GTN January/February 2022 - Garden Trade News, UK

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NEW! Innovation from Clever Pots

Whatever the size of the outdoor space, the Clever Pots range of pots and accessories make pot growing easier. The Clever Pots range support the whole growing season from propagation to plant care with products which are unique, sustainable and great value.

Clever Pots Easy Release Pots and Saucers

enable growth and removal of seedlings and young plants without damage to roots. Easy release bases help to direct strong root growth Makes removing seedlings easy without damaging roots

Clever Pots Propagator

creates the ideal environment for growing seeds into healthy seedlings Easy watering through handles with no need to remove lid and disturb seedlings Visible water level through translucent base to prevent over or under watering

Clever Pots decorative pots range

Clever Pots Drainpipe Pot Holders, Clever Pots Hanging Pots and Clever Pots Downpipe Plant Pots, maximise growing space, especially in small spaces and gardens. Available in 3 decorative colours; charcoal, orchid and sage Increases vertical growing space, making use of unused spaces to maximise growing potential


Shaun Dubberley Head of sales 07776 960998