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April 5, 2024


Take an abstract journey at ART123



rom landscapes to portraits, Be Sargent has experimented with a variety of formats throughout her decades-long career as an artist, but for her upcoming show at the ART123 Gallery, which is located at 123 W. Coal Ave., she is focusing on the abstract. Sargent grew up drawing horses in her A lbuquerque home. She studied at the Boston Museum School and graduated with a bachelor’s in fine arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. After graduation, she became a graphic designer and installer of corporate art. She started her art career painting landscapes, but she’s also found herself focusing on portraits and even doing some murals. She’s done a couple murals in Somerville, Massachusetts, and she did a mural honoring the Navajo Code Talkers. She ca me home to New Mexico in 1993, and split her t i me bet ween su m mer s i n Massachusetts and winters here. Nowadays, she resides in Pine Hill. The City of Gallup has also commissioned her for a mural project. But these days she has found herself gravitating more toward abstract paintings and the color within them. For her ART123 show, she picked out certain colors and then forces herself to do more than one painting featuring that color. She said she enjoys “making colors do things differently.” Most of the show’s pieces are on the larger size and won’t fit in the average person’s home. The biggest paintings on display are four feet tall and five feet wide. “What I’m hoping is that some businesses would see they’d be great in commercial spaces,” Sargent explained. She said she couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else besides art. “It’s just my life. It’s what I do. I’ve always felt I would be an ‘artist’ from when I was 8,” she said. As for her future, Sargent said she isn’t sure what’s next exactly, although she doesn’t see herself straying far from abstract work. Sargent mentioned that a lot of artists tend to turn to sculptures in their later years, although she doesn’t really see herself doing that. Georgia O’Keefe, who died in 1986 in Santa Fe, began her sculpture work after losing much of her eyesight due to macular degeneration. When asked about the hardest part of being an artist, Sargant said it was her habit of trying to be perfect. “You’re always looking at something to see if you like it, and if you don’t like it, it drives you nuts until you fix it,” she said. Sargent’s work will be featured at ART123 Gallery from April 13 until May 4.

Hiro Cash is. a sophomore at the Institute of American Indian Arts. He has a show at the LOOM Indigenious Art Gallery going on until April 30. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Hiro Cash

From painting T-shirts to gallery walls By Molly Ann Howell Managing Editor


Be Sargent’s artwork will be on display at the ART123 Gallery until May 4. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Be Sargent

iro Cash grew u p d r aw i n g in notebooks, or anything he could get his hands on. In a n i nter v iew w ith the Sun, he said he’s always had a creative mindset and imagination. But it wasn’t until high school that he began profiting off his art. He started selling T-shirts with his art on them to his friends. At first, he was drawing the images on bla nk sh i r ts, but then he tu r ned to screen=printing. This sparked an interest in graphic design. Besides drawing and creating t-shirts for his friends, Cash also spent his time going to art shows and studying the work

of other artists. For Cash, ar t is just a part of life. He incorporates another one of his passions – music – into his paintings on a regular basis. “I’m a mu sic fanatic, I’m really into rock music and high energy, so when I put that on in my studio, I incorporate that same sort of energy into my artwork,” he said. “It’s a high voltage of positive, beautiful, colorful energy that I try to portray in my paintings.” Cash is finishing up h is sophomore year at the Institute of American Indian Arts, where he is working on his Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art. His first gallery show i s cu r rent ly


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JASON TOM JOE McKinley County Treasurer For her ART123 show, Be Sargent picked out certain colors and then forced herself to do more than one painting featuring that color. She said she enjoys “making colors do things differently.” Photo Credit: Courtesy of Be Sargent

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Tuesday, April 9 9:30 am to 1:00 pm th

For Appointments Contact Vitalant @ 1-877-25VITAL Appointments are preferred, Walk-ins are welcome! For more information or to schedule a donation, visit


Gallup Sun • Friday, April 5, 2024

Spring movies ready to bloom By Glenn Kay For the Sun


ow, it was only a fe w we e k s ago that Oscar season ended, but the spring and early summer movie season is already upon us. This weekend sees the release of the horror prequel The First Omen from 20 th Century Studios and Dev Patel’s action picture/festival hit Monkey Man arriving from Universal Pictures. Alas, these efforts were screened a little too late to make publication deadlines, so instead we’ll take a look at upcoming movies arriving in the next month or two. As always, please remember that scheduled release dates can change at the last minute.

A24 is an independent distributor with an excellent track record of films that most recently include Everything Everywhere all at Once, The Whale, Past Lives, Talk to Me and The Zone of Interest. Their April 12 release is the controversial Civil War from writer/director A lex Garland ( Ex Machina) that is set in the near future and follows a group of journalists driving through war zones while covering a Second American Civil War.

If you’re looking to stay at home, Hulu is premiering a music-centered drama called The Greatest Hits on their streaming service. It follows a young woman reeling over a tragic relationship who finds herself being transported through time whenever songs play that have a connection to her past love. The Australian thriller Sting is arriving in some theaters over the same weekend. OK Go USA is putting out this genre feature. It’s about a 12-yearold girl whose pet spider grows to an enormous

size. As the arachnid grows hungrier, she becomes worried for the safety of her family. Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp is also d e bu t i n g A pr i l 12 on Netf lix. This is a live-action film feat u r i n g t he fa mou s w i se - cr a ck i ng a n imated character as a CGI-creation. The chattering bird helps a group of kids compete in a series of games at a summer camp.

The following week, Universa l Pictures is opening the chiller Abigail at theaters. It involves a group of kidnappers who target an underworld boss and take his young ballet-enthusiast daughter hostage. They regret their decision after discovering that the child is a bloodthirsty vampire. Action fans will be interested in The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare from Lionsgate Films. Based on a true story from World War II, it follows a n indiv idua l with a shady past who is recruited by the British military to lead a team on an unauthorized mission behind enemy lines. The movie is directed by Guy Ritchie (the Sherlock Holmes movies, The Man from U.N.C.L .E., The Gentlemen) and stars Henry Cavill. Netflix subscribers can check out the science-fiction sequel Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver, which follows the critically panned Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire (which premiered on the streaming service back in December). The cast includes Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam and Jena Malone.

Those looking for somet h i ng d i f ferent can seek out Sasquatch Sunset from Bleecker Street. Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keough play two members of a bigfoot family living in the wilderness. Apparently, it’s a n oddba ll comedy w it h a l most no dialogue that won the Aud ience Aw a r d a t the recent South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

April 26 marks the debut of Challengers from MGM. This is a romance film about a tennis coach whose husband is on a losing streak. The player’s main competition on the court happens to be the coach’s ex-boyfriend, inspiring some unorthodox tactics from the wife to get her spouse back on a

The summer season officially begins on May 3 with the release of the action/comedy The Fall Guy from Universal Pictures. Very loosely based on the 1980s Lee Majors T.V. show, Ryan Gosling plays a retired stuntman who is hired as a detective by his e x-w i fe ( pl aye d by Emily Blunt) to locate a movie star who has d i sappea red f rom a Hollywood set.

T h e I d e a o f Yo u arrives for streaming on Amazon Prime the ver y sa me weekend. T h i s rom a nce st a r s A nne Hathaway as a 40-year-old single mom who gets into a romantic relationship with the 24-year-old lead singer of a hugely popular boy band. Ho r r o r f a n s c a n check out Tarot from Screen Gems, which d e t a i l s a g r ou p of friends who ignore the rules and guidance of the playing cards and end up meeting elaborately bleak ends.

The comedic biopic Unfrosted: The Pop Tart Story will be available for streaming May 3 on Netf lix. This picture marks the directorial debut of Jerry Seinfeld, w ho a l s o c o -w r o t e the film and plays the lead character. Set in 1963, it tells the story of a bat tle bet ween Ke l lo g g ’s a nd Po s t Cereal to create a new breakfast pasty. The talent roster appearing in the movie is enormou s a nd i nc lude s Melissa McCarthy, Jim Gaffigan, Hugh Grant, A my Schumer, Peter Di n k la ge, Ch r i st ia n S l a t e r, B i l l B u r r, James Marsden, Jack M c B r a y e r, T h o m a s Lennon, Bobby Moynihan, Tony Hale, Maria Bakalova, Cedric the Entertainer, Fred Armisen, Jon Hamm, and John Slattery.

The ma jor studio release on May 10 is Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes from 20 th Century Studios. This pict u re ma rk s t he beg i n n i ng of a new trilogy of simian films (a f t er t he prev iou s series that wrapped up in 2017). Set long after the previous movie, it follows a new chimp navigating a planet run by other apes and discovering hidden secrets about their past. Netf lix is making the rom-com Mother of the Bride available on their strea ming service on the same date. Brooke Shields plays a mother who is thrilled to learn that her daughter is getting married.

That is, until she discovers the wedding is only weeks away and the groom is the son of the man who broke her own heart many years earlier. On May 17, Focus Features is presenting a high-profile Amy Winehouse biopic Back to Black stars Marisa Abela as the famously popular and tragic musician through her many highs and lows.

The comedy IF will be premiering on May 17 f rom Pa r a mou nt Pictures. It’s about a fat her a nd daug hter who have the ability to see everyone’s fantastical imaginary friends. They tr y to com for t creat u res who have been lef t beh i nd by kids who have grown up and find them new pals. The movie combines live-action and CGI character effects. Ryan Reynolds stars as the dad. The Strangers: Chapter 1 will also be arriving at theaters via Lionsgate Films. This follow-up to the 2008 and 2018 titles about mask-clad psychotic home invaders marks the beginning of a new trilogy of movies that promise to expand the world of the sinister characters and reveal details about their pasts. The Memorial Day holiday offers several options as well. Jennifer Lopez stars in the futuristic science-fiction epic Atlas , about a woman hunting down a renegade robot in order to save the world.


Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is a spin-off set roughly 20 years before the Oscar-nominated action epic Mad Max: Fury Road. It tells the stor y of the Furiosa cha r a cter a s she i s captured by a warlord named Dementus and forced to fight for her release. Visionary filmmaker Geroge Miller (director of all the previous Mad Max movies) returns to helm this feature.

Those looking for family entertainment ca n see The Garfield Mov ie c o u r t e s y o f C olu m bi a P ic t u r e s . It’s an animated effort about the lasagna-loving cat (who is voiced by Chris Pratt). The plot finds the titular feline reuniting with his father and getting involved in a high-stakes heist. A n d o n M a y 31, you can check out the Bleecker Street drame dy Ezra , i n wh ich Bobby Cannavale plays a comedian struggling to ra i se a n aut i st ic son. The picture features Robert De Niro, Rose Byr ne, W hoopi G old b e r g a nd Ve r a Farmiga in supporting roles. Additionally, Daisy R id ley s t a r s i n t he Disney period biopic Young Woman and the Sea, about t he f i r st woman to swim across the English Channel. T h e r e’s a lo t t o choose f rom i n t he next little while and hopefully a few great titles will make a lasting mark as the summer begins to heat up. VISIT: WWW. CINEMASTANCE. COM








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A4 Friday, April 5, 2024 • Gallup Sun


HELPFUL TIPS for Property Owners


Each year the Assessor mails each property owner a “Notice of Value.” This form serves to inform the owner of the total assessed value, the property description and exemptions applied to the property. McKinley County typically mails notices on or around April 1st of each year. This form is an important step in the property tax process. Please read it carefully and follow the instructions on the back. The assessed value on the “notice” will be a factor in determining your property taxes. See example on back.


Property owners have an opportunity to appeal the assessed value for their property as indicated on the NOV by filing a petition of protest with the County Assessor within 30 days of the official mail date of the notice of value. The completed form must be returned to the Assessor’s Office within 30 days of the initial mailing date. The Presumption of Correctness: • Values of property determined by the Assessor are presumed correct. • Taxpayer has the burden of overcoming the presumption of correctness.

LIMITATION ON VALUATION INCREASES FOR RESIDENTIAL REAL PROPERTY DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE LIMITS ON VALUATION INCREASES? McKinley County re-appraises property each year. The total value determined by the Assessor for real property each tax year is based on the market value of the property in the prior year. For example your 2024 notice of value will reflect a 2023 market value. However, there are restrictions against increasing residential property valuations, i.e. houses, apartments, manufactured homes. Under state law, valuation increases on residential property must not exceed 3 percent per year.

Example: 2022 Assessor’s Full Value was $100,000 2023 Assessor’s Value Can not Exceed $103,100 2024 Assessor’s Value Can not Exceed $106,300

There are some exceptions to the limitations. The limitation does not apply to: ■ Property that has changed in ownership due to a sale. In this case the valuation cap is removed in the tax year after the sale date and the Assessor’s valuation must be changed to reflect the market value of the year of the sale date. This is especially important to potential home buyers. Please be aware of the potential increase in property valuation that could lead to increased taxes. ■ Property that is placed on the tax rolls for the first time such as a new home. ■ Any new improvements made to property in the year prior to current tax year such as additions or outbuildings. ■ Property whose use or zoning has changed

Please Visit Our Office



207 West Hill Street Gallup, NM 87301 Phone: (505) 863-3032 Email:


TAXPAYER BENEFITS 3 & EXEMPTIONS DO YOU QUALIFY FOR A TAX PAYER BENEFIT? HEAD OF FAMILY EXEMPTIONS The head of Family Exemption is a $2000 reduction of the taxable value of your Residential Property. The property must be owned by the head of household family member; is a New Mexico Resident or if the property is held in a granter trust established under Sections 671 through 677 of the lniernal Revenue Code. Only one person in a household may qualify as Head of Family, and it may only be applied in one county in any tax year even though the claimant may own other property in more than 1 county. By claiming this exemption our savings in taxes will depend on which tax district your proper! lies.

VETERAN’S EXEMPTION The Veteran’s Exemption is a $4,000 reduction in the taxable value of your real estate. Any honorably discharged veteran (or the veteran’s unmarried surviving spouse) who has applied with the New Mexico Department of Veteran’s Services and has been issued a “certificate of eligibility” may qualify for this benefit. For first time applicants, the certificate must be presented to the Assessor’s Office within the deadline.Once the exemption is claimed and applied, it remains applied to the property until the ownership of that property changes. With this exemption your savings in taxes will depend on which tax district your property lies.

100% DISABLED VETERAN Any veteran who is deemed 100 percent disabled (or the veteran’s unmarried surviving spouse) who has applied with the New Mexico Department of Veteran’s Services and has been issued a “certificate of eligibility” may qualify for a 100 percent exemption from property taxes on his or her place of residence. Once the exemption is claimed and applied, it will remain applied to the property until the ownership of that property changes. Other circumstances may apply.

VALUATION FREEZE If you are 65 years or older or permanently disabled (at any age) AND had a modified gross income that does not exceed $41,900 per year in 2023, you may apply for a property valuation freeze for your residence. Application must be submitted along with proof of income, age & disability. Freezing your valuation will help minimize your property value increases. An owner who has claimed and been allowed the limitation of value for the three consecutive tax years immediately prior to the 2023 year need not claim the limitation for subsequent tax years if there is no change in eligibility.The Assessor will continue to apply the limitation automatically until a change in eligibility occurs and is reported by the owner.

WHEN IS THE DEADLINE TO APPLY? The deadline for claiming the head of family, veterans, 100 percent disabled veteran’s exemptions, as well as the valuation freeze is 30 days after the official date of mailing as indicated yearly on the Assessor’s official “Notice of Value.” McKinley County typically mails notices on or around April 1st of each year. You can apply in person or by mail.Veteran Exemptions must be claimed in person.

Gallup Sun • Friday, April 5, 2024


YOUR TAX BILL - EXAMPLE Taxes are billed and collected by the County Treasurer’s Office



$150,000÷3= $50,000



х .037762

= $1,888.10


$50,000 –









$44,000 x .037762* $1,661.53 Taxes Due

Your Total Savings with Exemptions is $226.58 *Tax Rate = 2024 Tax Rate for Property located in city limits of Gallup


Most likely the value on your residential property assessment increased 3% because the Assessor’s valuation has been capped in prior years while the market was increasing by much more than 3%. It may have been capped between one and fourteen years, depending on how long you have owned your home. The law went into effect in 2001. The Assessor’s capped value may be very low relative to the real time market value and therefore may not reflect the current market value, thus it must be re-appraised and may be increased by up to 3% per year.


New Mexico law requires the disclosure of residential sales information to the County Assessor’s Office. This must be accomplished by filing a notarized affidavit at the Assessor’s office within thirty days of the date of filing a deed, real estate contract or memorandum of real estate contract with the County Clerk. All information collected is required to be kept confidential with the Assessor’s office, and will not be made available as public information. Failure to comply with the law could result in a conviction of a misdemeanor and punishable by the imposition of a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000).


All property owners who have made improvements to their real property, in the preceding tax year, and costing more than $10,000 must report this information to the Assessor’s Office by the last day of February of each year. This includes all new construction such as: new homes, structures, additions, and any other changes or improvements. Please do not rely on outside parties such as title companies to complete this reporting requirement for you. Property that has not been reported may be subjected to the imposition of back taxes for up to ten years.

Edward Becenti 207 West Hill Street Gallup, NM 87301 PO Box 70 Gallup, NM 87305 T: (505) 863-3032 F: (505) 863-6517


A6 Friday, April 5, 2024 • Gallup Sun


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Q: Where can I see the new Road House movie? It’s not playing in local theaters, as far as I can tell. The original movie with Patrick Swayze is one of my favor- Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the new Road House, which is available exclusively on Amazon Prime. ites. — D.D. A: The remake of the 1989 cult where he was the runner-up. Before classic isn’t at your local movie the- this, he played tennis in college at West ater. Instead, it’s available now exclu- Chester University, where he majored sively through Amazon’s Prime Video in communication and media studies. streaming app. The new Road House He then moved to Hawaii, where he stars Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback taught tennis before being cast on the Mountain) as a former UFC fighter ABC reality shows. Graziadei’s finale choice will have working as a bouncer at a bar in the Florida Keys. There is also a romance been revealed by the time you read this. ( just like there was with Patrick Hopefully, he did find true love, but if Swayze and Kelly Lynch in the original), not, then his newfound fame might lead this time with a nurse played by Daniela to a career as a tennis commentator on television. Melchior (Fast X). *** There are also plenty of fights — lots Q: I saw the actress who played and lots of fights. Gyllenhaal sports abs of steel as he faces off against real-life Blair on The Facts of Life recently, UFC pro Conor McGregor, who plays a and she hasn’t aged a bit. Is she still mouthy hitman in the film. Keep an eye acting? — C.S. A: Lisa Whelchel is best known for out for another celebrity-turned-actor — Post Malone — as well as familiar her role as snooty Blair Warner on the actors like Lukas Gage (The White ’80s sitcom The Facts of Life. She Lotus), Billy Magnussen (No Time to actually debuted the role on an episode Die) and Jessica Williams (Shrinking). of Diff’rent Strokes, but before this, Accord i n g t o a n a r t icle on she was a Mouseketeer on The New IndieWire, Amazon gave the filmmak- Mickey Mouse Club, a series which ers and Gyllenhaal a choice between ran in 1977. Her acting career stalled for a while a $60 million budget and a big-screen once Facts ended,WEEKLY but she had a resurrelease or an $85 million budget and aFROM KING FEATURES SERVICE, streaming-only release. They chose the gence about a decade ago with roles Drive, Orlando, FL 32803 Also, in in several Christmas movies. latter, which “typically means a larger628 Virginia upfront payday for the filmmaker and 2012, she appeared as a contestant on CUSTOMER SERVICE: (800) 708-7311 EXT. the competitive reality show Survivor: their star(s).” *** 257 Philippines, and she currently hosts Q: Who is the current star of The Collector’s Call on the MeTV chan#12345_20240325 nel.CORNER The new season about “surprising Bachelor? On the commercials, theyPAW’S said he was a tennis player, but I collections, fascinating collectors and FOR RELEASE MARCH 25, 2024 exciting trades” premieres on April 7. don’t recognize him. — G.W. A: :Joey Graziadei is a 28-year-By Sam Send Mazottame your questions at old instructional tennis pro who is, or originally from Pennsylvania. He write me at KFWS, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803. first appeared as a suitor on Charity © 2024 King Features Synd., Inc. Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette,

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Stay focused on your goals despite some pesky distractions. Your efforts will soon pay off. CA P R IC O R N : (December 22 to January 19) Don’t automatically reject suggestions from friends and family members. Some of their ideas might be helpful. Check them out before you decide to chuck them out. AQUARIUS: (January 20 to February 18) Expect to be pleasantly startled when a promise from the past finally comes through for you. Use this as an opportunity to restart a long-delayed project.

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Meet Clarke! The shelter workers who look after her say Clarke is a sweethea r t of a dog. She gets along with other dogs and loves playing outside. A nyone interested in Cla rke ca n visit her at the Grants Animal Care Center at 722 Redondo Rd. in Grants, New Mex ico. They are open Monday-Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

Clarke is currently under the care of the Grants Animal Care Center.

Bringing an old dog to heel By Sam Mazzota King Syndicate


EAR PAW ’ S CORNER: After my aunt passed away, I gladly agreed to take in her dog, “Hunter,” a rather squat, obese Beagle. He’s a happy old dog of about 9 years, but my aunt gave him little to no training other than housetraining. That makes walking him — something the vet recommended I do twice a day, in addition to a diet — a chore. Hunter will walk a few steps, then sit down and refuse to budge. When he does feel like walking, he either tugs the leash forward or lags behind. How can I correct this? — James T., Plano, Texas DEAR JAMES: Hunter is not used to the new lifestyle yet, and he’s reacting in a predictable way. He’s also out of shape and probably more stressed than you think. The first thing I prescribe is patience. The second thing I’d prescribe is persistence. You’ll want to gradually lengthen his walks. Each day, always at the same time, put Hunter

Flea Onslaught Strikes

onEarly his leash start in theand Season the walk. As soon as DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I can’t Hunter lag or believe it —begins it’s onlyto March, and my catforward, Flicker is already scratching tug stop walkhimself silly with fleas! He has terriing, distance ble skinadjust reactionsthe to flea bites. How can get rid of them? — Jesseor B., so Ithat he’s standing Oak Ridge, Tennessee sitting next to you, and DEAR JESSE: Flea infestations are startaren’t again, saying, awful, they? As the“Heel” seasons change andstep the weather warms up, as you forward. flea activity rises, and pet owners start hen he of sits a nd seeingW more evidence fleas on their pets and around their encourage homes. won’t budge, Fleas aren’t just annoying. They can himdiseases to gothata are few more carry transmissible tosteps pets and and by humans. giving Tapeworms him a very cat scratch disease are just two of the smallillstreat. Then turn potential that a flea infestation can bring into your home. around and go home. On Tackle a flea problem head-on, and your walk, repeat don’t waitnext — because it will continue tot h getisworse as the summer approachencou ragement , es. going just a little farther. Because of Flicker’s allergic reacSee what getting tion to flea bites,I’m he needs directat? treatment to repel fleaswalk and prevent them Make each just a from latching on to his fur again. Talk farther.about the most totiny his bit veterinarian effective treatments. A sfleaHu n t e r For l o sexames ple, a monthly or quarterly topical flea weight, trust treatment maylearns be a goodto option. Oral medication — as gains pills or chewables you, and confi-— is also very effective. The vet may also dence on the leash, hehis recommend medication to clear up current issues. will skin eventually pull you Reduce the risk of another flea infesalong. Time, tation by making your patience home difficult for fleasconsistency to exist in. and will do —Have your home treated for fleas the trick. by a pest control service. Readers, how did —Pick up clutter from the floor and replace any plush or older felted toys with you train an dog? new ones. Tell me about it attoask@ —Vacuum twice a week pick up fleas and their eggs. com. pawscorner. —Repair or replace damaged win© door 2024screens. King Features dow and —Remove any debris piles near your Synd., Inc. home, and shift wood piles farther away. Send your tips, comments or questions to © 2024 King Features Synd., Inc.


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Blu-ray/DVD Roundup for April 5, 2024 By Glenn Kay For the Sun


elcome to another look at highlights arriving on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD. The current trend of having a busy week followed by a slower one is continuing, with this edition being slimmer than the previous one. However, there are still a few eccentricities arriving that may strike your fancy. So, if you can’t get out to the movies this week or need to stay inside for a few days, be sure to give one of these titles a try! BIG NEW RELEASES! BABY ASSASSINS 2: Also known as Baby Assassins 2 Babies (which sounds pretty confusing) this Japanese action/comedy is a sequel to the 2021 original, which was a hit in its homeland. After the events of the first movie, the two young female hired killers find themselves being banned from their organization for breaking rules of conduct. To make ends meet, they have to take part-time jobs in the service industry. When assassins come after them, the pair fight back while trying to keep their identities a secret from the public. Like the original film, reaction to this follow-up was upbeat. A small number complained that the pacing was slow and that it simply delivered more of the same. However, the majority stated that the leads were charming and the film was funny, building on the ideas of its predecessor in new and exciting ways. It stars Akari Takaishi, Saori Izawa and Joey Iwanaga. BERMUDA ISLAND: A commercial flight to Puerto Rico gets into trouble over the Bermuda Triangle and crashes on a small remote island. The survivors include a criminal, FBI agents and a group of passengers. They argue amongst themselves while they attempt to form a plan for survival, until bizarre monsters appear and begin picking them all off one by one. In order to beat the creatures, they have to get over their differences and fight back. Not many have seen this independent, low-budget action/horror picture and reviews have been mixed. Some have stated that for such a little film, it does a decent job of developing characters, has some interesting twists and provides fun monster mayhem. A similar number thought the story was confusingly presented, didn’t care for the characters and called it unmemorable. The cast includes Tom Sizemore, Noel Gugliemi, John Wells and Sarah French.

C H R I S T M A S COLLISION: Run out of Hallmark movies to watch and are looking for a Christmas-themed romance? This independent production was completed and released on the internet during the COVID19 pandemic in 2021. It is now appearing on Blu-ray and DVD. The film tells the story of a cold-hearted businesswoman who is tasked with foreclosing a farm in Ohio over the holidays. After she takes a fall on the property, the owner allows her to stay there and romance blooms between them. At present, few critics have reviewed the feature. One commented that for this type of film it was decent and did its job effectively enough to recommend. Others thought that plot elements were silly, the running time was too long and the story overly familiar. It features Sebrina Scott, John Wells, Vernon Wells and Michael Pare. THE CHRISTMAS DANCE: If you want to make it a holiday double-bill, this effort from the same distributor is also being made available. A city girl with a hectic career returns home after her brother gets into a car accident (while talking on the phone with her). She meets various faces from her past, including a single handyman/tree farmer/musician who asks her to help with the town’s Christmas program. They soon fall in love. There is only one review available for the movie. It is from a faith-based site that enjoyed the picture and its message. Online reviews suggest that while the cast is good, the screenplay is silly (especially the reason for the lead’s aversion to the holiday). They also state that the movie begins to get uncomfortably preachy as it nears its finale. Kristen Vaganos, Carson Nicely, Miles Faber and Richard Karn headline the picture. EASTER BLOODY EASTER: The mythical Jackalope (essentially an oversized jackrabbit with antelope horns) is the central monster in this horror/ comedy. The beast and its army of bunnies run riot over a small town, gorging on citizens over the Easter holiday. A protagonist who is searching for her missing husband ends up teaming with an old friend to get to the bottom of the mystery and save the locals. Again, few have seen this low-budget independent picture and the response from online reviewers is varied. Some call the film a wasted opportunity, finding the humor immature and stating it has trouble nailing down its tone. Slightly more liked the monsters and believe that enough of the silly gags work to earn the film a recommendation. It stars Diane Foster (who also directed), Kelly Grant,

Allison Lobel, Zuri Starks and D’Andre Noiré. FIORETTA: In this docu ment a r y, a L o s Angeles-based lawyer decides to look into his own family history with his son. The individual knows that he is the grandson of AustrianJewish composer Arnold Schoenberg, but as he delves deeper, the trail leads even further back some 500 years into the past. As the pair travel together across Europe, they are fascinated by what they learn and where they both have come from. Critical response to the picture was uniformly positive. While a few admitted that the movie didn’t delve too deeply into their history and at times felt like a travelog, they all thought the movie was intriguing. Reviews also suggested that it did an excellent job of showing a man and his son connecting during the journey over their family’s shared past. FOUR DAUGHTERS: Here’s another non-fiction effort that may be of interest to documentary enthusiasts. A Tunisian woma n tel l s v iewer s about her four daughters. She explains that while her two youngest still live at home, the eldest disappeared years ago and have presumably been radicalized into an Islamic fundamentalist group. The women are interviewed and then actors appear playing the vanished daughters. This is used to both show some family events and allow the film’s subjects to voice their thoughts over what has occurred. This picture received mostly raves and was nominated for Best Documentary at the Academy Awards. A tiny contingent didn’t think the interactions between the actors and real people worked effectively and made events feel manipulated. However, the vast majority called the movie powerful and thought that it blended elements well and expertly showed how someone might find themselves being influenced by an extremist group, as well as the effects it has on their family. YOU KNOW, FOR KIDS! Sorry, it looks like a slow edition for kids. ON THE TUBE! Below is a list of all the week’s TV-themed releases. American Experience: Fly With Me (PBS) DVD Funny Woman (PBS) DVD Hallmark 6-Movie Collection: Aloha Heart, Making Waves, Napa Ever After, Notes of Autumn, A Very Venice Romance and Field Day (Hallmark) DVD Inside Man Year One (BBC) DVD Masterpiece: Nolly (PBS) DVD VISIT: WWW.CINEMASTANCE.COM



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being featured at the LOOM Indigenous Art Gallery at 209 W. Coal Ave. until April 30. One of the pieces featured at the gallery incorporates the Red Hot Ch i l i Pepper s’ logo. Ca sh sa id the ‘90s rock band is his “favorite band of all time” and that he tries to embody the energy from their music in his artwork. Cash said his favorite part about being an artist is having the freedom to express himself. “My favorite par t about being an artist is having no limit to my creativeness. That’s what I thrive on,” he said. “When you have a canvas or any artistic medium, you can do whatever with it. When I have that mentality and think of that, it gets me motivated.” He keeps a sign up in his a r t studio to keep that motivation going. It says “No limit to art.” L i ke m a ny a r t ists before him, Cash wants to make creating art a full-time gig. “I don’t wa nt t o make this a hobby; I’ve got to make it a career. It’s never been a hobby in the first place, but I want to make this a full-time career,” he

said. But that goal comes with a lot of challenges. An independent artist has to find galleries that will show their work, and a lot of galleries want pieces that have a theme to them. Cash said another obstacle is being his own boss. “If you’re going to make it a full-time job, you’ve got to have some sort of income. Also when you’re your own boss you have to discipline yourself sometimes and tell yourself ‘You’ve got to get to work, you’ve got to do this,’” he said. Once he finishes his Bachelor of Fine Arts, Hiro said he plans to pursue his Master of Fine Arts at either The Art Institute of Chicago or in New York City. But h is u lt i mate goal is to help young kids who are interested in art seek higher education. Ca sh ha s some advice for fellow artists who may just be starting out. “Keep creating if you’re an artist. Even if you’re not [an artist], do you what you love. Life is too short to be in a box,” he said. A meet-and-greet event with Cash will be held at the LOOM Gallery on April 13 during ArtsCrawl from 7 pm to 9 pm.

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Answers 1. Likely in the late 16th century, when calendars changed from Julian to Gregorian. 2. Australia. 3. Ice hockey. 4. Elba. 5. Capybara. 6. Scabbers. 7. Q. 8. “The Beverly Hillbillies.” 9. George H.W. Bush. 10. 31 pairs.


1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: When did April Fools' Day come into being? 2. GEOGRAPHY: In which nation is the Great Victoria Desert located? 3. MOVIES: What sport is featured in the movie "The Mighty Ducks"? 4. HISTORY: What is the name of the island where Napoleon was exiled in 1814? 5. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is the largest rodent in the world? 6. LITERATURE: What is the name of Ron Weasley's pet rat in the "Harry Potter" book series? 7. U.S. STATES: Which letter of the alphabet is not in any U.S. state's name? 8. TELEVISION: Which iconic 1960s sitcom inspired two spinoff hits, "Petticoat Junction" and "Green Acres"? 9. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which president was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in WWII? 10. ANATOMY: How many pairs of spinal nerves exist in humans?


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Lady Bengals pitch a


Lady Bengal Jaylah Greene crosses third base while Lady Patriot (22) looks for the ball. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein

Lady Bengal Seniah Haines (5) pitches the ball during the April 2 game against the Lady Patriots. The Lady Bengals defeated the Lady Patriots 11-0. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein

Lady Bengal Brenna Becenti (1) runs for second base while Lady Patriot first baseman plays defense during the April 2 game. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein

Lady Bengal Seniah Haines (5) swings for the ball during the April 2 game against the Lady Patriots. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein

Lady Patriot (8) gets ready to run to second while Lady Bengal Leia Tso prepares to make a play.. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein

Lady Bengal Brenna Becenti (1) runs for second base while Lady Patriot first baseman looks for the ball during the April 2 game. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein

A Lady Patriot player gets ready to steal third base during the April 2 game against the Lady Bengals. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein

Lady Patriot (5) pitches the ball during the game against the Lady Bengals. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein

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Lady Bengal Jaylah Greene (8) crosses second and heads to third base during the April 2 game against the Lady Patriots. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein

102 E. Aztec | Office: 505-863-8086

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Lynx beat the Bengals Gallup Bengal Jr. Chase Blackgoat (31) swings hard during the March 30 game against the Rehoboth Lynx. Photo Credit: Jenny Pond

Gallup Bengal Xavier Stevens (32) tries to get an out on the board during the March 30 game against the Rehoboth Lynx. Photo Credit: Jenny Pond

Rehoboth Lynx Morgan Arsenault (15) slides into third base during the game against the Gallup Bengals on March 30. The Lynx beat the Bengals 10-3. Photo Credit: Jenny Pond

School: Gallup High Name: Victoria Zarate Sport: Softball Grade: Senior Victoria Zarate was chosen as this week’s Star Athlete because she plays unselfish softball and has one of the best attitudes on the team. She is always encouraging and lifting her team up. She is also very coachable. Victoria played center field, had a .571 batting average, six hits, 1 RBI, three runs, and one sacrifice bunt during the Varsity Rio Rancho/ Kristin Greigo Tournament where Gallup Bengal Softball placed third.

School: Crownpoint High Name: Ellianna Tsosie Sport: Track and Field Grade: Freshman Ellianna participates in the field events of javelin, discus, and shot put. She is a team player and works with all her other teammates by assisting them with their events.

School: Miyamura High Name: Estefany Arreguin-Zubia Sport: Dance Grade: Eighth Grade Estefany is an eighth grader from JFK Middle School. She joined the team during mid-season tryouts. She has worked really hard and applied herself. The team is proud of her determination as a varsity dancer to reach the level she’s at in a short amount of time.

School: Tohatchi High Name: McKayla Bitsoi Sport: Softball Grade: Sophomore McKayla is the starting pitcher and plays third base for the Tohatchi Lady Cougar softball team. She was selected for the All-Tournament Team in the West Las Vegas Tournament. She works hard on her athletics and academics and maintains a high GPA. In addition, she is one of the team captains and does an incredible job leading by example.

Sports scores for Feb. 27 – April 3 Baseball 2/27 18-1 (W) Miyamura v. Navajo Prep 2/28 8-1 (W) Gallup v. Socorro 3/1 8-6 (W) Navajo Pine v. Valley 3/2 13-2 (L) Gallup v. Espanola Valley 3/7 5-0 (L) Miyamura v. Piedra Vista 3/9 27-0 (L) Gallup v. Grants 3/9 7-0 (L) Miyamura v. Hope Christian 3/12 28-1 (L) Gallup v. Belen 3/14 17-0 (L) Gallup v. Roswell (Tournament) 3/14 20 -5 (L) Miyamura v. Farmington (Tournament) 3/15 12-2 (L) Gallup v. NMMI (Tournament) 3/15 14-1 (L) Miyamura v. Valencia (Tournament) 3/16 12-3 (L) Gallup v. Ruidoso (Tournament) 3/16 4-1 (L) Miyamura v. Gadsden 3/20 17-5 (W) Rehoboth Christian v. Zuni 3/21 20-0 (L) Miyamura v. Artesia (Tournament) 3/21 10-2 (W) Navajo Pine @ Tohatchi 3/22 14-4 (L) Miyamura v. Deming (Tournament) 3/22 19-4 (L) Thoreau v. Santa Fe Indian (Tournament) 3/22 11-4 (W) Tohatchi v. Lordsburg 3/23 7-5 (L) Miyamura v. Moriarty (Tournament) 3/23 11-6 (L) Rehoboth Christian v. Dove Creek 3/23 20-1 (L) Thoreau v. Laguna Acoma (Tournament) 3/23 13-0 (L) Thoreau v. Espanola Valley (Tournament) 3/27 11- 0 (L) Gallup v. Hope Christian (Tournament) 3/27 11-0 (L) Miyamura v. Grants 3/28 14-4 (L) Gallup v. Capital (Tournament) 3/28 8-7 (Gallup won) Gallup v. Tohatchi (Tournament)

3/28 10-4 (W) Gallup v. Pojoaque Valley (Tournament) 3/28 12-1 (L) Navajo Pine v. Zuni (Tournament) 3/28 11-0 (L) Rehoboth Christian v. Santa Rosa 3/28 21-4 (L) Thoreau v. Hozho Academy (Tournament) 3/29 11-2 (L) Thoreau v. Northwest (Tournament) 3/29 16-7 (Tohatchi won) Navajo Pine v. Tohatchi (Tournament) 3/30 16-8 (Thoreau won) Navajo Pine v. Thoreau (Tournament) 3/30 10-3 (L) Rehoboth Christian @ Gallup 3 / 3 0 7- 5 ( W ) Toh a t ch i v. Nor t hwe s t (Tournament) 4/2 12-1 (L) Miyamura v. Los Lunas 4/2 9-5 (L) Rehoboth Christian v. Navajo Prep Softball 2/28 22-1 (W) Miyamura v. Grants 2/29 4-1 (L) Gallup v. La Mirada (Tournament) 3/1 7-4 (L) Gallup v. Grand Terrace (Tournament) 3/1 11-2 (L) Gallup v. Capistrano Valley (Tournament) 3/2 5-1 (L) Gallup v. Mater Dei (Tournament) 3/2 7-2 (W) Gallup v. Chino Hills (Tournament) 3/2 19-0 (W) Miyamura v. Navajo Prep March 8 18-0 (W) Gallup v. Capital March 8 22-12 (W) Navajo Pine v. Valley 3/9 12-2 (L) Miyamura v. Farmington 3/13 17-4 (W) Gallup v. Rio Rancho 3/15 20 - 5 (L) Miya mura v. La s Cr uces (Tournament) 3/15 19-0 (L) Miyamura v. Deming (Tournament) 3/16 12-3 (L) Miyamura v. Atrisco Heritage Academy (Tournament)

3/16 14 - 4 ( W ) M iya mu r a v. Ga d s den (Tournament) 3/19 4-1 (W) Gallup v. West Las Vegas 3/19 8-7 (L) Navajo Pine v. Zuni 3/19 14-4 (W) Rehoboth Christian v. Valley 3/21 14-3 (W) Gallup v. Farmington 3/25 16-1 (W) Tohatchi v. Navajo Prep 3/27 14-4 (W) Rehoboth Christian v. Zuni 3/28 7-4 (W) Gallup v. Hobbs (Tournament) 3/28 13 - 3 (W ) M iya mu ra v. Va lencia (Tournament) 3/28 15-0 (L) Thoreau v. West Las Vegas (Tournament) 3/28 11-6 (L) Tohatchi v. Mora (Tournament) 3/29 11-1 (W ) Ga llup v. Volca no Vista (Tournament) 3/29 3-0 (W) Gallup v. Carlsbad (Tournament) 3 / 2 9 21-2 M iy a mu r a v. A l a mogordo (Tournament) 3 / 2 9 7-1 ( L) M iy a mu r a v. B er n a l i l lo (Tournament) 3/29 17-2 (L) Thoreau v. Taos (Tournament) 3/29 17-1 (L) Tohatchi v. Grants (Tournament) 3/30 6-1 (L) Gallup v. Alamogordo (Tournament) 3/30 4-3 (W) Gallup v. Rio Rancho (Tournament) 3/30 10 -7 ( L) M iya mu ra v. Rober t son (Tournament) 3/ 3 0 2 0 - 3 ( W ) M iya mu r a v. Va lenci a (Tournament) 3/30 14-6 (Tohatchi won) Thoreau v. Tohatchi (Tournament) 4/2 11-0 (W) Miyamura @ Gallup 4/2 18-14 (W) Rehoboth Christian v. Fort Wingate 4/2 16-0 (L) Thoreau v. Laguna Acoma

Sports schedule for week of April 5 Baseball 4/6 Gallup @ Miyamura 1 pm 4/6 Thoreau v. Hot Springs 1 pm Home 4/9 Miyamura v. Kirtland Central 4 pm Away 4/9 Tohatchi v. Zuni 5 pm 4/10 Thoreau @ Tohatchi 5 pm 4/11 Gallup v. Kirtland Central 4 pm Away

4/11 Miyamura v. Aztec 6 pm Home Softball 4/5 Navajo Pine v. Estancia (Tournament) 3 pm Away 4/5 Tohatchi v. Loving (Tournament) 3 pm Away 4/9 Gallup v. Bloomfield 6 pm Home

4/9 Miyamura v. Kirtland Central 6 pm Home 4/9 Tohatchi @ Thoreau 5 pm 4/11 Gallup v. Kirtland Central 6 pm Home 4/11 Miyamura v. Aztec 3 pm Home

Sports Quiz defensive end for the Oklahoma City Drillers s em i- pro fo otba l l team? 6. How many suc1. What Hockey Hall of Famer won cessful field goals did four consecutive Selke Trophies for Tennessee Titans kicker best defensive forward as a memRob Bironas make in ber of the Montreal Canadiens from 1978-81? a 38 -36 win over the Houston Texans on Oct.2. Bill Vukovich, winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 1953 and 1954, died 21, 2007? in a crash while leading what race in 7. Joel Embiid, the 1955? 2023 NBA MVP, was born3. Name the 1990 sports comedy/ drama© film C. Thomas in 1994 in what African 2024 that Kingstarred Features Howell and Peter Horton as beach Syndicate, Inc. country? volleyball players. 4. What British swimmer, born with cerebral palsy, won 13 medals in six Summer Paralympic Games? Answers 1. Inbee Park. 2. The amoeba defense 3. The Orix Buffaloes. 4. Antarctica. 5. Toby Keith. 6. 8, an NFL record. 7. Cameroon.

3. Y o s h i n o b u Yamamoto, the threetime Pacific League MVP 1. What South Korean who signed with the Los golfer won the Women’s Angeles Dodgers in 2023, FROM KING FEATURES WEEKLY PGA Championship tour- SERVICE, pitched for what Nippon nament three straight Professional Baseball 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, years from 2013-15?FL 32803club in Japan? 2. W h a t b a s ke t 4. In 2018, former pro CUSTOMER 800-708-7311 EXT. 257 Colin O’Brady baSERVICE: l l defen sive st rat- triathlete e g y, n a me d a f t er a completed a 54-day, 932SPORTS QUIZ #12345_20240205 single-celled organism, mile solo crossing of was developed by the what continent? FOR RELEASE FEBRUARY 5, 2024 University of Pittsburgh 5. W h a t c ou nt r y Panthers in the 1970s? mu s ic s t a r pl aye d By Ryan A. Berenz By Ryan A. Berenz

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Judge DePauli set sights on retirement Staff Reports


leventh Judicial District Judge Louis E. DePauli Jr. is retired on April 1 after serving 17 years on the bench in Gallup. “My biggest overall accomplishment was keeping the court running in good order, doing my job efficiently and economically, and with purpose,” DePauli, a native of Gallup, said. “I tried to accomplish justice as best I could in my role as judge.” He comes from a long line of judges. His father, Louis

E. DePauli, Sr., was a district attorney in Gallup for many years before serving as a district judge in 1975-1988. Judge DePauli’s grandfather, Tulio DePauli, was a probate judge in Gallup. “I love Gallup because my family has been here for four generations,” DePauli said. “Many of my friends are still here where their families go back multiple generations. It’s a small town where I can still wave to people I know when I pass them on the street. We’re varied and culturally different and at the same time, we really

get along well. It’s a great melting pot of a town.” D eP a u l i r e c e i v e d h i s undergraduate degree from New Mexico State University, and a Juris Doctor from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 1987. His first job as a lawyer was as an assistant district attorney. He opened a private law practice in 1990 with his father and a former judge, Robert Aragon. In 2006, he was appointed to the bench by Gov. Bill Richardson. He has some advice for new judges.

“Control your court, lead by example, demand professionalism, and know the cases as well as the attorneys do,” he said. Eleventh Judicial District Chief Judge Curtis R. Gurley thanked DePauli for his service in a press release published March 29. “Eleventh Judicial Judge Louis DePauli leaves an indelible mark on the Gallup community, and the district,” Gurley said. “We are grateful for his service and wish him the best.” DePauli says he “plans to explore the wilds of New

Eleventh Judicial District Judge Louis E. DePauli Jr. Mexico and the Four Corners area, get his golf game into shape, and perhaps travel internationally a time or two.”

New Mexico courts launch new website Staff Reports


ANTA FE — New Mexico Courts launched a new website to provide the public with an improved user experience and a fresh, new look. The website is “We really focused on understanding the needs of the public,” Cassandra Hayne, Administrative Office of the Courts Chief Technology Officer said. “The new website is more intuitive and makes finding information easier. People often go to our website for specific reasons, and now they should find what they need faster.” Included on the main homepage are navigation tiles – blocks with images and links – that readily offer options most people are looking for, such as information about serving on a jury, self-representation, or paying fines. The tiles and the top menu bar have a standard look and feel with court-specific information. For example, all court webpages have a tile linking people to a schedule of court dockets.

The Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court webpage includes access to virtual hearings, while the Eleventh Judicial District also includes a tile with information about Justice Stations in the Farmington, Gallup, and Aztec area that allow people to appear remotely in a court hearing. New features on the website include: • Judicial districts and individual courts are clearly organized and presented. • Webpages are clearly marked in the upper left, with prompts to alert visitors when they navigate to a specific judicial court or program. • A robust search engine to help people quickly find what they are looking for on the website, including the ability to search for a court by zip code, county, or court name. • Go to the main homepage from anywhere on the website by pressing the logo in the upper left corner. “One of the best improvements to the website is a more mobile-friendly interface,” AOC Director Artie Pepin said. “Most people are using smartphones to

come to our website so it’s important to have a product that delivers a better viewing experience on their phone.” The website, designed by Astriata, also has a new color palette and pictures of courthouses and New Mexico landscapes throughout. A website banner photo contest was held judiciary-wide last summer to find the captivating photo for the main homepage. Out of 81 entries, the Supreme Court voted on the top five and Monica Rodriguez from the Second Judicial District Court had the winning photo of Abiquiu Lake. “This photo was taken in July of 2022 when the world was collectively rebounding from the pandemic,” Rodriguz said. “It amazed me that nature did not seem to notice the human impact of a tiny virus on humanity. The sunshine and the reflections of the sky on water are eternal.” Visit to find schedules of hearings in courts across the state, to request an interpreter, and access self-representation resources.

Moments in Time STAY UPDATED


''A Tradition'' • A Gallup tradition with over 100 years of dedicated service. Now under new ownership, the Rollie legacy continues; providing the facilities and conveniences that serve families best with dignity, integrity and understanding. • Rollie Mortuary offers package pricing, accepts Navajo Nation Social Service packages and can assist families with pre-need planning and set up. • Rollie Mortuary offers a genuine desire to be of assistance to you and your family in this time of need.

• On April 15, 1945, British troops liberated the German BergenBelsen concentration camp, where they discovered thousands of dead and rotting corpses, and many more thousands of sick and starving prisoners confined to severely overcrowded and dirty compounds. The prisoners were suffering from acute typhus, typhoid and tuberculosis due to a lack of running water. More than 30,000 others had died in the previous months, many from typhus, but even more from starvation. • On April 16, 1964, The Rolling Stones’ debut album, “The Roll ing Stones,” issued in the U.S. as “England’s Newest Hit Makers,” was released. The band consisted of lead singer Mick Jagger, rhythm guitarist Brian Jones, lead guitarist Keith Richards, bassist Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts. • On April 17, 1985, the U.S. government announced a campaign to increase organ donation awareness with the hope of making the procedure as widespread as donating blood, following similar campaigns from other countries around the world as organ transplants became more common. • On April 18, 1997, major floods in Grand Forks, North Dakota, caused by the Red River’s breaching

401 E. Nizhoni Blvd. Gallup, NM 87301 (505) 863-4452

a dike, necessitated the evacuation of 50,000 residents from their homes. In some areas, only the roofs of their houses were visible. • On April 19, 1897, the world’s oldest annual marathon run took place for the first time. Today the Boston Marathon ranks among the world’s most prestigious road racing events, with an average of 20,000 participants, and is one of five members of the World Marathon Majors, which also include the cities of London, Berlin, Chicago and New York. • On April 20, 2008, Pope Benedict XVI visited Ground Zero in New York, the scene of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the city’s Twin Towers, at the end of his six-day tour of America. He greeted survivors, fire and police workers, and relatives of some of the 2,749 people who died at the scene, and prayed for the rescuers and victims, as well as “those whose hearts and minds are consumed with hatred,” before celebrating Mass at New York’s Yankee stadium. • On April 21, 1918, Baron M a n f r e d von R icht hofen , t he German ace pilot popularly known as the “Red Baron” and credited with 80 confirmed air combat victories, was killed in action during World War I. • © 2024 King Features Synd., Inc.

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DOJ issues determinations protecting public’s right to know By FOG Executive Director Melanie J. Majors


LBUQUERQUE — The New Mexico Depa r tment of Justice issued several determinations during the week of March 25 following complaints the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government made to the DOJ concerning violations of the Open Meetings Act and the Inspection of Public Records Act. The DOJ notified FOG it sent a letter to the Eastern New Mexico Board of Regents stating the regents violated the Open Meeting Act during their Jan. 17 meeting by taking a final

action to approve a contract renewal for ENMU P r e s ide nt /C h a nc el lor James Johnston during a closed executive session. FOG and Eastern New Mexico News Editor David Stevens filed complaints pointing out the violation after the regents’ January meeting. The DOJ’s determination states that Johnston’s contract is not valid as, “no vote appears to have occurred in open session. From this record it appears that the two voting actions taken during the closed session were in relation to the actions of (1) the Presidential contract renewal, and (2) the one faculty retention

matter, respectively.” “As the DOJ pointed out, the ENMU Board of Regents took an invalid a ct ion by vot i ng to approve the President’s contract during a closed executive session,” FOG Execut ive Di rector Melanie J. Majors said. “These findings reaffirm FOG’s position that open meetings are vital to the public’s understanding of important issues.” This was just one opinion DOJ issued on March 29 that protects the public’s right to know. In addition, the DOJ reversed its position on a complaint FOG filed in September, concerning video footage from the Metropolitan

Detention Center. In December, the DOJ issued a letter to resolve the complaint, but “withdrew” that opinion during the week of March 25. In the new determination, the DOJ admits the original interpretation was “unwarranted” stating: “In the GCA’s previous disposition letter, the author suggested that a record possessed by a non-law enforcement agency which could be later forwarded to a law enforcement agency for a criminal investigation could be considered within the scope of the law enforcement records exception under NMSA 1978, 14-2-1.2. We

conclude that such an ex pa nsive i nter pret a tion of the exception is unwarranted.” In another determination, the DOJ agreed with FOG’s complaint from of July that the Sixth Judicial District Attorney’s Office’s attempt to require a fee to redact a video is not permitted under IPRA. The DOJ wrote, “There is no legal authority permitting an expansion of the categories of costs that can be charged to the requester. Additionally, seeking costs may produce a chilling effect, wherein members of the public forego seeking information due to financial barriers, contrary to

New Mexico Foundation for Open Government Executive Director Melanie J. Majors the stated public policy of IRPA.” In its final letter, the DOJ ruled that a complaint FOG and the Santa Fe Reporter filed in May w a s u n fou nd e d a nd determined the Santa Fe County Commission did not violate the OMA.

N.M. leaders urge Biden Administration to provide clean energy tax credits

Sen. Martin Heinrich By Sen. Martin Henirch


ASHINGTON D.C. — U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich, D - N. M ., a me m b e r of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and U.S. Senator Ben Ray Luján, D-N.M.,

sent a letter urging the Biden administration to adopt rules that facilitate smooth implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act’s prevailing wage and registered apprenticeship tax credits. The tax credits are intended to provide tens of thousands of electricians, metalworkers, welders, and other workers with good pay, training, and apprenticeships to build the clean energy workforce pipeline for the next generation. In the letter, the senators pressed the administration to make the process of receiving these tax credits smooth and efficient so that the law can reach its full potential. “The purpose of the IRA credits is to not only spur the creation of new clean, affordable energy, but to employ tens of thousands of electricians, metalworkers, welders and other workers in high-paying jobs,

with training and apprenticeships to build the pipeline of workers for the next generation. We write today to encourage the Treasury to adopt rules that empower workers, raise wages, and set our workers up for success for years to come,” the senators wrote in a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. In the letter, the senators made several recommendations to ensure that workers are able to take full advantage of the new IRA ta x credits. Those recommendations include treating project labor agreements as evidence of compliance with the IRA’s prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements, establishing a front-end compliance monitoring system, and strengthening the good faith effort exception to PWA requirements. T he let ter wa s led by U.S.

Senators Chris Murphy, D-Conn., Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., and Bob Casey, D-Pa. Alongside Heinrich and Luján, the let ter wa s sig ned by U.S. Senators Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis, Corey Booker, D -N.J., Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, Laphonza Butler, D - Ca l i f., Ta m my D uck wor t h, D-Ill., Richard Durbin, D-Ill., John Fetterman, D-Pa., Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., Ed Markey, D-Mass., Bob Menendez, D-N.J., Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., Alex Padilla , D - Ca lif., Ga r y Peters, D-Mich., Jack Reed, D-R.I., Jacky Rosen, D-Nev., Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, Tina Smith, D-Minn., Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Peter Welch, D-Vt., and Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I..

Financial advice

Understanding the appeal of fixed, fixed indexed annuities in retirement planning By Al Martinez Guest Columnist


nnuities often come into the conversation when considering retirement planning and investment options. While it’s true that annuities have their drawbacks, many of these cons can be effectively managed or countered, making them a viable option for certain investors. It’s essential to understand the distinctions between different types of annuities, such as fixed and fixed indexed annuities, which are fundamentally different from other highrisk investment options and are more suited to conservative investors, particularly those of retirement age. Fixed annuities offer a guaranteed return over the contract term, providing a stable and predictable income stream. This feature makes them an appealing choice for conservative investors or those who are risk-averse. For individuals at or near retirement age, the security of knowing exactly what to expect in terms of returns can be a significant advantage, offering peace of mind in their retirement planning. Fixed-indexed annuities, while sharing some characteristics with fixed annuities in offering a base level of guaranteed return, also provide the opportunity for additional interest based on the performance of a specified market index. Unlike direct market investments, fixed-indexed annuities do not directly invest in the stock market, which helps to mitigate risk. The potential for higher returns and protection against

Al Martinez market downturns make fixed-indexed annuities attractive for those who wish to benefit from market gains without significant risk exposure. Critics often point to annuities’ drawbacks, such as complex contract terms, and potential penalties for early withdrawal. However, these challenges can be mitigated with thorough research and the guidance of financial professionals. Individuals can avoid excessive costs by understanding the fee structure and comparing different annuity products. Additionally,

familiarizing oneself with the terms and conditions, particularly regarding surrender periods and withdrawal penalties, can prevent unexpected issues. Furthermore, the perceived inflexibility of annuities can be addressed by incorporating them into a broader, diversified retirement strategy. Rather than relying solely on annuities, individuals can benefit from combining them with other investment vehicles, such as stocks, bonds, and retirement accounts like IRAs and 401(k)s. This approach balances stability and growth potential, addressing the need for income security while also providing opportunities for wealth accumulation. Fixed and fixed indexed annuities, with their conservative nature, may serve as valuable components of a retirement portfolio for individuals seeking to balance security and potential growth. By understanding their features and how to navigate their drawbacks, these annuities may offer a reliable income stream and peace of mind for those nearing retirement. Consulting with a trusted financial advisor is crucial in tailoring an investment approach that aligns with individual needs and goals, ensuring a wellrounded and effective retirement strategy. Al Martinez is a member of Syndicated Columnists, a national organization committed to a fully transparent approach to money management. Syndicated Columnists is the sole provider of this material, both written and conceptual, for this column. All rights reserved

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B6 Friday, April 5, 2024 • Gallup Sun


CLASSIFIEDS Need a past issue? $2.00 per copy. Note issue date and send check or M.O. to: Gallup Sun, PO Box 1212, Gallup, NM 87305. Subject to availability.

Must have reliable transportation. Call Dawnette @ 505320-8198 to set up an interview. Great for someone Retired or student looking for extra income.




Amigo Automotive Center

2018 Toyota Tundra 4x4 Engine: 5.7L V8 Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 89,058 Stock#: U23031 Amigo Chevrolet 1900 S 2nd St, Gallup, NM (505) 726-4329

McKinley County is now accepting applications for the following positions: POSITION County Attorney Administrative Assistant DEPARTMENT Legal Sheriff’s Office FOR BEST CONSIDERATION DATE April 15, 2024 April 16, 2024 Applications and additional information regarding positions can be found on the County web site www. McKinley County Human Resources (505) 863-1400

Pre-Owned 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom 4X4 Engine: 2.7L I4 Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 5,232 Stock#: R24010A Amigo Dodge/Jeep/ Ram 2010 S 2nd St, Gallup, NM (505) 979-7500

*** The Gallup Sun seeks a freelance general assignment photographer. Email resume/examples to: gallupsunreporters@ LEGAL/PUBLIC NOTICES STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF MCKINLEY ELEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT LENORE DIAZ,

2021 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited Engine: 3.0L V6 Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 34,723 Stock#: J23316A1 Amigo Toyota 2000 S. Second St. Gallup, NM (505) 722-3881 HELP WANTED Dragonfly Portables LLC Part time Help selling Storage Sheds. 3 Days a Week. Must be Friendly, Honest, good with people. M C K I N L E Y




You or your attorney are hereby directed to file a pleading or motion in response to the Complaint to Quiet Title on file herein on or before 20 days from the date of the last publication of this Notice in the Office of the Clerk of the District Court, Eleventh Judicial District of the State of New Mexico, sitting within and for the County of McKinley, that being the Court in which said Complaint is filed, and to serve a copy of the same pleading or motion upon Plaintiffs or Plaintiffs’ attorneys, Mason & Isaacson, P.A., 104 East Aztec, P.O. Box 1772, Gallup, New Mexico 87305, (505-7224463). Unless a responsive pleading or motion is entered by you in this case on or before the above date, judgment will be rendered against you by default. The general object of said action is to quiet the title of the following-described property in McKinley County, New Mexico: Champion Mobile Home VIN #12335260. WITNESS the District Judge of the Eleventh Judicial District Court of the State of New Mexico, and the seal of said Court this ____ day of February, 2024.


25 WORD OR LESS: $20 26-50 WORDS: $40 51-75 WORDS: $60 76-100 WORDS: $80 $20 FOR EACH ADD’L 25 WORDS EXTRAS - $10 PER WEEK, PER ITEM: TEXT BOX, YELLOW HIGHLIGHT, PIC, AND/OR LOGO Newspaper published Fridays. Prepayment required. Classifieds due Wednesday Noon. Deadline subject to change Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Email: Office (505) 722-8994

at the corner of West Historic Highway 66 and Rico St. in Gallup, McKinley County, New Mexico. You are hereby notified that unless you file a responsive pleading on or before May 6, 2024 with the above Court, the Judgment or other appropriate relief will be rendered against you by default. You are further notified that the name of Plaintiff’s attorney is Douglas W. Fowles, Rosebrough, Fowles & Foutz, P.C., 101 West Aztec Ave., Gallup, New Mexico 87301, (505) 722-9121. /s/ Douglas W. Fowles Rosebrough, Fowles & Foutz, P.C. Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1027 Gallup, New Mexico 87305 (505) 722-9121 Published: Gallup Sun March 22, 2024 March 29, 2024 April 5, 2024 ***

15 North, Range 18 West, N.M.P.M., Gallup, McKinley County, New Mexico. As shown on the West Sixty Six Addition (Filed: 08-91944); Commencing at the South West Corner of Sundram Subdivision Unit 2 (Filed: 12-161992); Thence N89°20’44”E on a New Mexico State Plane West Zone Grid Bearing, 793.36’ to a point on the South right-of-way of Aztec Avenue (Bk. 21 W.D., Pg. 145, 8-3-1964) and the Real Point of Beginning; Thence N47°54’32”E along the South rightof-way of Aztec Avenue, 468.75’ to a point; Thence S61°41’26”E, 292.20’ to a Point of Intersection with the North & West right-ofway lines of Copper Avenue; Thence S00°40’04”E along the West right-ofway line of Copper Avenue, 49.97’ to a Point of Intersection with the West & South right-ofway lines of Copper Avenue and the West Boundary of the Replat of Lots 6-15, Block 8 of Viro Subdivision (Filed: 10-13-1982); Thence S00°40’04”E along the West Boundary of the Replat of lots 6-15, Block 8 of Viro Subdivision, 118.72’ to a point; Thence S89°20’44”W, 607.14’ to the point of beginning. Containing 2.66 acres; The above described property is located southwest of the Chaparral Mobile Home Park on West Aztec Ave. in Gallup, McKinley County, New Mexico. You are hereby notified that unless you file a responsive pleading on or before May 6, 2024 with the above Court, the Judgment or other appropriate relief will be rendered against you by default. You are further notified that the name of Plaintiff’s attorney is Douglas W. Fowles, Rosebrough, Fowles & Foutz, P.C., 101 West Aztec Ave., Gallup, New Mexico 87301, (505) 722-9121. /s/ Douglas W. Fowles Rosebrough, Fowles & Foutz, P.C. Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1027 Gallup, New Mexico

87305 (505) 722-9121 Publish: Gallup Sun Publishing March 22, 2024 March 29, 2024 April 5, 2024 *** LEGAL NOTICE INVITATION TO BID Public Notice is hereby provided that the Gallup-McKinley County Schools is accepting competitive sealed bids for: Re-Bid Glass and Glazing Services Price Agreement No. ITB-2024-32BK Commodity Code(s): 440, 44030, 55740, 63075, 91447, 93638 As more particularly set out in the ITB documents, copies of which may be obtained by downloading from the Gallup-McKinley County Schools eBidding platform website: https://gmcs.bonfirehub. com/portal/?tab=openOpportunities

ELEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT Sealed bids for such COUNTY OF McKINwill be received until LEY 2:00 P.M. (LOCAL STATE OF NEW MEXTIME) on, April 15, ICO 2024. FAX and HARDSOLUTION PROPERCOPY BIDS will NOT Published: Gallup Sun TIES, INC., be accepted. Offerors March 22, 2024 a Florida corporation, will not be able to March 29, 2024 Plaintiff, upload proposals or April 5, 2024 vs. documents after the No. D-1113specified CLOSING date *** CV-2024-00112 and time. ELEVENTH JUDICIAL COMMUNITY AREA DISTRICT COURT RESOURCE ENTERThe Gallup-McKinley COUNTY OF McKINPRISE, INC. County School Board LEY (CARE 66), a New Mexof Education reserves STATE OF NEW MEXico non-profit corporathe right to reject any ICO tion, and or all bids, waive any SOLUTION PROPERANY UNKNOWN formalities or minor TIES, INC., CLAIMANTS OF INinconsistencies, and/or a Florida corporation, TEREST IN cancel this solicitation Plaintiff, THE PREMISES in its entirety. vs. ADVERSE TO THE PLAINTIFF, Dated the 25th day of No. D-1113Defendants. March, 2024 CV-2024-00113 NOTICE OF PENBUJA INVESTMENTS, DENCY OF ACTION By: /S/ Chris MortenINC., a New Mexico THE STATE OF NEW son, President Board of corporation, and ANY MEXICO Education UNKNOWN CLAIMTO: ANY UNKNOWN Gallup-McKinley CounANTS OF INTEREST CLAIMANTS OF ty School District No. 1 IN THE PREMISES INTEREST IN THE ADVERSE TO THE PREMISES ADVERSE ITB ISSUE DATE: PLAINTIFF, TO THE PLAINTIFF March 25, 2024 Defendants. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Plaintiff Published: Gallup NOTICE OF PENSOLUTION PROPERSun Publishing DENCY OF ACTION TIES, INC., a FloriMarch 29, 2024 THE STATE OF NEW da corporation has April 5, 2024 MEXICO commenced an action TO: BUJA INVESTto quiet title to the MENTS, INC., a New premises described Mexico corporation below: and ANY UNKNOWN A Tract of Land lying CLAIMANTS OF in the North East ¼ of INTEREST IN THE Section 20, Township PREMISES ADVERSE TO THE PLAINTIFF PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Plaintiff SOLUTION PROPERTIES, INC., a Florida corporation has commenced an action to PUBLIC INFORMATION IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT: quiet title to the premEffective May 6, 2024, Ramon Schafer, D.O. and ises described below: Jennifer Schafer N.P. will no longer be providing Lots Six (6), Seven (7) and Eight (8) in Block services at RMCHCS. One (1) of DAY SUBDIVISION, as the same Medical records will be securely maintained at RMCHCS and is shown and designatwith written patient authorization a copy of your medical record ed on the plat of said can be obtained from the RMCHCS H.I.M. Department at 1901 subdivision filed in the Red Rock Drive, Gallup, NM 87301. office of the County Clerk, McKinley CounWhen needed, RMCHCS will be glad to provide ty, New Mexico on assistance establishing care with a new provider. January 21, 2003. The above described Please call (505) 863-1820 for additional information. property is located Clerk of the District Court By ____________________ Deputy






Gallup Sun • Friday, April 5, 2024 B7



Community Calendar April 5 - April 11, 2024 FRIDAY, APRIL 5

for more information.





9 am - 10:30 am via Zoom. For more information visit

9 am - 5 pm @ 340 9th Street. The Gallup 9th Street Flea Market is one of the largest Native American markets in the United States. SUNDAY, APRIL 7 MONDAY, APRIL 8



6 pm - 9 pm @ OFPL’s main library (115 W. Hill Ave.). Mingle with K-POP fans, synchronize your dance moves to your favorite K-POP artists, and trade K-POP merch. Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more information.


4:30 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). Join the chess club at OFPL! Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more information.


3 pm - 5 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). Every Friday, come to the children’s library to unwind from a busy week! Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more information. SATURDAY, APRIL 6

1 pm-2 pm @ SSC 640 Boardman Dr.


4 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). For National Week of the Young Child, join OFPL for a special concert by national award-winning singer and songwriter Dan Crow.


11 am @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). Join OFPL for Storytime activities, songs, rhymes, fingerplays, and readaloud stories! Throughout April, the storytimes will celebrate Spring. Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more information. TUESDAY, APRIL 9


9:30 am - 1 pm @ GMCS Boardroom (640 S. Boardman Dr.. For appointments, call 1-877-25VITAL or go to


12 pm - 3 pm @ Rio West Mall (1300 W. Maloney Ave.). Create a T-shirt to center your voice to those who are surviving or have survived any type of sexual violence. (Supplies will be provided).


9 am - 4 pm @ El Morro Events Center (210 S. Second St.). Registration begins at 9 am with rounds beginning at 10 am and the event ending with an awards ceremony at 4 pm. This free scholastic tournament is open to chess players of all ages and skill levels.


2 pm every Saturday @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec. Ave.) for weekly family oriented film screenings. This week’s movie is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse (2018). Email bmartin@gallupnm. gov or call (505) 863-1291


6 pm @ City Council Chambers, Gallup City Hall (110 W. Aztec Ave.). The meeting will also be streamed on the City of Gallup’s Facebook page at City of Gallup, New Mexico Government.


4 pm - 6 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). For National Week of the Young Child, join OFPFL for an introduction to cooking workshop for kids ages 3-8.


4:30 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). Join the chess club at OFPL! Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more


5 pm @ the UNM-Gallup Zollinger Library (705 Gurley Ave.). Join Zollinger Library for a Pokémon tournament. For questions please call 505-863-7531 or email


4 pm - 6 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). For National Week of the Young Child, join OFPL and Explora! for all-ages collaborative STEM exploration activities including wind tunnels, wind-powered cars, and straw rockets.


4 pm - 6 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). OFPL’s MakerSpace is a collaborative work space for making, learning, and exploring. Participants ages 5 and up can come in to create their own design for the 3D printers or explore the many engineering activities and equipment!


4 pm every Wednesday @ OFPL’s main library (115 W. Hill Ave.). This week’s film is Gran Turismo.


11 am @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). Join OFPL for Storytime activities, songs, rhymes, fingerplays, and readaloud stories! Throughout April, the storytimes will celebrate Spring. Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more information. THURSDAY, APRIL 11


4 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). For National Week of the Young Child, join OFPL for an all-ages dolphin-themed craft.


5 pm @ OFPL’s Main Library (115 W. Hill Ave.). Attorney David Eason will discuss the 14th amendment during this talk. Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more information.


7 pm @ the El Morro Theatre (210 S. 2nd St.). The Blue Desert Tour is a jazz concert series designed to

promote healing in Indigenous communities throughout the Four Corners. Doors open at 6:30 pm.


4 pm @ the UNM-Gallup Zollinger Library (705 Gurley Ave.). This month, Zollinger Library is “taking a walk on the wild side” with their flim selection. This week’s film is Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. SAVE THE DATE FRIDAY, APRIL 12


10 am - 11:30 am @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). For National Week of the Young Child, join OFPL for a workshop for parents of young children, early child educators, and their children, hosted by the UNM Early Childhood Services Center


4 pm - 6 pm @ OFPL’s Main Library (115 W. Hill Ave.). Join OFPL and Master Gardeners from Tumbleweed Farms for a gardening series. In this session, review ways to extend your season and prolong the life of your garden. SATURDAY, APRIL 13


2 pm in-person at the Main Library (115 W. Hill Ave.) or on Zoom. OFPL’s book club book for April is Blood Sisters by Vanessa Lillie. Email bmartin@gallupnm. gov or call 505-863-1291 for more information.


7 pm to 9 pm @ Downtown Gallup. Come experience local and professional art, artist demonstrations, gallery openings, live music, hands-on crafts, and games for the kids.


7 pm - 9 pm @ ART123 Gallery (123 W. Coal Ave.). Be immersed in color in Be Sargent’s latest solo show.


7 pm - 9 pm @ LOOM Gallery (209 W. Coal Ave.). Hiro Cash is a contemporary painter and second-year BFA student at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe.


7 pm - 9 pm @ El Morro Theatre (207 W. Coal Ave.).

In celebration of National Poetry Month, OFPL will host several poets from the New Mexico Poetry Anthology Collection.Witness contemporary, groundbreaking work by featured poets Mia Sutanto, Boderra Joe and Shirley Balance Blackwell followed by an open mic to share your own work or hear from others.


7 pm - 9 pm @ El Morro Events Center (210 S. Second St.). Join OFPL as they bring their MakerSpace to ArtsCrawl and create some spring-themed stickers. TUESDAY, APRIL 16


9 am @ 207 W. Hill Ave.


4 pm @ OFPL’s Main Library (115 W. Hill Ave.). Create a customized pet tag with the Cricut engraving tool.Advance registration at is required. Email ctatsukawa@ or call (505) 863-1291 for more information. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17


5:30 pm @ the UNM-Gallup Zollinger Library (705 Gurley Ave.). Whether you are a seasoned poet or just poetry curious, come and share in the joy of poetry and help celebrate National Poetry Month. THURSDAY, APRIL 18


1 pm - 5 pm @ OFPL’s Main Library (115 W. Hill Ave.). OFPL staff will be available to provide individual technology assistance. There will also be a job search and resume writing workshop from 1 pm to 2 pm.


4 pm @ OFPL’s Main Library (115 W. Hill Ave.). Design and make beautifully beaded jewelry using CreativeBug! This workshop is for people 12 years old and up. Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more information.


5 pm @ the UNM-Gallup Zollinger Library (705 Gurley Ave.). VanAnn Moore performs as Molly Brown, a woman who survived the sinking of the Titanic. SATURDAY, APRIL 20


12 pm - 4 pm @ Rio West Mall (1300 W. Maloney Ave.).Celebrate Earth Day by making your own plantable seed paper, which is handmade paper with seeds embedded into it.


1 pm @ OFPL’s Main Library (115 W. Hill Ave.). Join OFPL and Shaniya Logg, in collaboration with Sexual Assault Services of Northwest New Mexico for an educational presentation on human and sex trafficking in and around New Mexico and Native American communities. This event will feature a fundraising raffle to benefit survivors of McKinley County that are referred to Utah Navajo Health System- Gallup office and The Dream Center of Albuquerque. Bring an item from the list below to be donated. In turn you will be entered into the raffle: Clothing, Bedding, Snacks, Food Gift Cards, Household Items and Hygiene Products


@ First Nations Community HealthSource-Gallup (1630 S. Second St.). First Nations Community HealthSource-Gallup offers Free Rapid HIV, Syphilis and Hep C Testing, Monday – Friday from 1 pm to 6:30 pm by appointment. Get your results within minutes. To schedule an appointment call (505) 863-8827.


OFPL staff who will create a bundle of material specially for you! Let them know what type of materials and genres you are interested in, and they’ll browse for you and create a custom bundle of material for you to pick-up curbside. Email or call (505) 8631291 for more information.

To post a nonprofit or civic event in the calendar section, please email: gallupsunevents@gmail. com or fax: (505) 2120391. Deadline: Monday at 5 pm.

1ST Annual


This award will be presented to an individual whose volunteerism, outstanding service and dedication have made a significant contribution to the community

Qualities looked for are as follows: • A person who continually volunteers his or her time, dedication, and talents to the town • Citizens of the town to make Gallup a great place to live, work, play and learn • A person who has made a positive difference to the lives of fellow citizens • Someone who is dedicated to Gallup and concerned for others • They may serve on service, school, church, or community committees • A person who has shown a willingness to work with other Gallup residents, who is • Enthusiastic about the town and its citizens, and who works continually towards the betterment of the community • A person with the qualities of honesty and integrity

Gallup Sun Publishing, LLC 1983 State Road 602 Gallup, NM

How to nominate:

Pick up an official application at the Gallup Sun office or request one via email: A feature story on the winner will be featured in the Gallup Sun’s May 17, 2024 special edition! Honorable mention to all nominees Businesses: Interesting in sponsoring the Gallup Citizen of the Year? Call us for rates today! DEADLINE: April 15, 2024

Phone: (505) 722-8994 Email:

B8 Friday, April 5, 2024 • Gallup Sun


Welcome to the finalist phase of McKinley County Readers' Choice Awards! Gallup Sun Publishing, LLC PO Box 1212, Gallup NM 87305 (505) 722-8994

Best of McKinley!

Drop off in person • 1983 State Road 602, Gallup, NM 87301

• Select only one business per category. Only one entry per person allowed whether you vote at Gallup Sun’s Facebook page or fill out this ballot.

• There will be one Winner per category and Honorable Mention for second place. • Finalist phase ballot deadline for entries: April 9, 2024, 5 pm

Circle one business or person for each category. BEST OVERALL Best Business in Gallup ① Gallup Coffee Company ② Gallup Community Health ③ Gallup Eye Group ④ Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant ⑤ Thunderbird Supply Company Best Business in Vanderwagen - Ramah Zuni ① Ancient Way Cafe ② Chu Chu’s Restaurant ③ El Sabino Grocery & Package ④ Major Market Inc. Best Business in Tse Bonito - Yatahey ① Blake’s Lotaburger ② Family Dollar ③ Griswold’s Inc. ④ T&R Market

BEST ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Best Art Gallery ① Art123 Gallery ② Gallup Cultural Center ③ RC Gorman Gallery Best Artist ① Daniel Josley ② Jerry Brown ③ Sydney Smolla Best Family Entertainment ① El Morro Theatre ② Gallup’s ArtsCrawl ③ Red Rock 10 Theatre ④ Skate Connection ⑤ Wild Thing Bullriding Best Outdoor Event ① Gallup’s ArtsCrawl ② Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial Parade ③ Red Rock Balloon Rally ④ Wild Thing Bullriding Best Photographer ① Del Ray Photography ② Sydney Smolla Best Videographer ① Del Ray Photography ② Sydney Smolla

BEST AUTOMOTIVE Best Auto Glass ① Abeita Glass Co. ② Auto Glass & Construction ③ Gallup Custom Tinting ④ Rangel’s AutoGlass & Tint Best Auto Supply ① Auto Zone ② CarQuest Auto Parts ③ O’Reilly’s Auto Parts Best Automotive Repair ① Amigo Automotive Group ② Krackin Industries ③ Leyba Auto Clinic Best Oil Change ① Amigo Quick Lube ② Jiffy Lube ③ Rico Quick Lube Best Tire Shop ① AJ Tires & Auto Center ② Point S Tire & Auto

Services ③ Route 66 Discount Tire Shop ④ Shaffer Tire Inc. Car Dealer - Best Customer Service ① Amigo CDJR ② Amigo Chevrolet ③ Amigo Toyota ④ Rico Auto Complex Car Dealer - Best Sales Associate ① Clara Lynch - Amigo Chevrolet ② Ryan Menapace - Rico Auto Complex ③ Sergio Zarate - Amigo Chevrolet Car Dealer - Best Sales Team ① Amigo CDJR ② Amigo Chevrolet ③ Amigo Toyota ④ Rico Auto Complex Car Dealer - Best Service Department ① Amigo CDJR ② Amigo Chevrolet ③ Amigo Toyota ④ Rico Auto Complex Car Dealer - Best Used Cars ① Amigo CDJR ② Amigo Chevrolet ③ Amigo Toyota ④ John’s Used Car ⑤ Rico Auto Complex

BEST FOOD & BEVERAGE Best Bakery and Dessert ① Glenn’s Bakery ② Juniper Bakery ③ Westend Donut & Deli Best Bar ① American Bar ② Rocket Liquor & Lounge ③ Sammy C’s Rock N’ Sport Pub & Grille ④ The 49er Lounge Best Breakfast ① Grandpa’s Grill ② Jerry’s Cafe ③ Mama’s Kitchen ④ Sandra’s Place ⑤ Railway Cafe Best Burger ① 505 Burgers & Wings ② Grandpa’s Grill ③ Railway Cafe Best Chile ① Anthony’s - A Taste Of The Southwest ② Don Diego’s Restaurant & Lounge ③ Jerry’s Cafe Best Convenience Store (specific location) ① Allsup’s South ② Maverick East Best Dinner ① Cheii’s Grill @ Fire Rock Casino ② Fratelli’s Bistro ③ Oasis Mediterranean Best Enchiladas ① Anthony’s - A Taste Of The Southwest ② Genaro's Cafe ③ Jerry’s Cafe

Best Fast Food ① Blake’s Lotaburger ② Panda Express ③ Sonic Best Lunch ① Angela’s Cafe ② Grandpa’s Grill ③ Railway Cafe Best Mexican ① Anthony’s - A Taste Of The Southwest ② Don Diego’s Restaurant & Lounge ③ Jerry’s Cafe Best Pizza ① Fratelli’s Bistro ② Pizza Edge ③ Pizza 9 ④ Rocket Cafe Best Restaurant ① Anthony’s - A Taste Of The Southwest ② Cocina De Dominguez ③ Fratelli’s Bistro Best Sandwich ① Angela’s Cafe ② Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe’ ③ Westend Donut & Deli Best Tacos ① Don Diego’s Restaurant & Lounge ② Jalisco Taco Truck ③ Taco Bell Best Wings ① 505 Burgers & Wings ② Fratelli’s Bistro Best Coffee ① Gallup Coffee Company ② Java Drip Coffee ③ Starbucks Coffee Co.

BEST HEALTH & FITNESS Best Cannabis ① CMC Cannabis ② Red Barn Growers ③ Top Shelf Dispensary Best Dentist ① Dental Innovations ② Dr. Porter Dental ③ Sundance Dental Care of Gallup Best Doctor ① Dr. Lawrence Andrade MD ② Dr. Matthew McGraw OD Best Eyeglass Store ① Bishop Optical ② Gallup Eye Group ③ Nizhoni Vision Best Health/Wellness (Oriented Business) ① Cowboy Iron Gym ② Gallup Eye Group ③ Gallup Recreation Center Best Medical Practice ① Gallup Community Health ② Gallup Eye Group ③ Family Medicine Associates

BEST SHOPPING & SERVICES Best Barber Shop/Salon ① Diamond Cutz ② Dynasty Barbershop ③ Mystique Salon & Day Spa Best Clothing Store ① JCPenney

REQUIRED (not for publication): Full Name:___________________________________________________________________

Email or phone #:____________________________________________________________

② Maurices ③ Ross Dress for Less Best Electrical Company ① Justin Time Electrical LLC. ② Knight Electric Co. Best Florist ① Blossom Shop ② Flower Basket ③ Safeway - floral dept. Best Furniture Store ① Ashley Furniture ② Castle Furniture ③ Goodwill Best Heating & Cooling Company ① Horizon Enterprises Plumbing and Heating ② Laroc Refrigeration ③ Universal Air Best Hotel ① Best Western Plus ② El Rancho Hotel ③ Hilton Garden Inn Best Insurance Agency/ Agent ① Bubany Insurance Agency ② Clay Fultz Insurance Agency Best Jewelry Supply ① Silver and Turquoise Supply LLC ② Silver Stone Inc ③ Thunderbird Supply Co. Best Nail Technician ① Gallup Nail Spa ② LA Nails ③ Tip Top Nails Best Non-Profit Organization ① Big Brothers Big Sisters - Mountain Region ② Gallup Community Health Best Pet Service ① Cedar Animal Medical Center ② Gallup Happy Paws ③ Laughing Dog Kennel Best Plumbing Company ① Laroc Refrigeration ② Roto Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleaning ③ Williams Plumbing Best Real Estate Agent ① Elizabeth MunozHamilton - Gallup Living Keller Williams ② Mike Mazel - Gallup Living Keller Williams ③ Olga Starr - Remax Best Specialty Service ① Foreign Automotive Speciality ② House of Stamps ③ Rosebrough, Fowles & Foutz, PC Best Specialty Supply Store ① Four Corners Welding & Gas Supply ② Gallup Lumber & Ace Hardware ③ Tractor Supply Co. Best Trading Company/ Pawn ① Ellis Tanner Trading Co. ② First American Traders ③ Perry Null Trading Co. ④ Richardson Trading Co.

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