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1. The success of Kipling & Prose Patisserie, this one is at Weybridge, has been a big step towards the development of “The Parlour” 2. Blue Diamond retailing is big on exclusives this year, even in giftware where bees feature on many lines. 3. and 7. Colour and plants for purpose theming packs a punch in the small planteria at Springfields. It may be one of the smallest planterias in the group but the space is used well to create a spectacular display. 4. The Parlour theme is being tested at Weybridge and Cadbury. 5. Houseplants continue to be the dramatic welcome to Blue Diamond centres. 6. The Parlour at Springfields will be managed by the same team that run the successful Noshery in the garden centre. There will be a covered walkway between the garden centre an the new restaurant when it opens in the Autumn. 8. They very cleverly get everything you’d find in a bigger Blue Diamond centre into the small gardening area at Springfields.



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