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e v i r t s 2015-2016

Gann Academy When you walk the halls of Gann Academy, it is hard to believe that we are only entering our 20th year. It has taken bold and innovative leadership to get us to this point in our journey, and yet, we are only beginning! The Gann Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team, led by Rabbi Marc Baker, spent significant time reflecting on our past and present, and outlining strategic goals for our future. The past year brought Gann one step closer on our Journey to Extraordinary — our vision for the year 2020. This travel log serves as a journal of where we have been and where we are headed. This exceptional school and community continue to grow, strengthen, and prepare our students for what comes next in life. Our more than 1,100 Gann and New Jew alumni are living proof that our mission and our program matter. Our Gann students are ready for the future. They are ready to excel at the best colleges and universities; they are ready to lead and serve the Jewish and global community; they are ready to be moral and ethical citizens of our ever-changing world. As you read this travel log, we hope you share our communal pride in where we have gone in the last year and where the Journey will bring us this year. The truth is that this Journey and all of Gann’s accomplishments would not have been possible without the generosity of the more than 800 individuals and families who make Gann a philanthropic priority each year. Thank you for helping to make the stories captured here possible and for the thousands of stories yet to come.

2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG | 1

2015-2016 Board of Trustees

2016-2017 Board of Trustees



Frank Litwin, President

Frank Litwin, President

Scott Cohen, Vice President

Scott Cohen, Vice President

Lisa F. Wallack, Vice President

Lisa F. Wallack, Vice President

Adam Suttin, Treasurer

Adam Suttin, Treasurer

Elizabeth Cooper, Secretary

Elizabeth Cooper, Secretary

Michael Bohnen*, Clerk

Michael Bohnen*, Clerk



Michelle Black

Michelle Black

Rachel Chafetz

Rachel Chafetz

Stephen Cohen

Lisa Popik Coll

Lisa Popik Coll

Alan Crane*

Alan Crane*

William Foster

William Foster

Linda Greenseid*

Linda Greenseid*

Danielle Remis Hackel

Carol Harris

Joshua Hoffman-Senn ’09

Yael Hurwitz-Lange

Yael Hurwitz-Lange

Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson

Elizabeth Jick*

Elizabeth Jick*

Diana K. Lloyd

Diana K. Lloyd

Debbie Lovich

Anya Manning ’03

Anya Manning ’03

Cynthia Marcus*

Cynthia Marcus*

Sharon Mishkin

Seth Rosenzweig

Seth Rosenzweig

Mark Rubin

Yakir Siegal

Stuart Salzberg

Benjamin Sigel

Yakir Siegal

Jill Smith

Benjamin Sigel *Past Presidents

2 | 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG

WE’RE READY for where tomorrow brings us.

Note from Rabbi Marc Baker To Our Supporters, What a journey this has been and continues to be! This past year was a year of learning, of innovating, and, most importantly, of impacting hundreds of young people’s lives. And none of it would have happened without your philanthropic support. The Journey to Extraordinary is a journey of collaboration and community. We know that we cannot get from where we are to where we want to be, to extraordinary, without the entire community embracing our intentions and being willing to underwrite their realization. So, thank you. The strength of this school and its ever-growing ability to prepare our youth for the world out there is a function of the strength you give us. Rabbi Marc Baker Head of School

Note from Frank Litwin To Our Supporters, As the President of the Gann Board of Trustees, a parent of a current Gann student and two Gann alumni, and simply a believer in what Gann is doing, I want to thank you. It takes bold vision, aligned effort, and a strategic road map to continually improve an institution like Gann. We are fortunate to have all of those elements in place. This was my first year as the President, and I am pleased to echo Rabbi Baker’s thank you for your support. We would not be here, in this position of strength, without your leadership, your support and your generosity. At Gann, we are committed to excellence — we are not satisfied with being a great school. Your support is essential to our achieving collective goals. Frank Litwin President, Board of Trustees

2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG | 3

September 2-September 3 First day of school and our entire community heads to the All-School Retreat. We’re so excited for the new year, welcoming the Class of 2019 and bringing the community back together. Starting our year with intentionality – reconnecting with faculty and students.


h lationship wit Our 19-year re a School in Haif Ironi Hey High gh hi i the Israel continues as Gann. tion arrives at school delega rtner to be a key pa We are proud ection. n-Haifa conn in CJP’s Bosto g - we’re buildin Teen to teen dges. important bri

4 | 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG


This Journey is made possible by you! Thank you from every one of us to every one of you.

The Campaign for Gann This list represents our trailblazing donors who have kicked off our comprehensive campaign with multi-year pledges. These transformative gifts may span several fiscal years.

$1,000,000+ Anonymous

$500,000 - $999,999

$50,000 - $99,999 Anonymous Joyce and Michael Bohnen Carol and Stephen Cohen Karen and Robert Deresiewicz Lauren and Mark Rubin

$25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous The Berkowitz Regosin Family Sharon and Jerry Berkowitz Ina and Jerry Regosin Randi Berkowitz and Jonathan Regosin Rachel and David Fine

Amelia and Joshua Katzen Cynthia and William Marcus Lisa F. and Neil Wallack

2015-2016 Donors This list represents donations received between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016.

$100,000+ Anonymous Lisa Popik Coll and Arieh Coll Combined Jewish Philanthropies -B’Yadenu Judi and Douglas Krupp

Anonymous (4)

Julie Altman and Alex Sagan

Judi and Douglas Krupp

Wendy and Yakir Siegal

$50,000 - $99,999

$250,000 - $499,999

$10,000 - $24,999


Elizabeth and Daniel Jick

Jeannette and Marco Finkielsztein

Rabbi Suzanne A. Offit and Andrew Offit Hope and Adam Suttin Lisa F. and Neil Wallack

$100,000 - $249,000 Anonymous Kathleen and Scott Cohen Leslie and Alan Crane Dr. Gerald Entine Laurie and Richard Gliklich Diana Lloyd and Jordan Hershman Lizbeth and George Krupp Rosalyn and Richard Slifka

Susan and Eric Hailman

L’Dor V’Dor Society We recognize and honor those who have made a legacy commitment by including Gann Academy in their estate plans. Joyce and Michael Bohnen Janine and Jevin Eagle Dr. Gerald Entine Shira Goodman and Rabbi Wesley Gardenswartz Elizabeth and Daniel Jick

Leslie and Alan Crane Estate of Barbara Feinberg* Joseph and Rae Gann Charitable Foundation Beverly and Donald Bavly Rita and Herbert Gann Shirley Saunders Elizabeth and Daniel Jick Lauren and Mark Rubin Rosalyn and Richard Slifka Hope and Adam Suttin Lisa F. and Neil Wallack

$25,000 - $49,999 Kathleen and Scott Cohen Combined Jewish Philanthropies HAIFA Grant

* Indicates donor is deceased

2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG | 5

November 7 On the night of November 7th, over 600 members of the Gann community and the broader Boston Jewish community came together at the InterContinental Hotel in Boston to celebrate Gann’s remarkable first 18 years, to recognize Rabbi Marc Baker’s 10 years as our Head of School and leader, and to contemplate what we will accomplish together over the next 18 years. It was a night of recognition, appreciation, and consideration of all the people who have made Gann such an incredible success story.

6 | 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG



dible n an incre e e b s a h “It e are not w d n a , s r a 18 ye is just the is h T . e n o d e story we h t f o g in beginn r.” e togethe it r w o t d nee rc Baker -Rabbi Ma

g n i t a r b e l e C



2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG | 7

January 21 We were excited to see so many applications from a wonderfully diverse and talented group of rising 9th graders. The Class of 2020 exceeded our enrollment goal and represents students from 22 middle schools, 28 towns, including 17 different public and secular schools. What they all have in common is an excitement about joining the Gann community.

$5,000 - $9,999

Combined Jewish Philanthropies JTF Program Grant

Jeannette and Marco Finkielsztein

Karen and Robert Deresiewicz

Gelfand Family Charitable Trust

Laurie and Richard Gliklich

Laurie and Robert Gervis

Shelley R. Baker

Diana Lloyd and Jordan Hershman

Shira Goodman and Rabbi Wesley Gardenswartz

Irina and Mark Barrocas

Janice S. Gross and Stephen Klar

Winnie Sandler and Steven Grinspoon

Roberta and Irwin Chafetz

Cynthia and William Marcus

Amelia and Joshua Katzen

Rabbi Suzanne A. Offit and Andrew Offit

Lizbeth and George Krupp

Julie and Ronald Chaney

Merilyn and Joseph Geisberg

Rita and Leonard Adelson Akamai Foundation Inc. Jessica and David Aronoff

Century Bank Rachel and Laurence Chafetz

Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine

Combined Jewish Philanthropies

Marcia and Alan Leifer

Julie and Howard Cyker

Louis & Ida Selib Memorial Fund*

Terri and Solomon Eisenberg

$10,000 - $24,999

Max Bearon Charitable Foundation

Anonymous Susan and Aron Ain

Deborah Sanders-Zilberman and James Rosenfield

Beth and Lawrence Greenberg

Noamit and Izhar Armony

Lisa and Jonathan Rourke

Cindy and Mark Blotner

Ruderman Family Charitable Foundation

Barbara and Frank Resnek Sharon Mishkin and Mark Rosenzweig

Joyce and Michael Bohnen Arlene and Haldon Bryer Carol and Stephen Cohen Rachel and David Fine 8 | 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG

Julie Altman and Alex Sagan Deborah and Jeffrey Swartz Janis and Michael Weilheimer * Indicates donor is deceased

Renee and Steven Finn

Jill Jacobs and Frederic Haber Carol Harris and Robert Kann Lisbeth Tarlow and Stephen Kay Susan and Roger Patkin Marla and Robert Rosenbloom Jill Smith and Randy Ross

Wendy and Yakir Siegal

Lisa and Mitchell Livstone

Jane and David Cohen

Irma and Aaron Spencer

Lisa Rosenfeld and Alan Lobovits

Doris Cohen

Jennifer Slifka Vidal and Luis Vidal

Debbie and Mark Lovich

Bernice B. and Raymond Coll

Mr. Ellis V. Morris

Congregation Shaarei Tefillah

Laura Weissman Davis

Dorie Alexander Mufson and Michael Mufson

Elizabeth and Scott Cooper

Leah Susskind

$2,500 - $4,999 Julie and Laurent Amouyal Jill and Rabbi Marc Baker Lisa R. Goldberg and Roy Barr Lucy Goodhart and Gordon Bennett Michelle and Darren Black Claire and Daniel Caine Dorit Harverd and Richard Dale David E. Moeser Trust

Beverley and Peter Olsberg Elizabeth Waksman and Darren Orbach Gail and Jay Pearlstein Sarah Markovitz and Jacob Pinnolis

Sarah Abrams and Allan Cole

Brenda and Jerome Deener Jennifer and Jeffrey Drucker Judy and Joshua Elkin Frances Elovitz Gala and Samuel Finkielsztein Deborah and Marc Fogel

Maria Ponsillo and Arthur Rabinowitz

Deborah and Jonathan Forman

Clare S. Rosenfield

Rebecca and Michael Friedman

Ruth Langer and Jonathan Sarna

Rachel and William Foster

Alexandra Fuchs

Janine and Jevin Eagle

Martha Minow and Joseph Singer

Zelda and Elkan Gamzu

Ilana and Isaac Edry

Toby M. Sloane

Rena Gray Fein and Robert Fein

Ronit and Alex Smolyar

Lori and Michael Gilman

Pamela and Guy Forman

The Beker Foundation

Tamar and Kenneth Frieze Linda and Michael Frieze Nicole and Joshua Gann

Ayelet and Edgardo Sternberg The Irving & Edyth S. Usen Family Charitable Foundation*

Catharyn and Myron Gildesgame

Carol and Michael Wasserman

Elizabeth Brody Gluck and Ronald Gluck

Elizabeth Van Ranst and Jerry Zuriff

Jody Dushay and Paul Gompers Tania and Michael Gray Randy Gollub and Jon K. Hirschtick Lisa Fishbayn Joffe and Jonathan Joffe Claudia Davidoff and Joseph Kahan Margot and Fred Kann Dr. Lisa Lehmann and Rabbi Daniel Lehmann Ralph Lieberman

Arnee and Walter Winshall

$1,000 - $2,499 Lisa Spiegel and David Abotbool Sheryl and Bill Adler Susan Shevitz and Lawrence Bailis Rosaline and Alan Barron Diane and Chester Black Marc J. Bloostein Chelsea Hebrew Free School Endowment Fund

Risa and Zev Gewurz Cynthia and Richard Gilman Mr. and Mrs. Ted Gladstone Edith Goldman and Morton Hoffman Rabbi Leslie Gordon and David Goodtree Lillian and Richard Gray Rosalind Gray Daniel A. Greenberg Linda and David Greenseid Lynn and Sheldon Hanau Helaine Hartman Zona and Martin Hoffman Fawn and Roger Hurwitz Claudia Marbach and Daniel Jackson Diane and Robert Jaye Marcie and Jeffrey Jonas Harriet and Ralph Kaplan Stephanie Karger Marca and Brian Katz

2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG | 9

February 11

crushed it Go Gann! The Gann girls y Basketball and won the Girls’ Varsit Athletics teams Championship title. Our n h five championhad an incredible year wit sof tball, baseball, tball, ships wins in girls’ baske and boys’ tennis. Gann co-ed ultimate frisbee, lleyball invitational. also won the IGC girls’ vo

February 15-28 Student leaders in action on the national stage: Alexander Bulanov ’19 won Best Delegate for representing China on the Crisis Committee, and Olivia Mamane ’16 won Honorable Delegate for representing the United Kingdom on the Counter-Terrorism Committee at the Yeshiva University Model UN Conference and the Jewish Canadian Youth Model UN (JCYMUN) Conference. 10 | 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG

February 27 More wins! Two of our Robotics teams Hutzbots and RABBI-qualified for the state championships. Forty Gann students worked with a team from Waltham High at the championship event and built important connections with the school.

Devorah and Joshua Kosowsky

Alyssa Wiener and Jay Rosenbaum

Gail and Andrew Windmueller

Jill Goldenberg and Sidney Kriger

Farrah and Barry Rubenstein

Michele and Jonathan Wolfman

Susan and Stuart Salzberg

Deanna and Sidney Wolk

Amy and Carl Kruglak

Marion Gardner-Saxe and Leonard Saxe

Lisa and Chris Wyett

Doreen and Andrew Kriegel

Marlene and Jonathan Leffell Lori B. Silver and Peter M. Lefkowitz

Arthur Schneider

Fred and Lori Leif

Harriet and Stuart Sherman

Sharon Levin and Rabbi David Lerner

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Shoulson

Barbara and Ed Shapiro

Dana and Bruce Yankner

$500 - $999 Elisa Deener-Agus and Michael Samuel Agus

Emily Beck and Jon Levisohn

Deborah Horwitz and Steve Shoyer

Rebecca and Daniel Baker

Allison and Elliot Mael

Benjamin R. Sigel

Sandi and Nathaniel Margolis

Karin and Leo Sprecher

Jim Beck

Beth Byer and Fred Mermelstein

Lisa and Andrew Sussman

Dina Hirshfeld-Becker and Ronald Becker

Carol and Norman Tasgal

Efrat and Ram Metser

Susan and Carl Blanchard

Frank P. Tipton and Jonathan Krasner

Julie Somers and Maurice Blaustein

Abby Zanger and Roy B. Tishler

Harvey N. Bock

Deborah Reck and Arthur Unobskey

Shoshana Jacobs and David Charytan

Christine and Bruce Miller Elizabeth and Justin Nelson Rebecca Betensky and Jeremy Newberger Deborah Platek and Martin Oppenheimer

Jennifer and Amiel Weinstock

Alison Kur and Michael Oshins

Debra and Brad Weiss

Sally and Stephen Patkin

Selma and Daniel Weiss

Dr. and Mrs. Barry Paul

Ron Weiss

Emily and Otto Rapalino

Chrysanthi Gikas and David Wihl

Dena and Michael Rashes

Muriel Baker

Elise and Marc Busny

Hanania Cohen Pamela and Leonard Cohen Yael Miller and Stuart Cole Sherri and Ira Davoudgoleh

2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG | 11

ek Water We

Yael Hurwitz-Lange and Steven A. Lange Sharon Waller and Al Hyman Cynthia and Andrew Janower Beth Silverman and Barry Kann Ariela and Dana Katz Dr. Miriam Hoffman and Dr. Steven M. Kleiner Rhonda and Eric Levin Sally and Bruce Levy Selma L. Liebnick Susan Rodgin and Warren Manning Carol and Daniel Milewich Debra and Eitan Milgram

February 29- March 4 Student leaders in our Environmental Club launched the ut first annual Water Week- all abo water and how central it is to life and our future.

The week addressed the social, political, and environmental impact of water abundance and water scarcity and included a visit and lesson from the New England Aquarium.

Robert Miller Suzanne and David Diamond

Roberta and Glenn Minkovitz

Janet and Mark Fagan

Marianne and Eric Nadel

Penny and Roy Feldman

Robin Neiterman

Ellenjoy Fields and Herbert Morse

Marla and Simon Olsberg

Larry Fine

Heidi and Lewis Pearlson

Marilyn and Gerald Fishbone

Rachel and Joel Reck

Helen Tager-Flusberg and Martin Flusberg

Judith and Jack Remondi

Cheri Fox Brenda and Harvey Freishtat Sylvia Fuks Fried and Jules Fried Jody and David Gastfriend Heidi Gold and Rabbi Neal Gold Arthur Goldberg Mimi and Ronald Golub Teri and Bruce Gorsky Jack Gottlieb Spencer A. Gould Tova and Steven Greenberg Robin Gross and Anthony Lehv Claudine and Adam Grossman Stacy Grossman Susan and Eric Hailman Wendy and Steven Handler Robert and Jackie Hughes

12 | 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG

Laura and Matthew Olton

Arlene and Sanford Remz Sarine and Steven Rodman Judith Rosenbaum Rachel and Paul Rosenfield Ellen and Michael Rubin Carol Saivetz Barbara and Andrew Schultz Norma and Mel Shakun Cynthia B. Shulman Paula and John Sinclair Ronni and Paul Skerker Linda and Ira Skolnik Margery and Jerome Somers Sandy and David Tall Temple Beth Elohim Debra and Alex Teperman Barbara and Jeff Turk Joan and Milton Wallack

Ruth Weinrib and Paul Weiss Rachel and Scott Weiss Louis Zatz

$250 - $499 Rabbi Sharon C. Anisfeld and Dr. Shimon C. Anisfeld Lisa and Alan Avery-Peck Sharon and Jerry Berkowitz Kenneth Berman Jonathan Bernstein Catering By Andrew

t c e nn

Maribeth and Ted Kaptchuk


Lynne Satlof-Karas and Steven Karas

Shira Deener and David P. Chodirker

Susan Kardos

Cohen Hillel Academy

Rabbi Ira L. Korinow

Rachel and Behzad Dayanim

Isaac Kot and Marcy Foilb

Rachel Herschenfeld and Aaron Deykin

Suzette Kushner and Rabbi Harold S. Kushner

Madelyn and Bruce Donoff

Audrey and Bruce Lampert

Micki and Walter Dore

Legacy Heritage Fund, Ltd

Dena and Gary Elovitz

Lauren and Todd Lehner

Karen and David Farbman

Nancy and Sidney Lejfer

Sharon Feiman-Nemser

Teresa Lessin

Doris Feinberg Andrea and Todd Finard

Laurie Jacobs and Steven Levine

Esther and Sergio Finkielsztein

Marni and Jonathan Levitt

Gill Fishman

Sally and Bruce Levy

Robert Frisch

Lewis Lipsey

Lynn H. Galen

Ellen and Gabriel Margolis

Linda and Arthur Gelb

Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Debbie Drucker and Larry Ring

Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education

Judith Sydney and Aviva Sapers

Elaine and Joe Paster

Robin Shifrin

Janet Strassman Perlmutter and Joel Perlmutter

Margery Sokoloff and Jeffrey Shoulson

Sari Anne Rapkin Charna Reichel

Wendy Berland and Steven Simon

Laura Rice and Martin Lowenthal

Judy and George Small

Emily and David Geller Patti and Melvin Gerbie David Goldberg Bonnie and Leonard Hausman Marina Livshits and Michael Hiam Miriam and Avi Hoffman Wendy and Barry Hurwitz Cindy and Daniel Jacobs Ronda and Joshua Jacobson

Michaela Kirby

March 11 Israeli Diplomat, Arab Christian and foreign affairs attachĂŠ George Deek visited today at Limud Clali (community learning) and delivered a message of hope about Jews, Arabs, and Christians living and working together. Mr. Deek sparked a rich discussion within our community, left us thinking about how we can bridge divides to make a difference and how important it is to listen to the many voices in our community.

Jonah M. Skolnik ’17

* Indicates donor is deceased

2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG | 13

March 11 Grease is the word! Awesome production of “Grease� by the Gann Red Curtain Drama Club. Seniors Oliver Shoulson and Goldie Davoudgoleh produced and directed the show. Goldie told us how the experience was an eye-opener in terms of how our society has changed for the good regarding gender and social pressures. Rabbi Baker led a discussion on the importance and evolution of community values and how, through performance, we can all learn to see the world in new ways.

14 | 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG

Jenna L. Andelman and Gavin R. Steyn

Michelle Paster and Joe Blumenfeld

Vicki Goldsmith

Temple Reyim

B’nai Or of Boston

Robin and Wayne Goldstein

Stuart Uram and Lilly Langotsky

Laura and Barton Brass

Roberta and Lenn Goodman

Michael Brennan

Leigh Weiss

Debbie Gotbetter

Mel Brown

Patricia Weiss and Rabbi Loel Weiss

Carmel Gottlieb

Grace Buchanan

Janet Segal and Neal Green

Frances and Paul Burger

Batya and David Greene

Mary Burstin

Gay Greene

Susan and David Callum Camp Yavneh

Nancy Nozick-Grodin and Michael Grodin

Jane and Dennis Carlton

Eleanor and Martin Gross

Andrea and Jon Clardy Rabbi Valerie Cohen

Loren S. Stolow and Mitch Heineman

Yocheved Cohen

Helen and Peter Hiam

Gabriel Coll ’17

Sue Tamber Housman and Robert Housman

Sue and Steve Wilner Candice and Howard Wolk Lorel and Arnold Zar-Kessler

$100 - $249 Erica Abate Recht and Marc Recht Melinda Grosser and James Abbisso

Doris and Martin Goldstein

Geraldine AcuñaSunshine and Gabriel Sunshine

Mary Landrum and David Cutler Marion Davenport

Debby and Ron Iken

Thomas Adler

Elaine DeLuca

Sherry Israel

Mark Amster

Rosa and Mark Drapkin

Adrienne Jacobson

Elizabeth Anisfeld

Yael and Eyal Dvir

Marcia and Robert Jacoby

Barbara S. Bach

Alisa and Todd Ente

Carol and Edward Kantner

Adeline Bain

Randi Epstein

Steffi and Eric Karp

Faye Blazar and Mohan Bala

Nancy and Sheldon Epstein

Helen and Bert Katz

Jennifer Faber

Lisa and James Kaufman

Eydie and Loren Balsam

Rachel Levine and Aryeh Feder

Irving Kempner

Sandra and Sheldon Bass

Roger Forman

Dara and Jared Kesselheim

Shirley and Victor Becker

Myrna and Carl Franzblau

Deeana and Jeffrey Klepper

Amy and Mark Benjamin

Lori and Steven Gans

Lisa and David Kling

Judy and Murray Berk

Sylvia DeLange and Lawrence E. Gastwirt

Suzanne and Michael Klugman

Tanya and Vladimir Geisberg

Susan and David Kohen

Wendy G. Gilman

Felicity and Stephen Kolnik

Marni Gliklich

Roselyn and Edwin Kolodny

Barbara and Bob Gold

Rita and Irwin Kopin

Arlene Goldberg

Brenda and David Korn

Jill and Michael Goldberg

Camille and Darrell Kotton

Gayle and Robert Golden

Wendy and Daniel Kraft

Ketriellah and Gavriel Goldfeder

Fanna M. Kreidberg

Jody and Charles Goldman

Rochelle and Helmut Lecke

Sheryl and Joshua Berkowitz Randi Berkowitz and Jonathan Regosin Joe Berman Carone and Stanley Berman Jodi and James Blankstein Elaine Blaustein Beverly and Andrew Blazar Deborah Block and David Bein

Sari Korman and John Hunt

Gila and Bruce Kriegel

2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG | 15

April 4-8 A Gann education extends far beyond the classroom walls, This is beautifully exemplified by our annual Exploration Week. Our students and faculty spread across the nation focused on projects about social justice and making a difference in the community from building homes with Habitat for Humanity in NC to rebuilding New Orleans; to going off the grid and living in a community without technology to helping to clean up the Charles River Watershed. Exploration Week pushes our students beyond their comfort zones and asks them to step out and live out our Gann values in the real world!

16 | 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG

Marvin Lender

Joanne and Adam Rose

Tami and Sam Wald

Marsha and Michael Levin

Katie and Seth Rosenzweig

Beth Waldorf

Roslyn and David Levine

Lisa Rothman

Elaine and Joel Levine Paulla and Howard Lipsey

Susan Gordon and Mitchell Rubenstein

Lisa Wasserman Sivan and Ezra Zuckerman Sivan

Susie and Michael Lorge

Judith Sagan

Norah Mazar and Shmuel Weglein

Rebecca and Adam Lurie

Lizi and Eyal Schneid

Mark R. Weinberg

June Kinoshita and Tod Machover

Tamar and Craig Schneider

Ann Weiner

Raphi and Yonit Schorr

Susan Wilk

Nathalya Barchechat and Paul Mamane

Judith D. Powsner and Eric Scribner

Donna M. Williams

Rabbi Todd Markley

Julie and Eric Shapiro

Suri Cybuch-Maron and Myron Maron

Miriam Sheftel

Heidi Epstein and Jeffrey Marx

Naomi and Richard Shore

Ian McKinnon Sharon and Carl Minkovitz Lynnie and David Mirvis James Nahirny and Janet Lavine Nahirny E. Melvin Nash Wendy Nelson Alice and Alan Oliff Nathaniel Orbach ’17 Rabbi Sara and Michael Paasche-Orlow Ruth and Larry Page Beverly Siegal and Richard Peiser Michelle and Robert Pepe Ruthy and Ralph Philosophe Miriam Newman and Michael Pinnolis Rebecca Pins Andrew Popik Beth Popik Mary Collins and Wesley Potter Vicky Rakov RAVSAK: The Jewish Community Day School Network

Sue and Joel Sherman Susan and Stanley Shuman Lori and Matthew Sidman Eleanor and Pablo* Siegal Jane and Fred Sillman Amy and Ross Silverstein Jon Simon Rabbi Joel and Heidi Sisenwine Marsha and Marc Slotnick Tova and Ken Sperber Jennifer Gallop and Rabbi David Starr

April 15

Kathy Rosenbluh and Michael Stern

For the second year running, Gann placed second among top schools nationwide in the Ruth Bader Ginsburg division of RAVSAK’s Moot Beit Din competition (Talmudic debate team.) The event was held in West Palm Beach, and all students participated in a four day shabbaton that culminated with their presenting their rulings in front of a panel of judges made up of rabbinic and legal experts. This year’s halachic/ethical question was about end-of-life decision-making. Our Gann team prepared all year with faculty advisor Rabbi Hillel Greene ‘01.

Paula Stern Jennifer Stier Rose-Jane and David Sulman Andrea Taber Temple Emanuel Sofia K. Simoun and Igor O. Tkachenko Elisa Tobin Jesse and Larry Tobin Jill Weiner and Bruce Todtfeld Carole and Carl Toltz Barry and Marjorie Tuber Sonya and Irving Tuck

Judy and Jeffrey Remz

Deborah and Herbert Turney

Ilana Rosenberg and Ramel Rones

Devora and G. Blake Voss

2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG | 17

welcome to

May 17 The first ever Gann Awards! A moving evening honoring the accomplishments of many individuals who make Gann such a special place. It really put a spotlight on our four core values (Care, Connect, Strive, Create) and how students, faculty, alumni, and community members are living them. Kenny Wintman

Todd Bello

Miriam L. Brown

Young Israel of Brookline

Deborah Freedman Belt and Erik Paul Belt

Jalene Buckner

Debra Zane and Max Gould Deena and Brian Zuckerman

Lori and Bill Benjes

Melanie and Matt Camp

Adam Berg

Judith Cannon

Marjorie and Eric Berg

Michael Cantor and Tammi Levy-Cantor

Up to $99 Anonymous (2)

Kristin Berg Sara and Matthew Berg

Aaron K. Butler ’17

Andi and Alan Berkowitz

Susan Cantor and Dror Dushman

Ellen Berkowitz

Jess and Mike Carroll

Nicole Andelman

Nancy Berkowitz

Adam Chase

Roberta Apfel and Bennett Simon

Carole and Joel Berman

Susan and Alec Cheloff

Jean Birnberg

Barnet Cohen

Rayna and David Aronson

Suzanne Blau

Jennifer Cohen

Jeffrey Bain

Gloria Bloom

Joyce Cohen

Alicia Barchechat

Nancy Bloom

Nadine Barchechat

Lester Blumberg

Barbra D. Batshalom Cohen and Moshe Cohen

Lisa Bateman

Fran and Fred Blumenfeld

Leslie Bazer and Rabbi Larry Bazer

Cynthia Bobrow

Ifat Rubin-Bejerano and Yaniv Bejerano

Lee Smith Bravender

Smadar and Jaime Belkind Gerson

Avram Brown

Barbara Abraham Jane and David Akiba Laura and Hersch Altman

Herbert Bello 18 | 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG

Marcia and Tamir Borensztajn Miriam Bronstein Michael Brown

Rachel A. Coll ’17 Lesley Michalowsky and Michael Daitzman David Davidson Beth and Ronny Drapkin Miriam Drukman Ruth and Barry Ehrlich Andrew Epstein

Barbara Epstein

Ava and Bruce Harder

Rozi and George Lehner

Betsy and David Epstein

Brenda Haynes

Doris and Alex Lelchook

Linn and Jonathan Epstein

Debra and Frederic Hershon

Dorothy Lennick

Barbara and Michael Epstein

Beryl and David Hoffman

Judith Levin

Sam Epstein

Dianna J. Huff

Lisa Levine

Sarah Epstein

Rahle and Mervyn Hurwitz

Rachel Rock and Joshua Levy

Eleanor Fafel

Rose K. Hurwitz

Barbara Lichtman

Jeffrey Farbman

Amy and Jonathan Imber

Donna and Gene Lichtman

Shira Farbman

Shelley Isaacson

Marcie and Bruce Lipsey

Carole Feifke

Mrs. Virginia Israel

Molly Lou

Roberta and Joel Feinblatt

David Jacobson

Alison and Kenneth MacNeil

Dorothy Fine

Frank Jacobson

Sharon and Bernard Malofsky

Erica and Joshua Fine

Leah and Mitchell Jacobson

Olivia N. Mamane ’16

Sara Susskind and Thomas Fine

Melissa and Joshua Jacoby

Sara Mandelbaum

Robin and Jerold Jaeger

Ursula and Rami Mangoubi

Bernice and Ronald Finn Deborah and Daniel Fins

Dahlia Rudavsky and Robert Jampol

Deborah Margolis and Rita Cusack

Betsy Fishbone

Robin Kalis

Stephanie and Alfred Maroun

Carolyn and Steven Flammey

Monique Martin

Beth and Ron Foreman

Sarah Fendrick and David Kaplan

Leslie Forg

Donna Karp

Julia Forman

Jo Ann David-Kasdan and Menachem Kasdan

Barbara Nicholson and Gerald Matross

Tracey and David Frankel Susan and Leonard Fuld Julie and Ezra Galler Lillian H. Garber Rosalie Gerut Eva Glaser Jordana and Adam Glasgow Matthew A. Gluck ’19 Molly Goldberg Robin Goldberg Janet Yassen and Irle Goldman Susan Goldscheid Barbara and Al Goldstein Susan and Robert Goodman Sara and Ari Goodwin Sarah Gotbetter Andrew Gottlieb Ann Gottlieb Phyllis Grosser Howard E. Guthermann

Andrea and Norman Katz

Donna and Burton Matross

Barbara and Stephen Merlin

Tamar and David Katz

Abigail Jungreis and Jacob Meskin

Sheila and Hyman Kempler

Ellyn Michelson

Ilana Medvedovski and Sergey Khanukaev

Arlene and Roger Moore

Lori Kipnes

Larry Moy

Andrea and Aviel Klausner

Andrea and John Nadai

Ann F. Klayman

Laurie Nash

Craig Klein

Lois G. Newberger

Debra and Steven Klein

Pamela and Andrew Norden

Judith and Isaac Kliger Reena L. Kling

Amy J. Solomon and Todd E. Nudelman

Gertrude Kohen

Maria Paez

Stephanie Kornbbleuth

Emily and William Passman

Barbara and Bernard Kotton Andrea Kozodoy

Elana Zimand and Simcha Pearl

Amy and Jonathan Kraus

Jeffrey and Marjorie Pechet

Cori Lapp

Elaine Perkins

Judy Lappin

Anna Perlin

Felicia Lassk

Diana and Alexander Peselman

Cybil Morin

2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG | 19

Ellen Peskin

Zelda and Paul Schwartz

Harriet Warshaw

Aaron Pins

Ethel and Lester Segal

Laura and Cliff Watkin

Rick Pins

Ellen and Steven Segal

Ellen Weber

Joel Pitkowsky

Addie and Myron Segelman

Myra Weinstein

Aliza Arzt and Meredith Porter

Laura A. Shakun

Joan and Robert Weinstein

Terri and Gil Preuss

Joan Shane

Martin Weiss

Ruth and Peter Preuss

Sharon and Rony Shapiro

Sarah M. Preuss ’17

Debbie Sheldon

Mrs. Irene Weiss and Dr. Robert Weiss

Frances and Joel Rabinowitz

Leslie and Alan Sherman

Melinda and Fred Whittum

Sherryl and Uri Radbil

David Sherman

Meryl Widensky

Anne Raisner

Marcia Plumb and Michael Shire

Phyllis Wilker Bernice and Arthur Wilner

Nancy and Howard Smith

Joshua Wilner

Peg and Stewart Richstein

Melissa Smith

Matty Wilner

Paula Riegel

Sarah Wilner ’18

Sandra Ring

Rachel S. Boyar and Michael Smookler

Lori and Mark Rosen

Rachel and Jeremy Sohn

Los Wilson

Jean Remmer and Marvin Rosenbloom

Adam Sol

Krystyna and David Wolf

Madey and Allan Sperber

Debbie and David Wolf

Denise Rosenblum

Linda Stern

Jessica Bloch and Tom Wolfe

Judith and Robert Rosenkranz

Marilyn Stern

Adele Wolfson

Faye and Alan Rosenstein

Lee Sternburg

Robert Wollin

Bernice and Howard Rosenstein

Donna and Paul Stouber

Millicent and Lionel Wolpert

Barbara Rossman

Michelle and Steven Stravitz

Nahum Workalemahu

Linda Rubenstein

Todd Stupell

Joel Ziff

Jason Rubin

Jamie and Marge Sunners

Judy Zimmerman

Marion Gribetz and Robert Rubin

Bonnie and Eugene Suttin

Barbara and Henry Zoob

Jaka Saarony


Deborah Zaitchik and Jerry Samet

Karen and Bruce Temkin

Mieke Verfaellie and Victor Reinstein

Jeff Tall

Guy Sapirstein

Texas Instruments Foundation

Dina Savitz

Yael Tobin

Lori Schechner

Nancy Trautman

Jody L. Comins and Michael J. Schnur

Wayne Ushman

Joni and Michael Schockett Anne Schulman Beth Schwartz Ed Schwartz Elizabeth A. Schwartz Debbie and Kenneth Schwartz 20 | 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG

Howard Waksman Michelle Waksman Nathaniel Waksman Ellen Waldorf Perry M. Wallack ’17 Sydney Wallack ’19 Aviva Warford

Sheri Wilner

Alumni Donors Class of 2000 Lily Rabinoff-Goldman and Hillel Greene Hazzan Jesse and Leora Holzer Elana and Doron Korinow Class of 2001 Daniel I. Forman Jessica Gould and Efraim Yudewitz Reva A. Haselkorn Jennifer and Ari Kaufman Leora A. Koller-Fox


Aviel Peaceman Jeremy Perkins Daniel Saxe Liat Werber

June 7

Spring Arts Today was the azing showFestival, an am students’ work case of Gann d performing in the visual an n-stop from arts. It was no h the Visual the start wit n to the Arts exhibitio s by the Jazz performance e Company, Ensemble, Danc enaniGanns, Red Cleffers, Sh e Black Box and more in th students know Theater. Gann rm! how to perfo

Class of 2008 Ari Hausman Adam Karp Shira Novack and Raanan Korinow Rebecca Leifer Jennifer Levy Joshua Micley Tali Silverman Class of 2009 Andrew F. Cohen Marcus A. Dodyk Yonina Eisenberg Ariella Elovic Ari Fein

Yair Leviel

Leah Forman

Sam Gardenswartz

Eliana and Lev Meirowitz-Nelson

Claire Hoffman

Alison Gluck

Harlan Piper

Lauren A. Grosberg

Mikki ’03 and Ezra Samet

Jonathan Safran

Alexandra Haber

Arnon Z. Shorr and Talia Landau

Class of 2005

Class of 2002 Rebecca Barron

Rachel and Yitzi Eisenberg Asaf Greene Sara Manning Peskin

Class of 2003

Leora Perkins

Kenneth Bowen

Eliora Porter

Talia Fein Eliezah Hoffman and Daniel B. Hoffman Eliav Kahan

Class of 2006 Rabbi Jonathan Hack and Keren Gordon Hack

Joshua Hoffman-Senn Jeremy Iken Benjamin Jaeger David Offit Joseph Shrager Tali Smookler Class of 2010 Sophie Gildesgame Benjamin N. Kasdan

David Micley

Charlene Thrope

Rachel Silverman

Class of 2011

Class of 2007

Sara P. Fried

Kate Liberman

Rebecca Abelman

Rachel Goldberg

Sara and Michael Onufer

Naomi Forman

Gali Gordon

Elizabeth Gleyzer

Jeremiah Klarman

Ari Kriegel

Benjamin Pankin

Esther Langer Anya Manning and Elie Lehmann ’04

Class of 2004 Hannah Abelman Jonathan Elkin

Jacqueline Lapuck 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG | 21

June 19 The 16th Gann graduating class! The class of 2016 is heading off to some of the world’s top institutions and to jobs and lives of real impact. It was a wonderful ceremony capped by Rabbi Baker’s rap!

June 22 School’s over, but the experience goes on. Gann was selected to represent the Boston Jewish community at Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox’s Jewish Heritage Night. During the opening ceremony, the Red Sox recognized Rabbi Baker for his contributions to the Massachusetts Jewish community and our ShenaniGanns kicked off the game with a beautiful rendition of the national anthem for which they were awarded a standing ovation!

22 | 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG

June 24 Twenty-Four Gann professionals embarked on the first-ever faculty-staff mission to Israel. This was an incredible opportunity, not only for those going but also for our entire community. They explored new places, built new connections, and strengthened existing ones between Gann students, staff, faculty, and Israel. We sincerely appreciate the investment that the Gann community has made in its educators.

Class of 2012

Catherine Bleyl

Elena C. Morgan

Evan Crane

June Bowman

Lindsay W. Murphy

Lianne A. Gross

Erica Cabag

Samantha and Joshua Neudel

Class of 2013

Amy Chandler-Nelson

Chana Penini

Joel Simcha Cohen

Helen Phan and Jonathan Liu

Matthew P. Conti Anna Finklestein

Sarah Markovitz and Jacob Pinnolis

Timothy Fries

Michelle Provorny

Class of 2015

Ayelet and Nir Ganani

Shlomit and Oded Ravid

Eytan J. Deener Agus

Sherri L. Geller

Pamela Roecker

Employee Campaign

Sharona Goder-Peled

Farrah and Barry Rubenstein

Jonathan Golden

Christopher M. Russo

We thank the dedicated faculty and staff who continually go above and beyond their role and have made a philanthropic contribution to Gann.

Lindsay Goldstein

Abby Shapiro

Emilie S. Golenberg

Francene and Scott Sokol

Laila Goodman and Barry Moir

Ariel S. Stein

Brian Infante

Vered Strapp

Lisa Jacobs

Shira M. Androphy

Rebecca and Yoni Kadden

Frank P. Tipton and Jonathan Krasner

Jill and Rabbi Marc Baker

Rachel C. Kalikow

Brittney Barta

Julia Mabuchi

Audrey Marcus Berkman and Rabbi Jethro Berkman

Christine and Bruce Miller

Sarah Schneider Class of 2014 Jacob B. Coll

Maria Minchello

Jennifer and Amiel Weinstock Mark Wilkins Sara and Marc Winer Shoshanah and Yitzhak Zaritt

If we have inadvertently made an error, please accept our apologies and notify the Development Office at 781-642-6800 or

2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG | 23

eges top coll e h t d n atte ly, eady to r , 6 1 0 2 portant f im o e s r s o la C The but, m ld. ersities iv n u the wor d e n v r a e s d lead an ready to

Class of 2016 College Matriculations Babson College

Ithaca College

The New School

Barnard College

Johns Hopkins University

Trinity College

Bates College

Lehigh University

Tufts University

Boston University (3)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tulane University

Brandeis University (3) Brown University (4)

McGill University

Clark University (2)

Michigan State University

University of Maryland, College Park

Colgate University

Muhlenberg College (2)

University of Michigan

College of Charleston

New York University (2)

University of Pennsylvania (2)

Emerson College

Northwestern University

University of Rhode Island

Franklin and Marshall College

Princeton University (3)

University of Rochester

Hamilton College

Skidmore College (3)

University of Vermont

Harvard University (2)

Stanford University

Wheaton College

Hofstra University

Syracuse University (5)

Yale University (2)

The George Washington University (3) 24 | 2015-2016 | GANN TRAVEL LOG

University of Connecticut (2)

Gann Financial Report Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016)



Gifts & Grants



Gifts & Grants


*Investment & Interest Income


Israel Trip & Exploration Week Programs Other Total Revenues

Investment & Interest Income Israel Trip & Exploration Week Programs

$395,118 $1,507,095



*Includes investment income and board-designated draws from unrestricted funds

Salaries & Benefits

Expenses Salaries & Benefits


Other Educational Programs


Israel Trip & Exploration Week Programs


Institutional Advancement


Occupancy Administrative Other **Total Expenses

Other Educational Programs Israel Trip & Exploration Week Programs Institutional Advancement Occupancy

$1,094,631 $451,055 $64,145

Administrative Other


**Operating expenses before depreciation and allocations of reserve funds for plant, renewal, replacement, and special maintenance

This year saw 9.2% growth in revenues for Gann, with significant increases in both tuition and fundraising. The year was one of planned investment, in which expenses slightly outpaced revenue. Notable areas of spending included an expansion of our Israel education program, our 18th anniversary gala celebration, an increase in marketing, and the introduction of our Within Reach affordability program. This year, tuition covered approximately 69% of our operating expenses, with philanthropy covering the vast majority of the remainder. The excess spending above revenue was funded through the school’s reserve funds.

ReaFORdy w o r r o tom

GANN ACADEMY 333 Forest Street • Waltham, MA 02452 (781) 642-6800 •

2015-2016 Gann Academy Annual Report