland Products/Worth Gardening is proud to be a sustainable manufacturer. For over 55 years, we have only used 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic on every possible product we manufacture. Goodchaps Our fish is sustainably sourced from trusted UK fish merchants, our toys are hand made from 100% unbleached cotton and all of our packaging is plastic free and biodegradable. Greenworks Greenworks specialise in cordless garden machinery, convenient, emissions free solutions for garden tasks. With a range of voltage platforms, 24v, 40v, 48v & 60v, we have the perfect garden tool. Growth Technology Ltd The Focus Range of Repotting Mixes is now Peat Free (apart from Carnivorous Repotting Mix) and in recyclable plastic bags for great results in a sustainable way. Handy Distribution The UK’s largest garden machinery wholesaler, offering leading brands such as Webb, Greenworks, The Handy, Q Garden, Flymo, Kärcher, Bosch, McCulloch, Solo, Walsall Wheelbarrows and many more. Henri Studio / Stonecasters LLC Our products are Made OF America. We are from the earth.... Indiana limestone, Illinois sand and cement plus Lake Michigan water combine to make fountains and statuary that beautify gardens for decades. Henry Bell The Henry Bell Wild Bird Food range comes in recyclable packaging. Using an innovative single source polymer laminate that can be recycled, the packaging protects the foods within each bag. History & Heraldry Eco-friendly Bamboo Crew kids cups, Top Bloke bamboo socks and fragrant natural soy-blend Heart & Home candles. Top-selling, reusable and recyclable personalised gifts, beautifully designed with sustainability at heart. Honeyfields Nature Friendly Farming - Helping feed the nations favourite birds and committed to conserving British wildlife. Dedicated to continually supporting biodiversity and innovating new, highly nutritious bird food. Hownd Welcome to HOWND, creators of 100% plant-based pet food, treats and grooming products which are Cruelty Free International Certified, Vegetarian (Vegan) Society certified and Ethical Company Accredited. Hygeia Hygeia continue to develop their ‘Nature Safe’ Range of products making up 80% of their NPD for 2022. This range continues to deliver on our sustainable and environmentally friendly strategy. Keel Toys Ltd Keeleco soft toys manufactured from recycled plastic waste. 100% recycled 100% huggable KinderGarden Plants Young plants supplied in recyclable paper pot/labels. All items of POS collected and refurbished every year so less correx/plastic being sent to landfill.

Sustainability Directory for 2022 LG Outdoor We’re always looking for ways we can be more environmentally conscious. That’s why all of our cushions feature EcoCore, a filling that’s made out of recycled plastic bottles. Melcourt Industries Ltd All Melcourt products are 100% peat-free and made in the UK. Key ingredients come from UK forest residue. Our packing is 100% recyclable, with30% made from recycled materials. Natural Grower Natural fertiliser products that are certified organic, vegan and biodynamic. Sustainably produced, eco-friendly, chemical free and safe for wildlife. Packaging contains 30% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. Norfolk Leisure Here at Norfolk Leisure Lifestyle Ltd our stock of Keter products are 100% recyclable, designed to last and have no waste from production. Sustainability is the key focus behind their packaging, transportation and waste. They continue to have a zero-production policy of any single use product helping to combat the global concern of single use plastics. Nostrand Ltd Dear reader; Nostrand Ltd is dedicated to continue to source materials from sustainable sources again into 2021. It is an honour to service this industry and support the gardening world. Poétic SAS Poétic SAS is specialised in finding innovative solutions for a sustainable assortment. With their new family JOY, they offer colourful planters made of consumer waste – a real circular economy. Primeur Ltd Primeur’s EcoGarden range has set the benchmark for sustainable material innovation, and helped garden retailers offer products which deliver profitability, repeat sales and meet consumer demand for environmentally friendly products. Que Fresco Ltd Distributors of Monolith Kamado ceramic BBQ’s with lifetime warranty; Smokey Olive Wood EU sourced solar dried BBQ wood dust, chips, chunks & pellets; FSC Certified Charcoal. An environmentally balanced company. ReadyBlaze Winterfuels READYBLAZE: Quality winterfuels in recyclable packs, kiln-dried to less than 20% for hotter, cleaner burn and reduced emissions. Every tree cut down from sustainable forests is replaced by 8 new ones. Remin (Scotland) Ltd Enjoy ‘CARBON CAPTURE GARDENING’ with REMIN – award-winning, UK sourced, organically certified volcanic rock dust. Rejuvenating tired soil, improving compost and home composting, REMIN is also recommended for tree planting.

Artificial Christmas Trees Ground-breaking carbon offset Artificial Christmas Trees from SnowTime. In 2022 SnowTime are launching a collection of Artificial Christmas Trees which will form part of their future carbon offsetting strategy. SnowTime believe by planting sustainable trees to offset any carbon produced from this collection will give consumers comfort in knowing they are purchasing a Christmas Tree that has sustainability credentials. SnowTime (By Trans-Continental Group Ltd) / 01253 207799

Ad-bag from Tri-Star Boost sales sustainably with Ad-bag. The reusable digitally printed paper carrier bag. Ad-bag use a high quality print technology ideal for short production runs. Print your design from as low as 250 pieces. With no origination charges and flexible UK manufacture Ad-bag is ideal for seasonal promotions, charity fundraising, special offers and loyalty rewards. Tri-Star Packaging

Seedball A brand to inspire and help more people grow native wildflowers. Made with UK-sourced seed, peat-free compost. Over 300,000 balls donated to schools and community groups each year. Southern Trident Ltd 100% PEAT-FREE growing media based on natural coconut coir and other recycled bi-products. Transported using carefully selected shipping lines, supporting our carbon emission offset programs. Working tirelessly to reduce packaging to a minimum. Part of our constant commitment towards sustainability. Spear & Jackson Committed to improving sustainability through positive changes to product packaging across its range of garden tools, including removal of unfriendly plastics and increased use of sustainably sourced material

RotoSpa Ltd UK manufactured RotoSpa Hot Tubs are designed to minimise impact on the environment. Minimum energy consumption, through futuristic insulation coupled with Super Eco Pumps and EcoSpa Heating for well being.

Stroodles Stroodles are pasta straws: 100% biodegradable (wheat + water), 1h+ strong, flavourless and edible. Stroodles is a Movement, inspiring small sustainable changes ‘one Stroodle at a time’!

Wildlife World’s Natural Rubber Seed Trays were voted Best New Product by members of the media at The Garden Press Event in March 2022.

Dobbies scooped the RHS Chelsea Sustainability Product of the Year Award at Chelsea Flower Show in May 2022, presented to them by Deborah Meaden.

GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022 37

Sustainability Directory for 2022

Vitax: Organic Feeds Vitax is committed to helping gardeners choose eco-friendly, natural gardening products through further investment in its organic range and recyclable packaging to reduce plastic waste. New additions to its organic range include Vitax Organic All Purpose Plant Food and Vitax Organic Tomato Food which contain 100% natural, plant-based ingredients and come in a recyclable bottle, which contains 30% recycled plastic waste. Both are approved by Organic Farmers & Growers and bee-friendly. RRP: Organic All Purpose Plant Food – £7.99 / Organic Tomato Food - £5.99 E: T: 01530 510060 W:

Taylors Bulbs Each September we drill wildflower and bird seed mixture around our daffodil fields. In 2020, we planted 2km of native hedgerow as habitat and food for birds, bees, butterflies, hedgehogs. The Bransford Webbs Plant Company Reduced peat, recyclable pots and increased use of biological controls continue to be at the forefront of nursery production for Bransford Webbs. Follow us on social media for regular updates. The Handy The Handy offers a range of garden and machinery products for almost everything whether it be for tilling, moving, clearing, logging, cutting, shredding, spraying, spreading, or rolling. Thorndown Ltd Water-based paints using VOC free colour pigments and 100% recycled plastic resin. UK factory using green energy, recyclabletins & FSC cardboard + compostable packaging. Wood Paint extends life of timber.

Clever Pots Easy Release Pots and Saucers These easy release propagation pots enable growth and removal of seedlings and young plants without damage to roots. The flexible ribbed base loosens and releases the soil and seedlings from the pot and are designed to be reused over multiple seasons. Available in 4 sizes of pots and 2 supporting saucer sizes, each in packs of 5.

Company Name: Kin Ltd RRP: Pots £2- £5 and saucers £2- £2.50 Launch Date: Aug 2021

Woodlodge We constantly tackle energy efficiency, waste reduction and reduce our environmental impact. The energy we use to power our warehouses and offices comes from our own wind turbine, supplemented by a renewable electricity supplier. We actively seek suppliers who share our efforts to minimise waste. Some of our key pot ranges are made from 100% recycled plastic or bamboo, whilst our furniture is made from well-managed, sustainable sources. Phone: 01666 501000 Email:

Hortiwool Versatile Garden Pad, is made using 100% British Wool. It can be utilised in a variety of ways, including as fleece for frost protection, mulch, to line hanging baskets or as a growing medium. Wool’s amazing natural properties also mean that the pad can be used for extra hydration, nutrition, or even pest control against slugs and snails.

Traeger Traeger is committed to producing premium BBQ wood pellets without contributing to illegal deforestation. Our Sustainable Wood Sourcing Policy requires wood entering our supply chain to be sourced legally, sustainably, and where possible, FSC chain of custody certified. To achieve our sustainable wood goals, we depend on recycled wood chips, wood dust, and reclaimed wood to produce our wood pellets. TWIG from Floramedia Made from FSC® wood TWIG is a natural product suitable for home composting. A label can be fastened to top or bottom with little risk of rotation. Ustigate Waterplay Catch that wave of excitement! Explosive fun for all! Keeping our environment and planet in mind. Making spectacular family days out. Free Design Promotion Code: SP21 Tel: 01322 424445 Voyager Life Hemp is a sustainable crop which thrives without pesticides and is not water intensive. We use biodegradable wrapping such as cellulose, glass bottles and recyclable plastic where possible. Webb Webb has a long history of producing quality value for money garden machinery. A wide range of lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, brush cutters and more for perfect garden maintenance. Westland Horticulture Westland’s green growth plan reduces environmental impact across 3 key areas. 1. Sustainable growing media strategy 2. Recyclable packaging and reduction of single use plastics. 3. Helping plants protect themselves. Zest 4 Leisure Zest 4 Leisure’s sustainable garden products and furniture are thoughtfully designed and made from responsibly sourced FSC certified timber from managed forests. Enjoy the benefits of wood – for more sustainability. Veg Trug VegTrug are known for dominating the raised bed market, whilst also giving a conscious thought to sustainability. All wooden products sold by VegTrug are responsibly sourced 100% FSC Certified timber from managed forests.

38 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2022

Helping businesses grow for over 55 years Working with horticulture retailers for over five decades, Fordingbridge take pride in providing aesthetic, practical & high quality canopies to the Garden Centre industry. Thinking about providing a weather-protected retail space for your customers...? Think Fordingbridge.

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