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MISSION STATEMENT Bridging the gap between the physical and the digital.


MANIFESTO Dreams, desires and ambitions often become fragmented when exposed to reality. This can sometimes leave you feeling a little discouraged and defeated. However, our small team of individuals strive to bring your creative vision to life by integrating the physical with the digital. We are able to unify two opposing parallel environments in order to create a utopian and evolutionary experience that will grow and enhance your business.


“Information is not knowledge. The only source of Knowledge is experience.” - Albert Einstein


BRAND VALUES Our unique team create the core infrastructure of our agency. We believe that in house collaboration enables the continuous flow of new information, ideas and knowledge. Therefore, we seek to maintain equal cooperation efforts across all projects and activities to provide greater results.

We are a unique set of individuals who all possess a range of unique specialist skills that are infused together in order to craft your interactive experience.


Producing a sizeable scale project is always challenging. However, our teams hard work, passion, dedication have been the three main ingredients for successfully sustaining innovative experiences.

Being an interactive company, we put forefront value on engagement and communication. For this reason, we acknowledge that our customers and audiences are a central component for improving each interactive experience.


PROCESS Our process of development embodies the iterative design cycle. We identify our challenge, and develop a prototype. We then test our solutions with the end users and analyze our findings. The information is then fed back into our design process.

By completing this process we ensure that as an agency, we are agile in our responses and are able to consistenty meet our clients expectations.



PHASE ONE We begin with prototyping our idea. We look at the challenge and create a solution, which we think will be effective. Prototyping allows us to instantly begin both design and development. During this phase, we can identify areas that need to be improved and changed before final development.



PHASE TWO For each cycle of our process we ask for input from testers, as well as each member of the agency. This ensures that our solutions are rigorously scrutinized and critiqued from a number of different points of view in order to produce a well-rounded solution. We make sure we work together simultaneously in one place. This allows us to support each other, share ideas and inspiration easily, along with maintaining a group cohesion that allows us to improve with each project.



PHASE THREE We feed this information back through our design process. By applying this method we can now make improvements and modifications in order to complete a challenge more effectively. We reiterate this cycle until we our satisfied with our solution, and only then will it be released.



FRAGMENT LOGO The Fragment brand face is an integral piece of our agency identity. The straight lines and joint edges that are applied in our logo symbolize core values; strength, stability, and efficiency.

When using our logo, there are a few simple rules to follow in order to help us maintain a strong agency identity. Do not add effects such as, embellishments, glows, or embossing to the logo. The logo will work alone, or with the word Fragment placed underneath.


The Fragment logo can either be placed on a dark grey, light grey or any of our brand colours.



TYPEFACE We use two simple, yet versatile fonts that are used in our headings and body text.

Maven Pro bold is the font applied to the logo, and headings. PT sans regular is used across all body texts.


Aa Maven Pro Bold used in our logo and headings. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

Aa PT sans Regular used in all body texts. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ


COLOUR SCHEME We use a selective range of distinct yet vibrant colours that reflect our agency characteristics.

Turquoise symbolizes our collaboration and flow of ideas, the pink reveals our passion and dedication, and the orange represents our vibrancy and dynamism.


#F30E48 #E70D44 #FC6622 #EC5F1F #00B1A1 #00A697



Fragment Brand Bible  

Fragment interactive design and development agency style guide and brand bible "stay snazzy"