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leaf season

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12 days longer since 2000

GROWING SEASON 30 days longer


Autumn equivalent to

april sales

of all gardeners cut back & tidy up*




Compost Maker

30% of consumers make their own compost but most aren’t getting riid of waste effectively, which is damaging for the environment. Westland’s new and improved Garotta Compost Maker makes better quality compost quicker than before. A premerchandised DQP display solution iss available ensuring high visibility and encouraging impulse purchasing. Choose Garotta for a healthy, more sustainable garden.

KENT & STOWE Capabbility Trowel

The game chang ging stainless steel Capability Trowel has a serratted edge for weeding and opening compost ba ags, plus a pointed tip for tackling tough soils. Itt has an accurate planting g depth scale for eassy planting and a strong ham mmer attachment fo or anchoring in posts and stakes with easse. Avvailable with a free estanding displlay uniit, this tool is easy to merchandise.

Kent & Stowe HAND Bulb Planter

A traditionally styled tool made from lightweight carbon steel and a beautiful ergonomic ash handle, the Hand Bulb planter is a key autumn line for Kent & Stowe. With a 10 year guarantee, its serrated edge makes planting bulbs an easy and enjoyable task, aided by a 4” measurement scale. Autumn DQP is available. *2020 Westland RHS Autumn Survey. † Westland Sales Data 2020. ‡ GFK Garden Care 3 yr sales value average. Aftercut All in One Autumn contains Iron Sulphate Heptahydrate. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


of all gardeners plant bulbs*

Garden centres over index for autumn †



Aftercut® All in One Autumn kills moss effectively whilst delivering all the nutrients the lawn needs to withstand the cold winter months. It delivers an immediate greening effect and promotes a strong root system, resulting in a hard-wearing, healthy lawn. The 100m² size is available in a DQP and the 400m² as a pallet deal.


Smart Lawn Seed Fast Start is ideal for sowing in autumn as the unique seed varieties will germinate in cold weather, even when soil temperatures are as low as 7°C. Available as a DQP, your customers can make the smart choice for their lawns with Gro-Sure.


Safelawn is the UK’s fastest growing lawn feed. This child and pet friendly offer is ideal for use in autumn as it contains friendly bacteria that breaks down dead leaves and moss. Added grass seed will help thicken and establish the grass before winter. The 80m² Safelawn is available as a DQP and the 400m² as a full pallet.

DEADFAST SUPERIOR ROODENT CONTROL Take control of rodents this autumn with Dea adfast. Our rodenticides have no genetic resistance e, providing the reassurance needed when pe esky rodents invade the home. Our Catch & Rele ease range of traps and repellers offer humane solutions that are also safe to use around children and pets. The Deadfast range perfectly caters for every household situation.