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Primeur’s Eco Garden Collection The multi award-winning Eco Garden Collection from Primeur is setting the benchmark for sustainable material innovation. Made from recycled rubber tyres that would otherwise be headed for landfill, where they’d take more than 80 years to decompose, the offering is backed by Primeur’s ‘Recycle, Reform, Remake’ ethos which is helping to create real standout at the point of purchase, boosting profits and repeat custom for garden retailers. At the heart of Primeur’s ultratough collection are Tierra Verde Recycled Rubber Planters – a game changer in the pots and containers category and proud winner of the coveted Sword of Excellence and Decorative Garden Pots and Planters Category Winner at the 2019 GIMA Awards. Engineered for all seasons, these unbreakable planters not only divert materials from landfill and give them a new lease of life, but their robustness eliminates the risk of damage in transit and in store. As an added bonus, weather and frost-resistant Tierra Verde planters come with a self-watering base, raising their appeal to consumers by allowing them to be used both inside homes and outdoors. Border edging is another area where traditional products have been notoriously susceptible to breakages in the past, but the cost of wastage has been consigned to history with Primeur’s Eco Garden Border Collection. Also made from recycled rubber, this lightweight alternative to heavy stone and concrete will not shatter or crack if

Sustainable watering solutions from GARDENA GARDENA Micro Drip System

bent. In fact, the nature of rubber allows these borders to be flexible, helping consumers to curve and flow around existing lines in their gardens. Easy to secure with spikes provided, the Border Collection comes in a range of attractive designs including Roman Stone, Scallop, Rockwall, Brick and Stones. The same all-season durability is engineered in Primeur’s Eco Stone Stepping-Stone Collection – a much softer alternative to hard landscaping materials in the event of trips and falls – and Recycled Rubber Deck Tiles, a safer substitute for decking that won’t rot or become slippery unlike traditional timber structures. For easy, high-impact merchandising, Primeur’s ranges are supplied palletised or on display stands, with full colour point-of-sale materials that highlight recycled rubber’s unbreakable toughness, as well as its environmentally friendly, child and pet safe, and mould- and rot-resistant characteristics.

• Water-conserving irrigation for potted plants, borders/vegetable beds and hedge rows • Save up to 70% water, when using a micro drip irrigation system • Enhances growth and health of plants

GARDENA Water Control • Automatic irrigation for sprinklers and micro drip systems • When paired with a Soil Moisture sensor, it reduces unnecessary watering if the soil moisture level is sufficient • Safe Stop Technology ensures 100% safe closing, and no water wastage

GARDENA EcoPulse Comfort Cleaning Nozzle • The Oscillating nozzle saves up to 40% water with improved cleaning performance on surfaces when compared to standard hard cleaning jets

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