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Now through January 8, 2012

November 10, 2011 - January 8, 2012 Be amazed and delighted this holiday season as fifty artistic nutcrackers are “out on the town” in Oshkosh! Presented by CitizensFirst Credit Union with project partners, the Paine Art Center and Gardens, Grand Opera House, and Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, “Nutcrackers on the Town” celebrates and supports creativity in Oshkosh. The public arts project is also made possible by major sponsor, Bergstrom Automotive, and media partner, Oshkosh Northwestern, along with thirty-seven sponsoring businesses, organizations, and individuals. The life-size nutcrackers have been transformed into original works of art by more than sixty area artists, and ultimately, the statues will raise funds for the broad spectrum of arts activities in the community. Artists began working on the statues in the spring of 2011, and their incredible creations are on display now through January 8, 2012. The nutcrackers will reappear in September of 2012 when they will be auctioned off to support the Paine, Grand and the arts fund of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation.

Divine Decadence

1 CitizensFirst Credit Union 2900 Universal Drive, Oshkosh

Artist: Melissa Blade Haight Description: Layers, details, colors, shapes, lines, patterns. I want to do as much as I can to cover every area with details! Inspiration from beautifully decorated cakes, bakery, etc. and tapestries as well. Very deep & rich vibrant colors with contrasts. Glitter added to highlight some areas. Attached coiled metals some with beads. Also decorative tacks, nails, gems and marbles.

Hit the town and see the amazing nutcrackers now!

SAVE THE DATE - Nutcracker Auction September 8, 2012. To view an interactive map of the Nutcracker locations go to

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Enjoyy the season in all off itss

tues, s, wed, s, we ed, fri 9-5 | tthu hurs 9-7 7 sat 9-3 | 1 block bl ck ke ea east a off main


www.reiimer www




| 3

Soul Man

Regal Reflections

2 CitizensFirst Credit Union

er, Not the Candlestick Mak er Not the Butch

2900 Universal Drive, Oshkosh

Artist: Dawn Abraham Description: Stained glass mirror mosaic body, holding a scepter topped with cloisonné nutcracker & hanging beads, topped by jeweled crown. Artist Statement: This nutcracker will be a replica of the beautiful Christmas decorations I saw in Dayton’s window as a child in MI. At the feet will be 9-12 branches that will have mirror leaves, inscribed with the words “Joy, to, the, World”. Branches will be covered in white glitter, like snow & ice sparkling. His pants will be the beautiful blue mirror, with gold stripe. Jacket will be the red mirror mosaic with bead & jewel trim that will match the beads and jewels on his glorious crown. His scepter will be a work of art itself, a sparkly, regal cloisonné nutcracker, with strings of beads hanging down from the drum he stands on. One arm will be bent at a 90 degree angle to hold the scepter straight out.


4 Goodwill NCW

1600 West 20th Avenue, Oshkosh

3 WHG Companies The Vintage Restaurant

3105 South Washburn Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Walter J Mayer

Artist: Dana Bortle Description: “It’s what’s inside that counts” Artist Statement: Our concept is to cover the exterior of the Nutcracker with mirror pieces in a mosaic style. We want people to “see” themselves in the art piece. We plan on opening up the chest to insert a shadow box that will be painted with warm, lively murals. Within the center a heart will be illuminated by a solar powered source.

Description: Chef / Baker

Artist Statement: Have fun – spread art

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Entry Information: Grade

Youth Full Name

Parent/Guardian Name/s

Home Street Address

Home City

State Zip

Home Phone

Contact Email Instructions: Youth in grades K-8 are eligible to enter (one entry per youth). The final artwork size must be 8x10”. This full sheet can be printed on legalsize paper (8.5x14”) or the drawing only on standard-size paper (8.5x11”) plus the entry information on separate paper. (Entry sheets are available at the Paine’s reception desk, Tues-Sun, 11 am-4 pm.) Youth are encouraged to be very creative and use a variety of methods (coloring, painting, collage, etc.) and materials (glitter, fancy paper, magazine clippings, etc.) in transforming their nutcracker. Entries will not be returned, but they may be picked up at the Paine Jan. 14-Feb. 4, 2012. Awards: Several winners in each grade level will be chosen, and winning artworks will be hung at the Paine Dec. 3-Jan 8. (all entries will be presented in binders). Winning youth will receive a free Family membership for one year to the Paine. Deadline: Postmarked November 26, 2011 Return to:

Art Contest Nutcrackers on the Town Paine Art Center and Gardens 1410 Algoma Blvd. Oshkosh, WI 54901

Entries may also be dropped off at the reception desk of the Paine mansion, 1410 Algoma Blvd., during museum hours of TuesSun, 11 am-4 pm. CONTEST SPONSOR

First Name WI-5001401996



| 5

of Conformit y Shedding

Nature Nut

Angelic Guardian




Sadoff Iron & Metal Company Habitat for Humanity ReStore

CitizensFirst Credit Union 1532 South Koeller Street, Oshkosh

Mercy Medical Center/Affinity Health Mercy Medical Center

1640 South Koeller Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Joey Kuhlow

Description: I plan on taking the original nutcracker and cutting it in half with an emerging all metal nutcracker with moving parts from the middle. Artist Statement: I am a 3D artist, not a painter. My concept introduces people to the beauty of metal art in contrast to traditional painting. I specialize in making sculptures that are functional. The nutcracker will have a moving jaw, shoulders, elbows, and fingers. The reason my sketch is rather vague is because I do not yet know what metal parts I will use to construct it. All parts I use are not new; they will come from the junk yard or be donated from someone’s garage. This is to promote recycling and creative thinking with what most people consider simply junk. With the traditional nutcracker being the essence of conformity (rigid, wearing uniform, clean cut), my concept pushes people to be themselves, not go with the flow. This applies not only to my style of art, but to all of us in our daily lives, to put conformity aside and embrace your true self.


Artist: April Kurowski & Cliff Kurowski Description: The Nutcracker will have a tree like appearance, the base with roots, painted leaves with vines and wildlife on it.

500 South Oakwood Road, Oshkosh, WI

Artist: Jay Olson Description: Splatter painted nutcracker lit from within with clear jewel stars and acrylic wings. Artist Statement: I worked for Seymour High School teaching art for over 30 years. I “need” to be creating art!! I’ve won awards for drawing, painting and ceramics.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bohn’sTown & Country 2283 STATE RD. 44, OSHKOSH 920-233-2066


Chicken Food Organic Food

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Bohn’s in Oshkosh!

Mon 8-5:30 • Thurs - Fri 8-6 • Sat 8-12 WI-5001403122



| 7

Ode to Picasso

aby”; It’s Cold Outsid Ice, Ice, “B e



WHG Companies Comfort Suites

Winnebago Community Credit Union

Artist: Sandra Achterberg

Description: Completely encrusted in rhinestones this silver painted Nutcracker is all about bling. He is set on a frosted iceberg within icicle laden wire branches. Artist Statement: I was drawn to the idea of the bold affect of a completely rhinestone encrusted piece and as I started to brainstorm, the idea of setting him in an icy scene seemed to represent “Ice” dually as both nature and “bling”. The most difficult thing to depict in this mock-up is how the gems will be done to keep the shape and integrity of the shape of the Nutcracker. The plan is to paint the nutcracker silver completely then to encrust different sizes of the rhinestones in different areas so that even the smallest rope details are evident. For example, on the tiniest rope parts I will use tiny rhinestones so that the shape is still there, on the legs I will use two sizes of gems to keep the affect of the striped pants, etc. The base will be an acrylic piece made to represent an iceberg, and the branches will be formed of heavy wire and tubing with hanging icicles. Snow will be added onto appropriate places on the branches and on the Nutcracker. Bling will be evident throughout the piece.

400 South Koeller Street, Oshkosh Description: Black and gold in a variety of patterns and designs. Artist Statement: The idea comes from Picasso’s series of harlequin’s and clowns. Strong design and patterns set up the image for this nutcracker.

2060 Witzel Avenue, Oshkosh

Artist: Tamara Mugerauer

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1926 S. Washburn Oshkosh

920-232-2323 Thursday, November 24, 2011

t for Christma All I Wan s

10 Dr. Michael Bell: Dental Design Studio 1795 West Pointe Drive, Oshkosh


11 CitizensFirst Credit Union 250 North Sawyer St, Oshkosh

Artist: Nicci Martin

Artist: Deb Bartelt

Description: Toothsome Whimsical “tooth fairy” type: guy-masculine but fancy. Artist Statement: This Nutcracker will be filled with whimsy, pattern, humor and possibly even a message (teeth – important).

Description: Wrapped in foxes and maple leaves, blue orange colors fill this nutcracker. Artist Statement: This painted Nutcracker “Foxy” is inspired from living in the Fox Valley and enjoying the local outdoors. The colors were chosen to contrast the fox coloration with the fall maple leaves of Oshkosh. I like to paint the objects with depth and details to show off what is possible within a shape.

Win with Winnebago! 3 Convenient Locations! 2060 Witzel Avenue, Oshkosh 567 E. Snell Road, Oshkosh 2060 S. Commercial Street, Neenah WI-5001412240



Proud Sponsor of Nutcrackers on the Town! Please come visit “Ice Ice Baby It’s Cold Outside” 2060 Witzel Avenue


| 9

American Roots

12 Bergstrom Automotive Bergstrom GM of Oshkosh

355 North Washburn Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Emily Higgins & Jason Higgins Description: A nutcracker, dressed up as the Statue of Liberty who is dressed up as George Washington and symbolizes America. Artist Statement: I was inspired by recent events in our nation and other nations. I felt the Nutcracker lended itself well to this design. The arm will need to be cut and rotated. I will be painting most of the piece, but I will have to add the scroll, torch, eagle and the tree roots. I will be doing research on the best materials to use for the additional pieces. I am thinking fiberglass would probably be the best; foam covered in polyresin is also an option.


Sweet Treats

13 Schenck SC

520 North Koeller Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Stacey Cluppert Description: An interpretation of the “Land of Sweets” from the Nutcracker story but also a playful reminder to adults of the childhood fun in eating sweets. Artist Statement: This nutcracker was inspired by the 2nd Act in the Nutcracker play; when Clara and the Prince travel to the Land of Sweets and are presented with sweets from around the world. I also wanted to capture a playfulness and childish nature to the nutcracker. When someone approaches the nutcracker, it is my hope that their eyes become bigger as if they were standing at the front window of a candy shop. Some areas of the nutcracker will actually be raised with various materials to look like actual candy is attached to the nutcracker. Other areas will be painted to look like candy. Overall, lots of different colors will be incorporated to invite the viewer in to look closer at the intricate details. For example, the belt will be designed in a way to look like button candies. The small dots will be raised and then painted. Other areas may look like jelly beans, colored candies, lollipops, gum drops, or even to look like sugared candy.

Festival Nutcracker

14 ThedaCare Physicians – Oshkosh 600 North Westhaven Drive, Oshkosh

Artist: Amanda Kabat Description: Bright, bold colors created with organic swirl patterns, alternating colors, complimentary juxtaposing colors. Festive and fun. Artist Statement: I can draw endless swirl designs and do in my spare “doodle” time. I liked this piece because of its colors and festiveness. Of course, it would be created using outdoor, glossy colors. I can change colors to represent a theme – or as is. I’m currently teaching so the summer would give me time to create this nutcracker. I enjoy creating in my free time and teaching others to create and express themselves. I hope you enjoy this rendering as I do.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Celebrate the Holidays at The Grand Opera House The holidays are a perfect time of year to visit the historic Grand Opera House in downtown Oshkosh. The 128-year-old theatre complex will be decorated with Victorian splendor as The Grand presents seasonal music, theater and a classic holiday movie.

Church Basement Ladies 3: “Away in the Basement” Troupe America Inc. returns to The Grand with the third installment of this hilarious holiday series. Set in 1959, the story revolves around what happens behind the scenes during rehearsals for the annual Sunday Christmas Program. Join us on Wednesday, November 30 at 7:30 p.m. for this musical comedy.

Part of the Oshkosh Corporation Foundation Series.

Part of the Oshkosh Corporation Foundation Series.

Ring in the Holidays with Janet Planet and the UW Oshkosh Jazz Ensemble Jazz vocalist Janet Planet and the UW Oshkosh Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Marty Robinson, present a night of seasonal standards and classics on Friday, December 9 at 8 p.m.

Screen Scene: “Miracle on 34th Street” Enjoy this classic motion picture on The Grand’s big screen at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 15. Part of the CitizensFirst Community Engagement Series, admission is $5. Before the movie, stop by for free cookie decorating sponsored by the Downtown B.I.D. starting at 5 p.m.

Barrage “A Winter’s Tale” A high-octane holiday fiddle-fest, Barrage “A Winter’s Tale” is guaranteed to be a foot-stomping good time at The Grand. Join Barrage as part of their final world tour on Saturday, December 17 at 3 or 7:30 p.m. The show will feature a diverse fusion of cultures and musical styles all in the holiday spirit.

Tickets for these and other great shows are available at The Grand Box Office, 100 High Avenue, by phone at (920) 424-2350, or on-line at Gift certificates for the Grand and the Grand Lounge are also available. WI-5001408980



| 11

Sweets and Treats

ng Nutcracke Flower Ki r


The Great Gift


Festival Foods


Dr Timothy T. Ryan DD & Sue Ann Ryan

2415 Westowne Avenue, Oshkosh

Artist: Crystal Dziadosz Description: The nutcracker is a baker who possesses a large sweet tooth. He holds a spatula and platter of treats. Artist Statement: Bake goods are fun to create and eat. This nutcracker is ready to share all his favorite treats with everyone. The creation of desserts and yummy treats contain a creative level all its own. Just as it takes painters time to learn to blend colors to create a masterpiece, so do bakers take their time to find the right mix of ingredients to create a masterpiece. The muffin on his chef ’s hat is made of fabric glued to the hat. He wears actual oven mitts. The rest of the design is painted on. Holds a platter of glued down plastic treats.


Financial Architects

978 Trillium Trail, Oshkosh

Artist: Jenny Smith & Nate Smith Description: The nutcracker is dressed in royal purples as a Magi holding an ornate gift box which has a rustic wooden nativity. Artist Statement: The nutcracker in the famous story is a Christmas gift. This rendition honors the original Christmas gift our Savior Jesus. The golden star and purple clothes remind the viewer of the story of the Magi who brought the first recorded Christmas gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

2200 Old Omro Rd, Oshkosh

Artist: Mary Schroeder & Nancy Gryzwa Description: Painted with added artificial gems and glitter. Constructed crown, collar and flowers. Artist Statement: Our Flower King Nutcracker embraces the whimsy & sparkle of the Holiday Season. We’ve incorporated the regional prairie cone flower for its shape, color & charm. We’re adding enhancements, jewels, & gems to create a royal Flower King that will light up the most festive time of year.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Holidays Serving industrial customers since 1959

Chris “Springle”

3575 N. Main St.




| 13

w...Change...Grow © Learn...Kno

18 Evergreen Foundation Inc

1130 N Westfield Street, Oshkosh

Artist: The Artists of Evergreen Description: The nutcracker will be transformed into a tree, encircled by a climbing vine, both simultaneously showing the four seasons/progression of seasons. Attached will be painted wooden letters spelling out the poem given in the title. The nutcracker itself will be texturally painted in tones and shades of brown, embellished with actual wood and parts of a tree (i.e. pieces of bark, acorns, small branches) to accentuate details on the statue. The top branches will either be attached to a fixture behind the statue or put into the statue itself using drilled holes and filler. The foliage will be made of faux leaves, buds, etc. Dipped in a clear resin and wired to the branches in order to be durable and weatherproof. The base will be “the ground” in which the tree is rooted – with a cross-section of the soil and the words “For everything…a season” painted as roots/seeds. Artist Statement: Our concept conveys a universally recognized analogy of the changing seasons representing the life-cycle. We wanted our theme to have some reference to the mission of Evergreen Retirement Community/ Evergreen Foundation and our place in the community, yet still appreciate and generally understood by most viewers. The Learn…Know…Change…Grow poem on the nutcracker brings the concept together and to another level by expressing that not only is the physical life cycle forever changing, but also ever-evolving, in a positive light, is the intellectual and experiential side of living and aging. 14 | NUTCRACKERS ON THE TOWN

Botanical Whimsey

19 House of Flowers

1920 Algoma Blvd, Oshkosh, WI

Artist: House of Flowers & Jim’s Custom Metal Creations: Jim Hatton

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Artists N

Mr. Topsy-Turvy


20 Paine Art Center & Gardens 1410 Algoma Blvd, Oshkosh

Artist: Richard Taylor

Paine Art Center & Gardens Arts For Kids 4-K

1313 Elmwood Avenue, Oshkosh

Artist: Kate Boucher; Design by Maddie Delfosse Description: Rainbow nutcracker designed by Maddie Delfosse, Arts for Kids Inc. Artist Statement: I believe that artists, especially young artists need every color. I created a coloring design contest for my students (age 2-12) and encouraged them to use their imagination to create colorful designs for our nutcracker transformation. Of the designs I got back from my students, I chose this because of the neatness, creativity, completeness and clarity of idea. The children’s input is very important to help them feel the community aspect of this project and I will be keeping them involved as much as possible in the transformation process.

* Jewelry * Accessories * Soaps * Candles * Lotions * Much more! OSHKOSH NORTHWESTERN |

eeds Every Colo r

Handmade Just for You! Custom Orders Welcome

224 N. Main St * 920-651-9143 Holiday Hours Tues-Fri 10-6 Saturdays 10-5


| 15

Jackson St

Snell Rd


Fernau Ave.



Bowen St

Harrison St




Packer Ave.


Alg oma

Universal Dr.



Washburn St.

5th Ave

St. sin on

20th Ave.

Merrit Ave.





La Winn


Menominee Park



Irving Ave

Bl Av vd. Merrit Ave. e. 31 32 Pe ar 33 35 lA Washington Ave. 30 34 v 26 e. 29 36 27 Waug 37 oo Av e. 28 38 & Otter 39 Ave. Ceap 40 41 e Ave .




Ohio St


1& 2

18th Ave. 19th Ave.

20th Ave.


17th Ave.

Parkway Ave.




Witzel Ave



Washburn St. Washburn St.



k ar h P 44

e. Av

South A Park Ave.


i om

Oregon St.

S Oakwood Rd.

6 5

14th Ave. 15th Ave. 16th Ave.

Hazel St.


7th Ave. 9th Ave. 10th Ave. 11th Ave. 12th Ave.

Lake Winnebago

rl A Oshkosh Public Washington Ave. ve . Library Grand Opera House Ceap Otter e Ave Ave. .



D ee

Main St.


Koeller St.


9th Ave

8th Ave.

9th Ave.


5th Ave.

Pe a



. Dr

Irving Ave. Main St.


6th Ave.

Ohio St.






Witzel Ave


9th Ave.

Main St.



Sawyer St

Witzel Ave.

Mercy Medical 7 Center




Jackson St



e ine

E Murdock Ave



Tennesse Ave.

New York Ave ive


Nevada Ave.

New York Ave.

xR Fo

Taft Ave.

22 21

ve hA

N Oakwood Rd.

ft Ave

Sawyer St



15 14









Koeller St.



. Ave

Jackson St.


21 20 18 22

osh shk

. lvd a B e. v om Alg igh A H


Honey Creed Rd. Omro h s o shk

Congress Ave. Congress Ave 20


45 E Murdock Ave. Huron Ave.

W Murdock Ave.





Evans St. Bowen St.

Smith Ave.

W Murdock Ave



Harrison St.


Jackson St.



8th Ave


11th Ave

Thursday, November 24, 2011

ake nebago




| 17

Titan Tools rdian of the Garde The Gua n



University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Alumni Association Pollock Alumni House, 765 Algoma Blvd, Oshkosh

Artist: Stacey Cluppert

Oshkosh Garden Club Oshkosh Public Museum 1331 Algoma Blvd, Oshkosh

Artist: Lee Ann Lilly & Oshkosh Garden Club Description: The soldier becomes one with the garden he protects. Artist’s Statement: We propose surface decoration which evokes the appearance of a garden border – using mixed media collage made weather-proof by multiple coats of sprayed polymer coating (Surte) and carnauba-based car wax. Collage materials to include paint; tissue or rice paper; recycled paper; stamping; natural materials such as pressed leaves and seeds; and found objects. Collage sample is included, with the intent to supplement digital stamping shown with linocut printed.

Description: A focus on the basics of education shown in the colors of Titan pride, yellow and black. Artist Statement: As a 2010 graduate from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, with a BFA in Art Education and Ceramics, my focus for this nutcracker is about education. What I want to be most captivating with the nutcracker is the color. Titan pride is most visible by wearing the colors; yellow and black. Titan pride can also be in many other forms such as community service, leadership, connections, opportunity, etc. The focus of the objects that will be on the nutcracker are strictly the “tools” it takes at any level of education to be successful. This could be in a literal sense or hypothetically. For example, the keyboard pieces have numbers and letters on them. Teachers give students the opportunity to learn how to put these numbers and letters in order to eventually spell, and compose great essays. A keyboard can also be associated with the internet and technology. Technology in the classroom is very relevant and allows students (Elementary, High School, Undergraduate, etc) to gain knowledge by exploring the world at their finger tips. Even the paperclips, they typically hold pieces of paper together, or maybe they are like teachers and hold students in a caring way. The nutcracker will have several basic tools for learning on it. Some areas such as the yellow jacket will have #2 pencils and crayons on it to create the yellow color. Other areas such as the hat will be black crayons. The legs of the nutcracker will have keyboard pieces arranged on a black grout/adhesive with yellow strips on the sides. Other materials to be used would include but not to be limited to: rulers, colored pencils, thumb tacks, pens, markers, etc. Some areas of the nutcracker will be painted with different patterns and designs with a majority of the nutcracker being covered with school supplies.

Schultz Pharmacy 220 North Main Street • Oshkosh WI 54901

• Local prescription delivery • Gift/card department WI-5001409018

Store Hours: M-F 8a-7p, Sat. 8a-3p


• All insurance plans covered • Fast/friendly service Pharmacy Hours: M-F 9a-6p, Sat. 9a-2p

220 North Main Street Serving M-F 8am - 6pm • Sat. 8am - 2pm 920.233.1555 • Everything homemade • Newly remodeled • German Schnitzels • Breakfast served all day • German/domestic beer Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cycle of Seasons

Life As We Know It



Alliance Development/Discovery Properties Senior Housing Project

Oshkosh Area Community Foundation

Artist: Ann R Schultz

Artist: Fox Valley Technical College Autobody Club

475 Marion Avenue, Oshkosh

230 Ohio Street, Oshkosh

Description: Beginning from fall at the top, morphing through snow, spring flowers and a summer tree with sunset. Additional flowers and foliage adorn the base. Artist Statement: This design brings together imagery representing the seasons and a metamorphosis of one into another. These are both themes I enjoy working with and representing them on a sculptural canvas with vertical format made a unique challenge

We are proud to support the arts and the Oshkosh community


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� Treasury management services � Wealth management services


Located in downtown Oshkosh as part of the City Center

101 City Center, Oshkosh 920-237-5126


| 19

Triumph of the Arts


nd Nature Sin g Heaven a

Bank First National

26 Hillary Quella Photography 319 Pearl Avenue, Oshkosh


Artist: Hillary Quella & Nicci Martin

A t o m i c K a t z

101 City Center, Oshkosh

Artist: Eric M Anderson Description: Layered with a compilation of structures representational of the liberal arts. In many different forms the nutcracker stimulates ideas in support of. Artist Statement: This nutcracker will serve as a reminder of the priority in which the support and study of the liberal arts ought to be taking. It will be heavily complicated though visually drawing to look at. “Triumph of the Arts� will draw in the viewer and regain thoughts of what has been largely lost in far too many communities. Our contemporary culture is facing a movement towards a deficit of the liberal arts in all of it forms equally.

Nutcrackers LOVE Vintage too... We have vintage for YOU and your home Located in Exciting Downtown Oshkosh 17 Waugoo 920.235.0023


Thursday, November 24, 2011

At Your Service

The Candy Man Phantom of the Grand



Caramel Crisp and Café 200-D City Center, Oshkosh

Artist: Oshkosh Girl Scout Troop #2143 Description: A yummy twist on the classic look! He will have the traditional soldier look with black, red and gold’s but with a mosaic of color fitting candies. Artist Statement: All areas will be mosaic style with candy for color and texture. Red areas: M&M’s, Cinnamon Disks, Peppermint Sticks, etc. Gold areas: M&M’s, Lemon Heads, Lemon Drops, Butterscotch Disks etc. Green areas: Mint Gummy Slices, M&M’s, Sour Fruit Balls, Safety Pops, Skittles, etc. Flesh areas: Jelly Beans & M&M’s. Gold coins for button areas and belt buckle. Black areas: Jelly Beans, M&M’s, Black Licorice, etc. Giant cupcake “hat”. Tray of cookies.

Grand Opera House

100 High Avenue, Oshkosh

Artist: Jill Radtke

Description: Nutcracker will be dressed as the Phantom on the Opera.


30 Service League of Oshkosh 312 Market Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Gretchen Herrmann Description: Bright and Cheery, this nutcracker will be colorful and alert – At Your Service! I plan to use primarily red and green with silver accents. If possible I would like to use real fur or faux fur for the beard and maybe the hair and mustache. I would love the paint finish to be sparkly/metallic, and if possible I want to raise one arm and add a lantern.


| 21


31 44° North

146 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh

Artist: Nicki Mielke & Jamie Mugerauer Description: Nutcracker encased in snow to look like a snowman. Artist Statement: Nutcracker would look like a snowman, white and sparkly with all parts covered in at least the texture of snow (head, body covered completely). The arms would look like “woodsticks” & black boots. His “balls” would have people doing various sports in the winter.


Th e D a y

s of Wine & Chees


32 Gardina’s Wine Bar and Café 448 North Main Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Walter J Mayer

Description: French bread, and Italian or other breads. 1 or 2 bottles of wine. Spread of cheese on a tray

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Omar the Importer

Fun and Games



Satori Imports

411 North Main Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Julia Flanagan

Description: Mosaic of glass, tile, jewelry & found objects – grouted and sealed. Artist Statement: I intend to do a very fine quality mosaic piece – as is all my work.

House of Heroes

407 North Main Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Amy Funnell

Description: The nutcracker will be decorated with family card games, board games, blocks, crayons, toy train using painted designs. Artist Statement: I would like to celebrate the fun and joy children and parents experience playing together by featuring classic games and toys. At the holiday season this represents the wishes of children and a chance families have to enjoy each others company during snowy winter weather.


A proud sponsor of

granted rts in 2010 grant nted to support local arts n n 2010-11. 201 1 Like your legacy, the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation is for good, for



| 23

Christmas 3000

35 Castle-Pierce Oshkosh Public Library

m not lost; I’m exploring Robbie: “I’ ”

106 Washington Avenue, Oshkosh

Artist: Megan Juedes & Jesse Martinez Description: The robot of Christmas yet-to-come. Artist Statement: A totally “metallic” robot nutcracker, fully equipped with wheels, knobs, buttons, hoses, wires, switches and lights, which will hopefully actually light up. He is the totally modern indestructible, completely fun and unique force of Christmas!

36 The Englund Family for Arc

115 Washington Avenue, Oshkosh

Artist: Jason Ryf, Linda Geffers and the Arc Community



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Humanities under construction

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Atomic Katz | 17 Waugoo Avenue, Oshkosh Artist: Jambalaya Art Co-op: Kate Boucher, Laura Christie, Fred Farmer, Paula Hoppe, Dan Weber Description: The overall theme is a visual representation of the “Humanities”, i.e. music, visual arts, theatre and literature. An embrace of these ideals. Artist Statement: Jambalaya is a diverse group of talented artists who work to provide inspiration for individual artistic expression as well as the collaborative joining of ideas, a celebration of the arts. We are fortunate that our artists are experienced in all aspects of our proposed transformation of the Nutcracker. The finished statue will ultimately be the combined effort of the artists of Jambalaya. The statue will be altered by using fiberglass, cloth, plastics and resin, as well as the use of body filler, as a modeling medium. All of which are compatible with the nutcracker itself. Arms, figures and symbols will be placed 360 degrees around the statue, giving the piece a “walk around” effect when viewed. The nutcracker will be finished with exterior and metallic paints, stains, found objects as well as semi-precious stones and gems.

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The Oshkosh Northwestern 224 State Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Aiden Thull

Description: The pride of the true Wisconsin Artist Statement: Because of my pride in my state I decked out my nutcracker in that pride. From wearing a cheese head to the swaying prairies and wheat. This is my pride in my work and state.

We have maps available to find all the decorated Nutcrackers around Oshkosh.

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Visit our completed Nutcracker supporting the Arts in for Oshkosh.


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March of the Flowers

Salute to Oshkosh

39 The Oshkosh Northwestern

40 Oshkosh Convention and Visitors Bureau

224 State Street, Oshkosh

Oshkosh Convention Center 2 North Main Street, Oshkosh

Description: Artist Statement: My inspiration is my garden. I love flowers plain and simple. The goal is to be very colorful without going over the top. I think the bright colors will keep it fresh and fun. Each of the flowers will be raised with fiberglass resin, and then painted. I will also add some glass beads for extra depth and sparkle. There will be extra flowers on the back of the coat and trousers. Some of the flowers will be oversized with some hidden butterflies and birds.

Description: I plan to use paint, glass cabochons and beads. There is a plane attached to the hat and a wooden propeller. Fish and soccer balls on cuffs. Artist Statement: I want to highlight all the great places to visit and see in Oshkosh. This will be a compilation of all the things that make Oshkosh a great place to live or visit. I fuse my own glass and will use a lot of dichroic glass to highlight/enhance areas of this nutcracker. I plan to “rearrange� one arm of the nutcracker to have him salute.

Artist: John W Furkin

Artist: Sheila Willert

Shop and Donate at Oshkosh Goodwill, 1600 W. 20th Ave. Visit us on the Web:

Happy Holidays!



Thursday, November 24, 2011

s Star-Spangled Grand Marsh Event City’ al

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Reff, Baivier, Bermingham & Lim SC 217 Ceape Avenue, Oshkosh

Artist: Ron Schmitz

Description: Nutcracker statue is painted red, white and blue and sprinkled with various sized stars. City map of Oshkosh on chest. Artist Statement: A Grand-Marshal to lead the parade of the transformed statues for the “Nutcracker on the Town” project.

Hyde Family for Boys and Girls Club Boys and Girls Club of Oshkosh 501 East Parkway Drive, Oshkosh

Artist: Jessica Wilcox, Jamie Wilcox & Boys & Girls Club Artists Description: Walk through a day in the life of a Boys and Girls Club member and the programs that they partake in.

Pam Mezzano

Mike Dorsey WI-5001413197

Happy Holidays from all of us at RE /MAX On The Water 920-230-8880

Dawn Nemitz

Downtown Oshkosh


Mary Remillard

Kris Villars

Stacy Schmid


| 27

Egyptian Nutcracker


e Lights Go Out.. When th .

The Waters | 1393 Washington Avenue, Oshkosh Artist: Christie Charbonneau Wells

Description: The nutcracker will be transformed to resemble a Fayum mummy (1st Century BC-3rd Century AD), complete with a panel portrait of a likeness of the nutcracker in encaustic paint. Artist Statement: Fayum mummy portraiture is the name given to a type of realistic portrait, usually in encaustic (wax), painted on small wooden panels, and originally attached to mummies from the Coptic period in Egypt. These portraits are on display in numerous museums throughout the world and are considered one of the most highly regarded forms of art from the Classical period. The portraits originally covered the faces of bodies, that were mummified from burial in Egypt from the 1st century BC to the 3rd century AD. Extant examples indicate that the paintings were mounted into the bands of cloth that were used to wrap the bodies. The portraits depict a single person, showing the head viewed frontally or at a slight angle to the viewer. These encaustic portraits seem highly life-like today and derive their naturalism more from Greco-Roman traditions than Egyptian ones. The best preserved examples exhibit bright, vivid colors and despite their antiquity have a surprisingly modern feel, many with large brushstrokes and skilled modeling of light and shade. As an artist, I have worked in the encaustic media for quite some time and have long been interested in these Classical portraits. I was delighted when the opportunity came up to create my own Fayum mummy, complete with encaustic portrait of my nutcracker.

44 Rotary Clubs of Oshkosh

Menominee Park - Santa’s Workshop: Kiwanis Shelter 520 Pratt Trail, Oshkosh

Artist: Lisa Miller

Description: This nutcracker isn’t the traditional. We’re showing what happens when the city comes alive after the lights go out. He’s headed away from the calm and innocence and to the creative fun night life.

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502 N. Main St. (Downtown Oshkosh)

920-232-9772 Thursday, November 24, 2011


Animal Cracker



Women’s Fund of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation A Cut Above Salon & Day Spa

Phyllis Leach for Oshkosh Area Humane Society 1925 Shelter Court, Oshkosh

Artist: Lisa Sell

1810 Evans Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Kathryn Bender

Description: This Glam-Cracker is to be super fabulous and all dolled up! Very pink, glittery and ready for the grand occasion. Artist Statement: This Glam-Cracker is not here to make any social or political statements. Its entire purpose is for F-U-N! Because it is fun as a woman to get all dolled up and celebrate. I just can’t get enough pink these days (I never thought I’d say that), but it’s true and so I figure I’d use this opportunity to release my concern for everything pink and glittery and doll up the stiff nutcracker man.



217 Ceape Avenue, Oshkosh


| 29

Puttin’ on the Ritz

47 M³ Group of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation Oshkosh Area Community Pantry 2551 Jackson Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Jill Radtke

Description: Nutcracker will be transformed into legendary dance expert Fred Astaire, with a play on the famous cracker.

f the Sugarplum March o s

48 CitizensFirst Credit Union

2655 North Main Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Deb Bartelt & Sandra Achterberg Description: This nutcracker is filled with wrapped candies and candy canes. Artist Statement: The time period of the nutcracker ballet creates an image in my head of candies in clear wrappings which children hoped to find in their stockings. This painted nutcracker is filled with black rope licorice for hair, wrapped hard candies, and peppermint candy canes all backed by a rich soldier blue color.

OSHKOSH CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU Proud to be a sponsor of the Nutcrackers on the Town Project! Check out for all of your holiday events! WI-5001404664


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let Freedom Ring Transformer Cracker



Bergstrom Automotive, Bergstrom Ford of Oshkosh 3355 Jackson Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Melissa Blade Haight Description: America’s Theme; a variety of well known icons & sayings around the USA. Artist Statement: I am a freelance artist and very much enjoy everything art related. I have done several styles & mediums; watercolors, drawings, collages, photography, acrylic painting, hand painting on motorcycles as well. I love colors and painting and drawing. I have photo albums and sketches that may be viewed upon request.

Oshkosh Coil Spring, Inc

3575 North Main Street, Oshkosh

Artist: Steven Funnell

Description: Welded and cut steel are formed and added to nutcracker to create Transformer-like appearance. Artist Statement: Ref. of my skill check out “BrokenHill STEELART” on Facebook or

Come see The Flower King Nutcracker displayed at our dental office.

We are proud to support this community project. 2200 Omro Rd. | Oshkosh | 920.231.7160 WI-5001404768



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Lead Sponsor

Nutcracker in the Castle CitizensFirst invites you to experience the fantasy of The Nutcracker set inside the ornate interiors of The Paine Mansion this holiday season! For more information, visit

Presenting Sponsor

Nutcrackers on the Town

Discover 50 life-size Nutcrackers transformed by local artisans and on display at various corporate sponsors in the community. See CitizensFirst’s 5 Nutcrackers at each of our branch locations.

Visit these Oshkosh locations to view our company sponsored Nutcrackers: Hwy. 44/2900 Universal St., 250 N. Sawyer St., 2655 N. Main St., 1532 S. Koeller St. ATM

Making your hometown a better place to live, work & play!



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oshkosh Nutcrackers on the Town  

Nutcrackers on the Town around Oshkosh

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