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Culinary cleveland! Experience the Multicultural Flavors of Cleveland SUMMER/FALL 2021

GLEN VILLAGE: Cleveland’s Newest Neighborhood Food Mecca! Join us for a private tour inside... PLUS

Feast Your Eyes on Some Amazing Food Prepared for an African Safari in Kenya: Let Cultural Travel Executive Kareem George Plan a Safari for You Too!



COMMUNITIES. At Dominion Energy Ohio, going the distance for our customers means more than just delivering safe, affordable natural gas. It means being a positive force in the communities we serve. Our EnergyShare® program has raised $6.8 million and helped more than 70,000 people in Ohio alone. These resources, combined with more than 6,300 volunteer hours from our employees, have benefited organizations as diverse as the American Red Cross, the Boy Scouts of America and the Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition.

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| Are You Digging Your Grave with Your Fork? by Linda D. Bradley, MD Improve lifestyle choices by making conscious decisions about what you put in your body.

| Executive Chef Profile: Charmaine McGunia


Meet the humble chef who believes in keeping work and home separate, and is dedicated to serving others.


| Gourmet Safari: Kenya

by Kareem George A wonderful, unexpected surprise of being “on safari” is the inspiring gourmet cuisines and fresh ingredients. ON THE COVER


| GlenVillage: The Hidden Gem of Glenville by Chef Tony Fortner GlenVillage houses minority-owned and operated restaurants bringing fresh, new concepts to the Greater Cleveland food scene.


| Restaurant Recommendations Cozumel Mexican Restaurant and Ohio Kabob Grill Cleveland boasts many culturally different food options – give these fantastic restaurants a try.


| Executive Chef Profile:

Dean Lawrence (“Dino”) Reed, Jr. Meet the Executive Chef of La La’s in the Lakes who enjoys creating new menus and pushing the envelope. [ 3 ]

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[ 4 ]

READY, SET, GRILL IT! Dear Friends, Foodies and Fellow Culinarians, ’Tis the season to be grilling, and I am sure that we are all ready to celebrate outside as Labor Day approaches. We’ve spent a lot time refinishing/building decks, enhancing our front and backyard landscaping, painting the house, adding outdoor sheds, installing above ground and in-ground pools, buying new or painting old, patio furniture, selecting new smokers/ grills, and improving our home gardening skills.

Coming soon...

But here are some important tips to remember: • If you don’t want to cook/grill, call a local restaurant near you and support them • Visit your favorite restaurant and enjoy the menu items on their patio or outside dining area • Be sure to wear masks, (they don’t hurt and they can mitigate the risk of virus infections) • Faithfully practice social and physical distancing protocols • Limit the size of home gatherings even if they are outside • Prepare some healthy food alternatives along with your standard barbecue fare • Be especially careful when lighting fireworks We know the end of the season and large events is quickly approaching, but let’s be smart about how we enjoy our families and friends. It could save lives! In closing, it’s my sincere hope that you will subscribe and/or advertise with us. We promise you won’t regret it. Please visit our website at: www.culinarycle. com or email us at: Please enjoy! Sincerely,

Tony Fortner Executive Chef & Co-owner Southern Cafés of Ohio and Publisher CULINARY CLEVELAND!

Visit and submit your contact info to stay in the loop about the Greater Cleveland Minority Restaurant Association coming soon! 888-265-7776

Are You Digging Your Grave with Your Fork? by Linda D. Bradley, MD Professor of Surgery, Vice Chairman of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health Institute, Cleveland Clinic and Chair, Celebrate Sisterhood

[ 6 ]

This year take on an oath and pledge. Make a promise to yourself to try one new healthy habit each week and stick with it. Annually, we all make resolutions usually related to our financial, spiritual, educational, or physical health. I want you to think about your most important possession: your health. It’s the most important asset that you possess and it trumps everything else in life. Health makes wealth. Healthy individuals make stronger communities. It’s just as simple as that. Are you digging your grave with your fork? Each of us can improve our lifestyle choices on a daily basis. Yes, you can make successful changes. How? By making conscious choices about what you select to put in your body. What’s in your refrigerator or handbag? Real food or junk food? Chewing tobacco or cigarettes? Recreation or prescription drugs? Are you consuming too much alcohol? Becoming more intentional about what you do will make a difference. Each week write down one new healthy resolution that you would like to accomplish. Sure it sounds like homework. Putting your thoughts on paper and checking off your accomplishments are more often associated with success than just day dreaming about your goals. Each of us can be the cure. You can cure or modify your risk for premature death and disability by: exercising, losing weight, controlling hypertension, stop smoking, wearing a seat belt, removing firearms from your home, and managing stress. It is as simple as that. Seventy percent of health care dollars are spent on diseases related to obesity, smoking, and diabetes. Almost all of which are controlled by individual choices. When it comes to eating and losing weight, Michael Pollan sums it up best with seven simple and liberating thoughts: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Since reading his best selling book, In Defense of Food, I have changed my eating habits one meal at a time. Having embraced his recommendations, I would like to share them with you. [ 7 ]

How does this doctor want you to become an empowered patient? Eat home cooked food more often. Make enough so that you can have it for lunch. Why? Not only will you save tons of money, but you will cook with less salt, fat, and sugar than a similar meal eaten at a fast food or chain restaurant. Don’t eat standing up. Stop eating in your car; rather eat at a table and not in front of a TV. Chew your food more slowly. Why? When you are distracted you eat 50% more than when you are aware of what you are eating. Don’t drink your calories. Did you know that each twelve ounce can of Coco Cola has 10-12 teaspoons of sugar? Imagine coming to my home and watching me prepare lemonade with a similar amount sugar!! Eating an orange rather than drinking orange juice is actually healthier for you. Because fruit has loads of fiber, less calories, and great phytonutrients compared to juice. Fiber makes you feel fuller longer, decreases the hunger urge and will add fewer inches to your waistline. Eat four servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables daily. I mean fruit in its own skin. Fruit with curves. Apples, oranges, bananas, pineapples, berries, or any fruit in season. If you can’t get fresh fruit, buy it frozen. Read the package label and only purchase frozen fruits and vegetables without added sugar or salt. Frozen fruits and vegetables are picked at the height of the season and have high vitamin content. So go ahead, cut up an apple and put a little cinnamon on it for additional taste and antioxidant health benefit. During the winter months, I always keep a piece of fruit in my car. After a long day at work and long commute home, eating a pear or apple on the way home keeps me from feeling ravenous when I walk into my house. [ 8 ]

Dig out of the grave, forkful by forkful. Make a conscious choice of what to put in your body. These choices embody the essence of taking care of self: self care reform. Do for yourself what government, doctors, religious community, or friends can not do for you. Forkful by forkful you will see a difference in your health. Make the extra effort to learn more ways to become healthy, including learning to cook. Advocacy begins with you. Personally, speak to the owners of your local grocer and request that more fresh, local, seasonal fruits and vegetables be stocked in the produce aisle. Boycott stores that don’t listen to your requests. Self care reform means that you choose what to put on your fork. Self care reform means you choose to make an old family recipe more nutritious by trying a new spice or condiment that enhances flavor, thereby using less oil and fat. Finally, self care reform means that you will share your new wisdom with your friends and family. Self care reform is transformative. Taste it…you’ll like it. [ 9 ]


Charmaine McGunia

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio Education: Associate degree in Culinary Arts

My Mantra... What God has for me is for me.

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Nothing makes me happier than helping others. It is something I learned from my mother and grandmother. EARLY YEARS: Thinking back to your early years, was there a chef or culinary instructor that had a significant impact on your professional journey? If so, please share. Chef Thomas Capretta and Chef Tony Fortner CAREER: What professional accomplishment are you most humbled by and why? I am most humble about being the first female chef at my current establishment. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is vital to the longevity and success of any professional. On your most challenging day, where do you draw inspiration to continue feeding your passion for this work? On a challenging day, I draw my strength from God. What is the toughest decision you’ve made professionally? The toughest decision for me was making a transition from being a hairdresser to becoming a chef. [ 10 ]

PHILOSOPHY: The essentials to creating a harmonious work environment are... Never take anything too seriously and be supportive of one another. What have you come to learn about success? Being humble and patient. What have you come to learn about balancing career and lifestyle? Never bring work home and vice versa. MY CONFESSIONS: What part of your job brings you the most joy? The part of my job that brings me joy is knowing that my food brings happiness to others. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned professionally? How do you apply this lesson to the work you do? The most important lesson I have learned is you must have a passion for cooking. I apply this by giving 100%. FUN FACT: My ideal vacation is... My ideal vacation would be Jamaica. I love the cuisine and Reggae music.

kenya kenya Gourmet Safari: by Kareem George

Everyone expects to see incredible wildlife while “on safari.” A wonderful, unexpected surprise of the experience is often the inspiring gourmet cuisine and fresh local ingredients that guests savor on a daily basis. Scrolling through photos on my iPhone, I seem to have taken as many pictures of colorful dishes as exotic animals during my March trip to Kenya. Our partner, Micato Safaris, curated a wonderful journey exploring three distinctive geographic areas of the country: Tsavo West National Park, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. In each region I enjoyed incredible lodge accommodations that provided a true sense of place, the highest standards of service and delicious meals … and treats. Whether you are ready to plan your first bucket list safari or to return to the bush again, high quality, flavorful food need not be of concern. The choices, diversity and presentation will certainly impress. A typical day starts with an early rise and continental breakfast offerings [ 11 ]

before heading out on a morning game drive. Once back, a bountiful breakfast awaits: eggs made to order, fresh local fruit and freshly squeezed juices, flaky pastries baked that morning, meat of your choice and American breakfast staples such as pancakes and waffles, if desired. Or you may be spoiled with this elaborate meal set up out in nature. I will never forget the breakfast arranged by Micato Safaris and Lewa Safari Camp at the top of a scenic plateau with a sweeping panoramic view of Mount Kenya – spectacular! Lunch time comes quickly, perhaps following a late morning spa treatment, relaxation by the pool or time spent in your gorgeous accommodations organizing photos from the morning’s wildlife sightings. I LOVE lunch and especially the light, yet elaborate dishes offered at the lodge for midday sustenance. One of my favorite entrees was an incredible pad Thai inspired dish with rice noodles, red and yellow peppers, beetroot strands, cashews, ground peanuts and parsley. It is also common to be offered an array of salads and local proteins featuring ingredients from down the road. These meals are a true farm-to-table showcase: the reddest, juiciest of tomatoes; the greenest leafiest of lettuces; savory cheeses and homemade dressings; fresh breads; and desserts that are just modest enough (but still delicious) to prevent feelings of guilt. [ 12 ]

Gourmet Safari:


kenya In case you were fearful, please do not worry as tea service is indeed available in the late afternoon before climbing into the vehicles for evening game drive. Or a cocktail (or two) of your choice. The local beers are also great. These libations are, of course, accompanied by the likes of scones with cream and jams, coffee cakes and other afternoon pick-me-ups. My favorite, and clearly a favorite of our Micato Safari Director Peter as well, was a moist, airy poppy-seed, lime coffee cake baked at the Sand River Camp. Need I say any more?! [ 13 ]

Gourmet Safari:

kenya [ 14 ]

Finally, at the end of each incredible day of safari adventure, we returned to the lodge following the evening game drive for an absolutely delightful dinner. These multicourse affairs are truly gourmet and may be paired with African wines. Have a look at one of my favorite menus: • Naan Bread Sticks and Honey Brown Bread Rolls • Carpaccio of Beef, Crispy Capers, Parmesan shavings, Rocket and Fresh Lemon OR Soup of Seasonal Vegetables with Bruschetta and Aioli • Grilled Pork Loin Chops with Mustard Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Braised Vegetables & Caramelized Apples OR Paneer and Vegetables in Coconut Gravy with Basmati Rice, Raita, Mango Achar and Chutney • Lemon Mousse with Salted Coconut Crumble OR Local Cheese Platter with Homemade Chutney, Fruit & Crackers I could write on, but I now have become too hungry and need to wrap it up. The amazing wildlife will always steal the show on safari, however the incredible cuisine must be noted. So, cheers to the Chefs! And may you soon be able to share your own firsthand gourmet safari experience. Contact me to start planning your own gourmet safari! Kareem George Principal, Culture Traveler @culturetraveler [ 15 ]


“It’s up to us to take back our HEALTH, our LIVES, and our COMMUNITIES, one VOICE, one VACCINE, one VICTORYat a time.”

Sponsored By:

From the Executive Producer of The Coronavirus Urban Report








THE HIDDEN GEM OF GLENVILLE: Story and photos by Chef Tony Fortner [ 17 ]

GLEN VILLAGE I was on my way to grab a bite to eat when I came across Glen Village. First, let me say that I never heard of this place before nor had I seen it anywhere in the local news outlets. No ads, no commercials, and no flyers. But neighborhood residents were quick to inform me that it had been around for over a year. So, since I consider myself a foodie and I always know about the new hot spots, I asked myself how I could have missed this gem, a beacon of hope for Black-owned and operated restaurants in the area. Glen Village is located on East 105th Street and Wade Park Boulevard, near the Louis Stokes Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in the heart of this historic community. When I originally envisioned Culinary Cleveland! magazine, this is exactly what I wanted to focus on: minority-owned and operated restaurants that were bringing fresh, new concepts to the Greater Cleveland food scene. Glen Village is that and so much more. The concept is an “incubator” for new food related businesses that are

[ 18 ]

developing their “culinary” brand. It offers these new restaurateurs and food purveyors, a chance to test their concepts, perfect their craft and culinary skills and, to hopefully go on to bigger and better things. While they not only have a chance at achieving success, but I will also wager that they will far exceed anybody’s expectations. The businesses located in Glen Village are offering fresh new concepts and doing food on their own terms. They will not be put in a standard mold, nor will you see them that way.

Black Box Fix Manager, Daja Sims

I was so surprised at the mother and daughter partnerships that are located there and, how many of these businesses are owned by women of color. It’s truly a sign of the times. Women are in business to stay in business.

Black Box Fix’s BLM Chicken Sandwich

We visited every food vendor in Glen Village and sampled all the food items available. The anchor store is Black Box Fix, a restaurant that features some of the most insane sandwiches that you can imagine, like the railroader burger with bacon jam. OMG, this takes the



Black Box Fix’s Railroader Burger

Black Box Fix’s Garlic Parmesan Fries

[ 20 ]

Black Box Fix Chef Ronald Trent

Culinary Cleveland! recommends

Whether they’re making healthier family meals or more inspired restaurant menus, Vitamix owners (and most chefs) love and recommend their blenders. Aren’t sure which one is for you? Check out this YouTube video:

GLEN VILLAGE burger to a whole new level. The BLM chicken sandwich is a complex blend of flavors and textures that is sure to please the most curious and discriminating palate. And just when I thought I seen it all, I tried the garlic parmesan fries; forget about fries with ketchup or barbecue sauce, these fries are fresh cut with layers of flavor. Continuing my tour of Glen Village, I could not wait to get to Pipe’n Hot Grill to try the fish and their signature “bamba pineapple” iced tea. The owner, Angela Sharpley, and her daughter and partner, Stesia Swain, run a tight ship. We had to wait because it was obvious that they had a lot of orders ahead of ours. So, I began to wonder why so many people were ordering and waiting on this food. Let me tell you why. She coats the fish in this crunchy breading that is seasoned to perfection and leaves the fish moist and flavorful. The white bass was fresh and cooked just right. I loved the orange roughy po boy (not too many operators still use orange roughy because of the cost), so I was pleasantly surprised to find it on her menu. But the star of the show was the tea, and that tea is going to propel her to [ 22 ]

Pipe’n Hot Grill’s Orange Roughy Po Boy

Pipe’n Hot Grill’s White Bass Dinner

the next level. It is indeed a “must try” beverage, and they will be canning it for retail sales soon. I am a meat and potato guy and I know that I should be eating more healthy food items. My wife Cynthia is always on me about my eating habits; she was so happy to see a vegetarian option in “the village” and could not wait for me to try some of the food. Of course, I went kicking and screaming to Vitamin Kandie Café. She had seen this unique menu of vegan and vegetarian options that were creations of the owner Mary Johnson. Mary has been a health and wellness advocate for more than 10 years and has been eating vegan for four years. She was recognized by Cleveland Magazine Who’s Who in 2017, for her efforts to encourage healthy eating and the importance of exercising.

Pipe’N Hot Grill’s Pineapple Iced Tea

We tried the bohanon boy, the special of the day; it is a vegan Italian sausage on a pretzel roll with apple cranberry slaw, banana peppers, vegan cheese, onions, and mushrooms. It was finished off with a delicious “m j” sauce. I was blown away by the flavor Pipe’N Hot Grill’s tea will be available for retail soon



Vitamin Kandie Cafe’s Bohanon Boy

Vitamin Kandie Cafe’s Quinoa Bowl with Chicken [ 24 ]

profile, it was absolute magic. I never thought I would like a vegan sandwich but, this was so much more. It is difficult to put into words, how good this sausage was, and its vegan. Wow! I also tried the quinoa bowl with chicken. They offer you the option of real or vegan chicken and a berry blast to finish it off. The fruit is real (not berry flavoring), and it’s topped off with vegan whipped cream. This restaurant will certainly find itself on the list of Cleveland’s best restaurants, with some of the most creative and flavorful menu items ever offered in the area. Cleveland Cold Brew is a newcomer to the coffee scene. Their brew steeps for 24 hours and is infused with nitrogen. Karen Ross, the owner of this new concept, is onto something big. I had the nitro cold brew to start off the day, and it turbo-charged me. When I say Starbucks has nothing on this, trust me. It has a bold flavor with a mule kick. Because this little gem is in such proximity to the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center, the staff will be able to recharge quickly. Their best-seller is the signature cold brew, salted caramel mocha. But if you’re like me and need a lift, the


GLEN VILLAGE nitro is a must have. Glen Village also features some non-food businesses. Such as, the Premier Barber Lounge and a wonderful little boutique, Living Rich. I love, love, love this place. It is owned and operated by the mother and daughter team of Sha’miah Richardson and Sharia Livingston. The concept behind the name is to live rich in spirit, love, kindness, health, and peace. You get the picture, right? It’s not about living monetarily rich. They have a line of their very own apparel, and they are breaking the norm by giving you a different concept to live life by enriching your being not your appearance. But, to think of others and how you can be a better version of yourself. They not only have the brickand-mortar store, but they also have an on-line store. Their custom creations are exclusive. I was so inspired to see this young black woman with an understanding of who she is, and where she wants to go. She sees herself as amazing and wants to share her dreams and her products.

Cleveland Cold Brew Owner Karen Ross

I want so much success for Cleveland Cold Brew’s Nitro Cold Brew [ 26 ]

Living Rich Co-Owner Sha’miah Richardson her and her brand, so please go and see for yourself. I promise that she will inspire you to believe that the future is bright. The village also offers one- and twobedroom luxury apartments and office space for daily, and monthly rental. Glen Village is an amazing facility and embodies the true meaning of urban entrepreneurship. There is so much going on there, that you must visit and see it for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Restaurant Recommendations

Cozumel 4195 West 150th St. Cleveland, Ohio 44135 216-331-4310

Beeftip Burrito Combo

Business Hours Mon: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM Tue: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM Wed: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM Thu: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM Fri: 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM Sat: 12:00 – 10:30 PM Sun: 12:00 – 9:00 PM Cozumel Mexican Restaurant is one of the best authentically-Mexican dining experiences you will find in the city! The décor puts you in a mindset of a true cantina of Mexico.

Mexican Trio

This is one of the few places that delivers food that is always fresh and flavorful every time. Rating 4.5 out of 5 Service / Host - Good Service / Server - Excellent Quality of entrées - Excellent Quality of beverage(s) - Excellent Cleanliness - Excellent Overall dining experience - Excellent [ 28 ]

Speedy Gonzalez

Ohio Kabob Grill 3359 West 117th St. Cleveland, Ohio 44111 https://ohiokabobgrill. 216-675-4775

App Platter

Business Hours Mon: 12:00 – 9:00 PM Tue: 12:00 – 9:00 PM Wed: 12:00 – 9:00 PM Thu: 12:00 – 9:00 PM Fri: 12:00 – 9:00 PM Sat: 12:00 – 9:00 PM Sun: 12:00 – 9:00 PM Ohio Kabob Grill serves Afghani and Mediterranean-style cuisine, in a flavor profile that is pleasing to just about everyone.

Afghani Chicken Kabob

Rating 5 out of 5 Service / Host - Excellent Service / Server - Excellent Quality of entrées - Excellent Quality of beverage(s) - Excellent Cleanliness - Excellent Overall dining experience - Excellent

Lamb Koobideh Kabob [ 29 ]


Dean Lawrence Reed, Jr. (Dino) Hometown: Akron, Ohio Education: Associate degree, Culinary Arts, University of Akron

My Mantra... “We live to cook another day!”

PROFESSIONAL TITLE: Executive Chef at La La’s in the Lakes

of my career and also the most rewarding. Having my Chef coat signed by the champion, Mike Allen, was pretty cool too!

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Fundraising EARLY YEARS: Thinking back to your early years, was there a Chef or Culinary Instructor that had a significant impact on your professional journey? If so, please share. Absolutely. Instructor, and Chef Dick Alford at the University of Akron, and Chef Richard Taylor whom I apprenticed under. Both of whom are responsible for the passion I have to this day. Chef Taylor was not only a mentor he became a dear friend. I will always appreciate his knowledge of the arts and all he taught me. CAREER: What professional accomplishments are you most humbled by and why? I would say the Senior PGA championship at Canterbury Country Club in 2009 was quite an honor. To get to work with such a prestigious organization was quite a thrill and very challenging. It was the toughest week

[ 30 ]

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is vital to the longevity and success of any professional. On your most challenging day, where do you draw inspiration to continue feeding your passion for this work? Honestly, I feel the passion comes quite naturally. I have always enjoyed a challenge and love to be innovative. I feel you have to keep evolving and learning to succeed in this profession. What is the toughest decision you’ve made professionally? I’d have to say the toughest decision I’ve had to make was leaving my family for a year to open restaurants in Naples and Sarasota, Florida. However, it was a wonderful learning experience both personally and professionally. PHILOSOPHY: The essentials to creating a harmonious work environment are… Keep the train on the track! That is, we are a team with mutual respect. When a problem arises we address it and move on. Keep things light and at crunch time get down to business.

What have you come to learn about success? I feel success in this business is all about passion for what you do and putting out a quality product. Keep things fresh don’t get complacent. What have you come to learn about balancing career and lifestyle? As a chef my mind rarely stops thinking of new creative ideas. So in a sense I’m always working. Luckily, I have a great wife who appreciates my passion so it’s no problem at all for me. MY CONFESSIONS: What part of your job brings you the most joy? I really enjoy creating new menus and pushing the envelope. I also enjoy

interacting with the patrons, as I am a real people person. I take great pride in people enjoying our food. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned professionally? How do you apply this lesson to the work you do? I feel it is important to put together a great team from the bottom up. Once again mutual respect and focus on the task at hand. I feel it is important for people to enjoy what they do so I like to keep a positive work environment. Knowing how to delegate and organization are also key. FUN FACT: My ideal vacation is… Relaxing at the beach with my wife!

For publishing or graphic design needs, visit [ 31 ]


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