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VOL 5 | ISSUE 212 | APRIL 26, 2019


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Friday April 26, 2019 • Gallup Sun





Gallup Sun • Friday April 26, 2019



Disturbing Sex Trafficking Facts • 23,500 endangered runaways reported in 2018 • One in seven endangered runaways’ likely victims of child sex trafficking • Average age of child sex trafficking victims: 15 years old • Ch i ld sex t ra f f ick i ng reported in  all 50 U.S. States  *Source National Center for Missing & Exploited Children By Cody Begaye Sun Correspondent


imberly Wahpepah has taken her response to a secret and personal violation, and turned it into a mission. Wahpepah, who was sexually assaulted when she was a child, has

Kimberly Wahpepah poses for a portrait in Gallup April 24. Wahpepah said she is a survivor of human sex trafficking in 2007. Photo Credit: Cayla Nimmo become a spokeswoman for human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and missing and murdered native women. Wahpepah says these violation that occur in the shadows leave terrible marks on our society. She adds that these activities are kept concealed

by attitudes, such as those she faced as a young girl. “My parents didn’t believe me at the time. They said I was making up stories,” she said, referring to her reported past abuse. “I keep seeking answers as to why this is happening.” Wahpepah spoke about how her grandmother would tell her to not talk about these taboo subjects with other people, but she said that as a victim, she has to get the word out. Originally from Manuelito, Wahpepah was raised both traditionally and as a Christian. But, she faced difficulties early in life, including being homeless, and overcame those challenges in recent years. It prompted her to think of ways of how she could help other folks living on the streets. “What I’ve been through is how I’m trying to seek some type of answer to different situations in my life that will help

others who are going through the same thing,” Wahpepah said. “I put it upon myself to do something about it.” As part of her advocate work, Wahpepah was a spokesperson for Nava jo Nation Missing Persons, where she first researched what human trafficking entails and learned what she could do to help with her own resources. Wa hpepa h said getting entangled in sex trafficking is relatively easy. She studied the moves and describes it as something as simple as someone going up to a potential victim and asking if they want to perform sexual acts and get paid for it. “That’s how easy it is to become a victim,” she said. “It’s as easy as [the perpetrator] saying, ‘Hey, you want to make some money?’” Wahpepah said she spoke to several victims about why they

got involved. “When I started talking about it to people, they said they’re going through it for money, a place to stay, food to eat,” she said. Victims don’t know what they’re getting into, Wahpepah said. Perpetrators will often manipulate victims into staying with them and continuing to perform the acts, because they know the victims are in a vulnerable state, she added. “The victim won’t understand what their role is in the situation, until it is too late,” she said. Once the trafficker has either done what they wanted with the victim or thinks that the victim could pose a threat, they find a way to relocate the victim, Wahpepah said. This is how human trafficking comes


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CITY COUNCIL APPROVES LIGHTING APPLICATION New LED street light system increases savings, safety

Kimberly Wahpepah stands before the City Council in Gallup April 24 talking about her experience with surviving sex trafficking as the council presents a proclamation, designating May 5 Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls Day. Photo Credit: Cayla Nimmo



NEW CHIEF SWORN IN Ceremony held at El Morro Theatre

Friday April 26, 2019 • Gallup Sun


MARIJUANA FOUND AT MIDDLE SCHOOL One of the incidents answered by Gallup police

11 13 REVIEW OF AVENGERS: ENDGAME Does the epic finale live up to the hype?

ACTION ON THE DIAMOND Shots from Rehoboth Christian and Saint Michaels game NEWS

To the Community: When I read the editorial in the Gallup Independent on Saturday April 6th, my first reaction was what has Zollinger ever done to support this community? He has spent his entire career with the Independent aacking anyone who has tried to improve Gallup and McKinley County. I feel sorry for Zollinger and his family. John and Martha Zollinger were good community leaders and contributed so much. In my opinion, John Zollinger would be embarrassed on how Bob has conducted himself over the years.

I have lived in Gallup over 38 years and have volunteered my time for many civic and charitable causes to help this community. In 2009, Governor Bill Richardson awarded me the New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Award for my community service. I am very proud of the recognition that I received from the Governor.

This community has been very good to me and the Newberry family. I had an obligation to give back to Gallup and McKinley County. Some people in this community like and respect me and some do not. However, no one in our community can state that I have been part of the problem. I have contributed many hours and financial resources to address the many problems facing Gallup and McKinley County. Some of my efforts have been successful, and some have been unsuccessful. But my efforts have always been based on what I thought were best for our community.

I believe that Bob Zollinger has been one of the biggest problems that our community has faced over the years. In my opinion, no one respects him or wants to hear what he has to say about anything. Hopefully one day he will leave our community and allow Gallup and McKinley County to move forward in a positive way.

Bre Newberry, CFE, CPA NEWS

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Gallup Sun • Friday April 26, 2019


City council approves application submission for lighting project A NEW SYSTEM THAT WOULD INCREASE LIGHTING LIFE BY 500 PERCENT

By Cody Begaye Sun Correspondent


he Gallup City Council listened to a request to submit an application to the New Mexico Finance Authority for

future LED Street Lighting Project Bonding consideration at their recent regular meeting. Eric Babcock, interim electrical director for the City of Gallup, spoke for the item. He said that the application is an

administrative requirement by the NMFA to be considered for financial bonding. According to Babcock, the LED streetlight project involves changing over 4,000 street and area lights. The existing light system uses

about 4.2 million kilowatt hours to operate for one year, while the new LED system will use about 1.7 million kilowatt hours for a savings of about 2.5 million kilowatt hours, or 61 percent. “We will save on investment a nd increa se public safety,” Babcock said April 23. According to an attachment from the City Council agenda, the new system would brighten commercial areas of Gallup for safety, security, and

appearance. No specific areas of the city were mentioned at


Accounts Representative Raenona Harvey

Amazing Grace Personal Care - 11 Bubany Insurance Agency - 7 Eric Babcock, interim electrical director for Gallup. File Photo

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Friday April 26, 2019 • Gallup Sun


Gallup Sun Publishing, LLC Publisher/Editor Babette Herrmann

Associate Editor Beth Blakeman Photography Cayla Nimmo Knifewing Segura Correspondent/Editorial Asst. Cody Begaye Design David Tsigelman On the Cover Gallup City Council and local woman trying to do their part to raise awareness of sex trafficking. Cover art by D. Tsigelman The Gallup Sun, published Fridays, is not responsible or liable for any claims or offerings, nor responsible for availability of products advertised. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The Gallup Sun distributes newspapers in McKinley, Cibola and Apache counties. Office: 102 S. Second St., Gallup, NM 87301 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Gallup Sun, PO Box 1212, Gallup, NM. Mailing Address: PO Box 1212 Gallup, NM 87305 www.gallupsun.com Phone: (505) 722-8994 Fax: (505) 212-0391 gallupsun@gmail.com Letter to the editor/guest column ACCEPTED BY EMAIL ONLY. State full name and city/town. No pen names. ID required. All submissions subjected to editor’s approval. Guest columnists, email Sun for submission requirements.


New police chief sworn in MAYOR CONFIDENT OF LEADERSHIP By Cody Begaye Sun Correspondent


fter being announced as the choice for Gallup’s new police chief, Franklin Boyd was sworn in at a ceremony at the El Morro Theatre April 19. The ceremony featured members of the Gallup City Council, as well as community leaders, highlighting Boyd’s achievements. “This is a great day for Gallup,” Mayor Jackie McKinney said. “[We are acknowledging] someone who has dedicated a lot of time to this city and cares very much about safety in our community.” McKinney said that Boyd is soft-spoken, good-hearted, and humble, but he is able to speak up assertively for the police department. “We will develop a system that works for Gallup to protect the officers and citizens because they should be protected,” he said. City Manager Mar yann Ustick said that she has had the privilege of working with police departments around the nation, and that the Gallup department is a standout because it is effective in every area, while adhering to the highest standards of law enforcement in the country. “While out in community in

some of the most challenging conditions we’ve ever seen, you treat people with respect,” she said to Boyd. “It’s a delight for me personally, but not a surprise to have a chief be one of our own.” Gallup City Councilor Linda Garcia was next to speak, calling on her knowledge of Boyd for 20 years. Garcia said to Boyd: “What you have chosen to do is a mission and a calling. Not everyone can do this. All your work, energy, dedication, and integrity has brought you to this day.” O r i g i n a l ly f r om For t Defiance, Ariz., Boyd enlisted in the military. During his tour of duty, he was a rank crewman in the Gulf War, and participated in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia in 1992, Garcia said. Boyd then re-enlisted in 1993 and served two terms in Pakistan and Panama City, before he was honorably discharged as a sergeant. Garcia pointed out that since he returned to Gallup and enrolled in the police department, he worked his way up through every rank in the department. He has since commanded multiple units within the department, including patrol, detective, property crimes, investigations, and the emergency response team. Municipal Court Judge Grant Foutz then swore Boyd in as Chief of Police, which sparked

Gallup Chief of Police Franklin Boyd, being sworn in by Judge Grant Foutz at El Morro Theatre April 19. Photo Credit: Knifewing Segura a standing ovation from the El Morro audience. Boyd gave his acceptance speech afterward, expressing his gratitude to his family and peers for helping him reach this point. “Without their support, I wouldn’t be the person I am,” he said. “I am proud to have been a member of this community for my entire career.” In a separate interview with the Sun, Boyd said, “You don’t just learn the department, you learn how to do specific jobs within the police department.” He called his new position a phenomenal task, and added that border towns present a

unique challenge, and added that it makes it hard to bring an officer in from the outside to work with the Gallup police. If they haven’t worked in a border town, the results of their efforts might not meet expectations. “You don’t learn how to police this unique community overnight,” he said.. As the interim police chief before Phillip Hart was hired, and then again when he was removed, Boyd acknowledged the department is going where he wants it to go. “I’ve been working on these issues since 2016,” he said. The next objective Boyd wants to implement is body cameras for each officer.

In addition to hiring more staff, Boyd hopes that a proposed new police department building will be able to increase the officers’ morale and performance. “The people’s safety will always be our top priority,” he said. “The officers never put personal interest before people. They truly care for this community.” In the closing remarks at the ceremony, Mayor McKinney spoke about how Boyd came to stand out, thanks to his good attitude. “I’m confident Boyd can lead the team,” he said. “There is no doubt in my mind.”

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Gallup Sun • Friday April 26, 2019


Weekly Police Activity Reports Staff Reports

IDENTITY THEFT Mentmore, April 14 T he McK i n ley Cou nt y Sheriff’s Office is investigating a report of a Mentmore man who said he is the victim of identity theft. Matthew John told deputies that he had received statements from two loan companies that he has been approved for loans of $5,000 and $4,000. He said he also had received approval from a mail order company. When asked how someone could have gotten his personal information, he said he lost his wallet containing his social security card in the mall four years ago. He said he also does personal business using his WIFI account. When asked if this could have just been adver tise ments, he said no, they were actual loan approvals.


Gallup, April 14 Police are investigating a report of a counterfeit $5 dollar bill. The complaining party told police he had received the bill from a clerk at the Family Dollar Store after he made a purchase. He said when he got home he noticed that the bill was counterfeit. Police then contacted the store management who said they would tell their clerks to watch more closely at the bills they receive. A close examination of the bill saw a number of things wrong with it, including the coloring and Chinese writing on it.

POT ON CAMPUS Gallup, April 12 Officials at JFK Middle School asked Gallup police to have their drug dogs do a search of several of the classrooms on April 12. The students were told to leave the classrooms and leave their backpacks behind. The drug dogs then were sent into the rooms to detect any

odors of drugs. As a result of the search, marijuana, as well as a glass pipe, was discovered by the staff and three students were referred to juvenile authorities. The parents of the students were also contacted.

STANDING ON THE CORNER Gallup, April 12 A R ehobot h m a n w a s cha rged on April 12 with breaking a n d e n t e ring after the homeow ners saw him leaving their home as they returned from an errand. Jacqueline Cattanco and her grandson, John Cattanco, said they followed the man as they called police. Gallup Police Officer John Gonzales said that he found the suspect, identified a s Gabriel Johnson, 24, as he was standing on the corner of South Second Street. He said as he was talking to Johnson,


Catch A Criminal! The Gallup Police Department Needs YOUR Help! WHAT: Armed robbery with knife WHERE: Family Dollar Store, 706 North Hwy 491 American Heritage Plaza, Gallup WHEN: Friday, 7:00 pm, April 5, 2019 WHO: Two black males, both nearly 6 feet tall VEHICLE: Silver four-door SUV, possibly a newer model Hyundai Santa Fe



1-877-722-6161 8

Friday April 26, 2019 • Gallup Sun

he noticed that he was slurring his words and showing signs he was intoxicated. Nothing was reported to have been stolen. Gonzales also repor ted that as he was transporting Johnson to the county jail, Johnson continually kicked the cage to his K9 partner’s kennel.

NOT YOUR HOUSE Ganado, April 12 Fernando E v a n s , 3 9, of Ga nado, was charged with breaking and entering after he repor ted ly broke into one of the mobile homes at Clayton Homes and locked himself inside. When police arrived on the scene, they found one of the employees with Evans on the steps of one of the homes. The employee said that she had gone to the home at the end of the day to lock it up but when she jiggled the door handle, she discovered it to be locked. She sa id Evans then unlocked it from the inside. Police checked the mobile home and found no damage and then arrested Evans after the employee said the company wanted to press charges.

SHOTS FIRED TOWARD HOME Gallup, April 11 On April 11, Gallup Police were called to a home on Montoya Boulevard in connection with a report of a shots being fired. When they got there, they found a hole in an outside wall. They then traced the path of the bullet as it went through several walls in the building. The projectile was later found in a crawl space. The homeowner said the bullet was fired the day before when no one was in the house. Police have no suspects at this time.

HEROIN FIX THWARTED Gallup, April 11 A Gallup man was charged on April 11 with possession

of heroin after police picked him up for having four outstanding bench warrants from Gallup Municipal Court. Ga l lu p Pol ic e O f f ic er John Gonzales said he asked Jonathan Mann, 25, if he had anything in his pockets and was told he had several needles in one pocket. Gonzales said he removed the needles carefully and found no residue on any of the needles. As Mann was being transpor ted to the county jail, Gonzales said Mann managed to slip his handcuffs from his back to his front. According to the police report, the officer said that when he went to check on him, he discovered something in one of his hands. When he asked what it was, Mann dropped it. Gonzales said when he checked on the item, it turned out to be a needle with a brown substa nce (heroin) inside.

AIR GUN SCARE Gallup, April 11 Gallup P o l i c e responded to a call on April 11 about a ma n inside one of t he rooms at the E c o n o m y I n n o n We s t Highway 66 with a gun. When police arrived on scene, they found Robert L. Gorman, 37, of Gallup, inside one of the rooms. Police also found that the window to the room was broken and the screen had been removed. Officer Richard Rangel said he saw Gorman inside and told him to come out. It took several requests, Rangel said, before Gorman left the room. Gorman told police that he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend and threw a speaker through the window. He said his girlfriend then left the room and called police. Management at the motel, however, said the room had not been rented. As for the gun, it turned it turned out to be a soft air gun that was not loaded. NEWS

LIGHTING | FROM PAGE 6 the meeting. The current system also costs about $448,000 a year for energy and maintenance. The new LED system will cost about $133,000 a year, for an overall savings of $315,000 a year. In addition, the new LED system would have a life of over 20 years whereas the current system has an average life of about four years. The project cost given by Babcock is $2.5 million, or about $623 apiece for just over 4,000 lights. Taking the simple payback route with the savings will allow the city to pay off the project in just under eight years. According to a timeline given at the meeting, approving the application submission now would allow the utilities depar tment to submit the application before the city council’s May 23 meeting and then return to the council with an ordinance during one of their June meetings. Once the city is approved, they will expand on the project. The city will take inventory of all existing poles and lamps for geographic information systems and asset management. After that, the replacement work will be completed about nine months from the start date. However, there was no start date given at the meeting. Dist. 3 Councilor Yogash Kumar asked if the LED lighting system carried a warranty. Babcock said that the lights’ warranty would be good for five years. W hen asked by Dist. 2 Councilor Allan Landavazo about potential cash f low, Babcock said that any projected cash flow would come in the form of savings through

maintenance and verification of the LED system. If the interest rate on the project is reduced, the city wou ld save more money, Babcock sa id. But i f the interest rate on the project i ncrea se s, t hose sav i ng s would be reduced. The motion to go forward w ith the application wa s approved with a 5-0-0 vote.

OTHER ITEMS DISCUSSED AT THE REGULAR MEETING: T he resolution to recog n i ze t he week of May 6-11 as National Economic D e v e lo p m e n t We ek w a s approved with a 5-0-0 vote. Patty Lundstrom, executive director of the Greater Gallup Econom ic Development Corporation, said that the city will hold numerous events that week including a job fair, the signing of an economic development agreement, business retention and expansion luncheon, a nd a recr uitment conference. An ordinance to exchange la nd w it h Ga l lup L a nd Par tners, about 160 acres south of Mendoza Road, that would relieve the City of Gallup from liability for using GLP land without permission was approved with a 5-0-0 vote. The city would then attain the land at the east end of Warehouse Lane from GLP for storage purposes. A bud get i nc r e a s e of $7,000 for the Harold Runnels Athletic Complex to pay parttime salaries for the rest of the fiscal year was approved w it h a 5 - 0 - 0 vote. Vi nce Alonzo, Parks and Recreation Director, said the complex has a staffing plan in place to avoid this problem in the future.

OBITUARY Donny James Jones of Twin Lakes, N.M. died April 18, 2019. He was preceded in death by sister Tracy Jones of Twin Lakes, N.M., grandmother Mary Ann Begay of Manuelito, N.M., paternal grandparents Charlie and Nazbah Jones of Twin Lakes, N.M. He is survived by parents Donald and Mattie Jones of Twin Lakes, N.M. Sons, Shane Jones of Twin Lakes, N.M., Dontaye James Jones. Brother Mathew Jones of Twin Lakes, N.M. Sisters, Lashonda Begay of Albuquerque, N.M., Trivia Etsitty of Page, AZ, Tiffany Jones of Twin Lakes, N.M., Tanya Jones of Albuquerque, N.M. Funeral Services were held at Rollie Mortuary, April 25, 2019 at 10 am. Interment at Tohatchi Community Cemetery. NEWS

Gallup Sun • Friday April 26, 2019


#WeAreGallup Community Clean Up

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HIDDEN CRIME | FROM PAGE 4 into play, she said. “Going through the trafficking, I see it on a daily basis,” she said, referencing the women who are walking the streets. Wa hpepa h a dded t h at she feels a connection to the potential victims on the street because she used to be in their situation. She said that those people look up to her, because she is doing something with her life to help others like her. Wahpepah said she has recently started to talk about sex trafficking in McKinley County, especially in border towns such as Gallup and Farmington. These two towns are also where Wahpepah experienced the dangers of human trafficking firsthand. She said that she survived a sex trafficking incident in Gallup in 2007, and that she was nearly abducted by an unidentified person in Farmington around 2008. During her advocate work, Wahpepah spoke with the Gallup Police Department about stopping trafficking and bringing awareness about sex trafficking to the community. In particular, she talked about its connection to missing and murdered indigenous women. As for her current plans, Wahpepah said she has spoken with numerous elected officials about getting the issue heard at the highest levels of

government in Washington, D.C. One step along the road to getting the word out was speaking at the Gallup City Council’s regular meeting April 23. During the meeting, Mayor Jackie McKinney presented a proclamation about supporting potential native victims. “[Native women] experience a higher missing rate than any other ethnicity,” McKinney said, adding that about one in every four or five native women experience this violence. McKinney pointed out that May 5 has been proclaimed as a Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls. Dist. 3 Councilor Yogash Kumar agreed that human trafficking is a vital community issue. “It’s hard to figure out what people are actually doing, because we may not see the trafficking,” he said. Wahpepah said these covert crimes are difficult to see, and often the result of drug dealing and abuse. However, she said she has also encountered perpetrators who are authority figures in the community, but she refused to provide names. “It’s mostly business people, ones who have money. They get away with it,” she said. For more information about human trafficking, or to report an incident, visit https://humantraffickinghotline.org/

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Friday April 26, 2019 • Gallup Sun


COMMUNITY ‘Avengers: Endgame’ marks a fitting, satisfying close By Glenn Kay For the Sun



he past 11 years have been filled with Marvel superhero movies...21, in fact. So many features that this critic has definitely been feeling a bit of burn-out at witnessing more comic characters do battle with evil forces, before setting up yet another threat and sequel. Avenger: Endgame is a finale of sorts, tying together all of the events in the previous films into one climactic showdown. While one could nitpick about a few minor elements, this is one of the stronger entries in the franchise. Overall, it wraps up events and characters in an engaging and entertaining manner. Following the end of Infinity War, which left half of all life in the universe instantaneously gone, the dozen or so surviving Avengers struggled with an uncertain future. With the


Thanos (Josh Brolin) makes an early appearance in new “Avengers: Endgame.” Photo Credit: Marvel Studios villainous Thanos (Josh Brolin) nowhere to be found, the dejected group labor to adapt to a sparsely populated and rundown Earth (the world appears very empty, despite the fact that there should still be nearly 3.85 billion people remaining, but we’ll let that slide). After some time, a lost figure from the past reappears and inspires a new train of thought that could alter the outcome of the previous battle. The Avengers decide to team up one last time on what amounts to a suicide mission in order to reverse history. While it was obviously unfortunate to see so many heroes meet their ends in the previous

installment, from a story perspective it was the best thing that could have happened to this sequel. The last film struggled to juggle close to 30 leads, and for this reviewer spread itself too thin. This follow-up has the benefit of having fewer parts, and as such has more time to focus on individuals. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), War Machine (Don Cheadle) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) all get plenty of screen time and are allowed the opportunity to process the loss of friends, and deal with their own concerns about mortality. The actors handle their angst-ridden parts effectively and with heart, but the highlights in this chapter are Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Ant-man (Paul

Rudd), and Rocket (Bradley Cooper). Of course, they also deal with the same issues as the others, but their roles are infused with far more humor and sharp wit. Thor’s scenes stand out in particular. Not only does the character harbor both anger and sadness, but at times it’s also extremely amusing to see him in tears during certain moments and, over the course of the trying period, well, kind of let himself go and suffer from a crisis of confidence. As for the action, when it does arrive it is quite exciting. There are plenty of great moments as the Avengers create a plan involving a “time heist” and end up traveling through a great many environments that will be familiar to fans of the series. Of course, there is also an elaborate and epic battle at the close, giving all of the characters a moment or two to shine and take down the bad guys. It’s a lot to squeeze in, but the sequence does deliver the expected popcorn thrills. Admittedly, there are a couple of very minor problems. Even knowing very little about these comic book characters, previous films have really spelled out where the story would be headed. As such, there aren’t many surprises here (except for the fates of one or two

characters) and much of the film plays out as expected. The central villain, Thanos also disappears for a lengthy period, and after the climax, there are extended scenes of various characters saying their farewells. Again, they’re all very effectively rendered, but these moments do play out for an additional 15 minutes. But these are all minor complaints. Overall, the movie certainly delivers the superhero goods. It’s hard to know exactly what the future may bring for the Marvel Universe (... actually, who are we kidding? We already know there are more Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy films on the horizon). Regardless, Avengers: Endgame is one of the more successful latter entries in the franchise. It marks a fitting and satisfying close to what has been promised over the last decade plus and is an impressive accomplishment. NOTE: Finally, as most people’s lives are very busy, this reviewer will spare you some time you might otherwise spend sitting through the lengthy and extensive credits at the close. Those waiting for more should be warned that there were no post-credit add-ons (at least at the critic screening this reviewer attended). Visit: www.CinemaStance. com

Gallup Sun • Friday April 26, 2019


DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for April 26, 2019 By Glenn Kay For the Sun


elcome back. It’s time for another look at Blu-ray and DV D highlights arriving on store shelves. While this isn’t the busiest week for new releases, there are still plenty of interesting flicks that may catch your eye. So if you can’t make it out to the movies this week, be sure to give one of these titles a try!

BIG NEW RELEASES! Bisbee ‘17 This documentary is about an Arizona mining t ow n o n t h e US/Mexico border and the horrific events that occurred in 1917, when 12 0 0 i m m ig r a nt worker s were rounded up by locals, deported, and left to die in the desert. The community puts on a re-creation of the event, which forces the locals to come to terms with and understand the severity of their relatives’ actions. Critics were very impressed with the production. They wrote that the still-relevant topic dealt with its difficult subject in a creative way, and provided viewers and participants with an authentic sense of the awful event. Destroyer - An LAPD officer with a dark past forces herself back into a narcotics-related investigation linked to one of her earliest cases as an undercover agent. When an old gang leader is reported to have reappeared in the area, she has visions of the past and seeks out old associates to try

to resolve matters. The press generally liked the movie. Many called the lead performance of a deeply troubled cop fantastic. It stars Nicole Kidman, Sebastian Stan, Toby Kebbell, Tatiana Maslany and Bradley Whitford. Escape Room - A g r oup of seemingly random strangers is given passes and invited to try out a new “escape room” and potentially win a cash prize. When they begin, members of the group suddenly realize that the stakes are much higher than originally thought, and that they must solve the puzzles presented to them in order to survive. About half of critics liked that the characters weren’t buffoons and believed the movie provided some thrills. The same number complained that the movie becomes tiresome and completely loses its way during the final act. The cast includes Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis, Tyler Labine and Deborah Ann Woll. T h e Gospel According to André - André Leon Talley is the subject of this document a r y. T he l i fe of the designer is compiled from his childhood in the segregated Deep South, through the beginnings of his career and eventual rise to prominence in the world of fashion. In addition to giving more insight on his life, the movie also includes the thoughts of those who respected h i m, i nclud i ng Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Bethann Hardison, Valentino, and Manolo Blahnik. Write-ups for this feature were very strong.


There are loads of interesting older titles arriving in high definition. Arrow Video has a Special Edition Blu-ray of Scared Stiff (1987), a low-budget slasher flick about a singer, her son and her psychologist boyfriend who move into a haunted house and must contend with a malevolent spirit that torments them. The release includes a 2K restoration of the feature from the original film elements, an audio commentary with the director and the producer, a new documentary about the production featuring the cast and crew, an interview with the composer and plenty of publicity materials. S h o u t ! Factory is delivering the Bluray debut of the early Sylvester Stallone period drama, Paradise Alley (1978). This effort is about a group of pals struggling to make their way out of their downtrodden Hell’s Kitchen homes (some by working in a local wrestling ring). Lead actor Stallone also, interestingly, croons some of the picture’s original songs. Bonus features include trailers, radio spots and a stills gallery. I’ll also be honest and say that I’m not entirely sure how monkeys fit into the mix, but based on the picture inclusions, there is one present. Criterion has a Blu-ray of the well-regarded Elia Kazan satire, A Face in the Crowd (1957). Andy Griffith plays against type as a nasty comedian with a drinking problem who becomes a star on TV and whose demagogical actions even influence politics. The movie has gained esteem in


AM-BI-TION Believing in you.

GALLUP 107 E. Aztec Ave., 505.722.4411 Walmart: 1650 W. Maloney Ave., 505.863.3442 1804 E. Aztec Ave., 505.722.0300

nmpinnbank.com 0418_NM_AMBITION_4C_5925x24894_AD.indd 1 12 Friday April 26, 2019 • Gallup Sun

4/5/18 10:47 AM

showing how toxic personalities can manipulate the world by using media. The movie itself has been given a new 4K restoration and comes with interviews featuring Griffith and Kazan biographers, as well as a 2005 documentary on the film, and a trailer. K ino ha s a rema rkably b u s y we e k o f r e l e a s e s . A mong them, a Blu-ray of the thriller, The House of the Seven Gables (1940). This one, starring George Sanders and Vincent Price, comes with a film historian audio commentary and trailers. They also have The Informer (1929) in high definition; this feature is about IRA revolutionaries and is considered one of the best British films of the era. Included a re a silent a nd sound version of the feature, along with a restoration demonstration. They also have The Land Unknown (1957) on Blu-ray. This sci-fi flick is about a ship’s crew in Antarctica who finds a hole in the ice, flies through it, and discovers a fantastic prehistoric land filled with dinosaurs and other strange creatures. The disc includes a film historian audio commentary, an animated image gallery, and a trailer. You can also pick up a Blu-ray of the unusual Amicus horror picture, Scream and Scream Ag ain (1970). This terror flick with Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee featu res severa l a ntholo gy-esque stories that actually intersect, as they play out. The release includes both the US and UK cuts of the movie, a film historian commentary, a Trailers from Hell segment with director Mick Garris (Critters 2, Psycho IV, Sleepwalkers and various Stephen King TV miniseries), along with various publicity materials. They are also debuti ng t he British silent film Shooting Stars (1928) on Bluray. Apparently, t h is 90 -plu s year-old comedy pokes fun at the movie industry. Additionally, they have a Blu-ray of the Robert Louis

Stevenson adaptation of The Strange Door (1951). The horror flick stars Boris Karloff and comes with a film historian audio commentary and plenty of trailers. F ina lly, K ino is making a not her UK si lent cla s sic a v a i l a ble i n t he fo r m of Unde rground (1928). This rom a nce s et i n a subway s y s t em a r r i ve s w it h t wo different scores, and a featu re on the mov ie’s resto ration by the Br itish F ilm Institute. And a distributor called Garagehouse has a curious grindhouse title in the form of Supercock (1975). Set in the Philippines, this movie is about an American who takes his prize-winning rooster to compete in the first annual Cockfighting Olympics. When a gang tries to kidnap his fighter, the hero does everything he can to get his animal back and win the title. This movie has been off the radar for many years. It is being made available on Blu-ray for the first time ever, transferred from the only known 35 mm print, which was recently discovered in the estate of the film’s late star, Ross Hagen. The Blu-ray comes with an audio commentary from cult moviemaker and fan Fred Olen Ray, and an old interview with Hagen.

YOU KNOW, FOR KIDS! It’s a slim edition for kidfriendly entertainment, but this is what is arriving on store shelves. F i s h Ta l e s P r e s e n t s: Mother’s Day

ON THE TUBE! And here are the week’s TV-themed releases. Charm City (PBS) Dead by Dawn (National Geographic) Defiance: Season 1 Defiance: Season 2 Frontline: Predator on the Reservation (PBS) The Heart Guy: Series 3 T h e Hi g h C h a p a r r a l: Season 3 Ma r g a r e t : T h e R e b e l Princess (PBS) Nature: Wild Way of the Vikings (PBS) A Place to Call Home: Season 6 Shameless: Season 9 COMMUNITY

SPORTS 360 Lynx fall to St. Michaels in high-scoring game FINAL SCORE: SAINT MICHAELS 24, REHOBOTH CHRISTIAN 6

Rehoboth sophomore RayNique Francisco (14) waits on deck for her turn up to bat against Saint Michaels in the girls’ varsity softball game at Ford Canyon Park in Gallup April 24. Photo Credit: Cayla Nimmo

Saint Michaels junior Natalia Goldtooth (2) starts the varsity girls’ softball game against Rehoboth with a bunt April 24 at Ford Canyon Park in Gallup. Photo Credit: Cayla Nimmo

Rehoboth sophomore Marina Clah (5) throws the ball from the outfield to teammate senior Kennedi Chapman (11) during the varsity girls’ softball game against Saint Michaels held at Ford Canyon Park in Gallup April 24. Photo Credit: Cayla Nimmo

Rehoboth sophomore Ashley Skeets (8) tags out Saint Michael’s senior Jade Livingston (10) as she slides to third base in the first inning of the varsity girls’ softball game April 24 at Ford Canyon Park in Gallup. Final score 24-6 St. Michaels. Photo Credit: Cayla Nimmo


Gallup Sun • Friday April 26, 2019



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Applications and additional information regarding positions can be found on the County web site www.co.mckinley. nm.us Dezirie Gomez CPO Human Resource Director *** April 22, 2019 McKinley County is now accepting applications for the following positions: POSITION Executive Assistant DEPARTMENT Manager’s Office FOR BEST ATION DATE May 16, 2019


Applications and additional information regarding positions can be found on the County web site www.co.mckinley. nm.us Dezirie Gomez CPO Human Resource Director HOMES FOR RENT House for Rent - No Pets


CLASSIFIEDS in the RFP documents, copies of which may be obtained from the Gallup-McKinley County Schools, Procurement Office, 640 South Boardman, Gallup, New Mexico 87301 or may be downloaded from the GMCS Procurement Webpage https://www.gmcs.k12.nm.us/ apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ ID=1189320&type=d&pREC_ ID=1432746

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom 116 W. Princeton Ave. $600 Mo/ $300 Dep. 505-870-6852

Sealed proposals for such will be received at the Procurement Office until 2:00 PM (LOCAL TIME) on May 8, 2019.

*** Quiet Northside Mobile Park Spaces available. $250 per month + $250 security deposit + $150 water service deposit. Call Bill @ 505-726-9288

Envelopes are to be sealed and plainly marked RFP-36319MA. No FAXED PROPOSALS or ELECTRONIC proposal submissions nor proposals submitted after the specified date and time will be considered and will be returned. The Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals and to waive any formalities on minor inconsistencies.

HOMES FOR SALE PLACE YOUR REAL ESTATE AD HERE! FIRST 25 WORDS FREE. LOGO and/or PHOTO $5 EACH. APPEARS ON GALLUPSUN.COM FOR FREE! EMAIL: gallupsunlegals@ gmail.com CALL: (505) 722-8994 PETS Volunteers Wanted Four Corners Pet Alliance is in desperate need of foster homes for dogs and cats. You provide the temporary home and love, and we provide the supplies and vet care. For info., email: babsie220@gmail. com Did you lose a pet? Advertise your lost baby for FREE. Send pic and text. Deadline for submission Tuesday 5 pm. Email: gallupsun@gmail.com LEGAL/PUBLIC NOTICES ADVERTISEMENT FOR PROPOSALS NOTICE TO OFFERORS Public notice is hereby given that the Gallup-McKinley County Schools, Gallup New Mexico, desires to purchase the following: ANCILLARY SERVICES Multi-Year Agreement No. RFP-363-19MA Commodity Code(s): 94815, 94876, 94886, 94887, 96167 & 96258 As more particularly set out

Friday April 26, 2019 • Gallup Sun

Dated the 15th Day of April 2019 By: /S/ Charles Long, President Board of Education Gallup-McKinley County School District No. 1 RFP ISSUE DATE: April 15, 2019 P U B L I C A T I O N DATES: April 19 & 26, 2019 (Gallup Sun) April 18 & 21, 2019 (Albuquerque Journal) *** ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS NOTICE TO BIDDERS Public notice is hereby given that the Gallup-McKinley County Schools, Gallup New Mexico, desires to purchase the following: Sale of Surplus Vehicles ITB-373-19MA Commodity Code(s): 99894 Details and specifications are set forth in the bid documents, copies of which may be obtained from the Procurement Office 640 South Boardman, Gallup, New Mexico 87301 (bid opening site). Sealed bids for such will be received at the Procurement Office until 2:00 PM (LOCAL

TIME) on May 9, 2019. Bids will be opened and read aloud in the Business Services Conference Room 123. Envelopes are to be sealed and plainly marked ITB-373-19MA. No FAXED BIDS or ELECTRONIC bid submissions nor bids submitted after the specified date and time will be considered and will be returned. The Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to waive any formalities on minor inconsistencies. Dated the 19th Day of April 2019 By: Charles Long, Board President Gallup-McKinley County School District No. 1 BID ISSUE DATE: April 19, 2019 PUBLICATION DATES: April 19 & 26, 2019 (Gallup Sun) *** LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT Sealed Proposals will be received by Administrative Office of the Courts, Facilities Department , 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Bldg 5, Santa Fe, NM 87505 for the following: Responses to Request for Qualifications # P-103, “Design, Construct and Maintain a New Court Building in Grants and Lease the Court Building to the Administrative Office of the Courts”, will be accepted until June 10, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. Mountain Time. Respondents are invited to pick up the RFQ at the above referenced address, or by downloading it from NM Courts website at http://www. nmcourts/request-for-proposals (under RFQ # P-103, Design, Construct and Maintain a New Court Building in Grants and Lease the Court Building to the Administrative Office of the Courts) or by calling 505699-4753. There will be a MANDATORY PRE-PROPOSAL MEETING held on May 17th, 2019 from 1:00 to 3:00pm at Judicial Information Building Training Room, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Bldg 5, Santa Fe, NM 87505, Training Room. Responses submitted by firms that fail to attend this meeting

and sign the sign-in sheet will be disqualified and not considered for award. Luis Campos, AOC Facilities Manager Gallup Sun: 28, 2019

Sunday, April

*** LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF ORDINANCE PASSAGE BY TITLE AND SUMMARY ORDINANCE NO. S2019-1 PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the governing body of the City of Gallup, New Mexico, at its regular meeting of April 23, 2019 passed, adopted and approved the following entitled Ordinance: AN ORDINANCE GRANTING A REQUEST BY RICO LAND AND CATTLE CO., PROPERTY OWNERS, FOR ANNEXATION OF CERTAIN REAL PROPERTY DESCRIBED HEREIN, INTO THE CITY OF GALLUP CORPORATE BOUNDARIES BY WAY OF ANNEXATION PLAT TITLED MENAPACE ANNEXATION, PARCEL 1, MENAPACE SECTION 26 SUBDIVISION, SITUATED IN SECTION 26, T15N, R19W, N.M.P.M. MCKINLEY COUNTY, NEW MEXICO, AND PLACING SAID DESCRIBED TERRITORY IN THE HEAVY COMMERCIAL (HC) ZONE DISTRICT. The purpose and subject matter of the Ordinance is contained in the title and provides for the annexation of approximately 125.9497 acres of certain real property, located southwest of Highway 66 and Rico Street, into the corporate boundaries of the City of Gallup. A complete copy of the Ordinance is on file in the Office of the City Clerk, Gallup City Hall. CITY OF GALLUP, NEW MEXICO By: /s/ Alfred Abeita II, City Clerk


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COMMUNITY CALENDAR APRIL 26-MAY 2, 2019 FRIDAY, April 26 GET UP AND GAME 12 pm-4 pm @ Children’s Branch, 200 W. Aztec Ave. Drop in anytime! Unwind from a busy week with video games and fun for the whole family. SATURDAY, April 27 STORY TIME 11 am-11:30 am @ Children’s Branch. An active and energetic program for toddlers, featuring music, movement, rhymes, and stories. Every Wednesday at 10:30 am and Saturday at 11 am. This program is intended for children ages two to four. BLACK OUT BOOK ART 2 pm-3pm @ Main Branch. Learn to paint, paste, color and blackout pages in old books to create poetry and visual art. THE GREY AREA: MANDATORY STUDENT PREVENTION TRAINING 10 am-12:30 pm @ SSTC 200 UNM-Gallup. CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION AWARENESS EVENT 11 am-2 pm @ Courthouse Square. MONDAY, April 29 BOARD MEETING 6 pm-8 pm @ SSC Boardroom, 640 Boardman Dr. REHOBOTH MID SCHOOL SPRING BAND CONCERT 7 pm @ the Sports and Fitness Center Gym. TUESDAY, April 30 DIA-FAMILY BOOK CLUB (BILINGUAL) 4 pm-5 pm @ Children’s Branch. Enjoy a reading of the bilingual story, Doña Flor by Pat Mora, a discussion of what it means to be a community helper and make mini-books you can keep. For information email childlib@ gallupnm.gov or call (505) 726-6120. TECH TIME: CODING WITH CODECADEMY 3 pm-5 pm @ Main Branch, 115 West Hill Avenue; Free computer training is available each week.

WEDNESDAY, May 1 STORY TIME 10:30 am-11 am @ Children’s Branch. An active and energetic program for toddlers, featuring music, movement, rhymes, and stories. This program is intended for children ages two - four years old. WEDNESDAY NIGHT FILMS 5:30 pm- 7:30 pm @ Main Branch 115 W. Hill Ave. Films play every Wednesday at 5:30 pm in the Main Library. This week’s film: TBA. SCHOLARSHIP AWARD CEREMONY 2 pm-4 pm @ Gurley Hall Commons, UNM-Gallup. Join the Financial Aid Office to recognize students who received scholarships for the 2018-2019 year. THURSDAY, May 2 CRAFTY KIDS (ALL AGES) 4 pm-5 pm @ Children’s Branch: Fun crafts for the whole family. This week’s activity: TBD. ONGOING CROWNPOINT NAVAJO RUG AUCTION 7 pm-10 pm @ New Crownpoint Elementary School gymnasium. For more information, call (505) 879-9460. Second Friday of the month. RECYCLING COUNCIL 2 pm first Saturday of the month @ Red Mesa on Hill Street. McKinley Citizens Recycling Council is a local nonprofit working to increase recycling through education, community outreach, and partnership with local government agencies. For more information, call (505) 722-5142 or visit www.recyclegallup.org. RECYCLING DEPOT 12 pm-1:30 pm first Saturday of the month. The Recycling Depot volunteers will accept some items, such as paper towels and toilet paper rolls. This is a free service of the McKinley Citizens’ Recycling Council. Call (505) 722-5152. FREE HIV RAPID TESTING 9:30 am-4:30 pm Monday Thursday @ First Nations Community HealthSource, 1630 S. Second Street, Cedar Hills Plaza 262-#11. For more



PUBLISH: Friday, April 26, 2019

PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the governing body of the City of Gallup, New Mexico, at its regular meeting of April 23, 2019 passed, adopted and approved the following entitled Ordinance:



information, or to schedule an appointment, call (505) 863-8827. CITY OF GALLUP’S SUSTAINABLE GALLUP BOARD 3:30 pm-5 pm first Monday @ the Octavia Fellin Library. Community members concerned about environmental issues are welcome. Call (505) 722-0039 for information. OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS 10 am every Saturday @ the First Methodist Church, 1800 Redrock Drive. Overeaters Anonymous 12-step meetings. Contact info. (505) 307-5999, (505) 721-9208, or (505) 8701483. LYNX FRIDAY - OPEN HOUSE 8:15 am or 1 pm every Friday through May 10. Rehoboth Christian School is inviting prospective families to visit its school and campus. Email: admissions@rcsnm.org or call or (505) 726-9692. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 5:45 pm Mondays @ Fellowship Hall WR Christian Center across from N.N. Fairgrounds/ Wellness Center, Hwy 264. Window Rock AA Group. Visit aa-fc.org for more info. CELEBRATE RECOVERY 6 pm-8 pm Tuesdays @ 1375 Elva Dr. A Christ-centered recovery program that will help you heal from the pain of your unmanaged hurts, habits and hang-ups. Joshua Generation for Jesus. For information, call (505) 870-2175. CO-DEPENDENTS ANONYMOUS 6 pm - 7 pm Wednesdays, @ First United Methodist Church, 1800 Redrock Dr. (in the library). All are welcome.  COMMUNITY PANTRY 10 am-4 pm, Tuesday through Friday @ 1130 E. Hassler Valley Road. The Hope Garden offers organic produce for sale. All funds go to helping feed local folks. Call (505) 726-8068 or when visiting, ask for Vernon Garcia. FRIDAY NIGHT HOOTENANNY 7 pm-9 pm Friday @ Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe, 306 S. Second St. Gallup’s longest-running live show! GALLUP-MCKINLEY COUNTY HUMANE AN ORDINANCE TRADING APPROXIMATELY 160 ACRES OF CITY OWNED LAND IN EXCHANGE FOR APPROXIMATELY 31.18 ACRES OF PROPERTY OWNED BY GALLUP LAND PARTNERS ON WAREHOUSE LANE AND APPROXIMATELY 0.4591 ACRES OF PROPERTY OWNED BY GALLUP LAND PARTNERS

SOCIETY Wednesdays are low-cost Spay and Neuter Days, at the Gallup-McKinley County Humane Society. For more information, please call (505) 863-2616, or email: gmchumanesociety@gmail.com. Location: 1315 Hamilton Road. GALLUP SOLAR 6 pm-8 pm Wednesdays @ 113 E. Logan. Gallup Solar is hosting community classes and presentations about all things solar. Call (505) 728-9246 for info. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY YARD SALE 9 am-12 pm. on Warehouse Lane. Habitat for Humanity fundraising yard sales are held every Sat.,  Volunteers for various kinds of community services needed. For info call (505) 722-4226  RECOVERING ADDICTS FOR JESUS 6 pm Thursday @ 309 Chino Loop, Gamerco. New Life ministries holds weekly meetings for anyone who is on the Recovering path from alcohol and drug abuse. Phone: (505) 722-8973. SAVE THE DATE MCKINLEY CITIZENS’ RECYCLING COUNCIL MONTHLY MEETING 2 pm May 4 @ the Red Mesa Center, 105 W. Hill. The council meets the first Saturday of the month. The public is invited to learn about recycling opportunities, receive updates on Gallup residential curbside recycling, and to volunteer. For information ca;; Gerald of Millie at (505) 722-5142 or email betsywindisch@yahoo.com COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIR 10 am-2 pm, May 4 @ Rio West Mall. Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital with the UNM-Gallup and the New Mexico Cancer Center will hold the Community Health Fair with the theme of Destination Health. MOTHER’S DAY CRAFT-TEA 2 pm-4 pm May 4 @art123. Mother-daughter event of tea, treats and crafting. Sponsored

by gallupARTS. Registration required. $15 per person. CINCO DE BUNCO TOURNAMENT 4:30 pm-8 pm, May 5, @Gallup Community Service Center. This Relay For Life fundraiser is for Team Camino De Esperanza members. Cost is $15 per person or $144 for a group of 12.Contact: Jeanette (505) 979-2375 or Wanda (505) 488-8111. LIVE BIRDHOUSE AUCTION BENEFIT Annual live birdhouse auction will take place May 5. Birdhouses to benefit American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life of Gallup. For more information: gallupbirdhouses.com or call Linda Shelton at (505) 722-2175 or (505) 297-9515. IDAHO BAND PLAYS IN NEW MEXICO 7 pm May 5 @ Inscription Rock Trading Company, NM53, Ramah. Tylor & The Train Robbers celebrates the history of the infamous Black Jack Ketchum with their upcoming record, Best of the Worst Kind. No cover charge. ART ODYSSEY SHOW BY NALMERTHAN PABLO 7 pm-9 pm May 11 @ Art123 Gallery NATIVE AND XERIC PLANT SALE 9 am-3 pm May 11, @ Holiday Nursery, 224 S. Valley View. Plants and seeds to help in the plight of the Monarch butterfly will be included as well as an information talk by Marin Link from 10 am-11 am. For more information, Contact Martin Link (505) 863-6459. LAW ENFORCEMENT TORCH RUN FOR SPECIAL OLYMPICS 7:30 am May 13 @ McKinley County Sheriff’s Office on Nizhoni Blvd. to Second St. to Hwy 66. Biking starts at the New Mexico State Police Office and continues to Grants. For more information contact McKinley County and Cibola County West Regional Coordinator Judith Goins at: jugoins@co.mckinley.nm.us or (505) 722-8514. To post a nonprofit or civic event in the calendar section, please email: gallupsunevents@gmail.com or fax: (505) 212-0391. Deadline: Monday at 5 pm.


copy of the Ordinance is on file in the Office of the City Clerk, Gallup City Hall.

The purpose and subject matter of the Ordinance is contained in the title. The effective date of the Ordinance shall be forty-five days after the date of adoption pursuant to NMSA §3-54-1. A complete

CITY OF GALLUP, NEW MEXICO By: /s/ Alfred Abeita II, City Clerk PUBLISH: Friday, April 26, 2019

Gallup Sun • Friday April 26, 2019


THE 2019 COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIR is coming to the Rio West Mall

Saturday, May 4th, from 10am to 2pm

Begin a New Journey or Continue Your Trip to Health and Wellness Free Glucose Testing and Blood Pressure Explore Fitness and Exercise Activities for the Whole Family Pick up your Blood Test Results Learn about Healthy Eating Enjoy Live Entertainment Register to Win Prizes!

Plan Your Route to Destination Health

Join the Alzheimers Fun Walk at 8:30 am by the Food Court The Health Fair is sponsored for our community by


Friday April 26, 2019 • Gallup Sun


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Gallup Sun • April 26, 2019  

An interesting piece on sex trafficking. How City Council is spending your money. Chief Boyd swearing in. Some weird crimes, great sports sh...

Gallup Sun • April 26, 2019  

An interesting piece on sex trafficking. How City Council is spending your money. Chief Boyd swearing in. Some weird crimes, great sports sh...

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