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Essay Nowadays people are starting tom lose the most important value, the tolerance, during the 21 century the work and economic increase a lot and everyone are stressed all the time, but is it helpful to be tolerant? In my opinion it is because it is a way to promote peace in the world.

Firstly, it depends on your way of being and how you treat other people, for example when you return to your home after a long work day in the office and you just want to chill out the rest of the day at home, but you need to drive through the whole city you to arrive home but you need to be patient because you cannot be a crazy driver because you can kill yourself.

Secondly, in the second reading called “my so called enemy� girls that were affected by the conflict in their countries they coexisted for a while together. For example, one of the girls lost her father in war against another country and there were girls from this country and she had to be tolerant because these girls had nothing to do with the war and only wanted to survive.

Finally, for me, I am not very tolerant and I am working on that but because of my fault of tolerance sometimes I get in trouble with other people because I get mad very easy and sometimes I found and hit others of this and I need to be more tolerant.

So to conclude, I would say that is important to be tolerant and that to be like this could even benefit your health and life style.

Gabriel Ruiz Perez 1st E



Humans the most stupid beings on earth Humans are stupid beings It is the nature of the humans Humans pay for nature Nature is life And life cannot be sell Humans pay for stones Humans sell water The human ambition is so big that we sell dogs, cats, birds, etc. Living beings that are supposed to be priceless Humans believe that sell a human is the worst thing you can do And it is true Life is priceless We are visitors on earth and we are not allowed so sell nature I believe that it is wrong but we cannot change that thinking anymore it´s over We destroyed our planet

- Gabriel Ruiz Perez



Among the Multitude Walt Whitman, 1819 - 1892

Among the men and women, the multitude, I perceive one picking me out by secret and divine signs, Acknowledging none else not parent, wife, husband, brother, child, any nearer than I am; Some are baffled but that one is not that one knows me.

Ah, lover and perfect equal! I meant that you should discover me so, by my faint indirections; And I, when I meet you, mean to discover you by the like in you. -


Gabriel Ruiz Perez


America is “great� The beautiful daughter of David Trump was chosen for an important contest of beauty when she got prepared for it she fell down and got hurt very bad but a very handsome doctor called Harry saved her from becoming paralytic. She was so thankful with Harry that she started dating him and slowly fell in love with the handsome guy, it was so important for her that she wanted to introduce Harry to his family. First he knew her little sister and his older brother but then he knew his mother and at the end he knew his father. His father one of the most powerful men in the USA, a racist a mean person. He was so angry that his beautiful daughter is dating an immigrant, a less being in the moment he saw him he knew he was a Mexican immigrant so he told him:

D: Where are you from? H: I born in the us but my mother is from Mexico and my father is an Afro-American guy from Philadelphia D: oh, yes I see In the moment Harry released that David was angry about his offspring. David didn’t agree with the relation with his daughter so he tried to deport Harry back to Mexico because he has the believe that Mexicans are less. Harry found all this out and when he contacts the special agent karey Acosta that was very famous because she was deported 5 times till GABRIEL RUIZ


she gets the residence, so she hates all the racist people and support all immigrants. So Harry contact her to be helped with all this problems, he called her the 28 of march at 6 o clock in the morning and told her the situation and all the problems. So she started investigating about this guy Trump and she found out all the illegal things and bad stuff he did in the last decade. She had enough information to ruin all his reputation and ruin his life but Harry felled very bad because he had the chance to ruin the life of the father of the girl he loves and morally he was devastated, he had such an inner conflict that he starts crying and told all to his lover but in the moment she released that her life could have ended in just one moment. So she had a serious argument with Harry and had to send one of the followers of Melanie Escobar Guzman to kill Harry and karey because they knew too much about trump and the business of Melanie would end and everything in the drugs business would end. But we need to go back a few years to know more about Melanie Escobar Guzman. Melanie Escobar is the most powerful criminal of America; she was a drug dealer since she was 14 years old but when she became 22 she found out a way of making drugs by yourself in a laboratory. She created the Escobar method to make cheaper and more addictive methamphetamines, the amount of drugs she produces per hour only by herself was 2 kg she became lots of money she did great things horrible but great things. Paola Luna Salazar the president of the united states during all this was in charge of making America great again so the first thing she wanted to do was to eliminate the crime and to stop the making of drugs in the us, but the day she found out that Escobar was



transporting tons of methamphetamines to Europe, that day Melanie was under scrutiny. So Melanie could get one killer for Alexandra, during all this Paola Luna Salazar is close to catch Melanie and karey knew all this so they came to an agreement with Harry and collaborate together to end all the crime and racism against different people. So all this effort ended up in two years but in the process harry was killed by Melanie, when he was helping Paola to travel to Russia and make an alliance with Vladimir because a war could be caused with all this problem and when there were in the airport of NY and there was Harry killed by one guy called Frank Scofield.

With harry dead and all the antecedents of trump karey and Paola could finally give him what he deserves he went to jail for the rest of his life and Escobar was killed by karey when they face each other and finally revenge the dead of Harry.

Karey became the best investigator form America and was recognized worldwide after all this she was invited to the United Kingdom secret organization. one year after Paola Luna Salazar was named by the best president of the us that ever lived.

By: Gabriel Ruiz Pérez 1st “E”




Dedication in all you do Responsibility in everything Education on the top All life is precious Motivation, you make your own limits



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By Gabriel Ruiz Perez Introduction to literature Teacher: Christina Nava 25 of November 2016



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