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Supercharged CPL Distribution and its ground-breaking new range of Next Generation Biomass Fuels has created lots of interest at recent trade shows. GTN takes a closer look at this highly successful business. CPL is the UK’s largest manufacturer of solid fuel and has been developing and manufacturing smokeless solid fuels since the 1950s. The company’s success has been built on a relentless focus on new product development driven by the recognition of consumers’ desire for high performance fuels that have a reduced environmental impact. This has seen CPL develop the next generation of smokeless solid fuels that are significantly better for the environment than traditional house coal with lower sulphur, carbon dioxide and smoke particulate emissions. CPL’s latest high performance product is Homefire Supercharged Heat Logs – a superior fuel to all other heat logs and kiln dried firewood with higher temperatures, greatly improved heat output and longer fire life. Designed primarily for the conscientious burner, these logs will keep your customers warm this winter as well as saving them money. The high performing, eco-friendly logs offer the look and feel of burning firewood, with an enhanced heating performance much more like coal. They’re also versatile and suitable for use on open fires, multi-fuel stoves, wood burners and chimeneas. Just take a look at some of the benefits:

For more information: Tel: 01623 860228 commercialteam@cpldistribution.co.uk www.cpldistribution.co.uk

How has CPL supercharged its logs? To produce supercharged fuel, CPL uses a clean, well established industrial process called Torrefaction, which involves heating wood chip in the absence of oxygen at temperatures typically between 200 and 320C. This process drives off moisture and impurities from the wood to produce a very dry product, which has a lot more energy and calorific value than the original wood chip. Homefire Supercharged Heat Logs produce less smoke when burnt compared to seasoned wood and wet wood meaning they are better for the environment too. In fact, you may have seen the subject of the UK’s air pollution problems and smoke emissions making national headlines this year. With this in mind, CPL continues to develop eco-friendly, high quality solid fuels and the company has recently been accredited to Woodsure Ready to Burn Scheme. So any CPL products with the orange Ready to Burn logo means they’re dried to less than 20% moisture content and therefore produce a far superior heat and less smoke emissions than seasoned or wet wood. Homefire Supercharged Heat Logs are one of our key waste management products and one of the first to be launched from CPL’s family of Next Generation Biomass Fuels. This product is not available on the High Street and is a great opportunity for independent garden centres to maximise their margins and move away from stocking seasoned wood or wet wood.

4Ready to Burn 425% more heat than kiln dried logs 4Lasts longer than kiln dried logs 4Water repellent 4Easy to break, clean burning logs 4Great flame picture 4Shrink-wrapped in packs of five 4100% Renewable 4Result of extensive research by CPL


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