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Glee 2021 become a bigger motivator going forward. “We all sell a very similar range of products, and it is important to present them differently from competition, GLEE is a great place to get stimulating ideas on how to present and promote products. “Of course, I am looking forward to attending GLEE, especially after no trade shows for the last two years as are all our buyers.” Carol Paris, Rosebourne CEO commented: “We are really looking forward to getting back to Glee and meeting with suppliers and peers from across the industry. We will be seeking out innovative products across all categories and looking for opportunities to tailor the product to suit our customer demographics. “The drive for sustainability has not gone away and nor will it. It is not just the sustainability of the products themselves but also in the way they are packaged and presented. We are also keen to stock and highlight UKmade/grown products and sharing the stories behind the products with our customers.”

We have had nearly two years without any innovation and newness, so we need innovation to stimulate our customers across all our departments. far east I don’t expect many suppliers to have as much brand new as normal, but I still expect developments and advances. “Sustainability and the environment are still very much a talking point. Many suppliers have already made huge strides forwards in packaging changes and using recycled materials and I think we have now moved from a position where recyclable packaging was desirable to being a must.” The team at British Barden Centres told GTN: “We are looking forward to GLEE and really missed it last year. Key for us is to see existing supplier innovation, new suppliers, and their products. The team will be there in force and can’t wait for the doors to open!” Julian Winfield, Haskins Garden Centres added: “We have had nearly two years without any innovation and newness, so we need innovation to stimulate our customers across all our departments. Over the last two years we have had a lot of new customers visiting our garden centres and we need to be able to show them that our offer and presentation of has moved on since then last visited. GLEE is a great place to visit to stimulate ideas for the next spring season. “As a sector we need to continue developing the range of green products, but in reality, what our customers want is products that work, and the environmental aspect are still secondary. We are all becoming more and more aware of the negative impact our lives have on the environment and so green products will

John Birch at Baytree asks ex England cricket captain Michael Vaughan why Kelkay are not exhibiting at Glee.

John Birch, Baytree Garden centre, took time out from watch test cricket with ex England captain Michael Vaughan to give us his perspective as a landscape area buyer: “I’ll be looking at landscaping, aggregates, slabs, timber etc at Glee. With cement looking to be harder to get hold of this coming year I believe some manufacturers are really going to struggle to keep up with demand, some of our suppliers have found that this year. Hopefully their forecasters will be able to guide them so that through the next few months they can get secure enough stock to be in front of the game. “Timber prices are still up in the air; we have seen increases throughout the season as raw materials have skyrocketed. I’m told that there is a potential for another rise in January due to December’s sale of next seasons quota of timber on the international market. I’ve been told by 2 reliable sources in the garden centre supply chain and 1 area manager for one of the national building suppliers but will be interested at Glee to find out if this is true? “Primeur definitely stood out for me this year with their recycled rubber edgings, they were hugely popular with the customers, and I will be looking to increase their stands at different areas in the garden centre. “Glasglo Pebbles from Decopak (recycled glass) were also popular, as people liked the idea of what it was and where it had come from. “As an observer I’m interested to see what the companies are going to do regarding peat free, not for season 1 but season 2 when the consumer will let us know if it’s any good for their plants. “I’m looking forward to seeing what Mr Harker and Altico brings to the table, Meadow Views patio ranges and aggregate range, Decopaks aggregates and edgings and lastly why aren’t Kelkay exhibiting?”

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