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GDA ACTION (ISSN 0273-5989) The official publication of the Georgia Dental Association (GDA) is published monthly. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to GDA Action at 7000 Peachtree Dunwoody Road N.E., Suite 200, Building 17, Atlanta, GA 30328. Phone numbers in state are (404) 636-7553 and (800) 432-4357. Closing date for copy: first of the month preceding publication month. Subscriptions: $17 of membership dues is for the newsletter; all others, $75 per year. Periodicals postage paid at Atlanta, GA. Dr. Jonathan Dubin GDA Editor 2970 Clairmont Rd Suite 195 Atlanta, GA 30329

Delaine Hall GDA Managing Editor 7000 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd NE Suite 200, Building 17 Atlanta, GA 30328

2011-2012 Georgia Dental Association Officers Michael O. Vernon, DMD, President Sidney R. Tourial, DDS, President Elect Marshall H. Mann, DDS, Vice President James B. Hall III, DDS, MS, Secretary/Treasurer Jonathan S. Dubin, DMD, Editor

GDA/GDIS Executive Office Staff Members Martha S. Phillips, Executive Director Nelda Greene, MBA, Associate Executive Director Delaine Hall, Director of Communications Skip Jones, Director of Marketing (GDIS) Courtney Layfield, Director of Member Services Victoria LeMaire, Medical Accounts Manager Melana Kopman McClatchey, General Counsel Denis Mucha, Director of Operations (GDIS) Margo Null, Property and Casualty Accounts Manager Patrice Williams, Administrative Assistant Phyllis Willich, Administrative Assistant Pamela Yungk, Director of Membership & Finance GDA Action seeks to be an issues-driven journal focusing on current matters affecting Georgia dentists, patients, and their treatment, accomplished through disseminating information and providing a forum for member commentary. © Copyright 2011 by the Georgia Dental Association. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission. Publication of any article or advertisement should not be deemed an endorsement of the opinions expressed or products advertised. The Association expressly reserves the right to refuse publication of any article, photograph, or advertisement.


This issue contains a GDA Directory and Sourcebook supplement with state officer contacts; Board of Trustees and House of Delegates members; a dental “phone book;” a list of endorsed services; district officer contacts; GDA Alliance officers; GDA committee listings; and GDA staff contacts. See page 16. A full GDA Directory and Sourcebook complete with member dentist listings by district (name, addresses, phone numbers, and emails) is available at

other features




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Public Health Dental Hygiene Supervision: Issues and Implications Georgia Begins Electronic Health Record Implementation


Social Media and Your Dental Practice: Things to Consider


Providers Required by State to Use Approved Security Paper for Schedule II Prescriptions

Member Publication American Association of Dental Editors

index of advertisers Note: Publication of an advertisement is not to be construed as an endorsement or approval by the GDA or any of its subsidiaries, committees, or task forces of the product or service offered in the AA Anesthesia, P.C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 AFTCO Transition Consultants . . . . . . . . . . .35 Atlanta Age Management Medicine / Dr. Ana Casas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 Center for TMJ Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 The Doctor’s Safety Net . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 EC Price General Contractors, Inc. . . . . . . . .30

advertisement unless the advertisement specifically includes an authorized statement that such approval or endorsement has been granted.

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editorial perspective Heartbeats

Jonathan S. Dubin, DMD

“We must educate consumers as to how to better care for their health, but is it not of even more importance to teach them the

The ribbon cutting to officially open the new dental educational building in Augusta was held in September. After years of planning, fundraising, and I’m certain many trials and tribulations, the new state-of-the-art Georgia Health Sciences University College of Dental Medicine building is up and running. From the time that we are infants, we like things that are shiny and new. As I toured the building back in the equipment installation days of June, I thought, “What a marvel the new clinical facility is.” To say it has bells and whistles is an understatement. The latest and greatest technology is now installed and ready to help usher the next generations of dentists in through the halls, labs, and clinics. If you wanted energy efficiency, the building was awarded LEED certification thanks to much natural lighting, an efficient HVAC system, shading techniques, and resource conservation. The five-story building is an environmental work of art. Like most every new technology that I have ever dealt with, I am certain there will be glitches, growing pains, and learning curves to be scaled (no periodontal pun intended) by students, faculty, and staff alike as they grow into the new space. But once those frustrations are soothed, the marvel that was visualized will become the marvel that will take dental students and help to mold them into independent clinicians. This new building is not just a facade or symbol—it is way more than that. This struc-

ture is a fine instrument to be used as in an artist’s hands to sculpt the next cadre of dentists. The core of education though, is just that—the education. The curriculum and the faculty that implement the education are the heart and brains of the college and together they must impart knowledge and wisdom to those students in these amazing surroundings. There are still trials and tribulations ahead— faculty, staff, and students will navigate through changing techniques and materials, as well as changing and emerging philosophies. There will always be challenges to consider, such as Evidence Based Dentistry and its place in education and practice, and how dental practice will be changed by federallyimposed payment plans and mandates. The common ground between dentists practicing 100 years ago, today, and hopefully 100 years from now is not the technology, nor the materials, but the human factor. Inside the brand new, electronic walls of the finest dental clinical education building of its day go the human beings who teach the craft that we practice on fellow human beings. With all the changes in our blurry-paced lives, that is the heart of the college.

value? If we cannot change their mindset on value, how can we expect the statistics to change?” GDA ACTION OCTOBER 2011


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general news ADA CDT “App” The American Dental Association (ADA) has introduced the “CDT Code Check” app for iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Androidpowered mobile devices. The app contains every Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature and is designed to assist dental professionals who use procedure codes for developing treatment plans, managing patient medical charts, and submitting insurance claims. The app includes new and revised codes with marked changes, and includes a complete listing of each CDT Code, including category of service, subcategory, procedure code, nomenclature, and descriptor. Users can also search by code number or keyword. The app is available for $19.99 in the Apple iTunes Store and the Android Market by searching for the phrase “CDT Code Check.”

to the Board of Trustees in November. The members of the new task force may be found on page 21 of this journal.

GDA WHITE PAPER Access to Care President Mike Vernon discussed the 2010 GDA “White Paper on Georgia’s Oral Health Status, Access to and Utilization of Dental Services” during the August Board of Trustees meeting. This important paper has received national recognition. Executive Director Martha Phillips noted that many of the paper’s recommendations were either in a review process or had been completed. The Board supported a motion that would involve the appropriate GDA committees in implementing all of the paper’s recommendations. The progress of the implementation activities will be reported in GDA Action.



GDA Delegation

GHSU Scholarship

The August 2011 Board of Trustees voted to approve Dr. Robin Reich as the Northwestern District Alternate Delegate on the ADA Delegation to replace Dr. Marshall Mann, who was moved to a GDA officer position on the Delegation since he was elected as GDA Vice President in July. Welcome Dr. Reich to the Delegation, and best of luck to the Delegation at the ADA Annual Session this month. See a full listing of your Delegation on page 20.

GDA Task Force House of Delegates President Mike Vernon has appointed a GDA task force to study and review the current protocol and format for the GDA House of Delegates. The task force will look at the House, discuss what is working and what is not, compare the GDA model with other models, and obtain member feedback. The task force, chaired by Dr. Ben Jernigan, will present an initial report

scenario has the next GMOM taking place in Spring 2013 at a facility to be determined. Watch GDA Action for updates on the next GMOM, and visit to sign up for GMOM updates.

The GDA and Georgia Dental Insurance Services (GDIS) have honored Christopher Kragor of the Georgia Health Sciences University College of Dental Medicine Class of 2012 with a $500 GDA / GDIS Scholarship for Dental Student Excellence. To be honored with this scholarship, a student must be a junior or senior dental student; shown proven, competent leadership in one or more organized dentistry activities; be academically ranked in the top 25 of their class; and demonstrate a high degree of integrity and professionalism. GDA President Mike Vernon presented the award to Christopher at the GHSU Welcome Back Luncheon in August.


HEALTH REFORM Insurance Exchanges Gov. Nathan Deal created the Georgia Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Committee this summer. The committee is tasked with determining if Georgia should establish a state-based health care exchange as called for under the federal health care reform bill. The committee is comprised of 25 members, including Douglas orthodontist and state Senator Greg Goggans and Georgia Health Sciences University President Dr. Ricardo Azziz. States have until January 1, 2014, to establish their own health care exchange as required in the health care reform bill. If Georgia does not create a state-run exchange by this time the federal government will establish and manage the exchange. The committee must report its final recommendations by December 15, 2011. Dentists may visit http://healthcarereform. for details on the committee’s composition and activities thus far. November’s GDA Action will contain an in-depth examination of the state health care exchange issue.

ORAL HEALTH Systemic Health An August study in the Journal of Periodontology touts an association between respiratory disease and periodontal disease. The study’s authors found that respiratory infections, such as pneumonia,

GA Mission of Mercy After an extraordinarily successful initial GMOM charitable dental care event in August 2011, the GMOM Task Force is investigating when and where to have a second event. The most likely

NEWS Continued on page 8 GDA ACTION OCTOBER 2011


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NEWS Continued from page 7

involve the aspiration of bacteria from the oropharynx into the lower respiratory tract. The researchers, from two dental schools in India, studied a group of 100 hospitalized patients with respiratory disease between April and November 2004. Another study, published in September’s Dermatology Times, points to periodontal disease as a possible psoriasis risk factor. This study, which relied on self-reported dental histories, indicated that women reporting periodontal bone loss were at a significantly increased risk of psoriasis. The study’s author noted that periodontal disease involves infection with a range of gram-negative bacteria that invades the superficial and deep gingival tissues, and that it is biologically plausible that chronic low-grade periodontal inflammation may



Page 8

stimulate the psoriasis pathway directly or via induction of a systemic inflammatory response.

ORAL SURGEONS Specialty Licensure Dr. Vincent Perciaccante, a representative from the Georgia Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (GSOMS), told the August Board of Trustees that GSOMS is interested in pursuing some type of specialty licensure in Georgia. GSOMS leaders are currently developing a position paper for presentation to the Georgia Board of Dentistry. Dr. Perciaccante offered that in his personal opinion specialty licensure would make it easier for oral surgeons to come to Georgia, but would not bring in a flood of specialists. “We want to remove a barrier,” he said. “We are trying to do this for the right reasons. This would allow oral

surgeons to gain a license in Georgia to practice their specialty, and allow the Board to write rules that may not apply to other specialties.” Board members asked Dr. Perciaccante questions about the benefits and disadvantages of this change. One topic discussed was the difference between the relatively simple action of allowing the announcement of specialty limitation and the more complex issue of true specialty licensure. GDA Action will report more about this issue as the GSOMS moves forward with its plans.

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Upcoming Dental Events Q: What is a GDA Officer Visit?

Nov 3 (Thu): Western District Legislative Reception, Infantry Museum, Columbus.

Jan 6 (Fri): GDIS and GDHC Board Meetings, GDA Office.

Nov 4 (Fri): Spokesperson Training, GDA Office.

Jan 7 (Sat): GDA Board of Trustees Meeting, GDA Office.

Nov 4-6 (Fri-Sun): Alliance Well-Being Conference, Madison, GA.

Jan 8 (Sun): GDA Winter House of Delegates Meeting.

A: President Mike Vernon, other state officers, and Executive Director Martha Phillips visit the districts to share breaking news and legislative updates.

Nov 5 (Sat): GDA Board of Trustees Meeting, GDA Office.

Jan 9 (Mon): Opening Day, Georgia Legislative Session.

Q: What are District Legislative Receptions?

Nov 8 (Tue): Eastern District (Augusta) Legislative Reception.

Jan 11 (Wed): Northern District CE Meeting, Villa Christina, Atlanta.

Nov 9 (Wed): Northwestern District Meeting—GDA Officer Visit, Clarence Brown Center, Cartersville.

Jan 13 (Fri): Southwestern District Meeting—GDA Officer Visit, UGA Center, Tifton.

A: An informal way to meet your local legislators over food and drinks. Mingle with your colleagues, and talk to the senators and representatives who have a say in how you practice.

Nov 10 (Thu): Southwestern District (Albany) Legislative Reception.

Jan 23 (Mon): Northern District Executive Council, GDA Office, Atlanta.

Nov 14 (Mon): Northern District Executive Council Meeting, GDA Office.

Jan 25 (Wed): LAW Day— GHSU Dental Students.

Nov 15 (Tue): Eastern District (Athens) Legislative Reception.

Feb 8 (Wed): LAW Day—Eastern District / Northern District Southern Branch.

Nov 17 (Thu): Southwestern District (Valdosta) Legislative Reception.

Feb 9 (Thu): Northern District CE Meeting, Villa Christina, Atlanta.

Nov 24-25 (Thu-Fri): GDA Office Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday.

Feb 15 (Wed): LAW Day—Central District.

Nov 29 (Tue): Central District Legislative Reception. Dec 1 (Thu): Northern District (Hall County) Legislative Reception, Chattahoochee Country Club, 6-9PM. Dec 2 (Fri): Atlanta Dental Study Group Winter Meeting, Ritz-Carlton Buckhead. Dec 7 (Wed): Northwestern District Legislative Reception, Clarence Brown Center, Cartersville.

Q: What is a GDA LAW Day? A: An award-winning GDA advocacy activity. Pick a date (your district date or another), contact Nelda Greene at the GDA Office at (800) 432-4357 or, and then show up in Atlanta. Enjoy breakfast, an issues overview, and then visit the Capitol to speak with legislators about dental issues.

Feb 22 (Wed): LAW Day—Western District / Northern District Eastern and Central Branches. Feb 29 (Wed): LAW Day— Northwestern District. Mar 7 (Wed): LAW Day—Southeastern District, Georgia Dental Society. Mar 14 (Wed): LAW Day— Northern District Northern Branch. Mar 21 (Wed): LAW Day— Southeastern District.

Dec 8 (Thu): Southeastern District Legislative Reception, Harper-Fowlkes House, Savannah.

Mar 22-24 (Thu-Sat): Hinman Dental Society Meeting, Atlanta.

Dec 14 (Wed): Northern District Legislative Reception, Druid Hills Golf Club, 6-8PM.

Mar 26 (Mon): Northern District Executive Council, GDA Office, Atlanta.

Dec 23 (Fri): GDA Office Closed for Christmas Holiday.

Mar 28 (Wed): LAW Day—Alliance, Northern District Hall County.

Dec 26 (Mon): GDA Office Closed for Christmas Holiday.

April 10-14 (Wed-Sat): Alliance Spring Conference, Stone Mountain.

Dec 30 (Fri): GDA Office Closed for New Year’s Holiday.

April 18 (Wed): Northern District CE Meeting, Villa Christina, Atlanta.

Jan 2 (Mon): GDA Office Closed for New Year’s Holiday.

April 21 (Sat): GDA Board of Trustees Meeting, Atlanta.



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Board of Dentistry Considers Change to Public Health Dental Hygiene Rules In multiple meetings since late 2010, the Georgia Board of Dentistry (Board) has debated proposed Rule changes that would affect the supervision of public health dental hygienists. The issue has generated considerable discussion and drawn opposition from a variety of organizations including the Georgia Dental Hygienists’ Association, the state department of public health, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to name a few. Some opponents claim the way the Board initially proposed to revise the Rule could limit access to care, or force a budget-strapped state public health program to pay for additional dental personnel. As the Board issued further revisions to Rule 1505-.03, and advocacy groups continued to voice their opinions, the controversy intensified. Interest in this issue outside of dentistry increased in August and September. The Georgia Dental Association (GDA) office has received several calls from media outlets, regulatory entities, and legislators about the Rule proposals as the Board looks to vote on a final Rule this year. The GDA’s position is that any Rule change should put the welfare of Georgia’s patients first. The GDA also believes that the Board never intended to take away any duties from public health dental hygienists with the proposed changes, and that the Board’s actions are a valid attempt to provide legally required clarification of the rules of supervision for public health dental hygienists.

Why is the Board Addressing Public Health Dental Hygiene Supervision at All? Georgia law (O.C.G.A. §43-11-74) provides that “The requirement of direct supervision shall not apply to the performance of dental hygiene duties at approved dental facilities of the Department of Public Health, county boards of health, or the Department of Corrections. The board [that being the Georgia Board of Dentistry] shall provide by rule or regulation for criteria for approval of such facilities and



for the appropriate degree of supervision by a licensed dentist over dental hygienists performing duties in such facilities.” State law requires the Board to provide a rule outlining criteria for the appropriate degree of supervision by a licensed dentist of a public health dental hygienist practicing in approved public health facilities. The Board’s Rules Committee began to study this issue in June 2010.

Why Are the Rule Changes as Proposed So Controversial? Some opponents were concerned that the Rule change as initially proposed would require a dentist be present to diagnose the need for preventive measures a public health dental hygienist might provide such as fluoride varnish or sealants. One public health commenter noted that requiring a dentist to accompany a public health dental hygienist in order to “diagnose” the need for fluoride varnish could add approximately $400 / day to the cost of providing this care. The FTC issued a letter that urged the Board not to prohibit public health dental hygienists from providing basic preventive dental services in approved public health settings except under the indirect supervision of a dentist. The FTC letter stated that the proposed changes, which could be interpreted to restrict public health dental hygienists from performing services such as sealant and fluoride treatments at approved facilities unless a dentist had previously examined the patient and ordered the treatment, would harm the state’s most vulnerable consumers.

What Actions Has the GDA Taken on This Issue? The GDA has a proven track record as a staunch supporter of dental public health. Many times, the GDA has lobbied to maintain dental public health funding at the state legislature, and worked to maintain an excellent relationship with leaders in public health. The GDA has always

advocated that individuals receiving their oral health care from public health should be provided the same level of care as patients who receive their care in a private dental practice, and the GDA’s comments support our long-standing position. The GDA submitted multiple letters of comment to the Board after the organization posted its initial Rule changes in November 2010 and as the Board posted further revisions. One letter from November 2010 referenced the GDA policy which deals directly with supervision of dental hygienists in the public health arena: “In order to assure the safety of the public, whenever functions are performed under public health supervision by a public health dental hygienist, the following criteria must be met: Any patient to be treated by a dental hygienist must first become a patient of record of a dentist, with the exception of application by a hygienist of fluoride varnish in school or community based programs. A patient of record is defined as one who within the preceding twelve months before the date of treatment from a public health dental hygienist: (i) has been examined by the dentist; (ii) has had a medical and dental history completed and evaluated by the dentist; and (iii) has had his / her oral condition diagnosed and a treatment plan developed by the dentist.” A letter from January 2011 expressed the GDA’s concerns that the Board’s Rule proposal at that time would inadvertently prohibit public health dental hygienists from providing fluoride varnish or fluoride rinses in school-based or community health programs unless a dentist examined the patient first. The GDA encouraged the Board to include an exemption for this service only.

PUBLIC HEALTH HYGIENE Continued on page 27

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State Seeks to Provide Incentives for Implementation

Georgia Implements Electronic Records Program for Medicaid Providers The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) is coordinating with the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to begin implementation of the Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program in the state. All “Eligible Medicaid Professionals,” which includes dentists, who meet certain criteria can register to participate in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program and possibly receive up to $63,750 over six years for participation in the program.

Who Qualifies for the Incentives? To qualify for payments under the Incentive Program, an eligible professional (doctors of medicine or osteopathy, dental surgery or dental medicine, podiatry, and optometry, as well as chiropractors) must meet one of the following criteria:

Who is Behind This Program? This incentive program is authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and is designed to encourage the adoption and use of electronic health records across the country by all health care providers. The initiative is 100% federally funded and supported by the state Medicaid office. The EHR Incentive Program will remain open for provider enrollment until 2016. This should allow Georgia dentists and other eligible health care providers adequate time to research the program and register for some, if not all, incentive payments.

What is the GDA’s Role? The Georgia Dental Association has uncovered a lot of “grey areas” within the EHR Incentive Program as it applies to dentistry. The full GDA report on this initiative should be completed by November 1. At that time, the GDA will release the document to all GDA members and post the report on the GDA web site In the meantime, here is a brief program overview: • The Incentive Program is designed to reward eligible professionals up to a total of $21,250 in the first payment year to adopt, implement, or upgrade an ONC (Office of the National Coordinator) ELECTRONIC RECORDS Continued on page 12

• Have a minimum 30% Medicaid patient volume (Children’s Health Insurance Program / PeachCare patients do not count toward the Medicaid patient volume criteria). • Practice predominantly in a Federally Qualified Health Center or Rural Health Center and have a minimum 30% patient volume attributable to needy individuals. ( Within a multi-professional practice, each eligible professional may qualify for an incentive payment if each eligible professional successfully demonstrates meaningful use of certified EHR technology. However, each eligible professional is only eligible for one incentive payment per year, regardless of how many practices or locations at which he or she provide services. Hospital-based eligible professionals are not eligible for incentive payments. An eligible professional is considered hospitalbased if 90% or more of his or her services are performed in a hospital inpatient or emergency room setting. GDA ACTION OCTOBER 2011


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ELECTRONIC RECORDS Continued from page 11 certified EHR system and an additional $42,500 paid over an additional five years for the meaningful use of a certified EHR system according to the requirements developed by CMS.

Page 12

Where to Seek Additional Information: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Georgia’s Medicaid EHR Incentive Program:

• The Dental Quality Measures for practices participating in this program have yet to be defined. The timetable for the Dental Quality Measures to be defined and released is still unknown.

GA-HITREC (Certified EHR Technology Technical Assistance):, (404) 752-1015, or (877) 658-1990

• Interested providers must register first with CMS, and then with DCH—a two-step process. Helpful guidelines may be found on the CMS and DCH web sites as listed at right.

Federal Overview of EHRs for Providers / Patients (Also contains direct link to ONC site)

• Participants in the Incentive Program must use certified EHR technology from an approved vendor list and meet all eligibility requirements. Participation by providers is voluntary. Cost estimates for implementing this technology range from $20,000 up to $100,000, depending upon the size and demands of a dental practice.



Office of the National Coordinator / List of Certified EHRs:

• Currently there is only one Dental EHR technology vendor that has been certified by the Office of the National Coordinator. The GDA fully expects most of the other mainstream dental practice management software companies to seek certification once the quality measures for dental practices have been defined. • The GDA is aware that for-profit companies are soliciting dentists and stating that

they can help a practice qualify to become eligible for the Incentive Program. One catch—a practice would have to pay these for-profit companies a percentage of any incentive money received. An eligible dentist does not need to utilize a third-party vendor in order to participate and get the incentive money.

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Page 13

Social Media and the Dental Practice Richard M. Escoffery, Esq. Douglas J. Miller, Esq.

In recent years, social media has surged to the forefront of our daily lives. Over 500 million people are now actively using Facebook® and more than 110 million “tweets” are exchanged on Twitter® every day. Businesses, including dental practices, have now realized the vast potential of the Internet and are utilizing social media for business development, marketing, recruiting, and other business purposes. Embracing social networking provides fresh opportunities for dental practices to extend their reach and connect with patients in exciting new ways. Yet, these new technologies also present novel legal issues for dental practices in the labor and employment law area. While social media networks and technology are constantly evolving (as is the law surrounding this topic), provided below are a few of the labor and employment-related legal issues that your practice should consider and several recommendations on how to address them.

Hiring More and more often, businesses are utilizing social media as a resource in the hiring process. While, admittedly, Facebook® photos, posts, and status updates can often provide otherwise unattainable information on a prospective employee, viewing these profiles may cause your practice to discover information that the law prohibits you from considering in the hiring process. For example, if your office manager decides to take a closer look at an applicant by using any variety of the available social media tools, he or she may unwittingly learn the applicant’s race, sex, disabilities, religious beliefs, national origin, views on unions, etc. Such knowledge could prove to be problematic if the applicant is denied the position and files a lawsuit, as your practice is now aware of all types of protected class information. A properly drafted social media policy, however, can address this problem. First, determine to what extent your practice will utilize social media in the hiring process. If web sites like Facebook® or MySpace® will play a role in the process, draft and implement a hiring policy that outlines the process and

removes the decision-maker from the initial review, filtering out any protected class information. The information obtained from some web sites may also constitute a “consumer report” under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and / or similar state laws. These laws require job candidates to sign a release form agreeing to permit a background check before it is performed. Common background checks include criminal record checks, credit reports, and driving records. As such, you may need to obtain an individual’s consent before accessing such information and / or using it to make an employment decision. Any release form must provide “clear and conspicuous” disclosure, which is generally interpreted as requiring a separate page on the application.

“Friend” Requests Managers should not send “friend” requests from their personal social media sites to subordinate employees, as such requests can often put both the supervisor and the subordinate in uncomfortable situations. Similarly, if an employee sends a “friend” request to a manager, the manager should decline (or ignore) this invitation. To help ease any discomfort and / or avoid these dilemmas, include a provision in your social media policy that prohibits managers from sending or accepting

“friend” requests to or from their employees, and make sure that your employees are aware of this provision. If these “friend” relationships already exist, managers should advise subordinates that, pursuant to company policy, they are required to remove subordinates from their list of friends. It is important that your managers handle each “friend” scenario consistently. That said, limited exceptions to this rule may apply, including, for example, when employees are also family members. Of course, if a dental practice establishes a public “fan” page on a social media site, it is perfectly appropriate for managers and employees alike to “like” the practice’s page.

Passwords Accessing employees’ private social media sites can also create problems. In the case of Pietrylo v. Hillstone Restaurant Group, for example, a federal jury in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey sent a strong message to employers regarding social networking and its effect on the workplace. In that case, a manager coerced an employee to provide his log-in information for a private, employee-run SOCIAL MEDIA Continued on page 14 GDA ACTION OCTOBER 2011


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Page 14

Other Tech Thoughts to Consider Using a Third Party to Screen Potential Employees

MySpace® page, where work-related comments were regularly posted. Such coercion was found to be a violation of the federal Stored Communications Act.

If your practice outsources screening of potential employees to a third party,

Wage / Hour

you need to ensure that the third party knows what they should be looking for

If employees are allowed or encouraged to engage in social media or other similar activities outside of work on behalf of your practice, wage and hour issues may arise. Indeed, employees who are not exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and are engaging in work-related activities outside of their normal work hours, such as emailing, researching matters “online,” or responding to voice mail, may be entitled to compensation (i.e., overtime wages) for this “work.” These types of lawsuits are among the hottest of today’s plaintiff’s bar, and they are costly and burdensome to defend. Take an active stance on this issue, and include a provision in your practice social media policy that prevents employees from engaging in such activities during non-business hours. Then ensure the policy is strictly enforced.

and the decisions they should not make. The third party should look for potential employees that fit your practice’s criteria but only provide your practice with the potential candidate’s resume, not every “tweet” they ever made. That way, you have no preconceived biases about the candidate based on any social networking posts or profiles. Remember, you cannot discriminate against a potential employee on the basis of sex, age, religion, disability, genetic information, race, color, national origin, veteran status, or pregnancy status.

It Counts If You ‘Only’ Google Someone Say you don’t directly visit Facebook®, Twitter ®, or similar networking sites to see if you can find information about a potential employee. But, say you type their name into Google® to “see what pops up.” Unfortunately, what is likely to pop up high in the search results is information drawn from posts made on social networking sites. This can include candid photos. Seeing information about a potential employee “secondhand” is still seeing the information.

View Some Active Social Media Policies Before taking a look at the policies linked at web site Social Media Today (SMT), heed what they say: “Before you read any further, by doing so, you acknowledge and accept … that whatever your company puts into place must be reviewed and edited by your corporate legal counsel before implementation.” That being said, SMT’s table of 100+ organizations that have published their employee social media policies makes interesting reading. There are several health care organizations listed. Visit http://

Thoughts gleaned from Socia Media Today-information not provided by author.


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Labor Another law your practice must consider when dealing with social media issues is the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), which applies to both union and non-union workforces. The NLRA protects employees who engage in “concerted activity,” which often includes the right to discuss the terms and conditions of their employment with co-workers and outsiders. This, of course, may encompass communications on social media networks. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has already expressed its intent to prosecute violations of the NLRA related to employee activity on social media sites, most recently when its Buffalo, New York, office issued a complaint against Hispanics United of Buffalo (HUB). The complaint alleges that HUB fired five employees because they complained about working conditions on Facebook®, in violation of NLRA sections 8(a)(3) and 8(a)(1). Several other companies, including American Medical Response and Thomson Reuters, have recently reached settlements with the NLRB after facing similar allegations.

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References Supervisors and co-workers are often asked by former employees to provide a reference on social media sites such as LinkedIn®. A positive recommendation, however, could conflict with your practice’s position regarding that individual’s performance or discipline. This, in turn, could harm your practice if the former employee files suit, as this reference could be used to contradict your reason for the employee’s termination or other adverse employment action. Accordingly, any social media policy should either specifically address the appropriate procedures for handling social media references or prohibit such references unless specifically authorized by management.

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other policies, when appropriate, such as your anti-harassment policy, to ensure that your employees understand how the policies work together.

Texting The advent of smart phones presents another potential social media-related problem—texting. While texting not only has the potential to cause the productivity of your employees to come to a screeching halt, you do not want to see your practice on the front page of the news for an accident one of your employees caused while he / she was texting. Some 30 states, including Georgia, now prohibit texting while driving, and your social media policy also should include such a ban.

Cross-Reference Other Policies


Understand that your social media policy does not operate in a vacuum; it needs to work in coordination with your other policies. Thus, when your practice implements a new social media policy, you should review all of your policies to ensure consistency. Your social media policy should also cross-reference

Once you create a social media policy for your practice, you must distribute it to your employees and implement the provisions. A live, interactive training session should take place to discuss the policy, its contents, and its meaning. Because social media has become embedded in the day-to-day lives of your

employees, know that they will likely have questions that they will want to have answered. Consider obtaining a written acknowledgement from each employee that he or she has received a copy of the policy and understands it, and keep a record of who attends the training session. Once the policy is in place, you should provide employees with periodic reminders regarding the appropriate use of social media at work.

Policy Updates While a well-drafted policy can prove to be a significant asset to your practice, an out-dated policy can have the opposite effect. This is especially true in the context of social media, as technology changes on a constant basis. As such, review your social media policy on an annual or bi-annual basis for any revisions that need to be made. In doing so, think back over the past year and identify what issues, if any, have arisen under the policy. Any areas of concern should be reviewed and revised. These are a mere sampling of the various types of laws and issues that your practice may face when addressing social media and preparing a social media policy. Your employment lawyer can help ensure that you are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and well-positioned for the various types of issues that may arise. This article is provided for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. Specific questions should be directed to a qualified employment law attorney.

Richard M. Escoffery is a partner, and Douglas J. Miller is an associate, at the employment law firm of Elarbee Thompson in Atlanta. They advise businesses, including medical practices, on the legal implications of social media in the workplace, develop social media policies, and frequently speak on this topic. Mr. Escoffery may be contacted at (404) 582-8419 or GDA ACTION OCTOBER 2011


2 0 11 - 2 0 1 2 D i r e c t o r y

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2011-2012 BOARD OF TRUSTEES GDA State Officers, and:

Dr. Mike Vernon PRESIDENT 1218 Augusta West Pkwy Augusta GA 30909 P: (706) 860-0518 F: (706) 860-4902 E:

Past President Dr. Jay Harrington P: (478) 453-8666 F: (478) 452-0223 E:

Western District Dr. Robert Carpenter (7/13) P: (706) 660-9848 F: (706) 660-9855 E:

Speaker GDA House Dr. Doug Torbush P: (770) 922-1666 F: (770) 922-6131 E:

PRESIDENTS ELECT Central District Dr. Michael Wright P: (478) 742-1218 F: (478) 755-9679 E:

DISTRICT TRUSTEES Central District Dr. Mike Loden (7/12) P: (478) 923-0253 F: (478) 923-6906 E:

Dr. Sidney Tourial PRESIDENT ELECT 290 Carpenter Dr NE Ste 200A Sandy Springs GA 30328 P: (404) 256-3620 F: (404) 256-1894 E:

Dr. Marshall Mann VICE PRESIDENT 19 John Maddox Dr NW Ste C Rome GA 30165 P: (706) 235-1186 F: (706) 234-9007 E:

Eastern District Dr. Erik Wells (7/14) P: (706) 548-7373 F: (706) 548-8088 E:

Northern District Dr. Tom Jagor P: (404) 256-2551 F: (404) 256-2557 E:

Northern District Dr. Ben Jernigan (7/12) P: (404) 378-1466 F: (404) 378-4925 E:

Northwestern District Dr. Jim Hutson P: (770) 424-7525 F: (770) 424-9326 E:

Northwestern District Dr. Robin Reich (7/13) P: (770) 435-5450 F: (770) 436-7477 E:

Southeastern District Dr. Donald Nelson P: (912) 754-6822 E:

Southeastern District Dr. Byron Colley (7/14) P: (912) 355-5901 F: (912) 355-0735 E: Southwestern District Dr. Steve Sample (7/12) P: (229) 439-8896 F: (229) 435-4773 E:

Dr. Jim Hall SECRETARY / TREASURER Term Expires Summer 2014 160 Pierce Ave Macon GA 31204 P: (478) 743-0901 F: (478) 745-8615 E:



Dr. Jonathan Dubin EDITOR Term Expires Summer 2012 2970 Clairmont Rd NE Ste 195 Atlanta GA 30329 P: (404) 636-2763 F: (404) 321-4745 E:

Eastern District Dr. Craig Taylor P: (770) 267-4404 F: (770) 267-4366 E:

Southwestern District Dr. Keith Crummey P: (912) 285-5967 F: (912) 285-0762 E: Western District Dr. Jim Lopez P: (706) 324-1834 F: (706) 324-5101 E:

Back Row: Drs. Crummey, Hutson, Taylor, Jernigan, Wright, Loden, Jagor, and Torbush. Front Row: Drs. Vernon, Tourial, Mann, Harrington, Wells, Reich, Lopez, and Dubin.

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These are the voting members for the July 2011 and January 2012 meetings. The non-voting House members are dentists who serve on the Board of Trustees or ADA Delegation, the Parliamentarian, the Sergeant at Arms, and the Speaker Emeritus. The next meetings of the House are: • Sunday, January 8, 2012, 9 a.m., Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center. • Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, FL.

Central Delegates Dr. Jay Harrington Dr. Shirley Fisher Dr. Paul Fraysure Dr. Craig McCroba Dr. Deena Smith

Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr.

Central Alternates Dr. Pinckney Gilchrist Dr. Lindsay Holliday Dr. Amy Loden Dr. Mike Loden Dr. Don Spillers

Northern Alternates Dr. Evis Babo Dr. Sarabess Baumrind Dr. Neil Browning Dr. Brook Corbett Dr. Randy Daniel Dr. Jonathan Dubin Dr. Hank Goble Dr. James Granade III Dr. Vivian Hudson Dr. Joe Looper Dr. Barry Marcum Dr. Greg Marks Dr. Heather Perry McGee Dr. Jeffrey Pafford Dr. Grady Parrish Dr. Randy Phillips Dr. Troy Schulman Dr. Marie Schweinebraten Dr. Richard Sugarman Dr. Wayne Tadsen Dr. Victor Van Greunigen Dr. Rebecca Weinman

Eastern Delegates Dr. Lee Andrews Dr. David Brown Dr. Celia Dunn Dr. Carole Hanes Dr. Grant Loo Dr. David Perry Dr. Rhoda Sword Dr. Craig Taylor Eastern Alternates Dr. Andy Allgood Dr. Brian Babb Dr. Greg Clepper Dr. Matthew Elder Dr. Brad Hall Dr. Gary Holmes Dr. Erik Wells Northern Delegates Dr. Chris Adkins Dr. Daren Becker Dr. Donald Brown Dr. Brian Carpenter Dr. Christopher Childs Dr. Max Ferguson Dr. Tom Field Dr. James Granade Jr. Dr. Brad Greenway Dr. Kathy Huber Dr. Tom Jagor Dr. Ben Jernigan Jr. Dr. Jeff Kendrick Dr. Paul Kudyba Dr. Matt Mazzawi Dr. Roy McDonald Dr. Bob O’Donnell Dr. David Pumphrey

David Remaley Richard A. Smith Douglas Torbush Richard Weinman Marvin Winter Carol Wolff

Northwestern Delegates Dr. Bruce Camp Dr. Nelson Conger Dr. David Drew Dr. Stan Halpern Dr. Jim Hutson Dr. Howard Jones Dr. Ben Knaak Dr. Terry O’Shea Dr. Jason Oyler Dr. Robin Reich Dr. Wilkie Stadeker Northwestern Alternates Dr. Celeste Coggin Dr. Casey Hart Dr. Elizabeth Lewis Dr. Stuart Loos Dr. Dave Mason Dr. Wendy Mitchell Dr. Kumar Patel

Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr.

Peter Shatz Jimmy Talbot Neely Thornton Jason Young

Southeastern Delegates Dr. Mark Dusek Dr. Jay McCaslin VI Dr. Walker Pendarvis Dr. Matt Rosenthal Dr. Julia Ann Routhier Southeastern Alternates Dr. Matt Allen Dr. Sam Norris Dr. Larry Schmitz Dr. Richard Thomas Dr. Bob Vaught Southwestern Delegates Dr. Keith Crummey Dr. Amanda Merritt Dr. Greg Morris Dr. Steve Sample Dr. Jeff Singleton Southwestern Alternates Dr. Larry Black Dr. Bo Broadfoot Dr. Jay Phillips Dr. Alan Sanders Western Delegates Dr. Nancy Gallagher Dr. Jay Harris Dr. Mark Lawrence Western Alternates Dr. Robert Carpenter Dr. James Lopez Dr. Doug Kersey

2011-2012 HOLDING COMPANY / GDIS BOARDS Georgia Dental Holding Company Dr. Jim Hall, Chair (C), 8/14 P: (478) 743-0901 F: (478) 745-8615 E: Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr.

Brian Hall (E), 8/15 Suhayl Rafeedie (N), 8/12 Howard Jones (NW), 8/15 Leon Aronson (SE), 8/14 Hank Cook (SW), 8/14 Brett Helton (W), 8/12

Georgia Dental Insurance Services Dr. John Ferguson, Chair (C), 8/12 P: (478) 452-1977 E: Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr.

David Brown (E), 8/16 Jim Granade Jr. (N), 8/12 Celeste Coggin (NW), 8/16 Bob Vaught (SE), 8/16 Doctor Doctor (SW), 8/16 Jennifer Bass (W), 8/12

2 0 11 - 2 0 1 2 D i r e c t o r y


The GDA owns GDHC. GDHC is the shareholder for the GDA subsidiary GDIS. GDHC reviews and approves subsidiary budgets, policies, borrowing, dividends,

ASDA Delegate (GHSU) Anna Schultz

and other matters, and ASDA Alternate (GHSU) Andy Benfield

performs subsidiary administrative functions.



2 0 11 - 2 0 1 2 D i r e c t o r y

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Drs. Benton, Wright, Moore, Loden, and Peters. Trustee: Dr. Mike Loden President Dr. Alfred Peters P: (478) 453-8464 F: (478) 414-1215 E: President Elect Dr. Michael Wright P: (478) 742-1218 F: (478) 755-9679 E:

Secretary / Treasurer Dr. Don Benton P: (478) 475-1980 F: (478) 475-5654 E: Editor Dr. Amy Lee P: (478) 757-5826 F: (478) 757-5823 E:

Trustee: Dr. Ben Jernigan Executive Director Mr. Hank Holderfield P: (770) 271-8743 F: (770) 271-0634 W: President Dr. Doug Torbush P: (770) 922-1666 F: (770) 922-6131 E:

Vice President Dr. Ched Smaha P: (478) 743-9331 F: (478) 743-7195 E:

President Elect Dr. Tom Jagor P: (404) 256-2551 F: (404) 256-2557 E:



Drs. Taylor, Hanes, Andrews, Sword, and Wells. Trustee: Dr. Erik Wells President Dr. Lee Andrews P: (706) 733-1182 F: (706) 738-1514 E: President Elect Dr. Craig Taylor P: (770) 267-4404 F: (770) 267-4366 E: Vice President Dr. Brad Hall P: (706) 543-3629 F: (706) 543-5107 E:


Drs. Mazzawi, Wolff, Torbush, Jagor, and Jernigan.


Secretary / Treasurer Dr. Carole Hanes P: (706) 721-2813 F: (706) 721-6276 E: Editor Dr. Rhoda Sword P: (706) 721-2881 F: (706) 721-8349 E:

Vice President Dr. Carol Wolff P: (404) 237-0497 F: (404) 237-7946 E: Secretary / Treasurer Dr. Victor Van Greuningen P: (770) 886-7000 F: (770) 945-0979 E: Editor Dr. Matt Mazzawi P: (770) 972-4436 F: (770) 985-8810 E:

Drs. Patel, Hutson, Stadeker, Loos, and Halpern. Trustee: Dr. Robin Reich President Dr. Wilkie Stadeker P: (678) 354-5119 F: (678) 354-5191 E: President Elect Dr. Jim Hutson P: (770) 424-7525 F: (770) 424-9326 E: Vice President Dr. Stan Halpern P: (770) 928-6655 F: (770) 928-6656 E:

Secretary Dr. Stuart Loos P: (770) 345-8300 F: (770) 345-8305 E: Treasurer Dr. Elizabeth Lewis P: (678) 493-2204 E: Editor Dr. Kumar Patel P: (770) 429-1545 F: (770) 565-7836 E:

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Drs. Colley, Routhier, and Rosenthal. Trustee: Dr. Byron Colley President Dr. Jay McCaslin VI P: (912) 355-5901 F: (912) 355-0735 E: President Elect Dr. Donald Nelson P: (912) 754-6822 E: Vice President Dr. Julia Ann Routhier P: (912) 352-9120 F: (912) 351-0933 E:

Secretary Dr. Donihue Waters P: (912) 354-3474 F: (912) 354-7438 E: Treasurer Dr. Matt Rosenthal P: (912) 352-7808 F: (912) 352-7807 E: Co-Editor Dr. Beth Sheridan P: (912) 354-5559 F: (912) 354-5559 E: Co-Editor Dr. Felix Maher P: (912) 352-0546 F: (912) 352-9386 E:

Drs. Carpenter, Gallagher, and Lopez. Trustee: Dr. Robert Carpenter President Dr. Nancy Gallagher P: (706) 544-2051 E: President Elect Dr. Jim Lopez P: (706) 324-1834 F: (706) 324-5101 E:

Secretary / Treasurer Dr. Ed Smith P: (706) 494-5886 F: (706) 494-5887 E: Editor Dr. Jeff King P: (706) 322-6551 F: (706) 576-5154 E:

Vice President Dr. Doug Kersey P: (706) 242-9222 F: (706) 242-9220 E:

2 0 11 - 2 0 1 2 D i r e c t o r y



Drs. Morris, Sample, Crummey, Singleton (Past President), and Sanders. Trustee: Dr. Steve Sample President Dr. Amanda Merritt P: (229) 432-2213 F: (229) 432-5888 E: President Elect Dr. Keith Crummey P: (912) 285-5967 F: (912) 285-0762 E: 1st Vice President Dr. Greg Morris P: (912) 338-0033 F: (912) 338-0048 E:

2nd Vice President Dr. Bo Broadfoot P: (912) 244-3700 F: (912) 247-0373 E: Secretary / Treasurer Dr. Alan Sanders P: (229) 227-9070 F: (229) 227-6299 E: Editor Dr. Larry Black P: (229) 263-8700 F: (229) 263-4212 E:



2 0 11 - 2 0 1 2 D i r e c t o r y

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2011-2012 COMMITTEES ADA DELEGATION These dentists represent Georgia in the ADA House of Delegates. Dr. Jim Reynierson, Chair P: (706) 860-4048 F: (706) 860-0502 E: Delegates / Term Limits Dr. Tom Broderick (SE) 1 / 2013 Dr. Robert Carpenter (W) 1 / 2014 Dr. Ed Green (At Large) 1 / 2012 Dr. Chris Hasty (SW) 1 / 2014 Dr. Kara Moore (C) 1 / 2013 Dr. Donna Thomas Moses (NW) 1 / 2013 Dr. Jim Reynierson (E) 1 / 2015 Dr. Mike Vernon (Officer) Dr. Richard Weinman (N) 1 / 2014 Dr. Carol Wolff (N) 1 / 2014 Alternates / Term Limits Dr. Jack Bickford (At Large) 1 / 2013 Dr. Jonathan Dubin (N) 1 / 2013 Dr. Tom Field (N) 1 / 2015 Dr. Jay Harrington (C) 1 / 2015 Dr. Marshall Mann (Officer) Dr. Annette Rainge (E) 1 / 2015 Dr. Robin Reich (NW) 1 / 2014 Dr. Doug Torbush (N) 1 / 2015 Dr. Sidney Tourial (Officer) Dr. Pete Trager (At Large) 1 / 2014 Ex-Officio / Term Limits Dr. Jim Hall (C), Secretary / Treasurer, 1 / 2014 Staff Support: Martha Phillips Georgia ADA Representatives Council on Dental Benefit Programs: Dr. Celeste Coggin Council on ADA Sessions: Dr. Kent Percy Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations: Dr. Pete Trager Govt. Affairs: Dr. Richard Weinman ADA Fifth District (GA, AL, MS) Trustee Dr. Donald Seago, Mississippi (10 / 13)

ANNUAL MEETING July 19-22, 2012, at The Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida. Dr. Jim Reynierson, General Chair P: (706) 860-4048 F: (706) 860-0502 E: Mrs. Helaine Sugarman, Alliance Liaison Dr. Brian Hall, Awards & Installation Breakfast Dr. Rhoda Sword, Children’s Program Dr. Doug Clepper Clinical Program Dr. Gary Katcoff, Door Prizes Dr. Amanda Merritt, Exhibit Hall Dr. Kent Simmons, Exhibit Hall Family Zone Dr. Chris Moldovan, Fishing Dr. Lee Andrews, Family Night


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Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr.

David Perry, Fun Run Sidney Tourial, Golf Marshall Mann, Hospitality Jack Bickford, Kickoff Breakfast Jim Hall, Memories Presentation Andy Allgood, President’s Dinner Annette Rainge, Registration Doug Torbush, Tennis Craig Taylor, Tickets Grant Loo, T-Shirts Richard Weinman, Tours Donna Thomas Moses, Volunteers Party

AWARDS Identifies and nominates candidates for all GDA awards except Presidential Commendations. Dr. Marvin Winter (N), Chair P: (404) 373-2667 F: (404) 373-7022 E: Dr. Deena Smith (C) Dr. David Brown (E) Dr. Mark Hastings (N) Dr. Terry O’Shea (NW) Dr. Russ Clemmons (SE) Dr. Will Miles (SW) Dr. Ed Smith (W) Staff Support: Delaine Hall

CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS Reviews or creates proposed amendments to the GDA Constitution, Bylaws, and Policy Manual and makes recommendations to the House of Delegates. Dr. Bob O’Donnell (N), Chair P: (770) 664-6245 F: (770) 664-8928 E: Dr. John Kuo (C) Dr. Bill Newell (E) Dr. Ben Jernigan (N) Dr. Ted Harless (NW) Dr. Mark Dusek (SE) Dr. Dan Carlon (SW) Dr. Janice Joyce (W) Staff Support: Melana McClatchey

COUNCIL ON DENTAL HEALTH Endeavors to improve the oral health of all Georgia citizens by addressing matters and programs concerning dental health services. Dr. Byron Colley (SE), Chair P: (912) 355-5901 F: (912) 355-0735 E: Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr.

Shirley Fisher (C) John Spratling (E) Jennifer Wells (E) Robin Bingham (N)

Dr. Denise Hall (NW) Dr. Brent Herrin (SE) Dr. Stephanie Skinner (SE) Dr. Carly Thomas (SW) Dr. Alex Cranford (W) Dental Health Month Liaison: Dr. Jennifer Wells (E) Fluoridation Liaison: Dr. Grier Godfrey (C) Staff Support: Courtney Layfield FINANCE Consults with GDA officers / committee chairs to prepare budgets, steer GDA investments, and recommend endorsements involving royalty income. Dr. Jay Phillips (SW), Chair P: (229) 382-8711 F: (229) 382-8714 E: j.phillips@ Dr. Kendrick Mathews (C) 8 / 2012 Dr. Erik Wells (E) 8 / 2012 Dr. Victor Van Greuningen (N) 8 / 2013 Dr. Marshall Mann (NW) 8 / 2013 Dr. Matt Rosenthal (SE) 8 / 2012 Dr. Jay Phillips (SW) 8 / 2012 Dr. Jeff King (W) 8 / 2014 Staff Support: Pam Yungk

FORENSIC DENTISTRY Responds to situations that require application of dental knowledge to the purposes of the law, including situations within Georgia where forensic identification of victims may be necessary. Dr. Tom David (NW), Chair P: (770) 977-0364 F: (770) 977-9679 E: Dr. Cameron Garvin (C) Dr. Gary Holmes (E) Dr. Tom Jagor (N) Dr. Jim Hutson (NW) Dr. Angela Canfield (SE) Dr. Kent Simmons (SW) Dr. Jim Lopez (W) Staff Support: Nelda Greene

GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS Monitors legislation affecting dentistry and takes action as needed. Oversees the Contact Dentist Program, LAW Day, GADPAC*, and ADA Washington Leadership Conference. Dr. Jack Bickford (NW), Chair P: (770) 445-6606 F: (770) 443-1270 E: Dr. Amber Lawson (C) Dr. Brian Olsen (E) Dr. Troy Schulman (N) Dr. Ben Knaak (NW) Dr. Byron Colley (SE) Dr. Robert Moss (SW) Dr. Edward Paris (W) At Large: Dr. Ed Green (SW)

At Large: Dr. Ty Ivey (C) At Large: Dr. Donna Thomas Moses (NW) At Large: Dr. Richard Weinman (N) Grassroots Liaison: Dr. Jim Hutson (NW) Contact Dentist Liaison: Dr. Bill Argo (C) Board of Dentistry Liaison: Dr. John Bowman (C) Staff Support: Martha Phillips * GADPAC Board Dr. Richard Weinman (N), Chair P: (404) 266-1300 F: (404) 365-8526 E: Dr. Paul Fraysure (C) Dr. David Perry (E) Dr. David Remaley (N) Dr. Jimmy Talbot (NW) Dr. Byron Colley (SE) Dr. Robert Moss (SW) Dr. Matt Adams (W) At Large: Dr. Ty Ivey (C) Ex Officio: Dr. Mike Vernon (E) Ex Officio: Dr. Jack Bickford (NW) Board of Dentistry Liaison Dr. John Bowman (C) Contact Dentist Liaison Dr. Bill Argo (C) Grassroots Liaison Dr. Jim Hutson (NW) Staff Support: Martha Phillips

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Keep abreast of new and emerging technologies that would benefit GDA members and contribute to the continued efficient operation of the GDA Office. Dr. Erik Wells (E), Chair P: (706) 548-7373 F: (706) 548-8088 E: Dr. Vin Bhasin (C) Dr. Erik Wells (E) Dr. David Marion (N) Dr. Wade Diab (NW) Dr. Robert McGhee (NW) Dr. Kumar Patel (NW) Dr. Richard Thomas (SE) Dr. Bonita Richter (SW) Dr. Mark Lawrence (W) At Large: Dr. Jim Hall (C) Staff Support: Delaine Hall

MEMBERSHIP SERVICES Coordinates, reviews, and encourages services to be provided to GDA members. Dr. Becky Weinman (N), Chair P: (404) 266-1300 F: (404) 365-8526 E: Dr. Jamie Mitchell (C) Dr. Greg Griffin (E) Dr. Sarabess Baumrind (N) Dr. Jeremy Ward (N) Dr. Jason Oyler (NW) Dr. Kim Turner (SE) Dr. Bo Broadfoot (SW) Dr. David Fagundes (W) CE Liaison: Dr. Celeste Coggin (NW)

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Dr. Jim Roos (NW), Chair P: (770) 434-5051 F: (770) 434-5228 E:

Endeavors to improve the oral health of Georgia citizens who reside in institutional settings.

Dr. Greg Burns (C) Dr. Darryl Tom (E) Dr. Chris Adkins (N) Dr. Roy McDonald (N) Dr. John Sieweke (N) Dr. Marvin Winter (N) Dr. Bruce Camp (NW) Dr. Tom Graham (SE) Dr. Barclay Woodward (SW) Dr. Bruce Boretsky (W) Ethics Liaison: Dr. Joe Dufresne (NW) Staff Support: Melana McClatchey

Dr. Jonathan Dubin (N), Chair P: (404) 636-2763 F: (404) 321-4745 E: Dr. Grier Godfrey (C) Dr. Celia Dunn (E) Dr. Diedra Rondeno (N) Dr. David Kurtzman (NW) Dr. Jimmy Talbot (NW) Dr. Felix Maher (SE) Dr. Bo Broadfoot (SW) Dr. Nancy Gallagher (W) Staff Support: Courtney Layfield

Investigates and mediates complaints concerning quality of care and appropriateness of treatment, and implements and enforces a code of professional standards for the GDA.

PUBLIC RELATIONS Promotes a proper image of dentistry to the public and assures good communication and understanding between the GDA and other organizations pertaining to oral health and the practice of dentistry.

Dr. Robin Reich (NW), Chair P: (770) 435-5450 F: (770) 436-7477 E: robin.reich@ Dr. Lindsay Holliday (C) Dr. Meigan Johnson (C) Dr. Andy Allgood (E) Dr. Richard A. Smith (N) Dr. Wade Diab (NW) Dr. Cara Deleon (SE) Dr. Larry Black (SW) Dr. John Scuba (W) Allied Personnel & Specialty Liaison: Dr. David Pumphrey (N) Fisher Foundation Liaison: Dr. Jimmy Talbot (NW) GHSU Faculty Liaison: Dr. Celia Dunn (E) Staff Support: Nelda Greene

RECRUITMENT & RETENTION Monitors the needs of the GDA membership and the New Dentist, Student Relations, Mentor, and Relief / Necrology programs. Dr. Wendy Mitchell (NW), Chair P: (770) 953-6666 E: Dr. Katie Garvin (C) Dr. Matthew Elder (E) Dr. David Pumphrey (N) Dr. Katie Fry (NW) Dr. Walker Pendarvis (SE) Dr. Bo Broadfoot (SW) Dr. Jay Harris (W) Dr. Lance Collier (W) GHSU Student Liaison: Dr. Carole Hanes (E) Necrology ProgramCoordinator: Dr. Deena Smith (C) New Dentist Liaison: Dr. Jason Young (NW) Residency Relations Liaison: Dr. Brooke Loftis (E) Staff Support: Pam Yungk

WORKFORCE Monitors and reviews issues related to the entire dental workforce. Dr. Doug Torbush (N), Chair P: (770) 922-1666 F: (770) 922-6131 E:

House of Delegates Dr. Ben Jernigan (N), Chair P: (404) 378-1466 F: (404) 378-4925 E: Dr. Kara Moore (C) Dr. Jim Moncrief (E) Dr. Ben Jernigan (N) Dr. Nelson Conger (NW) Dr. Mark Dusek (SE) Dr. Jay Phillips (SW) Dr. Mark Lawrence (W) Dr. Sidney Tourial, Ex-Officio Dr. Doug Torbush, Ex-Officio Dr. Mike Vernon, Ex-Officio Staff Support: Nelda Greene Medicaid Dr. Jimmy Talbot (NW), Chair P: (706) 635-5878 F: (706) 635-5879 E: Dr. Jim Hall (C) Dr. Alfred Peters (C) Dr. Annette Rainge (E) Dr. Kaneta Lott (N) Dr. Alfred Wyatt (N) Dr. Jason Oyler (NW) Dr. Antwan Treadway (NW) Dr. Byron Colley (SE) Dr. Ed Green (SW) Staff Support: Courtney Layfield Mission of Mercy Dr. Karyn Stockwell (NW), Co-Chair P: (770) 424-9292 F: (770) 424-5093 E: Dr. Jonathan Dubin (N), Co-Chair P: (404) 636-2763 F: (404) 321-4745 E:

2 0 11 - 2 0 1 2 D i r e c t o r y

Dental Recovery Network Liaison: Dr. Gary Bartholomew (N) Direct Reimbursement Liaison: Dr. Jim Reynierson (E) Expanded Duties Liaison: Dr. Joe Hair (NW) Wastewater / BMP Liaison: Dr. Chris Adkins (N) Staff Support: Courtney Layfield

Staff Support: Courtney Layfield Patient Protection Dr. Ty Ivey (C), Chair P: (478) 741-0044 F: (478) 745-5061 E: Dr. Jim Reynierson (E) Dr. Richard Weinman (N) Dr. Jason Oyler (NW) Dr. Kent Percy (NW) Dr. Mark Dusek (SE) Dr. Ed Green (SW) Dr. Matt Adams (W) Dr. Jack Bickford, Ex-Officio Dr. Jay Harrington, Ex-Officio Staff Support: Martha Phillips

Dr. Pinckney Gilchrist (C) Dr. Erik Wells (E) Dr. Steven Anderson (NW) Dr. David Drew (NW) Dr. Steven Anderson (NW) Dr. Eric Gladden (SE) Dr. Jay Phillips (SW) Dr. Scott McLaurin (W) Staff Support: Nelda Greene

TASK FORCES Created by the GDA President to accomplish specific aims; dismissed upon task completion.

For a full list of leads and chairs for the Georgia Mission of Mercy, visit GDA ACTION OCTOBER 2011


2 0 11 - 2 0 1 2 D i r e c t o r y

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GDA OFFICE STAFF Georgia Dental Association 7000 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd NE Ste 200 Bldg 17 Atlanta 30328 P: (800) 432-4357 P: (404) 636-7553 F: (404) 633-3943 W:

Georgia Dental Insurance Services F: (404) 634-6099 Top row: Delaine Hall, Victoria LeMaire, Skip Jones, Margo Null, Nelda Greene, Patrice Williams, Courtney Layfield, and Judy Lively. Seated: Pam Yungk, Phyllis Willich, Martha Phillips, Melana McClatchey, and Denis Mucha.

Martha Phillips Executive Director Cell: (404) 317-6090 E: ADA 5th District and Southern Leadership Conference; Annual Meeting (contracts / venue negotiations); Committees (ADA Delegation / Governmental Affairs / Nominating); GADPAC support; GDA lobbyist; GDA / GDIS office / staff management; GDA officer support; GDIS / GDHC / GDA Foundation CEO; Government Liaison; Legislative reception attendance; Legislative strategy; Task Forces (Patient Protection); Washington Leadership Conference.

Nelda Greene Associate Executive Director ADA CERP; Advocacy groups’ liaison; Annual Meeting (Hospitality / T-Shirts / Volunteer Party); CORPS dental hygiene visits; Committees (CE / Public Relations / Specialty Groups / Workforce); GDIS marketing; GHSU Transition Program; LAW Day; LEAP course; Media requests; OSHA; Press releases; Public health liaison; Radiology certification; Spokesperson Training; Study Club CE; Task Forces (House of Delegates / Patient Protection).

Annual Meeting (President’s Dinner); Committees (Council on Dental Health / Direct Reimbursement / Oral Health in Institutional Settings / Membership Services / New Dentist / Peer Review & Ethics); Dept of Community Health liaison; District Services Liaison; EHR issues; GDA Foundation; CMO / Medicaid / PeachCare issues; Special Olympics support; Task Forces (GMOM / Medicaid); Third party issues.

Victoria LeMaire Medical Accounts Manager Annual Meeting (GDIS booth / event support); GDA medical plan billing / payment postings / benefit questions; Annual renewal / new member enrollment / member status changes for medical plan.

Judy Lively Part Time Clerical Support Provides support to Director of Finance, GDIS, and other directors as needed; Receptionist.

Delaine Hall Director of Communications

Melana Kopman McClatchey General Counsel

Alliance support; Annual Meeting (Awards & Installation Breakfast / Children’s Programs / Family Zone / Plaques / Program / Registration Brochure / Signage); Committees (Awards / IT); Fisher Dental Education Foundation support; GDA Action; GDA directory; GDA e-news; GDA social media; GDA web site; GDIS marketing.

Annual Meeting (CE / Kickoff Breakfast); Committees (Constitution & Bylaws / Governmental Affairs / Peer Review & Ethics / Wastewater / BMP); Contract reviews for GDA, GDHC, GDIS, GDA Foundation, third parties; Ensure GDA / subsidiary corporate law compliance; GDA Dental Recovery Network; HIPAA / antitrust issues; LEAP course assistance; Monitor Board of Dentistry meetings; Legislative emails; Review / draft legislation and position papers; Third party contract analysis.

Skip Jones Director of Marketing (GDIS) Annual Meeting (Exhibit Hall / Exhibitor prospectus / Family Fun Night); coordinate GDA Action display / classified advertising; GDIS marketing; GHSU Transition program.


Courtney Layfield Director of Member Services


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Phyllis Willich Administrative Assistant

Annual Meeting (Fishing / Fun Run / GDIS Booth / Golf and Tennis Tournaments); Direct GDIS business performance; GHSU Transition Program; Review / procure GDIS endorsed products and benefits (Major Medical, Liability, Disability, Property / Casualty, Long Term Care, Life, Overhead, Fidelity Bonds); Supervise GDIS personnel.

A / V coordinator; Annual Meeting (Scrapbook / Pre-registration); Charitable clinic list maintenance; Conference call setup; Correspondence for directors; Expanded Duties; GDA building maintenance; Gabby rental; Maintain assisting / front office / hygiene employment lists; Membership database updates; Patient referrals; Receptionist.

Margo Null Property / Casualty Accounts Manager

Pamela Yungk Director of Finance and Membership

Annual Meeting (GDIS booth / event support); Enrollment / renewals / policy questions for professional liability, business owners, lessors’ risk, builders’ risk, workers’ comp, and ERISA bonds.

Accounting (GDA / GDA Foundation / GDHC / GDIS / GMOM / GADPAC); ADA / GDA / district dues / records; ADA Membership Conference; ADPAC; Annual Meeting (Billing / Pre-Registration / Registration / Reservations / Tickets); Committees (Finance / Recruitment & Retention / Residency Relations / Student Relations); Coordinate audits; GADPAC state reports; GDA Committee and Task Force budgets; GHSU Table Clinic liaison; GHSU Transition program; Personnel / company taxes; Relief and Necrology programs.

Patrice Williams Administrative Assistant Annual Meeting (Alumni events / House of Delegates setup / Script / Tours); Assist Executive Director; Board of Trustees / House of Delegates manuals and packets; CORPS Associate Member program; Committees (assist ED with ADA Delegation / Governmental Affairs / Nominating); GADPAC paperwork assistance; GDA committee list updates; Lobbyist report assistance; GDA / 5th District / WLC meeting coordinator; Presidents Elect Conference; Receptionist.

2 0 11 - 2 0 1 2 D i r e c t o r y

Denis Mucha Director of GDIS

GDA ENDORSED SERVICES Please visit the Endorsed Services page for more details on these vendors, including secret codes (BOA, Fed-Ex, Whirlpool) and links only available to members!

Georgia Dental Insurance Services Bank of America GDA MasterCard / BOA Practice Solutions Insurance Coverage Galore! P: (800) 432-4357 (800) 432-4357 W: CareCredit Patient Financing P: 866-247-2712 W: ClaimX Dental Claim Processing P: (866) 886-5113 Option 1 W: The Dental Record Patient Record Forms P: (800)-243-4675 W: Fed-Ex Shipping Services P: 1-800-MEMBERS W: https://advantagemember.

Officite Practice Web Design P: (877) 484-7187 W:

HP Computer / Printer / Scanner Discounts P: (800) 888-4164 W: affiliate/ada/index_3.asp

SurePayroll Payroll Solutions (866) 535-3592 W: members-special.asp

InTouch Practice Communications Automated Appointment Reminders P: (877) 493-9003 W:

Transfirst Card / Check / ACH Processing P: (800) 538-1601 W:

Lands’ End Practice Apparel P: (800) 990-5407 W:

UBS Financial Services Wealth Management P: (404) 760-3000 x-3094 W:

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection P: (800) 543-3562 W:

Whirlpool Appliance Discounts P: (866) 808-9274 W:



2 0 11 - 2 0 1 2 D i r e c t o r y

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DENTAL CONTACTS AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION Chicago Office P: (800) 621-8099 W: Search American Dental Association Twitter: @ADANews Twitter: @ADAsession Linked In: Join ADA Group AmericanDentalAssoc ADA Catalog P: (800) 947-4746 W:

DENTAL EDUCATION Georgia Health Sciences University P: (706) 721-2371 W: Twitter: @ricardoazziz Fisher Dental Education Foundation P: (706) 235-2158 W: Click About GDA, then dental foundation

DENTAL LICENSURE Georgia Board of Dentistry P: (478) 207-2440 W: plb/dentistry Board Members / Term End Dr. Clyde Andrews (8/12) Dr. Richard Bennett (8/15) Rebecca Bynum, RDH (8/15) Dr. Rebecca Carlon (3/14) Dr. Clark Carroll (8/11) Dr. Thomas Godfrey (8/14) Dr. Isaac Hadley (1/13) Dr. Stephan Holcomb (1/13) Dr. Logan Nalley Jr. (8/13) Mrs. Elaine Richardson (6/11) Dr. Barry Stacey (3/14)

DENTAL PUBLIC HEALTH Assn of State & Territorial Dental Directors P: (775) 626-5008 W:


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Ga. Dept. of Public Health Oral Health Unit Dr. Dwayne Turner Acting Dental Director P: (404) 657-6639 W: programs/oral/index.asp

Georgia Society of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons P: (770) 271-0453 W:


American Acad of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology P: (888) 552-2667 W:

P: (404) 636-7553 P: (800) 432-4357 F: (404) 633-3943 W:

American Acad of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology W:

GDIS INSURANCE Georgia Dental Insurance Services P: (404) 636-7553 P: (800) 432-4357 F: (404) 634-6099 W:

GP / SPECIALTY ORGANIZATIONS Academy of General Dentistry P: (888) 243-3368 W: Twitter: @AGDEvents Linked In: Join AGD Group generaldentistry Georgia AGD P: (404) 299-7987 W: Facebook: Search Georgia Academy of General Dentistry

American Assn of Endodontists P: (800) 872-3636 W: rootcanalspecialists

American Assn of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons P: (800) 822-6637 W: Twitter: @aaoms

American Assn of Orthodontists P: (314) 993-1700 W: AmerAssocOrtho Georgia Assn of Orthodontists W:

HINMAN DENTAL SOCIETY March 22-24, 2012 P: (404) 231-1663 W: hinmandentalmeeting Twitter: @HinmanDental

MEDICAID REFERRALS • DCH / Medicaid: (800) 766-4456 • Amerigroup: (800) 600-4441 English/Medicaid/GA • Peach State: (800) 704-1484 • Wellcare: (866) 231-1821 • PeachCare: (877) 427-3224

American Acad of Pediatric Dentistry P: (312) 337-2169 W: Facebook: Search American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Twitter: @AmerAcadPedDent

Office of Constituent Services (404) 656-4496

American Acad of Periodontology P: (312) 787-5518 W: Facebook: Search American Academy of Periodontology Twitter: @PerioNews

Amerigroup: SCION Dental

Dental Administrators Peach State & Wellcare: DentaQuest

GHP / MMIS Provider Webportal GMCF (Prior Authorizations)

American Coll of Prosthodontists P: (312) 573-1260 W: Facebook: Search American College of Prosthodontists Twitter: @ACPros

REGULATORY ISSUES / AGENCIES Electronic Health Records: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Programs

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GA-HITREC (Certified EHR Tech Assistance) (404) 752-1015 / (877) 658-1990 Office of the National Coordinator / Certified EHR List

U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act P: (800) 514-0301 W:

U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention P: (800) 232-4636 W: Twitter: @CDCgov CDCStreamingHealth

U.S. Department of Labor P: (866) 487-2365 W: departmentoflabor Twitter: @USDOL USDepartmentofLabor U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (Under the U.S. Dept. of Labor) P: (678) 237-0400 (Atlanta Regional Office) Atlanta East: (770) 493-6644 Atlanta West: (678) 903-7301 Savannah: (912) 652-4393 W: departmentoflabor GA Department of Labor P: (404) 232-7300 W: Facebook: Search Georgia Department of Labor GaDeptofLabor

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GA Department of Revenue P: (877) 423-6711 W:

U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency P: (800) 882-9539 Registration W: GA Board of Pharmacy Regulate state pharmacists / pharmacies P: (478) 207-2440 W: plb/pharmacy GA Drugs & Narcotics Agency Investigates violations of state Controlled Substances Act / Dangerous Drug Act P: (800) 656-6568 W:

GA Environmental Protection Division P: (888) 373-5947 W: See for details on dental biomedical waste disposal.

U.S. Federal Trade Commission P: (877) 382-4357 W: federaltradecommission

U.S. Food & Drug Administration P: (888) 463-6332 W: Food and Drug Administration Twitter: @FDArecalls Twitter: @FDA_Drug_Info

U.S. Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) W: W: (search HIPAA)

GA Insurance Commissioner P: (404) 656-2070 W: The IC Managed Care Unit works to resolve problems between providers and managed care insurers. Providers with complaints should visit the IC web site, click Consumer Services, and read the second paragraph.

U.S. National Provider Identifier (NPI) P: (800) 465-3203 NPPES/

GA X-ray Registration W: Click on Healthcare Facility Registration: 1) Click Forms / Applications, then X-Ray Application Packet 2) Click Forms / Regulations, then X-Ray for rules See for details on state surveys of x-ray machines.

STATE ASSISTING SCHOOLS Albany Technical College P: (229) 430-3543 W: Athens Technical College P: (706) 355-5142 W: Atlanta Technical College P: (404) 225-4560 W:

Gwinnett Technical College P: (678) 226-6356 W: Lanier Technical College P: (770) 531-6370 W: Georgia Northwestern Technical College P: 770-684-3128 W: Savannah Technical College P: (912) 443-5812 W: Fortis College (Was Medix) P: (770) 980-0002 W: Ogeechee Technical College P: (912) 486-7700 W: Wiregrass Georgia Technical College P: (229) 245-3716 W:


2 0 11 - 2 0 1 2 D i r e c t o r y

Georgia’s Medicaid EHR Incentives Program

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Athens Technical College P: (706) 355-5142 W: Atlanta Technical College P: (404) 225-4473 W: Central Georgia Technical College (Macon) P: (478) 757-3487 W: Clayton State University P: (678) 466-4911 W:

Augusta Technical College P: (706) 771-4180 W: Columbus Technical College P: (706) 225-0532 W: Southern Crescent Technical College P: (770) 228-7386 W:

CONTACTS Continued on page 26 GDA ACTION OCTOBER 2011


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CONTACTS Continued from page 25

Columbus Technical College P: (706) 225-0533 W: Darton College (Albany) P: (229) 317-6840 W: Fortis College (Smyrna) P: (678) 486-8401 W:

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Georgia Health Sciences University (Augusta) P: (706) 721-1957 W:

Lanier Technical College (Oakwood) P: (770) 535-6905 W: Middle Georgia Technical College (Warner Robins) P: (478) 988-6800 x-4024 W:

Georgia Highlands College (Rome) P: (706) 295-6760 W: Georgia Perimeter College (Dunwoody) P: (770) 274-5131 W:

Savannah Technical College P: (912) 344-2982 W:

Southeastern Technical College (Vidalia) P: (912) 538-3210 W: West Georgia Technical College (Carrollton) P: (770) 947-7225 W: Wiregrass Georgia Technical College (Valdosta) P: (229) 259-5533 W:

2011-2012 ALLIANCE OF THE GDA President Helaine Sugarman (N)

President Elect Tammy Fussell (SW)

Vice President Janelle Kauffman (N)

Secretary Dawn Hutchinson (N)

Treasurer Fran Brown (N)

Editor Cheryl O’Donnell (N) Appointed Officers Parliamentarian Molly Bickford Dental Health Education Chair Tammy Fussell Historian Co-Chair Janelle Kauffman Historian Co-Chair Nancy Ferguson Legislative Chair Dr. Janine Bethea Freihaut Social Chair Fran Brown Student Spouse Co-Chair Jacquelyn Whetzel Student Spouse Co-Chair Korey Anderson Sunshine Chair Mary Miller Well-Being Co-Chair Janelle Kauffman Well-Being Co-Chair Mary Percy



(L to r): Molly Bickford, Helaine Sugarman, Fran Brown, and Dawn Hutchinson. District Representatives Janet Ferguson (C) Jane Vedder (C) Jean Harrington (C) Debbie Vernon (E) Helen Adkins (N) Shari Carter (N) Liz Roos (NW) Linda Broderick (SE) Tammy Fussell (SW) Beth Fagundes (W)

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PUBLIC HEALTH HYGIENE Continued from page 10

Does the GDA Have Insight Into the Public Health Perspective? As stated before, the GDA has always worked to maintain good relationships with public health leaders in Georgia. In an effort to understand how public health dental hygienists operate within the public health setting ahead of this issue gaining momentum, GDA leaders and staff had two conversations last year with the director of oral health in the Division of Public Health. The GDA understood after these conversations that Georgia’s public health dental hygienists were working under the supervision of a licensed public health dentist, and that public health dentists accompanied public health dental hygienists to schools and examined the patients prior to the public health dental hygienists providing any services. In testimony to the Board about the Rule change, the director took exception

Page 27

to those comments. The GDA looks forward to continuing to keep open communication with public health and work toward our mutual goal of putting Georgia patients’ oral health first.

What is Next for the Proposed Rule Change? At its September 2011 meeting, the Board voted not to accept the revised Rule as posted in May 2011, and sent the Rule back to the Rules Committee. This time, the Board announced that the Rule would be dealt with within 90 days and asked the Department of Public Health to meet with the Board to discuss how supervision of dental hygienists within public health is currently handled. Now that the Board has signaled its intent to clarify the parameters of public health dental hygiene supervision, and the law demands that the Board clarify the issue, the Board is likely to vote on the issue in December 2011.



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classified ads How GDA members can place classified ads AD FORM: Submit all ads on a GDA Classified Advertisement Form. To obtain a form, call Skip Jones at (800) 432-4357 or (404) 636-7553, or email (Note: The GDA may accept or reject any ad for any reason and in its sole discretion.)

AD DEADLINE: Ads and ad check payments are due by the first of the month before the publication month (i.e., Dec. 1 for January).

AD RATES: ADA member dentists pay $75.00 per 60-word ad per month. There is a 25 cents per-word charge for each word over 60. Non-dentist-owned companies (real estate firms, etc.) pay $195 per 60-word ad per month (additional word charges as above). Non-member dentists may not place ads.

LATE FEE: Ads for which full prepayment is not received by the first day of the ad’s publication month (i.e.; Nov. 1 for a November ad) will incur a $25 late fee in addition to the ad rate.

FORMS OF PAYMENT: Submit a check or money order with the ad form. (Make checks payable to GDA.) Credit cards are not accepted as payment.

WEB SITE PLACEMENT: Prepaid ads will appear on the GDA Web site for the month the ad appears in print. Non-prepaid ads will NOT be placed online.



Dental Related Services

Positions Available

X-RAY SAFETY CERTIFICATION for assistants is required by Georgia law. This up-to-date take-home course has effectively certified thousands of x-ray machine operators. Send $149.99 per registrant with name(s) to: Dr. Rick Waters, 385 Pinewood Circle, Athens, GA 30606. Visit for credit card payment or to use the immediate-access online version. Call (706) 255-4499 for more information.

F / T Associate needed for well established North Georgia dental practice. Contact or fax to 1(866)-441-1860.

Distinctive Journeys will plan your trip for the ICD Continuing Education Course—February 12-19, 2012, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico—Playa Grande Resort and Spa. Visit and click on the details located at the bottom of the home page. Distinctive Journeys is a leader in planning customized itineraries anywhere in the world. Contact or (888) 419-6677.

Locum Tenens Dentists Dentist will fill in for illness, vacation, or continuing education. Licensed, insured, and DEA #. Call (404) 786-0229 or email Dentist Available Daily (DAD): Dentist available during vacations, emergencies, and CE courses. Leave your practice in well-trained hands. I am licensed, insured, and have a DEA registration number so I can write prescriptions. Call Dr. Richard Patrick at (770) 993-8838. DENTIST: Need Part Time Fill In? Vacation, Illness, Maternity? GENERAL DENTIST SOLD LONG ESTABLISHED PRACTICE. GA & DEA LICENSED. (Available Expanded Atlanta Area.) Cell: (404) 219-4097. Home: (404) 842-1196. Jesse Hader, DDS. Dentist available during emergencies, vacation, CDE courses. I have a current license, DEA certificate, and insurance. Contact me at (706) 291-2254 or cell (706) 802-7760. I hope I can be of service to you. Patrick A. Parrino, DDS, MAGD.

Dentist Jobs Columbus/Albany/Macon/ Valdosta. FT / PT base salary over $100K per year with tremendous commission and profit share upside. No HMOs. Join our network of affiliated private family practices. Benefits include medical, vacation, 401K. Call Dr. Todd Christie at (321) 432-5922 (confidential) or email, fax (321) 254-6800. Fee for service private dental practice is in need of a dentist in the Suwanee, Alpharetta, Johns Creek area. We are offering an outstanding Part-Time to future Full-Time opportunity for a general dentist who is looking for flexibility as well as willing to work Fridays. The practice currently has one doctor working 4 days a week and is looking to expand the business. Our practice offers the best amenities to our patients as well as our team. The office is completely digital and has recently relocated to a new facility. If interested, please email CV to or fax to (678) 922-7138. Associate Dentist Buford / Sugar Hill; State-of-the-art digital practice in busy Gwinnett Co. Full-time. Fax resume to (770) 945-1449 or call (770) 845-9159. Exceptional Opportunity for Associate Dentists. Join Dr. Mark Shurett’s Associate Team to provide treatment to children throughout Georgia. Well equipped and maintained offices. Positions include F / T, P / T, and Locum Tenens. Multiple locations available. Friendly staff with no daily office / overhead challenges. Contact Tina Titshaw at, call (678) 413-8130, or fax resume to (770) 760-1375.

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Georgia licensed dentists needed for immediate openings in all areas of Georgia. Part-time or full-time. Starting salary of $700 / day with equipment, supplies, assistant, and training provided. Our company, Dynamic Mobile Dentistry, provides on-site preventative, restorative, prosthetic, and surgical care for nursing home residents in the nursing facilities. Call (478) 330-5038 or (478) 737-0552 or email for more information and / or interview.

Practices / Office Space Available West Point: Prime fee-for-service practice. Consistent gross $750K + 3 1/2 day / wk. Attractive building in high traffic area near West Point Lake. Four very nicely equipped ops. Area experiencing excellent growth but still has a charming small town atmosphere. Boating, fishing, golf, Callaway Gardens, Auburn, Columbus, Lagrange near by. Dr. retiring; will stay as needed for nice transfer of patients. Call p.m. (334) 644-3865.

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Marietta, GA: 3,460 SF custom-built former Medical Space ready for move-in. Located on Marietta Loop one block west of downtown Marietta. Great visibility, front door parking, and high traffic count. Call Art Brannen at (404) 355-9500. Downtown Decatur Dental Suite. Located in Decatur Court, a 10-story office building in the heart of downtown Decatur, this 1,720 sq. ft. suite is a perfect location for a dental office. The suite includes a waiting area and receptionist desk, plumbing in place, and a break area for employees. Contract Bart Lester at (404) 371-0188 or for additional information. CONYERS AREA: Practice for sale with option to buy real estate. This all FFS general dentistry practice is on track to collect $520K this year and is up from previous years. There are 4 operatories in a free standing building. For more information call (678) 482-7305, email, or visit

Practice For Sale: Tired of the Rat Race? This area offers a friendly, easy lifestyle with golf, fishing, hunting, low traffic, and crime. Two hours from Savannah, Valdosta, and Jacksonville, FL. Only dentist in town. Grossing under $500K at a slow easy pace. Young dentist can triple this. 3 operatories plus break room, extra insurance office, 3 bathrooms, Dr. office, etc. Digital x-ray, Pan. FFS and insurance. No Medicare. Great for satellite office. Office on large lot allowing for building expansion of 4 more rooms. Will stay to introduce. Very easy terms. Email:

CLASSIFIEDS Continued on page 30



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CLASSIFIEDS Continued from page 29 TIRED OF THE RAT RACE? Wellestablished practice in the mountains for sale. Friendly patients who appreciate what you do for them. Motivated, crosstrained staff. Modern equipment in a beautifully constructed high-image glass building well located for public awareness. Computers in all operatories. Ideal for solo or group practice. 10,000 foot building available separately or package deal for both building and practice. Growing community. NO long commute and NO 8-lane freeways. Excellent school system. Low crime rate. Tons of family / sportsman outdoor recreational opportunities. Close enough to larger towns to go to the mall, but far enough away to avoid all the big city hassles. (706) 745-6848. Practices for Sale: SNELLVILLE #8807—Dental office only; No patients. Five equipped ops. Ample parking. Approx. 1800 sq. ft. ATLANTA #8490— Gross Collections $1.08M; 4 days; 5 operatories. ATLANTA #8558—Gross Collections $785,966; 4 days; 6 operatories; 2,780 sq. ft. ATLANTA #8108—Gross collections $654,993; 4 days; 5 operatories; 2,200 sq. ft. office space. ATLANTA #8765—Gross Collections $1.45M; 4 days; 6 operatories; 2,780 sq. ft. SOUTHEASTERN GEORGIA #8172—Gross collections $752,638; 4 days; 5 operatories; 1,732 sq. ft. office space. NW GEORGIA #8562—Gross collections $670,375; 4 days; 6 ops; 2,881 sq. ft. office space. Savannah Area #8779—Gross Collections $1.05M; 4 days; 5 operatories; 2660 sq. ft. office space. NORTH ATLANTA #8804— Oral Surgery practice for sale. ATLANTA PERIO #5241—Gross Collections $1.32M, 3 days, 4 ops; 2400 sq. ft. office space; AUGUSTA #8806—Fully equipped and furnished office with 5 operatories, 1800 sq. ft. office space. SNELLVILLE #8807—FT / PT Associate needed for state of the art dental office. Should be able to produce $40K per month. NORTH ATLANTA PERIO #5241—Associate needed for high tech perio practice. All phases of perio performed. For information, call Dr. Earl Douglas, (770) 6641982 or email



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Page 32

Providers Required by State to Use Approved Security Paper for Schedule II Prescriptions Health care providers must meet a new requirement as of October 1 to provide Schedule II Controlled Substance prescriptions to patients on state-approved security paper. This includes providers who use paper prescription pads as well as providers who use software to generate prescriptions. The state legislature passed this regulation during the 2011 session out of concern over the growth of pill mills. These are offices where patients often receive prescriptions for pain medicines without significant scrutiny. The GDA reported on the passage of the regulation in the Spring 2011 Governmental Affairs Bulletin and in an October blast fax to the membership. Dentists have until December 31, 2011, to obtain a supply of state-approved security paper and begin using that paper to transmit Schedule II Controlled Substance prescriptions. Due to the number of calls and emails from members about this new regulation, the GDA office has developed this Q&A to guide dentists through the implementation process. Do you have additional questions? Please contact

Q: What new law created this requirement? A: This Schedule II Controlled Substance prescription requirement was part of the Prescription Monitoring Bill (SB 36) which passed during the 2011 legislative session and went into law on July 1, 2011. As part of the GDA’s coverage of this important bill, all members were alerted to this change in the Governmental Affairs Bulletin.

Q: Why did the legislature pass Senate Bill 36? A: Georgia is currently experiencing an explosive increase in prescription drug abuse and a significant rise in the number of “pill mills” operating in the state. Georgia has become an attractive destination for pill mills because it was the only Southern



state without a prescription monitoring program. The intent of this legislation is to halt the abuse of prescription drugs and to ensure that Georgia does not continue to be the ideal location for pill mills.

Schedule II Controlled Substance must be on security paper approved by the Georgia Board of Pharmacy. This is part of the state’s overall effort to curb the abuse of prescription drug distribution.

Q: What is a pill mill? A: A pill mill is a doctor’s office or health

Q: How do I know which security paper the Georgia Pharmacy Board has approved? A: Before vendors of the security paper

care clinic where licensed providers sell prescription drugs with virtually no scrutiny of the patient. The provider essentially sells narcotics under the table to almost anybody with the ability to pay, not to help sick or injured people.

Q: Does this new law mention the use of security paper? A: Yes. Effective October 1, 2011, every hard-copy prescription generated for a

may market or sell their product in Georgia, the security paper must receive approval from the Pharmacy Board. All paper that receives approval will have the Pharmacy Board’s seal of approval affixed to the paper. As of the time of this article, 13 vendors have been approved and authorized to affix the Georgia Pharmacy Board’s seal on their security paper. A list

GDAction 1011 FINAL USING.qxd


1:09 PM

of these vendors is available on the Georgia Pharmacy Board’s web site at

Q: I don’t have my security paper yet. What should I do if I need to write a prescription for a Schedule II drug? A: Providers, including dentists, are being given a grace period to obtain the security paper. Providers must have their boardapproved security paper no later than December 31, 2011. Until that time, pharmacists are allowed to fill a prescription that contains a written statement on it that a health emergency exists. If such a statement appears on the prescription, the pharmacist has the discretion to fill the prescription for up to a 30-day supply of medication.

Page 33

Q: I don’t use prescription pads—I use software to print prescriptions for my patients. Does this law affect me? A: Prescriptions that a dentist generates on a practice printer are still considered “hard-copy” prescriptions. Thus, dentists will still be required to purchase the security paper from one of the approved vendors for use in the printer.

Q: The new rule states that prescriptions that are transmitted to the pharmacy by telephone, facsimile, or electronic means are not subject to the security paper requirements. Does this mean if I simply call in the prescription to the pharmacy I can avoid this rule?


Even if you phone in the prescription, Drug Enforcement Agency requirements differ from this rule by mandating that the patient present the pharmacy with a written prescription. Therefore, even if you phone in the prescription, you should also provide the patient with a written prescription. If this situation occurs before the December 31, 2011, deadline, and you do not yet have your security paper, simply write “health care emergency” at the top of the prescription.

Q: Where can I obtain more information on this rule? A:

The Georgia Pharmacy Board has issued a memorandum explaining the rule as well as the policy the Board passed related to security paper. This document can be obtained from the Pharmacy Board’s web site at



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Inside This Issue • Social Media: The Impact on Dental Practice Management, Marketing, and Recruitment • Board of Dentistry Considers Changes to Public Health Dental Hygiene Rules DATED MATERIAL PLEASE DELIVER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Page 36


Suite 200, Building 17, 7000 Peachtree Dunwoody Road Atlanta, Georgia 30328-1655

GDA Action October 2011  

GDA Action is the journal of the Georgia Dental Association.

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