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Fascinating Facts Related To Online Gambling Statistics Ever since its beginning, online gambling has succeeded to pull a chord in the hearts of gambling lovers. Endless fun seekers utilize online gambling as an enjoyable and safe means to spend some money and generate thousands in return. The online gambling statistics reveal that online and live gambling generates a huge profit every year. If you are interested to know about the different gambling statistics below is a detailed data.

Statistics on online gambling

 Online gamblers are basically young and about 50% of them falling under the age group of 21-34 years  As per the statistics laid down by the Gambling Commission Industry the gambling operators online has generated a GGYor Gross Gambling Yield of $4.5 billion  The latest online gambling statistics revealed that with the mushrooming escalation in online gambling this industry is significantly taking an innovative approach to utilizing technology for engaging consumers. With the growth in the online sector naturally the operators will require in demonstrating that they are using a creative approach to make sure that gambling is safe and for every online consumer  Gambling generates higher revenue in comparison to recorded music, cruise ships, theme parks, spectator sports and movies combined  Some of the most favorite forms of gambling include cards, lottery, sports events, games of skill, domino games or dice

 Gambling addiction also known as pathological gambling or compulsive gambling is indeed an urge that is irrepressible irrespective of the bad impact that gambling is likely to have on a person’s financial, professional

or personal well being. Addiction to gambling is a chronic one akin to drug addiction or alcoholism  Not every country is enamored equally by gambling. There are some nations that have banned or heavily restricted gambling while on the other hand, there are some nations that place bets as a key constituent of their usual way of living. Of all it is Australia that possesses the highest gambling rates  Mobile gambling as well has been in high demand, particularly in the last couple of years. No wonder most of the industry experts are of the view that mobile devices in the future has high chances of being the key resource for online gambling all through the world  The split amid women and men when it comes to gambling addiction is equal and the gambling statistics are enough proof of it. Men begin gambling at a younger age while women get skewed towards it much later in life  Addiction to gambling is related to the longing for feeling the gambling high, particularly for the younger generation, health problems when it comes to people aged 55 and above and economic problems in case of middle aged men and women The truth is gambling exists in almost every state, including Utah and Hawaii, where this concept is prohibited via law, yet not all gambles in a similar manner. There is enough to admire regarding gambling along with the pace in which it is being developed.

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Fascinating Facts Related To Online Gambling  

The split amid women and men when it comes to gambling addiction is equal and the gambling statistics are enough proof of it. Men begin gamb...

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