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Video Marketing is one of the most powerful internet marketing strategies for driving targeted, passive traffic to internet websites. Search engines also love video so it is not that difficult to get to the #1 position in Google with a well optimized video. Implement the following 10 steps and you will notice a spike in your internet marketing traffic. Step #1: Pick a 'hot topic'. Use sites such as Yahoo Answers and Google Trends to discover hot topics that are receive large monthly search volumes. Step #2: Perform detailed keyword research Use tools such as Keyword Elite to generate a list of keyword phrases. This is a key step that will form the back bone for attracting views to your article. Step #3: Decide on a theme for your video You need to pick a theme that is suitable to your topic yet geared towards maximizing your video views. Some of the most successful themes on YouTube include; sex, humor, weird, spectacular, celebrity, shocking, mystery. Step #4: Write the script Every video needs a good script. Spend some time creating an outline of what your video will discuss. Write a script that blends the topic with the theme. Make certain that your video is not a commercial nor delivered in a boring, monotone style lecture. Step #5: Create the video Create the video using screen capture software such as Camtasia or Cyberlink Power Director. You can also turn a PowerPoint presentation into video using Camtasia. You should also include a short 'intro' and 'exit' clip at the beginning and end of the video that states your website address and what your website is about. Try and hook the viewer with something interesting such as offering them a free, related product.

Step #6: Write a key word rich headline You now need to refer back to the key word list you generated in step 2. Select some of the more popular keyword searches and create a title by combining these keywords. Step #7: Write a key word description You description should always begin with a live link to your website. Keyword rich descriptions increase the keyword density of your video and further improve ranking in the search engines. Step #8: Insert major key words in the tags field You need to go back to step 2 and select the most popular keywords pertaining to your video. Insert the keywords in this tag field separated by a comma. Step #9: Mass distribute your video. Use a free tool such as Tube Mogul to mass distribute your video to 20+ video sharing sites. Step #10: Market Your Videos You now need to market your video within the video sharing sites and external. You can do this by posting links to your video on related; forum posts, Blog posts, and Yahoo Answers. You should use a tool like Bookmarking Demon to social book mark your sites and drive instant targeted traffic. Video Marketing can be an extremely lucrative marketing strategy if done correctly. To succeed at video marketing you need a proven tried and tested blueprint as well as powerful video marketing software. There is one excellent video marketing resource online.

Download your FREE Video Marketing Software at You will also discover many video marketing insights on that page. If you really want to take your video marketing to an elite level, download a copy of Video Marketing Devastation - a proven, tried and tested video marketing blueprint. Mao Flynn is an Internet Marketer specializing in traffic generation strategies. He is the author of several e-Books including 'Video Marketing Devastation' and 'Article Marketing Devastation'. Click on the link below to claim your FREE Video Marketing software. This is a limited time offer that is about to expire.

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==== ==== Video Marketing Is Your Next Pay Check. Free Training Siminar Instant Access www, ==== ====

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