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Apsley Farms - Heating homes and feeding gardens

H e a t i n g h o m e s a n d f e e d i n g g a rd e n s

Natural Plant Food from Apsley Farms is a by-product of green energy production and is approved by the Soil Association

Apsley Farms is a family-run arable farm and biogas energy facility supplying sustainable electricity to peoples’ homes. The Farm produces soil improving mulch, natural liquid plant food and CO2 that are natural by-products of the green gas industry.

With plant nutrition and sustainability climbing up the agenda, many gardeners are seeing liquid feeds coming into their own. At GLEE 2022 Apsley Farms showcased its new product, Natural Plant Food, and even though it was late out of the retail sales starting blocks this year, the small team at Apsley Farms secured the custom of around 60 independent retailers in just four months. There was even time in the season for re-orders and customer reviews as confidence grew. The shift in the industry will no doubt see the big players launching new natural products, boasting desirable USPs in the near future. They may however, struggle to achieve the sparkling product credentials with a ‘start-up’ feel that Apsley Farms is so lucky to claim. This is what adds to the excitement surrounding its new products on the horizon for 2023 - Natural Tomato Food, Natural Tub & Basket Food, and Natural Houseplant Food.

So why should you stock Apsley Farms’ liquid products? Combine its product profile and the story of the business and what do you get? Highly effective, sustainable liquid fertilisers from a non-mainstream manufacturer, which answer the calling of an increasingly environmentally concerned market. Moreover, as products aren’t currently stocked by multiple retailers, it remains a novelty that will give independent garden retailers a competitive edge in 2023.

Sustainable reasons to choose the range of natural liquid plant foods from Apsley Farms

Apsley Farms in Hampshire supplies sustainable, food-grade bulk CO2 and has been providing biomethane to the UK gas grid since 2014. For more information, visit www.apsleyfarms.com

Made from plants, for plants

Apsley Farms plant food is a concentrated liquid fertiliser that delivers the full package of macronutrients, micronutrients, and beneficial microbes. That means vigorous growth, bigger fruits and flowers and tastier and more nutritious veg. Plus improved soil fungal activity and therefore, improved soil structure.

Contributing to fossil fuel reduction

The sustainable biomethane generated by Apsley Farms is an alternative to natural gas in the National Grid so is helping to reduce fossil fuel usage. The liquid from this process is also an alternative to other fertilisers some of which are mined from the ground or made from fossil fuels.

Recycled and recyclable packaging

All liquid feed bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic with the green/ grey colour coming from mixed milk bottle caps. The label too is made from recycled and recyclable material.