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Makingthe crossing easy

Green Solutions takes the headache out of importing plants by easily and smoothly offering British garden centres the very best plants from Europe

WeknowUKgarden centreshavehigh expectations when it comes to plant range and quality and understand it’sapointofdifference compared to other plant retailers. At Green Solutions, we want to help garden centres stand out further and by tapping intoour network of suppliers across Europe theycan access an extensive range of indoorand outdoor plants quicklyand easily.

With aPlaceofDestination in Spalding, Lincolnshire, and an IT system honed overtwo decades, we efficiently bring plants intothe UK and takecareofcustoms regulations, phytosanitary documents and UK plant health inspections prior to despatch to garden centres. This means plants don’t need any further checks so,whentheyarriveatthe garden centre, theycan be unloaded and immediately put on sale. With our help,garden centres can then truly focus on what theydobest…..selling plants.

Why work with Green Solutions?

• Our buying team haslong-runningrelationshipswith suppliers in TheNetherlandsand the rest of Europe so we have knowledge of business and trends.

• Our logistics ensures we canhelp youoffer quality and range to your customers. Orders beforeThursday 10am aredelivered at the beginning of the next week, while those beforeMonday10am will ensurefresh plants forthe weekend.

• We offer smallminimumquantitiesofsingle trays and youcan order twiceaweek. Our warehouse team handles orders efficientlyand with great caretoensure quality andfreshness.

• We take care of currencyrelated matters. Operationally dealing with GreenSolutions Ltd, aBritish registered company,isidentical to dealingwithyourlocal nursery. We invoiceinpounds so there arenoexchange risks or hidden costs. We secureaset exchange rate pre-season.This enables youtoplan ahead and budget without in-seasonpricefluctuations.

• We ensureall laws,regulationsand plant health certifications areinplace.Bybringing your order into ourPoint Of Destination, we makesureall plant health inspections arecarried out and areunder our responsibility.This way oncethe deliveryarrives, youcan putplants straight outfor sale. Thereare no further inspections and no inspection fees either We also provide authorities with traceabilitywithUK plantpassports.

• Our webshop runs on afully automated, 24/7 live connection to the stock availability of our growers, your orderand filing historysoyou can order wheneveryou want, wherever youare.Weevenprovide atablet so you can makeyour orders up within your plantsales areasor at home at your dining table

• Indoor andoutdoor plantscan be combined on one (singletrolley) delivery.

• Our pricelabels containwrittenbasic careinstructions such as sunlight, wateringand feeding for indoor plants, and pruning,plantingand soil typeinstructions for outdoor plants.

Our serviceisthe same nationwide:

• Wherever you’re based you can order twiceaweek.

• Wheneveryou like, you can order from our shop.

• Whatever your question is, you can reach our customer supportteam.

• However, if you areordering in volume (7cc trolleys or moreinone delivery) we believe you should benefit from adiscount taken offatthe bottom of the invoice.

Green Solutions, based in The Netherlands, is abusiness partner for retailersincluding garden centres, sourcing the best quality plants from anetwork of suppliersand logistics partnersacrossEurope. It also offers excellent data-driven advice, efficient processes and online opportunities

Website: greensolutions.eu/contact

Email: sales @greensolutions.eu

Phone: 0031 172 235 949

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