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Record year for Choice Marketing

There has never been a better time to join Choice Marketing – Join today and share in the success.


he 43 garden centres that make up Choice Marketing had a bumper Christmas 2021 after sharing a record rebate of over £2.4 million pounds. That’s an average of almost £56k per centre. Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, this long-established group of UK independent garden centre operators have joined together to share their collective knowledge, experience, expertise and buying power, to provide themselves with an undeniable and tangible competitive trading advantage over other operators. Choice Marketing are now actively recruiting new members to strengthen their group and to add to the impressive list of award-winning centres. With members in England, Scotland and Wales, Choice welcome enquiries from across the UK. Could working together with other like-minded businesses be the ideal next step for yours?

Who are Choice Marketing? Highly regarded in the garden retail industry, Choice Marketing has an enviable and wellearned reputation for being one of the leading buying and marketing groups serving the UK. First and foremost, Choice is a collaborative group of like-minded, independent garden centre operators who have come together to learn from each other and to share their collective knowledge, experience and resources to maximise the individual trading performance of each centre. “Our primary function is to combine our significant buying power to procure competitive and advantageous buying and trading terms

10 January / February 2022

from suppliers and service providers, for the benefit of all members,” explains CEO Michelle de Lavis-Trafford. Founded in 2002, Choice Marketing is a selffinancing business, registered as a ‘not for profit’ Limited company, owned exclusively by its members, with each member having an equal shareholding. There are currently 27 members of Choice, operating 43 garden centre sites between them, with a combined gross turnover in excess of £150m.

8 compelling reasons to join Choice Marketing Excellent trading terms and enhanced business relationships with the industry’s leading suppliers. You retain your independence, identity 2 and autonomy whist taking full advantage of the greater influence, the improved buying power and the many other benefits that comes with being part of one of the most respected and collaborative buying groups in the industry. You’ll receive your share of a rebate 3 payment worth over £2.4m in addition to already enhanced trading and payment terms. Access to a non-compulsory, group marketing 4 agency that are highly experienced in our market, through which you can procure a comprehensive range of marketing, CRM and print services, whilst sharing best practise and economies of scale with group colleagues. Pricing and trading terms are negotiated 5 on your behalf by fellow members saving


you and your team countless hours back at the centre. (Every member has an opportunity to be full involved in these discussions, and we welcome anyone with specific interest or expertise to join one of our trading forums to assist with these negotiations for the benefit of the entire group. Being part of a large group allows you 6 to share in the wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise of fellow members. One of the most overlooked benefits of a group like ours, is the unlimited access you have to a pool of highly experienced colleagues in the group who willingly share information, advice, ideas and best practice, enabling us all to improve and progress our businesses. Excellent support network for your staff 7 and senior team – Imagine your plant manager, catering manager or admin staff having access to a network of over forty people who do the same job as them and being able to share ideas, enquire about stock availability, to interrogate sales information, to ask advice and share best practise. 24/7 access to a support and information 8 hub that contains a wealth of information such as supplier terms, contact details, comprehensive price files, supplier promotions, industry calendars, examples of marketing material, data from successful marketing campaigns and years of comparative sales data from fellow colleagues, by site and department to allow you to benchmark your own business performance in so many areas.