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Made to measure merchandising from Primeur

Primeur’s Eco Garden merchandising displays have been proven to help retailers maximise sales in-store, however now the company is enhancing this even further by working with retailers to tailor their display content to ensure that the tills keep ringing throughout the season. Here Primeur’s Sales Director, Jenny Douthwaite explains more. Working with retailers to tailor content

A new look at merchandising options

No two retailers sell the same amount of anything, instead where one retailer might see sales of stepping-stones skyrocket, another might be the epicentre of garden border sales. As such Primeur is working with retailers to ensure that their stock holding is reflective of their individual sales patterns. “The aim of this tailored approach is to increase sales amongst those products that appeal most to their customers. There is no point in us just providing a pre-stocked unit only for certain products to flounder as others thrive. This is not cost-effective for our customers, nor does it look great at the point of purchase. Instead, we want to work with our retail customers to identify their bestsellers and ensure that the stock density is there for them when it is needed most,” said Jenny Douthwaite.

Primeur recommends that bestselling ranges are merchandised on its large pallet display units. Supported by bright and informative point of sale info which draws the eye from cross the shopfloor whist highlighting the products’ USPs, these display units can house multiple products across three shelves. To maximise these units further, Jenny recommends moving away from a wall location and create an island design by positioning two units back-to-back. She explains more: “Freeing up wall space and creating an island unit not only increases the amount of product that can be displayed but it also creates an eyecatching display that benefits from double-sided branding to draw interest from multiple locations across the store. “Those customers that have introduced an extra stand have remarked that the investment of additional floorspace has certainly delivered in increased sales.”

A brand-new offering, ideal for the garden centre and DIY market, will also be exclusively launching at Glee. Details are currently under wraps but watch this space for more information!

New Pallet Display Units Supporting Primeur’s existing merchandising options are the all-new pallet display units. Dedicated to showcasing the application and eco-credentials each of the Eco Garden products merchandised, these new display units are a great way to start the season and top-up stock holding ahead of peak sales, in doing so ensuring customers can access the right amount of material to complete their garden projects. Jenny added: “Products such as garden borders and stepping-stones are not a singular purchase, instead consumers are looking for sufficient stock to complete their garden upgrade. A display unit only half stocked or running low will cause consumers to look elsewhere as they won’t want to buy what is needed over an extended time period; instant gratification is key. A fully stocked display unit is also more likely to tempt impulse purchases, whilst driving consumer confidence and loyalty.”

10 August 2021

Above: Primeur Sonata Trough

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