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Week one

The Silver grid Lotte Geeven & Sem창 Bekirovic

week one We started collecting wild flora data from all the New York City neighborhoods in order to make bouquets based on these area's. Armed with knife and plastic bags we walk the alleys & sidewalks, shake ghetto trees and stroll the rivers in search for flora shaped by its neighborhood specific environments. We find ivy marked with silver graffiti growing along the desolate Hunters Point Piers, an algae-covered stone from the strong current of the cold East River, separating Manhattan from Brooklyn and an aerodynamically shaped treetop cut from a maple tree with twirling helicopter seeds growing next to the windy expressway in the Bronx.

This document appears on the occasion of the project: The silver grid A collective project by Lotte Geeven & Semâ Bekirovic new york city, september — november 2011

Text & images: the artists

West Groenewegje 136 2515 LR Den Haag the Netherlands +31 (0)70 392 53 59 Contact: Marie-José Sondeijker

The Silver Grid — Week 1