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GIM MA Golf Day 2021

GIMA Charity Golf Day Re esults tss The Zest 4 Leisure e team were crowned 20 021 Golf Dayy Championss witth 96 points ts. s They were closely fo ollowed by Mr Fothergill’ss in second placce and Imprrint in third. The booby prize was prresented to the Charles Bentley team m.


Fulll Results Zest 4 Leisure: Alwyn Williams, Simon Davison, Liam Barratt, Jess Lanson

1 Zesst 4 Leisure 2 Mr Fothergills 3 Im mprint 4 Wesstland A 5 Hartm man 6 Leisuregrow 7 Evergreen B 8 GIMA 9 Evergreen nA 10 Wesstlan nd B 11 Gaarland/GLEE 12 Su unshine Garden Ceenttre

13 Woo odlod dgee B 14 Woodlo odgge A 15 Haemm merrlin 16 Bathgatte Silica 17 Durstton//Leeon/GTN 18 Vitaax 19 Smart Garden 20 Boughton Loam 21 Southern Trident 22 Garantia 23 Straawberryy Corn ner Garden Centrre 24 Charless Bentley

• Bea at the Pro at the e 111th: Nick Griffin, Stu uart Jenks, Andy Besstwick, Charllie Ro owe, Antonyy Dawson n, Allan Burd don,, Greg Ronalld, Iaan Dunmaker, Paaul Faacey, Simon Neaate, Richard New wto on, James Boodle, Daave Bullivant • Nearest th he Pin at the 4th: • Nearesst th he Pin at the 8tth: • Neare est the Pin n at the 11th: • Nearest the Pin at th he 15th: • Lon ngest Drive at th he 18th: • Nearest the Pin in 2 at the 9th:

Chris Owen Phil Hodgges Simon Neate Jamess Parr Jamess Mitchell Chriis Owen



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11. Ev 11 Everg green A: green A: Ph Phil Harrison, Nick Griiffin, Mike Reid, Simo on Mu ulveyy 12. GIMA A: And dy Bestw wick, Ian Dunnaker, Guy Top pping, Tom Stolworthy 13. Evergreen B: Jo ohn Hunt, Stuart Jenks, Zacch Ockwell, Phil Parke 14. Bathgaate Silica: Collin Sandeerss, Gary Laverick, Matth hew w Biddle, Tony Buggeea 15. Gaaraantia: Patrick Thick, Charllie Row, Bradley Reason n, Geofff Stone


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