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GIM MA Golf Day 2021

Fo ore! Sun shine es on return of GIMA Golf Day GIMA MA A Charity tyy Go olff Day welccomes the in ndustry ryy back with a day of sunshine and friendly competittion


eld d at the new locattion of Belton Wood ds Hotel & Golf Club in Grantthaam, Lincolnshire, thee 11th annu ual GIMA Ch haritty Gollf Day eventt bro ought toggether garden n ind dusstry suppliers and reetailers with twenty-four four ball teams competingg for the highly coveted GIMA Golff trophy. It was a fun n-fifilled day of friendlly competition, reunion ns, networking, fun ndraising, and gloriious sum mmerr sunsshin ne. Post-ggolff the teams enjoyyed d an alfresco barb bequ ue and drinkks,, where prizes werre given for a series of golf competittio ons including neareestt the pin, Beat thee Pro, and longestt drivve, with Andy Beestw wick lending his excelllent comp péring skkills to th he occasion. A raaffle and d auction n - including generou us donations from Leissuregrow and Woodlodge as well as Haemmerlin, Leo on Boots, Primeur, Elho, Capi Europe, Evvergreen Garden Care, A Perry & Co. and d CJ Wildlife - alsso took place, heelpin ng to raise thoussands of po ounds forr the event’’s charityy beneficiaryy, Greeenfifingers. The daay was made possible thhanks to the genero ositty of the many sponsors including Durston Garden Products, Rollins

Bulldogg Tools, Westland Horrticulture, Mr Fotheerggill’s Seeds, Gardennforum, Zest 4 Leisuuree, Decco, Leisuregro ow, Smart Garden Prrod ducts, Hozelock, Hornnby Whitefoot PR,, Darllac, Woodlodge, Vitax, Imprintt, annd the Patio Blackk Spot Removal Compaany. Speaking abo out the day, GIMA Diireector, Vicky Nuttall saaid: “What a fantasticc day. The first in-p perrson event since Marrch 2019 certainly delivered. It was greaat to see the industryy co ome toggether for a day of fu un and neetwo orking and we arre so grattefu ul to everyone forr join ning us safely and d seecurely. It was clearr th hat such events haad been missed, so it waas wonderful to bee able to facilitate this. A huge thank you must go to eveeryon ne that took partt inccluding our sponssorss, those that donated d aucttion and raffle prrizes, and d all those th hat dug deep p and donated to o th he Greenfingers ch harity.” Linda Petron ns, Director of Fundraaisiing & Communicattions at the Greenfinggers Charity said: “On n behalf of everyone at Greenfingerrs Chariity, thank you GIMA for another fab bulou us chariity evvent. Your gen nero osityy throughout the day and into the eveningg is hugely appreciaateed by us all but morre importantly the hundreds of children and families we support.”

Zest 4 Leisure were thee win nners of the GIMA Go olff Dayy 2021, scoring 96 in n th he stab bleford comp petitio on, beeatiing Mr Fotheergillls, who also scored d 96, with a to otaal of 48 on the back 9.

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