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Garden Centre Champions

Trevor Pfeiffer , GTN

Editor I'm sure the news has saddened m any in horticultu garden industry. re and the He will be sorely missed as a cham new plants, for do pion for wn to earth gard ening and his un enthusiasm for ev bounded erything that is go od about horticu gardening. Peter lture and always had time for people, and ty press events he alw pically at ays asked the mos t perceptive and questions, but alw difficult ays in a very pleas ant way. All in the world of gardening media will be grateful fo role in setting up r his the Garden Writ ers Guild that be Garden Media Gu came the ild. In particular, Peter wanted all and salaried journ freelance alists to have a vo ice and to celebra success via the Ga te their rden Media Guild Awards. Peter we you for that. thank I last saw Peter at the Westland Pres s Day in Novembe 2021 where the su r bject of peat and peat replacemen talked about earn ts were estly as you can imagine. He was form, asking point on good ed questions of th e Westland team enjoyed his com . We all pany for the day. More recently I co rresponded and spoke about the Letter on Peat wh Open ich has generate d so much covera issues Peter pass ge about ionately felt were being ignored. Pe everything I can ter, I'll do to keep those iss ues on the agenda get a full and prop so that we er story for the ind ustry and all gard about growing m eners edia. All you want ed was for peop and enjoy beautif le to grow ul plants and boun tiful harvests! Thank you for all the support and encouragement have given me ov you er many years. In haste...

“Mr Gardening” - the original gardening superhero

Peter Seabrook MBE, died suddenly at home on Friday 14th January 2022. When the news broke it turned that Sunday into a sad day. We understand he hadn’t been ill and was working with his usual haste but suffered a heart attack at home. What followed was an outpouring of love and affection for a man who touched so many hearts across all parts of horticulture. Obituaries appeared across the world in horticultural trade magazines and in all of the UK national newspapers, even on the front page of The Sun! Here is just a selection of the tributes received at GTN… 4 January / February 2022