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Guernsey’s Style Magazine | No. 9 | August 2012 | the [ACTION] issue


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27/07/2012 16:48

Vivre Oimai Rive Celebrate the Jubilee year with the Britannia Silver range exclusive to Martin & Martin • Four exclusive designs • Britannia Silver • Jubilee Hallmark • Limited Edition Tel: 01481 723511

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27/07/2012 16:48


Always and Forever

Live Laugh Love

Love Forever

The makers of the prestigious Patois Jewellery bring you the Limited Edition Britannia Silver range, the perfect way to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee. To mark this special occasion choose from four Britannia Silver designs, each pendant is set with a brilliant cut diamond. Tel: 01481 723511 Martin & Martin 20 Commercial Arcade St. Peter Port Guernsey GY1 1JX




edito elcome back, dear readers, to a particularly action packed edition of your favourite local lifestyle magazine: Gallery. The theme this month is Action, so buckle up, put on your protective gear, and prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime! (Well, a month long lifetime, at least). As usual, you’ll find a dazzling mix of local and non-local themed articles, something, we hope, for everyone. Within the explosive excellence you currently hold, you’ll find action movie reviews, classic cars from action films and the synopsis of the best action movie never to be made. You’ll find action facts, travel reviews, and a round up of the best action on the web. All this, and the regular themed articles you love so much. But perhaps it would be prudent, before we embark on this thrilling journey, to consider why we love action so much. Whether it’s Bruce Willis inexplicably yelling yippee ki yay, or Harrison Ford laconically shooting a swordwielding maniac, action movies cause something to well up in us. The suspense and fear as we wonder whether our hero will survive, the feeling of awe as we watch them trounce the bad guys, the constant hope that our guy will get the girl, despite being a hardened maverick who has issues with authority. What is it about these familiar narratives that spark such an emotional response from us time and time again? Well, no doubt there are as many answers as there are action fans, but I have an answer of my own: we love the spectacle. Whether that’s the emotional spectacle of watching a romance blossom despite the odds against a backdrop of gun fire, or the spectacle of Jet Li going Kung Fu superman on a bunch of thugs. Action speaks to the strong emotions that lurk within all of us as we brush our teeth or sit on the bus, providing a surge of excitement that can rarely be rivaled. Anyway, enough of this ‘talking’ nonsense: dialogue is for chick flicks. Without further ado, prepare yourself for more action than Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood painted boudoir, and hold on tight!

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Gallery is published eleven times a year as a fresh yet discerning guide to all that happens on the Island and beyond. With quality and style in mind, our tone is not too superior or too serious, written by the people of Guernsey for people everywhere.

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Superhero Timeline

58 Action Fashion Shoot

50 Around the World in 800 Days



Tapas at The Rock Garden

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Mike Chatfield - Designer When Mike isn’t beavering away at Gallery HQ he can be found enjoying some live music at The Cock and Bull with a pint of real ale in his hand. In his spare time, Mike likes to relax by playing the guitar, enjoying the odd game of chess, walking the cliff paths or taking out his frustration at Karate, at which he currently holds an orange belt. Jorja Helmot - Fashion Student Jorja has just finished her second year studying BA (Hons) Fashion Graphics at Southampton Solent University and will go into her final year this October. If her head isn’t engrossed in a magazine, she is out shopping for her latest ‘must-have’. Her love for fashion and graphics combined makes her an ideal magazine contributor. Nichole Sweetsur - Beauty Writer Nichole has been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years. Her obsession with lip balm and mascara boarders on the obsessive, but despite the fact that she’s worked with some of the best in the business she is still unable to blow dry her own hair properly. Etienne Laine - Photographer Etienne’s interest in photography flourished from the first moment he began to take it seriously at 16. Etienne can often be seen around the Gallery offices humouring the team and if he had the chance to photograph anyone it would be Rankin the famous photographer.


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listings For more great local events and businesses visit




05.08.12 / 12.08.12

10.08.12 – 11.08.12

£FREE // 11.00 – 17.00

£ENTRY/PARKING FEE // 10.00 – 17.00


£ENTRY FEE // 13.00 (FRIDAY 10TH) 10.00 (SATURDAY 11TH)



The main seafront of St Peter Port closes to traffic for alfresco dining and special events featuring local food tastings and cookery demonstrations. Take a stroll along the various stalls, pick up some culinary tips and sample some delicious local food.


10.08.12 – 19.08.12


14.08.12 – 17.08.12


£FREE // 10.30 – 21.30

£12.00 ADULTS, £9.00 - OAP’S AND CHILDREN U18 // 19.30 – 22.30

This Parish event grows larger each year, with ever more crazy entries, including motorised scarecrows, Bohemian scarecrows and some simply bizarre. Take a tour of the Scarecrow Trail through some of the delightful rural lanes of Torteval starting at the parish church. The trail takes approximately 1½ hours at a gentle stroll.



A Guernsey summer is just not a summer without the Rocquaine Regatta. A funRome’s creaking coalition is under strain as packed day awaits with the usual events the nation’s sporting games is held to honour Emperor Caesar. Will the games be an expensive including rowing race, raft race, tug of war, disaster? Will the liberal senators succeed with sand events and barbeque plus live music and a licensed bar! their infamous assassination? Will Caesar’s TEL: 747280 // WWW.GUERNSEYTICKETS.GG

stinking plebs be revolting? Find out in Oddsock’s Production of Julius Caesar; bringing British culture and comedy together in a happy mix of high-energy performance set in the beautiful surroundings of Vale Castle.

14.08.12 – 16.08.12



THE WEST IS BEST! Agricultural and horticultural traditions on show on Guernsey’s west coast and an array of local costume. As well as entertainment within the arena, there will be fairground rides, various competition entries, music, refreshments and much more. The show kicks off with horse events on Tuesday and gets into full swing on Wednesday and Thursday with the tented and animal competitions together with arena entertainment and side displays.






Night Market at Market Square is aimed at teenagers and young people selling vintage/second hand clothing. The evening will also include food stalls, live music and the market retailers in Market Square will also remain open for the evening.

The South Show offers low cost entertainment for the whole family whatever the weather!! Take a leisurely wander around the many fruit, vegetable, flower, baking and craft entries or take part in the fancy dress competition, have your face painted or bag some bargains at the bric-a-brac stall.



GADOC’s production of a play that won the Olivier Award for Best Comedy in 2000. A moving yet funny exploration of the relationship between sisters, mothers and daughters. This production contains occasional strong language and is therefore not suitable for very young children.


RAT PACK SUMMER PARTY ST JAMES CONCERT HALL £37.50, £35, £20, £15 & £10 // 20.00


VEGAS COMES TO GUERNSEY! This spectacular production celebrates the incredible singing talent of three world famous entertainers and performers that make up the Rat Pack and some of the finest music and songs that have ever been recorded. Limited tickets left so book fast!


16.08.12 – 20.08.12


TEL: 07781 109121 // WWW.GBASS.CO.UK

£ENTRY FEE, £FREE CHILDREN U7 // 10.00 – 17.00





£FREE, DONATIONS WELCOME // 11.00 –14.00

Guernsey’s most prestigious fishing competition. Guaranteed prize fund value of £5,000 including over 50 individual prizes for best visiting angler, best female and best junior. PLUS £5,000 bonus prize on offer if the current Guernsey shore record is broken. Registration and weighins will be based at Boatworks+, Castle Emplacement, St. Peter Port.


22.08.12 – 23.08.12

22.08.12 – 27.08.12


£FREE // 09.30 – 17.30

£16 ADVANCE, £20 ON DAY, £FREE CHILDREN U12 IF WITH AN ADULT // 12.00 – 24.00


Lots of family entertainment, including traditional agricultural, horticultural and craft categories. The climax is the ‘Battle of Flowers’, a classic island event, where locals compete to win the prestigious ‘Prix D’Honneur’ for best floral float.


A medieval-themed day for all the family in the beautiful surroundings of Castle Cornet. Activities include medieval music, dancing, storytelling and archery plus adult and children’s costume competition with prizes.



A group of Normandie Market stall holders providing traditional stalls such as crepes, cheese, lace, cashmere clothing, pottery, toys and games, cold meats, cider and wine, fruit, veg, bread and more. Open daily at North Beach Car Park. This event is organised by the Guernsey Town Centre Partnership.


Enjoy delicious cocktails and tapas whilst enjoying live acoustic music from Tin Pan Allez at The Rock Garden every Thursday night this summer.

TEL: 750075 // WWW.HERM.COM

The Mermaid Tavern Fun Day on Herm Island takes place in Moss Field, adjacent to Seagull campsite, and will offer fabulous fun, games, and prizes for all, with an auction to be held later in the afternoon at the Mermaid Tavern. All funds raised will go directly to Help a Guernsey Child.


Raising funds for humanitarian causes. 6 stages featuring a variety of over 70 bands including headlining act Roots Manuva and some local bands and DJ’s. A local event with a global conscience.




£18 PER PERSON TEL: 213281 The Venue together with The Taste Guernsey Festival has the pleasure to introduce a wine tasting event with a difference. Five regional wines supplied by Sommelier Wines will be scrutinised and presented to you by our three wine experts. But… they all have something different to say. Can you tell which one is telling the truth? Who will you trust?


The Rock Garden is now open every Sunday in summer with live bands and a new cocktail and tapas menu.

















Tickets are £18 per person which includes five regional wines from by Sommelier Wines and canapés. The Money raised will be donated to Les Bourgs Hospice.






The page where we share all of the things that we’ve found this month that don’t have a home anywhere else in the magazine.

Rub-a-Dub-Dub... An alligator in the tub?

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?... ...No it’s Jeb Corliss “Grinding The Crack”! The dive is the ‘holy cow’ moment in the video when something quick and seemingly unexpected happens. The other moments — Corliss flying through a canyon at more than 100 miles per hour, brushing tree branches with his arms, and keeping his body still as he zips dangerously close to the ground. clos


After being tipped-o! about a cannabis factory lurking inside perfectly normal surburban semi, Chessire police decided to raid the property, opening the bathroom door to be greeted by a 2.4m (8ft) alligator hiding in the gloomy shadows of the bath tub! Luckily wildlife o”cials were quickly brought in to rescue the animal from its watery den and took it to a more suitable swampy environment. Following a series of raids in the same area, a poisonous king cobra, three monocled cobras and a rattlesnake were also dicovered, along with a similarly slippery individual in the form of a 33 year old male cannabis grower. He was released on police bail pending further enquiries and hopefully won’t be reunited with his alligator friend again.

COLIN WHERRY AND SAM With this months theme being Action, we wanted to find an action animal for POTM and what better than a customs dog. Gallery was lucky enough to see Sam in action.



I’ve been a customs officer for 23 years, the majority of that time has been as a dog handler. I’ve had Sam for about 7 years now; he was trained in Guernsey and has been responsible for numerous drug seizures. Breed: Customs Officer / Dog Handler Age: 47 Likes: Football and sport, and socialising Dislikes: Irresponsible dog owners Most like to do in life: See the world Interesting Facts: I often participate as a local football referee


Breed: English Springer Spaniel Age: 8 Likes: Working to find drugs, exercising and chasing my tennis ball, sometimes swimming too Dislikes: Aggressive dogs Most like to do in life: Have a long and happy retirement Interesting Facts: I am trained to find illegal drugs for the Guernsey Boarder Agency







ithin the first ten minutes, we learn of a government plan to separate the population into fertile and infertile segments in order to breed up a new generation. Obviously, being played by Clint Eastwood, Bernard is super virile, but he doesn’t want to go off and satisfy more hot twenty year olds than I’ve seen in my entire life because he’s devoted to his wife (played by the lovely Kathy Bates) Miriam Crumplebulge. He hasn’t told her that he’s been called up. Eventually ‘the collectors’ (government thugs employed to forcibly round up the fertile) turn up at his house. Bernard (who fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the legendary Italian – American war of 2020 which began when Silvio Berlusconi married Britney Spears) beats the living poo out of them. He confesses all to Miriam, who compels him, with tears in her eyes, to go on the run. Bernard jumps into his mobility scooter and speeds away. Seriously, he must be going almost 15 miles an hour. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, reformed gangster and hip hop artist ODB (Old Deaf Bugger, played by 75 year old Morgan Freeman) is working in a soup kitchen, boring all the homeless with stories of his youth. We follow him back to his apartment, where some policemen are hassling Bernard (who has crashed his mobility vehicle but swears blind that the wall ‘came out of nowhere’). ODB helps him out by claiming he’s his senile half brother and the cops go on their way. The two men speak to one another: BERNARD: Why did you help me out, do I know you? ODB: What? I don’t sniff glue! BERNARD: Oh, tough guy, eh? ODB: What? What’s a muff pie? BERNARD: What? Did you just call me a tough guy?


The two men turn on their hearing aids and square up to one another, but before you know it, the conversation has moved on to their last bowel movement and how easy the kids have it today. They have more in common than they thought. ODB invites Bernard up to his flat for a luke-warm cup of molasses and condensed milk. Back at the Crumplebulge residence, a government agent is interrogating Miriam. She won’t tell them anything (because she suffers from Alzheimer’s and legitimately has no idea what’s just happened). The agent decides to kidnap her and use her to lure Bernard out of hiding. Bernard and ODB have been swopping stories about arthritis and incontinence when Bernard tells ODB about the collectors coming to get him and how he’s gone on the run. ODB says he’ll help Bernard get out of town with his old gangster connections. Miriam is being interrogated by government agents and keeps asking them if it’s Tuesday. We see the head of the FBI (played by kung fu legend Sammo Hung) getting exasperated by the fruitlessness of it all. Inexplicably, a group of resistance fighters break in and he beats them all senseless with his kung fu, establishing that he’s not only the villain of the film, but also a badass in his own right. It’s the next day. Bernard and ODB are on the outskirts of town. Bernard is saying his goodbyes and asks ODB to check in on his wife when a passing youth (who’s 45) turns up his radio. The two men hear a broadcast by Sammo Hung’s character (we’ll call him Director Wang) saying that he has Miriam Crumplebulge, and she wont be released unless Bernard turns himself over. Bernard realizes he can’t leave until Miriam’s safe and plans to turn himself in, but ODB talks him into just trying to beat the shit out of everyone instead. Miriam is being tortured. Director Wang is making her listen to Justin Beiber (who was executed for crimes against humanity fifteen years previously). He laughs evilly for no apparent reason. Then on the

CCTV cameras, we see Bernard and ODB speeding in on Bernard’s mobility scooter, slapping aside guards with their walking sticks. Wang decides it’s time to show them how hard he is. He suits up and gets ready for action. Bernard gets out of the mobility scooter. It only takes him three attempts. He’s walking through the corridors of the building shouting ‘Miriam! Miriam!’ eventually, he finds her. He walks into the room and they talk. BERNARD: Miriam! Did they hurt you? MIRIAM: Who are you? Where’s my husband? Is it Tuesday? BERNARD: My bulge might be crumpled, but you always knew how to straighten it out. MIRIAM: Radishes. BERNARD: Shhh, it’ll all be okay… Bernard pushes her gently down and makes sweet, sweet, Viagra fuelled, love to her. I won’t describe the sex-scene as Clint Eastwood is so virile that some of my female readers may become pregnant just reading it. Once they’ve finished their business, Bernard gets up and puts his pants on. But, as soon as his wang is put away, another Wang kicks in the door. The two men have a cataclysmic fistfight with regular breaks to catch their breath and push their piles back in. Eventually, Bernard defeats him with a kick to the family jewels. ODB appears, having shot all of the guards and gives a speech about family and morality and how old people are awesome and stuff, but he loses the gist of it about half way through and begins talking about Harlem in the 90’s instead. Once he’s trailed off, Miriam asks if it’s Tuesday again, and Bernard smiles and says: “One day, baby, one day.” Roll credits I guarantee, that would be the best action movie ever made. I’m in talks with Eastwood now about getting it made and I’ll keep you updated. If any of you fancy being an extra, let me know at




Your Monthly Horoscopes words | Sharon Ward

illustration | Helina Matthews

Aries March 21 -April 19

You’re irresistible right now and you know it. Love situations will come to a head the first week of this month. Go for what you want - but be subtle or others may run for the hills. The middle of the month will bring an opportunity for progress. However, you might have to sacrifice something now to invest for the future.

Taurus April 20 -May 20

Family and open communication with loved ones is where you should be focusing your energies this month. Romance and a meeting of minds is highlighted in the second week of August. Keep your feet on the ground though as you may have to dig your heels in hard to slow things down.

Gemini May 21 -June 20

Open your mind to new subjects and your heart will follow. Allow new opportunities to take root. Time to say ‘yes’ when before you might have said ‘no’. The middle of August brings a new approach to old, unresolved issues. It’s time sort them out for good and move on.

Cancer June 21 -July 22

Love is right in front of you, you just can’t see it because you have had your eyes closed. It might not be in the form you expect – remain open to it though and you might find it’s just what you need. The middle of the month is the time for a new phase - one where you realise that risks are worth taking.

Leo July 23 -August 22

Time to get working. Sort your finances out and make things as simple as possible. Also, make lists, plan ahead and do all those tedious jobs you’ve been putting off. Then you’ll be free to do what you love most, taking on big plans, making them work for you and receiving all the glory!

Virgo August 23 -September 22

Who’s a bright spark then? There’s no stopping you this month, your mind is working at top speed and you’re on the road to success. You’re prepared to work very hard to get recognition. Do remember though that others around you are only human. If they can’t keep up, don’t run them over, give them a hand.

Libra September 23 -October 22

You might be feeling a touch oversensitive at the moment. Don’t take this out on loved ones and try to work out what they’re really saying rather than over-reacting. Some quality time alone might not be a bad idea – this will give you the chance to work out what’s really going on in your head.

Scorpio October 23 -November 21

Time to admit that you may have been wrong. Backpedalling will not only give you chance to view the whole situation from a new angle - it will give you the chance to try again in a different direction. Once you’ve cleared this slight hurdle then you’ll be heading the right way and will make great progress.

Sagittarius November 22 -December 21

You may be torn between two options or decisions right now. You know which one’s the right one, but for some reason you’re ignoring your intuition. Stop tuning into the static and listen the music. Switch off that busy mind and give your heart chance to speak.

Capricorn December 22 -January 19

You may have lots of energy but mid-month you might feel as though you’ve hit a brick wall. Turn off the engine and let it cool down a bit, you’ll find that staying still for a little while isn’t so bad after all. After the 19th the road will be clear once again.

Aquarius January 20 -February 18

You want independence and someone close to you wants more than perhaps you’re able to give. Balance their needs with yours and don’t give in to unreasonable demands. The quicker you get this situation back into a state of balance, the better for all concerned.

Pisces February 19 -March 20

Find a direction and stick to it. Situations and other people may be pulling you away from your path. This will only cause disruption and delay progress. Focus on your own needs and don’t worry about what others think – they’re just as confused as you are.

Sharon Ward is a qualified astrologer and a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International. Her debut novel ‘Albotain’s Treasure’ is available as a paperback and kindle from Amazon. £1 from each paperback sale and 50p from each eBook sale will go to the charity Born Free.






st win on centre court at Wimbledon for Heather Watson.

Year old Guernseyman Mike Martel, regained the Hampshire county championship Full-bore shooting title 38 years after he was crowned champion.



Hours community service as a man is caught cultivating 11 cannabis plants.

year old Drew Lockett has succeeded in achieving his fourth second place podium in the Rye House cadet club cart championships.

19 2000

Months with no harbour safety manager.

contracts made as Geo Marine’s future is looking solid




The busy busy lives that we all lead make us think that inaction is a bad thing, something to be frowned upon by those people less inclined to put their feet up and have a bit of nibble on a chocolate Hobnob whilst perusing the Jeremy Kyle All Singing All Dancing Academy Award Winning Show... but I sometimes wonder if all this action is taking its toll on us as humans? When did we last take a step back from all this action, and take life just as it comes – without feeling the need to go at things like a bull in a china shop? Life’s too short for buzzing around like a bee on speed, chillax man – do a Cameron why don’t ya... Just look at the word itself. Action. Immediately I conjour up clapper boards a la Steven Spielberg, perma-tanned little plastic men with all sorts of war-like accoutrements that any boy (or man) could desire, Titanic when the shout first went out “Action Stations - there’s a dirty great big iceberg to your right”, and I can obviously see the excitement in getting a piece of the action or the last piece of cake, depending on your view point and position in your menstrual cycle. The word seems so full of busy connotations, you just can’t be a conscientious objector when it comes to the war against inertia. I wonder why they have never made an Action Woman – (or perhaps they have, and I am just far too busy to have noticed?) but presumably she would wear out in no time at all, given all the additional jobs on top of her paid work as the first female SAS trained undercover MI5 Agent with a PhD from Oxford and a secondary degree in Advanced Cupcake Design, that she would need to do. All Action Man had on his plate, it seems to me, was stand about – or lie about, with strange hands gripping innumerable small objects most likely to be sucked up a hoover by Mum. Action Man was a warrior to be proud of apparently. All boys everywhere coveted his muscles, exciting dress code and his strange no-hair hairline. Didn’t do it for me of course, being a girl I just thought he was a bit effeminate.

The reality is less Bear Grylls and more Yogi Bear of course. How often, in my career, have I been told that I am an invaluable employee and totally “part of the action”. What action would that be then? Advanced Tea Making, Extreme Shredding, or worse still - Minute Taking Madness to name but three associated office tasks. To think that you could be lead astray by a small word and imagine that everything is soooo exciting! Actually, to be inactive takes a bit of contrived action – if you know what I mean. To be inactive and not be found out is very clever but should not be confused with total inertia or death and decay. The sort of inactivity I refer to can be seen sometimes on hospital wards, teaching staff rooms or in fact at any States Meeting. It is all about being seen to be taking action, but in actual fact, not actually getting anything done at all. You know the sort of thing - doing a bit of rushing about in small spurts, quite possibly hanging on to reams of paperwork, groaning “I’ll never get it done” or frowning in that browbeaten way which always gives rise to other people asking “are you OK?” to which you obviously reply “too much to do, no time to do it...” And then huffing and puffing around in general (for approximately five minutes) prior to sitting down and breathing deeply before demanding a cup of coffee “stat”. Politicians are great for this sort of thing and actually NOT taking any action at all. How else can we explain away the Tony Blair years? Action is all very well, but my considered opinion is that the human race would be far better off if it just took things a little easier... By all means take action when it is demanded, and don’t faff about, but in general take your foot off the gas and just coast a little through life – being inactive is the new Pilates or so I am reliably told...

If you are a Hollywood star or someone from Essex perhaps with delusions of inadequacy, then the words “Camera, Lights, Action” really ring your bell. I understand though, for every two hours hanging around a film set, about three minutes is actual action – so perhaps this is not the best example of the busy, exhausting lives that our actors go on about. If you are “in on the action”, one is part of something very exciting or so it would appear.







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LORD’S TAVERNERS RAISE THOUSANDS AT HERM CRICKET WEEKEND Close to £60,000 has been raised by the Lord’s Taverners at their annual Herm cricket weekend, the money raised will go towards a number of causes. Sponsored by Sportingbet and JT, the celebrity cricket match is one of the highlights of the Taverners’ social and fund-raising calendar, the highlight of the weekend being the celebrity cricket match in Herm.

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OLYMPIC TORCH GUERNSEY RELAY Hundreds of people got to experience the Olympic Torch Relay when it came to Guernsey, thanks to Lloyds TSB, one of the Presenting Partners. Queues stretched out of the Smith Street branch as islanders had their photo taken with a Torch. Thousands witnessed the Relay passing along the seafront as it came to the Island on Sunday 15 July.

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MIDSUMMER MASQUERADE BALL, STOCKS HOTEL, SARK The Masked Ball was held at Stock’s Cider Press room, bar and outside patio area by the swimming pool on the 23rd June. Guests enjoyed a light 3-course supper, dancing to music provided by a string quartet and later, a DJ. The event was hosted by Annie (Starfleet Commander) Dachinger and Darren Betts on behalf of the Sark Astronomy Society. Everyone dressed up and enjoyed a lovely evening waltzing under the stars! Photos: Sarah Fawley

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SUMMER SESSIONS THE ROCK GARDEN The Rock Garden is now open every Sunday between 4pm and 11pm in the summer with live bands and a new cocktail and tapas menu. Free entry is available and there are buses available from select destinations meaning you can take full advantage of the cocktail list! Different bands and artists will be playing each week to entertain you whilst you enjoy fantastic cocktails and light tapas; make sure you check out The Rock Garden on Facebook for more information.

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By Order of the Queen of Hearts, we were summoned to meet in Wonderland to celebrate Alice Lyle’s 30th Unbirthday. Massive respect to everyone who made such an effort with their costumes, a truly memorable night with dear friends and family, congratulations Alice, glad you had an awesome night xx

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OPEN AIR BOXING 30TH JUNE AT THE TRACK, GUERNSEY VS MANCHESTER Crowds gathered at The Track to enjoy some quality outdoor boxing between Guernsey and Manchester fighters. The evening was organised jointly by Bels Football Club and Amalgamated Boys Club with Teenage Cancer Trust Guernsey Appeal and MS Society jointly benefiting. Islanders said the atmosphere was brilliant and were impressed with the talent within the ring. Photos:

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GRAND PRIX WEEKEND IN ASSOCIATION WITH RAY & SCOTT AND TW STEEL People were invited to come and watch the practice, qualifying and the British Grand Prix at the White Hart over the weekend of 6-8th July. Throughout the weekend people were also invited to browse the TW Steel Watch Range, race on the simulator and raise money for Lord Taveners. There was also a competition to enter by simply buying drinks in the pub for a chance to win a TW Steel watch / £100 Liberation Group Gift Voucher / £50 Liberation Group Gift Voucher. Photos: Simon Boucher-Harris

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words | Martine Ellis / Jorja Helmot

Despite the dubious weather, summer is in fact upon us therefore we mustn’t keep blaming the continuous drizzle for locking us away indoors. We all need to make an effort to venture outside and stay active, especially when the sun does decide to make an appearance. If, and I mean if, the weather truly is too dismal to embark on any adventures then the internet has a variety of ways to keep you entertained. With classic action films and the release of new ones, our all time favourite superheroes will be on stand-by to keep us occupied.

@BaleBook As well as the release of his new film ‘The Dark Knigh Rises’ at the end of last month, Christian Bale also brought out his own book

@HeatherWatson Certianly one to keep active, follow Guernsey’s own golden girl on Twitter as she does us proud this summer in the London 2012 Olympic Games. Lights, Camera, Action! Check out these action shots taken with instagram by searching #actionshot. Get creative by taking your own snaps on your iPhone and making them a work of art. From bulls to birds to boogie boards don’t miss your ‘one-shot wonder’.

Monkey Business This cheeky monkey looks like a pro. Unfortunately, this is not a real ape but Kim Hunter on the set of ‘Planet Of The Apes’... Still a cool photo though! Pinned from Steve McQueen as ‘Bullitt’ Based on the novel ‘Mute Witness’ (1963), ‘Bullitt’ (1968) is an action American classic. Starring Steve McQueen and with shootouts and mustangs, this dramatic thriller is a must-see! user/Quirkology If you’re in the market for some bizaare stunts you want to pull off at parties then look no further. On his YouTube channel, Richard Wiseman has an array of tricks up his sleeve... Literally. If you are sitting at home complaining about the lack of things to do on our beautiful little island then you have no more excuses. Outdoor Guernsey provides a whole range of activities and explorations for you to enjoy. guernseysurfschool Who needs Hawaii to hang ten; you can learn the ways of the waves right on your doorstop. ‘Car Chase & Pursuit’ is a YouTube channel featuring some of the greatest car chases of all time. From ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ to ‘Ronin’ you’re in store for some action filled entertainment.

This final YouTube channel is one that will surely persuade you to take action. The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity, working to prevent animal suffering as well as protecting endangered species. Updated every few days, these videos are undeniably moving.




North Beach 35849



Words | Nick Mollet

GUERNSEY DAYS GONE BY Guernsey is brimming with nostalgia junkies. Islanders and ex-pats can get their daily fix easily now via a Facebook group called Guernsey Days Gone By.

'I wish we could turn back the clock and I would sooner we had it like it was 20 years ago. There are too many eyesores now - they killed the growing trade and now they are planting glasshouses in town.'

It evolved when set up recently by 45-year-old local butcher Andre Le Goupillot and already boasts over 11,000 members, who can reminisce online about Guernsey's past and share their experiences.

A special reunion for Guernsey Days Gone By members has already been held and it is hoped more will take place in future.

Initially, islanders' e-mail and phone inboxes were bombarded with masses of notifications about bygone days, but thankfully the level of information has slowed to an acceptable pace! Nick Mollet spoke to Mr Le Goupillot to see how the idea spiraled… I was looking for some old pictures myself - I knew George Torode very well and was looking through one of his books and I thought if I do a page [on Facebook] it would get more people looking for pictures. If it was not for George and his donkey books this would not have started.



We are planning to run regular features on Guernsey's past in gallery magazine - send in your memories and old pictures and views on Guernsey characters you would like featured to There are so many issues you could discuss but here is a sample to get your memory glands thinking! Who remembers 'The Black Hole' - a dark location downstairs in the arcade with its space invader machines and badges and sew-on patches for Harrington jackets or 'This and That' in St. Julian's Avenue?

It just went ballistic. I never expected it to go as big - it just started with me and a few friends and escalated out of control. I think it has leveled out now and I would be surprised if it had another mad one. I think the Facebook page illustrates the level of interest people have in Guernsey.

What about the Wellington Arms, The Beehive, Caves de Bordeaux, Buccaneer, Grafters, Peppermint Twist, Batcave, Whispers, Savoy, Reflections, Barbarellas, Number 10, Cleo's, Golden Monkey, Buzz Bar, Top Buzz, The Rock Garden, Charlie's Bar et al?

My dad used to say there are two types of Guernseymen - you've got the born and bred and the ones that want to be. We are unique.

Was anyone else addicted to lime flavoured milkshakes from the Guernsey Milk Bar in the old markets building?

Some of the most popular topics discussed online are schooldays, nightlife and family recollections - but it generally covers anything and everything about Guernsey's bygone era, with pictures dating back to the 1800s.

Who can still memorise the taste of the hot sausage rolls from Maison Carre in the Arcade and the smell of hot dogs at the Gaumont Cinema or the Banana Splits music at the Saturday morning kids' club at the Odeon Cinema?

'I liked the old Tudor House. There was a funeral directors there and one of the windows had a 'final reductions' sign and it made me laugh and really tickled me. There is so much on the page and it is varied and across the board. I'm totally shocked by the response but glad I've done it. I did not do it for publicity - just because I have an interest’ said Mr Goupillot.

Who went to the roller discos or danced to the Boxer Beat in the Dungeon or played Gorf in the games arcade or soared down the astroglide at Beau Sejour? And who can recall the Chicken Platter, The Golden Egg, KFC, The Wimpy, Mr Video, Baker's Bazaar, Sealink trips, Sunday spins, raves and then after-raves at Fort Hommet?





More parking space in Town - an underground car park would be nice.' [Juris Mikulins, 40, barber in the Inner Market]

'I would like to see some bigger shops in the High Street and bigger brands.' [Tony Lawrence, 31, IT worker from Reading]

'I would like to see the market go back to what it was like before. We used to have so many shops in town but those there now are struggling.' [Zelia Teixeira, 24, sales advisor]

'More job opportunities and more jobs for locals and more things for children to do, especially in horrible weather.' [Natalie Alderton, 26, unemployed]

'Maybe more cycle paths and maybe flights coming from more places.' [Judith Watson, 54, office worker]

'More facilities for little children. We need to look at the way supplementary benefit is handed out.' [Charmaine Casey, 30, senior fund administrator]

'There needs to be more activities or places for the youth to go rather than hanging out in town on street corners generally causing problems, not quite as restricted as youth clubs where they can chill out in an environment for them.' [Julie Chammings, 44, hearing aid audiologist]

'More for kids but more indoor things that do not cost too much. I love Guernsey and would not live anywhere else but there is not much to do.' [Katie Le Lacheur, 26, sales assistant, with son Bailey Rihoy, 4]

'I would like to bring a new music venue to the island - something similar to Live Lounge in Jersey.' [Andy Woodward, 32, finance rep]





words & Research | Beth Boerenbeker

Originally designed and inspired by an artist’s wooden mannequin figure, Action Man came to life! Influences came from American GI Joe, but the team of designers deemed this to be ‘too American’ therefore gave it a more action look, feel and name similar to real-life World War II heroes such as Scar.

So just how did Action man evolve?

1966 – Palitoy Ltd created Action Man, the first series of the

Action Man Painted Hair Head 1966 - 1970

Hard moulded hands to 1973

Fuzzy' haired Action Man head dating from 1970

Gripping Hands (later version shown) from 1973

models resembling a soldier, a sailor and a pilot who each came with a set of clothing and in a card box decorated with cartoon images of the character in action. Within its first year of production the toy was crowned “The UK’s Toy of the Year”

1970 – Action Man experienced its first big change in the form

of a remodelled head, with an enhanced scar on his right cheek and fuzzy new hair in blonde or black, a reproduced effect of crew-cut hairstyle.These new features, supposedly, gave the hero a more realistic appearance.

1973 - “Gripping hands” These hands were ace compared to past models as they heightened the figures realism along with his play factor… he was now capable of holding his props!

1974 – Action Man won a worldwide award, the ‘Toys International Top Trophy’

1975 – Action Man won the same Top Trophy Award again in 1975, along with the National Association of Toy Retailers Ten Year Gold Award, now that impressive. 1978 – An immense year for Action Man, his biggest modifica-

tion yet… the newborn muscular figure; also know as the “Dynamic physique”

1980 - Action Man's revolutionary new body won him the Na-

Fuzzy' haired bearded dating from 1971

tional Association of Toy Retailers’ Toy of the Decade!

'Eagle eyes' Action Man head dating from 1976

1981 - This was the year of his last improvement; a “sharpshooter head” which could pivot upwards so he was now able to see the world at a different angle.

1984 – Action Man completely disappeared, it was now made cheaper and faster and Star Wars was all the rage so Action Man's popularity became to dwindle 1993 – Action Man returns as a changed man… and cheap! The new action man was introduced as a ‘wall of orange’ as his signature colour and more James Bond style enemies were created, along with vehicles and allies. 2006 – Hasbro had no more inspirations and sadly pulled the plug in 2006, taking Action Man off the shelves for good. Fun Facts

The man behind the genius idea of giving Action Man his ‘flocked hair’ sold the idea to Hasbro by turning up to a business meeting in a hairy car The Action Man re-design project cost over £1 million The first Action Man collection was launched at the Brighton Toy Fair In 1994 Tom Stone (a black model of action man) was withdrawn from the shelves due to disappointing sales. This was thought to reflect racial prejudice in Britain, however made the product an expensive collectable!




Extreme ironing

Extreme ironing is an extreme sport and a performance art in which people take an ironing board to a remote location and iron items of clothing. Part of the attraction is whether it is really a sport or not, some location where such performances have taken place include a mountainside, a forest, a canoe, whilst skiing or snowboarding, on top of large statues, in the middle of a street, underwater, whilst parachuting and under the ice cover of a lake.

SOCIAL TIMES Facebook users are most active on weekdays at 3pm • The three biggest usage spikes tend to occur on week days at 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. ET. • The biggest spike occurs at 3:00 p.m. ET on weekdays. • Weekday usage is pretty steady, however Wednesday at 3:00 pm ET is consistently the busiest period.



WORLD IN 3.5HRS The fastest someone can hypothetically travel around the world would be slightly over 3.5 hours. However this would be under the following circumstances – traveling at a continuous rate of 7,000 mph, the engine maintains 100% efficiency, and the pilot can sustain the massive g-forces associated with the duration of a constant speed of mach 9.6. Realistically, the fastest a mannedaero craft can travel around the world is about 80 hours (w/o refueling). The late adventurer Steve Fossett completed the 25,000 mile circumnavigation on March 3, 2005.

FASTEST CAR The world’s fastest car is the Bugatti Vevron Super Sport; it goes up to 267mph and 0-60 in 2.4secs. Aluminum, Narrow Angle 8 Liter W16 Engine with 1200 hp, base price is $2,400,000. Although the Bugatti Veyron lost the title to SSC Ultimate Aero on March 2007, Bugatti challenge the record in Germany on July 10, 2010 with the new 2010 Super Sport Version and the Veyron once again claims the title of the fastest car in the world at 267 mph.

• Fans are less active on Sunday compared to all other days of the week.

into the twilight During the filming of The Twilight Zone, 1983, a helicopter decapitated two actors. Actor Vic Morrow and child actors Myca Dinh Le (7) and Renee Shin-Yi Chen (6) died in an accident involving a helicopter being used on the set. The helicopter was flying at an altitude of only 25 feet, too low to avoid the explosions of the pyrotechnics used on set. When the blasts severed the tail rotor, it spun out of control and crashed, decapitating Morrow and Le with its blades. Chen was crushed to death as the helicopter crashed.

fastest man The fastest man in the world is Usain St. Leo Bolt (born 21 August 1986), he is a Jamaican sprinter and holds the Olympic world record for the 100 meters at 9.69 seconds, the 200 meters at 19.30 seconds. His name and achievements in sprinting have earned him the media nickname “Lightning Bolt”. At the 2009 Berlin World Championships on Sunday 16th August, he won the 100m final in a new world record time of 9.58 seconds.


l'homme araignée Alain Robert, known as 'French Spiderman' always insists on the best possible view and is happy to scale some of the world's most teetering skyscrapers to secure it. One of his latest visits was at the 185 metre-high Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Building and, opting for the al fresco route, scuttled up the 35 storeys in a record 63 minutes, as tens of thousands of spectators craned their necks far below. He has also been in Hong Kong, Madrid and many other buildings around the world.

get the footy on The most popular sport in the world is Football, the huge fan following is perhaps due to the fact that at an amateur level, it requires very little equipment and effort to learn the basics. Thus, kids start playing at an early age and go on to become ardent followers of the game. Football is also the highest paying team sport at professional level. The prize money for the winning team at the 2010 soccer world cup was $30 million.







(evolvements of humans) POWER: Superhuman strength,


speed, freezing breath, flight, intelligence and regeneration.




Action comics #1- 1 June 1938

POWER: Intimidation, peak

human conditioning & weapons master FIRST APPEARANCE:

Detective comics #27 May 1939

words & Research | Beth Boerenbeker & Stephi Rose




GENDER: Male SPECIES: Human POWER: Superhuman speeds, vibrate, time travel, lend and borrow speed, invisible aura around body FIRST APPEARANCE:

Flash comics #1 January 1940


WONDER WOMAN GENDER: Female SPECIES: God/Eternal POWER: Flight, super powers, super speed,

regeneration, gifts from Olympian Gods. FIRST APPEARANCE:

All Star Comics #8 Dec 1941 JOB: Goddess of Truth, protector of Paradise Island.


1941 CAPTAIN AMERICA GENDER: Male SPECIES: Human POWER: Peak physical and mental

conditioning, expert acrobat, martial arts & shield talent. FIRST APPEARANCE:

Captain America Comics #1 1941






GENDER: Male SPECIES: AS Guardian POWER: Superhuman strength and speed, agility, healing factor, longevity, flight, manipulation powers & resistance to injury. FIRST APPEARANCE:

Journey Into the Mystery #83 1962


MARTIAN MAN-HUNTER GENDER: Male SPECIES: Alien (Martian) POWER: Superhuman strength and speed,

shapeshifitng, hypnosis, invisibility, flight and telepathy. FIRST APPEARANCE:

Detective comics #225 November 1955

Since the debut of Superman in 1983, stories of superheroes have dominated comic books, tv series and movies across the globe. We all have our favourites and the superhero shows no sign of loosing popularity any time soon. This is more than evident with the recent phenomenal success of The Avengers movie released on April 11 2012, it received positive reviews from most film critics and set numerous box office records, including the biggest opening weekend in North America and tied the record for the fastest film to gross $1 billion worldwide. The new Batman movie is sure to compete with this success of The Avengers and the following of die hard comic fans show no signs of tiring any time soon! Gallery decided to take a look at some of the most renowned Superheroes through the ages, enjoy!

1974 WOLVERINE GENDER: Male SPECIES: Mutant POWER: Regenerate damaged aged body

parts, immunity, extended lifespan, superhuman senses, bone claws. FIRST APPEARANCE:

Incredible Hulk #180 1974



GENDER: Male SPECIES: Cyborg, Human POWER: Suit of metal

armour & flight


Tales of Suspense #39 March 1963


BLACK WIDOW GENDER: Female SPECIES: Human POWER: Spy, Martial artist

& Sniper


Tales of Suspense #52 April 1964.




MY NAME IS: Gina Andrews

30 30






ou may have been handed a lollipop or pair of flip flops whilst staggering around outside Follies on a Friday night recently and wondered what kind soul had brought you aid. This happened to the Gallery crew one rainy evening in June, so we spoke to the people behind Streetlife Pastor, James Herring to understand a bit more about what they do. So tell us a bit about Streetlife Pastors? Streetlife Pastors is a new initiative that is coordinated by local Churches, and supported by the Guernsey Police. Lots of churches have talked about doing this but in the end we just thought we will go out and do it.

bus, which is parked behind the tourist information centre but literally all night people are almost queuing up to come and just talk and sometimes if they are Christian they will pray with us. Some people come every week just to talk; we have seen some really serious problems just get dramatically better by talking. What is the aim of Streetlife Pastors? We aim to help create a positive safe environment in town free from aggressions and crime. We want to cut crime rate by half on Friday nights and just to be a positive influence on the clubbing scene in Guernsey. How have people reacted to you? We have had a really good reaction so far and I would say about 90% of people have reacted really positively. On the first night everyone was just saying this is amazing, thank you very much. We love it, we really enjoy working with people and they sometimes come just to pray with us in the van. We have a street

What are your hopes for the future? Hopes are to continue growing this and get some more volunteers working so that we can do Saturday nights also. The plan is to apply for community funding and get more volunteers. If anyone knows of any grants or funding sources please get in touch. At the moment it costs us about £80-£100 per night and the volunteers and myself are just paying this ourselves. How you can get involved… If you want to find out more about the work the Streetlife Pastors do or to get involved, contact James Herring at Church on the Rock on 07839 215633,, or visit

We went to the police and told them our vision and that we only wanted to do it if they were supporting us. Patrick Rice (head of the police) was fully behind us after doing some research and seeing that wherever they do this in the UK it cuts crime rate down hugely. It creates a bridge between club staff and police or ambulance crews and creates a nice vibe in town. We started on the 11th May and the purpose is to give pastoral support to people who are out in Town on Friday nights between 11pm and 3am. The lollipops and flip flops we give out provide a great way to make conversation and help them out. What inspired you to do this? There is a reading in a ruler ship book on leadership that inspired us called, ‘Courageous Leadership’, there is a bit in there about the local church working right and when it works well it changes the world. For too long the church has been stuck indoors and just a religious thing so it is nice to get out and talk to people and get involved with the community. Is this unique to Guernsey? No, they also do this in the UK and Jersey but we are a complete separate body to the other organisations as you need lots of training to do what they are doing. In the UK and Jersey they do it on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s so new to Guernsey that finding enough team to do both Friday and Saturdays is hard. However, we have nearly 30 volunteers now on the team. How do you find people to get involved? I work for church on The Rock but all of the others are volunteers they give up their Friday night from half 10pm until 3, sometimes until 3 or 4 as at those times we find some people are in real need of our help.





o highlight to the public the benefits of buying from and supporting the very best local businesses and encouraging people to ‘get vocal about local’ in their support of these businesses. We are urging people to think twice before they buy elsewhere as local shops and small businesses are at the very heart of our community and play an extremely important part in the health of our economy. The reality is that big national chains and online shopping often don’t match the local businesses customer service, product knowledge or hands on experience. It can be tough running a business in Guernsey right now. They need to cope with a lot; recession, the rise in online competition, high rents, and the weather!  Whatever has been thrown at them, so many local business owners work hard to provide a service to their customers. We applaud them and hope to encourage others to ‘Buy Local’ and get behind our fabulous local businesses.


“I support local business and I call upon other local people to use local business.”






Support local businesses by liking the Buy Local Facebook Page BuyLocal.SupportGuernseyBusiness  


When tweeting about local businesses use #buylocal

Spread the Campaign:    

Spread the word and ‘Share’ with your friends on Facebook.


Show your support by displaying ‘Buy Local’ stickers in your car, shop, office etc. Please get in touch to receive your stickers.

Business Supporters:

Email a photograph of you in front of your business’s Buy Local sticker and be added to the Business Supporters Album on Facebook.

Leave Feedback:    

Show your support of your favourite local businesses by leaving feedback on their products and service by adding a review of an existing thebestof Guernsey business or adding a recommendation.  

Join Buy Local Supporters Pledge:    

Show your support by pledging “I support local businesses and I call upon other local people to use local businesses” by adding your name to the Buy Local Supporters List.

Complete Buy Local Survey:

Upon supporting/signing up you will be invited to complete an optional Buy Local online survey. This is so we can establish what it is in Guernsey that currently hinders people from buying locally (state of the local high street, the variety of shops on offer, the availability of parking, public transport or pedestrian access etc.) Have your say!

Business Newsletter / Blog Articles:

If you are a business in Guernsey and would like to let us know what you do to support the ‘Buy Local’ initiative, then we would love to hear from you. We might even end up featuring your business in a newsletter / Blog article! So email us today.

The Best of Guernsey is passionate about supporting local businesses and what they offer our island community. Please show your support and spread the ‘Buy Local’ campaign message.

Enjoy ‘Buying Local’. T: 01481 246822 E: W: 33 33





an opportunity for family and friends to get Saturday 8 September 2012 together and join in with the singing from the Royal Albert HallSt in London.” Albert Pier, Peter Port


Including Last Night of the Proms live from the Royal Albert Hall on the big screen

SCOUTS STRIKE GOLD WITH BEST EVER HARBOUR CARNIVAL PAY OUT With this year’s Harbour Carnival raising a record-breaking amount, the Bailiwick of Guernsey Scouts Association are in line for an amazing £12,000. The event, held on Friday 6 July, raised the highest ever amount of £24,000, helped by a miraculously rain-free evening and new events such as the corporate duck race. The remaining 50% of the amount raised will go towards other local good causes. The Scouts were chosen as the main beneficiaries by Harbour Carnival organisers the Guernsey Round Table and sponsors RBC Wealth Management. Julie Bulpitt, Bailiwick Commissioner of the Guernsey Scouts Association could not be more delighted with the amount they will receive. She said: “It’s been a packed few months since we heard in May that we had been selected as the main beneficiary. We have been busy selling the mini ducks and building rafts to enter the various races and we helped out on the night. We even had Guernsey Cub Scout Leader, Deputy Michelle Le Clerc entering in the man-powered flight race. Who knew fund-raising could be so much fun!” “To know that we will receive this amount of money means we will definitely be able to buy the new equipment needed, for use by all Guernsey’s ten Scouts groups, as well as take them off-island on various trips.” Guernsey Round Table President Shaun Gourley was also thrilled with how the evening went: “We were so lucky with the weather which helped to bring the crowds out. With a record number of team entries, the atmosphere was fantastic. Also, a big thank you to everyone who pledged money for a corporate or mini rubber duck and to the Scouts for helping with the fundraising, it was a real team effort”

34 34

INThe ASSOCIATION THE GuernseyWITH Symphony Orchestra (GSO)

will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a special performance at 2012 Proms on the Pier to be held on Saturday 8 September 2012 on Albert Pier, St. Peter Port.

The Orchestra TheGuernsey outdoorSymphony grand finale to will perform from 7.30pm until 9pm when the Guernsey’s 2012 summer. second half of Last Night of the Proms from the Royal Albert will bewith beamed Make it a night to Hall remember family live on at Proms themore Pier. Bring a toand thefriends big screen on.on For information, picnic, wave your Guernsey free flags and join inCompany with please call The Event the on traditional singing fromor theemail Royal natalie@ Ltd (01481) 728686 Albert Hall. or 7.30pm Guernsey Symphony Orchestra Celebrating their 20th anniversary Guest Conductor :- Timothy Henty Guest Soloist :- Angelique Lihou The GSO programme features popular classics , finishing with the 1812 Overture - including Castle Cornet cannon and Town Church bells! 9.00pm Live to the Royal Albert Hall in London for second half of Last Night of the Proms

This annual outdoor musical event, 10.30pm The Barlows combining the very best of local musical (approx) talent with coverage of the Last Night of the Proms from the Royal Albert Hall has 11.30pm End of event become the grand finale of Guernsey’s summer. The free event is open to islanders and visitors, who are encouraged to bring a picnic, listen to the live music, wave free The Guernsey Sports Commission is proud flags and join in with the traditional singing to announce the return of the Condor Ferries from the Royal Albert Hall. The finale to the Quid’s in Sport program due to take place evening will see local band The Barlows during 5 weeks of the summer holidays 30th perform, ensuring that everyone leaves with July – 31st August. broad smiles on their faces and feet dancing!


The programme is organised and run by the The Guernsey Symphony Orchestra was Guernsey Commission, along with Seating is available Sports on a first come first served basis founded in 1992 with the principal aim the support of a number of sports clubs and of developing orchestral music in all its associations on the island and offers young PRINCIPAL SPONSORS CONTRIBUTING SPONSORS forms for the benefit and advancement children the chance to try new sports and of musicians and the appreciation and activities for only £1 per session. enjoyment of concert audiences. At Proms on the Pier, the 70-piece Orchestra will Junior School children have the chance to be made up of local amateur and invited take part in Multisports which are on offer professional musicians as well as guest every day, including bouldering, lacrosse, soloist, cellist Angelique Lihou, and talented basketball, tennis, dodge ball, football and a young British conductor Timothy Henty. selection of team building activities amongst The GSO programme will feature popular many others. Those in Secondary School classics and finish with the 1812 Overture, get the chance to try Surfing, Judo, Tennis, which will include the Castle Cornet cannon Cycle, Cricket, football, boxing and softball and Town Church bells. alongside a selection of beach games including Tag Rugby, Long ball, Frisbee and Credit Suisse, which has been sole sponsor Volleyball. of the Guernsey Symphony Orchestra since 1992, is one of two Principal Sponsors of Oliver Tracey, Creative, Marketing and Proms on the Pier, the other being Generali Administration officer at the commission, Worldwide. Both Condor Ferries and the said “we recognise that the cost of Guernsey Arts Commission are once again activities can sometime present a barrier to Contributing Sponsors. “Proms on the participation, however the continued support Pier is a great opportunity for everyone to from Condor Ferries allows us to deliver each experience and enjoy classical music and session to a young person for only £1, which is we are delighted to be able to invite people affordable for everyone”. to join us in celebrating the Orchestra’s 20th anniversary.” More information can be found at www. and can be picked “Generali Worldwide has supported the arts up at our Information Board located in Guernsey for many years” said Tim Ward, at Beau Sejour Leisure Center’s foyer. Head of Generali Worldwide “We are thrilled Alternatively call Oliver Tracey at the to be part of an event that has become a Sports Commission on 747229. showcase for local musical talent as well as GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE




This month we’re looking at some books with a local flavour and we’re delighted to be joined by Alpha Wearing of The Press Book Shop. Alpha is an avid reader and insightful reviewer – something to bear in mind if you’re looking for a book but aren’t sure what to choose, either for yourself or for somebody else. words | Caroline Mauger

Tales from the Black Book

by Owen Morgan

We’ll Meet Again by Lily Baxter

Set in Guernsey

In the shadow

during the

of the Civil War,

Occupation, this

Guernsey girl

is the story of

Nerine discovers

Meg, a Guernsey

there is more to

girl and Rayner,

her island than meets they eye when she

a university friend of her brother, who

is kidnapped by the Prince of Fairyland.

is also German. They meet in 1939,

A host of characters – humans, animals

before the war begins, and again in

and fairies – take you on a whirlwind

Guernsey when the island is occupied

adventure which is lots of fun. The first in

by the German forces. Life for Meg and

the Poques Trilogy, this story is steeped

her father under the Occupation is well

in the tradition and folklore of Guernsey;

drawn and believable. And of course

it’s refreshing to be reminded that the

when Rayner reappears in her life things

island has a rich history which predates

become complicated, as they should be

the Occupation years. Currently available

enemies. Well researched and written, this

on Kindle only, but Owen hopes his book

is an enjoyable, traditional, romantic story

will be reprinted in time for the Festival.

with a local twist, and well worth a read.

(Caroline Mauger, PR/Marketing)

(Alpha Wearing, The Press Book Shop)

Toilers of the Sea

Dangerous Waters

Written whilst

Following the

Hugo was living in

death of her

Hauteville House,


this is the story of

Jeanne Le Page

a man’s struggle

has to return

against the sea,

to Guernsey,

by Victor Hugo

by Anne Allen

which he undertakes to win the hand of

the island she left 15 years earlier,

the girl he loves. Hugo writes with passion

traumatised by a family tragedy. Jeanne

about Guernsey’s natural beauty, and of

is shocked to find that the cottage she

the local people, who are superstitious and

has inherited holds a secret going back to

believe in witches and ghosts. Then there

the Occupation. Local references abound

is Gilliatt’s struggle to free the engines

and present-day Guernsey is presented

of a steamship from the forces of the sea.

in a positive light: although Jeanne is

Hugo writes powerfully on the theme of

determined to leave as soon as possible,

man versus nature and his description of

the island and some of its inhabitants

the storm is really memorable. This book

encourage her to live and love again. The

makes a rewarding read, and provides a

two mysteries - Jeanne’s grandmother’s

peek into Guernsey’s past. (Alpha Wearing,

relationship with a German soldier and

The Press Book Shop)

the fate of her parents - kept me reading.

UPDATE The Guernsey Literary Festival team is busily getting ready for the Festival, which takes place 13th-16th September. We’re delighted to report that tickets, which are available online, are selling fast, particularly for the headline authors. At Guille-Allès Library on Sunday 16th September from 10.00am to 4.00pm, there will be a Local Writers’ Open House. Readers can discover books with local relevance, as well as meeting established self-publishing successes such as Yvonne Ozanne and Maurice Sangan. New writers have the chance to introduce their work to a wider audience as well as to sell – and sign – their books. Owen Morgan and Anne Allen, whose first novels are both reviewed this month, will be appearing. Last month Gallery featured Terry White, whose witty Marcus Moon series is constantly gaining new admirers. Sharon Ward’s novel ‘Albotain’s Treasure’ attracted lots of interest on Arts Sunday so we’re sure her talk will be popular too. If you are a local writer who would like to promote, sell, or read from your work, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with Livia Bluecher, who is organising the Open House. You can email her at For dates, times and tickets for all events and workshops, just go to and click on ‘Guernsey Literary Festival’.

(Caroline Mauger, PR/Marketing)






words | Caroline Mauger osa Rankin-Gee, a talented young author living in Paris, won the inaugural Paris Literary Prize for her novella The Last Kings of Sark. Gallery caught up with Rosa to find out more.

Hands up if you think The Last Kings of Sark sounds like a history book. It does, but it’s not. Jude is a girl but ‘because of Law, Hey and the Obscure, they thought I was a boy.’ Which is why she is asked to go to Sark to tutor Pip, only child of Edward and Esmé Defoe. Together with Sofi, employed as the family cook, Jude spends a glorious summer in Sark. It’s a witty, beautifully observed tale which never fails to captivate. From Jude’s first encounter with the ‘toast rack’ to the references to ‘Farquart & Fathers’ (remind you of anyone?), it’s especially delightful if you’re familiar with the island. Rosa grew up with creative parents – novelist Maggie Gee and writer and broadcaster Nicholas Rankin – so perhaps it was inevitable that she too would write. ‘I knew I wanted to “create”, but I was horrible at drawing and painting. That left words. And music. I still write songs – maybe one day I will force a publisher to attach some B-sides to an e-book.’

the shadow; the parts of the mind and the world that the three young characters do not want to see,’ explains Rosa. Paris has long been considered a writers’ haunt, and Rosa - whose apartment has a bath in the kitchen - enthuses: ‘I love how small it is, how everything is downhill from my house, that there is a café on every corner, so that everywhere you go, you see life.’ The writer is not merely observing Parisian life, however. She is co-founder of A Tale of Three Cities, the first literary arts journal to join up the dots between London, Paris and Berlin, publishing new work by emerging and more established writers and artists. Rosa and her friend Jethro Turner also established the Book Club at Le Carmen, the hotel where Bizet once lived. ‘The concept is simple,’ says Rosa. ‘You bring a book, you swap it. We hold it in the most glorious bar – all gold gilt, burnished mirrors, ceiling roses, a human-sized birdcage. We have up to 300 people, live pianists, artists, DJs. Literary cocktails, like Tequila Mockingbird and A Rum of One’s Own. We also do it in London and Berlin.’

When the opportunity for a summer job in Sark came out of the blue, Rosa thought it would make the perfect setting for a novella. She scribbled notes while she was there, creating the basic bones of a story, and moved to Paris to write it. ‘The day before I got the Eurostar, my dad saw the advert for the Paris Literary Prize in the Times Literary Supplement, ripped it out and gave it to me.’

When Jude leaves Sark, she throws flowers into the sea – which apparently means you’ll come back. Rosa did the same when she left the island, and she will return to the Bailiwick in September for the Guernsey Literary Festival. Although The Last Kings of Sark hasn’t yet been published, Rosa will be doing two readings and promises to ‘try to magic something up’ for everyone who can’t wait to read it. Arguably the only criticism you could level at the novella is that it’s over too soon and you don’t feel ready to leave Jude, Sofi or Pip. Thankfully, Rosa is writing some short stories which follow the same characters. ‘Together, they will be more of a book-that-makes-abulge-in-your-pocket,’ she adds.

Like Sofi, Rosa worked as a private cook in Sark. Sofi has little respect for physical boundaries or food hygiene, but with her lack of regard for social niceties, she is refreshingly honest. Rosa admits, ‘I’d like to be a straight-up Sofi, but I’m probably a bit more of a skewiffy Jude.’ Although Rosa experienced many of the same things as her protagonists, her story and characters are entirely fictional – apart from DJ Silver Fox at the Mermaid. Perhaps the most intriguing character is Pip’s mother Esmé, who mostly remains upstairs. ‘She’s

Whether you’re in the first flush of youth or you look back on it with nostalgia, The Last Kings of Sark is a joyful celebration of the time when, as Rosa puts it, ‘we choose the rhythms that will shape the rest of our life.’ Jude evokes the carefree craziness of youth: ‘I think that maybe you come a lot closer to dying when you’re young than when you’re old. It’s just that you sail home safe somehow’. Rosa is sailing towards a promising future as a novelist – we’re glad she chose Sark as the place to begin her journey.

Follow Rosa on Twitter at @rosarankingee You can book tickets for either of Rosa Rankin-Gee’s talks by going to and clicking on ‘Guernsey Literary Festival’.






UP&COMING words | Jonathon Holloway


John McTiernan



He may not be a household name, but his films are. Action maestro John McTiernan is the director behind films such as Predator, Die Hard and The Hunt for Red October. McTiernan may not be an auteur on level with the likes of Quentin Tarantino or Christopher Nolan, but his ability to create visual sequences and capture action made him a Hollywood stalwart through the late 1980s and 1990s. Breaking into Hollywood with Predator, the film capitalised on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent success in The Terminator and gained box office success. He followed this success with Die Hard, arguably one of the greatest action films of all time, and the film which launched Bruce Willis into movie stardom. McTiernan later returned to the Die Hard franchise with Die Hard: With a Vengeance in 1995, after his career had suffered a slump with films such as The Last Action Hero. In recent times McTiernan has fallen out of favour, his last movies being the ill-fated Rollerball and Basic, which bombed disastrously both critically and at the box office. Despite his career being dogged by flops, McTiernan made his mark in Hollywood and has made some of the most influential films in the action genre.



Dir. Seth MacFarlane. Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth Macfarlane.

Dir. Mark Andrews & Brenda Chapman Starring: Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly & Emma Thompson.



From the creator of hit animated show Family Guy comes Ted, Seth MacFarlane’s debut feature film. The film follows John Bennett (Wahlberg) who lives with turnedto-life teddy bear, the titular Ted (MacFarlane), as a result of a childhood wish. Things get complicated when Bennett hits a snag with long-term girlfriend (Kunis). Expect offensive jokes, pop culture references and a lot of laughs.

The newest outing from Pixar Animation Studios is Brave, the fairytale story of 10th century Scottish Princess Merida (Macdonald) who defies a family tradition, causing chaos in her Kingdom. She must save her Kingdom and rescue her family from a dreaded curse. The first fairytale based Pixar film, expect the usual outstanding quality that befits a Pixar film.



Dir. Tony Gilroy Starring: Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton & Rachel Weisz.

Dir. Len Wiseman. Starring: Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Cranston & Jessica Biel. Another reboot – Arnie sci fi classic.


A semi-sequel/reboot of the Bourne franchise without Matt Damon as Bourne or Paul Greengrass at the helm, replaced by Jeremy Renner and Tony Gilroy respectively. In the fallout of The Bourne Ultimatum, Operation Outcome agent Aaron Cross (Renner), and Dr. Stephanie Snyder (Weisz) must escape the CIA’s clutches before agent Byer (Norton) can assassinate him to prevent the public fall out of Operation Outcome.


Remake of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sci-Fi Action classic. In 2084, after a devastating war, Earth is locked in a stalemate between two super powers, Euroamerica and New Shanghai. After suffering violent nightmares, factory worker Doug Quaid (Farrell) visits a surgery which provides artificial memories, and he begins to expect he was a secret agent who’s memory has been erased and replaced. The question remains, which side is he on?




Released in 1971, Dirty Harry is one of the earliest examples of the action genre. One of Clint Eastwood’s most famous roles, maverick cop Harry Callahan tries to track down a serial killer on the loose. Known for its car chases and violent action, the film is grittier than previous police films, inspired by the style of Eastwood’s earlier Spaghetti Western films as The Man with No Name. The antihero Callahan plays by his own rules and does whatever is necessary to finish the job. With its gritty style Dirty Harry remodelled police films and remains one of the most influential in its genre to this day.

While being one of Arnie’s lesser known films, Commando is one of the most entertaining pieces of tongue-in-cheek action cinema. John Matrix (Schwarznegger) is a retired Black Ops commando whose daughter is kidnapped by South American gangsters in order to black mail him into restoring an exiled dictator. Bloody rampage ensues with Matrix on a quest to save his daughter. The puns are hilarious and the action is through the roof, particularly when Matrix storms the criminal stronghold and slaughters a small army single handed. The plot is flimsy and the dialogue is made of cheese, but great fun.

The sequel to the 1984 film which made Arnie an icon, James Cameron’s Oscar winning Terminator 2: Judgement Day is arguably one of the greatest action films of all time. The T-800 returns but this time to protect a teenage John Connor (Edward Furlong) from an even more advanced killing machine, the liquid metal T-1000. Breathtaking action, stunning visuals and a superb script, the film is high octane from the start but doesn’t forget about character and plot development. This is the film that cemented James Cameron among the Hollywood elite and launched Arnie into super stardom.

1971 18 Dir. Don Siegel. Starring: Clint Eastwood & Andrew Robinson

1985 18 Dir. Mark Lester Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger & Rae Dawn Chong

1991 15 Dir. James Cameron Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Edward Furlong



PR OMS O N THE P I E R Saturday 8th September 2012


roms on the Pier will be taking place on Saturday 8 September 2012 on the Albert Pier; the free event is open to islanders and visitors, who are encouraged to bring a picnic, listen to the live music, wave free flags and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere. The Proms have developed over the years and now includes live music by local musicians, which this year will be the Guernsey Symphony Orchestra conducted by a young Brisith conductor Timothy Henty and guest soloist Angelique Lihou. In previous years the Proms on the Pier have had Guernsey Symphonic Winds, Guernsey Jazz Orchestra, Les Chansonelles, Bel Canto and Guernsey Youth Theatre choir.

Guernsey Orchestra will perform from 7.30pm until 9pm and then they will cross over to the BBC broadcast of the Last Night of the Proms for the traditional singing and flag waving to Land of Hope of Glory and Jersualem and at the end of the broadcast there will then be more live music from local band The Barlows until approximately 11.15pm. There are about 500 chairs put out which are on a first come first served basis, it’s a great event and people are advised to come early to get their spot. Free flags will be given out to help everyone get into the spirit and create a fabulous atmosphere. Tim Wright is the percussion teacher for the Music Service and is behind the Guernsey Symphony Orchestra; The Orchestra is actually celebrating its 20th this year and they are performing at the Proms as part of the celebrations. This is also a great opportunity to take the orchestra out of St. James and introduce themselves to a broader range of the Guernsey public. They’ll be performing lots of music that people will recognise and are also hoping to perform Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture as a finale complete with Town Church Bells and the Castle Cornet cannon! Credit Suisse, which has been sole sponsor of the Guernsey Symphony Orchestra since 1992, is one of two Principal Sponsors of Proms on the Pier, the other being Generali Worldwide. Both Condor Ferries and the Guernsey Arts Commission are once again Contributing Sponsors.




WRECK words | Jodie Sheppard


allery was intrigued when Bex Archer contacted us about her hobby, ‘Wreck This Journal’. Bex does a lot of craft and art journaling which varies from scrap booking and art journals to making jewellery!

How did you become interested in art journaling? I’m very interested in photography and photographing my own work so I can make a visual diary of what I do myself; I often share these images on Flickr also. I am quite creative and also design and create my own jewellery, I am trying to get an online shop going for my brand Kawai. How did you come about Wreck This Journal? I have a lot of pen friends and art journal contacts who I keep in contact with and one of the ladies, Kerry Smith, is actually the author of ‘Wreck This Journal’. I was one of the first people she sent a copy of the journal to have a go at in 2006 and I have been addicted ever since! What is Wreck This Journal all about? I actually did my own art journals before this; however a lot of people hadn’t heard of an art journal or knew where to start. With ‘Wreck This Journal’, there are a lot of prompts on each page and it gives you an idea what to do; some people don’t go by the rules they just completely ignore it and do what they think and interpret the book themselves – I sometimes add extra pages to mine. Where do you get your materials from to create the journals? Well to be honest nearly all of it is junk! Some pages in the book I have found stuff from the garden, other pages I have been clearing out and thought ‘I’ll keep that just in case’ and it has always come in handy. One page actually has chewed up gum and well, this is sad, I collected garbage cards from the 80’s when I was little. I put chewing gum actually from 1986 in there, so it really is all sorts of junk. I don’t like throwing things away so it really comes in handy. Does Wreck This Journal go through different trends? Yeah, the main thing at the moment with them is making them as fat as you, that is a huge deal at the moment with the community on Flickr. The thing is with mine, I change my style all the time and when I look back at it I think ‘I wouldn’t have done that now’, so it is constantly changing - I already want a new one! I’ve got three of the ‘Wreck This Journal’ and three of the ‘Mess Books’ which is the other one that I really enjoy. The thing is it takes so long to finish one, but I’m not going to let myself buy another until I’ve at least finished one, as I’ve got three on the go. I get so many ideas for them all the time; you just want to do more and more. Do you think you have helped inspire other people by sharing photos of your journals on Flickr? I share a lot of my images on Flickr and if you Google ‘Wreck This Journal’ a lot of my photos come up, I have thousands of views on just the ‘Wreck This Journal’ album and lots of positive comments.





A woman from Spain has even contacted me through my Flickr account asking if she could use some of my photos in a Spanish leaflet in order to promote it in Spain, so that felt good. A lot of my friends that live in England who are on Flickr have decided to start a journal after seeing my images. How popular is Wreck This Journal amongst different age groups and audiences? I think a lot of people around my age (thirties) like to do these art journals, they are also really popular in America. They are especially popular in Amsterdam and a lot of teenagers are getting involved with them now, they have actually started doing it in one of the universities in England as part of their art degree. There is a big community behind these books and the idea is to take photos as you’re going along and share the photos of your progress with others. Thanks for getting in touch with us, I think it’s a great idea to try and spread this around Guernsey! Yes, sometimes when I even speak about art journaling people don’t know what I’m on about so it would be great to get more people involved locally. I would like to get a group of people together, almost like a book group to go over what they have done on each page and discuss how they interpreted it – that is the fun of it sharing what you have done with others. Also, for me personally it has got me through all sorts, it is definitely something I would recommend, as it’s great therapy! Check out Bex’s work here: Blog: Flickr: Kitschikoo/ Facebook: kawaiitude




E BOOKINGS@OUTDOORGUERNSEY.CO.UK T 01481 267627 M 07781 464100 "Anyone wanting to get close to nature or looking for a taste of adventure will find plenty of opportunities on the stunningly beautiful Island of Guernsey."


Sark’s beautiful surroundings contribute to a wide diversity of activities, indoor and out. Activities readily available include diving, swimming, snorkelling, cycling, angling, various boat charters, carriage tours, art and pottery classes, clay pigeon shooting, ghost walks, garden walks, puffin and dolphin watching, there is simply something for everyone. Visit for more information today! e: t: 01481 832345


Learn to surf this summer!

Check out our website, and come and visit us here at the beach this summer...we’re looking forward to meeting you!! 07911 710789 | Vazon Bay, Castel, Guernsey GY5 7BF 42




CAI G UO-QIAN G Words | Kate McManus


ven if you don’t recognise Cai Guo-Qiang’s name, you’re probably very familiar with his artwork. It is estimated that over a third of the world’s population (that’s over two billion people) witnessed the results of his work as Director of Visual and Special Effects for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. His projections of the five Olympic rings into the night sky, his ‘Footprints of History’ exploding over the Beijing skyline and the Olympic Flame’s breath-taking airborne lap of the stadium were all central to the creation of one of the most extravagant and memorable Ceremonies of the Modern Olympic Games – a seemingly impossible act for London 2012 to follow. Guernsey was recently fortunate enough to receive this artist of international acclaim for the opening of his exhibition at The Greenhouse gallery – his smallest exhibition space in over 20 years – before he jetted off to be welcomed as a guest of honour at the London Games. Cai’s Beijing works revealed glimpses of the revolutions and developments occurring in his wider artistic practice, alongside his constant re-evaluation of the role of the artist. New and highly sophisticated pyrotechnic technology had to first be invented to achieve his designs of precise and artistically shaped fireworks for the Beijing Ceremonies – which were just a fraction of his proposed ideas. Four-fifths of Cai’s concepts for the visual and special effects could not be realised due to either technological difficulties, safety hazards, or simply (as he delighted in saying at the discussion held at the Performing Arts Centre during his visit), the sheer wildness of his imagination. The current exhibition, Beijing Games: Sketches and Video, gives us a rare glimpse into the workings of such an active imagination. A collection of some 30 of Cai’s sketches for the Ceremonies, the featured pencil drawings are startlingly minimal and decorated only with the occasional flash of orange highlighter pen to infer a potential spark; a possible explosion of light; perhaps a lick of flame. The accompanying video shows the dramatic realisation of these visions in an illuminating demonstration of the ideas’ transitions: before your eyes, concepts evolve from simple paper sketches into their marvellous manifestations.

Although Beijing was meticulously executed to theatrical perfection, whimsicality is in fact a recurrent component of Cai’s works. Working chiefly with explosions, his signature gun powder drawings, and social projects crafted by the hands of numerous volunteers, Cai’s art explores the realm of the possible by surrendering assumed command. Describing himself at the discussion as a “controlling and highly logical person”, his use of spontaneous and volatile media allows for a candidness perhaps otherwise unattainable. The outcome cannot be accurately predicted and is susceptible to outside influence - be it the weather, the condition of the gunpowder or simply the whims of those he works with. Regarded by Eric Snell, Director of the Arts and Islands Foundation, to be pioneering a renaissance in our understanding of the roles of the gallery and the artist, Cai often displays his work away from the more repressive nature of the museum and instead opts for unusual and radical uses of space. For the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar, Cai chose to fulfil a childhood dream of becoming a painter by “painting the sky”. But not in the traditional sense, as perhaps J. M. W. Turner or John Constable might have done by immortalising the sky on paper or canvas. Instead, Cai used microchip-controlled explosives to launch coloured smoke shots into the bright daylight, allowing the breeze to disperse the blasts into an imitation of watercolour painting - a beautiful yet ephemeral display. In a topical Olympic metaphor, perhaps you could say his work is akin to the 100m dash: blink and you might miss it. But in that momentary exhilaration, it is the experience that becomes eternal. Fascinated by a location’s influence upon an installation of art, it is perhaps not surprising that Cai is attracted by Guernsey and the Channel Islands - places so unique in their history and culture and talks of collaboration with Cai for a pan-islands project in 2014 are underway. For an artist whose dialogue with his surrounding communities constantly produces such innovative works, this presents an opportunity for Guernsey to be at the epicentre of an explosive new direction in contemporary art. Cai Guo-Qiang has lit the fuse; don’t miss out on the fireworks.

Beijing Games: Sketches and Video will be at The Greenhouse until 31st August.






the children’s stories Gallery discovers the tales – pun intended - behind some of the cows. Words | Caroline Mauger



he 2011 Donkey Parade was instrumental in raising the profile of – and funds for -the Guernsey Adult Literacy Project (GALP). This year GALP is hoping to raise even more money for its valuable work with the Cows on Parade.

The result was Cowabunga by Harry Tester in year 1, who was inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. ‘I’ve got Turtles books and a bedspread and I watch them on television,’ explains Harry. ‘My Mum heard them saying “Cowabunga!” and got the idea, and I drew lots of cows and chose all the colours.’ Of the finished design, he enthuses: ‘It’s really good, I’m very proud.’

We’re used to hearing about adults doing things for children, but this project has given children the opportunity to help adults who, for a number of reasons, have been unable to achieve their full potential because they missed out on literacy skills in their youth. There’s a story behind each of the 52 cows, but we took a closer look at three which wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the involvement of children.

Rob and Katie Sweeney spent four hours at their kitchen table going through all the entries with Emma. ‘It was difficult to judge, lots of them could have won,’ admits Rob. ‘Harry’s design had humour and was a neat, cool idea and the colours were spot-on. Painting underneath a cow was difficult though – I sympathise with Michaelangelo, although I think the Sistine Chapel took a little longer!’



Petr Horacek is a successful children’s author and illustrator, with books such as Silly Goose, New House For Mouse and Peter Puffin, shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2012. Ardel Holdings has sponsored Children’s Book Week for 16 years and had invited Petr to come to Guernsey to speak to schoolchildren this October. So when they sponsored Ardelina the Big Guernsey Cow, Ardel asked Petr to come up with a design and collaborate with the children of Amherst Primary School to decorate it. Petr’s initial design featured brown-and-white Guernsey cows, but when he arrived at Amherst and gave the children a lesson on how to draw these animals, he decided to let their imaginations soar. ‘They challenged me to draw cows on bikes, cows kissing... so I got them to each draw one ordinary cow and another they’d like to see,’ says Petr. He taught the children – all in years 1 and 2 - how to build up colour and they produced cows on skateboards, in hot air balloons, flying and dressed as fairies. ‘Children are a great inspiration for my work,’ adds Petr. ‘They think of things adults wouldn’t dream of.’ The background was painted by Petr using acrylic paint and polystyrene to scratch in texture, then the cows were added on top before varnishing. Petr has been impressed with the children: ‘They are so well behaved and have asked sensible questions, I’ve really enjoyed working with them.’ Petr Horacek will be talking at the Performing Arts Centre on Wednesday 3rd October at 6.30pm as part of Children’s Book Week.


Artists Diana Rodriguez and Denyse McGahy designed Fusia the cow for IT company Fusion Systems. They painted her under the name of their fledgling upcycling venture, which they named after their daughters Iris and Dora. Denyse was inspired by steampunk, a kind of Victorian sci-fi, and envisioned a cow which children are working from the inside. ‘It was a big collaborative effort, based around Diana’s awesome painting skills,’ adds Denyse. Diana specialises in portraiture and her own children, Iris and Freddie, were models for the amazing likenesses which adorn Fusia. This was not their only contribution, however. As Diana explains, ‘Unbeknownst to us, my children did paint on Fusia. Luckily it wasn’t over the portraits and I was able to repair the damage!’ Fusia is lucky enough to have a prime position at Castle Cornet, where she was able to get a bird’s eye – or cow’s eye – view of Prince Charles and Camilla when they visited Guernsey in July. Keep up to date with what Denyse and Diana are doing at The last word should go to GALP Director Trevor Wakefield. ‘Several schools and a scout group have taken part in the cow project – that’s hundreds of children who have been involved. The idea all along was to create a community art project, something created by the community for the community. Inclusion is important to us at GALP and the children’s involvement means a lot.’ Of the designs themselves, Trevor is emphatic: ‘They’re beautiful, and they stand up against those created by the adults.’

Emma Mauger sponsored a cow through her company ELM Compliance and, as her children Ellie and Sam attend St Mary & St Michael Primary, she decided to get their school involved. Emma’s idea was to run a competition to come up with a design for the cow, picking a winner in every year group and – the ultimate prize – an overall winner whose design would be painted by artist Rob Sweeney and his wife Katie.




The Monthly Uploads Want to win £50? All you have to do is email your entry with the subject ‘upload’ to: before the deadline of 20th August - the theme is Vintage - and you’ll be in with a chance.

Make the files nice and big, about 4MB is a good size to aim for as a guide. We try and print every photo / doodle but we can’t get them all on the page full size unfortunately - they just wouldn’t fit!

£50 winner

Simon Boucher-Harris

Bex Archer

Paul Mariess 46 46

Paul Mariess

Sofia Griffin




Bex Archer

J Burgess

Sofia Griffin


Mikal Dyas 47


We make BEAUTIFUL films and take STUNNING photographs, to tell the STORY of your WEDDING. We use NATURAL light to capture REAL emotion and GENUINE feeling that cannot be staged. Receive a 10% discount if you book both Wedding Film & Photography

07781 119 421 |




From the moment we crossed the border from Finland to Russia, we were halted at a checkpoint and our papers scrutinised by a stern looking General Orlov with mandatory villainous sneer and cigarette idly dangling from his mouth. Smooth motorway rapidly deteriorated into pot-holed, bumpy roads; we knew our expedition was about to become more action-packed. The placid journey introduction of road signs, law-abiding driving, all-facility campsites, English speaking societies and familiar culture quickly became a distant memory. The plot was becoming much more thrilling, with every day our storyline a potential Cliffhanger. Our high-speed scenes take place on the poorly maintained major routes between cities; trains of belching trucks snaking through the countryside. Fast and Furious, they roar along on rough, Rocky highways, bouncing over ruts and rifts. Overtaking becomes a kamikaze computer-game; chasing at speed, uphill, blind summits and sightless corners; the truck drivers seem to thrive on an element of danger, their transportation of goods in a Lethal Weapon. They will close in on your rear bumper with inches to spare, intimidating and terrifying as they attempt to pass you and gain one place in the chaotic vehicle chain. Mad Max drives a lorry; with bricks piled precariously high, screaming past us in the opposite direction; as he swerves at speed to avoid a pothole, several bricks fly off and bounce in our direction, our hero swerving instinctively to avoid a collision at 70kph with the masonry missile hurtling towards our bonnet. With a fortnight of reasonably successful Russian travelling under our belts we started to relax; we were getting to grips with translation, society, culture and navigation and travelling here seemed less of a Mission Impossible.


We Wanted to visit the Perm region next, part of the beautiful Ural Mountains with cities boasting wonderful neo-classical architecture, golden domed cathedrals and natural beauty. We explored the Underworld of an ice mountain in Kungur, surrounded by tales of a fiery underground creature living in the maze of frozen caves. Fortunately we did not encounter any Resident Evil and instead were enthralled at the underground lakes, frozen stalactites and sparkling icy grottos. Unbeknown to us at the time, part of this territory was also home to the ‘abnormal zone’, an area similar to the Bermuda triangle, rumoured to be an epicentre of Paranormal Activity and UFO sightings. Reports of unexplained noises, balls of light, telecommunication blackouts and fiery apparitions are common amongst locals and people have fled their homes in fear, leaving a few resolute inhabitants in The Village. Completely oblivious to the zone’s potential impact on mechanical and electronic devices, and unaware of the calendar displaying Friday 13th, our valiant explorers puzzled over a massive reduction in power charge of their mother ship, Bee Bee. This faltering of the adventure mobile’s battery charge system meant that a Speed of over 40kph had to be sustained to maintain engine power. Suspense mounts, then a twist of fate slows the traffic ahead; our momentum drops and one by one our systems Die Hard; electric windows, clock display, speedometer and indicators, until we reach Point Break and our trusty steed cuts out… straddled across train tracks on a level crossing.



Our Unstoppable, brave heroine dives into action and courageously pushes the vehicle clear of the tracks with extraordinary superhuman strength and a casual flick of her hair to passing cowardly motorists who can only gape in amazement at her bold feat. Our Iron Man hero commands the ship to safety into a layby and the dynamic duo bypass the violation in conduction to fire up her operating systems and continue on their mission to base.

If you’d like to hop on board, buckle-up and join our adventure ‘around the world in 800 days’ you can read our regular updates on our website at, like us for status updates on facebook at aroundtheworldin800days or follow us on Twitter @mrs800days

Cities are a Matrix of crossroads, one-way systems, signals, signs and absence of road markings, a dangerous combination of cars, trams, electric buses and pedestrians during Rush Hour. In this Alien land we cross industrial wastelands, isolated wilderness and residential hubs of activity; driving dynamically to the next scene and finding refuge in our roof tent From Dusk Till Dawn.

Andy and Emma.

We travel without stunt doubles, Computer Generated Imagery, big budgets or artificial studio sets; just real-life action without an editors cut, extending way beyond the standard 120 minutes to a swashbuckling 800 days. Russia is not our Last Crusade; we’ll be back so keep following for the sequel, which promises to be just as good as the original.


Alternatively just read our monthly updates here at Gallery.

Images (left to right, top to bottom): Bee Bee travels precariously across the Volga River Adventuring in Tyumen National Park Bee Bee meets some opposition near Kostroma Sunset on the M7 heading towards Nizhny Novgorod Kungur Ice Cave, Kungur, Perm region

NB: the events depicted in this article are real and no attempt should be made to replicate them at home. No adventurers were harmed in the making of this expedition.





Sark Isle Of

A world apart

WHAT'S ON IN AUGUST Thursday 2nd August

Sark Lighthouse Tour – Guided tour of the lighthouse. Starts at the lighthouse steps at 4pm. Bookings essential as limited places. Tickets are £4 per adult and £1.50 per child (no young children). Telephone 01481 832345 or book at the Sark Visitor Centre.

Saturday 4th August

Market Day at the Sark Visitor Centre courtyard starts at 11am (weather permitting). Local produce, bric a brac, homemade goods. To reserve a stall or for more information please contact the Visitor Centre 01481 832345

Monday 6th August

How Sark Works – Politics, Sewage & Taxes A guided walk led by Jan Guy. Starts 2pm at the Visitor Centre. This 2 hour walk, which has one fairly steep ascent, attempts to answer all the questions visitors to the island ask: Where does your water come from? Where do your children go to school? Do you pay tax? Themes and routes might change if weather is inclement or paths temporarily out of use. Advanced booking is at the Visitor Centre is advised. Tickets cost £4 per adult. £1.50 per child. Strong footwear, lightweight waterproofs and small bottle of water are also advised.

Thursday 9th August

Sark Lighthouse Tour – Guided tour of the lighthouse. Starts at the lighthouse steps at 4pm. Bookings essential as limited places. Tickets are £4 per adult and £1.50 per child (no young children). Telephone 01481 832345 or book at the Sark Visitor Centre.

Sunday 19th August

Sark Horse, Dog and Pet Show A real taste of island life at the Seigneurie Field. In the morning come along to watch dog agility shows or have a look in the pet tent and then stay for the traditional horse show in the afternoon. Refreshments available. Various stalls.

Tuesday 21st August

Artists of Sark A guided walk led by Visitor Officer Karen Adams. An exploration of the locations associated with some of the many artists who have been drawn to Sark throughout history, including where they lived and worked. We finish this walk in one of the most spectacular locations on Sark. Pre-booking advisable. Starts 2pm at the Sark Visitor Centre. To book, telephone 01481 832345 Tickets cost £4 per adult and £1.50 per child.

Thursday 23rd August

Sark Lighthouse Tour – Guided tour of the lighthouse. Starts at the lighthouse steps at 4pm. Bookings essential as limited places. Tickets are £4 per adult and £1.50 per child (no young children). Telephone 01481 832345 or book a the Sark Visitor Centre.

Monday 27th August

The Sea Around Us A guided walk led by Jan Guy. Starts 2pm at the Visitor Centre. This 2 hour walk explains fishing methods, local navigation and pilotage and touches on the natural history of our seas and shores. Drowning also features – but only in historical terms! A fairly easy stroll which finishes at the Pilcher Monument. Themes and routes might change if weather is inclement or paths temporarily out of use. Advanced booking is at the Visitor Centre is advised. Tickets cost £4 per adult. £1.50 per child. Strong footwear, lightweight waterproofs and small bottle of water are also advised.

Wednesday 29th August – Thursday 30th August

Grand Autumn Show The largest of the island’s two flower and produce shows takes place at the Island Hall.

Saturday 11th August

St Peter’s Church Church Fayre. 2 pm at the Vicarage. Traditional stalls and games.

Sunday 12th August

Traditional Sea Service at the Creux Harbour at 12 noon. The Guernsey Life Boat will be in attendance. All are welcome. RNLI souvenirs will be on sale.

Monday 13th August

Seigneurs and Dames – The good the bad and the lovely! A guided walk led by Jan Guy. Starts 2pm at the Visitor Centre. This 2 hour walk enlightens you about the 3 main families which have held the Fief of Sark from 1565 to the present day. You will learn of the altruism, eccentricities and difficulties of our Seigneurs and Dames. Themes and routes might change if weather is inclement or paths temporarily out of use. Advanced booking is at the Visitor Centre is advised. Tickets cost £4 per adult. £1.50 per child. Strong footwear, lightweight waterproofs and small bottle of water are also advisable.

Thursday 16th August

Sark Lighthouse Tour – Guided tour of the lighthouse. Starts at the lighthouse steps at 4pm. Bookings essential as limited places. Tickets are £4 per adult and £1.50 per child (no young children). Telephone 01481 832345 or book at the Sark Visitor Centre.






for two guests sharing a gold room overnight

A luxurious ‘Sunday Stay’ Treat yourself to a break away from it all in the sumptuous surroundings of The Royal Yacht in Jersey, with our limited Sunday Stay offer. Enjoy the following with this fabulous offer: • Overnight Stay in a Gold Double (complimentary upgrade, subject to availability); • Glass of champagne on arrival; • Mud Rasul Treatment for two; • Three course set menu dinner in Restaurant Sirocco; • Full buffet breakfast; and • Use of the spa facilities including in swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, relaxation room and more. To book your Sunday Stay email: or call 01534 720511 Please visit for terms and conditions

Weighbridge St Helier Jersey C.I. JE2 3NF

20895 RYH Sunday Stay GSY Gallery Ad Aug 2012.indd 1

09/07/2012 14:20


A Visitor’s


words | Carolyn Patricia Grisold


t. Peter Port rose up from the Channel in jagged shadows. The sun shone too bright in my camera and the wind whipped my hair in my eye. When we got closer I could see boats moored along the coast. The man beside me said when the tide goes out, all those boats sit on rocks. I said no way. I wasn’t sure if I would like it. I’d only known about the island from reading the Potato Peel Pie Society. Thought it sounded cute. Was in England for the Henley Regatta so decided to give Guernsey a try. Hesitantly, taking the long way there. I took the train to Dover, the ferry to Calais, drove to Rouen. Stayed in an Ibis, shivering in my thin sweater, missing the stifling Toronto summers back home. Monday drove to Le Mans, later to Saumur for croque monsieur in a courtyard and two lovely nights in a Nantes B&B. Then to the Carrefour in St. Malo, stocking up on red wine and dried sausage, another ferry to Jersey, Bloody Mary by the harbour, holding back nausea from the travel. And here, now, watching Guernsey rise up from dark waters, not ominous, but not as I pictured it, all pastel in the afternoon and moules-frites and me in my new blue and white nautical-themed dress that I thought would be perfect. Too bad about the weather. The next day I took to the 7A counter-clockwise, asked the driver if it was true, I could get around the island for a pound. I sat caught between three Frenchmen, leaning over me to point out the window. Commenting on the traffic. I’d been warned about the streets, the rental cars, the damage to their sides. I loved the houses, tiny flowers sprouting out from their old stone walls, petit jardins, French streetnames, the “hedge veg” (such a trusting island; Torontonians would never leave produce unattended). I sat on the right, the coastal side, but after a while wished I were on the left, watching the rolling hills lumber by, reminding me of England, indulging in their


verdancy (swimmingly meeting the verdant sea). Within an hour and a half I was back “downtown,” strolling to the Old Quarter, the market, with my nails freshly rosy from Amelia’s Wardrobe, smudged flipping through Gallery magazine, wanting to visit Victor Hugo’s statue, but it was late, and so I headed to my rented room On Friday I wandered into Candie Gardens for a tea in the conservatory, and it was there that I saw it, the statue of Victor, realizing all along he’d been across the street. That night to L’Éscalier, highly recommended, bounding up the steps. I had Herm oysters; charred pork loin for the main. I closed it down, talking Sark Folk Festival with the chef, tattoos with the Maître d’. I told them this is how Toronto dining works best: local, rustic, decadent. Two solitudes, in solidarity. T.O. and St. P. Saturday it rained but the sun came out long enough for a drive to Cobo Bay, G&T at The Rockmount, quick snapshot of Icart Point along the way. Sunday: much too early and a Flybe to Gatwick. Later, high on sleeping pills and Jacob’s Creek, soaring over the Atlantic, my blue-and-white dress all rumpled, missing the island already, wondering if it was real. I landed in a smog-filled heatwave and Canadian customs asked where I’d been. When I said Guernsey she said “who’s he?” Carolyn writes amusing musings @CityandCharm on Twitter


home living

indica 39 The Pollet, St Peter Port Telephone: 728388










idge leather THE HITCH: "W .99 - Miss Selfr ike bracelet £4 sp ld go , £6 it swimsu New Look cutout n necklace £2 Mallory wears; et £2, gold chai el ac br il co ld go 5, £1 s el he ld go


k bodycon skirt

jacket £52, blac






lfridge acid blue

each - Miss Se s pink cuffs £16

9 - Nautilu

hnet tights £3.9

ette £16.99, fis

o Doll bral New Look Toky Mallory wears; s £50 black shoe boot







shorts £30,










9, leather jacket

ckerchief £3.9 9.99 9, Fancy That ne udded heels £2 st 4.9 k £4 ac s bl ot 9, bo .9 er et tights £3 , grey work New Look fishn red jeans £19.99 Mallory wears; st £7 - New Look ve ite wh n rto Bu Mickey wears;


model's own









Look boots £50 - New ings £18, shoe gg le ok lo n t ow we model's Selfridge 9 - Denim jacket op top £10 - Miss rker boots £44.9 Saiko tartan cr s; wo ar ey gr we , ry 99 llo 9. Ma ans £1 New Look red je Mickey wears;



necklace £4.99










n necklace £2

£15, gold chai £36, gold heels

k lace

- New Look blac

acid jeans alette £18, blue er boots £44.99 s £9, grey work idge black zip br £3.99 an lfr irf je Se ch el ss er m ck Mi ca s; ne ok Mallory wear 4.50 - New Lo £2 - Fancy That check shirt £3 ld coil bracelet - HS2 Superdry £7 waistcoat £7 , go rt hi t-s ite Burton wh Mickey wears;









0 - New Look d leggings £14.5


ge across

99 - Miss Selfrid

stud heels £29.

g £2.50 ll Bunny rippe 9 - Saiko dog ta rucksack £17.9 £14.99 - Saiko He i t ak oa tc kh is 9, wa 4.9 m £4 New Look deni worker boots New Look grey Mallory wears; coil bracelet £2 jeans £79.50 ld ar St go G0, 2 £1 n HS ai 2 body ch tton top £1 Burton white bu Mickey wears; BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS





words | Ella Cloud


skier stores Holeshot and Sail Or Surf. Having sat longer in the high street than one can remember, these stores will sort you out for your Street and Lifestyle brands. If the sun sticks around long enough Billabong do a cute Rose Tea single frill bikini to wear under the rays and on top of your towel.

To accessorize your style, stock the Stella McCartney Olympic range. Her grey jersey bag with gunmetal zip detail for Adidas would go equally well for day time wear as it would in the locker room.

Spector Sport

The shop also stocks Captain Corsaire and Saint James for those seafarers among us who wear Breton stripes as a staple.

Another couple of stores worth heading to are Crew Clothing and Joules for your more preppy, sophisticated sporting approach. Crew doesn’t set a foot wrong with its patriotic GBR branded range, perhaps a ruddy pink GBR hoody may tickle your fancy.

If watching sport as opposed to playing it is more your cup of tea, the Sports Luxe trend fits in perfectly. Honing in on soft, moveable fabrics, this trend is less about the sporting gear and more about the design elements. Think soft fabrics and dusty pinks and blue hues. Joy do a quirky peachy tone binocular print t-shirt by Numph which could dress down a smart pair of striped Aubin and Wills shorts. Wedge high top sneakers are also popping up everywhere, and don’t look as awful as they sound. Try out the ‘Jack White’ concealed wedge trainer on, worn with skinny chalky print jeans and a white tee.

If Polo is more your game, a perfect way to show your support could be with a Joules navy polo top. With brilliant attention to detail in the form of Union Jack fabric poking out from the collar stand, wear over a pretty white summer skirt to take the edge off a boxy shape. Covering all bases though are our surfer/skater/ GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE





Mix your usual shorts with the yellow pop of Chunk’s ‘Chewie’ surfer t-shirt from Joy for a tongue-in-cheek vibe. Following a day of surf team with an Aubin and Wills navy knitted jumper for those chilly evenings. This Fisherman style jumper is even inspired by the "working" Guernsey design with a classic boxy fit.

Men's Superdry Commodity flat-front chino shorts, with four-pocket design, button fly, back pocket logo patch and distressed hem act as a nice transition for any day to night event.

For an Après-sail style Saint James also have a men’s range. After a jaunt on the waves try one of their rugby style tops with a ruffled up collar and a pair of Lacoste bottoms rolled at the ankle. Top with a Jack Wills, heritage rugby team inspired Cutteridge top for a weekend wonder.

From surfer to skater a pair of sneaker plimsolls should be a fundamental piece of footwear. For something unique try designing your own Van, Nike trainer or Converse pump for individual style. Guernsey’s sporting colours of green, white and yellow with a dash of red aren’t a bad combination.

For a relaxed fit mix River Island’s crew neck, washed out striped Tee with a pair of Superdry’s commodity chino shorts. Wear with your Converse and maybe a baseball style jacket for a vintage take on a sporty look.

Men's Superdry Commodity flat-front chino shorts, with four-pocket design, button fly, back pocket logo patch and distressed hem act as a nice transition for any day to night event.




GWYNETH & GREY Designer clothes and accessories 51 Le Pollet SPP www.



StyleSTALKER words | Jorja Helmot

Once again we’ve sent our Style Stalker onto the high street to hunt down our very own fashionistas!

Ciara, 18, Shop Assisant

I don't really have a style icon as such, I just wear what I like. Style Stalker: We're liking the messy tied back hair to reveal an on-trend preppy collar and spiked chain necklace.

Harry, 20 , Student

Nick, 20, Student

My favorite places to shop are AllSaints and Jack Wills. My style icon is Sam Walden. Style Stalker: This olive Jack Wills jacket is a great match for the maroon tee.

Paige, 17, Student

My main fashion inspiration comes from David Beckham. I also like shopping in AllSaints.

I mainly shop in Warehouse and like following what my style icon Alexa Chung wears.

Style Stalker: Relaxed daywear but still looking trendy. Backwards cap and thong sandals... Just too cool!

Style Stalker: We adore the cute socks under these blue suede shoes.


Francessca, 17, Student

Most of the clothes I buy are Topshop because I love everything they sell! Style Stalker: Tweed, denim, and croc skin boots - you can't knock this outfit!

George, 18, Musician

I buy most of my clothes online, mainly from ASOS. Style Stalker: We love the coordination in the minor details of this outfit. Skinny jeans are a great match for any outfit.




Ask THE EXPERT words | Jorja Helmot


Get Lucky T-shirt £18.00 G-Star denim shorts £63.00

A bright coloured tee with denim cut-offs makes an ideal laid-back look.

Nautilus Dress £33.00

Sail or Surf

Spot on Shoes £21.00

Etnies T-shirt £19.99 Billabong board shorts £61.00 New Era cap £23.99

For stylish evening attire, check out the Nautilus sale. They have some absolute steals like this pretty dress and these floral heels.

If you're a Marley lover then these board shorts are perfect for you! Match with a New Era cap and Etnies tee and you'll be good to go!

Amelia's Wardrobe

Polka dot jeans £42.99 Coral dress £25.00

We love this bold coral dress - it's floatiness is ideal for keeping you cool on hot summer evenings. Alternatively, when our days are not so warm, these polka dot jeans are a top favourite!

Miss Selfridge

Black zip playsuit £39.00 Stone PV jacket £52.00

This season's must-have is the black playsuit. Perfect for slipping into for an evening just add this rockin' jacket and a pair of heels.


Summer vest £14.00 Chino shorts £15.00 Navy pumps £14.00


These shorts come in a range of colours and for those days spent on the beach, match with a vest to be set for summer.





BEAUTYNEWS words | Nichole Sweetsur

SUMMER BEAUTY HEROES I get a real thrill out of discovering something that really delivers. It doesn’t have to be new and it doesn’t have to be expensive … but it does need to give results that are beyond my expectations (and they are pretty high). Here are four beauty heroes that have found a permanent place in my beauty cabinet: 1. Sally Hanson Insta-Dri… This clever little number has transformed my manicure and pedicure routine because it speeds up drying time. Smudged nails are a thing of the past. It gives a super glossy finish too. [£5.99 Boots]

3. Tangle Teezer… Instantly de-tangles even the most unruly locks. This genius invention even tames my hair after surfing. And if you have kids, they will love it too. An absolute must-buy. [£9.99.]

2. St Tropez Gradual Tan… I’ve toyed with gradual tans in the past, but have always felt let down by their oddly yellow tone, synthetic ‘biscuit’ scent and uneven coverage. But I have fallen hard for St Tropez Gradual Tan because it really is as easy as it should be. After two days of rubbing the pleasantly scented moisturiser into my pasty limbs I look sunkissed and glowing. Remember to exfoliate every other day to keep the colour even. [£18.00. Boots]

4. Go Global Body shop If you want an inexpensive pick-meup then look no further than the Body Shop’s new Scents of the World. The ingredients are fair-trade and organic so the feel-good-factor will stay strong, even after the scent has faded. Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist hints of exotic shores. [£7.00 Body Shop]





The Bodhi Bath & Shower Assemblage is the perfect antidote for disappointing hotel toiletries. There are seven mini shower gels in a variety fragrances to match your holiday moods. Bodhi is a British beauty, so you can fly the flag, wherever you land. [£40.00 Plaisirs] The nurture replenish mini skincare collection is great for older skins and the little kit contains a mini day cream SPF15, night cream, lip & eye cream, a mini pack of wipes and even hand cream. [£14.00.]


The Balance Me Discovery Set contains travel friendly sizes of their divine body wash, face wash, hand cream and body lotion. All packed with essential oils and skin-friendly ingredients. [£16.00 Waitrose]

3 STEPS TO... HOLIDAY HAIRCARE Summer can be cruel to hair, especially if it’s coloured, take cover with these three easy steps to holiday haircare….

1. Before you go on holiday load up your

hair with moisture and protein, that way it will take longer for the sun to deplete your hair’s natural moisture levels. In the week leading up to your holiday substitute your regular conditioner with an intensive moisture masque such as Redken Extreme Strength Builder Fortifying Mask. [£17.25]


2. Whilst you are away you must use a sun protection spray or cream in your hair while you are out in the day, think of it as being just as important as applying an SPF to your skin. Try Redken Colour Extend Sun Waterwear. [£13.95.]

3. Before you take a dip in the sea or pool, soak your hair well in fresh water which will help stop it absorbing salt or chlorine, then when you come out, rinse it well in fresh water again. Then towel dry and reapply your hair sunscreen.


ELIZABETH ARDEN FEEL UNIQUE AT AU CAPRICE From the highest quality skincare innovations, body beautiful cult products and trademark fragrances, Elizabeth Arden remains a beauty legacy with an unfailing commitment to quality and excellence. No women’s dresser would be complete without the synonymous 8 hour cream or the signature Red Door scent.

New products available from Feelunique at Au Caprice

New visible difference Revitalise and repair with over 100 years of spa science, individually tailored products to create a skinperfecting regime personalised for your complexion.


Prevage transforms anti-aging skincare with advanced Idebenone technology, the most powerful antioxidant available today. It is a powerful combination of sun and environment protection and gives astounding results! Pop into the store to hear more about the new ranges and how it can work for you and look out for a great deal running in August on the Elizabeth Arden range!


Dot by Marc Jacobs for Her

Marc Jacobs has launched this must have fragrance now available from Feelunique at Au Caprice. The new fragrance continues the cheerful packaging associated with Marc Jacobs renowned fragrances, polka dots and embellished red petals make the bottle look like a ladybug in the heart of a flower. The scent is floral-fruity, surrounded with exotic notes of coconut and wrapped in a soft vanilla embrace, a delightfully wearable fragrance!

Dior Nail Varnish in Saint Tropez and Bikini Estee lauder cp+ r perfectionist

This powerful wrinkle lifting/firming serum dramatically reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles with exceptional speed. CPR-75 technology supercharges skin and is proven to double skin’s natural collagen building power. Results are visible within a week and in just 4 weeks, skin looks fuller and reclaims a youthful firmness and suppleness. This is Estee Lauder’s most effective wrinkle-fighting serum ever!

Dior Vernis captivates and dazzles in two addictive summer shades. The Croisette look goes all the way down to the fingernails with polish in Saint-Tropez, an aqua turquoise, and Bikini, a fresh, glamorous coral. Absolutely stunning with a tan!

Take the 28-day


See the difference in your skin or your money back.* Discover an anti-ageing innovation. PREVAGE® Face with Idebenone, still unsurpassed as the single most powerful antioxidant** is proven to help:

See results in 28 days or your money back.* Take the challenge:

• Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and discolourations

• Visit the Elizabeth Arden counter to receive your complimentary skincare analysis with one of our Skincare Specialists.

• Give skin a firmer and more radiant look. 94% of women tested saw a dramatic improvement in theirskin’s overall appearance after just 4 weeks.***

• Use PREVAGE® Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum twice aday as part of your AM and PM skincare regime. • After 28 days, you’ll see a difference in your skin. If not, return to the Elizabeth Arden counter for a full refund.*

Proof...not promises.™ With Idebenone, the most powerful antioxidant**

* To qualify for a refund, products must be purchased between 6th June – 31st July 2011 at an Elizabeth Arden counter in the UK or Ireland. Return to the store of purchase with the original proof of purchase and the remaining PREVAGE® product(s) to gain a full refund after the 28-day trial. Refunds on PREVAGE® are permitted during the promotional period and until 31st August 2011. One refund per customer. To find your nearest store visit To see full terms & conditions visit **When compared to alpha lipoic acid, kinetin, vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10. *** US home use consumer test conducted on 102 women aged 25-65 after 4 weeks. ©2011 Elizabeth Arden Inc.



MASSAGE THERAPIES For the ultimate pampering book a 60 minute marine based destressing massage from head-totoe for the special price of £50.00


Or a relaxing 30 min back massage using natural oils for the special price of £30




Known for therapeutic benefits, the art of massage is a centuries-old healing technique. Release tensions and nurture the body by indulging in Salvation Spa’s special massage treatment.

Experience exclusive luxury treatments at boutique day spa, Salvation Call now on 240133 to book your appointment, Salvation Spa, Fort Complex, L’Islet e







words | Keiran Wyatt-Nicolle

Cocktails & Tapas? Gallery Magazine had a truly magical evening when we were invited to dinner with a twist by the lovely folks over at The Rock Garden.

On arrival we decided to kick off the evening by sampling one of the many inspired delights that the cocktail menu has to offer. Particularly delectable was the Oliver Twist with its genius infusion of Lemon Grass Ginger and Chili, but if this sounds a little too adventurous for your palette then you can’t go wrong with one of the many champagne based treats.... Whatever your poison, if you like cocktails then you’ll be akin to a child let loose after hours in Willy Wonkers Chocolate factory when perusing the menu. The evening was young and the venue was quietly buzzing away with people enjoying an early evening tipple and discussing how they had enjoyed the days sunshine. The mood was set, the cocktails were flowing and the level of service was attentive but certainly not intrusive. Our chef for the evening Adam who had selected a variety dishes for us to sample and the team, were excited at the prospect of what we were about to receive, our minds turned to food and we accepted the invitation to our table. Here are some the exquisite dishes served.

Confit of belly pork, crushed garden peas, madeira jus and crackling

The Belly Pork was fantastically cooked and the accompaniment of Medeira Jus and crushed Garden peas set the dish alight … the team were unanimous that this would certainly be a dish they would order upon future visits … a must for any carnivore.


Seared scallop and black pudding, caramelized cauliflower purée polonaise

Scallops were perfectly cooked and the puree pulled the dish together. If you enjoy your seafood served in an experimental way then this is a dish you simply must try.



Duck egg with chorizo

Eggs are a versatile ingredient to be enjoyed any time of the day and the team felt that this ingenious treatment would make for an excellent hangover cure to get over what was shaping up to be a most excellent evening.

Pickled beetroot and goats cheese salad, black olive and candied walnuts (v)

The quality of the goat’s cheese was second to none. The beetroot sung in harmony with the caramelized walnuts making this an essential dish to accompany your meat/fish tapas.

Crab, lobster, king prawn, avocado and cucumber tian with a pink grapefruit dressing

Devine… Devine… Devine… A phenomenal mix of sweet, sour and citrus flavors… if you have not got the gist we liked this dish A LOT!


Tuna carpaccio, orange scented carrot with pickled cucumber and wasabbi mayonnaise

An excellent dish accompanied by a truly amazing Wasabi Mayonnaise. We all felt that the carrot was a little to textural but this concern was overcome when speaking with Adam our chef for the evening who informed us that he had just purchased a new instrument for slicing the carrot ribbons finer.

Home smoked mackerel terrine, tapenade and lemon mayonnaise

This dish reminded us of everything we love about local mackerel. The fish was sweet and moist and extremely moorish. The Lemon Mayo speaks for itself … you simply have to try this dish to believe it!

Smoked duck breast, chargrilled pak choi, radish shavings and sweet chili dressing

OK this dish simply works … A simple combination of oriental veg with sweet, smoked, chili loveliness. Do not hesitate in ordering this dish as you will most certainly not be disappointed.

The votes were in and they were unanimous … it was chocolate fondue all round, who needs Willy Wonker when we have Adam! We were not to be disappointed as Jonathan approached the table with a spread of Homemade Marsh mellows, fresh strawberries and delectable chocolate fondue. Our newest recruit had the cunning idea of enjoying this amazing dish with accompanying double Amaretto’s served on the rocks (if you are feeling naughty DO NOT hold back) this was unbelievable! TO SEE THEIR MENU IN FULL VISIT WWW.THEROCK-GARDEN.COM OR CALL 235666 TO BOOK. ENJOY LIVE MUSIC EVERY THURSDAY AND SUNDAY IN SUMMER WITH THE ROCK GARDEN. BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS




La Grande Mare Hotel Telephone: +44 (0)1481 256576 or visit



I was born in India and I left to travel around when I was 23/24, when I was younger I really wanted to be a pilot. My inspiration to become a chef came when I started Hotel School, we went through the operational functions, reception, restaurant and that was the time I just leant towards the food side. I hate snails! Pickled, preserved, fresh whatever, I avoid working with them or eating them! My last supper would have to be some decent meat based Indian food.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how it feels to work in such a lovely restaurant so close to the seaside? I have traveled to quite a few places in the world and to be honest until now this is one of my favourites and also the best places for seafood. It is so fresh and there is so much choice its brilliant. It’s a busy restaurant and all the staff are fantastic, I really enjoy it here.

What’s your all time favourite dish on your menu and why? It’s got to be the rolled shoulder of lamb; we’ve got to be like ‘King’ of the lamb! Since I have been here we have sold more than 20,000 portions and in our tennerfest it was in the 1000s. Everyone really seems to enjoy it and we like it to; it’s simple to make and has a great taste.

The restaurant looks fantastic, I have been up here many a time and it is always full of people. Do you think your changing menus help to keep people coming back, especially with your most recent ‘Flavours of summer’ menu? Yes definitely, we wanted to offer as much variety in the dishes we serve to our customers and we also try not to be repetitive. We like to use the local ingredients available at the time to make the best dishes and offer the best value. Flavours of summer will be changing with the seasons, so look out for our spring, Tenner Fest, Christmas and winter versions.

What’s the strangest off the menu request you have ever had? Once I got an A4 six page document of allergy advice! That was really difficult I had to go and speak to the guest and ask them lots of questions and specify the process of how I was going to make everything to make sure it was OK.

Where does the inspiration for new dishes come from? I read a lot of books and do a lot research to get inspiration, especially when you are in a place like Guernsey, you are a bit cut off so I like to research and take as much inspiration as I can when I go traveling every year. With new dishes we will think of new ideas of what should go with what, or if there should be low or high garnish and if it is fine dining or bistro food.

When the restaurant is really busy, how do you cope under pressure? The key is to be calm; I’m really blessed with that. My restaurant manager has just complimented me and said you’re the calmest chap I have ever seen! Occasionally we will have weddings on Friday and Saturday and then we will have a Golf Tournament dinner to prepare for so it can be crazy, on days like that at certain times you don’t know what is happening but if you just stay calm and focus on what you are doing everything is fine – it has worked perfectly for me for the last 10-15 years.

We are very fortunate in Guernsey to have readily available local produce, does this steer your menu choices? Of course, that’s the main inspiration of the menu. We change our menus weekly and before we sit down for the meeting I have a list from the suppliers so that we can make up a great fresh menu. Sometimes the menus go so well that after two days we are completely sold out! Can you give us a chef secret to help us make the perfect meal? I would say, ‘fresh and nice’ is key, there are a few things that you can’t use fresh but otherwise fresh and available is the best thing.

Telephone: +44 (0)1481 256576 Email:


What are the most dishes you have had to serve in one evening? The biggest number I have ever had to do was 230 people in one evening, and that was not a function but just a standard night in the restaurant.

Our theme is action with this in mind if you could cook for any sporting legend, who would it be? I am a big cricket fan, I mean cricket is in the blood for Indians so it would have to be Sachin Tendulkar, he is an amazing batsman and that would just be amazing for me! What are your future plans for La Grande Mare? We just want to continue providing great value, quality food and thanking people who are supporting us. The restaurants are always full which is really good, I just try to be spot on and keep on hoping that our customers are enjoying the hotel and the food and we will try our best to give all we can in the future.





for two guests sharing a gold room overnight

A luxurious ‘Sunday Stay’ Treat yourself to a break away from it all in the sumptuous surroundings of The Royal Yacht in Jersey, with our limited Sunday Stay offer. Enjoy the following with this fabulous offer: • Overnight Stay in a Gold Double (complimentary upgrade, subject to availability); • Glass of champagne on arrival; • Mud Rasul Treatment for two; • Three course set menu dinner in Restaurant Sirocco; • Full buffet breakfast; and • Use of the spa facilities including in swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, relaxation room and more. To book your Sunday Stay email: or call 01534 720511 Please visit for terms and conditions

Weighbridge St Helier Jersey C.I. JE2 3NF

20895 RYH Sunday Stay GSY Gallery Ad Aug 2012.indd 1

09/07/2012 14:20




words | Viv Pallot

CHAMPAGNE It’s the drink that springs to mind for any celebration and the benchmark by which all other sparkling wines are measured. But what makes it so special and how does it compare to other sparkling wines - like those made in a similar way elsewhere?

Champagne is now synonymous with France, but the so-called “méthode champenoise” by which it is created was originally documented by an Englishman, Dr Christopher Merrett, in 1662. This was several decades before Dom Pérignon came onto the scene – the Benedictine monk who developed the idea. Fast forward to the late 1800s and a clever marketing campaign promoted it as a drink of high-class and sophistication, and therein lay its success. Champagne is a wine that is fermented twice in the bottle, the second time after sugar and yeast are added (traditional method/méthode champenoise). I won’t go into detail here but Champagne is only allowed to be called so if it adheres to certain strict criteria, even down to the way the grapes are picked. Three main grape varieties are used (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier), sometimes blended, sometimes solo, sometimes from a single year if it’s a remarkable one (vintage), but mostly from blends of many years (non-vintage). Blanc de Blanc is a term for white Champagne made from Chardonnay, but curiously, Blanc de Noir is also white, made from the black-skinned grapes, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir - but the skins don’t stay in contact long enough to tint the wine. Pink Champagne is often made by adding a small quantity of Pinot Noir to the sparkling wine. Champagne made outside of the designated area cannot be called by that name. Thus, Crémant de Burgundy, Alsace or Jura are all made in the same way as Champagne and all located in the same north-eastern corner of France, but can be bought in wine stores around the world at a fraction of the price of Champagne.

CAVA Another country famous for its “traditional method” bubbly is

Spain, but regulations are less stringent here: Cava is made all over Spain, even on the islands, but the majority is from Penedès, near Barcelona. Good quality white or pink Cava is an excellent and inexpensive substitute for Champagne. It’s delicious served in the “Colonel” dessert with lemon sorbet and vodka, similar to the Italian “Sgroppino”.


A new wave of popularity for Italian sparkling wine (Spumante) has swept around the world. Best known is Prosecco Spumante, fermented the second time in steel tanks (Charmat method), hence the cheaper price. The bubbles are larger and last more briefly, and it does not age well. Mix with peach nectar for a great Bellini, or the blackcurrant liqueur de Cassis for Kir Royale. Remember, BRUT is dry but EXTRA DRY is sweeter! And very lightly sparkling wine is described as spritzig in Germany, frizzante in Italy and pétillant in France. White and rosé sparkling wines are now produced all around the world and some compete favourably with Champagne emulating its classic toasty aromas, and creamy, nutty, yeasty flavours perfectly. There are sparking reds available and even some sparkling Ice Wines too. Serve your fizz chilled, poured gently into ice-cold flutes and celebrate your occasion! And if you’re opening REALLY special Champagne, well, that’s the celebration in itself.




Bonsai now stock the exciting Earthborn paints range. Better for you, your home and our planet. To win enough Earthborn paint to paint a room, simply email your answer to the question below - to



t Bonsai we pride ourselves on quality, diversity and attention to detail. With us you get the whole package. Since opening our second showroom ‘Elements’ two years ago, business has boomed. We have a wider range of products, two lovely spaces in which to display them, 14 hugely capable staff members and a terrific new website to boot. Having set out to create something unique in the Channel Islands we believe we have succeeded. We’ve listened to client feedback and identified a demand for multiple products packaged together from one trusted supplier. Bonsai meet that demand and not only do we go further by offering a guaranteed installation service, but we also lower product costs. Put simply, the more you buy from us the cheaper each product becomes – it’s turned out to be a winning formula. Having always been known for timber flooring we have worked hard to extend our service offerings. We now have a platform to show what else we can do and find ourselves contributing more to every job. To this end we have several projects under our belt in which we have supplied and fitted: flooring, doors, ironmongery, decking, furniture and of course bespoke joinery. It goes without saying that everything is finished to the same high standard. Judging by the upturn in business in the last 12 months this pattern looks set to continue.



Bonsai’s comments on Le Hurel “Roland and Teresa’s job is a great example of this in practice. Consider that we have products there from India, Poland, Belgium, France, Italy, the UK and a staircase made in our own joinery shop. The bed and sofa were made to order, the flooring and staircase were hand-finished to the client’s chosen sample, the estimated time from deposit to completion was in 6 weeks. Pretty good going we think. Mat Rolfe | Director/Co-Owner

Client Testimonial, Roland & Teresa “When planning our new home we approached Bonsai to install timber flooring throughout. Little did we know that they were able to offer us so much more! In the end we chose oak flooring and a bespoke ‘floating’ staircase made from oak and glass - all hand finished and matched to our own sample. They also installed some striking and contemporary concrete tiles in the hall entrance and some highly unusual reclaimed teak tiles in our daughter’s bedroom. We also chose a sofa suite and a bed from them which worked beautifully with the rest of our design scheme. To have Bonsai package everything in this way meant that we not only had great value for money but also the reassurance that everything would be done to the same high standards. We are extremely pleased with the finished result and would definitely recommend them".




penthouse APARTMENT

Camblez Penthouse Apartment | Queens Road | St Peter Port | Local Market: ÂŁ750,000

EVER DREAMT OF OWNING your very own penthouse? Well now you can, and the best thing about this property? Not t he elegant shapes and cool interior, but the fact that it comes with all upholstery, fittings and sitting room furniture so you can ooze cool and truly live the dream. The apartment is close to Town's trendy bars and nightlife but set back enough so you can enjoy the serene evenings. A truly luxurious penthouse apartment offering 3 bedrooms all with en-suite facilities together with spacious and beautifully appointed kitchen, dining and sitting room this is just simply the place for you. Arranged over 2 floors you can also enjoy island views from your exquisite lounge area. The property also benefits from 2 parking spaces. The apartment has its own rear garden for those all important soirees, and has the wow factor of a swanky Singapore Hotel. We can only dream‌

THE ESSENTIALS: Apartment 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 3 En suite Garden Investment/Ideal Rental Parking Sea views FIRST FLOOR Hall 29'9 x 6'7 WC 5' x 4'5 Utility 6'7 x 5'7 Sitting/Dining Room 25'6 x 16'10 Kitchen 16'8 x 9'5 Bedroom 14'8 x 9'6 En suite shower room 8'4 x 3'3 Bedroom 13'7 x 13'10 En suite shower and bathroom 9' x 8' SECOND FLOOR Landing Master Bedroom 19'10 x 14'9 En suite shower and bathroom 9' x 10' Dressing room 9'9 x 5'9 Domestic TRP: 276 Viewing is by appointment: Contact 25 Square Miles T: (+44) 07781 435263 T: (+44) 07911 717321 E:







Client: Mel Carvil Mr M Carvill, Bradways, Rue des Tranquesous, St Saviour, Guernsey GY7 9TL

The brief After an initial meeting in the showroom, I listed the things that the client had commented on as liking, none of which was a complete brief at that time. I was invited to the client’s house to take dimensions of the two rooms that he wished to renovate. I was shown a small upstairs WC and a small shower room next door to the WC. The client wished to update both rooms and give them a modern feel, with “a wow factor”, suitable for his 18 year son. Even though he wanted a modern room my client did not want something that his son would not appreciate as he grew older. Within the two rooms the client wanted a bath, a luxurious shower, a basin and WC.





30 years of excellence t seemed obvious from the start that to reach the full potential of these rooms and to enable us to fit in all items required, the two rooms should become one. As the dividing wall was a non load bearing studwork wall this would seem to be easily achievable. My client agreed to my proposal. After my visit we met again to narrow down the choices. I showed the client various options of wall and floor finishes and being aware of the age of his son I wanted to create a room that both parent and son would be pleased with. However, I was also aware that this room should last the test of time. To meet all these objectives I proposed a dark tile, to give the room a modern moody feel, by using the same tile on the floor I was able to cheat the eye and visually extend the space. Even though all the tiles were the same colour I tried to add something extra by using varying formats of tile so it felt a little more sculptural. To finish this off I proposed honed black granite for the horizontal surfaces. This included the window sills, bath surround and tops to the boxings. To achieve “the look� I did not want any other colours other then the sharp chrome and whites against the stones dark grey. Fortunately my client could see this working and liked this concept. This is not a small room however, as the client had shown a liking for a Subway wall hung WC with a soft close seat, I followed this through by lifting everything off the floor to make the room look larger than it actually was. I recessed the bath panel plinth to add to this and highlighted all the wall hung items and plinth by adding hidden LED lights to them.


Within the design of the room I needed a boxing to house the cistern, to hide the fact that this was a boxing I extended this to the whole width of the room, including up to the ceiling behind the basin. It was important to me that this boxing was seamless and flowed, so that it felt more architectural then accidental. The size of the boxing was extended so that the bath fitted exactly into the space. After I planned the room to the new space now available and had incorporated all items requested during the basic brief given to me, we were able to explore the theme and look over the entire room.


I tried to keep things subtle by using just hints and suggestions of LED lighting under the wall hung items such as the WC and basin to give the impression they were floating, in contrast the lighting in the shower was designed to give impact and highlight the feature of the huge (976 x 976 mm Hansgrohe Rainfall) overhead shower head. Further LED lighting was placed in the bath plinth and the shower step, this was stitched in such a way as to allow it to be used as a night light in the future. Room lighting was a mixture of LED and low voltage lighting, the LED to save energy and the LED to put back the warmth taken away by the LED.


When designing this project it was important to understand how the room was going to be used and what other less obvious things might be needed by an 18 year old. After a number of conversations with the client it became obvious that music was a big part of his life and actually this room would be a place of wellbeing where he would like to take his

music to and chill out in the evening or wake up to in the morning. To achieve this we used an integrated sound system that can be operated via a wifi connection on his phone or iPad which in turn is linked to a Stark X speaker that sat seamlessly alongside the shower components.

Stark X Brassware

We decided to use the Hansgrohe stark x shower system as it enabled us to juxtapose the thermostats and shower jets to incorporate a speaker and separate hand shower whilst keeping a well balanced, uncomplicated look inside the shower. It was important that we maintained this symmetry and that the many components looked purposely placed and that this was maintained throughout all of the many elements involved. The large over head shower was also very square and quite symbolic of the clean sharp lines we were trying to work to within the room. It also had the lighting that we needed to incorporate into our lighting scheme. Throughout the project we used up to date waterproofing systems. The whole room was tanked and had sound and light technology incorporated within the design. I believe it to be a successful design to which the brief of the client was fulfilled to a high standard. I would like to enter this design into the bathroom design of the year awards. Justin Le Tissier BA (Hons) Channel Island Ceramics, Guernsey





words | Jo Smith


There’s a growing demand for bold, creative proposals to create more affordable housing choices in Guernsey. In reference to this month’s theme, former resident Victor Hugo expressed that ‘many great actions are committed in small struggles’. With this in mind, I believe these struggles can be fought with ideas for initiatives from the public to achieve an ultimate solution. So what’s the cause of the problem in the first place? Our island’s combination of sun, sea and sand is accompanied by a chocolatebox town, low tax rates and attractive higher salaries. The key word here is island; the product of being one of the most liveable communities in the world with limited land resources and a growing population is high local real-estate values. Properties start around £240,000. It’s an issue that has been highlighted in the recent election and is frequently discussed in the media and at the dinner table. There are economic and social consequences. Firsttime buyers may face student loans and the likelihood of a stratospheric mortgage. They also contend with the prospect of living with parents into their late-twenties with the potential of re-enacting Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ (a grisly example of property and inheritance). This group have been given numerous modern acronyms including ‘The Boomerang’ generation. I’ve awarded this second place after a personal favourite ‘KIPPERS - Kids in Parents Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings’. More troublingly, many thirty-somethings are unable to afford a ‘starter’ home. They may delay having children or leave the island taking a wealth of knowledge that could add real value to industry and the community. The ‘Baby-Boomer’ generation, who were hoping to enjoy the mild climate and beaches into their retirements, find themselves supplying cash injections to their middle-aged children. To further dampen the mood, a family member may have to act as a guarantor – someone who can assume the responsibility of any debt - in order to secure a


mortgage or deposit, with the possibility of tarnishing their own financial security. It’s not a good outlook. So, is the goal of home ownership (or indeed moving out of your childhood bedroom) just a dream? Encouragingly, there are local charities that provide financial assistance for people needing homes aged 16-25. Schemes such as Partial Ownership allow first-time buyers a chance to rent and buy in a loan suited to individual needs. However, with the problem at hand snowballing imminently, waiting lists are growing longer and new builds are being snapped up.

More and better solutions are needed. In New York, the Santa Clara Valley and Hong Kong, (places that are similarly attractive to live) governments have asked residents to help architects and planners by generating ideas to create a broader discussion of possibilities for the housing crisis. Likewise, the mayor of the City of Vancouver has taken a huge political risk in promising to resolve housing affordability issues. An ambitious 10year strategy entitled ‘Housing for Everyone’ is available online for city residents to address, discuss and examine with the opportunity to vote for preferred schemes. Additionally, a recent open-ideas competition to engage the public in the design of new builds received over 150 proposals in less than two weeks. These approaches could easily be integrated into the planning of Guernsey. States design projects could be better publicised in the media to attract debate. With a population of around 65,000 headstrong ‘Guernsey Donkeys’ there are a multitude of opinions to be heard. There are people with differing interests and backgrounds but who have a common desire to maintain their island lifestyles and the sense of community. Additionally, the abundance of financial institutions could fiscally support and build cost-effective housing to form smaller-scale, cooperative units. Notions may start as answers to small struggles, but shared and collected, they can act as the key to contributing to Guernsey’s housing action plan.



OCULUS LIMITED Roseneath, The Grange, St. Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 2QJ T: +44 (0)1481 723 344 E:


we’ll put you first

Aim higher Source Recruitment is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Guernsey and offers a high quality permanent, temporary and contract recruitment solution. Through experience and attention to detail we have developed an enviable reputation for providing clients and candidates with a service that fits their individual requirements. Our team of specialists are here to listen, so if you’d like to get ahead of the rest, lets talk.


see our website for terms and conditions

tel: 701616 email:


when you introduce a friend to Source*


when you introduce a friend to Source*


when you introduce a friend to Source*

Source Recruitment Gallery ad 9.indd 59

20/07/2012 15:58


Position yourself ahead of the rest with one of these exciting new opportunities Financial Controller

Senior Compliance Manager

Management Accountant

Senior Valuations Administrator

Company Secretary

Contract IT Helpdesk

Senior Private Equity Administrator

Interim Financial Controller

Systems Accountant

Our client, a high profile, dynamic commercial business, is seeking to appoint a financial controller within its local headquarters. This is a fantastic opportunity for a driven, professionally qualified accountant with at least 2 years’ PQE, looking for the next step up in their career. Experience should demonstrate excellent technical knowledge, an investigative nature, solid people management skills and an organised approach.

This is an excellent opportunity for an ambitious Fund Administrator with a year or two’s experience looking to join a top tier administrator and take the next step up the career ladder. This is a fast paced and busy business unit offering an opportunity to broaden your skills and further develop within a fun and modern business environment - career development is encouraged and fully supported. Out of town offices provides parking for all!

Our client is truly a market leader and its reputation is backed up with numerous industry awards. If you’re looking for an opportunity to further develop within a modern business environment and you enjoy working with likeminded motivated and enthusiastic professionals, this could be for you. Applications are open to those with 2 years plus private equity experience.

In order to strengthen its local compliance team, our client is seeking to appoint a qualified professional at a senior level to act as Compliance Officer and Deputy MLRO for its fiduciary licences. This role requires a pragmatic and communicative style and will involve the training and development of others within the business. Contact one of our consultants in complete confidence for further info on this, and various other compliance roles.

Our client, a leading wealth management business, is looking to appoint an experienced individual to support the company’s Head of Corporate Secretariat in the oversight and delivery of high quality company secretarial services. This is a relatively senior role and requires extensive experience and a high level of technical expertise relating to corporate governance of fund administration business.

A 6 month contract beginning in August for an experienced accountant to get stuck into an interesting and varied role, where you will not only be supervising a team and signing off accounts, but will also be preparing monthly reporting packs for individual entities, covering profit and loss balance sheets and cash flows and identifying deviations to budget. The successful applicant will need 3-4 years PQE. This role offers a great opportunity to gain a broad and international exposure.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a newly qualified accountant to further develop within a truly dynamic, commercial business environment. We are looking for a communicative team player who enjoys the pressures of working to tight deadlines and the buzz of the small team environment. Experience and professional qualification is required.

An opportunity for an experienced helpdesk analyst to take up a 6 to 12 month contract with a leading private bank. Primary responsibility for this role will be to provide helpdesk support across the group, not just for in-house applications but also to clients around the world. You will need good customer services skills, a working knowledge of Windows Server administration and a good analytical approach to problem solving especially in the diagnosing of system and software issues.

A driven and self motivated accountant with 2-3 years PQE and excellent systems knowledge is sought for this unique and interesting opportunity. You will have solid understanding of accounting systems and advanced PC skills including word and Excel. This is very much a project orientated role where you will review, develop and test the accounts system as well as assist in completing month end consolidated trial balance and profit and loss statements.

We provide a refreshingly honest and innovative service to help find the job that’s right for you. For full details on these positions, plus many more. Tel: 701616 email:


Source Recruitment Gallery ad 9.indd 60

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5 Faces to watch in 2013 With so much changing in the world of work it has become more important than ever to take control of your career if you want to keep on track. New technology, new ways of working and exciting new ways of learning mean that we all need to regularly review our career plans and take action if we want to continue to progress. Five such individuals who have taken decisive action to advance their careers are James, Samantha, Gez, Edwina and Hannah. With the support of their employer they have taken the opportunity to study one of the variety of business related courses offered locally through the GTA University Centre.

Edwina Casebow

works in the Insurance Risk Group at Mourant Ozannes as a legal assistant and has just completed a graduate diploma in Law (GDL) with the GTA in association with Bournemouth University. “I qualified as a medical doctor from Cambridge University and as part of my medical degree; I studied medical ethics and law, which stimulated my interest in the legal profession.” “I was fortunate to be offered the opportunity to complete an MPhil degree at Cambridge, for which I studied the theory of justice with Baroness Onora O’Neill and researched legal medicine. I knew I wanted to return home to Guernsey and doing the GDL with the GTA University Centre in Guernsey enabled me to make the transition into the legal profession.” The fact that the course is taught fully on island with lecturers from Bournemouth University was a big draw for Edwina.

James Orrick works at Private Equity Administrators as a manager and is currently in the final year of the MSc Corporate Governance/ICSA course. The course is an opportunity to gain two important qualifications, ICSA membership and a master’s degree, from one course.

“I decided to undertake the Masters course primarily to further my knowledge in the subject matter but also to improve my career opportunities,” said James. “The majority of our investment advisers have some form of MBA/MSC qualification, and I decided that this would be a good opportunity to take up and to differentiate myself from the multitude of other accountants on the island.” The MSc Corporate Governance/GradICSA programme is taught over ten weekends per year, for two academic years in association with Bournemouth University’s School of Management. “The course isn’t for the faint-hearted!” “It involves a lot of independent study and once a month the tutors fly in from Bournemouth University to teach over a Friday and Saturday.” The programme has been developed in close collaboration with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA).


“We were lucky to have some very erudite and interesting lecturers. The GTA organised the course superbly. Doing the course on island has so many benefits: you can work and study at the same time, you have a group of islanders with whom to discuss your studies, and you don’t have the hassle of travelling to the UK.” The GDL comprises eight core units that focus on the foundations of legal knowledge. Units are taught by legal specialists from the University of Bournemouth through lectures, seminars, tutorials and independent learning. For Edwina, the GDL has been a vital qualification to assist her in her transition from a medical to a legal career. “The GDL has been essential for both my role at Mourant Ozannes and my legal career. I wish to become an Advocate and the GDL is the requisite first step to achieve this.” “The GDL is hard work, but very worthwhile. I would recommend the on-island route to anyone considering a career in law.”

“The course is split into various modules such as law, accountancy, company secretarial practice, ethics, risk and financial management and corporate governance.” James was able to take the fast track route for this course which shortened it by a year. “This was one of the reasons I took the course,” he said. I was permitted to go on the fast track route because I am a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, and therefore the first year modules simply repeat some of the content of this qualification.” Having the opportunity to complete a course like the MSc and ICSA on-island while working full time was an important advantage for James when he was reviewing his further education options. “The only other way to do a course like this would be to take a career break and go on a full time course in the UK or to do long distance learning, neither alternative of which interested me.” For James the most difficult aspect of the course was actually devoting the time to study. “Aside from that it was relatively painless,” he joked. “Passing the course work and exams has to be my favourite part of the course, and the biscuits provided by the GTA during the coffee breaks!”



Samantha Brehaut

works as a human resources business partner for Marketing and Projects at Specsavers and is currently completing an MSc in Management with Human Resources/CIPD. “HR is becoming an increasingly competitive sector to work in so becoming CIPD qualified is crucial to progress within HR.” “The idea of being able to study whilst being in full time employment was appealing,” she said. The course is specifically designed for HR professionals that would like to work and study at the same time to gain the CIPD qualification. “The topics covered varied from very HR focused for example people resourcing and development to marketing and strategy. I am now working on my 15,000 word dissertation which needs to be completed by December 2012.”

Gez Overstall

works at JT Guernsey as a service delivery manager and is currently in the second year of a two year MBA course with the GTA University Course taught by the University of Southampton. “I decided to undertake the MBA to develop myself both personally and professionally and having recently completed year one of the course, I can say that my experience has been very positive. The standard of teaching is high and the on island learning facilities provided by the GTA are excellent. The course involves two years of part time study including lectures, individual and group assignments, group presentations, exams and a dissertation. There are 12 of us currently on the course with a range of industry backgrounds including managers, executives and university graduates.” A variety of management disciplines are taught during the MBA course including Leadership and

Hannah Ellis

works at Specsavers as a digital marketing assistant manager and has just completed the post graduate course in Digital Marketing. The course is one of the newest on offer from the GTA University Centre. The one year, part–time course is run in association with the University of Southampton. Hannah Ellis, Digital Marketing Assistant Manager at Specsavers, has just completed the course. “I saw an advert for the course in the Guernsey Press and thought that the areas it covered were appropriate to my job, so I decided to apply. It’s great that the GTA provide this course as it’s still a fairly new subject and you might not expect to be able to do it locally. Part of the appeal was that I could study part-time and earn a recognised qualification without needing to leave the island or my job.” The course has six modules, including Introduction to Marketing, Consumer Insight, Data Driven Marketing, Marketing communications and Media Management, Digital



It was important for Samantha that studying for a qualification was also a sociable experience. “The people I have studied with have really made the course for me. It was a small group of six and I guess we were lucky we all got on so well.” “With everyone working within HR it was really beneficial to gain exposure to other organisations and how their HR function operates. Having the practical experience and being able to use our own organisation examples really helped to put the learning into context.” For Samantha, having the option for classroom lectures was important in her choice of further education course. “There are a couple of study options for gaining your CIPD qualification but the classroom style lectures suited my learning style best. The support you receive from the Bournemouth University lecturers is fantastic; when they are not on island they are easily contactable so you know there is always help and advice at hand.”

Strategy, Accounting and Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations and more. As well as enhancing his general business skills in areas such as presentations, report writing, analysis and influencing stakeholders at all levels, Gez feels the MBA had really helped him in his role at JT. “My role involves working with key strategic clients to ensure that JT’s services are delivered to their satisfaction and the MBA has given me the opportunity to explore how I work with other people and reflect on ways in which I can improve my personal effectiveness.” “The course has reinforced my belief in being customer centric and has given me a greater awareness of the dynamics within the telecommunications industry.” Out of the range of modules during the two year course, Gez says that the modules including group work and presentations have been his favourite parts of the course so far. “They have been challenging and the most rewarding.”

Marketing communications and web analytics. Each module is marked on a mixture of group projects, individual assignments and two exams. “For each module there are two days of lectures on Friday and Saturday each month at the GTA University Centre. This is definitely one of the benefits to studying locally as you don’t have the stress and expense of travelling to the UK every month and when it comes to group projects because you can meet up in person to work on them.” The course has benefited Hannah’s role at Specsavers in a number of ways, including helping her to understand the full extent of how the internet has changed. “It has helped me understand how customers and brands interact with each other and how companies can use information about their customers buying behaviour, attitudes and preferences to tailor their marketing communications accordingly. I enjoyed learning about companies that have used digital marketing in unique and unexpected ways to reach their customers. It’s also a great feeling finding out you’ve passed a module!”




Guernsey Entrepreneurs on the sofa

Lisa Spinks Quidsin

So, tell us what inspired you to join Quidsin? I’d been on the mailing list for a few months and had bought some great deals – meals out, an overnight stay in Jersey, oven cleaning, some amazing massages and beauty treatments… I’m a bit of a shopaholic! So when the opportunity to work for Quidsin came up, I jumped at the chance. It’s a lovely position to be in where you’re not only helping people save money, you’re enriching their lives with new experiences that they wouldn’t necessarily have had before. It’s also great seeing businesses grow through the exposure they get with our deals! What did you do prior to starting at the business? I was managing a local business for two years. In hospitality, you really get a chance to meet people and gain an understanding of what they want, which has been brilliant for my role as a Deal Agent. When we had our first experience of Quidsin at the restaurant I managed, it gave the business such a boost. With my previous experience (both working in hospitality and in social work) and knowing the impact that Quidsin could have, it made perfect sense to join the company! Did that teach you any lessons that helped you succeed? Yes, definitely. Once you’ve run your own business and worked with people on a day to day basis, you understand how important it is to listen to peoples’ needs and wants. It’s that experience that has helped me really empathise with both merchants and consumers alike. What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt since joining the business? That every day you can make a massive impact on everyone’s lives. It is incredibly rewarding to see the positive effect Quidsin can have on local businesses, whether it’s increasing their customer base or giving them the funds to buy new equipment (or even new outlets!) Not to mention the happy people out and about trying new things on the island! It’s always great to here positive feedback about our deals.


Do you have any funny stories from your experiences at Quidsin? Yes, I went to Gallery Magazine to get some deals and contacts and ended up doing an exposé on their couch for all to see! What are your plans for the future? It’s been a whirlwind of adventure since joining Quidsin and it’s so exciting to be part of a growing business. I’m determined to play my part in bringing more amazing deals to the island, and we have some very exciting projects in the pipeline! How can people get involved with Quidsin? It’s easy - all you need to do is sign up to the free mailing list at to receive the daily deals direct to your email inbox every day. Through the website, you can enrich your life without breaking the bank! You can also ‘Like’ the Quidsin Guernsey Facebook community, where you’ll get the daily deals posted to your Timeline and get the chance to share them with your friends! What’s more, anyone that ‘Likes’ our Facebook page in August will be entered into a draw to win £50 of Quidsin vouchers to spend on any of our deals! If you’re a merchant looking for some great exposure, new clients with zero risk, just pop in to see me at the shop in the Arcade or give me a call. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you’ve given us over the last year, both the customers who’ve bought our deals and the merchants who have worked with us. We wouldn’t be here without you!




Ladies’ College

First Job:

PA temp at MeesPierson


MG Metro


11 Minutes


The Best of Everything… rock and indie I suppose!


Rob Roy


Qi Air Swimming Fish – freakishly real, hours of fun!

Last holiday:

Deauville, France


Socialising, people

ABOUT THE BUSINESS: Quidsin was set up in Guernsey in June 2011, offering daily deals to islanders. In that time, we’ve provided you with a range of low cost experiences, from restaurant meals to beauty treatments, the latest technology products to house cleaning services, days out across the Channel Islands to even holidays abroad! With over 10,000 users in Guernsey already, a thriving Facebook page and a brand new shop in the Arcade, the only way for this home-grown Channel Islands business is up! Lisa Spinks joined Quidsin as a Deal Agent earlier this year, and we caught up with her to get all the goss!




What is zero 10? It’s shorthand for Guernsey’s company tax regime. Most companies pay tax at 0% on their profits, while banks pay tax on a part of their income at 10%, hence zero 10. Completing the picture, regulated utilities and companies earning income from real estate pay tax at 20%. So strictly it should be called zero-10-20. Why is it in the news again? The European Union’s Code of Conduct Group reviewed Jersey’s and the Isle of Man’s tax regimes in 2009 but didn’t review Guernsey’s, based on an indication given by the States of Guernsey that we would replace zero 10. The EU concluded that the other islands’ zero 10 regimes were ‘harmful’, but only because they effectively ‘ring-fenced’ the zero rate of tax so it was only available to non-residents. Jersey and the Isle of Man removed the main point of controversy – deemed distribution provisions (which tax local shareholders on company profits before they receive a dividend) – and their regimes are no longer considered harmful. When it became clear that Guernsey possibly needed to retain zero 10, the EU restarted its review and concluded that our regime was ‘harmful’ - again because of our deemed distribution provisions. Now, Guernsey’s States have agreed to remove these from 1 January 2013, to make our zero 10 similar to the others. Does that mean the EU will say we’re okay? Yes, hopefully. It will be a surprise if they don’t. What will the change mean for Guernsey businesses? It will have no direct impact on companies, other than removing certain administrative requirements and the need to pay tax on behalf of shareholders on deemed distributions. It will benefit local individuals who have shares in companies since they will now only be taxed on actual distributions. In the wider context, it will allow Guernsey to keep its zero 10 regime and remain competitive. How will Guernsey compare to Jersey and the Isle of Man after the changes? If Guernsey just removes the deemed distribution regime, we will be broadly the same as the Isle of Man (although it too is consulting on expanding the application of its 10% band). We will have a competitive edge over Jersey, as long as the range of companies paying 10% tax remains more limited here than it is there. If we and the Isle of Man follow Jersey in applying the 10% band then the three regimes will be much of a muchness! What will it mean for Guernsey? While we get to keep our existing corporate tax regime (assuming that is the decision ultimately reached, reversing that in 2009) it is likely to mean a reduction in the amount of tax collected – an estimated £3-4 million per year. It’s proposed that this will be met by changes to the ‘10’, with the scope being broadened to take more companies paying 10%. It has been suggested we follow Jersey, taxing regulated financial services companies, including fund administration and trust companies. We will also have to address the deficit created by the introduction of zero 10. The current political view is to do this by a mix of cutting (public spending) and growing (the economy). It remains to be seen whether this is sufficient. BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS


Bedell Cristin advises Deutsche Bank on cross-border merger Bedell Cristin Guernsey and Bedell Cristin Jersey have advised Deutsche Bank on the cross-border merger of one of its licensed Jersey trust company businesses into one of its Guernsey fiduciary licensee companies using innovative new procedures under Jersey and Guernsey companies law. In order to simplify and consolidate its corporate structures, Deutsche Bank International Trust Co. (Jersey) Limited in Jersey has amalgamated (merged) with Deutsche Bank International Trust Co. Limited in Guernsey to become the same legal entity. The effect of the amalgamation is that the two companies continue as one and will be subject to the same contracts, obligations and liabilities, and have the same assets, as previously, but instead of operating two similar businesses in two different jurisdictions, only one business will continue going forward which will assist in the day to day management of the combined business. Prior to the introduction of the new procedures under Jersey and Guernsey companies law, a Jersey company could only legally amalgamate with a Guernsey company if the corporate entity was first migrated (redomiciled) to Guernsey and it then used the amalgamation procedure in Guernsey to legally amalgamate with the Guernsey company, or if it transferred its business to the Guernsey company, both of which processes could be costly and time intensive. However Jersey and Guernsey companies law, in addition to allowing amalgamations between entities established in their own jurisdiction, now allow companies (and other forms of legal entity) incorporated in those jurisdictions to amalgamate (merge) with other legal entities outside Jersey and Guernsey provided the jurisdiction into which they are amalgamating allows for such amalgamations. These legislative provisions, which permit a single direct amalgamation of corporate entities from Jersey or Guernsey with an overseas entity, provide for a quicker, more streamlined and costeffective process than previously. Andreas Tautscher, Chief Executive of Deutsche Bank in the Channel Islands, said, “Our Global Trust Solutions business is headquartered in Guernsey supporting the wider Deutsche Bank group whilst our Jersey operation continues to focus on providing banking and custody solutions to financial intermediaries. Furthermore, in Jersey we have a robust corporate and alternative fund services division which we plan to expand into Guernsey. These new procedures have enabled us to merge two legal entities and free up resources to concentrate on meeting the needs of our clients more effectively.” Corporate partners Tim Pearce (Jersey) and Kate Ovenden (Guernsey) led the transaction and were assisted by Iain Anderson (Jersey) and Tristan Ozanne (Guernsey). Tim Pearce commented “We are delighted to have advised Deutsche Bank on its crossborder amalgamation of the two licensed entities in Jersey and Guernsey, which we understand is the first statutory cross-border merger between Jersey and Guernsey”.




A novel approach to mobile phone purchase An innovative business partnership is set to shake up mobile phone purchase in the Channel Islands. The new arrangement will revolutionise traditional handset contracts, putting a stop to fixed terms and get-out penalties and representing a much more economical solution for customers. Under the partnership, Airtel-Vodafone’s customers take out finance with Cherry Godfrey on the handset of their choice, while payment for phone service is through a separate contract with Airtel-Vodafone. The arrangement means purchasing a mobile is much more flexible. Cherry Godfrey Managing Director David Cherry said: ‘Subject to the usual credit checks, the arrangement spreads the cost of a handset outside the scope of traditional contracts for minutes and texts. This approach really puts the customer in the driving seat when it comes to choice and control. And now that there is portability, customers don’t even have to change their number – they can simply move it to our package and AirtelVodafone’s network.’ The arrangement began as a trial in Guernsey earlier this year and proved so popular that it is now being rolled out across the Channel Islands. Airtel-Vodafone vice-president Ian Campbell said the pilot came about in response to rapid technological advances in the sector. He said, “The rising demand for data services, coupled with the market for tablets and smart phones evolving so quickly, means that customers are seeking to upgrade every 12 months, sometimes even more frequently. Until now, rigid contracts offering subsidised handsets have been the way that mobile companies have locked customers into deals. But we believe these inflexible practices are holding everyone back in the technology race so we spoke to Cherry Godfrey and came up with a solution”. “With technology moving so quickly, this new approach really supports innovation and progress, and represents a much more economical solution for customers. It should be popular among business and retail customers – allowing them to choose the length of their contract – and good for the pay-as-you-go market as well.” The new arrangement also gives customers access to quibble-free insurance cover. Two-thirds of mobile phone users have lost or broken up to seven phones in the past ten years, according to a recent survey by Virgin Media. BUSINESS Browns were established at the beginning of 2012 by Advocate Adrian Brown, Chair of the Guernsey Family Bar Association, and it is the only legal practice in the island to specialise exclusively in family law. The firm’s approach is based on providing practical, cost effective advice in plain English, with a highly personalised service.


Commenting on the appointment, Advocate Brown said, “We are delighted to welcome Elizabeth to Browns and know that she will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the firm.”

New associate joins Browns Advocates Family Law Specialists Browns Advocates are expanding their services with the addition of Barrister, Elizabeth Couch. Formerly of leading family law chambers 4 Paper Buildings in London, Elizabeth is highly experienced in matrimonial and child law, and will join Advocate Adrian Brown in providing specialist advice to clients in relation to all areas of divorce and separation.


Elizabeth was born and raised in Guernsey, and has recently returned to live in the island with her husband and young family. “Browns offer such a specialist and bespoke family law service here on Guernsey. I am delighted to be joining the firm at this exciting stage of its development and look forward to using my experience for the benefit of our clients”, she said. For those wishing to find out more about the legal aspects of divorce and separation in Guernsey, Browns have created a unique online Family Law Library explaining the process in detail and answering commonly asked questions. Further information can be found at their website

Ardel boosts trusts team with managerial promotions in Switzerland and Guernsey Ardel Trust has strengthened its teams in Switzerland and Guernsey with a double managerial promotion. Chris Rylatt has been made a manager in Ardel’s Geneva office. Having joined Ardel in Guernsey ten years ago. A member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, he is responsible for one of the administration teams in Geneva and is involved with the administration of a diverse portfolio of complex client structures. Guernsey-based Chris Parrott, who joined Ardel in September 2010, also becomes a manager, having worked for a number of Continued Page 96 GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE



s I write this, Bradley Wiggins has just won the Tour de France and the Olympic opening ceremony is just days away. By the time the magazine hits the newsstand, Great Britain will have won a record number of Gold medals, the balmy summer weather will have continued with a hose-pipe ban being enforced at Cobo and action will have been taken to sort out the Eurozone crisis once and for all. Fingers crossed. Last month we looked at the propensity of France to be a triffid-size thorn in Germany’s side. This month we will take a look at Germany itself. This has been prompted by the issuance of short term German Bonds (Schatz) being auctioned at a negative yield. If you feel the need to lend money to the Bundesbank, you will now pay for the privilege. Surprising perhaps, at a time when Germany’s own labour market is deteriorating, it’s economy is slowing and its debt levels exceed 80% of GDP.

Guernsey Student Heading to Sri Lanka A Guernsey student will be spending her summer holiday teaching children in Sri Lanka after winning a bursary from Women in Professions. The organisation, which provides networking and support for professional women in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, offered £1,000 to enable a local woman between the ages of 18 and 25 the opportunity to broaden their skills by working with a voluntary organisation. Former Ladies College pupil Jemma Burton was chosen as the winner and is going to SriLanka with Guernsey charity Bridge2SriLanka. ‘Two years ago, I was privileged to go to Sri Lanka with Bridge2SriLanka and ever since then have wanted to do something more but being at university means a self-funded trip was impossible,’ said the 21-year-old who is studying product design at the University of the West of England. ‘Sarah has made a crucial difference to the people she has worked with in Haiti and Sri Lanka and meeting the people she has helped was a real eye opener which is why I wanted to work with her again. This time, I will be spending four weeks in Sri Lanka helping as a teaching assistant in the Frangipani School in Unawatuna which is the school I helped to build two years ago. I am really looking forward to returning and seeing the amazing progress that has been made,’ she said.

So far, it is only the German banks that have been downgraded by the ratings agencies but there have been strong hints that the country itself is not far from a negative outlook. The ratings agencies of Moody’s, Standard and Poors and Fitch may have lost credibility when the financial wizards turned pond-water into AAA-rated wine but in the absence of other risk analytics, the triple A rating is still the accreditation that governments covet. Chancellor Merkel’s rhetoric on the common goal of sustaining the currency and keeping the 17 member countries that share it intact has often been seen to be in conflict with her government’s action. Her favoured solution would be an acceleration of European integration by fiscal and political unity. Germany’s exposure to Eurozone risk is enormous. By participating in the bailing out of the peripheral members, the country could be footing a bill for in excess of £500bn. It has been criticised for its staunch austerity promotion in Greece and Spain, as it is not keen for its tax-payers to write a blank cheque covering the debts of the Southern European nations. Whilst none of this is news, one does get the feeling that the clouds gathering above the European powerhouse are darker and more numerous than before. Germany remains in a fairly sound economic situation, proclaiming its ‘safe haven’ status for now but if the PIIGS continue to absorb funds at the present rate, the crisis could be taken to a new level.

Miss Burton, who is involved with the Scout movement in the UK and Guernsey, said she was amazed when she found she had won. Women in Professions’ president Elaine Gray who considered the applications alongside former president Fionnuala Carvill and Magistrate Cherry McMillen, ‘Jemma was an excellent candidate and it was obvious just how much she had benefited from her previous trip. Through her Scouting work, she already recognises how important it is to give back to the community and the personal benefits that can bring and so we had no doubt that she would be able to put her experiences in Sri Lanka to good use. We hope that her time with Bridge2SriLanka will provide her with some invaluable skills for her future,’ said Advocate Gray. BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS

Peter Ellis

Jonathan Wilson

T: +44 (0)1481 723 344 W: 95



years in the local trust sector. With a degree in Finance and Management Science, Chris is a qualified Chartered Company Secretary and a Chartered Certified Accountant. He has specific responsibility for the management of a client relationship team in Guernsey which specialises in employee benefit and retirement benefit schemes. Wes McGowan, Personnel Director at Ardel Trust, said, “Both Chris Rylatt and Chris Parrott have made a huge contribution to their respective teams in both Guernsey and Geneva over recent years, and proven their capabilities in managing complex client requirements. These managerial promotions recognise their continued hard work and the commitment Ardel has to providing first rate trust expertise in Guernsey and Switzerland.”

La Grande Mare Trip Advisor win La Grande Mare Hotel Golf & Country Club has just received a top Award from Trip Advisor recognising the exceptional ratings achieved by La Grande Mare over the past year. Trip Advisor bases it’s ranking on feedback from guests who have stayed at the hotel - both business and tourists.They are one of the Industries leading quality standards and their endorsement is highly prized by Hotels on a global basis. With a rating of 4.5 La Grande Mare has earned a place amongst the very best. “This award is a fantastic compliment to our staff and to the investment that was made by the owners in totally refurbishing the ground floor and all of the bedrooms” said Simon Vermeulen - Joint CEO La Grande Mare Hotel Golf & Country Club. For further Information/Comment please contact

Local salon stylist’s skills equip him to compete in Paris Salon hairdresser Andrew Wicks, 37, from Josef of Switzerland in Guernsey, has won a top industry award – the cutting competition category in the La Biosthétique UK Beauty Stylist Awards 2012 on Sunday 1st July. The win sees Andrew from St Peter Port, jetting off to Paris in September to represent the UK at the international finals of the La Biosthétique Beauty Stylist Awards 2012 – a glittering event staged in the heart of fashionable Paris. Andrew’s creative asymmetric shape haircut was one of 23 UK photographic entries, judged by an independent panel

of specialist hair trade journalists and industry professionals. Entries had to embrace a total look – cut, colour, make-up and clothes styling to capture the mood of the moment. Andrew was announced winner at a stylish UK awards event at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Birmingham, where two hundredplus La Biosthétique hair professionals from all over the UK gathered together for a glamorous evening of hair shows and award winning celebrations. “I am so proud to win this for my salon and I dedicate this award to the late, great Josef,” said Andrew. “He was my mentor, my constant source of inspiration, Josef would have been so proud of this success. Now I’m really looking forward to competing in Paris with loads of other countries – brilliant!”

their personal development through a high standard of training programmes and courses. In addition, the co-owned structure of the business produces high levels of customer service as all Partners have a vested interest in ensuring customers have the best possible experience in branch because they will take a share of the profits that would normally go to shareholders.

Waitrose wins Customer Service Commitment Award Waitrose branches in Guernsey have been presented with the Customer Service Commitment Award at the Guernsey Customer Service Awards which took place on Friday 6 July. The awards recognise businesses in Guernsey which deliver outstanding customer service. Aindre Reece-Sheerin,


a sales adviser at Waitrose Admiral Park, was also shortlisted in the category of Employee of a Large-sized Business Award for his individual commitment to delivering excellent customer service as voted by the general public. Waitrose is committed to providing its Partners with the opportunity to further

Allen Edwards, branch manager at Waitrose Admiral Park, said: “As a coowned business, meeting the needs and wants of our customers is very important to Waitrose and all of the Partners who work in our branches. “To be presented with the Customer Service Commitment Award is a great achievement and something that our Partners in Guernsey are really proud of as it reflects all of their dedication and hard work,” said Mr Edwards.





Kasey Watson words | Shambles Rambles

art Racing is a variant of Motorsport using small, open, four wheeled vehicles to zoom around a track in order to beat your opposition or their time. Some of the Super Karts can reach speeds exceeding 160mph but hopefully my challenge won’t involve one of those! A KF1 Kart with a 125cc engine has a top speed of 85mph whilst a 6-Gear Shifter Kart will do 0-60mph in 3 seconds! Basically you get in the Kart, go as fast as you can down the straights and cunningly take the corners. As that annoying thing on the TV says, “Simples”. This month’s interview is with 17 year-old Guernsey Kart Racing star Kasey Watson who started racing at 9 years old working his way through the Cadets and Mini-Max Kart Sections to the Junior Max that runs from 13 to 17 years old. He has won the Guernsey Junior Championships for the last three years and this year is currently leading the 9 round Championships with 3 rounds to go. He has qualified in pole position in various UK Club Meetings and led in finals and so far has a best finishing position of second. Kasey lists going to the gym and running as his major activities outside of Kart Racing, both of which have an obvious bearing on his sport. He’s also a member of the Lions I Table Tennis team that finished bottom of this year’s league! I have never been in a Kart so was keen to get this month’s challenge underway. I used to have a pretty sporty 1.6 Fiesta that I bombed about in around the streets of Northampton in the 80’s so a small Kart could hold no fears, bring it on. Twelve laps of the fantastic Karting Guernsey Track with the fastest lap the winner. Kasey obviously has his own Kart so we took the option of using the hire Karts to bring him back to my level.



I put on the overalls, my balaclava and helmet and lowered by athletic torso into the Kart. The engines started and we were off. I got a bit faster as I grew in confidence but even having the same style of Kart didn’t help me to compete with Kasey as he more or less lapped me at will. I later found out that it was his ability to transfer his weight at corners onto the outside tyres that made the difference. I knew there was a reason I didn’t win! My lap record was 34.56 with his being 28.16 and to be honest I was pretty pleased with that. I watched him practice with his own Kart with the seniors afterwards and he clocked an impressive 20.10 and that was with a Junior Kart. It was time for a quick chat in the Pit Stops. Does condensed milk come from smaller cows? Does normal milk come from bigger cows? [He had a puzzled look on his face!] I was going to call the apathy hotline the other day but then I thought, “What’s the point?” When your half way down the leader board and obviously can’t win the event what motivates you to continue? You have to believe in yourself and your equipment. Karting is one of those sports where something can always happen to get you back into a race. The leaders could spin off and if you keep up there something could fall into place to get you right back in it. My mate was in a Kart Race and kept going even after all his wheels fell off. Afterwards someone praised him for his tireless effort! How important is the right sort of tyre to your Kart? Having a tyre in the first place is vital as it is the one thing that keeps you connected to the ground! The tyres are changed pretty much every race meeting, which can be costly. I wish I could race without tyres so my Dad wouldn’t moan about the cost! I don’t know what all the fuss is over Formula 1 racing. If I wanted to see a driver do the same thing 78 times before finally finishing I’d watch my wife Jane try to park! What is the progression from Kart Racing?


A lot of people go into cars from Kart Racing but I want to stay in Karts and move into the seniors. The progression through the Karts would be the European and World Championships. What’s the worst pile up on the track you have been involved in and was it you who caused it? I wrote off a chassis in Guernsey this year, a novice spun and two others went off as a result of that and I ploughed into all of them. I fired my masseuse today; she rubbed me up the wrong way. How easy did you find it to recover from competing in races? In normal competitions we race 3 heats of 12 laps with a 15 lap final which can take it out of you so any Gym session I do the next day needs to be gentle! Your name is Kasey Watson, which to me sounds like a racing driver. Do you think you would have still got into racing if your name was Frederick Thomas? I would imagine that I would be playing cards in a pub if that was my name! Who is the one driver that you have come up against who keeps getting the better of you? It would have to be Tia Harvey but only on the Hill Climbs. Which Channel Islands driver do you admire the most and why? That one would have to be Harry Torpy from Jersey who is smooth as a driver and always finds a way of winning. What got you into Motor Racing? I tried Karting on holiday in a car park at the bottom of a ski slope in Austria and my Dad John has always been into it. What is the fastest you have been in a Kart? The fastest Kart I have been in is Colin Laine’s KF1 and I managed a lap of 19.29 at the track. I have often thought about ways of making money. What about putting one of those signs in the back window of my car saying, “How’s my driving?” along with an 0906 number that you can get through most telecoms at the £1.50 per minute rate. I then drive through town weaving in and out of traffic at speed. What do you think? You might get a call from the police Here is a question from last month’s athlete, Paul Ingrouille. I was at the Petrol Pumps the other day and was amazed by the price difference between “Ordinary Unleaded” and “Super Unleaded”. I seem to recall in the distance past it was a 2p/Litre different. At the station I was at it was nearer 120p vs 110p. How does either fuel differ from that used in local Motorsports events? On a typical race weekend we only burn £10-£15 of two-stroke normal pump petrol. The fuel obviously gets more expensive as you move up to the big cars! Have you got a question for next month’s French Palets interviewee please mate? If you could throw your metal disc at anyone who would it be? If you want to find out more about local Kart Racing then contact Karting Guernsey on 723414 or visit their website It’s truly great fun, what are you waiting for?




Relax &

Recover O

ver the past few months, I’ve mainly been focusing on how to become stronger; how to structure your training schedules better and attempting to get you folks motivated for sustaining a much healthier lifestyle. Now, you may consider yourself to be the most dedicated fitness enthusiast, never missing a training session, beating yourself up if you do and making sure you give it that little bit extra the next time you hit the gym or the field. You may be the person who has a program and never gets sidetracked from what’s been laid out in front of you. Those qualities are very, very commendable and you can give yourselves a great deal of credit if this sounds like you.

You now need to ask yourself this question; “am I recovering optimally?” Are you recovering optimally? While taking care of your training plan by being careful never to miss a session, never to have days where you simply cannot be bothered and so on, you need to understand the concept of “recovery”, because if you’re neglecting your recovery program then, regardless of how well you apply yourself in training, you are never going to achieve the desired training effect. Sooner or later you will feel your strength diminishing as you become weaker, the appetite for training will begin to slide, your hormones will be all over the place just like your sleep patterns, There are plenty more negatives I can list but you get the general idea. To keep it simple: TRAINING + RECOVERY = TRAINING EFFECT! Regardless of your training endeavours or your chosen sports, everyone should have a goal and you will hear me preach that time and time again - get a long term goal in place; weight loss, increased strength, personal bests, reaching a higher performance level or gaining quality lean muscle. No matter what your long term goal may be just be mindful of setting yourself daily targets as well and those begin and end with training and recovery. If either of these components is missing, you’re heading for that place I call “Nowhere fast”. Ok so when you consider short term recovery, on a daily basis after your training session, the number one factor you must consider is “time”. For example, if you’re training a major muscle group such as your “legs” and you’re pretty damn pleased with yourself after the amazing efforts you just made, then you head for an hour in the sauna and jacuzzi before heading back home and putting these well trained legs up whilst knocking back your favourite choc-chip protein shake and getting involved in your favourite tv programme until someone serves you dinner whatever time that may be……does this sound like you? When you train properly and break down muscle fibers, why on earth would you not support the recovery process? Think about this for one second – you break down the muscle fibers ok, you’re in the gym to create strength qualities or build a muscular physique, you have done that part ok so you can tick that off the list. What’s your next move? Replenish? No! You head off for that well


words | Gary Hooks

earned sauna & jacuzzi. Is this helping the recovery process? No. You take a stroll home, grab that shake with your favourite milk and put the feet up. Is this helping the recovery process? No. You eat a meal hours later someone else has prepared. Is this helping you to recover? No. So when someone asks me what they would change about that whole scenario and if I could only change one thing about it, my answer will always be the same: “Don’t train.” Don’t train if you cannot support it. Trust me you will create so many free radicals within your system by training your legs properly - breaking down so many muscle fibers, stressing your central nervous system that without replenishing your body straight away with quality nutrients vitamins and minerals, you really are doing more harm than good without the correct approach to recovery on an occasion such as this. You can be pretty sure of two things – you will be stewing in your own waste products and you will age very, very quickly. So be aware of the number one factor when it comes to recovery and that is “time”. There are many different factors to consider in your short and long term training such as nutrition, sleep, supplements; stress, but the single most important factor you need to consider is “time”……….the time between workout and recovery; the time between different training sessions, the time to train specific body parts, the time you should be resting after X amount of weeks, the time to deload during specific programs to allow your central nervous system time to recover. As a general recovery model I would suggest for every 12-14 weeks of structured resistance training, you really should be taking a complete week off from lifting anything – at any level. No strength training at all within this week – take a holiday! No de-load. No high repetition work. Nothing – nada! You can do some light cardio activity if you really want to but stay off the gym completely. If you’re not experienced, your recovery isn’t as optimal. You breakdown quicker, your schedule is more hectic, you age if greater therefore your ability to recover has lessened. You can look to take a complete break of 4-5 days off every 5-6 weeks. Again, stay away from the gym and lift nothing. Trust me, your body will thank you for it! Either option will suit different people but only you can make that decision by listening to your body and reacting accordingly. Only you can decide what level of recovery ability you have keeping in mind, regardless of your training style, you need to program in a de-load phase every 3-4 weeks for roughly 4-5 days. You cannot keep on lifting or shifting heavy loads all year round – it just won’t happen. You need to become way smarter than that and structure your training properly before your body has to remind you that it has had enough. You never want to get to that point because if you do then let me tell you, you’ve already gone way too far! When I speak of a de-loading phase during your program, keep it simple by dropping effort required, the overall training volume and the intensity so basically just reduce everything (including load). So despite the need for many other recovery factors there are none more important than the need for time! We’ve all heard the expression “time is a great healer”. The next factor which is absolutely critical for accelerating recovery is “nutrition”. Everybody knows how important nutrition is and in actual fact there is a ship load of great information available these GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE


days from a hundred different sources. Although bodybuilders get a bad press due to steroids and the fact people do not consider these people sports people, you really do have to give them credit for the way they have educated themselves on the importance of nutrition and there is a hell of a lot we can learn from female and male bodybuilders. You will find that other sports do not place the same emphasis on nutrition as a bodybuilder does and therein lies a lesson in itself. Nutrition is huge topic and of late has many, many differing trends one of these being meal frequency whether it be three meals a day or six meals a day. What’s best? There is no right or wrong answer. It really boils down to the individual and the training goals. You are always lead to believe that your staple three meals a day is going to be optimal but there again if you want to gain muscle, size and strength, is this the best approach to take? Probably not. You will find eating meals smaller meals will be way more beneficial for promoting protein synthesis etc. There is a lot of information everywhere that may suggest otherwise and state the 1980’s three meals a day is best but realistically information and opinion comes in trends and a few years down the line, we will probably be back to the opinion we have today. For the majority of people trying to get lean, hard and muscular – a higher meal frequency will more than likely be way more advantageous for obtaining their goals, absorption, digestion, and practicality – eating small portions more often is easier! The best way to figure out nutrition is simply to do it and see what works best for you. I’m not saying this is the best method or that is the best method – I’m simply suggesting rather than getting bogged down in internet debates or following exactly what someone tells you, you ought to be doing, just simply eat according to your schedule and goals. Establish your own meal cadence and stick to it and you will find your body will adapt to it and react to it. Another point whilst we are discussing nutrition is “what do you think you are eating?” and “what are you actually eating?” I’m estimating a lot of you guys are guessing how many calories you are consuming and if you are really getting all of your micro and macro nutrients. An easy way to re-evaluate your nutrition would be to write down everything you actually eat for a whole week and then review it. I guarantee you will look at it 7 days later and think “wow”. Take a look at the ratios and the total calories and predict you will be nowhere close to where you think you should be but the good news is you will always look at this and know there is always room for improvement. Don’t get caught up in numbers as it’s not quantity of calories that matter but the quality. If you want to build lean muscle then its not just about putting more in, your body has to break down and use those calories, quality calories! For all the nutrients you think you are giving your body just be mindful of the day and age we all live in where the soils on our lands are depleted of nutrients so the nutritional values we read on the labels of the foods we all consume probably don’t add up to what you may think you are consuming. Be mindful of this and reduce it slightly so if you think you’re getting 100% nutritional value, you are probably getting around 75% in reality. Don’t limit your



recovery by second guessing your nutrition. If you want to improve your training, look at what you are “actually” eating and make the necessary improvements. So before you even consider going out and spending a small fortune on designer supplements that are going to improve your performance because that’s what it says on the label – stop, take a step back and ask yourself these questions: Is my recovery optimal? Is my nutrition optimal? If the answer to either of these questions is “no”, then put your money back in your pocket and save it until you know you are getting all the other basics right. I’ve seen guys drinking protein shakes and eating chocolate bars or packets of crisps at the same time. Supplements are called supplements because they support a healthy diet. Most people are under the impression that you train; take a protein shake, then that’s job done. They never really progress because: a) They don’t educate themselves. They consider they know what they are doing in the gym. They don’t. b) They never recover optimally straight away with quality nutrition. c) They spend money on and consume expensive supplements not really knowing why. d) They substitute diet with supplements. e) They never ever detox yet consume supplements getting little or no benefit due to their digestive tract being unclean and unable to absorb most nutrients let alone supplements! f) Most guys train their egos and not their muscles. I can list another dozen reasons for lack of genuine progress but let’s concentrate on the positives for a second. You are doing the hardest part best – getting off your behind and making the effort. Educate yourselves on what your body needs to continue getting stronger; identify your weakest links and concentrate on them. Stop lifting stupid weights you have no right lifting. If you need a spotter you are way too heavy. A spotter’s purpose is to keep an eye on your lifting tempo and form and to give you cues when you require them. They are not there to help you lift weights. Reduce the load and correct your form. Be accountable for everything you eat and drink to benefit your training. Consider these points before you go training: Are you hydrated optimally? Are you in an alkaline state? Is your nutrition optimal? Are you getting a good amount of quality sleep? Are your stress levels in check? These are huge factors you need to address before you even consider spending your hard earned money on supplements you don’t even know why you’re taking. Ok, I’ve ranted enough about what you guys don’t do and I don’t expect you to automatically know these things. That’s why I’m here. I’m just happy you folks are out on the field or in the gym striving for improvements so I will leave you with this thought: You do not build muscle in the gym – you break down muscle fibers. You build muscle through recovery and nutrition.




GUERNSEY F O OT B A L L C L U B words | Nick Mollet Photo | Max Coomer

efore the Guernsey FC project, double-winning captain Sam Cochrane came within a whisker of giving up the game of football he loves. In an exclusive interview with Nick Mollet he reveals that the triumphs of last season in the CCL Division One Championship and Premier Challenge Cup personally outweighed the Muratti victory against Jersey and how he would like to see the formation of an islandbased Guernsey FC academy for the island’s top young footballers in future. The start of the football season is just around the corner - but the action has already started with friendlies against Exeter City, Poole Town FC and Nuneaton. A trip to Wembley could beckon for the Green Lions next May in the FA Vase if they can overcome 11 hurdles. The first of 42 CCL Premier Division fixtures kicks off at Footes Lane against Croydon on Saturday 4 August. How would you assess Guernsey FC’s first season, did it exceed expectations? Without a doubt, the feedback I received from the likes of Chris Tardif, Ryan-Zico Black and Angus Mackay, who all have experience of non-league football, was that GFC could compete at Step 6. I never believed we could become champions and win the Premier Cup which involved teams from Step 5. From the outside some people said it was too easy but I can assure you it was the most challenging football season of my playing career with some memories that will last forever. What meant more to you - the CCL League Division One title and Premier Challenge Cup win at the first attempt or the Muratti victory in Jersey? I knew at some point this question would be asked and it’s a difficult one to explain, I have two different types of emotion linked to our success in football. The CCL League and Premier Cup meant more to me simply because of the amount of hours spent on the training ground and time away from my family. Preparation for all 42 fixtures during the season had to be correct. If we had fallen short and not won the league and cup after such dedication I would have been so disappointed. The Muratti is a fixture of real meaning to me against Guernsey’s biggest rivals with so much history. For this season though I would have taken the league and cup wins over a Muratti victory. What are your personal highlights of last season, what did it mean to be voted the Green Lions’ first official player-of-theseason? The opening fixture versus Knaphill was a real highlight for me, the reality of non-league football being played in Guernsey set in and we put in a fantastic performance and began with our first home league win. Other highlights have to be lifting the League and Premier Cup trophies. A huge amount of time and effort is put into Guernsey FC from the Board of Directors, volunteers, coaching staff and players. Most importantly, many sponsors have made


this happen by investing money into the Guernsey FC project. To get my hands on those two trophies and lift them was a real proud moment for me and a chance for everyone to celebrate a successful first season after a massive team effort. I was honoured to receive the player-of-the-season award, to get the recognition for my performance on the pitch was fantastic, but the award also included efforts off the pitch. This was my first individual award at senior level and I don’t think I will receive an award as important as this one in the rest of my playing days. What are the team’s aspirations for the new season? After our success in the Premier Cup we certainly believe we can fight for promotion in the CCL Premier Division. We must improve in certain areas and that is work in progress on the training ground. We will work extremely hard and see where we find ourselves in the final stages of the season and hope we have put enough points on the league table to be in a position to win the championship. How tough is the next journey into the unknown going to be? There is no doubt our journey into the CCL Premier League is going to be tough; we needed extra-time on three separate occasions to beat opposition at this level during our Premier Cup run. With the current squad of players Guernsey has the resources to cope with the challenges ahead, I have no concerns about that. We were maybe getting comfortable and expecting the results to come without applying ourselves 100% to the job in hand and Eversley gave us a wake-up call and they deserved to beat us and break our unbeaten home record. Next season will bring out the best in the whole squad and I can’t wait. How realistic is another promotion and a trip to Wembley in the FA Vase? I think our chances of promotion are very good but I’m not expecting promotion as only the champions go up into Step 4 football. History shows this division is extremely difficult to get out of so we may find ourselves adapting to life at Step 5 for one season until we are truly ready for a promotion push. So much will depend on how quick we as a squad can bring our level of performance up to make sure we are gaining 3 points on a regular basis. I’m told we are one of the favourites for the FA Vase... pressure’s on! With this competition being at Step 5 and below, after our success in the Premier Cup we have a very good chance to do well and the final at Wembley is a huge incentive. How important are your supporters and what can you promise them this season? The fans have been hugely supportive and I believe it’s part of the excitement that fans get carried away and show confidence in the team and the club. All I can promise is that every time we step out on the pitch we will give 100%, whether we are in front of our loyal home fans or on a cold winter’s night on the mainland. I want to continue our hard work and give the Guernsey public a football team they can be proud of. Do you believe playing on a national level is putting the island firmly on the football map and players out there for potential professional careers? 100% yes - eight professional clubs showed interest in Guernsey FC players last season. It’s the best opportunity for a player to get scouted should they find themselves in the squad. If anyone within our squad had the opportunity to go and play away at a higher level in the UK I would be the first to congratulate them and wish them all the best with their future. I hope we will see this happen for someone very soon.



What would be your message to young aspiring Guernsey footballers? Be ambitious! Be honest with people and if you want to achieve something in football the harder you work the better chance you have. Focus and discipline is so important and the sooner you can get these things right the better chance you have of success and make the most of every opportunity you get. At times you have to be patient and wait for the opening that gives you a chance to showcase your ability, during this period you have to stay positive and learn from the coaches and players around you. When I was young I always believed I should be playing - it’s natural to think like this - looking back I was not quite ready so now I understand why I was not picked and young players must understand this. How would you sum up Guernsey FC’s achievements so far and can you comment on the often unseen work the players, officials and representatives do in the community? Incredible, the support from the local community is something I can’t thank people enough for. Without it Guernsey Football Club would still be a dream. I believe it’s so important we make ourselves present within events on the island. The Guernsey public have shown such an amazing amount of support for the club so we must be seen doing these things. From school sports days to charity events, any way Guernsey FC can help within the community I can assure people we always will. What are the fitness levels like after a short summer break and how would you assess the performance against Exeter City in the first friendly? Fitness levels are very good, since the introduction of Guernsey FC all the players have had to take a much more serious approach to their fitness and diets.

With advice from ‘Big Fal’ and Mike Thomas we have the best individuals available within Guernsey regarding these issues. All the players use the gym for extra conditioning sessions to help avoid injuries and keep themselves in a condition that allows them to compete at a higher level. On match days the players will prepare in their own individual way in terms of food intake and hydration and we have noticed a huge advantage by preparing properly. The Exeter fixture was a fantastic experience - the distinct difference which we highlighted before the game also, is their ability to pick the correct option when in possession; it’s why they are paid to play football. What are the realistic targets for the future - do you believe it is achievable for Guernsey FC to reach the professional football league pyramid? Not in my career I don’t believe this is achievable but I hope we can climb a few more leagues. In the future with the correct coaching set-up and development of youngsters I hope Guernsey FC can retain more young players on-island rather than see them leave for UK academies at high cost to them and their families. I would love to see a Guernsey FC football academy set up, linked with the College of Further Education. Obviously if a young player gets an opportunity for a full professional contract that’s fantastic, hopefully through GFC.




photography | Jack Le Tocq

CAGE FIGHTING The recent Lock-In, sponsored by Gallery Magazine amongst others was the first of its kind in Guernsey and it was a resounding success all around. Organisers, participants and the audience all had a great time and made the most of the atmosphere created. It was top class entertainment with some local hero’s shining through such as Gaz Papworth and Josh Ozanne. Organisers are also pleased to announce that the Lock-In will be returning next year and that £1502.00 was raised for the Oakley Waterman foundation, thanks for your support.








Team Oliver Twist Hickstead 2012

British Jumping Derby Meeting 2012

Melanie Round Mel has been riding since the age of 2 on various horses and ponies with many great achievements but now has her main horse Cobrino Cruise who she has been in partnership with for 2 years.

With Team

They have represented the Guernsey Showjumping team on three occasions & their latest best results locally were the Senior Open Grand Prix at BS Guernsey Spring & Summer Shows. Recently in the UK, at Hickstead 2012 Derby meeting, they took 5th in the Seico Novice Speed Derby. Melanie will be representing Guernsey at this year’s Horse of the Year Show GSY.

Sian Staples Hickstead is the home of British showjumping and celebrated its Golden Anniversary in 2010. There are two flagship summer meetings The British Jumping Derby Meeting and the Longines Royal International Horse Show that remain the highlights of the international equestrian calendar. Nearly 100,000 spectators flock to the Sussex showground annually to watch stars from practically every equestrian discipline compete.

Sian purchased Chica B in July 2010 as an unbroken 3 year old and they now travel regularly to the UK to show jump. They successfully qualified for the Hickstead International arena in the 4 year old finals last September, finishing 8th. This year they have travelled to Wales and the West and Hickstead Showground competing in the 5 year old classes and obtaining double clears at Newcomer level. Sian and Chica will be representing Guernsey at this years Horse of the Year show.

Lisa Torode By the age of 21 Lisa was riding the national circuit with great success representing England in 1992 on her horse Elite.

This year saw 3 talented riders from Guernsey and one international rider travel to Hickstead under the banner of ‘Team Oliver Twist’. The team did both the island and their sponsors proud by some good placings in some extremely competitive classes often with over 200 horses all vying for top spot. Oliver Twist International Rider ‘Steven Franks’ competed in the Carpetright Speed Derby, taking the lead half way through the competition and finishing 7th, The event is one of the most famous equestrian events in the world. Founded in 1960 by the late Douglas Bunn, it is one of the Hickstead competitions that sees riders take on the infamous Derby Bank, the biggest of its kind to be found anywhere in the world. It is an iconic event, that makes heroes of its human and equine stars.

Lisa moved to Guernsey where she produced the international mare Image du Reverdy up to the age of 6. Image went on to have a successful international career. Lisa also represented Guernsey on 2 winning Horse of the Year Show teams with the mare Jouvance du Sire. Lisa is now making a return to the show jumping arena on the 4 * eventer Swynnerton on whom she will be representing Guernsey at this year’s Horse of the Year Show. Lisa is a British Show jumping UKCC level 2 coach.

Steven Franks Steven is one of the country’s most respected riders, having learnt his trade during a 6 year spell as stable jockey to William Funnell. Steven qualified Cevin Z for three finals at Horse of the Year Show UK in 2003 and was 4th in the prestigious Foxhunter final, Cevin Z has now gone on to be one of the Billy Stud leading sires. He was also placed in many international Grands Prix with Mondriaan, who went on to win three Hickstead derbys.


Team Oliver Twist In Action

Steven Franks Riding Gold Crown en route to coming 7th in the Carpetright Speed Derby 2012 in Hickstead’s international arena.

Sian Staples Riding Chica B finishing double clear in the 5 year old Hickstead qualifiers.

Melanie Round Riding Cobrino Cruise in the Hickstead 1.25m Championship qualifier where the duo jumped a double clear round.

Lisa Torode Riding Swynnerton in the Hickstead 1.10m Speed Derby.




W E M A K E A S TA N D For a full list of distribution locations visit

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words & Research | Beth Boerenbeker



THE A TEAM VAN TYPE OF CAR: 1983 black and metallic grey GMC Vandura van SPECIAL FEATURES: Characteristic red stripe, rooftop spoiler, a number of devices including a mini printing press (pros and cons) an audio surveillance recording device and Hannibal’s disguise kits APPEARS IN: The A Team TV Series, The A-Team Movie



TYPE OF CAR: 1981 De Lorean DMC-12 SPECIAL FEATURES: Flux capacitor, remote control, hover conversion, Mr. Fusion generator

Ever watched a movie and dreamt your car could fly. Glide on ice or fire things out of the headlights? So have we… unfortunately this isn’t possible but we have bought you a selection of kick ass cars from our favourite movies to tickle your fancy.

APPEARS IN: Back to the Future, Back to the Future Part II, Back to the Future Part III



SPECIAL FEATURES: Pontoons, wings

JAMES BOND’S SUBMERSIBLE LOTUS TYPE OF CAR: 1975 Lotus Esprit SPECIAL FEATURES: Oil slick, rocket launcher, submarine mode APPEARS IN: The spy who loved me

APPEARS IN: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

HERBIE TYPE OF CAR: 1963 Model 117 Volkswagen Type 1 (Beetle) SPECIAL FEATURES: Ultimate cruise control APPEARS IN: The Love Bug, Herbie Rides Again, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Herbie Herbie Goes Bananas, Fully Loaded




THUNDERBIRDS FAB1 TYPE OF CAR: 1999 BMW 735iL, pink six wheeled car SPECIAL FEATURES: Modified Rolls-Royce, bulletproof canopy, gadgets and gizmos including heavy artillery concealed behind radiator grille and headlights, grappling hooks, smokescreen and oil-dispensers, extendable tyre-studs for increased traction, and hydrofoils or outriggers for travel on water or snow




SPECIAL FEATURES: Extensive race modifications, musical horn

TYPE OF CAR: 1968 Austin Mk I Mini Cooper S

APPEARS IN: The Dukes of Hazard

CHARLIES GETAWAY MINIS SPECIAL FEATURES: Drives on sidewalks, stairs, roofs as easily as roads APPEARS IN: The Italian Job 1969

APPEARS IN: Thunderbirds TV series, Thunderbirds the Movie


TYPE OF CAR: 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 SPECIAL FEATURES: Custom bodywork and paint APPEARS IN: Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

BUMBLEBEE TRANSFORMERS TYPE OF CAR: 1977/2009 Chevrolet Camaro SPECIAL FEATURES: V8 engine, robot mode APPEARS IN: Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon



TYPE OF CAR: Customized 1954 Lincoln Futura SPECIAL FEATURES: Bat-phone, bat-turbine APPEARS IN: BATMAN: The Movie







Developed to enable disabled riders to kick it with their mountain biking counterparts, there’s not really any trail (save for maybe a couple of ridiculously skinny ones) that a mountain biker can tackle that a fourcrosser can’t.

As obvious as it may seem, there’s a small chance that some of you out there might not have heard of what has become the global standard and final word in sports and action video; the GoPro Hero.


Think of it as a hybrid of an off-road bike and a giant remote controlled car, with lightweight components coming together to create an incredibly tough skeleton coupled to long travel suspension and mountain bike tyres to create a machine that doesn’t necessarily require any legs or the high levels of balance that most able-bodied people take for granted to operate, although having the use of your legs wouldn’t prove much of a hindrance. They’re not cheap at over 7 grand, but if you’ve got an itch to scratch a fourcross bike could be a good adrenaline-scratcher but thankfully there are a group of riders (or should that be riderZ?) in the UK who offer taster sessions to get you hooked before you blow a wad of cash on one.



WIFI BACPAC LETS YOU STREAM VIDEO TO YOUR PHONE GoPro have been speaking about it for a while but we’re still on our toes - control up to 100 Hero cameras from a fob on your iPhone / Android handset. Hurry it up!

The current ‘Hero2’ version is the third evolution of this compact-sized camera that lives inside a fully waterproof (down to 60m), shockproof casing and comes with a multitude of trick little fixings and brackets that defy you to find somewhere that it can’t be mounted. Chest mounts are also available straight out of the box to complement the almost unfeasably sticky signature mounts, as well as a suction mount that is rated upto 200mph. I refused to believe this at first, but have tested one up to about 130 without it leaving my car. With its wide fields of view, the option to record in different aspect ratios, 720, 960 or 1080p HD and up to 60 frames per second for silky smooth slow-motion it’s no wonder that even big names like the BBC are using them to shoot footage where other cameras just can’t go.



REMOTE CONTROLLED PETROL POWERED CARS FOR GROWN-UPS If you often find yourself stealing your childrens’ remote controlled cars when they’re having an afternoon nap or are fed up of them beating you at the weekend ‘Garden GP’ then you need to get your hands on something a little more serious. FG likely stands for something efficient and German, but personally I think it should mean frickin’ gigantic - these polycarbonate-bodied puppies are 1:5 scale, which equates to some serious size. The 2-stroke engines have a 26cc capacity ( just over half the capacity of your average moped) and run on unleaded petrol with a 2-stroke oil mix. No nitro fuel here, this is the real deal. F1 SPORTSLINE: 1,048€ - 1,250€ (KIT VERSUS READY TO RUN) F1 COMPETITION: 2,420€ - 2,740€ FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE: WWW.FG-ONLINESHOP.DE

112 120 hardware_gadgets.indd 120-121







More than just a pedometer, the Fit-Bit Ultra rocks a sensitive 3D motion sensor as well as an altimeter so you know how many stairs you’ve travelled. No lifts for you, then. It’ll automatically sync your steps, distance and calories burned when you’re within 5 metres of the wireless base station included too. Easy! £65 in store at iQ


Tracking your weight and fat content (by passing a small, safe signal through your body to determine what’s fatty tissue and what isn’t) has never been easier. Step on the Aria and it’ll sync wirelessly to your Fit-Bit account - you can even track data on your iPhone, set goals and share acheivements with friends! You deserve an ice cream.

Flying over Jersey, it’s clear to see on approach that we’ve got our fair share of swimming pools and impressively sized gardens, and if you’ve got one that isn’t being used to its full potential have you never considered a zip line? Hours, days, weeks or even years of fun for thrill seeking children and adults alike, the rope swings cobbled together from salvaged scraps of tow rope from the edges of fields lashed onto the remains of a potato box or pallet board that we built as kids just don’t cut it any longer I’m afraid. Just for the record, I’m not as old as I sound upon reading that back - it wasn’t all that long ago when kids used to play outside, I’ll have you know! With 15,360 different components available to select using their online wizard, you’re bound to be able to tailor the correct kit for your needs using either 6mm or 10mm wire, depending on the loads you expect to put the line under, from the website below.


£81.90 in store at iQ



£104.96 in store at iQ

Yes, it’s summer but it’ll still be snowing somewhere for the extra-eager beavers out there, and if using a resort app on your phone just isn’t cutting it when it comes to stats then you’d probably appreciate one of these. A small screen fits into the bottom corner of your goggles (they must be manufactured by Uvex currently, I believe) and provides you with real-time information about your speed, altitude, distance, location and temperature as well as providing jump analytics, a run counter and tracker - all controlled via a chunky bluetooth remote that’s easy to use wearing gloves and can be worn on your wrist, arm or the goggles themselves by looping through the strap.

A blood pressure monitor that plugs into your iOS device? Clever people in white coats (that’s coats, not jackets) say it’s best to take your blood pressure readings in a relaxed environment, like at home, but at the touch of a button you can also email a summary to your doctor as well as keeping track of your readings with ease.


Once you’ve called it a day and stumbled in slightly sozzled from your après-ski session and you get around to downloading the latest footage from your GoPro (you have one of those, right? See opposite page) you can also download the data from the Recon MOD to your Mac or PC, overlay them on Google satellite imagery and create highlights to share online as well as earn bragging rights amongst your peers. Place your bets NOW!




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A DURABLE PHONE THAT IS AS RUGGED AS YOU ARE NOW AVAILABLE FREE AT AIRTEL-VODAFONE ON SELECTED PLANS also dust-proof and shock-resistant, happily withstanding a fall from half a metre onto solid ground. But the durable phone also boasts fast processing and solid connectivity, showing off the best of both worlds.

Say hello to a fantastic smartphone with nine lives. Try to drown it, throw it, drop it, smash it or toss it into a building site – this little baby will come back fighting. Heavy handed with phones? Don’t fret; we have the perfect handset for you. The S5690 can be immersed in one metre of water, and survive for half an hour. On top of that it is

The slim handset weighs only 116g, thanks to its body being all plastic, and the 16M-colour touchscreen is multi-touch enabled with toughened Gorilla Glass up front, for maximum scratch-resistance. The rubberized finish enhances the grip, and the extra-strong display also inspires confidence so you won’t need additional protection. Equipped with a camera, torch function and 150MB storage the Samsung galaxy Xcover Extreme S5690 has everything that you need, and armour to keep it all safe. If you have been looking for a handset that isn’t frightened of a bit of adventure, the S5690 is your dream. Come into our store to try it out for yourself.


The 9320 is BlackBerry’s cheapest handset, and is perfect for the first time android user. Every bit the classic BlackBerry in looks and style, and is made with top quality despite its low price. This little handset will go as far as you want it to. Only need messaging and phone calls? Fine. Yet, if you are a BBM fan then you can also integrate this with Facebook for the first time, thanks to the arrival of BlackBerry 7.1. A neat, classic and responsive keyboard makes the model very user-friendly, and the 3.2 megapixel camera features a flash to lighten even the most dark of moments. Whether you want your phone for constant chitchat, or emergencies only the 9320 is a fantastic model and its battery life will exceed even the top of the range androids. Pop into our store and try it out! After all, it is free on selected plans.

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Brand spanking new, if you’ve been hankering for an Android handset whose little green robot will laugh in the face of water and dust then this is the one for you. With a scratch-resistant screen and the highest level of dust and water resistance of any smartphone currently available, you’d never have guessed it from the Xperia Go’s sleek, 9.8mm slim exterior. It is lightyears away from the clunky, yellow rubber coated ‘JCB’ phones of years past. If you like that kind of thing though, or don’t want it to look too out of place in your toolbelt it is also available in bright yellow. If entertainment on the go is your thing, then take full advantage of its fast 1Ghz processor and both Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services from the Sony Entertainment Network - streaming the latest high definition blockbusters direct to your handset at the touch of a button has never been easier or more appealing.


Making the transition to smartphone and feeling bamboozled by the choice? The BlackBerry 9320 is a handset with everything that you need, and none of those unnecessary extras. Don’t be afraid, give it a try.




HANDSET ONLY £69, FREE ON PINK 24 MONTH FROM JT Buy one of these and they’ll bundle in a free Jersey Live survival pack that includes Ministry of Sound headphones and a 16GB micro SD card. Bonus! Keep track of all of your messages and social networking updates right from your home screen and keep all of your music in one place thanks to up to 32GB of potential memory. You can even record music from the on-board FM radio and use it as a ringtone (which sounds incredibly naughty to us, but it says so on the Nokia website, I’ve checked...) Available in vibrant orange, green, blue or pink this is a handset that will certainly stand out against a sea of dull, black and white mobile telephones.





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Cobo Balcony Gigs in conjunction with JT The Cobo Bay balcony gigs continue to be a major part of the Guernsey Summer, with large returning crowds on every occasion and the gig on Sunday 15th July was no exception! The sun was shining and Cobo Bay was packed, glamorous Indie Rock & Roll band “The Fillers” kicked off the evening and


got the crowd buzzing for what was set to be an amazing day. City Limits were the supporting act on the day and did not disappoint, but then after an astounding 23 years in the business it is not a surprise! If you just can’t get enough, or have been crazy enough to miss out on previous

performances, make sure you head down to the last in the series of the Summer Sessions on Monday 27th August to enjoy ‘Los Palmas 6’, supported by ‘Screamin’ Jez & Big Machine’. We look forward to seeing you!







This month we have been mostly listening to... Teaspoonriverneck Do it again


t all started for me about eight years ago. At the tender age of fifteen I managed to sneak into (one of Guernsey’s most notorious establishments) The Golden Lion to witness my first real experience of live music. Teaspoonriverneck were debuting that

night and what a night it was. Crammed onto the pitiful stage offered they managed to pull it off in magnificent form and reassure a young 15-year-old boy that there is a place for original music in Guernsey. Since then Teaspoonriverneck have undergone numerous changes. In fact, so many that Steven Lynch who fronts Teaspoon, remains the only original member of the band. After about a year, Daz Carre made way for Brett Stewart on the drums and more recently, Jon Langlois left and Ian Allsop took up the role of bassist. John Sealey is the latest addition joining in time for the new album Do it Again and becoming the fourth member of the band on guitar and keys. The album kicks off with ‘Curtains’ a slightly disappointing and uneventful track with no vocals. Instrumentals seem to be a popular first track choice with bands but they must be sensational. This one chugs along lifelessly, dependent on the routine riff to act as the hook. It doesn’t quite cut it. Things begin to improve with the second track ‘Superzero’ and the first single ‘Please Don’t Ask Us’ revitalizes the album with John Sealey’s keyboard addition really thickening the bands sound. ‘Saturday’ and ‘Sunday’ are the most impressive tracks on the album. Both offer something new for fans whilst not overstepping the boundaries. The latter is particularly good, demonstrating how they can pull off a ballad. It’s a slight shame they couldn’t resist the distortion pedal for the whole song, though it’s still fantastically melancholic.

have managed to pull it off on island. This is an example of what can be done (and should be more often). With this latest release (fifth to be exact) Teaspoonriverneck remain difficult to pigeonhole, though they are still a grunge band through and through. If anything it seems more commercial than past offerings. Previous claims of southern and stoner rock has diminished and the addition of a keyboard glams things up. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the bands direction alters slightly with the constantly changing personnel. Maybe this will be the final line-up under the moniker of Teaspoonriverneck and I hope it is. Granted ‘Steven Lynch and friends’ doesn’t have the same ring to it, but would seem more appropriate. ‘Do It Again’ has some fantastic moments and reaffirms them as one of the most popular local bands for good reason. Showcasing the great songwriting abilities of the band and tremendous production quality, Teaspoonriverneck have evolved over time and I’m sure will continue to do so. However, the band that inspired me as a young teenager - three blokes that decided to form a band after a good few pints in the pub and that didn’t take themselves too seriously - seems very much over.

Tyler’s rating

The production on the album is remarkably good considering it’s been done locally. Mixed by Ian Allsop himself. The band has always recorded in Guernsey, whilst most go abroad to achieve a good standard of quality they




Teaspoonriverneck - Do it again Available from: for £7 from Kendall Guitars and for download at teaspoonriverneck.


ince I first picked up a copy of Teaspoonriverneck’s second full length album at their album launch show at the De La Rue back in May, it has been regularly spun (or the iPod equivalent) often several times a week – which is no mean feat given the amount of new music I try and get through. On this record, their fifth release in total including EPs and their selftitled debut, the now four piece band seem to have settled on a sound that combines elements of all their previous work. Teaspoonriverneck seemed to start out a band heavily influenced by the grunge and desert rock scenes that produced the likes of Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age along with the groove-ridden stoner sound of Monster Magnet and their ilk. From there they developed into, variously, tracks bordering on hardcore (Breadline on Craft of Lisia) through to early Black Sabbath inspired heaviness (Gideon and the Black Jaws and Crow In The Road) and eccentric almost indie groove (notably on the Sunset’s Trip EP). Do It Again pulls all these different styles together in a new and cohesive way, which has clearly been influenced by the band’s lineup change since their last release ‘IV’, with Ian Allsopp joining on bass and John Sealey taking on keyboard duties. This has added a sense of psych and brought back some of the grunge to their sound, but added to this is a certain amount of glam too, albeit not the sort that produced the likes of Mötley Crue and their many bastard offspring in the late 1980s. Looking at the album as a whole, BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS

have constantly proved themselves to be an ever-evolving beast and, while they stick within the stoner-grooverock ‘n’ roll area, keep reinventing it and here they have once again reinvented it in fine style. it also seems to have adopted a loose concept quality to it, whether intentional or not, with the main bulk of the record bookended by the tracks ‘Saturday’ and ‘Sunday’. Now, I may be reading too much into this, but, it seems to me, this could easily be a ( highly figurative) tale of a weekend out with even opener ‘Curtains’ hinting that this is a collective tale in a b-movie filmic kind of way. Across the record my highlights come in varied form, ‘Superzero’ really kicks things off proper with a swirling psych-infused heavy groove sound which seems designed to produce both slow nods and gyrating hips all at once, while ‘Beewulf ’ and ‘Love Smudge’ provide a double hit of the heavy and speedy sounds the band have made previously and ‘Sunday’ provides an excellent comedown to complete the set. While this may sound like I am saying this is all Teaspoonriverneck going over old ground, that couldn’t be further from the truth as with Do It Again the band seem to have taken all their old ideas to create something genuinely new, and this is one of the reasons I hold them in such high regard among bands - not only in Guernsey, but in general. While many bands seem content to do the same thing over and over again (and if you’re Mötörhead or AC/DC, there’s nothing wrong with that) “the Spoons”

‘Do It Again’ is certainly an album worth checking out, now I just wish it was on vinyl; it seems it would feel right on a record player rather than an iPod.

Tom’s rating




Our questions are quite random. The first one is, our next issue is our Action issue, so describe something you do that’s action-packed? Erm, I like to play football quite a bit, and I used to play it when I was younger but I picked up the guitar and that was the end of that. Are these festivals quite actionpacked? Are you doing anymore this summer? Yeah, I’ve got a lot of festivals; this is like the second one of thirty. Thirty? Yeah, like Reading and Leeds, Bestival and like a few little cool festivals like this one and back to play Jersey Live. Wow, that is super stardom. You toured with Michael Kiwanuka, that must have been awesome. Yeah that was brilliant. I’d never been out of the UK actually before that tour, it was amazing to go round Europe, and he is such a nice guy and has all the time in the world for you it’s great. Where would you like to go on holiday? I’m going to Ibiza on Monday, but I reckon it will be too hot for me. But looking at this place, I’d like to come back here, the seas nice and it’s not too hot, it’s just right for me. It’s a nice place. What’s your happiest childhood memory? Happiest childhood memory, probably when I got my first guitar. I don’t know, I can’t remember!


So this is you getting over last weekend [The Guernsey Festival]? Yeah… me and Neil and the drummer Alex went over on the Saturday and these boys were supposed to fly Sunday morning but it was foggy. The fog stuff yeah, so basically, there is a bar there so we just got really smashed. We were thinking ‘we’re not going that’s it’ and suddenly the pilot goes I can take them, let’s go. So we got in the plane and went and turned up in Guernsey. So what did you think of last weekend then in Guernsey? We thought it was great. We turned up, got given a place to camp straight away, got free alcohol and were treated like kings basically. All the bands got treated like kings, so all good in our eyes! So what do you reckon going forward for you guys then? We’ve been signed so the next thing that’s going on now is we’ve got a Bush Hall gig coming up in London, which is an epic venue. It’s brilliant, we’re putting a lot of energy into that and we’ve got some big whips coming as well as we’re trying to secure a record deal.





Who are you singed by? EMI Publishing, so basically what they wanna do is keep putting me with artists who have already made it to do a collaboration and my voice gets out there. Next month, I’m going into the studio with Rudimental, who is number one on iTunes with ‘Feel the Love,’ and seeing how it goes. I’ve also got another couple of festivals lined up. We’ve got Summer of Love and another festival called Summer Breeze which is just little hooks for basically trying to get my name out there. Talking about that, obviously when you go back in the day to get a record deal then that would be it, you would be in? We have a publishing deal and it isn’t like that it’s different to a record deal. You’ve got to build your own following and then record companies come along and say ‘you’ve got a style, you have your music,’ and they buy you as a package. There are exceptions when they go in and they’re like nah you just showed us a hit and your voice is unbelievable and there is something about you, we have to sign you right now, I don’t care if you write nothing else but that song. What do you do for money then? Are you full time musicians now? No not yet, we are still working. We are moving to the UK in September, my job finished mid-September and then we are just going to London, and maybe we will get part time jobs to pay the rent but we are just going for the full time. Live the dream, we’ve got to give it a go. There are only 3 of us and we won’t have a bass player so we have to find a bass player.


How do you mentally and physically prepare for the stage, do you have a ritual or anything? I just want to feel comfortable when I go on stage really, like today I didn’t have my own guitar, so I was really nervous until I found a guitar that I could use and once that was sorted it was OK. I understand that you write in your kitchen, is that still the case or is there a new place that you find inspiration? I’ve got a lovely garden, so I sit in the garden, but I’ve not really been writing very much in the last 6 months. I’ve not felt like writing songs but I need to get back to it as it’s something I can do, so I might as well do it whilst I can. The garden is the new place, it’s a beautiful garden, it’s like the best thing about the house! Your kids, I take it they’re your biggest motivation? Only in terms of how much I love them. I want to make sure that they benefit from me, they are such nice kids. They are only eleven and ten years old so they don’t expect anything from me, I just know as a father to them I can make sure there future’s going to be reasonably secure and that’s the biggest privilege I’ve got in terms of having a talent that makes me money. They just love it that their dad’s in a band but they don’t ever play up to it or they don’t think its unusual but they do enjoy it, they do come to gigs and they do find it exciting. My main inspiration comes from the desire to write a song that will perhaps be listened to in another twenty years and that’s always been my main inspiration, that I might have the ability and capability to write a song that someone else will be singing. What do you think of online downloads and illegal downloads? Do you think that CD and Vinyl sales will dwindle in the future? GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE




I don’t know, I think all that stuff is quite far down the line now. I think five years ago when it was beginning to be a problem for artists making a living and record companies surviving as a business, it was a bit of an open book and now it’s got to the stage where people just have to accept it. I don’t sell as many records as I did ten years ago but I can still make a living and my music still gets heard. It might get used in a film or an advert or I will do something for the national theatre but as long as my music is out there and being heard I’m happy. I think these last ten years, it’s not that easy unless you are right up the ladder like Coldplay and U2 and those bands that have connected with that bigger audience and can use that as a tool to keep surviving and making money.


Joan, you’ve been performing since the age of 16 is that right? I started writing at the age of 14, but my first record was in 1972 so I have been performing since ‘72. What do you think has kept you motivated for all these years? I’m alive. That’s it really! Good answer. Who’s inspired you throughout your career, is there anybody? I don’t know, just kind of gone my own way, you know, that’s it, I enjoy what I do. I’m not saying that there aren’t people that I admire but I’m not looking for someone to make me do what I’m doing. I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing and just being here and seeing people. Just general people give me the inspiration for songs. If I see someone doing something or someone might say something to me or something might have happened to me those are the kind of things that inspire me to write.I see artists who I think are absolutely wonderful, but it’s not about trying to wait for someone to do something and be like ‘oh yeah I can try and do that,’ I just kind of get on with it. I’m pretty sure, although I can’t be positive, that one of my children was conceived to love and affection. Well there you go. Based on this do you think you have helped bring in many children into this world? You are not the first person to have told me that, so I think there might be a couple! You have probably been asked this question lots of times, but your mother buying the piano, do you think that was one of those pre-determined moments in life, something that was supposed to happen? Absolutely. I think I was born to write and I used to write limericks and jokes and little funny stories and things when I was younger. The kind of writing thing was in me, as soon as the piano arrived I just started making up these little tunes and the lyrics became more lyrical as opposed to these funny little poems and I think I was kind of destined to do what I am doing. That’s why I really think I am here, I am here to write songs, whatever anyone thinks of them or whatever that is my purpose. Your music has appeared in lots of films as well hasn’t it? What do you think makes it work so well for film? I did an interview with Danny Boyle, because I present radio programmes as well, and I was asking him does he use music in films to fill in the bits they haven’t scripted and that’s what happens,




I think some music along with the lyrics just helps to tell a part of the story that the actors don’t have to act, it sorta fills some gaps that just really help the film along without being super important. They allow for certain things to be said, one of the things I can think of is ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’ they used ‘A Weakness in Me’, it’s about people being in kind of not a conflict but somebody loving two people and not kind of being able to decide who to go for, and that just kind of really worked with the film. What’s your most embarrassing moment on stage? I think it was at a festival in Holland. I can’t remember the exact festival but I had two chains on, one was my key and one was just another chain. What I would do is throw the key behind my back because it would always be by my guitar and I threw the key behind my back and all the chains got caught up and I actually sorta forgot that I was supposed to concentrate and I ended up spending quite a lot of time trying to unpick the chain whilst the audience was waiting for me to unpick the chain and that was embarrassing. It took me ages to realise what I was doing you know.


You are doing lots of festivals this year, how many have you got on the line up? We have a much more intense autumn schedule than summer schedule. Autumn we are touring all the way until December. Is that all around Europe or... ? USA for a month, South America, Asia in December and Europe in November, so I think the summer we are full on until August. We are planning on doing a tour in Ireland too. My second question is where would you like to go on holiday? Australia, Tahiti. Australia and Tahiti, that’s perfect. Three things you would take with you to a desert island? My son, my boyfriend maybe and a big sun hat. Perfect, happiest childhood memory? Er, running outside in the pouring rain. The Cramps are one of my favourite bands. You played Human Fly tonight and I thought that was an amazing rendition. Why this post punk style homage? ‘Cause I think it’s interesting to release covers to songs sung by beautiful girls, so the lyrics will take another sense and actually it’s not covered that often. We are doing covers of songs that are not so famous or that are famous but in a different style


So can we get an interview? Unfortunately, not unless you have a big bag of green, came the answer. We offered a handful of Guernsey £1 notes but that didn’t do it. Shame as he is an eccentric character and played a genius set. It would have been amazing to interview him... never mind we sneaked a cheeky pic anyway.




did you get shot?





did you get shot?





did you get shot?

TEASPOON RIVERNECK Gallery pops along to the Teaspoon Riverneck Album launch at the Thomas De La Rue. Luckily we got down there early enough as it was rammed and they were turning people away! A great night for the band and everyone involved.





did you get shot?


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Gallery met with MC Deamas J, and DJ Wrong Tom who recently performed at The Guernsey Festival to discuss influences, past experiences and their new album.

How did you guys meet each other? WT: A long time ago through radio, going way back to the Jungle days! I was playing in a funk type Jazz band playing percussion and we got D involved to MC. I don’t know what happened next but the band split up, and D wound up going off all around the world MCing with people. D J: Yeah I got my residency down in Hackney club; Labyrinth in about 95, 96 and we sorta lost contact. We still followed what each other were up to but didn’t see each other for a long time, and then we kinda got back into contact again. WT: Then a couple of years back, I got asked to do a remix of this Canadian Reggae artist called Citizen Sound coming out on a German label called Jahtari. There wasn’t enough vocal on it so I got Deamas involved. That got released in Germany, it got radio play on Radio 2 and a bit on BBC, so I thought me and D should definitely do some more stuff like this! D J: It did better than expected and went to print again which, for the scale of the label it was, is a good thing!

How did you get from there, to where you are today with the new album? WT: We started working on a few of our own tracks in a studio; I played D a few of my rhythms and we had some good stuff to work from and Deamas freestyled some tracks. We played them to a few different labels and had quite a few people jumping on it. They’d been asking me to record some stuff, similar to an album I did with Roots Manuva called Duppy Writer. When I played them this stuff, they were like, well let’s do a set of MC based albums with different vocalists, and we’ll start with Deamus and that’s how this all kicked off.

What is the name of your new album? D J: The album title came from a song we put together one night, I lived out in Layton, right by the Olympics, so while we were recording it, we’d go out and record in the shadow of all the building work. It’s called ‘In East London’, so it’s ‘Wrong Tom Meets Deamas J in East London’! WT: The final track on the album is pretty much D checking all the stuff that we saw on one journey and that’s where the whole title came from.

When’s the album due to be released and how can people get it? D J: We haven’t got the exact date yet but I think it’s probably going to be the last week in September and a


single drop in the first week. HMV will have it and it will be out in most shops on CD and Vinyl, you should be able to get it on iTunes too.

Excellent, happy days! Have you got plans to do another album after this? W T: Yeah, what I’d like to do is like a vintage dance thing. It has links to both of our past music styles, particularly D as a jungleist MC, but musically the main focus is kind of dub and dance. I particularly like vintage stuff like 80s dance and I think D is such a versatile MC that we should work on some stuff that goes beyond that, so that’s what I want to do next. D J: With this album I’m going to be honest because people think I started off with Drum ‘n’ Bass and basically if it wasn’t for Reggae I wouldn’t have done that, I mean I used to, I started off as a youngster doing Reggae but I didn’t have the right mentor person to steer me in the direction of doing that. W T: I’m that mentor person.

I thought you said mental! D J: Ha, no, mentor, but I’ve always had it in me and that’s why it’s in the album. I tried to make it clear that the first track wasn’t just a Drum ‘n‘ Bass thing, I used to go to Reggae dance. The whole thing tells the story. There are references and everything in there of what’s gone on and little break ups through the years. WT: I really thought that knowing you for so many years and all the different styles you’ve gone through I just knew that at some point it had to go back to your roots as a Reggae fan and a Reggae artist, and you know it’s like, in your blood, it’s in your family, it’s like your uncle.

So it stemmed from the passion rather than the commercial side? It did, but as time has gone on I have become more business minded. I have seen people get bigger and do really well for themselves and I’m happy for them but you have to be careful that people don’t try to exploit you and walk all over you. Well it’s cut throat and if you’re going to make it your main money earner, I guess you have to be that way. WT: You have to, but we still do things for free, still have fun and this is a new chapter. I think this album was the main thing, I mean we’re obviously going to say this but it was driven by the passion for the music more than the love of money; we did it on the cheap. The whole aesthetic of the album is kinda like that old dancehall thing, where you re-use rhythms and that sorta thing.

Where did you get your influences for the album from? There are quite a few current references in there, obviously last year there were the riots in East London going on, there’s a track called ‘Riot ting’ that really does reference the whole situation.

Do you see this album as a diamond opportunity? It’s obviously been exciting times for you both!

Yeah, yes I do, absolutely. It’s exciting times, I have been involved in lots of exciting projects with new creative ideas all the time. I was staying with Wrong Tom at the time and used to wake up at six in the morning ready to get started on my ideas. W T: D had been staying on my couch and was ready to go as soon as I was awake. I’d roll out of bed late and just be all blurry eyed with my cup of tea, turning on the microphone and let him let rip. It comes down to timing and obviously you had a label that were interested at this particular time and all the rest of it, so you know, I’m a great believer that everything happens for a reason and things happen at the right times for people. Gallery wish you the best of luck! GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE





Hey beautiful! Brand stockists Hey beautiful! Brand stockists



Estate Agent Directory


Jersey’s IQ annual Jersey’s Your local Apple experts. Get the full Apple experifoodie ence right here in Jersey. annual directory All the latest Apple computers, iPods and iPads now foodie with training in store ! directory Join the revolution and test drive one today.


Estate Agent Directory

Choice Properties YSL Ivory Pictures offers a passionate, professional and Design-Environment-Health 620620 tailor-made wedding photography service. We aim FEELUNIQUE @ AU CAPRICE 732380 Your environment impacts on your life, and indeed Properties Choice to capture those honest and perfect moments that YSL your health. The World is our environment, our encompass your special day. Homes are our environment. House Design is620620 all FEELUNIQUE @ AU CAPRICE 732380 ESSIE For an informal chat and free consultation, please important in creating the right environment suit Crespel Properties contact us. individual needs. SPA SIRENE 615425 625569 ESSIE Crespel Properties SPA SIRENE 615425 625569 GUERLAIN Dandara VOISINS 837100 GUERLAIN Follow us on: Folow us on: 789900 DE GRUCHY 818818 Dandara VOISINS 837100 789900 DE GRUCHY 818818 DERMALOGICA Edge Cox Peel & Wilson inside RIO HAIR AND BEAUTY 734458 the genuine articles DERMALOGICA 877977 Edge Cox Peel & Wilson the chefs: pimp my dessert inside RIO HAIR AND BEAUTY 734458 the genuine articles getting roasted ESTEE LAUDER 877977 the chefs: pimp my dessert lovefood DEGRUCHY 818818 Gallais getting roasted ESTEE LAUDER 766689 lovefood DEGRUCHY 818818 Le Gallais AVEDA corporate presentation or to present individual 766689brands ELMINA 610082 AVEDA Appetite began when we couldn’t Gaudin & Company stocked by your business. We’ll be trying to gather places that ELMINA 610082 730341 find a local restaurant guide that M.A.C Appetite began when we couldn’t Gaudin & Company sell the nicest bits, bobs, stuff and desirable items for the home VOISINS 837100 would tell us when all our favourite 730341 find a local restaurant guide that M.A.C and office. places were what was on Indigo Estates VOISINS 837100 would tell usopen, whenand all our favourite We’re RENa big believer in effective ‘reminder’ advertising at Gallery. 639955 the menu. So we decided to write places were open, and what was on Indigo So we thought we’d give select businesses theEstates ability to tell you 871588 ForLEADERS a small business, a whole year of communication that REN onemeans ourselves. 639955 the menu. So we decided write VOISINS 837100 all abouttotheir services in our monthly Gallery directory. We’ve LEADERS 871588 customers have your details at all times. Estates one ourselves. VOISINS 837100 categorised them and arranged them for easy perusal. If The fourth edition ofeven Appetite is out Jersey’s eating directory | Fourth Edition | 2012

take me home and grill me

Jersey’s eating directory | Fourth Edition | 2012

take me home and grill me

get your business in the directory learn about Jersey’s produce and where to get it.

from just £9.49 per week* We ask some of the Island’s chefs what keeps them sweet learn about Jersey’s produce and where to get it. we meet the Jersey folks who love to grind

We ask some of the Island’s chefs what keeps them sweet our new special offer deals for you, our lovely readers

Plus andtomenus wecategorised meet the Jerseylistings folks who love grind for Jersey’s leading culinary destinations our new special offer deals for you, our lovely readers

We’re pretty sure you don’t carry the Yellow Pages around with you and I bet you don’t browse it every month... it’s massive!


Plus categorised listings and menus for Jersey’s leading culinary destinations


629009 ONLINE Estates The directory is designed to allow advertisers a low cost, now andlong has all theofkey features you love you like, give them a call ZOYA you see something and tell them you The fourth edition Appetite is out 629009 ONLINE WWW.ZOYA.COM about your annual – easy navigate term communication solution. It can be used to show sawfeatures themtoin Gallery! now and hasfood all the key you love We’ll love you forever... Maillards ZOYA 2TRUE sections, sample menus–and clear contact about your food annual easy to navigate 737293 anWWW.ZOYA.COM individual WWW.2TRUE.COM Maillards 2TRUE MODELS OWN WWW.2TRUE.COM WWW.MODELSOWNIT.COM MODELS OWN WWW.MODELSOWNIT.COM

Directory: cost per issue Don’t forget to tell them you saw them Gallery! Don’tin forget to tellThey themmay yougive sawyou something extra...They may give you them in Gallery!

details assample well as menus a few extra sections, and tasty clear tidbits contact like interviews, features and special offers details as well as a few extra tasty tidbits and giveaways Appetite single booking for 3 issues issues like interviews, features andreaders. special6offers and giveaways for Appetite readers.

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Red Properties

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Self-Service Property Sales

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* boardom



BATMAN Rosie Armstrong, 18, Student


Katie Taylor, 19, Shop Assistant

Jordan, 18, Security Alarm Engineer



Jon Ozanne, 36, BBC


Dom Coquelin, 27, Barman

Richard Swirlll, 50, ‘Attitude Checker’




Martin Lancans, 24, Technician

Grace O’Donnell, 20, Student

Byron Mc Kensie, 20, Customer Service Officer

Time to update your media.

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Interior design for the bathroom Channel Island Ceramics T: 01481 234000 E:

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19/07/2012 10:21

Bespoke Creations Exquisite Craftsmanship, Cutting Edge Design All bespoke pieces are handmade in Guernsey by Bonsai

Image shot by Karl Taylor Photography

Our state of the art joinery shop is dedicated to ďŹ ne craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail. FINE FURNITURE COMMISSIONS



Give us a call or visit our showroom at Southside, St Sampsons. Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm.

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09 - Action  

Issue 09 of Gallery Magazine Guernsey - the 'Action' issue

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