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5 Best Email Acquisition Strategies


Initiation • In several ways, email acquisition is the most significant and tricky activity any business can undertake. It is an essential process for any new business, but also a tactic that every aspiring business should redirect on a recurring basis.

Email Acquisition Strategies • Let's go through a few email acquisition strategies that will absolutely impact your email marketing objectives.  Use social media to obtain new emails  Increase your customer list via sign-up forms  Grow your email list through offline mode  Attract your subscribers by using quality content  Offer gifts or prize

Use social media to obtain new emails

• Social media is a great first touch point with your customers. People can be unwilling to provide their email at first, but with social media, they feel more in power of the relationship with your brand name. • Social media fan base has been a profitable channel for getting email subscribers.

Increase your customer list via sign-up forms

• Remove barriers to opt in by inserting a quick sign-up form in a main area on the home page and every internal page of your website. Generally, you require only the email address at this stage. You can go back to your customers afterward and ask for pertinent information such as preferences or profile information.

Grow your email list through offline mode

• If you have retail stores, then please make sure to ask for their email address upon purchase. This will let you send intended emails, which will support merchandise sales. • If you have a call centre, then ask your customer service expert to capture the prospects email id.

Attract your subscribers by quality content

• Although you may be one of your organization’s biggest fans, but you cannot be your target customer. If you want to draw customers to your brand, service and your community, your content must reflect the truth that you know your customer.

Offer gifts or prize

• Providing your subscribers with a prize or gifts is the best way to gather email addresses. Promote the sweepstakes on major pages all through your site and make sure a sign-up form is situated at a prominent place.


• Thus, creating an engaged e-mail list is not easy and does not happen immediately. Concentrate on making quality list over quantity. Just little improvements in your overall strategies will derive long-term list growth. is best email marketing service provider. For more information feel free to visit

5 best email acquisition strategies