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Glee New Products 2021

Ergrownomic Planter A modern raised planter which fits discretely and complements the space with its contemporary design with a choice of colours & heights. The system is extremely productive with irrigation, filter-drainage and patented plant-training, and can pay for itself in less than a year, with a 10-year warranty! Manufactured sustainably in the UK by soil-scientists, the system allows everyone to grow productively, reliably, cleanly, and comfortably from extremely compact spaces using easy-to-follow, beginner guidance! - 8A51

Ergrownomics: The Two Planter twin planter

ARS Pruning reaching new heights. Since the launching of ARS Corporation back in 1876 a lot has changed from their first “Tobacco Hocho” a knife to cut Tobacco. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Hocho does not make todays catalogue of products, but there are now 120 of the finest cutting tools available worldwide to choose from. All manufactured in Japan using the highest quality steel and all hold the traditional ARS core values from 145 years ago – Quality and innovation leading to satisfaction and deep impression. Focusing predominantly on perfecting the more common tool such as handsaws, shears secateurs and loppers it took until 1995 for ARS to burst through the ceiling of the pruning market with the first long reach pruner. A device now so commonly used amongst professional gardeners, aspiring gardeners, and the older gardener. The lightweight aspect and ability to cut stems cleanly and accurately, coupled with the ability to stay grounded as appose to up a 6ft ladder (or higher!) has proved as popular as dreamed. Today the ARS range, which is founded and handed through 4 generations of the Takigawa family, is available in the UK through Sorbus International Ltd – also a family-owned business who have been working closely with ARS since 2010. The 2nd generation of Sorbus is now coming through and is adding energy and optimism to where they can take this “sleeping giant” ARS (Always. Razor. Sharp.). | 01373 475540

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