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Job for Life? I certainly hope so!!! Boyd J Douglas-Davies, HTA President


he backdrop might be a little out of sync with now but the smile has lived on and 46 years later I’m enjoying a life in horticulture more then ever! 46 years from now I’ll be approaching my century, and God willing, I will still be smiling… I wonder what the backdrop will be? The wonderful world of horticulture really is capable of providing a job for life, and a great one at that! Of course, many of you will be thinking you’ve never ‘worked’ a day in your life as you love your job so much it is a pleasure rather than a task. I hope you are feeling that, but I also hope that you, like me, are wondering where the enthusiasts of the future are coming from? Yes, we have got some great young people in the industry but nowhere near enough to ensure horticulture flourishes for years to come. The Young People in Horticulture Association (YPHA) - Uniting

under 35s working in UK Horticulture – is a superb organisation and anybody in your team young enough to belong should be encouraged to do so. Key to their, and our, future success though is an increased flow of people into the industry. I challenge you to think about how you are going to make a difference this autumn. As your local schools and colleges return this September will you have written to them with an overview of your business, the career opportunities it can provide and an offer to speak at any careers fairs they are planning? Do you encourage work placements and invite groups to visit you? When I think back to my school days (yes, I can remember them just!) the school really had no idea what a blooming great career in horticulture could look like. Make sure the next generation make the right decision and choose a career that will grow and grow.

The Ball Colegrave Summer Showcase gave plenty of inspiration for landscapers, growers and retailers.

20 August 2021