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SUSTAINABILITY DIRECTORY FOR 2021 B Green B GREEN works actively with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our products are made from and with natural materials e.g. our clay pots are fired using Rice Husks. We use recycled products wherever possible. All print material is cradle to cradle. Contact:

The EcoGro Family: EcoGro Booster, EcoGro Bloomer, EcoGro Ericaceous During lockdown, gardening has been a welcome distraction and considered to be essential to healthy wellbeing. Even if you do not have a garden, these products are suitable for small spaces.

Terraces • Balconies • Walls & Fences • Limited ground space The Grow Bags are: Made from 100% post-consumer plastics • Re-usable • Easily folded and stored • Responsible alternative to rigid pots • Promotional • Customisable

The EcoGro Family are a range of eco-friendly plant foods. Made using natural ingredients, they help the long term health of plants and soil. The family includes: EcoGro Booster for fruit and vegetables; EcoGro Bloomer for flowering plants; and EcoGro Ericaceous for acid-loving plants. They are made using the by-products from anaerobic digesters on EcoGro’s farms. EcoGro RRP: £9.99 /

Bloomin AmazingTM Rich Planting Stuff

Fatty’s Organic Spirits

This sustainable, renewable, organic and peat-free soil enricher is the first garden product to be packed in a revolutionary biodegradable bag. The innovative packaging is programmed to decompose completely into CO2 and water if discarded in the environment. Its’ unique properties also mean that when recycled, it behaves like normal plastic film. Ideal for successfully establishing all new plants

Multi award-winning London Dry Gin, 100% organic and Soil Association accredited. Recently shortlisted as ‘The nations favourite organic product’ by Soil Association and winner of 2 stars at The Great Taste Awards. Handcrafted spirits that have sustainability at the heart of all we do; available in 20cl and 70cl bottles, and as part of gift sets, which are FSC certified.

West Country Soil Improvement Ltd. £5.99 inc VAT or e-mail Nick at or call to speak to us on 01305 889525

RRP: £16 - £45

Agralan Ltd. 30 years ago Agralan began to offer gardeners non-chemical products for pest control. Early products included insect traps and Enviromesh. The range has grown and now includes biological controls. Andy Campbell Consulting Team facilitation to coordinate all sustainability activity right across the business, to create a definitive sustainability development plan. bio-bean Ltd Coffee Logs are made from recycled coffee grounds collected from UK coffee shops. They help reduce landfill waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. Bio-bean is a Certified BCorporationTM. Bramblecrest Bramblecrest is increasing the ranges which feature ‘Eco Cushions’ made with recycled plastic bottle technology. This soft-touch fabric retains the durable and water-resistant qualities expected from a premium outdoor cushion. Capi Europe Dutch company Capi Europe has been awarded the CO2 Neutral® Product label for its climate-neutral production methods. Every flowerpot from the Made in Holland collection will have this quality mark. Concept Research UK made and designed for 25 years, our products are environmentally friendly and effective alternatives to poisons and traps. Distributed direct from our Hertfordshire factory to minimise our carbon footprint.

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