GTN September 2021 - Garden Trade News, UK

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New for 2022

Hozelock is launching a variety of new products, including an exciting expansion to the growing Hozelock Pure range with a step into a new category - garden composting! With the new EasyM Mix 2-in-1, a tumbling composter with unique features, gardeners can recycle their food and garden waste efficiently. Hozelock’s EasyMix 2-in-1 composter boasts quick composting times and an innovative ‘Click & Spray’ feature – a high-nutrient compost liquid is collected under the drum, then the user can simply click and connect it to a hose to easily fertilise their garden!

Save water and time with Hozelock’s automatic watering range

Weed without chemicals

Hozelock’s micro irrigation system allows the user to direct water exactly where it is required through a bespoke pipeline of components. Make the system automatic, with the new Select Plus Controller - its large, easy to use LCD screen allows flexible programming of any three schedules a day suited to the gardener’s needs.

The new Green Power Turbo Gas weeder is the most effi fficcient cordless weeder on the market - 2x faster, 4xx more economical*. It can be used with a gas cartridge for greater freedom of movement or connect to a gas hose and bottle with the integrated adapter for a very high degree of autonomy. Equipped with a wheel to easily manoeuvre around the garden. *ccompared to a standard Ga s Weeder operating with a gas cartridge.

New spray guns Our best-selling spray guns have an all-new design, bringing more comfort to garden watering and making it even easier to save water. The smooth flow control allows you to reduce water usage by up to 50%. Plus, by adjusting between a high power jet for cleaning, or gentle watering for flowers, you can choose exactly the right amount of wateer for every task whilst protecting your more delicate plants.