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Razer Huntsman V2 Keyboard

THE RAZER HUNTSMAN V2 line has a suite of upgrades and enhancements to create the fastest, most advanced optical gaming keyboards in the world. The new features include Razer’s 2nd generation Optical Switches, Razer 8k HyperPolling Technology, and Doubleshot PBT keycaps, as well as improved acoustics, made in response to player and community feedback.

combined give the Huntsman V2 near-zero latency for the fastest, most responsive gaming keyboard in the world.

The Huntsman V2 is available with Razer 2nd Generation Linear Optical Switches, which have been refined and tweaked based on player and user feedback. Foremost in these refinements is the addition of a silicon sound dampener, to reduce the ‘clack’ of the key bottoming out during use, which greatly improves the typing experience. The switches also feature more generous lubrication on the switches and stabilizers, for even smoother operation and increased noise reduction. The Razer 2nd Generation Linear Optical Switches use an infra-red beam of light to activate the switch signal, which completely eliminates debounce delay, the delay traditionally built into mechanical switch keyboards to ensure a contact signal is a true keypress. With no debounce delay, Razer 2nd Generation Linear Optical Switches can take advantage of Razer HyperPolling Technology, surpassing the 1000Hz polling rate of standard keyboards and ramping up to a blistering true polling rate of 8000Hz. These two high-speed, high-performance technologies October 2021


In response to feedback from the community and esports athletes, the Huntsman V2 has also been upgraded in other areas. Doubleshot PBT keycaps, for extra durability and resistance to wear, come as standard on the Huntsman V2. The two-stage molding process used in creating the keycaps results in fadeproof legends, even after hundreds of hours of use, with a textured finish for a secure fingertip grip and positive typing action. To improve keyboard acoustics, a series of sound dampening features have been added through the chassis, to absorb pings and thunks as the keys bottom out during use. A sturdy matte aluminum top plate keeps the keyboard rigid with minimal flex, even under the most intense key pounding, and a sculpted, ergonomic wrist rest fits perfectly to the front of the Huntsman V2 for added support and pressure relief during long sessions. The Huntsman V2 is equipped with a Multi-function Digital Dial and 4 dedicated, customizable media keys for extended usability outside of gaming. Fully programmable through Razer Synapse 3, the Huntsman V2 features 7 preset Razer Chroma lighting effects, with a selection of up to 16.8 million colors, for complete personalization. The hybrid on-board memory can be used to save settings, macros and color schemes for access

Huntsman V2 Tenkeyless Keyboard

THE RAZER HUNTSMAN V2 TENKEYLESS keyboard is the leaner, lighter little brother to the Huntsman V2. Mirroring many of the features of the full-sized Huntsman V2, the Huntsman V2 Tenkeyless eschews the number pad, dial, and media keys in favor of portability, but retains the new features and upgrades seen in the Huntsman V2 including the new Razer Linear Optical Switches Gen2, Razer HyperPolling Technology for true 8000Hz

polling, Doubleshot PBT keycaps, sound dampening measures and ergonomic wrist rest. The Huntsman V2 Tenkeyless also features a detachable USB-C cable for ease of transport for players on the go and is fully compatible with Razer Synapse 3 for up to 16.8 million color customization and on-board hybrid memory for macro and settings storage.



October 2021


Razer Basilisk V3 Mouse

THE NEW RAZER BASILISK V3 wired gaming mouse is packed with only the best features for advanced customizability. With 10+1 programmable buttons, an intelligent scroll wheel to swap between modes, and a heavy dose of Razer ChromaTM RGB to light up the competition.

Smart-Reel Mode: Enabled via Razer Synapse, the scroll wheel automatically shifts from tactile to free-spin mode when you scroll faster.

Gamers can enjoy full control with a variety of customization options presented in the Basilisk V3 through both hardware and software implementations. The Basilisk V3 sports the newly engineered, smart Razer HyperScroll Tilt Wheel for a seamless and unparalleled scrolling experience. Users can enable it to automatically shift between modes, or toggle between three additional unique modes: Tactile Scrolling, Smart-Reel, and Free-Spin Scrolling. Tactile Scrolling Mode: For high-precision and distinct notched scrolling, ideal for cycling through weapons or skills.

October 2021


Free-Spin Scrolling Mode: For smooth, high-speed scrolling, perfect for covering content quickly or emulating repeated game commands. The Basilisk V3 scroll wheel also features Virtual Acceleration, which increases the mouse’s scroll speed the faster it’s spun, allowing navigation through lengthy documents and articles at an even quicker rate. Virtual Acceleration can be toggled through Razer Synapse, giving the user another way to further make the Basilisk V3 their own. The Razer Basilisk V3 has 10 easy-access buttons and 1 customizable profile-switch button underneath the mouse quick essential actions like push-to-talk, ping, macros,

Experience crisp, purposeful clicks thanks to the Razer Optical Mouse Switches Gen-2 with an actuation speed of 0.2ms that also eliminates any risk of unintended double clicks. Through a combination of both new and worldrenowned Razer mouse features, the Basilisk V3 comes together as the ultimate gaming mouse for customization — no matter the game or task.

The Razer Basilisk V3 is also equipped with the Razer Focus+ 26K DPI Optical Sensor. The most advanced and precise sensor in the world features intelligent functions like Asymmetric Cut-Off, giving users the ability to customize their lift-off and landing distance depending on their needs.

The Basilisk V3 is also upgraded with 11 Razer Chroma lighting zones all over the mouse and an underflow that sweeps around the form to bask the mouse in a glorious Chroma RGB glow with over 16.8 million colors and countless lighting effects. With currently over 150 Chroma-integrated games, its lighting will intelligently sync and interact with in-game events.

and secondary functions can be re-programmed to each mouse button. Profiles can also be saved and switched seamlessly between programs and with up to five onboard memory profiles, you can properly game anywhere, anytime.



October 2021


LG 49WL95C Ultrawide ™


October 2021

PHP 77,399


LG’S NEWLY RELEASED monitor is the 49WL95C, a 49-inch UltraWide™ monitor (32:9 Dual QHD) with a doubled 27-inch 16:9 QHD pixel space in one screen and has 70 percent more pixels compared to 32:9 FHD resolution. Its massive screen real estate saves more time by doing away with alt-tabbing or switching away from program-toprogram. This monitor is specially designed for creatives and content creators who work with high-quality

The new 49-inch UltraWide™ monitor has many features that help its users on doing tasks efficiently, like the dual controller that helps in controlling

multi-devices connected to one screen, in which files can simply be dragged and dropped over connected devices. The On-Screen Control software allows control of various display settings, all with a single mouse click. It also supports USB Type-C connectivity, which allows high-speed data transfers. Aside from that, it is also ergonomically designed and easy to adjust, depending on what the users need. The height, tilt, and swivel adjustment stand help in customizing


user desk setup to create a more personal and comfortable workstation. The LG 49WL95C UltraWide™ monitor wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t offer exquisite picture quality. The new monitor supports HDR 10, enabling viewers to enjoy dramatic, bright, and popping colors. It also has an Automatic Brightness Control that works with a sensor reacting to light, making screens appear brighter in bright areas and darker in the dark for an optimal display environment. October 2021


videos, raw images, and simultaneous work on programs or tasks without ever needing to switch and scroll. Even in office spaces, the new UltraWide™ monitor can conveniently save space and clutter as it operates in the same space and clarity as 27-inch QHD monitors.


Xiaomi Redmi 10


REDMI 10 is packed with a full series of major upgrades in its camera, display, and performance. Its camera boasts a 50MP ultra-high resolution main camera—a first of its kind in its category. An 8MP ultra-wide camera, 2MP macro camera, and 2MP depth sensor are also included in the phone unit. The new phone unit is also loaded with stylish filters and camera effects that will surely add flair and personality to any photos and videos taken. Redmi 10 has a large screen with a 6.5” FHD+ AdaptiveSync display. Its 90Hz refresh rate makes any basic tasks flow smoother and more seamless, such as scrolling and swiping in apps. The AdaptiveSync technology can adjust the refresh rate of apps and contents frequently accessed by users, saving more time and power—as it will only boost refresh rates when needed the most. The new phone unit is powered by a 2.0GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio G88 processor. It boasts a massive 5,000mAh battery as well as 18W fast charging and an in-box 22.5W charger. With its lightning-fast GPU, powerful hardware, and heavy-duty battery, Redmi 10 takes its users to a whole new level of performance while doing tasks efficiently without having to worry about emptying the phone battery. Redmi 10 is packed with flagship-grade features. A smartphone of this caliber and performance exceeds everyone’s expectations. The value of Redmi 10 speaks for itself. Its outstanding 50MP camera makes cutting-edge photography accessible to all, while its 90Hz refresh rate and highperformance hardware make it a top-of-the-line contender in its bracket. It is available in three colors: Carbon Gray, Pebble White, and Sea Blue.

October 2021



October 2021



CANON’S MAXIFY GX6070 AND GX7070 are a set of new refillable ink tank printers designed for small and mid-size offices that need affordable high-volume color printing. With new features like water-resistant inks, fast printing, and flexible paper handling, the new printers combine productivity and efficiency for businesses with little compromise. Both printers’ large sets of ink tanks and high-volume ink bottles significantly reduce ink costs for any printing. A complete set of ink delivers about 6,000 grayscale pages and 14,000 pages in color. For businesses that need printing more without compromising quality and legibility, an Economy mode setting pushes total print performance to about 9,000 grayscale pages and 21,000 pages in color. The new printers can also print on a variety of textures and surfaces, such as envelopes, labels, glossy papers, banner papers, etc., making MAXIFY GX6070 and MAXIFY GX7070 remarkable printing powerhouses for all types of printing.

MAXIFY GX7070 - PHP38,995

Ink Tank Printers

Canon MAXIFY GX6070 and GX7070 October 2021


Not only that, the use of pigment ink makes the document prints waterresistant — a quality not found in conventional inkjet printers. Texts, color bars, and charts printed with pigment ink are resistant to smudging when in contact with water-based pens, splashes, and accidental water spills that may dry out the printed document with color bleeding or

MAXIFY GX6070 - PHP31,995

completely destroy the printed document.


calling for a service visit or carrying the printer to the nearest service center. The MAXIFY GX6070 and GX7070 are built with the productivity and efficiency of businesses and home offices in mind. Both printers are flexible enough to be placed anywhere in the office as they also offer wireless printing through their wired network interfaces.

October 2021


Equipped with features that prioritize productivity and efficiency, the new duplex (automatic two-sided) printing and large paper cassettes save time replenishing paper supplies. Both printers come with an automatic document feeder (ADF) and a

front-USB port. Users can load up to 50 sheets of document originals on the ADF to be duplicated and/ or scanned into digital storage. The new printers also have a modular and user-replaceable cartridge that can be obtained easily in retail. This minimizes device downtime when faced with a lot of printing that needs to be accomplished on time without


Canon MP250

Pocket Projector

MOVIES AND PRESENTATIONS can now be viewed with utmost flexibility with Canon’s pocket projector. The compact and lightweight MP250 lasts up to 2 hours of operation, projects up to 93” wide at up to 250 lumens brightness. The MP250 is ready to work with any laptop thanks to its embedded media and document viewer as well as HDMI and USB ports. For those who can’t be bothered with a laptop, the mini projector can also support wireless content sharing from Android OS devices or direct playback from a USB flash drive.

October 2021


vivo X70 series Smartphone

PERFECT FOR TAKING all kinds of photos and videos, the new vivo X70 comes with ZEISS Optics-ZEISS T Coating that enhances imaging quality and color accuracy while reducing flares, reflections, and other unnecessary photo effects that diminishes photo quality. It not only takes photos more accurately; it also makes the process of taking photos easier, especially those that are harder to take like night photography or photos requiring high action and movement.

The vivo X70 series comes with ZEISS Portrait features that simulate 4 classic ZEISS shots: Sonar, Biotar, Distagon, and Planar. It also has the ZEISS Portrait 3D-Pop, which uses state-of-the-art technology to heighten three-dimensional portrait atmospheres by presenting a perfect and harmonious blurry transition between the subject and its background. All of these give users fun and flexibility when taking pictures in portrait mode. Along with Gimbal 3.0 for maximum stability when taking highaction photos and videos, the vivo X70 is also coupled with the Sony Customized Sensor IMX766V, which can access eight percent more light than other devices, making the photos look richer. The new vivo X70 series will consist of the X70, X70 Pro, and X70 Pro+. The three phone units are powered by three different chipsets: MediaTek Dimensity 1200 SoC for X70, Exynos 1080 SoC for X70 Pro, and the Snapdragon 888+ SoC for X70 Pro+. The X70 and X70 Pro come in Cosmic Black and Aurora Dawn, while the X70 Pro+ is available in Black, Blue, and Orange color variants.



October 2021


Aller Plasma Orion Series Air Sanitizer

WITH THE COUNTRY still experiencing the pandemic and keeping businesses afloat with minimum health protocols to minimize contact and make sure of everyone’s safety, Aller Plasma Orion Series is here to help in alleviating pandemic worries by taking care of air, especially in business and indoor spaces. The Aller Plasma Orion Series works as an air sanitizer: disinfecting the air and surfaces within an area. Aller Plasma sterilizers use cold plasma technology to eliminate viruses (such as the coronavirus, H1N1, and EV71), molds, bacteria, and bad odors in indoor spaces. This cutting-edge technology makes use of plasma ions that work to clean the air and minimize the spread of infection by breaking down the molecular structures of bacteria, microbes, and viruses, which October 2021

ultimately keeps them from infecting people. The Orion Series is perfect for indoor space sizes, ranging from 30sqm to 150sqm. These air sanitizers are not only an important addition to air-conditioned and poorly-ventilated indoor spaces; they’re also easy-to-use and easy-to-


install for various establishments doing face-to-face transactions in need of extra safety and added protection. The Orion Series is a definite musthave for businesses navigating the new normal, as it gives added protection in the air we breathe as well as giving peace of mind to owners and customers alike.

Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Smart hub

THINKSMART CORE is Lenovo’s first modular room kit designed for flexibility and scalability in meeting spaces. It is a certified solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms. Powered by an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro processor with 256GB SSD, the ThinkSmart Core compute device supports almost any meeting room, and can be placed discreetly with cleverly integrated cable management and VESA mount compatibility. Its 10.1-inch point-to-point touchscreen controller, the ThinkSmart Controller, is powered by USB-C through the included 10-meter cable and can detect whenever participants enter the room with its integrated infrared sensors. Its integrated stand offers both 30-degree or 60-degree viewing angles, while a 3.5mm headphone jack provides a direct audio connection.

Cam and ThinkSmart Bar to offer high-quality video and immersive audio as well as smarter features for an improved collaboration experience. Supporting huddle rooms, boardrooms, and home offices, this kit can be scaled up further with an added table-top mic. The ThinkSmart Core Kit comes with a year of Lenovo’s valueadded software and services, including a license for ThinkSmart Manager Premium, Lenovo’s collaboration management software suite, and ThinkSmart Professional Services: Deploy and Maintain.


The Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Kit come in two configurations: • The ThinkSmart Core + Controllers for rooms that are already equipped with Teams-certified audio and visual devices. • The ThinkSmart Core Full Room Kit includes the ThinkSmart Core and controller as well as the ThinkSmart


October 2021


Logi Dock Docking Station

LOGI DOCK is an all-in-one docking station with one-touch meeting controls and a built-in speakerphone, targeted to be certified for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Logi Dock simplifies personal workspaces and improves the video meeting experience for remote and/or hybrid workers by providing one sleek solution to optimize their desk set up and thus create a more productive workspace. Logi Dock is designed to declutter the desktop by being a single connection point for desktop devices. It connects up to 5 USB peripherals and two monitors while quickly charging a laptop through its 100W fast-charging port. A cable connection from Logi Dock to the laptop

October 2021

eliminates excess wires, dongles, and unnecessary chargers for a cleaner and more organized workspace. With Logi Tune — an intuitive app that helps in controlling and customizing user experience of Logitech personal collaboration devices — Logi Dock can provide intelligent cues like notifying when a meeting is about to start or presenting intuitive buttons like joining, muting, and ending calls seamlessly and effortlessly to enhance the online meeting experience. Because productive collaboration is largely dependent on high-quality audio experiences, Logi Dock is built


with enterprise-grade audio. With this, users can leverage the noise-canceling speakerphone and automatically switch audio to a Zone Wireless headset or Zone True Wireless earbuds for private conversations. When a meeting ends, users can then use Logi Dock’s powerful and expertly-tuned speaker for an exhilarating or relaxing music experience. Logi Dock is available in White and Graphite (only for Microsoft Teams). The docking station will be certified to work with leading video conferencing platforms to provide one-touch meeting controls and a high-grade audio experience.

MediaTek Kompanio 900T Chipset

(NSA) dual-mode networking with full coverage of 5G sub6GHz, along with 5G dual-carrier aggregation and Voice over New Radio (VoNR) services. Together with MediaTek 5G UltraSave power-saving technology, users can expect to have a high-speed 5G network and long-lasting battery life.

The new Kompanio 900T is built on an advanced 6nm process and integrates octa-core CPU architect with two Arm Cortex-A78 ultra-performance cores, 6 Arm Cortex-A55 power-efficient cores, and two performance units (Arm Mali-G68 GPU and MediaTek APU) for serious mobile computing power. The chipset can support flagship LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 storage, and it can also adapt to 2K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate screens, providing efficient performance for both business and gaming applications.

The new Kompanio 900T also supports 2x2 MIMO WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2. With MediaTek’s MiraVision image quality engine and AI-enhanced video display features, users can have fast and reliable connectivity as well as an enhanced video quality experience.

MediaTek’s Kompanio 900T integrates a 5G modem and provides support to standalone (SA) and non-standalone

The MediaTek Kompanio platform has been widely used and adopted by many device manufacturers around the world to create mobile computing devices (as well as laptops and tablets) that have fast, reliable, and efficient performance. Devices powered by the Kompanio 900T will be available soon.


October 2021


THE NEW MEDIATEK KOMPANIO 900T combines powerful computing capabilities and ultra-low power consumption to deliver robust computing power, outstanding audio and video multimedia features, smooth gaming capabilities, and support for the latest 5G and wireless features so users can have the best performance with their devices.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G Foldable Smartphones

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB - PHP87,990 | 512GB - PHP95,990 Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 128GB - PHP52,990 | 256GB - PHP56,990

THE NEW FOLDABLE SMARTPHONES from Samsung are crafted to unfold new ways to stay connected with the world. The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G works like a smartphone when closed, and reveals a large tablet-like screen when opened. The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is a compact and stylish device that can fit in the smallest pockets. When flipped open, it displays a full-screen smartphone. The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G comes in Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Green, while the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is available in Cream, Green, Lavender, and Phantom Black.

October 2021



October 2021




Tecno Spark 7 Pro

Tecno Mobile is gaining a reputation as a midrange contender with its Camon and POVA smartphones. Now the Spark-series isn’t quite in the same price range but does offer good value for users. Case in point, the Tecno Spark 7 Pro.

October 2021


I want to commend Tecno’s recent design choices. The Spark 7 Pro, like the Camon 17 Pro, looks and feels like a premium device. Its unique camera bump is just bang-on, its best design feature. Our review unit came in the Magnet Black color scheme and looks pretty good, especially the slight dual tone on the back. The Spark 7 Pro is made of plastic, but the textured finish at the back makes it a joy to grip. Let me also mention that it’s just 8.8mm thin, beating a lot of competitors at that price. The Spark 7 Pro sports a 6.6-inch IPS display with a 90Hz refresh rate. On the top-left of the screen is the punch hole for the 8-megapixel front camera that is pretty big. The back is the fingerprint reader and the 48-megapixel triple camera setup. On the left is the sim-tray and dedicated microSD slot; on the right is the volume and power buttons. Beneath is the headphone jack, the microUSB port, a mic-hole, and the downwardfiring speaker.


October 2021


Tecno Spark 7 Pro

hardware Making the Spark 7 Pro tick is the MediaTek Helio G80 octa-core processor. It’s paired with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage expandable via MicroSD. Powering the whole device is a 5000mAh battery.

For its cameras, it has a 48-megapixel camera setup at the back. The primary shooter, of course, is a 48-megapixel camera. Paired with that camera are 2 sensors which aid in the depth of field effects. At the front is an 8-megapixel selfie camera. The Helio G80 is an older processor but still works quite well. Antutu Benchmark (v9.1) has it at 219414 with Geekbench rating it at 366 for single core and 1332 for multi-core. Pretty good for a phone at a sub-7K price.

user experience For gaming the Helio G80 is a decent midrange chip that can run most esports titles on high settings. I tried League of Legends: Wild Rift and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on the Spark 7 Pro and it performed well, as expected. On Wild Rift, it was able to reach Ultra at 60fps settings, while Mobile Legends had it only on High. As for tougher titles, Asphalt was alright at performance setting but frame drops were typical on High graphics. Surprisingly it was able to run Genshin Impact, currently one of the toughest mobile titles to run. Unfortunately that was it. You can run Genshin on the lowest settings but won’t have a good time. Despite its lack of additional power, Tecno did do a great job on its cooling. Even though I put it through some tough benchmarks and games, it didn’t get hot.

48-megapixel camera in this price range. As for image quality, it’s good when conditions are alright. The Spark 7 Pro’s AI was also impressive and was able to separate the fur on my cat’s back from the background. Selfies were quite alright too, coming from a 8-megapixel shooter. One of the downsides of the Tecno Spark 7 Pro is its microUSB port instead of a Type-C. I think this is one of the areas where Tecno cut corners to keep costs down. Another area where they might have stinted on is the speaker quality. It’s fairly loud, but sounds mushy and occasionally hollow at loud volumes. Another thing that might concern power users is the 4GB of RAM. While simply cleaning your background apps will help, in the long run, 4GB may not be enough especially for gamers.

For the camera, the main shooter did well, especially if you consider its price. It’s amazing how Tecno is able to fit a

October 2021



what's Not

Coming in at PHP6,590 the Tecno Spark 7 Pro is definitely a contender as a lower midrange smartphone. At its sub-7K price you have a pretty good camera, 90Hz refresh rate screen, and a decent octa-core processor. For that price what more can you want?

what's hot  Good for esports gaming  Great internal cooling  Good camera


 4GB of RAM feels inadequate for 2021  Bloatware and ads  Speaker isn’t the best especially in max volume

BOTTOMLINE The Spark 7 Pro is a great smartphone for the budget conscious.

October 2021

Display: 6.6-inch HD (720 x 1600 resolution) Display with 90Hz refresh rate Processors: MediaTek Helio G80 OS: HiOS v7.5 over Android 11 RAM: 4GB Storage: 128GB expandable via microSD Cameras: 8-megapixel (front); 48-megapixel triple camera setup Connectivity: Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi (dual-band), microUSB Features: Fingerprint reader, Bluetooth Audio share, Super Night Mode, 2K video shooting Battery: 5000mAh Dimensions: 164.9 x 76.2 x 8.8mm

REVIEWED BY ren alcantara

Huawei Freebuds 4i wireless earphones

The era of true wireless earbuds is well and truly here. With all the major brands and countless little ones joining the party, the market is quickly getting saturated with pairs of true wireless buds. Huawei has had a few tries, with each one building on the improvements on the last, and today, we have the Freebuds 4i, a tiny pair of TWS buds that pack a big punch in a small package.

October 2021


design When you consider that there’s a bunch of circuitry that has to go into TWS earbuds and their case, you realize that these things are tiny. With internal batteries, charging circuitry, and wireless hardware, it’s impressive how small the overall package is. The carry and charge case is small, rounded, and is just a little larger than the keyfob for a modern car. It’s smooth, so it pops into a pocket with little resistance and has a single button for pairing. Couple that with USB-C charging, and you have a winner.

hardware The charging case has a magnetic closing system to keep the lid shut, and the earbuds themselves also snap home thanks to strong magnets. It’s not likely that they’ll come flying out should you drop

The earbuds themselves are of the usual stem design, with curiously oval earpieces that look unusual (and limits the choices of ear foams somewhat. They’re quite light and offer no physical controls. Standard fare, but standard fare done reasonably well. They also come in different colors to suit your personal tastes: red, black, white, and grey.

them while they’re in their case. That same case has a 215mAh battery to charge the internal batteries of the buds, which have 55mAh cells in each one. They have 10mm drivers, mics in each stem, and active noise canceling (with pass-through), for a premium listening experience. These are controlled via an accompanying app.


October 2021

Huawei Freebuds 4i

user experience

I have used other TWS buds in the past, and each has its quirks. Huawei has had a lot of practice and, therefore, chances to iron these out over each successive iteration. The Freebuds 4i are aggressively priced, yet deliver an experience that’s meant to be more premium than others at its price point, and it seems like they deliver. The first thing to note is the fit. The unusual shape of the actual buds that stick into your ear seems to be on-point. It creates a great seal against outside noise and remains comfortable. There’s also very little weight to each of the buds, meaning it doesn’t want to jump out of your ear by the simple act of gravity exerting force on them. It also means they’re comfortable enough to actually use for the four hours of advertised use. Sound quality is excellent on these, considering how small, light, and wireless they are. The best, more naturalsounding sound goes through with noisecanceling disabled and, in this mode, the mids are clear, the tops shimmer pleasantly, and the bass is pronounced, but not overly so. They’re more than adequate for casual listening and just as good for voice. Each stem has its own microphone that doubles as mics for voice, and for capturing sounds for noise canceling. As voice mics, they are excellent, and at no point were there any complaints from people on the other end of the line. Comfort, great sound reproduction, and great voice quality are all there, but it’s not without its faults. The case, for one, is so smooth and rounded, that it’s a struggle getting it open with one hand. On the other hand, that might be a good thing, because you’re going to need both hands to get each bud out of its case. They’re quite snug, smooth, and recessed in there that even with two hands, it can sometimes

October 2021

be something of an ordeal. Add to this the strange placement of the buds in the case (they seem to face the wrong way?), and the first few times you try to use them feels like more of a struggle than it should be. There’s also the matter of the placement of both the indicator light and the pairing button. It appears to me that the location of the button is such that pressing it puts your thumb in exactly the right place to cover the light, so you won’t actually see the status of the device. Sure, it’s a small thing to just hold it differently, but it’s counterintuitive to do so and gets to me a little bit.


On the whole, though, they’re small complaints, as when these are in your ears, and you’re listening to music, all those concerns fly right out the window, as you are surrounded by great sound and actually effective noise canceling. This feature can be switched on and off through controls in the stems (which can happen just as you’re trying to adjust the fit--another little niggle), or with the app, which is probably the better way to go about it. Battery life is excellent. About 7 hours of use with ANC on and 10 hours with ANC off is a feat that actually reflects our own testing.

VALUE The Freebuds 4i are easily among the better TWS options in the market today, at the sub-PHP4,000 price point. It’s actually insane, even with the little issues we have. If you’re in the market for a pair, it’s hard to do better than these for the price.


what's hot  Excellent sound Superb battery life Comfortable Effective ANC

what's Not  A few design quirks here and there

BOTTOMLINE Looking for an affordable, effective pair of TWS buds that won’t let you down? This is the ticket.


October 2021

Case Dimensions: 48.0 x 61.8 x 27.5mm Weight: About 36.5g Battery: Earbuds - 55mAh each | Case - 215 mAh Battery life: up to 10 hours (ANC off), up to 7.5 hours (ANC on) Connectivity: BT 5.2 Drivers: 10mm

REVIEWED BY archangel nudalo

Gaming Laptop

Acer Predator Triton 500 SE The new Acer Predator Triton 500 SE is built with improved hardware and a larger display, perfect not just for casual and/or hardcore gaming but also for doing creative and productivity tasks.

October 2021


Our test unit was the gray variant, which I prefer over the gray-blue variant shown in the promotional materials. The case and chassis have a hard metallic cover and are smooth to touch, adding to its luxurious feel. There’s a shiny Predator Logo at the corner of the laptop case — a completely different placement from the gray-blue variant. Futuristic-looking vents on the case blow out hot air. The Predator Triton 500 SE showcases a 16-inch 16:10 large display, surrounded by thin bezels. There’s another shiny Predator logo at the center of the bottom bezel. The backlit keyboard looks visually amazing;


it is also very smooth to use. The power button is located in the upper right corner of the keyboard. There’s a Turbo button above the keyboard along with mini-vents for the three cooling fans. Located at the sides are the charging port, ethernet cable port, HDMI 2.1 port, SD 7.0 card reader, 2 USB ports, and 2 Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports.

hardware Our test unit comes with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-11900H and NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 3080. The GPU can boost up to 1345MHz and the standard refresh rate is at 240Hz. It has an impressive 32GB DDR4 SDRAM with a 2TB SSD storage, which is great for gaming, multi-tasking, and working with intensive software and programs like video editing, photo-editing, graphic design, etc. It runs with Windows 10 Home OS and has a maximum power supply wattage of 230W. The new “5thGen Aeroblade 3D fan” is a 3-fan system that delivers overall better cooling and airflow than other Predator models.

October 2021


Acer Predator Triton 500 SE

user experience I used the Predator Triton 500 SE mainly playing Genshin Impact for PC — at the highest settings possible. Throughout gameplay, I never had issues concerning its performance and graphics display. In fact, the performance was the smoothest experience I’ve ever had in the game. The intricate and beautifully made maps, the cutscenes in the main storyline quest, and the different attacks and skills of the characters in the game — all these were more visually enticing on the Predator Triton 500 SE. This same holds true on other games like League of Legends and NBA2K20, which I’ve only played casually. Probably one of the best things about the Predator Triton 500 SE is its triple-fan cooling system, without which the laptop chassis would likely be too hot to touch. The laptop’s cooling system uses 5th-Gen Aeroblade 3D technology to optimize cooling and reduce the device’s temperature.

October 2021

Although some people may be put off by the loud Turbo fan setting, it does a very good job at cooling. In addition to gaming, the Predator Triton 500 SE is a perfect laptop for doing productive tasks. I used it for my daily tasks like sending and reading emails, creating important documents, answering modules, etc. I was able to run resource-intensive programs and apps like Photoshop and Lightroom with nary a hitch. The large display also made it easy to work with multiple windows open. Running some 4K YouTube videos, my slow internet connection made loading slow. Otherwise, the videos ran smoothly with great color accuracy. The Predator Triton 500 SE is incredibly slim and surprisingly lightweight, for a 16-incher. Although I have no issues with the overall gameplay and execution of tasks, I find the battery life of the Predator Triton 500 SE a


bit lacking as it only gives me 6-7 hours of work time. To meet my regular daily work routine, I wish it would give me more hours without the need to charge.

VALUE Acer’s Predator Triton 500 SE is a great laptop, positioned between the usual 15-inch and 17-inch gaming laptops. It’s the perfect laptop for those who want to upgrade from a 15-incher but can’t go for a 17-inch. While it is aimed at gamers, its impressive storage capacity and large display make it suitable for work, productivity, multimedia editing, and even attending online classes/virtual meetings.

BOTTOMLINE A laptop suitable on both gaming and productivity tasks

what's hot Large display Light and slim chassis Impressive hardware performance Smooth and easily customizable backlit keyboard Many essential ports

what's Not  Battery life Very loud turbo fan setting Easily heats up

Operating System: Windows 10 Home Processor: 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-11900H Processor Speed: 2.50GHz Processor Core: Octa-core GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 3080 Graphics Memory Capacity: up to 8GB GPU Boost Clock: up to 1345MHz Maximum Graphics Power: up to 110W Display Screen Size: 16” Screen Resolution: 2560x1600 Standard Refresh Rate: 240Hz Memory: 32GB (RAM) Storage: 2TB (SSD) Maximum Power Supply Wattage: 230W WLAN Standard: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax Ethernet Technology: Gigabit Ethernet Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.1 Port: HDMI 2.1, SD™ 7.0 Card Reader, 2 USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A Ports, 2 USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C Ports Physical Characteristics 0.78/14.1/10.3 (L/W/D) Weight: 5.48 lbs. Miscellaneous: Lithium-Ion Battery and AC Adapter Includes built-in apps PredatorSense and Planet9

October 2021



REVIEWED BY maribelle alba


7-in-1 Portable USB-C Hub

As a portable USB-C hub, the Moshi Symbus Mini offers a connectivity solution for laptop users. Speaking on behalf of MacBook users, one of the limitations we have had to live with is the limited number of ports — and only USB-C at that — which means that a USB hub/adaptor is an essential accessory. design


As far as hubs go, the Moshi Symbus Mini is not the most compact, being the size of a small cellphone. Its two-tone finish, consisting of a black plastic body with a titanium gray metal overlay on top gives it a sleek, premium look. On the left edge is the Gigabit Ethernet port, while on the bottom edge are the six other ports consisting of two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, the SD and microSD slots, an HDMI port, and a USB-PD port.

Not all hubs are created equal. The ports on the Moshi Symbus Mini meet the latest connectivity standards to ensure optimal performance. The USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports support transfer speeds up to 5Gbps. The USB-PD 3.0 port allows pass-through power of up to 70W. Its HDMI 2.0 port supports ultra-high definition (UHD) high dynamic range (HDR) video with a refresh rate of up to 60Hz. The same HDMI cable can also transmit 7.1 channel surround-sound audio.

The connector cable is neatly tucked underneath the metal overlay, kept in place by its SnapTo cable management system, avoiding snags and tangles when the hub is stowed away with other devices.

For quick downloads, the SD and microSD card readers are capable of 104Mbps speeds and support highcapacity SD/SDHC/SDXC cards. The Gigabit Ethernet port allows wired

October 2021


data transfer of up to 1000Mbps for high-speed wired network access.

user experience

The Moshi Symbus Mini 7-in-1 portable USB-C hub is an excellent solution for my connectivity needs, perhaps even more so now in my present WFH setup. With the hub as my desktop connector, I have my MacBook Pro linked to a desktop monitor via HDMI. One USB port is dedicated to my video camera, while the other is kept free for random USB devices like when I need to attach an external drive or printer. When I need to download photos from my camera, I just pop in the SD card for a super quick transfer. Another convenience offered by having all the devices/cables attached to a single hub is that I just need to detach the hub when I want to take my laptop and work in bed late at night. And when I want to work in desktop mode once again, I just need to reattach a single connector.

Possibly my only complaint about the Symbus Mini is that the cable is a bit short, so with my MacBook lifted up on a riser, it’s sort of dangling awkwardly on the side and can’t be laid flat on the desk surface. Just a couple of inches of extra cable would have made it perfect.

VALUE The Moshi Symbus Mini is listed at PHP6,490 on Switch’s Lazada Onlne Store — quite a premium price as there are other cheaper-priced hubs out there. However, what makes this a value-proposition is its standard 2-year warranty, upgradeable to a 10-year (!) global warranty upon registration. An authentication sticker on the packaging offers added assurance of product quality. In the long term, it looks like this hub will probably see you through several laptop upgrades before it wears out.

SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 12.8 x 7.6 x 1.3cm USB-C charging: supports laptop charging up to 70W HDMI: supports up to 4K/60Hz resolution, HDR USB-A: supports USB 3.1 Gen 1, 5Gbps data transfer Card reader: supports SD/microSD card Gigabit Ethernet: supports 1000Mbps data rate

what's hot  7-in-1!  Global 10-year warranty

what's Not  Connector cable is a bit short

BOTTOMLINE A must-have laptop accessory.


October 2021

As a long-time MacBook user, I’ve gotten used to just having a limited number of USB-C ports. This means that I need adaptors to read SD/microSD cards, attach USB-A cables, access USB drives, link an external monitor, etc.

I have yet to take it out of the house as we’re still in WFH mode, but I’m sure that when the time comes, the Moshi Symbus Mini will not take up too much room in my backpack.



Competition in the smartphone race hasn’t slowed despite everything that’s going on, and it seems like every month, there’s a new device that’s vying for our attention. Amidst the stiff competition though, one brand continues to stand out, and that’s realme. I realize I’ve said it before, but the brand continues to deliver superb value for money, in a market that continues to push the boundaries of each price point. We take a look at the realme 8, a solid mid-ranger that upholds the values of the brand. October 2021


design The design of the device is standard fare for a modern smartphone. The front is home to a large 6.4-inch 1080 x 2400 display with slender bezels, a slight chin, and a pinhole camera on the top left corner. The fingerprint sensor is located under the screen, minimizing visual clutter elsewhere on the device, and giving a slightly more premium feel to the overall package.

There are only three buttons on the phone, and they’re all on the right edge with the phone facing the user: a volume rocker, and the power button just below that. The opposite edge is where you’ll find the SIM tray, and on the bottom is a USB-C connector, along with the speaker grille and a 3.5mm headphone jack (yay). The back is a little busier, with a quadcamera and flash module in a raised, rounded square on the top left corner, the realme branding on the left, and “DARE TO LEAP” written in an iridescent font in the middle of a visually striking colored strip. It’s not particularly subtle, but at least there won’t be any doubt as to the brand you have in your hands.


October 2021

realme 8

hardware This realme device once again punches past its weight class. With a whopping 8GB of RAM, 128GB of expandable storage, and the combination of a Helio G95 chipset and Mali-G76 GPU, it’s no slouch. There’s also an impressive 64MP main camera supported by ultra-wide, and macro cameras, as well as a depth sensor for impressive photo effects. While our particular review unit doesn’t have 5G, it does still boast robust LTE connectivity, which is plenty for mobile

needs. You also get Bluetooth 5.1 with all its power-efficient, low-latency goodness, and a large 5000mAh battery. To top up its large power reserves, it takes 30W charging, which gives the device 50 percent charge in less than an hour, and a full charge in a shred over an hour. The large, gorgeous display is an OLED affair, so you get deep, rich blacks, and impressive image quality overall. Front camera duties are handled by a 16MP Pinhole deal, so video calls won’t have you scrambling for a laptop.

user experience I’m a sucker for a well-designed midrange phone, as most people don’t need all the bells and whistles of a top-tier device, making the sky-high cost difficult to justify. Even in the highly competitive mid-range market, however, the realme 8 shines. The phone feels great. The brand clearly didn’t skimp on materials, and while the phone is done in plastic, it doesn’t feel flimsy, and certainly won’t get mistaken for a cheaper device. In fact, it feels more solid than its price point might make you think. The combination of heft, thinness, and a slick outer shell makes it a little prone to dropping, so if you have butterfingers, you might want to slap on the included case just to be safe. Swapping to this as my primary phone for the duration of the review was painless, thanks to realme’s Clone Phone app. I was switching from a device by a different manufacturer, and even then, the process took just a little longer than the time it takes to download all the apps. Once all the sign-ins were complete, I got right to it, and I’m exceedingly happy to report that the experience wasn’t perceptively different from my flagship’s performance in daily use. The fingerprint scanner unlocks the phone in no time October 2021

flat (though with a few false negatives here and there), and once you’re in, navigating the realme UI was totally painless. Given the WFH nature of business these days, I relied on the realme 8 for a lot of my online meetings, with it serving as the main screen for the call. Even when people were sharing their screens in the meeting, the large display served its purpose, making slideshows legible without much difficulty. The front camera is also fantastic, making the most of the available light, and displaying my video with plenty of clarity. Nobody knew I wasn’t on a laptop.


The main cameras are startlingly clear. 64MP isn’t anything to sneeze at, and even indoors, where light can be a problem, the main shooter performs great. The output improves even more with good lighting. As a matter of fact, I use the phone as my main video conferencing camera when I need to be on my desktop. It blows built-in webcams out of the water, and I’ve gotten compliments on its performance. I’ve also used it to shoot product videos and photos with plenty of quality to keep our art department happy. I do wish I could take it out for travel photos, but everything about its capabilities has me convinced it would do an excellent job out in the wild as well.

Starry Mode

Neon Portrait

Tilt-Shift Mode


Portrait Mode

what's hot  Great camera Huge display Great battery life

what's Not  I don’t dig the design on the back Plastic construction

VALUE It’s hard not to give the realme 8 full marks for value. With an SRP of PHP11,190 for the 8GB+128GB version, it’s quite the steal. A massive screen, great battery life with fast charging, and awesome camera performance all tick the right boxes, and again, while there are some places corners have to be cut, realme proves that it knows on which features to spend.

BOTTOMLINE Another great-value smartphone from realme!


October 2021

Battery life is stellar. With the endurance to keep going practically non-stop for a day’s worth of use, it’s a trouper. And even if the constant meetings drop your battery down to critical levels, the included charger does do a fantastic job of topping up the internal cell quickly. 50 percent charge in half an hour isn’t an exaggeration, and in my book, that’s a more important metric than time to a full charge. Their claim of 100 percent battery in about an hour is also reasonably accurate, though of course slower unless you leave it charging and idle, so I was impressed.

Display: Super AMOLED, 6.4 inches, 1080 x 2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio (~411 ppi density) Chipset: Mediatek Helio G95 CPU: Octa-core GPU: Mali-G76 MC4 Memory: 8GB Storage:128GB Expandable Cameras: 64MP, 8MP ultrawide, 2MP Macro, 2MP Depth, 16MP Front Battery: 5000mAh Fingerprint sensor: Under-screen

REVIEWED BY maribelle alba

SECRETLAB TITAN EVO (2022 SERIES) gaming chair

How do you improve on what’s already the best? Let’s take a close look at how the allnew Secretlab TITAN Evo (2022 Series) was redesigned to be an even better version of its award-winning precursors. October 2021


design Feedback from over 1-million Secretlab users were taken into account in the development of the all-new TITAN Evo (2022 Series), and improvements were introduced while retaining the best features of previous models. First, with regard to sizing. The TITAN Evo (2022 Series) now comes in three sizes — Small, Regular, and XL — to accommodate all body types. Previously, the OMEGA was offered for smaller frames, while the TITAN was recommended for larger individuals. Second, more advanced upholstery. I chose the fabric version for my test unit, and this now comes in an upgraded SoftWeave Plus version that’s supposed

to be softer, more breathable, and more durable. You can also get the TITAN Evo (2022 Series) in the new NEO Hybrid premium leatherette material that’s supposed to be as plush as, yet tougher than, regular PU leather. As before, NAPA leather remains an option.

hardware The TITAN Evo (2022 Series) features an all-new 4-way L-ADAPT lumbar system that can be precisely adjusted up/down as well as in/out. In addition, it can intelligently adapt to your spine curvature through its lattice-hinge design. The armrests are now detachable, with powerful magnets keeping them in place. With this new CloudSwap replacement


system, you can choose to upgrade to a more premium armrest. The memory foam head pillow is similarly magnetized, doing away with the adjustment straps to keep them in place. With the utmost attention to detail, Secretlab has also incorporated improvements such as better positioning for the under-seat levers and better feel and grip for the recline handle and lumbar adjustment knobs. At the same time, the TITAN Evo (2022 Series) retains many outstanding features, such as its patent-pending cold foam formulation that delivers both comfort and support; the multi-tilt mechanism and full-recline backrest; and the steel frame and reinforced aluminum wheelbase with extra-large PU casters.

October 2021

Secretlab TITAN Evo (2022 Series)

user experience I know that Secretlab paid attention to the one tiny complaint I had with their OMEGA 2020 Series. I wanted to be able to lower it a bit more to accommodate my shorter legs. Secretlab listened, and gave the TITAN Evo (2022 Series) shorter hydraulics so I can now sit more comfortably with my feet flat on the ground — a small adjustment that makes a world of difference. The seat base has also been redesigned so it now feels firmer and, it seems, makes me sit up straighter. Posture and sitting position may not seem important, but these are the small details that deliver the most benefits. The adjustable armrests can be precisely positioned to ensure that my elbows are

October 2021

supported at the right height to guard against upper arm fatigue and eventual shoulder, neck, and back pain, while allowing my lower arm, wrist, and fingers freedom of movement on the keyboard. When I want to take a few moments to mull something over, a twist on the tilt lever allows me to either rock the chair or tilt it back to a more relaxing position. When I want to stretch my back, I can recline the backrest to 165-degrees and slide the magnetic head pillow into position for proper neck support. What’s not to like about the TITAN Evo (2022 Series)? I sort of miss the wider lateral supports of the OMEGA which gave me a snugger fit. Also, while all the necessary tools and detailed instructions for assembly are included in the package, the size and weight of this gaming armchair require an extra set of hands.


VALUE The Secretlab Titan Evo (2022 Series) does not come cheap. The particular SoftWeave Plus model that we tested is priced at PHP27,990 discounted from a PHP32,850 SRP on Lazada. Most people would balk at this expense, and it is a large amount for a one-time cash-out. However, given the 3-year (extendable to 5-years) warranty, you’re assured that this will be a long-term investment. If you don’t want to burden your cash flow, you can actually avail of the 36-months installment offer, where you only have to shell out about PHP1,057.40 monthly. For hard-core gamers or even ordinary desk warriors who will likely spend at least 8 hours a day seated on this chair, how much do you value your comfort and even your long-term spinal health?


what's hot Improved ergonomics Better sizing

what's Not  Assembly is not a single-person job

BOTTOMLINE This is the new BEST seat in the house!


October 2021

Chair/seat back: Full-length backrest Foam type: Cold cure foam mix (patent-pending) Upholstery: SoftWeave Plus fabric; also available in Neo hybrid leatherette and Napa leather Logo stitching: Machine embroidery Armrests: (LxW) 27x10cm, 4-directional, full-metal mechanism. soft PU coated top, CloudSwap replacement system Tilt: multi-tilt mechanism with tilt and tilt-angle locks; [XL] heavy duty Recline: High-grade spring, 85-165o Lift: Hydraulics gas piston class 4; [XL] heavy duty Frame construction: Steel Wheelbase: ADC12 aluminum alloy Casters: PU-coated Head pillow: Magnetic, memory foam with cooling gel Lumbar support: In-built 4-way L-ADAPT lumbar support system Recommended height: [S] 150169cm, [R] 170-189cm, [XL] 181205cm Recommended weight: [S] <90kg, [R] <100kg, [XL] <180kg Maximum load: [S|R] 130kg, [XL] 180kg Product weight: [S] 33.5kg, [R] 34.5kg, [XL] 37.5kg

REVIEWED BY Isaac James Zayco and Pamela Choi Zayco



I was super excited when I first heard from my mom that I will review the Fitbit!

design The Fitbit Ace 3 is a watch that tracks steps, activity, and even sleep. I got the one that has black and red color—it looks very cool. The strap is smooth and rubbery.

Mommy comments: You have to press the sides firmly to unlock. To kids, they may find this difficult but it may actually be a security feature so the watch is not unlocked easily while being used in/under water.

hardware Its main parts/components are the band/ strap, tracker, and charger cable. The charger cable is a bit short. The Fitbit Ace 3’s display is really nice — you get the option to dim or brighten the screen. The watch’s battery is supposed to last 8 days but when I wore it 24/7, it lasted about 9-10 days. It is also waterproof — I tried this out for real to see if it’s really true. I clicked Water Lock and used the watch when I took a bath and it still works!

October 2021


Using the watch for a couple of weeks, I liked that it was so light, like it was not even there. I liked being able to change the clock faces so it looks different every time you change it. The tracking of steps is very accurate. The watch also reminded me with a small vibration to move when I was just sitting or lying down doing nothing. I used Countdowns and Stopwatch in some of my games such as Hide and Seek, jumping rope, and others. I just had to clean the watch daily, otherwise, it caused an odor on my wrist.

might get bored easily. Another thing that I don’t like about it is that after using the watch almost the whole day for a few days, it caused some ouchie on my wrist. I had to transfer the watch to my other wrist for a day or two, then it was okay. Mommy comments: Even though we impose a sleeping time for the kids, the watch made me aware that my child was not getting enough sleep because he does

not fall asleep right away after the lights are turned off. I also did not realize that the number of times my child was restless and awake in the middle of the night affected his total time asleep.

VALUE Overall, I think it is awesome and every kid should have it.

I had a great time creating challenges with my family. I created a challenge on who can get 10,000 steps first in a day. I also had another challenge on who can do the most steps in a day. It was a lot of fun and encouraged my family to move a lot and exercise. The Fitbit Ace 3 tracks sleep very accurately. It gets the actual time that I sleep and wake up. I can’t believe how restless I am when I sleep! The Fitbit Ace 3 has no games or entertainment though, so some kids

Isaac James “Ikey” Zayco is a Grade 4 student at the University of St. La Salle-Bacolod. He enjoys playing Pokemon Go and Minecraft, creating games on Scratch, drawing and painting, biking, climbing, swimming, and jiu-jitsu.


October 2021

user experience

REVIEWED BY maribelle alba

SUDIO T2 true wireless earbuds

The Sudio T2 is a new pair of True Wireless Earbuds with active noise cancellation, the latest offering from the brand that combines the words “Swedish” and “Audio”. Does it live up to the “Made in Sweden” promise of exceptional sound quality?

design The Sudio T2 has been designed from the ground up to deliver immersive sound with next-level comfort. It comes in an oval-shaped charging case with a strap, a much-appreciated touch. The case and earbuds come in a matte, softtouch plastic that looks and feels plush. You flip up the magnetic lid to access the earbuds, which are snugly ensconced in

October 2021

their magnetic charging slots. The brand name is etched on the front of the case. At the back is the USB-C charging port with a tiny LED indicator below. On the bottom surface is a discreet reset button. The earbuds themselves have been designed to offer perfect balance, fit, and comfort. The ear tips are newly shaped to prevent the earache that comes with wearing in-ears the whole day. Going beyond the usual S, M, L ear tip size


options, there is an extra pair of XS ear tips to accommodate all ear shapes and sizes. Four color options are offered — black, white, jade, and sand. It also comes with a color-coordinated charging cable.

hardware The Sudio T2 touts its feedforward active noise-canceling technology, which works by analyzing ambient noise and generating anti-frequencies. The 8mm dynamic drivers on each earpiece are the centerpiece around which the earbuds were designed, to ensure that sound quality is not compromised. Each earphone also has a dual microphone setup with one mic pointing out to capture ambient sound and the other mic directed at your mouth to capture your voice. It then processes the sound waves and reduces ambient noise, so your voice comes across loud and clear.

Bluetooth headsets so I can pair them with my phone and laptop without having to connect/disconnect. While the Sudio T2 is unable to do this, its ability to quickly pair with my chosen device makes the process less onerous. Through all the Zoom meetings over the past 18+ months, I have gone through quite a number of headsets — wired, wireless, over-ear, in-ear — none have been quite right, until the Sudio T2. I love how I can pop in one earbud or both, and actively participate, being able to hear the discussion clearly (depending on the audio quality of other attendees) while having the assurance that I am also coming across loud and clear. Its active noise cancellation feature is also a big help so I am not disturbed by the dogs barking, or the home stereo blaring.

user experience

Another important consideration: does it last the whole day? YES! You can get up to 7hrs 30mins of playtime on a single charge, less an hour if you have ANC on. With the charging case, you have enough power for up to 35hrs of use. And if you do run out of juice, a 10min charge gives you 2hrs playtime. It takes only an hour to fully charge the Sudio T2.

Fresh out of the box, the Sudio T2 looks and feels like a top-tier device. To pair it with a device, all you need to do is take out one of the buds and pop it in your ear. It then tells you that it’s ready to pair with your chosen device. The pairing process is so quick and smooth I wasn’t quite sure it had actually connected the first time I set it up. No buttons to press, no waiting for the device to show up on your Bluetooth list.


Initially, I was disappointed that the Sudio T2 does not support simultaneous multidevice connections. I prefer multi-point

Carrying a PHP6,500 price tag, the Sudio T2 is not a budget audio device. There are

And YES! The fit is so comfortable you’d hardly notice that you have them in your ears — literally the whole day.


And, if you’re looking to score a good deal, use the Coupon Code GADGETST2 to avail of a 15% discount when you buy the Sudio T2 on the Sudio website. This offer is valid until October 31, 2021.

SPECIFICATIONS Driver: 8mm Dynamic Sensitivity: 92B@1.0KHz Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 Buttons: Touch panel Microphone: 2 per side, 4 total Weight: Earphone 5.3g each, Charging case 35.6g Compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux Charging: USB-C Playtime: Up to 35hrs total; up to 7h30m on one charge Time to full charge: Earphones 60min, Charging case 60min, Together 60min

what's hot Premium design Outstanding sound quality

what's Not A bit pricey Not multi-point

BOTTOMLINE An immersive audio experience in a stylish package.

October 2021

When it’s time to clear my inbox, reply to email, or do some editing, the Sudio T2 does a great job delivering an immersive music-listening experience. Audio output is balanced with good left-right sound separation. The drivers deliver weighty but not overpowering bass, well-defined mids, and bright trebles. Even with the volume turned up really loud (not recommended), there is no crackling or hissing. Unlike other high-end headsets, the Sudio T2 does not come with an equalization app. Still, I’m happy with its overall sound quality.

many cheaper options price-wise, but I always say you get what you pay for, and I’d very happily part with my money for this pair. As a testament to its product quality, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

Cover story

October 2021


H u mb l e B egi n ning s To fully understand the esports phenomenon, we need to look back at its past. Video games started way back in the late 1950s with Tennis for Two, dubbed as the first visual video game created for the sake of entertainment. When Steve Russell created Spacewar! in 1962 it opened up the world of gaming to more people as it was able to run on different computers. However, the players were still confined to university campuses. Gaming achieved its first competitive breakthrough in the 1970s games became available as arcade machines.

Words by Gabriel Pe


aming and esports have changed a lot since their humble beginnings as a niche hobby in the early 1970s. In the last decade, it has become one of the biggest viewer sports, netting millions of audiences per tournament.

Arcades were the precursor to the competitive attitude of gamers. While multiplayer games were not available, the desire to beat the high score and become No. 1 gave gamers plenty of motivation to spend countless hours in arcades centers.

Gaming tournaments have also changed form, from simple get-togethers to jam-packed stadiums. Tournament prizes have also gotten bigger, now reaching a whopping USD40-million for a single tournament, from humble winnings of discount codes and food vouchers.

It was also in the late 1970s when consoles became a thing. Atari was among the first to make consoles accessible to more households. Their Atari 2600 was the first to feature interchangeable game/cartridges, opening up more games. Soon arcades and consoles introduced multiplayer capability, fostering more intense competitiveness among enthusiasts.

Yet, gaming and esports aren’t even in their final form. According to Statistica, it’s estimated that esports annual viewers will reach 474 million this year and will break the 500 million mark by 2024. Esports revenues are expected to reach USD600million by 2023.

In the 1990s PC gaming barged into the scene. Most homes had their first PCs, and graphics breakthroughs made PC gaming possible. Games such as Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, and Quake gave rise to the First Person Shooter (FPS) games we know today. Meanwhile, games such as Warcraft, Starcraft gave us Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games, and an offshoot mod of Warcraft III, Defense of the Ancient (DoTA) would give us Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs).

There’s so much more moving forward, so how did gaming turn to esports and how did it transform erstwhile geeks to global superstars?

The accessibility of these games, the accessibility of PCs, and the culture of Internet Cafes or PC Bangs, was the perfect storm that created the first legitimate esports stars in the east (Asia). In South Korea, China, and Japan, competitive gaming took hold and became accepted giving the world some of the first esports superstars.


October 2021

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The rise of e sp or t s So how did a bunch of gamers take the world by storm? There’s not one specific determinant for how esports exploded the way it did. However, we can credit several elements that influenced the shift in the way the world saw gaming. First and foremost is technology, or rather the accessibility of it. The affordable consoles, PCs, and mobiles have a large impact on a gamer’s capability to get into a game, master the game, and eventually compete at the highest level of the game. Almost universal Internet access also opened up the world to esports. Gamers can now compete with one another anywhere in the world, thus opening up the concept of large-scale esports tournaments to the west. Prior to the 2010s, the largest esports events weren’t in North America nor Europe, these were held in China, South Korea, and Japan (fighting games). These Asian countries produced the world’s first gamer superstars, with esports games broadcast on cable TV. The games were so popular in South Korea that Starcraft pros had fans from the South Korean National Football Team. There’s also faster connectivity. With faster internet connections, streaming got more people involved in esports, either as players themselves or just as casual fans. Without mainstream media attention, streaming became the particular niche of esports. Through sites like Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook, fans are able to watch their gaming idols dominate in their games.

Then finally there’s the money. Esports tournaments are now rivaling traditional sports when it comes to prize money. In fact, Dota 2’s The International 2021 now holds the record of the biggest prize pool in esports history breaking the USD40-million mark. Winning a tournament will literally change your life. There’s also the influx of sponsors professionalizing this previously niche market. Some esports pros are now earning in millions of dollars per year thanks to sponsorship contracts as well as prize winnings.

There’s also no denying the impact of the generations of game development and the fan base. Attending an esports event, you won’t just see Millennials and Gen Zs, there are also the casual Gen Xs who grew up playing the early consoles. This intergenerational love of games has paved the way for esports to grow and now be recognized by many. Even some of the biggest esports stars thank their parents for introducing them to the classics of the PlayStation, Nintendo, and even good old Atari.

But what really made the difference in esports are the passionate fans. Fans were what helped esports become widely accepted. It was fans like basketball player Gordon Hayward who defended esports from mockery on live TV. It was fans who purchased Dota 2’s compendium that sparked a revolution with fans contributing to a game’s annual tournament prize pool. It was these fans that became players, became coaches, and became team managers and owners, giving esports its current stature.

October 2021


Another way esports is changing is in public acceptance. For the longest time, there have been clashing views on whether esports is a legitimate sport. Now, the divide is getting smaller. In 2019, esports became an official medal event in the Southeast Asian Games. In 2022, it’s slated to be a medal event for the Asian Games. Not convinced? The International Olympics Committee has created an Esports Liaison Group dedicated to studying how the Olympics can incorporate competitive gaming. In Tokyo 2020, the first Olympic Virtual Series featured sports games in an online gaming series backed by the IOC. More importantly, esports is evolving to become much more professional. The arrival of the franchise model as well as more leagues popping up is driving professionalism in esports. Esports players are now considered athletes, while businesses are investing in teams with hopes of going new talents and generating revenue. Lastly, esports will be a viable career choice. The professionalization of esports has also created new career opportunities. Shoutcasting, game data analysis, management, and marketing are just some of the readily available careers within esports. With esports becoming a new sport, even sports psychology, fitness trainers, and nutritionists are also now finding jobs with big esports organizations.

A th le t e s a n d su pe r star s

Esports are also gaining ground in collegiate and grassroots sports. Just recently, a Filipino college student received a scholarship to play esports in the US. Organizations such as Mineski through their Youth Esports Program (YEP) are giving colleges and universities a way to sustain their esports organizations. Just this year, the Lyceum of the Philippines partnered with Tier One Entertainment to offer the country’s first college degree program in Esports.

There’s no denying that esports is still on the rise and will continue to do so in the immediate future. But there are other ways esports will evolve. One of the ways it’s changing is gaining stability. Esports leagues are slowly transitioning into a franchise-based model. This financial model is similar to regular sports leagues. Teams buy their slot to enter the league. It’s a steep price, but in return, they get to share in the league’s revenues. This means stability for both teams and players. In the Philippines, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Pro League recently shifted to this system, ensuring teams will not lose their investments while players now have a standard salary.

The gaming/esports sphere is expected to be vibrant and dynamic in the coming years. Still, at its core, it remains the geeky hobby that fans enjoyed and which, fueled by the passion of these fans is now producing a new era of superstars.


October 2021

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Words by Ren Alcantara


doubt there’s anyone who will argue against that point. Whether alone or in groups, games are played to kill some time and keep ourselves occupied, no matter how trivial the game is. But there’s another side of gaming as entertainment that has seen quite the boom over the course of the pandemic, and that’s gaming streams. Whether it’s watching a large, organized esports event, or just joining a random someone’s play-along-with-me feed, gaming streams have gotten bigger and bigger as people continue to look for more sources of entertainment, and as connectivity, gaming titles, and available time all increase. Some of the largest viewerships happen in esports tournaments. The recently concluded Valorant Champions Tour Masters in Berlin averaged at just shy of 390,000 viewers and peaked at a whopping 811,000

October 2021

sets of eyeballs glued to their devices watching the action. This peak was hit on Day 6 of the tournament, as two huge teams, the Sentinels and G2 Esports faced off. The Overwatch League (OWL), on the other hand, has seen a resurgence in viewership, despite stiff competition from Valorant, a title for which some Overwatch Pro players left OWL. In May, the average number of viewers watching every minute was at 113,000, a massive 79 percent increase from the previous year’s numbers. The subsequent Countdown Cup saw an average of 102,000 average views a minute, representing 91 percent growth from the previous year. However way you look at it, people are interested in watching these pro-FPS players do their thing in what’s essentially a traditional broadcast format.



October 2021

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Games are streamed with live commentary, interviews, replays, and post-game analysis, just like other mainstream sporting events, so aside from getting the action, there’s a lot of information to chew on. And because these games are virtual, streams have the unique and greatly appreciated ability to show the action from the exact perspective of the best players in the gaming scene, giving fans better-than-front-row-seats to what’s happening in-game. This has led to fans gathering around teams and even individual players in ways similar to other sporting leagues all over the world.

leagues, there’s a real viewership to be found here. Popular platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and even Facebook Gaming, have surprising numbers of streamers and the viewers they bring in. Twitch, the largest of the game streaming platforms, has about 2.8 million concurrent viewers on average, and 109,000 concurrent streamers on average. YouTube Gaming averaged almost 600,000 concurrent viewers in the second quarter of 2021, down from the previous quarter, but still not a number that can be ignored. It’s worth noting that almost 80 percent of gaming stream hours are watched on Twitch.

Gaming streams aren’t just limited to large, organized sporting events. There are also single streamers that have huge followings created by broadcasting their gameplay and faces, and engaging with their followers. Stars such as Pokimane, xQc, and Dr Disrespect have gained fame through this phenomenon.

The streams range from simple no-talking feeds of people playing their favorite game, to actionpacked, high-energy streams where the streamer is constantly on the mic, engaging with fans, in-game chat, and anyone within earshot.

While these streams generally don’t have the spectacle, production value, or fanbase as organized

October 2021


Unsurprisingly, there’s a scientific reason behind why watching gaming streams is popular. The same psychological processes that help us learn by mimicking others do things are active when watching someone stream. That ability to be able to pick up new skills, is alone a good reason why watching streams is popular. There’s also the fact that in the chat populated by other viewers, people have the opportunity to interact with like-minded gamers, filling an important social need that’s been missing in a lot of peoples’ lives since the start of the pandemic. And just like watching TV, sports, or a movie, it’s a great way to relax after a day working, studying, or otherwise being busy doing other “critical” tasks. It ticks the right boxes in the same way other forms of entertainment do, it just so happens to be a show where someone is playing a game you might yourself enjoy.

Not one type of game has a monopoly on streams either. Name it, and there’s likely someone out there streaming the title. Want some quiet, introspective building? Minecraft streams abound. Need a little bit of action in the background while you work? Pick up a CoD, Overwatch, Valorant, or some other action-packed FPS stream. Need a bit of a scare? Phasmophobia is a current favorite of streamers as well. There’s something for everyone, which explains why the phenomenon is so popular. Then there are the personalities. Many streamers choose to stay their normal selves as they stream, and oftentimes that’s entertaining enough. It’s like hanging out with a friend, watching them play a game you both enjoy. There are other streamers though that dial the entertainment value up to 11, with a whole different persona, props, backgrounds, and a host of other things that make the show entertaining. This draws in its own crowd, though it doesn’t guarantee a large following. It’s as much the personality playing the title, as it is the game itself, and the skill of the streamer in playing the game.

The next time you get bored and run out of shows on Netflix, videos on YouTube, or random TikTok clips, give gaming streams a try, and find a streamer that plays a title you enjoy, or has a personality that you like watching. This new form of entertainment might just be what you were looking for


October 2021

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Words by Archangel Nudalo


ith recent developments in VR headsets alongside the release of VR-based games, it seems evident that VR will be the next big thing in gaming. Although VR had quite a slow start at the onset of the 2010s, there is a renewed interest in VR gaming today, as it has become a new way to experience gaming by immersing the player in a different reality.

October 2021


Su d d e n r ise a n d e v e n t u a l d ow n f a l l : a b r ie f h ist or y o f VR i n ga mi n g Virtual Reality (VR) has been around since the first flight simulation device called the Link Trainer. Historically, VR was used in flight simulation as well as military and space training, particularly in the US. The idea of incorporating virtual reality into people’s daily lives — let alone in games — seemed far-fetched until the 1990s.

The VR arcade machines were a staple in the early 1990s but were soon replaced by more exciting arcade games. For one, playing with your hands attached to the seat felt restricting. Spending a 3-5 minute gameplay on an arcade game with choppy animations wasn’t as rewarding as a zombie shooting game or an arcade hammer game. With its lackluster performance, Virtuality was doomed from the start.

Approaching the turn of the millennium, the idea of virtual reality taking over the world entered the public consciousness through science fiction movies like Tron (1982), The Lawnmower Man (1992), and eventually The Matrix (1999). With all of these influences, VR in gaming was first introduced in 1991.

The Virtuality Group was not the only company that took an interest in the world of virtual reality. In 1995, Nintendo released Virtual Boy, a gaming console that can be regarded as a precursor to today’s modern VR headsets. The whole console had a red-and-black headgear that simulated 3D images in that same color, as well as an M-shaped controller with D-Pads on both sides for ease of movement in the game.

Virtuality was a line of VR-based arcade machines made by the Virtuality Group. These VR-based arcade machines had already developed many key components of the VR headsets we have today, like network units for multiplayer gaming and gaming controllers that are usually joysticks. Unlike the modern VR headsets where you can move freely in a room or space, the Virtuality arcade machines were designed to be used either sitting or standing. The joysticks were usually attached to the platform by a cable. The arcade machines consisted of a platform where you could stand in a circle or sit in a pod. They were undoubtedly designed with futurism in mind.

The commercial release of Virtual Boy was a failure due to poor marketing. Many thought it was overpriced as the game graphics were underwhelming for its price range. Others complained of eye strain and dizziness when playing with the console. Virtual Boy did not reach its revenue goal and was pulled out a year later. Although Virtuality and Virtual Boy both ended on a sad note, they still laid the foundations for what VR in gaming would become in the years ahead.


October 2021

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The n e w m ille n n i u m, O c u l u s R i f t , an d the r ise of VR i n ga mi n g While new developments and applications of VR in medicine and therapy continued, VR in gaming reached a dead end with Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. The drought extended well into the 2000s, with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo dominating the video game industry at that time.

In 2012, a Kickstarter campaign on a promising VR headset received USD2.5-million, well beyond its original USD250,000 goal, signaling the revival of VR in gaming. This disruptor was the Oculus Rift, which became the trailblazer for VR gaming headsets—it was the future becoming now.

development kits, prototypes, and software releases to get to the very first Oculus Rift VR headset, and the end result was quite productive. Although Oculus Rift felt like a science fiction dream becoming real, using it remained a fantasy. The touch controllers were not quite ready, so the VR headset was shipped with an Xbox controller. Moreover, when the touch controllers were finally released, you still needed to pay for them.

Oculus Rift was such a turning point in gaming that many big names in the industry showed support from its inception, including Doom creator John Carmack, who would later become a consulting CTO at Oculus VR. Within just two years of the release of the prototype VR headset to its backers and partners, Facebook acquired the company in a USD2-billion deal. The potential of VR in gaming was apparent to many developers, who were eager to invest in this new and exciting medium.

Unlike the more recent VR headsets, Oculus Rift required a lot for it to be used properly. You needed a high-end gaming PC, extra sensors for positiontracking, USB and other port driver updates, as well as various cables and hardware components for it to work smoothly. Thankfully, all of these ‘added requirements’ were scrapped entirely with the new and improved VR headset developments not just in Oculus VR but in other companies like HTC Vive and PlayStation.

Oculus Rift had quite a journey before its first commercial shipment in 2016. There were many

October 2021


An op e n p ath: the f u t u re o f VR i n ga mi n g

The recent innovations to VR headsets have been quite exciting. The first Oculus Rift was superseded by the Oculus Quest, which fared better in performance and display compared to their first VR headset flagship unit. Last year, Oculus Quest 2 — their most affordable, portable, and user-friendly VR headset flagship unit yet — was released. Other brands have also introduced their own VR headsets. HTC Vive released HTC Vive Focus 3 this year, marking it as the first VR headset catered to business and model design. It has an ergonomic design coupled with impressive specifications and performance from its display, hardware, and performance. This year, PlayStation VR (PSVR) for the PlayStation 4 — one of the first portable VR headsets produced — sold more than 5 million units. Currently, there is a new PSVR in the works for the PlayStation 5. We are also seeing a lot of current virtual reality and augmented reality-based developments like Apple iPhone glasses, Microsoft’s

integration of both VR and AR in their ecosystem, and Facebook’s AR wristbands — all of which can be traced back to the development of VR headsets in the early to mid-2010s. The rise of VR in gaming and its sales during the pandemic, as well as further developments surrounding virtual and augmented reality, indicate that VR and AR are here to stay, one way or another. VR and AR provide a completely new gaming and entertainment experience, which developers, researchers, and tech groups can continue to explore. Although VR has been around since its revival in 2012 with Oculus Rift’s campaign release, VR in gaming is still a new area of interest since VR headsets have been commercially available only since 2016. There are still so many things that can be done to improve its software and hardware components. Until all of VR’s potential is unleashed, we eagerly await its next big thing.


October 2021

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Words by Jewel Sta. Ana


s technology evolves, the future of gaming has also significantly changed. From traditional board games to four-dimensional interactive video games, people are playing not just to win and see their names on top of the scoreboards. They are now also playing to win rewards that they can exchange for actual cash through crypto games. Adopting a play-toearn model, crypto games skyrocketed in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. All you need is a decent internet connection, a smartphone or laptop, a digital wallet for storing cryptocurrency, and extra funds for buying cryptocurrency.

October 2021


Bu ildin g b lock s o f c ry p t o ga mes Before discussing what crypto games are and how it works, you must understand the technologies behind them. Crypto games have three major building blocks: blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs.

digital transactions in your e-wallets. Secured by cryptography, cryptocurrencies have decentralized networks that are based on blockchain technology. Since cryptocurrencies are not issued by a central authority, it gains immunity from government interference or manipulation. Although cryptocurrencies have volatile exchange rates and can be used for gray market transactions, cryptocurrencies are more portable, divisible, transparent, and inflation-resistant than actual cash. The term cryptocurrency also describes the encryption techniques that the system uses to secure the network, such as elliptical curve encryption, public-private key pairs, and hashing to name a few. Cryptocurrencies are usually denominated in terms of virtual tokens.

Blockchain, in its simplest definition, is a specific type of database that stores data in blocks that are then chained together. Each block in the chain represents several transactions. When new data is entered, it is added into a fresh block. When a block is filled with data, it is chained to the previous block. This makes data more organized since these are stored in chronological order. You can type different types of data on the blockchain. However, blockchain is most commonly used as a digital ledger of transactions that can be duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems. Blockchain is also a type of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that has a decentralized database managed by multiple users. This means blockchains are not controlled by a single group or entity. To ensure security, transactions are recorded with an unchangeable cryptographic signature called the hash. This algorithm converts verified transactions to a random set of unique numbers and letters. As a security feature, hashing makes the data processing irreversible. In finance tech, blockchains are the digital counterpart of brick-and-mortar banks.

Last on the list are non-fungible tokens or NFTs, which are unique and irreplaceable cryptographic tokens on a blockchain. What makes these tokens different from one another are the identification codes and metadata. NFTs can represent high-value items such as artworks, real estate, rare items, and the like. However, NFTs cannot be exchanged with the same equivalent value, unlike cryptocurrencies. The process in which people buy, sell, and trade real-world tangible items is called tokenizing. This simplifies trade with the removal of third-party financial firms, which can then create new markets. NFTs are primarily used for selling digital art and exclusive items for crypto games.

Another essential in crypto games is cryptocurrency. It is the digital currency that you can use for

Cryp t o g a m e s in a n u t s h el l Now that you know the basic elements of crypto games, you should know how these elements work together. Crypto games usually follow a play-toearn blockchain structure. According to British investment firm Capital, this model allows players to earn rewards. You can get these rewards when accomplishing quests in the game. To get more rewards, players can increase their level and improve their character and skills. Players can sell the rewards, which are also a cryptocurrency, to generate an

income. They can withdraw directly from their digital wallets to their bank accounts for actual cash. Another good option is to trade their earned tokens in the game, which they can use to buy more characters or even weapons. All NFTs and cryptocurrency transactions are stored on a decentralized blockchain system. This helps players keep track of their in-game assets, secure their earned rewards, and complete successful peer-to-peer transactions without an intermediary financial entity.


October 2021

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players can convert a minimum of 150 LE into 1 PVU token. However, this is only possible if players have at least a single NFT plant. The main goal in farming mode is to accumulate enough LE to buy seeds that can be used in its developing gameplay: PVP and PVE survival modes. Players can also use LE to get new NFT plants for trading. The latest World Tree feature replaces the current daily quest system by rewarding all players who participate in growing it. To earn more rewards, more players must participate.

Cr y p t o g a m e s to p lay To make ends meet during the pandemic lockdowns, many Filipinos became crypto traders by playing Axie Infinity. Developed by Vietnamese studio SkyMavis, the card crypto game rose to fame with its simple mechanics. To form a team, players must buy three adorable creatures called Axie using the Ethereum cryptocurrency. They must go head-tohead against other teams to gain SLP (Smooth Love Potion) or Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). The former can be traded in the blockchain, while the latter can be used for breeding more Axie pets.

C ry p t o ga mes as a n i n v e s t men t

Another game that you can explore is the virtual pet game My DeFi Pet which revolves around collecting, feeding, and breeding rare monsters that you can eventually trade to make money. The more you breed, the more you can gain DPET tokens which are the in-game coins. Players must have at least one monster egg to hatch. Its fundamental feature includes passive earning, where they can earn up to 5%. KardiaChain, an interoperable blockchain platform in Vietnam and South East Asia, launched My DeFi Pet last May 2021.

John Reyes and Joham Du are just among the 30% of Axie Infinity players from the Philippines. Just like most Filipino players, Du decided to be a scholar with his friend, who is the manager of their team. This setup allows newbies to dip their toes into crypto games without losing too much money. However, both parties must agree on the division of revenue. Most scholars spend their time playing the game while managers fund the capital for buying stocks. Reyes, on the other hand, equally shares an account with his friends.

If you’re into RPG, then CryptoBlade is for you. Players can be in the shoes of an armored warrior with a bladed weapon. Players can have up to four characters in one CryptoBlade account. The in-game currency that gamers can earn when competing with other accounts is called SKILL tokens. To make it more exciting, players can customize their armory, unlock abilities, and customize their characters.

For seasoned gamers, crypto games like Axie Infinity are easy to understand since most gameplays already exist in ordinary video games. However, it is challenging for ordinary people who join crypto games to gain additional cash. Reyes and Du agree that developers should offer user-friendly UI and guides if they want to expand their market.

Last and the latest in this list is Plants Versus Undead, a multiplayer tower defense game where the user’s plants, which are also NFTs, battle against waves of undead creatures. Its native currency is called the PVU token. Those with a BSC token can also play and invest in the game. To make a profit from unused assets, players can play under the Farm mode. Each player must have 5 PVU to get started. When farming, players can be rewarded with Light Energy (LE) by planting their own seeds, watering their farm, and harvesting plants. To cash out,

October 2021

Both see crypto games as an investment. Du finds crypto games interesting and believes in their potential. “Playing daily makes everything easier. At first, it isn’t easy since you need to learn more about how each NFT works. You need to know how to upgrade your Axie for skills to counterattack enemies and earn more rewards. It’s important to research and invest in what you can lose since cryptocurrency is volatile.”


The only caveat that they see is its accessibility and volatility. Although most crypto games are multiplatform, the purchasing power of Filipinos, as well as unpredictable exchange rates, are factors that need consideration when looking into crypto games as a sustainable source of income. “It will take a lot of time before the market stabilizes since the blockchain technology is relatively new,” Reyes concluded.


October 2021


Gaming Jargon Words by Gabriel Pe

CHAT LIKE A SEASONED GAMER Gaming, esports, and streaming, like any other pop sub-culture, have developed their own unique gaming language. So when you watch a gaming tournament or a streamer playing, here are some of the most common words or phrases you might find in the chat.

NT More often found in First Person Shooting (FPS)


Whenever a game or match is finished, you might see pros type GG in the chat as viewers type back GG. GG means Good Games and denotes sportsmanship at the end of the game. Other times, it can be used the other way around when (usually casual) players use it in the middle of the game to taunt that their team is better than you. If they are losing, GG is a pseudo sign of giving up.

October 2021

games, NT means Nice Try, a phrase often used at the end of a round especially when a player has tried his best to win the round. It’s usually said to teammates as a way keep their morale up.

META Commonly heard during analysis and commentary, Meta

is actually an acronym that stands for Most Effective Tactic Available. Meta is usually the most common strategy in a game since it is the most effective and efficient. However, meta also changes every so often as games receive patches and characters are adjusted.



October 2021


AFK AFK is one of the more common gaming jargon. AFK

means Away From Keyboard, meaning that the player is currently away despite the game progressing. AFK is treated as an offense in some games as it is used to grieve teammates if they are not performing. There are also games that kick a player out for being AFK.

NET WORTH/ ECONOMY Net worth is usually heard in MOBAs, RTS, and FPS.

Since these games have in-game money involved to determine how strong a player can be, net worth is used to measure resources to determine who is ahead. In MOBAs and RTS, a net worth is used to measure how many resources a certain player has at a particular point in the game. A bigger net worth early on means he is ahead of the other players. In FPS, economy is described to determine a team’s capability to buy weapons and utilities. The better the team’s economy, the better weapons they can buy. Economy in FPS are usually obtained from winning rounds or by getting kills.

BUFF/NERF As part of the ever-changing meta in video games,

you’ll hear the words buff or nerf being thrown around a lot. Buff is used to describing a character that has his power boosted, hence the word buff. While nerf is actually based on the Hasbro toy guns. Nerf is used to describe a character who has been balanced to downgrade his power or stats, hence being akin to a toy gun that does no damage.

FARMING/ GRINDING The term farming or grinding is usually found in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), and MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Gaming), and means gathering materials. In MOBAs, farming is the act of killing minions/creeps which generate gold and experience to power up the character. In MMORPG, grinding is the act of farming materials to create new weapons, gear, and gaining experience to power up the character.

October 2021


KAP/ KAPPA Undoubtedly the most Twitch-associated word, Kappa

or Kap in short is a Twitch emote that denotes sarcasm or “trolling”. While streamers often read the word as Kap or Kappa, it comes out of the chat as an emote that features a grayscale image of Josh DeSeno, a former employee of, the precursor of Twitch.

OP Part Part of of meta meta is is OP OP or or over-powered. over-powered. OP OP is is commonly commonly

used used to to describe describe characters characters who who are are overly overly powered, powered, thus putting the opposing at a disadvantage. thus putting the opposing at a disadvantage. OP OP is is usually used used by by casters casters or or analysts analysts especially especially during during usually pick pick or or ban ban phases. phases. Like Like meta, meta, OP OP characters characters typically typically change whenever a new one is introduced change whenever a new one is introduced or or aa balance balance updated. updated.

KEK/KEKW Remember that Spanish Laughing Guy (may he rest in peace) meme? Well, KEK is a Twitch emote that bares his face. And like the meme, this word/emote is often used to connote extreme laughter. More often than not, this emote is spammed by the chat when a streamer does something funny.


POG/POGGERS Pog or Pogger is an offshoot of another Twitch

classic, Pogchamp. All three terms are used to denote excitement or being awestruck. Poggers came about as a replacement for Pogchamp which Twitch has delete since it was associated with the Capitol Riots in the US last January 2021. The Poggers emote features a picture of the internet meme Pepe the Frog that has his mouth opened wide showing a shocked expression.

Aside from gaming culture, streaming has brought with it new slang and jargon. Unlike normal words, streaming slang actually comes in a form of an emote usually found in Twitch or through the plug-in BTTV (Better Twitch TV) emotes. These few words are just a small serving of the colorful Twitch slang.


October 2021


Words by Jose Alvarez



Amplitude Studios

trategy games are often overlooked in today’s video game market, with people preferring live-action games and taking out as many enemies as possible. While there are a few people who do enjoy the thrill of turn-based strategy, the genre itself has expanded to include 4X games such as Civilization. 4X is defined as “explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate”, which means revealing the land around the player, claiming the territory, taking its resources, and eliminating any rivals. There are many ways to win in 4X games, but the most preferred route is a military victory

October 2021




versus diplomatic or scientific (or even cultural) victories. Humankind is another example of the 4X genre, with players starting out in the nomadic age and dictating their own destiny. All player maps are randomly generated, and you start out just like your hunter-gatherer ancestors would and scour the world looking for resources before you build your first city and settle down. You can select one of ten civilization types based on historical societies. To advance to the next age, you need to complete several milestones for the era. To win the game, you must achieve the most fame. This might mean


PC, Stadia, macOS

sacrificing advancing to the next era just to accumulate more fame. Building wonders, navigating the world, discovering certain technologies, and more generate fame. Advancing to the ancient era gives you your first culture. You can choose from seven affinities. Aesthete cultures focus on influence and diplomacy; agrarian cultures focus on food and population growth; builder cultures focus on industry and district construction; expansionist cultures focus on acquiring territory; merchant cultures focus on money and trade; militarist cultures focus on units and war; and

scientist cultures focus on science and technology. One path I took was Nubian, Huns, Aztecs, Dutch, Germans, and Japanese, allowing me to generate lots of money while building up a powerful military on the way, while saving technology boosts for the endgame. These affinities will give you a unique unit, building, and bonus (i.e. Egypt’s ability to generate more industry). These differences will affect your gameplay, and as you advance to a new era, you can keep your previous era’s bonuses and abilities while acquiring new ones. It is totally possible to mix and match the strengths of each historical civilization to become an unstoppable militaristic powerhouse, economic powerhouse, or industrial powerhouse, depending on what kind of player you are. Those who want to get extra granular can experiment with all sorts of different

bonuses to claim victory. You can enter into alliances with other civilizations to fight off common enemies, trade with other civilizations, or even subjugate other civilizations into doing your will. If you conquer another civilization, you can choose to be their liege, which makes them your vassal. For instance, if you like the thrill of war, you can have your vassals fight them on your behalf, and to top it all, for economic-minded players, your vassals must also pay tribute to you each turn. Combat is a bit more rock-paperscissors. Unlike Civilization, where the thrill of military victory has its perks, Humankind dials back the “exterminate” aspect of Humankind significantly. In fact, the default settings are far more diplomatic than the aggression that is expected in Civilization, where if you so as much look at another civilization, war is


inevitable. Therefore, players who have a very “loot and pillage” mentality (such as myself) have to force the AI to get more aggressive. Filling up the tech tree also gets boring in the endgame if you don’t have the constant threat of war looming upon you. Those who prefer scientific victories could easily coast to wins, which makes war the great equalizer. The threat of an enemy civilization potentially taking all that I hold dear is always motivation to continue to do well in this game. Overall, this game is fun, but the replay value greatly suffers if you aren’t war-minded. These victories feel like they are more hard-fought, but this is just one way to play the game. There are many ways to win Humankind, so experiment with what you want and enjoy the game.

October 2021


Words by Gabriel Pe

Inazuma and 2.1 Update


t has been a year since the world of Teyvat has officially opened its doors to the traveler. The world of Genshin Impact has given players an unforgettable adventure through its vast open world. With the arrival of Inazuma in 2.0 and additional islands in 2.1, Mihoyo definitely made the wait worth it.

Inazuma, the Land of Eternity After spending the last year in the Nation of Freedom (Mondstadt) and Nation of Contracts (Liyue), the Traveller (player) continues his journey towards the Nation of Eternity (Inazuma), where the nation is in the midst of turmoil with their Archon the Raiden Shogun enacting the Vision Hunt Decree, confiscating Visions of all Vision holders within the nation, and sparking a civil war. Without fully delving into spoiler territory, I can say that Inazuma’s Archon quest (main story quest) is my favorite so far. Inn fact, I hope that I could play it again and again (a playable cut-scene/ boss fight in the archive would be good), but alas, the travel must move on.

October 2021


Aside from the story, Inazuma has been a joy to play on. Inazuma mobs were a breath of fresh air from the quickly getting out Hilichurls. While they do have electro-based ones, the Nobushi and Kairagis have upped players’ games. They’re much more tanky and immune to most crowd controls. The Specters on Seirai and Watasumi Islands are deceivingly tough, no thanks to their cute model. Inazuma may have been my most explored part in Genshin, well over Liyue and Mondstandt. The new Sakura Tree system has made exploring rewarding, giving players an incentive to find chests and try out the myriad of puzzles scatter around the islands. Unlike in the previous nations, you exchange sigils in the tree for more rewards. The only downside to this is that the tree currently only goes up to level 30, with the next level locked until the next patch.

All hail the mighty Raiden Shogun and Fishes The 2.1 update has also given Genshin players the third playable Archon, Inazuma’s Electro god Raiden Shogun. After Kamisato Ayaka and Yoimiya in 2.0, Raiden Shogun graces players as 2.1’s first 5-star character. She’s definitely one of the more flashy characters in the game. Her Burst Secret Art: Musuo Shinsetsu transforms her from a polearm user to a sword wielder practicing the heavenly sword art of the Musuo no Hitotachi while wielding the Musuo Isshin. During this time, she’s in her Archon form and deals AoE electro damage to enemies. Her animations are flashy and among the most unique in the game. While in her Burst form, she feels like the literal god of lighting dealing blazing fast attacks barely seeable on the screen. What’s unique for Raiden Shogun and the 2.1 is the arrival of a free-to-play weapon that compliments the new 5-star character’s playstyle. The Catch and Raiden Shogun were a match made in heaven, with Mihoyo giving the weapon Energy Recharge the exact sub-stat the Raiden scales off.

The Catch is permanently obtainable for all players; all they need to do is catch some fish using the new fishing system. Fishing itself is a fun, relaxing addition to the game, a great way to cool off after those long grind sessions. And with the Lunar Realm fishing events, players have the chance to get the necessary fishes with hold

needing to log back in three days when normal fishing spots respawn. I am also excited about the upcoming Sea-lord weapon with the upcoming limited-time event. The thought of having your claymore characters wielding a fish is enough for me to grind the upcoming event.

Genshin one year on I’ve been playing Genshin Impact since November last year, just a couple of months after its launch. After trying the game out, I was hooked for a while, but then it got suddenly stale for my taste. The lack of new locations made the game a bit repetitive for a while, though the Golden Apple Archipelago and the Waverider were fun. Inazuma has been without a doubt the biggest and most refreshing update since 1.2 with Dragonspine. But unlike


Dragonspine, exploring five new islands and learning the secrets of a reclusive nation has made me thirst for more Genshin Impact. After one year, I have fallen back in love with the game. With 2.1 still have a lot to offer and the official one-year anniversary celebration upcoming, I am really excited about what Genshin Impact and Mihoyo still have in store for players.

October 2021



October 2021



suzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has officially debuted the long-awaited All-New mu-X in the local market. The second generation of Isuzu’s 7-seater SUV exudes quintessential luxury while retaining the brand’s heritage when it comes to reliability and power.

DESIGN CONCEPT The new mu-X is designed to be “robust,” representing Isuzu’s tough image encompassing innovation, performance, and safety. The full-model change also intended the mu-X to be “exclusive,” symbolizing precision, excellent craftsmanship, and pleasure of ownership. Its styling is defined as both “emotional” and “solid,” to capture the delight of owning an SUV that is dependable beyond the average necessities. With enhanced levels of comfort and luxury, the All-New Isuzu mu-X conveys a feeling of la dolce vita inside and out, delivering excitement both on and off the road. The new cross-front grille design showcases the brand’s transition to a more progressive and sophisticated image. This is also evident in the refreshed look of the rear end and bolder tailgate badging for an elegant yet strong stance. The interior is equally impressive, thanks to its intricate and smart design. A mix of multiple materials visually complements the silhouette of the All-New Isuzu mu-X. The leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear selector are designed with the driver in mind for a relaxed and enjoyable experience when behind the wheel. The inner door trims and door and console armrests have thick, soft materials and were re-shaped to maximize occupant comfort.


October 2021


LUXURY & CONVENIENCE This iteration of the mu-X is the most driver-centric and luxurious ever made. The instrument panel gauges have crystal-like scales that mimic the finish of elegant timepieces. The steering wheel diameter has been reduced to 375mm with a telescopic adjustment of 20mm for a more comfortable driving position and easier maneuverability. Functionality and storage solutions were also developed in detail. There are a total of 12 cup holders. Those located on the door pockets can fit a 1.5-L bottle; those on the 2nd-row folding armrest feature a clever slide-away tray the can hold smart phones while charging or double as storage for small items; finally, those at the 3rd-row feature a snug fit on the dedicated armrest. On to infotainment and connectivity, the All-New mu-X now has a 10.1inch full touchscreen display that is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible. An 8-speaker system with JVC Kenwood tweeters offers enhanced sound quality. Power outlets can be found at the lower dash upfront. The center console has a dedicated rear 220V outlet and dual 2.4A USB charging ports to power up passenger smartphones or other gadgets.

October 2021

Structurally, the B-Pillars were adjusted forward by 25mm for additional legroom and now have assist handles for extra support when boarding in and out of the rear doors. The C-Pillars are made narrower, with the rear quarter bottom glass edge lowered so there is continuity of visibility for improved driver’s field of view. The 3rd-row seats are wider with improved seat cushions, have larger headrests with higher height adjust levels, and allow child seat mounting.


Luggage space is superior in terms of volume capacity, accommodating a fullsize golf bag horizontally. Unfolding the seatback is more user-friendly due to the optimization of the lift strap position and elimination of the lever lock mechanism. Improvements were also made on the roof rails, for better compatibility with after-market equipment and increased load capacity to 100kg. The sidesteps have a wider foot tread area for easier entry and exit. The All-New mu-X assures that you

have ample space good for 7 adults plus luggage or weekend gear as needed. Several well-received features have also been incorporated in the new mu-X, such as the Passive Entry and Start System (PESS) with Welcome Light. When the driver approaches the SUV with the key, the interior light automatically turns on within 2 meters. A Walk Away Lock is activated when the driver leaves the vehicle with the key and goes beyond 3 meters. OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE & 5-STAR SAFETY Isuzu takes pride in being the leader in diesel engine technology. At the heart of the All-New mu-X is the new 4JJ3-TCX turbo engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission. This drivetrain produces 190PS of power and 450Nm of torque for smooth, effortless acceleration even when you need to carry or tow heavy loads. At the same time, variants equipped with the RZ4E-TC engine now have improved performance due to better exhaust emission, lower levels of noise and vibration, and further enhancements in engine reliability and fuel economy. The chassis now has larger side rails and has been reinforced through an 8-Cross Member design to increase torsional rigidity and offer added protection against side or rear collisions. Both

front and back suspensions have been redesigned to minimize body roll when cornering, ensuring driver confidence. With its reliable steel underbody protection and a wading depth of up to 800mm, wherever you plan to go, the mu-X will take charge. The Terrain Command Select Dial lets the driver switch between 2WD-high and 4WD-high when at 100kph or select 4WD-low to further increase traction and control. For off-road enthusiasts, the Rough Terrain Mode brings their experience up a notch. This driver aid maximizes drivability when faced with technically challenging and slippery conditions. “Intelligent Safety” was also one of the top priorities in developing the All-New mu-X, which achieved a 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating. It is loaded with an array of passive and active safety systems bannered by Isuzu’s Advance Driver Assist System(ADAS). Employing stateof-the-art smart duo stereo cameras


and sensors that constantly monitor your surrounding environment to alert on potential dangers, the 12 ADAS functions cover pre-crash detection, rear and side assist detecting obstacles, parking aid, especially on tight spots, and post-crash recognition in case of unforeseen accidents. PRICING It is offered in 3 trim levels: LS (Luxury Style), LS-A (Luxury Style Advance), and top-of-the-line LS-E (Luxury Style Elegance). It has 5 color options: Marrakesh Brown, Satin White Pearl, Onyx Black, Mercury Silver, and Splash White. Pricing is as follows: 3.0L 4x4 LS-E AT - PHP2,450,000 3.0L 4x2 LS-E AT - PHP2,100,000 3.0L 4x2 LS-A AT - PHP1,900.000 RZ4E 4x2 LS-A MT - PHP1,770,00 RZ4E 4x2 LS AT - PHP1,590,000 The All-New mu-X is covered with a 3-year or 100,000km warranty. October 2021



VACCINE ON WHEELS Hyundai Trucks and Buses Offer Comprehensive Vax Mobility Solutions


yundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai commercial vehicles in the Philippines, strengthens its commitment to support national efforts to fast-track the COVID-19 vaccination rollout with the Hyundai Vaccine on Wheels (VOW) program, a comprehensive portfolio of mobility solutions designed to support the safe and efficient transport of vaccines, as well as to fast track the nationwide administration of vaccines. The Hyundai MedTRX (pronounced med trucks) Series is a fleet of refrigerated vans that cater to local governments, health sectors, and cold chain solutions providers in need of transport solutions to fast track the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines. The Hyundai County, meanwhile, is transformed into a mobile vaccination clinic. HD36L MEDTRX REFRIGERATED VAN The HD36L is a 6-wheeler, light-duty truck platform built with Hyundai’s high-strength steel. Its features highlight the vehicle’s dependability, October 2021

efficiency, and safety. The cab and chassis dimensions of 5,310mm in length, 1,760mm in width, 2,200mm in height, and wheelbase of 2,810mm add up to the suitability of the HD36L in delivering large quantities of medical supplies. Powered by a 2.5-liter turbocharged intercooler direct injection diesel engine that produces high torque and speed and paired with a 6-speed manual transmission, the HD36L can achieve sufficient fuel efficiency, as rpm is kept at a minimum during high speed, which helps during demanding delivery loads. It also makes for a secure drive with the Load-sensing Proportioning Valve that adapts braking force to the load, thus ensuring efficient braking; strong tires that keep a firm grip on the road; and a reverse warning buzzer that alerts bystanders when the vehicle is backing up. Maintenance service is also easy in the HD36L, thanks to its 45-degree tilt angle that makes it much easier to check important vehicle components.


For the HD36L MedTRX Refrigerated Van, Hyundai provides two choices: The HD36L refrigerated van built with Cooltech by Centro. Its refrigerated van body is designed for a sturdy fit and finish with stainless lock rod and hinges; 4-inch polystyrene foam

insulation to keep the temperature cool; and the Thermal Master T-1600 refrigeration which can deliver an attainable temperature of negative 20 degrees Celsius. The HD36L refrigerated van developed by HK Climate Controls Inc. (HKCCI). Its durable body can take on a huge

load of vaccines and other medical supplies. Outside, it has a stainless lock rod and hinges, and side-door access for added convenience. The inside uses a 4-inch polyurethane foam insulation, while the refrigeration system is powered by Frigid Air 45 with an attainable temperature of negative 25 degrees.


October 2021


HD65 MEDTRX REFRIGERATED VAN Built with a heat-treated steel frame reinforced with cross-members and bolt-type fasteners, the HD65 is another viable truck option for vaccine transport. Cab and chassis dimensions of 6,170mm in length, 2,000mm in width, 2,250mm in height, and wheelbase of 3,415mm give it a commanding and balanced presence on the road.

affords an excellent field of vision and clear forward lines of sight. Tires are fitted with large brake drum linings for reliable stopping power. The Antilock Braking System integrated with Electronic Brake Force Distribution keeps you in control of the vehicle when navigating slippery or challenging terrain.

Its power comes from a 3.9-liter turbocharged intercooler direct injection diesel engine paired with a 5-speed manual transmission that capably churns out high torque and speed.

Also developed by HK Climate Controls Inc., it features 4-inch polyurethane foam insulation, stainless lock rod and hinges, and side door access, while the Frigid Air refrigeration system allows for attainable temperature of negative 25 degrees Celsius, and comes with Electric Standby Unit and Automated Thermoregister to maintain and monitor van temperature.

When it comes to safety, you’re in good hands with the HD65 as it is equipped with a variety of active and passive safety features. The windshield

October 2021

The HD65 also has a 50-degree tilt angle for easy maintenance.


With these features, the HD65 MedTRX refrigerated van complies with the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC), and the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). It also meets the WHO standard temperature range of +10 to -25 degrees Celsius for vaccine storage. HYUNDAI COUNTY From moving people to driving healthcare services, the COUNTY makes the mark as a mobility solution. Its rounded clean and sleek image cuts a friendly and familiar sight on the road, especially last year as a Hyundai Biyahe ng Bayani free shuttle for medical frontliners. With a host of features that demonstrate dependability, safety, and reassuring comfort, the County reflects Hyundai’s

human-centric design philosophy. In its standard configuration, it seats 29 including the driver. The interiors combine outstanding ergonomics and aesthetics that give driver and passengers maximum comfort. The roomy cabin space, deluxe cargo storage for extra luggage, and plush passenger seats provide best-in-class comfort and convenience. Flush panoramic windows give passengers a refreshing view. As Hyundai’s MVP: Mobile Vaccination Partner that you can count on, the COUNTY’s generous interiors can be configured to accommodate actual vaccination procedures, a clinical bed, and storage for medical essentials and other healthcare goods. Inclusions, such as two units of portable Bio Ultra Freezer, two units of retractable tent (motorized), blood pressure (BP) apparatus, oxygen tank with regulator and humidifier, and other optional medical and emergency equipment are also available depending on the customer’s needs.

As a product of Hyundai’s advanced testing and manufacturing facilities, the COUNTY meets the highest standards of performance, durability, and safety. Its CRDi (Common Rail Direct Injection) engine produces 140ps and is capable of responsive acceleration with high torque even at low rpm. Vehicle stability is also reinforced, as Hyundai made sure to subject each unit to the most punishing durability tests on various road conditions. The sturdy body on the box-type chassis frame offers greater resistance against bending and torsional forces. It also has greater

rust resistance, thanks to Hyundai’s electrostatic immersion process. For safer stops, the Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV) selectively distributes hydraulic brake pressure between the front and rear wheels according to the weight distribution of the passengers. The large-sized 9+10 tandem brake booster provides ample hydraulic brake pressure to significantly reduce brake pedal force for advanced safety. For more information on the customization and available features of the MedTRX Series and the County Mobile Vaccination Clinic, contact your authorized Hyundai Trucks and Buses dealer. Get to know more about Hyundai trucks and buses at ph/trucksandbuses or send in your inquiries or requests for quotes at Hyundai CARES/HCARES: wecare@


October 2021


TRANSFORMING THE USED CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE Japan’s #1 automotive warranty provider arrives in the Philippines


remium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. (PWSPI) recently announced the start of its commercial operations in the country. Aiming to be the premier provider of both inspection and warranty services for secondhand vehicles in the Philippines, PWSPI harnesses the strengths of its world-class partners to introduce a new and unmatched consumer experience to the pre-owned car market. PWSPI is a joint venture between GT Mobility Ventures Inc. (GTMV) — itself a partnership between GT Capital Automotive Dealership Holdings Inc. (GTCAD) and Mitsui & Co, Japan — and Premium Group Co. October 2021

Ltd., Japan’s number one automotive warranty provider. PWSPI chairman Vince Socco shared his thoughts about the potential of Japan’s biggest used car warranty service provider arriving in the Philippines. “Premium Warranty Services Philippines aims to radically change the purchasing and ownership experience of pre-owned car buyers — for a very wide range of car brands in the country. Through our inspection and warranty services, we empower customers by assuring them of the quality of the used vehicles they are purchasing for worry-free car ownership. PWSPI also helps used car


sellers to build a stronger relationship with their buyers and provide better value on the vehicles that they are selling.” “The Filipino deserves — and demands — no less than the same world-class standards for pre-owned vehicle services offered in more developed countries,” Socco added. BRINGING JAPAN QUALITY SERVICE TO PH Premium Group Co. Ltd. is the largest automotive warranty provider in Japan with more than 1 million total warranty contracts and 23,500 partner dealers.

the strong potential of the Philippine market brought about by the advent of motorization, PWSPI believes that its entry to the Philippines is a timely one. “Our goal at PWSPI is to create a more transparent used car marketplace in the Philippines that benefits both buyers and sellers. We welcome pre-owned car dealers to join our journey and together provide a better used car experience to all Filipinos,” added Socco. PWSPI collaborates with some of the most reliable technology partners to make sure that its services always remain at the leading edge of the business. RAISING THE SECONDHAND VEHICLE PURCHASE EXPERIENCE Purchasing a secondhand vehicle in the Philippines is a daunting experience for many. A buyer can never be fully confident about the vehicle’s apparent and not-so-apparent condition, which impacts the long-term reliability and performance of the vehicle. Premium Warranty Services Philippines is looking to transform the buying experience of a used vehicle by bringing a new level of transparency to the process.

The Tokyo, Japan-based company has 14 years of experience in the industry. Over the years, the Premium Group has established itself as a trustworthy and dependable partner for the used car buying public. It employs the highest standards of inspection covering a very extensive range of global car brands. Customers are guaranteed a stressfree experience as warranty services are provided to them with prompt processing of claims. Building on its success in Japan, the Premium Group expanded its presence to Thailand and Indonesia. Recognizing

The company offers an extensive 188-point inspection on any used vehicle and provides a detailed report on its condition. With the help of trained technicians using worldrenowned Japanese standards, buyers can find a quality secondhand car from all the available options in the market. PWSPI provides the necessary information to remove the guesswork, minimize the risk and purchase with confidence. Likewise, used car dealers can benefit from the service as it gives transparency to the products they offer, resulting in strong and lasting relationships with their customers.

condition, and registration details. Eligible vehicles identified through inspection can then be covered by PWSPI with a 1-year or 2-year warranty period. In a marketplace that has grown accustomed to buying and selling on an “as is where is” basis, Premium Warranty transforms the way Filipinos buy used cars. Besides safeguarding customers’ investment from hidden faults, defects, and sudden breakdowns, PWSPI provides repair service on more than 200 parts. Buyers can also claim warranty and have their vehicles repaired at no cost — a benefit only previously enjoyed by those who buy brand new vehicles. PWSPI also has a nationwide accredited repair shop network with locations in major cities, allowing owners to enjoy the drive to most parts of the country. The company’s services will be applicable to most major Japanese, American, and Korean car brands at launch, with plans of expanding to European and premium brands in the near future. By providing top-quality inspection and warranty services, PWSPI hopes to deliver worry-free vehicle ownership and change the way Filipinos perceive the secondhand car market. This is in line with its principle of Transparency, Quality, and Value in every product and service.

Premium Inspection is an on-demand service that certifies a vehicle’s health based on its engine, body and frame, undercarriage, interior and exterior


October 2021




amaha Motor Philippines, Inc. recently held its “Making History Never Ends – The Filipino Pride Homecoming” event online, to celebrates two Filipino icons who have brought pride to the Philippines. Yamaha’s own McKinley Kyle Paz, the first Filipino to compete in the FIM CEV Moto2 European Championship, returned to the Philippines for a quick respite before racing in the last round of his campaign. After spending months with the VR46 Mastercamp Racing Team, Kyle showed significant development and kept up with the best young racers of the world who are all dreaming to be part of the MotoGP. He has brought pride to all Filipino riding enthusiasts in each round he has raced in so far.

Yamaha also made sure Carlo was given the knowledge of basic safety riding of a big bike. October 2021


These 2 athletes who have achieved so much this year will undoubtedly showcase more of their talent for years to come. And with every competition, they will surely embody Filipino pride in their achievements.

Also, part of this celebration is Olympic Silver Medalist Carlo Paalam. The boxer overcame challenges to stand out on the world stage after the historic run of the Philippine contingent in the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics. With his achievement, many of his dreams are coming true, including owning his dream bike, the Yamaha YZF-R6. The Yamaha YZF-R6 is a MotoGP racing machine powered by an ultra-sophisticated 599cc DOHC four-cylinder engine with state-of-the-art processor-controlled throttle technology and adjustable suction for optimum performance. It is equipped with 6 modes of traction control (TCS) as well as quick shift (QSS).

Homecoming celebrants McKinley Kyle Paz and Carlo Paalam.

Yamaha also made sure Paalam was given basic safety riding skills for a big bike, as it is a leap from riding the Yamaha Sniper155 and moving up to a big bike like the Yamaha YZF-R6. To unlock the full potential of the motorcycle, he received exclusive training from Coach Joey Storm at the Clark Speedway. He was also given a special helmet that signifies his official entry into the motorsports world.

Carlo Paalam, Olympic Silver Medalist


October 2021




he pandemic changed everything. As we gradually adjust to the new normal of conducting our day-to-day activities, technology has somewhat assisted us in making our lives a bit more bearable. Most of us now spend more time indoors and have adopted work-fromhome measures while our vehicles sit idly in the garage. Without us knowing it, not using our cars/SUV’s have dire consequences. Non-usage

of our motorized investments can lead to flat tires, electrical issues such as dead batteries, which can affect a car’s electrical system, not to mention an expensive brand-new battery replacement or worse, personal stress if the car will not start and you need to go somewhere. With technologies like CTEK, you will be spared from this predicament. CTEK is a global leader in battery management solutions. Originally from


October 2021



Sweden, this product was designed with the driver and motorcycle rider in mind — for freedom and peace of mind. CTEK smart battery chargers are built on the philosophy that prevention is better than cure. Rather than waiting for your vehicle to conk out at the most unexpected times, regularly keeping the battery charged at an optimum level will keep the battery healthy and, you, confident that the car is ready to go whenever you need it.

boost technology” for safe and reliable charging, anytime, anywhere. In addition, CTEK is proud to be one of the brands leading the move toward a more sustainable motoring lifestyle, with the acquisition of Chargestorm AB in recent years, and the development of EV charging solutions to support electrification all over the world.

Led by the bestselling MXS 5.0 with its patented 8-step charging and battery recondition feature, the CTEK model range includes chargers for just about any type of battery used in 4-wheel and 2-wheel vehicles, as well as vehicles for transport, recreation, and commercial generators. Adding to the core line-up this year are new innovations to make battery care even more convenient, beginning with the all-new CS Free portable smart battery charger, a first of its kind that features CTEK’s “adaptive

To learn more about what’s new with CTEK in the Philippines, follow CTEK Philippines via its official social media pages: on Facebook, on Instagram, @CTEKPhilippines on Twitter, and CTEK Philippines on YouTube. CTEK products are available on LazMall ( and Shopee Mall (



October 2021


Honda Airblade Riders Club PH


Honda motorcycle clubs inspire hope amid the pandemic


ooks and movies have given us a stereotype of what superheroes look like — sleek suits, flowing red capes, edgy masks to hide identities, and superpowers that we, ordinary people, don’t have. But, perhaps, the world has conspired to give us a new perspective. With the continued fight against an invisible enemy, this pandemic has brought a new league of superheroes to life. Take it from these three riders clubs. Despite challenges, these knights in shining armor, not mounted on steeds, but their trusty Honda motorcycles are ready to help.

October 2021

THE AIRBLADE RIDERS CLUB PHILIPPINES INC. IN MANILA AND CAVITE Strolling in the streets of Paco, Manila, and the community of Cavite, homeless families witnessed how these lockdown heroes delivered hope on two wheels. The humanitarian group of motorcycle riders named AirBlade Riders Club Philippines Inc., (ARCPI) led by their national chairman Marc Gil Batiancila, together with ARCPI members, conducted the Canonigo Charity Ride to give hygiene kits to 180 children and homeless families. Meanwhile, the ARCPI Cavite Chapter organized a charitable quest called “Operation Tulong sa Kapwa Natin Caviteño” where the group donated food packs and 96

clean clothes for the fire victims in Sineguelasan, Bacoor. “We can say, all the members of ARCPI have a heart for charity and sharing, that this kind of activity is our usual program. No matter how small or big our resources are, we always come up with support from all members. Of course, with support and assistance from other chapters as well,” ARCPI national president Jerome Golandrina said. The riders who participated in these efforts came from different statuses and backgrounds, but what unites them is their enthusiasm for riding the AirBlade150 and their passion for helping as their foundation of giving.

Honda GTR Club LUPA

BeAT Fi Owners Club

THE BEAT FI OWNERS CLUB PHILIPPINES IN CARMEN, CEBU Regardless of their resources, this motorcycle group, BeAT FI Owners Club Philippines - Mid North Chapter, proved that ordinary people could be heroes by doing something extraordinary for the community. Riding The New BeAT motorcycle, almost 80 riders from different motorcycle clubs from Danao City, Cebu Riders rode their way to Barangay Cantipay in Carmen, Cebu, to conduct feeding programs for the children and hand out food packs to nearly 80 senior citizens of the said barangay. Throttling the extra mile, they visited a 12-year-old kid battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 4B to give financial assistance for his cancer medication and treatment. “Although we are not that abundant in wealth, we are rich in the heart that possesses an eagerness to help others without expecting paybacks. Hence, we prioritize giving the senior citizens because we, youth,

are one of the major foundations in the community, especially in serving our elderly,” BFIOC MidNorth chapter vice president Deo Merlo Alcover Jr. shared. THE HONDA GTR 150 CLUB PHILIPPINES IN LA UNION There is no stopping the power and stability of the Honda GTR 150 Club Philippines. The Supra GTR150 riders, coming from different parts of the province, came with one mission in mind — to protect the students and parents whenever they go to the school amidst continuous rainfall. The Honda GTR 150 Club Philippines-LUPA Chapter (La Union-Pangasinan), headed by HGCP-LUPA chapter president Mario A. Respicio, joined the “Bayanihan sa Paaralan Program.” Through this initiative, riders, even from other clubs, and the barangay assisted the teachers of Mangaan Elementary School in La Union by helping to clean and fix parts of the school to ensure safety, often compromised by heavy rainfall in the province. 97

“The school’s teachers, staff, and the residents of the surrounding areas of the school felt safer since then. Our club did not benefit in any way and all we received was their gratitude. The teachers of the school thanking us was more than what we needed to restore the stamina we used and was enough to motivate us to keep on trying to help every time we have the chance,” Respicio said. These are just a few of the activities that they have conducted. Indeed, these motorcycle clubs, whose members share the same love for riding Honda motorcycles, prove that Bayanihan is the new form of heroism. Their boots may get dusty along the way, but the story of these riders inspires hope. Salute to every Filipino modern-day hero on two wheels! For more details about Honda products and promos, visit the website and follow their Facebook page Honda Philippines Inc, and Instagram @hondaph_mc. You can also contact them through landline numbers (02)-8581-6700 to 6799, and mobile number 0917-884-6632. October 2021




il industry leader Petron Corporation is honored to have gained the partnership of former ONE Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts World Champion Brandon Vera, known to only work with world-class brands, when he agreed to represent Petron Rev-X diesel engine oils. An athlete who has ruled the cage through the mastery of various combat disciplines, Vera’s outstanding performance and versatility parallel the world-class specifications and class-leading benefits of Petron Rev-X. Diesel engines are typically seen as tough and strong, powered by diesel October 2021

fuel that is a heavy fuel with high energy density. Previously, diesel was perceived to be a “dirty” fuel, producing smoke-belchers on our roads. However, recent technology trends have produced more sophisticated, more energy-efficient, and more environment-friendly diesel engines, resulting in wider market acceptance for diesel-powered vehicles.

parts, (4) keeping the engine clean from engine deposits, and (5) acting as a coolant.

Specially formulated to get the best out of diesel engines, Petron Rev-X engine oils perform the primary functions of (1) reducing friction, (2) protecting metal parts from corrosion, (3) preventing wear on moving engine

Petron Rev-X ranges from mineral to fully synthetic and is offered in different SAE viscosity grades and quality levels to cater to different types of diesel engines operating under diverse conditions. These include:


The Dynamic Cleaning Technology (DC Tech) additive package of Petron Rev-X sustains engine cleanliness for a more responsive, smoother driving experience as well as longer engine life.

engines. It is suitable for turbocharged or supercharged high-performance diesel engines operating under both lowspeed high-load and high-speed lowload conditions. It has the performance profile of API CI-4/SL, Cummins CES 20076/20077, Mack EO-N, MAN M3275-1, MB Approval 228.3, MTU Oil Category 2, Volvo VDS-3, Renault RLD-2.

Petron Rev-X RX 800 Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40 — a top-tier product specially formulated for heavy-duty and, high-speed 4-stroke diesel engines to provide excellent protection under extreme driving conditions. It is approved and certified according to specifications of API CJ-4/SM and it has the performance profile of ACEA E7, E9.

Petron Rev-X RX400 Premium MultiGrade SAE 15W-40— a premium engine oil designed to surpass the demanding performance requirements of heavy-duty diesel engines including off-road vehicles. It is suitable for engines with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and other emissions control systems. It is approved and certified according to specifications of API CI-4/SL, Mack EO-N, Volvo VDS-3,

Petron Rev-X Fully Synthetic SAE 5W30 — a high-performance fully synthetic engine oil formulated to deliver superior benefits for turbocharged or supercharged high-performance heavy-duty diesel engines and light-duty trucks. It has the performance profile of API CJ-4/SN, ACEA E9, Cummins CES 20081, DFS 93K218, MAN M 3575, MBApproval 228.31, MTU Oil Category 2.1, Volvo VDS-4, Mack EO-O Premium Plus, and Renault RLD-3.

Renault VI RLD-2, MB-Approval 228.3, and MTU Oil Category 2 and it has the performance profile of ACEA E7, Cummins 20077/20076, MAN M 3275, and Detroit Diesel 93K215. Petron Rev-X HD (Available in SAE 10W/30/40/50) — a heavy-duty, highquality diesel engine oil recommended for use in engines operating under severe operating conditions and is suitable for jeepneys, buses, AUVs, and mixed commercial fleets, particularly those requiring short drain intervals. It has the performance profile of API/CF. According to Vera, Rev-X diesel engine oil with DC Tech gives “maximum cleaning power” to “unlock maximum engine performance”. Used in combination, Petron Rev-X diesel engine oils and Petron diesel fuels—Diesel Max and Turbo Diesel— will ensure that you have the reliable engine protection while enjoying improved fuel economy and lower maintenance costs. In addition to cleaner emissions, Petron’s Euro 4-PH diesel fuels deliver performance benefits such as reliable engine protection for longer engine life, improved fuel economy for longer drives, and better power. As a homegrown oil company, industry leader Petron Corporation continues to blaze new trails with innovative products that have been uniquely formulated to meet Philippine driving conditions and cater to the needs of Filipino motorists.

Petron Rev-X RX600 Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-40 — a high-performance engine oil designed to provide exceptional performance on heavy-duty


October 2021


Words by Ren Alcantara

THE HUAWEI ECOSYSTEM Work better with the MateBook D14 2021, MatePad 10.8, and FreeBuds 4i If there’s anything we’ve learned over the course of the almost two years living our school, work, and personal lives at home, it’s that the proper tools are necessary to get the job done. Can you do practically everything on your current smartphone? Probably, but you’ll be pulling your hair out before you’re done. Whether it’s for cooking up a monster slideshow presentation, joining a long meeting, or attending online class, having the right set of tools for the job just makes everything go that much smoother, and lets you be more efficient. Here’s the thing though. Just getting a bunch of devices and asking them to play nice with each other can be a royal pain. I’m stubborn enough to attempt this, and while it does work, there are so many little quirks that sometimes it’s just a frustrating exercise in selftech support; and I’ve been a tech journalist for about a decade and a half. Fortunately, Huawei was kind enough to send over a set of tools that promised to make the whole process of working from home a little easier. The star of the show was the MateBook D14 2021, a gorgeous 14-inch Windows laptop that doesn’t break the bank but delivers the goods. Along with the notebook is the highly capable MatePad 10.8, a handy little slate that is a great complement to the more work-oriented design of the MateBook D14 2021. Rounding the kit out is the FreeBuds 4i, true wireless earphones that pack a big punch in a small package. To really get into the review, I decided to ditch my usual work and meeting setup for the three devices from Huawei. This was emotionally difficult for me, as I tend to get attached to my devices and how they work together, but I wanted to give you folks a clear picture of how it is to really rely on these devices, so I gave my workspace up for a spot in the living room where I’d do my work for the duration of this experience. Here’s what I learned.

October 2021



October 2021


MateBook D14 2021 First, the notebook. Bezels are something that are designed to be ignored on a laptop. Keeping your screen is necessary given display technology at this point, but having a large frame around the space on which you’re doing work can be distracting, and let’s face it: large bezels are an eyesore. The MateBook D14 2021 has wonderfully thin bezels surrounding a bright, crisp screen; both of which really make the work experience that much more pleasant. I get most of my work on a PC with a 14-inch monitor, and while the display of the MateBook D14 2021 is significantly smaller than that, having such slim bezels kept me from missing the big display as much as I feared it would. This is helped along by the FullView display, with a October 2021

screen-to-body ratio of 87 percent — that’s a lot of screen for the overall laptop size. The screen on the MateBook D14 2021 is plenty wide for keeping two browser tabs open without giving up too much in terms of visual information. This is a critical trait in a work or school laptop that will be used to view both a shared screen over an online meeting application, and a reference document, or maybe a word processor. Before moving on, a quick word on that MASSIVE trackpad. I love that thing. It lets you keep pointer sensitivity low, which is great for precision while remaining usable without constantly lifting your finger off the pad. Other manufacturers should take


note. If you have a regular-sized trackpad, you don’t know what you’re missing, particularly since that’s such a key interface between the software and the user. It really speaks to the focus the brand gave to design, and I am a huge fan. This thoughtfulness extends to the impressive pop-up camera located in the middle of the row of function keys. It offers great quality, even in lower light conditions (like indoors!), and clicks neatly, and completely into the laptop chassis when not in use, which is a security A+ in my book. While working from home means security might not be at the top of everyone’s mind right now, it’s something that should never be neglected. This notebook has an integrated fingerprint scanner in the power button — you don’t even have to key in a PIN or password to keep your device that much safer from unwanted intrusion.

The MateBook D14 2021 isn’t all good looks though. It’s got plenty of muscle. For my meetings, I’ll usually have a Zoom/Google Meet window open and sharing a screen, a separate document in Word, Powerpoint, or Excel, and another browser for social media or for running quick internet searches (if that seems like a lot for a 14-incher, it is. I’ll explain how I do it later). If it gets a little slow, I’ll even open up a Spotify player to have some classical piano playing softly in the background. At no point did the Core i3 processor and 8GB of RAM give any indication that it was breaking a sweat. Another great thing about it is that since I moved my workspace to the living room coffee table which doesn’t have a power outlet nearby, the lower power consumption gives the battery the endurance to keep hustling through a whole workday without giving up. I swear, I have the urge to quit long before the laptop does.

Innovative recessed camera sits discreetly in the keyboard


October 2021


MatePad 10.8

The next part of the equation is the 10.8-inch MatePad 10.8. The tablet itself proved to be a surprise. It’s not particularly large, flashy, or gifted with an array of gimmicks, but it’s extremely capable. It does all the tablet functions superbly on its bright, crisp 10.8-inch display, and has the same snappiness afforded by its bigger brother, the Matebook D14 2021. I mostly use it to take quick notes, so I don’t remove focus from the Zoom meeting, and keeptabs on extra documents that I have in the cloud. When meetings REALLY drag on, I’ll occasionally put a YouTube video on as well. If I’m not going to get snacks during a meeting, I might as well watch cat videos. Where it really shines though, is when it is coupled with the Huawei PC Manager on the MateBook D14 2021. Installing this unlocks what might be the best thing about the shared ecosystem that Huawei promises and delivers with their products. The software allows you to run Huawei Share, which, among other things, lets you extend the MateBook D14 2021’s screen onto the tablet. You can, with a few taps, use your MatePad 10.8 as a wireless second display for your Huawei MateBook D14 2021. Let that sink in for a bit. No paid, third-party janky software, no tethers, no nothing. Just a native Huawei App and native Huawei capability built into the two devices. It’s elegant, easy, and effective. This Multi-screen collaboration feature is something that can be used across other Huawei devices as well, not just the MatePad 10.8.

October 2021

This also holds true for Huawei Share, which lets me share the screen, files, and control my phone from the laptop. I have an older Mate 20 Pro, and I was able to connect that with no problem either — yet another reason why a single ecosystem can generally be a better idea. Earlier, I mentioned I had heaps of windows open — a tall task for a 14-inch tablet. This connectivity feature is how I manage it. With the MatePad 10.8 working as a second screen, there’s so much more space. Sure, you could use the tablet on its own, but when you start mixing audio or video sources, it’s much better to turn the tablet into a screen and just be doing all the work on Windows without having to switch headphones, reach over to tap the screen, or even lift a finger to do an action on the tablet. It’ll change your workflow. Seriously.


FreeBuds 4i The cherry on top of this kit is the FreeBuds 4i. I love music and own several pairs of both wired and wireless earphones, headsets, and earbuds, which I use to connect to various amps, players, and devices. These true wireless earbuds do compromise on some things, but that’s more than made up for in terms of convenience. Small, light, and unobtrusive, they make long meetings much more tolerable, allowing you to move around without getting disconnected from the meeting. Active noise cancellation keeps outside distractions out and lets you focus. Plus battery life is plenty for even the longest meeting marathons, as long as you keep it topped up via its charging case. It does use Bluetooth 5.2, so you might have to rely on the mic of the MateBook D14 2021 rather than its built-in mic if you want the best audio quality, but as with everything else on the laptop, its mics are great anyway, so it’s not anything to be concerned about. They deliver impressive sound for such small buds, and the noise cancelation is surprisingly good as long as you get the fit right.

Despite everything that’s going on, our work, school, and lives go on, and the beauty of technology is how it lets us keep going despite extraordinary circumstances. Having the correct technological tools is necessary to be able to not just keep going, but to keep doing well, and I honestly believe Huawei is on the right track in delivering the tools to get all our different jobs done.

If by some chance you forget to charge the buds, its fastcharging case gives you 4 hours of playback with a ten-minute charge.


October 2021


5 Reasons to Love Working in Cebu City October 2021



ituated on Cebu Island’s eastern coast, Cebu City is the capital of the province of Cebu and one of the Philippines’ largest cities with a total area of 315-square kilometers. It’s also the country’s oldest settlement and is considered the birthplace of Christianity in the Far East. Aptly hailed as the Queen City of the South, Cebu City boasts a rich culture and history, world-class beaches, exciting festivals, and mouthwatering dishes that can satisfy even the most discriminating palate. No wonder this buzzing urban area entices millions of local and international tourists every year, as it’s the perfect place for an unforgettable tropical vacation. Apart from being one of the most popular travel destinations in the country, Cebu City is rapidly evolving into one of the top places where professionals can land lucrative jobs. Whether you’re a job seeker from nearby areas in the Visayas or a fresh graduate from Luzon or Mindanao, you may want to find and add Cebu jobs to your list of career options. Before discounting the idea, read on. Here are several convincing reasons why you’ll love working in Cebu City:

1. Career Opportunities Because of its geographic location, infrastructure, strong economy, and accessibility by air, land, and sea transportation, Cebu is home to various types of industries offering countless employment opportunities. For one, the city is a major hub for business processing services. In 2020, Cebu occupied the 15th spot in the “Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations” report by the strategic research firm Tholons. Cebu is also regarded as the shipbuilding capital of the country, hosting some of the world’s largest shipbuilding firms like Tsuneishi of Japan, and Austal of Australia. It is also one of the most preferred destinations by many European multinational companies. As such, all sorts of job opportunities are available, from the tourism and real estate sector to the furniture-making and heavy industries, to name a few.


October 2021

Employment 2. Good Food If you decide to work in Cebu, you’ll have tons of food options to choose from every day. Of course, there’s Cebu Lechon, which the late Anthony Bourdain described as the “best pig ever.” Unlike Manila’s version of this roasted pig dish, Cebu Lechon doesn’t come with any sauce. That said, you may want to order a side of greens or seaweed to make for a more balanced meal. If you like soupy dishes, there are plenty of unique Cebuano specialties you can try. You probably know pochero as a tomato-based stew, but in Cebu, it’s a beef shank served in a flavorful broth with pechay and sweet corn, much like bulalo. Meanwhile, linarang is basically a fish soup. Although it may sound simple, what makes this specialty ultra-tasty is the use of freshly caught fish and homegrown ingredients. If you’re a bit frugal, eating at a pungko-pungko stand will probably be to your liking. At these stalls, you can savor a variety of affordably-priced dishes served with rice. Take note that you’ll be eating with your hands, but don’t worry; you’ll be given clean plastic bags that you can use as gloves.

3. Pristine Beaches and a Variety of Leisure Activities Perhaps the best thing about working in Cebu is its proximity to white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. You don’t have to wait for long weekend holidays or summer vacations to enjoy a little “Vitamin Sea.” If you experience a bad day at work or feel very stressed by your responsibilities, you can drive to the nearest beach and allow the salty wind and water to wash your troubles away. During the weekend, you can do all sorts of exciting activities. For instance, you can swim with the whale sharks at Oslob, try cliff diving at Badian, or go scuba diving in Pescador Island. Essentially, Cebu is the perfect place to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. If you choose to pursue a career in Cebu City, preventing job burnout will hardly be a problem.

October 2021


4. a vibrant nightlife scene Cebu City is home not only to lots of natural attractions but also to some of the best nightclubs and bars in the country. If you’re the type who likes to party after a week of hard work, there are countless places you can go to for a night of drinking, dancing, and socializing. Do you want to satisfy your inner artist and party animal at the same time? You can visit Morals and Malice on Tuesdays for Salsa Night and enjoy the bar’s exquisite interior by multi-awarded furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue. Cebu also has OQTAGON, an internationally recognized EDM dance and night club. You can also try partying underneath the stars at Ibiza Cebu or have a good time at many other vibrant clubs and fancy bars in the area.

5. the city itself Though Cebu City is thriving in terms of economy and wealth, it still has a rural, easygoing vibe to it that makes it a remarkable place to live and work. The traffic is much more manageable compared to that of Metro Manila. There are also tons of options in terms of public transportation. Additionally, the city is not too crowded, and the cost of living is pretty reasonable. More importantly, the people are generally kind, helpful, friendly, and hospitable, so you’ll likely have no difficulty adjusting to life in Cebu City. Given the reasons above, it’s clear that Cebu City is a promising place to pursue a career. It’s not only brimming with life, but it’s also full of professional opportunities. Here, you have the chance to climb the peak of the corporate ladder while enjoying a better work-life balance. So, the next time you search for online jobs, don’t hesitate to apply for career opportunities in this glorious city. Who knows? Perhaps Cebu is your key to experiencing job satisfaction and career growth.


October 2021


Explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

he LEGO Group and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have revealed a new captivating mix of LEGO® sets to help young witches and wizards explore the enchanting adventures of Harry Potter’s second year at Hogwarts™.


explore the rest of the wizarding world by taking flight with the fiery feathers of Dumbledore’s beloved Phoenix, Fawkes, or visiting the snow-capped streets of Hogsmeade Village. Many of the sets also interconnect to extend the play into different areas of Hogwarts.

From the tantalizing tactics of Wizarding Chess to Polyjuice Potion trickery, the sets are packed full of popular characters, creatures, and imaginative features to help young builders reenact their favorite adventures from the films, as well as crafting magical storylines of their own.

A number of the new sets come with an exclusive golden minifigure to mark the 20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter. For years, LEGO play has helped Wizarding World and LEGO fans feel even closer to the magic, and these collectibles mark just some of the characters that have helped them play out endless memorable moments across two decades of LEGO Harry Potter.

While the enchanted walls of Hogwarts set the scene for many of the new sets, builders can spread their wings and October 2021


As a special treat for lifelong fans of the beloved franchise, the LEGO Group and Warner Bros. Consumer Products specially designed the new LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Icons – Collectors’ Edition for adult enthusiasts. Sure to make any long-time fan nostalgic for their childhood, the set includes various memorabilia from the series such as Harry’s wand and glasses, Ron’s chocolate frog, Hermione’s potion tray, Tom Riddle’s diary, the Golden Snitch, and a customizable school scarf. To top it all off, the set features Hedwig™ with a much-coveted invitation to Hogwarts. The Collectors’ Edition is available only on and in LEGO Certified Stores (LCS).

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogsmeade™ Village Visit (76388) For children aged 8+ 851 pieces The model measures over 22cm high, 30cm wide, and 9cm deep Includes 6 minifigures: Harry Potter™, Dean Thomas, Professor McGonagall™, Madam Rosmerta, Mr. Flume, and Mrs. Flume, plus an exclusive, golden Ron Weasley™ minifigure PHP4,999

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™: Fluffy Encounter (76387) For children aged 8+ 397 pieces The set measures over 30cm high, 19cm wide, and 7cm deep and connects easily to other LEGO® Harry Potter™ sets. Includes 3 minifigures: Harry Potter™, Hermione Granger™, and Ron Weasley™, plus an exclusive golden anniversary Hermione Granger™ minifigure PHP2,499


October 2021


For children aged 9+ 1,176 pieces The set measures over 40cm high, 40cm wide, and 11cm deep and combines easily with other LEGO® Harry Potter™ sets for extra fun. Includes 10 minifigures: Harry Potter™, Ginny Weasley™, Tom Riddle, Colin Creevey, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Luna Lovegood™, Gilderoy Lockhart™, Albus Dumbledore™, Professor Sinistra, and Nearly Headless Nick, plus an exclusive, golden anniversary Voldemort™ minifigure PHP9,999 For children aged 10+ 876 pieces This enchanting chess set from the wizarding world measures over 8cm high, 27cm wide, and 27cm deep Includes 3 minifigures: Harry Potter™, Hermione Granger™, and Ron Weasley™, plus an exclusive, golden anniversary Severus Snape™ minifigure Also includes 32 buildable chess pieces based on the iconic scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone™ PHP3,999 October 2021

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Chamber of Secrets (76389)

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Wizard’s Chess (76392) 112

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™: First Flying Lesson (76395)

For children aged 7+ 264 pieces Measures over 15cm high, 20cm wide, and 6cm deep Includes 3 minifigures: Neville Longbottom™, Draco Malfoy™, and Madam Hooch minifigures, plus an exclusive, golden anniversary Professor Quirrell PHP1,799

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Icons – Collector’s Edition (76391) For builders aged 18+ 3,010 pieces Measures over 44cm high, 50cm wide, and 33cm deep. Includes 3 golden minifigures: Albus Dumbledore™, Minerva McGonagall™, and Rubeus Hagrid™, plus a stand display stand with a decorated tile celebrating 20 years of LEGO Harry Potter. PHP14,999

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Harry Potter™ & Hermione Granger™ (76393) Buildable models of 2 iconic characters: Harry Potter™ and Hermione Granger™. For children aged 10+ 1,673 pieces Both models stand over 26cm tall. PHP7,999


October 2021


Thai Tourism Bustles Anew

Phuket continues to be an attractive destination within and beyond Asia, with the Phuket Sandbox 7+7 Extension program enabling fully vaccinated international travelers to travel to Phuket and chosen extension areas. With the upgraded program, fully vaccinated travelers can reduce their mandatory stay in Phuket from 14 to 7 days, after which another seven nights can be spent in any of the extension areas in Krabi (Ko Phi Phi, Ko Ngai, or Railay), Phang-Nga (Khao Lak or Ko Yao), or Surat Thani (Ko Samui, Ko Pha-ngan, or Ko Tao). In the Phuket Sandbox, tourists can enjoy sea excursions such as yachting and cruising, enjoy traditional dance performances around the island, and enjoy

October 2021

dining, shopping, lifestyle and lodging establishments in the island as long as they are accredited by the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration Plus (SHA Plus). Looking to refresh your wanderlust after more than a year of staying in place? You’ll never run out of sights and attractions in Phuket; here are five attractions to give you a sense of what to expect from the renowned island:

Get a beautiful top view of Phuket at the Karon Viewpoint Situated at the south of Kata Noi Beach, Karon is one of the many famous viewpoints in Phuket, but one that allows you to see three bays in just one vantage point:


the Kata Noi, Kata Yai, and Karon beaches. Get lost at the sight of sweeping ocean views melding seamlessly into grooves of treeladen grounds, mountains at the far end, and a barrage of clouds that will make you feel on top of the world.

Be one with water by scuba diving at the Andaman Sea

If you want to enjoy your vacation while still maintaining a bit of social distancing, why not just commune with marine life instead? Book a scuba diving tour with one of the local tour agencies and immerse yourself in crystal clear waters that reveal a rich ecosystem of marine wildlife: corals reefs, fishes of all kinds and colors, seahorses, and other hidden ocean treasures.

Live your best life by sprawling at any of the Phuket beaches Truly the most remarkable part about Phuket is its never-ending selection of beaches, fit for any vacationer’s lifestyle. From the bustling Patong Beach, to the limitless stretch of Mai Khao Beach, to the relatively untouched Nai Harn and Nai Yang beach, there’s bound to a beach that suits your preference.

Find peace and serenity in Wat Chalong Temple Give a prayer of gratitude and guidance for a renewed opportunity to go on vacation at the Wat Chalong Temple—one of Phuket’s 29 temples, but its biggest and most popular. After observing its strict dress code and its guidelines on silence and proper etiquette, discover tranquility in the presence of beautifully landscaped greenery, golden structures, and the temple’s magnificently intricate details.


Island Hopping It’s not a Phuket trip without an island-hopping excursion. Whether privately amongst your travel circle or as part of a tour group, discover the nooks and crannies of Phuket’s islands: from the Phang Nga Bay Sunset Cruise to the James Bond Island Day Tour. Choose the tour that floats your boat.

October 2021

Visual Space

Gaming Documentaries to Watch Words by Gabriel Pe


he professional gaming scene is complex. Each title has its own history, its own glory moments, and, of course, its own cast of heroes and legends. While learning about them is fun and interesting, it is a giant rabbit hole.


High Score, a Netflix Docuseries, looks at the history of video games by talking to the people who made it possible. The series gives viewers an in-depth look at how video games reached our homes, to eventually become the technological and cultural phenomenon it is today.

To avoid information overload, here are some great documentaries that help explain what gaming and esports are. For gamers, these are a good way to introduce your parents or older relatives to the world of gaming.

Where to watch: Netflix


3. PLAYING HARD What does it take to make your dream game a reality?

What does it take to win esports’ first million-dollar tournament?

Playing Hard is a documentary about the making of Ubisoft’s medieval first-person fighting game For Honor, and how its creator’s idea became a reality. The documentary shows the process of making a game that revolutionized a genre and how its creator navigated the immensely complicated world of global video game creation.

Free to Play is a documentary made by gaming giant Valve. The movie follows three Dota 2 players in a tournament that would not only change their lives but also the whole gaming scene, the first The International — esports’ first million-dollar tournament. Where to watch: Netflix, Valve’s YouTube page

October 2021

Want to know the story behind your favorite classic? How did Mario become the face of Nintendo US? How did the first video game crash happen? And how did a group that wanted to push boundaries inevitably give rise to PC gaming?

Where to watch: Netflix


5. Netflix’s Explained: Esports

4. not a game Why do we play video games? Should parents be worried when their children spend too much time playing video games? How did the internet change the way we play? Is esports good?

Explained is a docuseries created by Vox Media for Netflix. It aims to educate viewers about interesting facts behind everyday objects. Episodes are short and last just up to 30 minutes, depending on the subject.

Not A Game aims to answer all these questions. This hour and a half-long documentary takes a look at our unique relationship with video games and playing. Unlike the usual esports documentary that focuses on players’ successes and hardships, Not A Game actually takes an in-depth look at all aspects of gaming, from its effect on children’s psychology and addiction, parents’ fears, and as a possible career choice.

In their Esports episode in season 1, Explained talks about how video games became one of the fastest-growing audience sports in the world. If you don’t want the TL: DR of esports and competitive gaming, you could check out this 17-minute explainer instead. Where to watch: Netflix

Where to watch: Netflix

6. live/play

7. A New Hero: The Rise of College Esports

League of Legends is the world’s biggest esports. It draws tens of millions of total viewers for its annual World Championship, with last year’s Worlds 2020 peaking at almost 46 million and a total of 1 billion hours viewed.

What does collegiate esports look like? How does it differ from the professional scene?

Live/Play is a documentary series created by League of Legends developer Riot Games. The unique thing about Live/Play is that it doesn’t really focus on the player, but rather the passionate community of gamers who were the key to League of Legend’s rise to stardom. From Korea, Taiwan, and even Brazil, this docuseries looks at the lives of League of Legends players and how they formed a community in the game.

A New Hero: The Rise of College Esports is about what was one of the world’s biggest collegiate gaming scenes in the US, Heroes of the Dorm. Heroes of the Dorm is a Heroes of the Storm gaming tournament featuring students teams from different US colleges as competitors. The tournament series only lasted for a few years (20152018) but is credited for introducing collegiate esports to the world. This documentary takes a look at the first edition of the tournament in 2015 and how these students became the first college esports athletes.

Where to watch: League of Legends’ YouTube page

Where to watch: Heroes of the Storm YouTube page


October 2021

Visual Space



n an exclusive partnership with Globe, the discovery+ streaming service will now be available to Filipino viewers, giving them access to an extensive library of shows from beloved brands, including Discovery Channel, TLC, HGTV, Investigation Discovery, Food Network, Magnolia Network, Travel Channel, Animal Planet and Asian Food Network, as well as top non-fiction library content from History Channel, and the BBC’s largest natural history offering.

shows like Evil Lives Here, and Signs of a Psychopath, as well as exclusive content from Magnolia Network, the multiplatform joint venture with Chip and Joanna Gaines.

discovery+ offers an inspiring pipeline of premium real-life storytelling across key passion genres — from relationships, food, true crime, and home, to paranormal, nature, Korean reality, and lifestyle, with iconic personalities including Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives), Drew and Jonathan Scott (Property Brothers), Dr. Sandra Lee (Dr. Pimple Popper), Martha Stewart (Bakeaway Camp with Martha Stewart), and Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss). From 90 Day Fiancé, and Naked & Afraid, to Ghost Adventures, and Framing Britney Spears, discovery+ brings together the best in real-life entertainment all in one place.

“The launch of discovery+ in the Philippines represents another step forward in the platform’s global expansion and further strengthens our direct-to-consumer proposition across Asia Pacific,” said Simon Robinson, President, Asia Pacific, Discovery, Inc. “All Filipinos will soon be able to enjoy direct access to a world-class selection of real-life entertainment anytime, anywhere, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Globe at launch to give their customers early access and exclusive offers to this premium content.”

At launch, the service is also home to more than 45 unmissable discovery+ Original titles, with more than 200 episodes of exclusive content, including 90 Day Journey — a curated series featuring the ultimate collection of stories focused on fan-favorite couples — as well as an all-new 90 Day Fiancé tentpole series and additional titles, including 90 Day: The Single Life. Other original shows available at launch include Say Yes to the Dress: In Sickness and In Health, Ghost Adventures: Top 10, and Buddy Vs Duff, with an additional 100+ new original titles dropping on the service before the end of the year. For the first time, Filipinos can watch leading shows from true crime channel Investigation Discovery, with

October 2021

discovery+ also features award-winning premium natural history series from the BBC, including Planet Earth and Life, as well as top non-fiction library content from History Channel, including Crime Investigation Asia, Hidden Cities, and Mountain Men.

“In the past year and a half, we’ve seen tremendous change in how people consume content and keep themselves entertained. Many are hungry for new things to watch and to create shared experiences with their family and friends. As Globe continues to help uplift the everyday lives of Filipinos and elevate their experiences at home, we are thrilled with this partnership as it provides our customers a chance to enjoy a wide range of exciting and popular content,” says Ernest Cu, President and CEO, Globe. The partnership gives Globe’s customers on select plans exclusive access to the web version of discovery+ from September 2, 2021. The streaming service launches widely in the Philippines in October across app stores and a number of platforms.



October 2021


Filipinas Invest in Business and Personal Development Skills The Philippines ranks 1st worldwide for highest year-over-year increase in enrollments from women learners on Coursera


oursera Inc., one of the largest online learning platforms in the world, released a new study that examines the pandemic’s impact on skills and learning trends among women. The Women and Skills Report compares prepandemic enrollment and performance data with trends observed on the Coursera platform since the onset of the pandemic through June 2021. The new study highlights an impressive increase in online learning participation among women learners globally, and in the Philippines. With a 774% year-over-year increase in enrollments from women learners, the Philippines ranks #1 out of 190 countries for the highest increase. More women are also participating in certificate training programs aimed at entry-level digital jobs. The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2021 indicates that the pandemic has disproportionately October 2021

impacted women in the Philippines, with the country ranking lower than in 2020. Despite the country almost bridging the educational attainment gap at 99.9%, there is still a gender disparity in labor force participation, with only 49% of women in the job market today. “We believe that the new norm of remote work and online learning is setting a solid foundation of a more inclusive recovery. While women participation in the labor force is low in the Philippines, in the long-term, we may see this rise as the access to equal job-relevant online education leads to equal employment opportunity,” said Raghav Gupta, managing director, India and APAC, Coursera. “The encouraging trends from the report are a testament to the resilience of Philippine women learners and their determination to return to work and advance their careers.”


PHILIPPINE INSIGHTS FROM THE WOMEN AND SKILLS REPORT INCLUDE: The Philippines ranks #1 (774%) worldwide for the highest increase in YoY enrollments from women. The majority (56%) of new learners in the Philippines today are women, bringing the total number of registered women in the country to 650,000. Top skills among Philippine women show high investment in business skills. The top 10 skills from the past year include communication (1.2M enrollments among women in the Philippines), leadership and management (880,000), entrepreneurship (740,000), marketing (630,000), and business analysis (550,000). The majority of the most popular courses are also from the business domain including Excel Skills

With over 87 million learners and 5,000 courses on the platform, Coursera has one of the largest data sets for identifying and measuring skill trends.

for Business (Macquarie University), and Write Professional Emails in English (Georgia Institute of Technology). Trends among women learners in the Philippines align with global learner trends. Though business skills are the most popular, more women are enrolling in STEM courses. For STEM courses, the gender gap narrowed from 38% enrollments from women in 2019 to 43% in 2021. Filipino women are investing in critical STEM skills like probability and statistics (680,000 enrollments from women in the Philippines), data analysis (490,000), and computer programming (480,000), with Programming for Everybody from the University of Michigan among the most popular courses. Women in the Philippines are enrolling in more courses than pre-pandemic, particularly in

certificate training programs aimed at entry-level digital jobs. Women’s enrollments in entry-level Professional Certificates increased from 33% in 2019 to 47% in 2021. These certificates, from industry leaders such as Google, IBM, and Facebook, are designed to prepare learners without a college degree or technology experience for a wide range of high-demand digital jobs. Businesses, governments, and campuses will continue to play a key role in reducing gender gaps in the digital economy. In 2021, programs where Coursera is used by various businesses, governments, and campuses in the Philippines, there were higher shares of registered women learners (44%, 57%, and 54% respectively), as compared to global (36%, 51%, and 42% respectively). Better gender share is likely to


contribute to more diverse talent pipelines for employers. “I earned my computer science degree with only a handful of women alongside me, and while a great deal has changed since then, we still have important work to do to increase women’s representation in technology and leadership,” said Betty Vandenbosch, chief content Officer, Coursera. “Access to flexible, job-relevant education can help women learn the new skills they need to enter high-demand roles and achieve better gender balance in the workforce.” With over 87 million learners and 5,000 courses on the platform, Coursera has one of the largest data sets for identifying and measuring skill trends. The Women and Skills Report includes data from 40 million new learners who registered during the pandemic between January 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021. October 2021


CATBALOGAN CITY EDUCATORS POWER THROUGH DISTANCE LEARNING hen the pandemic hit, people from all walks of life were forced to live a “new normal” with a set of restrictions and limitations. One of the many changes was the shift in the school system from face-toface classes to blended learning, which proved challenging in the Philippines. In the Eastern Visayas region, educators in Catbalogan City had to respond quickly to ensure that student learning remains unhampered.


continued implementation of distance learning for the current school year, which means that geographically remote teachers and students would resume interactions outside of the traditional face-toface, classroom setup. As most students do not have access to technology or internet connectivity, the solution is for DepEd to provide printed learning modules containing different activities, discussion points, and performance tasks for students to accomplish on their own.

TRANSITION TO MODULAR LEARNING The Department of Education (DepEd) had announced the

Addressing the need of diverse learners, Catbalogan City schools implemented a combination of modular, TV, and radio learning

October 2021


preparation of the learning resources needed by the students, that’s where we focused on next,” said Arga. MASS PRODUCING HIGHQUALITY LEARNING MODULES According to Arga and Casino, implementing modular learning means relying heavily on printers to mass produce learning materials so they are available to students on time. The school estimates that it prints 3,000 sets of materials per day, consisting of activity sheets and educational modules, as well as various assessment and intervention materials used to gather insights from parents and students.

to make education more accessible. Cecilia Arga, learning resource manager of DepEd Catbalogan City Division, and Maximiano Casino, school head of Silanga Elementary School under SPO Catbalogan City, share their experiences in overcoming the challenges to new modes of learning. For them, the transition was difficult due to the public’s lack of knowledge about the mode of learning to be implemented and the availability of learning resources. To help address this, the city government, together with the local DepEd division, conducted a series of training programs and provided the tools needed to produce printed modules.

as changing ink packs, diagnosis, and basic troubleshooting can be done without the help of a technician. “When schools print in large quantities, we expect that they might encounter printer issues. Most of the teachers do the troubleshooting themselves. Even without going to the suppliers, most of them can do it,” she elaborated. Alongside their ease of use, Epson’s business inkjet printers offer high-quality scanning and photocopying, which is why educators like Arga and Casino consider these printers as indispensable partners not only for the current situation but even beyond the pandemic.

“We print intervention materials so that we’ll be able to bridge learning gaps especially for learners who are struggling with the current setup. Faceto-face classes already had their own set of issues, what more with blended learning where we do not see our students daily?” Casino explained.

GOOD FOR BOTH SCHOOLS AND THE ENVIRONMENT As a leader in printing technologies, Epson has developed its business inkjet printers to be among the most reliable devices in the market, while also offering benefits to both customers and the environment.

Anticipating the needs of students under distance learning, DepEd Catbalogan City Division and Silanga Elementary School chose the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C869R & WF-C878R multifunction printers for their supplement materials.

Epson’s Heat-Free Technology ensures that its business inkjet printers use no heat in the ink ejection process, for less power consumption and more savings on electricity costs. With this original technology, no heat is required for printer warm-up, allowing customers to save time with consistent high-speed printing. To help customers naturally reduce their environmental impact, Epson’s business inkjet printers also use fewer parts and consumables that require replacement, thus minimizing user intervention, increasing productivity, and reducing e-waste.

Arga shares that the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C869R & WF-C878R multifunction printers produce good quality printouts, especially in color, which is crucial for learning materials intended for younger students. She attests to the printers’ user-friendly features, pointing out that tasks such

“We started with the proper orientation of the teachers, the school heads, the parents, and the local stakeholders. It was through proper advocacy of the learning delivery modality that the schools will be implementing, and of course, it was also all about educating the parents and most especially the learners. Then we went to the


October 2021


Dairy brand Birch Tree, manufactured by Century Pacific Food Inc. (CNPF), one of the Philippines’ leading food and beverage companies, has been helping uplift and empower local women micro-entrepreneurs, giving them opportunities to earn extra income through the Aling Tindera Waste-to-Cash program. The initiative is in partnership with Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX). “When we initially partnered with PCX in 2019, our only goal then was to offset our entire plastic footprint for the year. We committed to offsetting 300,000kg of plastic waste. But as we continued to hear positive stories from those who have participated in the program, we can’t help but be glad of this program’s immediate positive financial impact,” said Greg Banzon, CNPF chief operating officer.

October 2021

Aling Tindera is a waste-to-cash program where PCX incentivizes women-owned sari-sari stores to become collection points for post-consumer plastic waste. The participants are also provided with the necessary community infrastructure to aggregate, sort, and efficiently transport waste to partner processing facilities. Incentivizing residents to collect plastic waste also paves the way for cleaner environments and improved public health.  The Aling Tindera Waste-toCash program was created in response to the growing challenge of plastic waste ending up in nature. Its goal is to serve as an aggregation hub where any community member may sell post-consumer plastic by kilogram.  Since July 2020, Birch Tree has sponsored two Aling Tindera locations. “Birch Tree was one of the first brands to step up to become an Aling Tindera


partner. Through the company’s sponsorship, we were able to fully equip our partner ‘Aling Tinderas’ with the tools they need to operate their collection point,” said a representative from PCX. The ‘Aling Tinderas’ are women sari-sari store owners invited by the city governments to join the initiative. Through the program, each woman is provided with a purposefully designed 10foot or 20-foot container, one manual baler to help manage the collected waste, one weighing scale, and starting capital. One of the Aling Tinderas is 42-year-old Neneng Rosello, who earns a living from peeling garlic. Since the waste-to-cash program started operations in her area, Rosello has made PHP1,868.75. Before the pandemic, she would join other similar plastic waste collection programs to earn extra money.

“Dahil sa Aling Tindera, nagawa kong ipagpatuloy ang magandang gawain para sa kapaligiran. Mas nakakatulong rin ako sa aking pamilya at nakadagdag sa aming budget pinansyal,” Rosello said.

Ate Neneng Rosello, one of the Aling Tinderas

Meanwhile, 50-year-old Raquel Moderazo, another Aling Tindera, gets her primary source of income from her eatery business. Since she accepted the city government’s invitation to join the program, Moderazo has earned PHP1,763.75.

“Nakakatulong po ang Birch Tree sa paglinis ng ating basura sa paligid habang nakakatulong sa gaya naming bahagi ng Aling Tindera. Kahit nadagdagan yung obligasyon ko, masaya ako na nakakatulong din naman sa pag-aalaga ng kapaligiran,” Moderazo said.

Ate Raquel Moderazo, one of the Aling Tinderas

There are currently eight Aling Tindera locations in the City of Manila. PCX aims to increase this number to 100 while also expanding to other areas across the country.


October 2021

Cyber Security

Why Website Security is Important for Business Continuity Beyond establishing a digital presence and e-commerce store, entrepreneurs should also take steps to ensure their websites are protected from cyber threats

As more Filipinos shop online, businesses of all sizes need to ensure their websites are protected to help maintain customer trust and credibility for online transactions. In addition, addressing security protection for your online presence can help to ensure that your business website is not impacted and available for your customers to make their purchases,” said Norman Barrientos, director of marketing for Southeast Asia of GoDaddy, the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs worldwide.

The past year saw businesses of all sizes shift to the online marketplace. And with the continued need to shelter in place due to the pandemic, digital-based transactions are expected to continue to rise in the future. As more entrepreneurs expand their online operations, the more they need to take website security seriously. According to the Department of Trade and Industry, with the rise of digitalization, cybersecurity, and data privacy remain a challenge, especially for small businesses.

October 2021

Securing your business website is crucial in maintaining operational continuity and customer loyalty. GoDaddy shares the following ways to help secure your website.


Install an SSL certificate The basic protection your website can have is an SSL Certificate — which automatically creates a secure, encrypted connection with the browser of those who visit your site. What this means is that personal information passing to and from your website is further protected from data hacking.Aside from security protections, having an SSL Certificate installed on your website can affect the discoverability

of the website in search results. Search engines like Google rank websites with SSL Certificates higher in search results listings. Web browsers also flag websites without an SSL Certificate as “not secure.” Business credibility can immediately come into question with potential customers who log on to your website, with the intent to do business with your company.

Conduct regular website backups

Consider more protection as your website grows

As you continually edit and update your website, it’s important that your files, including photos, and the overall layout of your website are safely backed up. This allows you to restore your website should any problems occur.

Aside from installing an SSL Certificate on a website, additional protections such as a web application firewall (WAF) that intercepts incoming malicious code for security threats, and a malware scanner that alerts you if there is any bad content or code on your website and helps to start to address the issue, are crucial additional website protections to consider. Having these security protections in place can also help your website load faster.

Today, website backup tools help keep website files more protected by automatically taking stock of changes in your website and securing them in the cloud. This helps protect your website against cyberthreats, with easy restoration which can help to limit downtime for your business.

Website Security services should include a bundle of tools that protects your website while offering continuous website monitoring plus a backup function that allows you to restore your entire website in a single click.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop the gives you everything you need to create a strong online presence, check out GoDaddy’s suite of website services by logging on to


October 2021


MetaMask Cryptocurrency

Filipinos are the Most Active Users


here are now more than 10-million monthly active users of MetaMask, a cryptocurrency wallet from ConsenSys, the market-leading blockchain technology company founded by Ethereum co-creator Joseph Lubin. Of these active users, nearly 20% are from the Philippines. MetaMask has emerged as the top choice for storing digital assets, particularly those earned from online gaming.

The new numbers on MetaMask’s user base represent a 19x growth compared to July 2020, and positions MetaMask as the leading non-custodial wallet by users globally. MetaMask is both a mobile app and browser extension that functions as a cryptocurrency wallet for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and any Ethereum-compatible network like Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. THE DRIVERS BEHIND METAMASK’S GROWTH MetaMask’s exponential growth has tracked closely with that of the Ethereum ecosystem. In 2019, USD2-billion in crypto assets were committed to Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Today, Ethereum supports a flourishing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem with over USD80-billion in assets under management.

October 2021


MetaMask is the primary way a global user base interacts with DeFi applications, along with the vast universe of approximately 17,000 unique Web3 domains, which include rare digital goods marketplace OpenSea and NFTbased online games. MetaMask was first created in September 2016 and has been a central catalyst in the adoption of decentralized applications on Ethereum. The launch of the mobile version in September 2020 has played a crucial role in rapidly bringing new users from global markets such as the Philippines, Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Brazil. The launch of token swaps on MetaMask mobile in March 2021 also exponentially accelerated user growth. “MetaMask defined a new kind of cryptocurrency wallet, where users don’t just interact with currencies, but with decentralized applications, and we are constantly making these new kinds of applications more safe and accessible to a broader audience,” said Dan Finlay, MetaMask co-founder. “We’re letting users explore new ways of establishing trust on the internet,” he added. METAMASK USERS GEOGRAPHY The Philippines has emerged as the home of the world’s most active MetaMask users, thanks largely to NFT-based online video games like Axie Infinity, where players can earn cryptocurrency tokens.

substantial geographical barriers around the movement of capital, extensive paperwork, tons of intermediaries, lack of transparency, and high fees. It is challenging the existing TradFi policies that sometimes exclude minorities and low-income earners. The early and massive adoption of crypto in emerging markets is an example of how DeFi is solving TradFi market inefficiencies. NON-CUSTODIAL WALLETS VS CUSTODIAL WALLETS Until recently, custodial wallets were leading the democratization of access to crypto assets. The main uses were focused on trading different cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, through a wallet where the private keys are held by a third party, the custodian. This means third-party custodians operate with full control over user funds while users only

have to give permission to send or receive payments. Like a bank, but digital. MetaMask is different. It is now the leading non-custodial wallet that allows users from all over the world to hold and own their private key, giving them full control of their funds. There is no need to trust a third party to secure your funds and return them if you want to trade or send them somewhere else. MetaMask allows users to be their own bank and take control over their own finances in a private and secure way. “MetaMask owes its growth to our community. They are constantly coming up with new ways to build and organize, and are always pushing us to improve in countless ways. As long as we can continue to help unleash their creativity while keeping users safe, I think we’ll have an exciting future,” concluded Finlay.

As of August 2021, the top 15 countries using MetaMask aside from the Philippines include the United States, Vietnam, United Kingdom, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Germany, France, Canada, and Spain. With the Philippines, Vietnam, China, India, and Indonesia rounding out the top 5 Asian countries, Asia has emerged as the number one region in terms of user growth. Asia is then followed by Europe and North America. DeFi is addressing the limits of “Traditional Finance” (TradFi) such as


October 2021


October 2021


1st in PH to join Visa’s Rapid Seller Onboarding Program goal is to enable fully-compliant merchants to onboard in the quickest possible time, immediately helping them manage their customers’ payments and make their businesses grow,” says Abigail Valte, PayMongo head of compliance.


nline payment processor PayMongo will be the first partner in the Philippines to join the Rapid Seller Onboarding program of Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments. This program simplifies the onboarding process and will enable Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to sign up with PayMongo and start accepting digital payments within three to five working days.

The Rapid Seller Onboarding program requires a few basic steps before online merchants can start accepting digital payments. To begin the digital onboarding journey, SME owners need to follow these simple steps:

Visa’s Rapid Seller Onboarding program is designed to eliminate the pain points that both merchants and acquirers face during the traditional onboarding process. These include a lack of digital touchpoints, lengthy onboarding timelines, and limited feedback mechanisms that result in high costs for both merchants and acquirers. Dan Wolbert, Visa country manager for the Philippines & Guam notes, “At Visa, we understand how important it is for SMEs to accept digital payments, especially during the pandemic. As the country continues to face lockdowns and Filipinos are unable to shop in physical stores, we want to help small businesses to set up an online presence and start accepting digital payments so they can continue to operate and benefit from the growth in eCommerce. Through Visa’s Rapid Seller Onboarding program, we’re excited to be partnering with PayMongo to make it faster and easier for businesses to get online and start accepting digital payments.” “Our Founders have always emphasized the value of providing a quick and seamless onboarding experience for our merchants, especially for small and medium enterprises. Our partnership with Visa for the Rapid Seller Onboarding program is another testament to that commitment. With this program, more small businesses can start accepting payments through the PayMongo payments platform sooner, rather than later. Our ultimate

1. Visit PayMongo’s website at and click “get started for free.” 2. Enter their personal information and business information. 3. Upload the business/company license and owner ID. 4. Wait for the application to be validated by PayMongo. 5. PayMongo will reach out to the merchant regarding any further requirements. 6. Once the application is approved, the preferred acceptance channel will be activated for the online merchant.


October 2021


ESPORTS TITAN MINESKI GLOBAL RAISES USD10.6-M IN SERIES A FUNDING ROUND TEG Holding Pte. Ltd., through its leading brand, Mineski Global, the premier esports and gaming organization in Southeast Asia, has announced a USD10.6-million Series A funding round led by Exacta Capital Partners and with participation from the New York-based Endeavor Catalyst. This deal was advised by Rocket Equities, a Southeast Asiafocused M&A advisory firm. With a vision to gamify the world and bring out the gamer in everyone, Mineski Global provides allencompassing, tech-powered solutions that put the gamer at the front and center of value creation. Beyond the original esports leagues, platforms, and content that has always been their core, Mineski Global combines the best of creative, content, engagement, and technology to create unbeatable experiences and bring to life new opportunities for brands through esports marketing. Mineski Global has cemented itself as the leading esports tournament organizer across the region– introducing innovations shaping Southeast Asia’s esports and gaming October 2021

industry. This includes a casual gaming platform that introduces the competitive nature of esports in a massive and rapidly expanding mobile-first market. Mineski has brand partnerships with global brands such as Moonton, Tencent, Riot, Globe Telecom, Gameloft, Oppo, Acer, Plan B, and Oreo.

Ronald Robinson K. Robins, founder, chairman and CEO of Mineski Global, stated, “Our trailblazing spirit is helping us drive the future. With the tremendous growth of esports and gaming, we believe this is the right time to invest in that future. As we evolve and continue to disrupt the esports and gaming industry, we’re unlocking opportunities for brands and gamers alike, defining new ways of engagement and entertainment. We are grateful to have the support of


institutional investors in fueling our explosive growth.” Mineski Global has seen strong growth over the last few years and is projected to more than double its sales in 2021. Vincent Yang, director of Mizuho Asia Partners Pte. Ltd., representing Exacta Capital Partners, stated, “We’re excited to invest in Mineski Global as it is uniquely positioned to create and capture value in the esports ecosystem. The team’s deep esports experience, track record, and execution capability set it apart from other esports enablers. Moreover, we believe in the founders’ vision to expand esports to a broader audience via new media formats, such as Mineski Games and GG Trucks.” Allen Taylor, managing director at Endeavor Catalyst, stated, “Mineski Global is the largest esports organization in Southeast Asia. We’re excited to partner with the CEO, CFO, and the rest of the team of Mineski Global on their next stage of growth. As they continue to scale, we are excited for what this means for the global esports industry and the region.”

SMART POWERS LIGA ADARNA SEASON 4: RACE TO THE TOP The country’s leading mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. has once again teamed up with esports events organizer Eplayment Entertainment to power the fourth season of Liga Adarna, the Philippines’ biggest and only allfemale esports league. For the fourth installment entitled ‘Race to the Top,’ Liga Adarna has gathered the country’s top female esports players to battle it out in four different games — Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Valorant, Call of Duty: Mobile, and League of Legends: Wild Rift — until December 19, 2021, for a shot at the championship and prize pool of PHP220,000.

rounds consisting of the group stage and playoffs. League of Legends: Wild Rift leg will have a single tournament running on November 18 to 21 The Call of Duty leg will be on November 26 to December 19, and will also consist of open qualifier, elimination round, and playoffs. Avid gamers and esports fans can catch the livestream of the games on the Liga Adarna Facebook page at Empowering Filipino gamers

The Mobile Legends leg will run from September 17 to October 17 and will be contested in three rounds: open qualifier, elimination round, and playoffs.

The latest season of Liga Adarna is in line with Smart’s longstanding support for the fast-growing Philippine esports scene to promote and cultivate the passion, skill, and talent of Filipino gamers.

The Valorant leg is scheduled from October 22 to November 14 in two

Aside from organizing the country’s biggest esports events and backing


Filipino esports athletes, Smart supports gamers with relevant offers and services to level up their gameplay. Subscribers can build their skills, step up and get Double GG with Double Giga Games, which comes with a solid allocation of 2GB Games Every Day for their favorite mobile games like Mobile Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift, as well as streaming their favorite content creators on Facebook Gaming. To register to Double Giga Games, simply download the new GigaLife App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store; or dial *123# and choose DOUBLE GIGA.

October 2021


UNIPIN COLLABORATES WITH GENSHIN IMPACT TO CONNECT WITH MORE GAMERS IN SEA The leading digital entertainment enabler, UniPin, announces its collaboration with the renowned, award-winning Open-World ARPG title, Genshin Impact, to strengthen its market share in Southeast Asia. The collaboration will provide easier topup access to Genshin Impact users in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Following the collaboration, fans can also enjoy content creation on Genshin Impact such as manga and cosplay competitions with fabulous prizes. Information regarding the collaboration and campaign can be accessed through UniPin’s official social media account and website at

Since its release, Genshin Impact has become the most downloaded mobile game in 30 countries. It is also the top-ranking game performer in the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The collaboration will enable Genshin Impact players to top up their game or purchase in-game items on UniPin’s website and other affiliated channels. There will be a series of special events surrounding the content creation for Genshin Impact via UniPin’s social media channels. It will include fan art creators and illustrators, skill showcases, and Windblume Festival with rewards worth millions in UniPin Credits. UniPin CEO Ashadi Ang announced that the collaboration of Genshin Impact and UniPin is made possible due to both parties’ vision to give the best gaming experience that is widely accessible and fun for all Southeast Asia gamers and fans. “UniPin and Genshin Impact uphold the same commitment in developing the gaming scene in Southeast Asia. The increasing popularity of Genshin Impact will be supported by the broad spectrum of UniPin’s services in all Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, we are optimistic to provide the best gaming experience.” said Ashadi Ang. October 2021


MICROBIZ PROTEK JR OFFERS MICRO-INSURANCE PRODUCT FOR MSMES Cebuana Lhuillier, one of the country’s leading micro-financial services company has teamed up with AXA Philippines, a leader in global insurance, and GIZ, in unveiling its newest microinsurance product, the MicroBiz Protek Jr., which will insure microenterprises against typhoons, floods, earthquakes, lightning, and fire. “For years now, Cebuana Lhuillier has always been a steadfast partner of Filipinos in providing them their financial needs, whether for bridge financing, micro-savings, and of course, protection in the form of insurance. The launch of the MicroBiz Protek Jr. is a progressive step forward towards insuring our small business owners against the dangers that natural calamities bring,” said Jean Henri Lhuillier, president and CEO of Cebuana Lhuillier. “With MicroBiz Protek Jr., we take action against the risk of disasters that affect MSMEs. This product provides meaningful protection to a sector that

engines the growth of the country by serving as the backbone of its economy,” added Jonathan Batangan, first vice president and group head of Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Brokers, Inc. From 2015 to 2019, microenterprises posted losses of up to PHP1-million due to typhoons and floods alone. Many MSMEs cite natural catastrophes to be one of the major reasons for losses and bankruptcy especially for businesses that have an average of five years or lower since their inception. As another example, after being ravaged by super typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas region, only 30% of businesses renewed their license. This same pattern is currently being observed as the country goes through the COVID-19 pandemic. The MicroBiz Protek Jr. product will help micro-enterprises to feel more secure knowing that their small businesses are insured and protected for such an affordable price. When micro-enterprise owners avail of the

MicroBiz Protek Jr. product, they get protection for their business through cash assistance when their property is damaged due to fire, lightning, typhoon, flood, or earthquakes plus coverage for burglary and robbery. They can also get Accident Insurance for any death or disablement due to accidents, and added to this coverage is access to emergency assistance as provided by the Emma by AXA PH mobile app where users can get free access to ambulance, roadside, fire, and police assistance and more. Clients may avail of the MicroBiz Protek Jr. for as low as PHP105, good with a coverage of 1 year! Avail of the MicroBiz Protek Jr. product by logging on to, Cebuana from Home, Cebuana Lhuillier Financial outlets, and DTI Negosyo Centers. Visit www.cebuanalhuillier. com/MicroBizProtekJr for more information.

In photo: Jimmy Loro, Deputy Project Manager, Micro Disaster Risk Insurance for MSMEs Project; Jonathan Batangan, First Vice President and Group Head Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Brokers, Inc.; Rahul Hora, President and CEO of AXA Philippines; and Dr. Alexander Jaeger, Program Director of GIZ RFPI Asia III.


October 2021


Some people argue that the printing press was one of the biggest leaps in technological history. I would argue that it was the biggest leap in technological history because, without it, you wouldn’t be reading these words and GADGETS wouldn’t exist. Before the printing press, everything had to be written by hand. With education on the rise and literacy among the lower classes also rising in the Middle Ages, something had to be done to remove the bottlenecks that led to more technological innovation.

the quick and precise molding of new type blocks. The type case he used had 290 separate letterboxes, which included not only the alphabet, but ligatures, punctuation marks, and special characters. He partnered with the owner of a paper mill and another man who was a gem cutter by trade, which gave Gutenberg the tools he needed to revolutionize printing. In 1480, only 40 years after the printing press’s invention, there were 110 different printers active throughout Europe, and the printed book became universal in Europe. There were printers active in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Bohemia (modern-day Czech Republic), England, and Poland, and by 1500, 20 million books were produced in Europe. By 1600, the output peaked at over 200 million copies.

In the mid-15th century, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. But printing had been around for many years before that. In East Asia, movable type had already existed for four centuries when the Northern Song Dynasty inventor Bi Sheng invented it in 1040. This also led to the invention of paper money to the point of identifying code by the mid-12th century. Gutenberg improved on the movable type invention. He also invented the hand mold in conjunction with the printing press to mass produce 3,600 pages per workday, which drastically lowered the cost of printing books and documents.

Who benefited from the printing press? The scientific community was one of the first to see the benefits of the printing press by publishing their works in scholarly journals. Authorship became more important since scientists could just cite another work through the author and the title of their work. Many works before the printing press

Gutenberg was a goldsmith by trade and had created the printing press using an alloy of lead, tin, and antimony. He also used a special matrix that enabled

October 2021


were lost because the name of the author was unknown. In fact, the printing press also democratized knowledge within only 50 years after its invention since anyone could access these books. The printing press and its democratization of knowledge also alerted various authority figures. The best example of this was the Catholic Church, which still held considerable political power in Europe even in the 16th century. By 1559, the Index Librorum Prohibitorum (List of Prohibited Books) was issued by the Catholic Church, forbidding Catholics to read any of the books on the list. One of the books that were on this list was Johannes Kepler’s Epitome Astronomiae Copernicanae, published between 1618 and 1621. His works suggested that the Sun and not the Earth was the center of the Solar System. The books were only removed in 1835.

By the Industrial Revolution, steam power and other technological innovations sped up the printing press, allowing them to double the output of Gutenberg’s invention in a day and further increase its efficiency. This proved to be a boon to newspapers everywhere in the United States especially, where the steampowered rotary printing press allowed millions of copies to be printed daily. The legacy of the printing press allowed even the poorest of the poor to access information they would not otherwise have had access to before. Its effects are seen today as those in poverty and those of privilege have access to the same information. If you’re reading this article, thank the printing press for giving everyone access to information no matter their socioeconomic status.


October 2021

Volume XXII Issue II

October 2021


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2021v22n2 - GAMING: From Geeks to Superstars  

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