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Explanation of my art

Art as I do it today is a mixture of the COBRA movement and action painting of the abstract expressionism. My vision of the abstract art is the chaos and the strictness combined giving a depth to a painting and that is what I always add to any series of my paintings. When I give a name to my art I also send a message with it and that means a lot to me. There are always one or more boxes in the paintings, it comes from my background as a photographer where an image is composed of square "pixels". I worked as a photographer over 10 years all over Europe and here you can find some of my works that I have done since year 2000.

I work mostly with oil on canvas but here you also see work on paper and cardboards. In this magazine I don’t put out size or matter or prices for its not a magazine you should buy art and I just want my art going to speak to you!

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artist Marcus Carlsson www.artbymac.se over 80 page with just art!