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Gabriela Zappi

Man Made Nature Single Story Units

Design Studio

SPRING 2018 ( 2GBX ) Instructor: Elena Manferdini Team: Rhett Huer Rubalcava

The Man Made Nature studio focused on a proposed project for a site in the Flower Distric of downtown Los Angeles. My proposal included spaces that were meant to give back to the surrounding community, including vertical gardens to supply the flower markets on the ground floor, and smaller and larger apartment options in the tower on the south end of the site.

Studio Units 313 SQ FT 1 bath

1 Bed Units 750 SQ FT 1 bed 1 bath

2 Bed Units

1040 SQ Ft 2 beds 2 bath

Two Story Units - Entry Level 1 Bed Units 1060 SQ FT 1 bed 1 bath

2 Bed Units

1370 SQ Ft 2 beds 2 bath

Two Story Units - Bedroom Level 1 Bed Units 1060 SQ FT 1 bed 1 bath

2 Bed Units

1370 SQ Ft 2 beds 2 bath

Gabriela Zappi



Gabriela Zappi

Design Development Applied Studies

Spring 2019 Instructor: Herwig Baumgautner Partners: Julian Basurto, Erwin Vergara

In this class a project from a previous semester was taken and rationalized down to construction details as an exercise meant to familiarize ourselves with the design development process.

Trussed Pertruding “Stick” Elements Perforated Aluminum Panel Panel Support System Primary Steel Pipe Structure Concrete Mat Foundation

Gabriela Zappi



Gabriela Zappi

Urban Green Design Studio FALL 2016

Instructor: Brad Wales Partner: Hadi-Al Jabi Lopez First Place - Pella Scholarship Competition Honorable Mention UB Senior Studio Competition

The aim of the project is to adress various societal needs in the heart of the city of Buffalo. Lack of access to food resources and fresh produce has long been an issue in a quickly re-urbanizing Buffalo landscape. This project adresses this need by way of private greenhouses that correspond to each unit, and a public green market on the ground floor. Another societal need adressed by this proj- ect is the need to be in touch with nature and the natural environrment even in the heart of the city.

Gabriela Zappi

Public Grotto Render



Gabriela Zappi

Visual Studies Visual Studies I

FALL 2017 4200 ( 2GAX ): Visual Studies 1 Instructor: Kristy Balliet & Casey Rehm This visual studies course was a chance for me to explore form via the vessel, the textured vessel, and ultimately a scripted variation of the textured vessel.

*Scripted* Decay “Processing” (the software) was used to manipulate the slitscan image, and tactile object 3D model into an entirely new form which still kept some of the language from the original.

Gabriela Zappi

Controlled Decay A manipulation the vessel by applying a “tactile object” to the surface of the form, integrating both the senses of enclosed form with multiscale object manipulation.

Vessel An exploration of various possibilities of form derived from bezier curve lines which were lofted and piped to create a vessel with interiority and exteriority.



Gabriela Zappi

INFINITE HOUSE Design Studio Spring 2019: Connecting the Dots Instructor: Natasha Sandmeier

The Site The site is also infinite in it’s orientation possibility, providing 5 slots for the house to potentially fit in. The themes depend heavily on the context.

The House With it’s various forms of access, apertures and entrances, the exterior of the house demonstrates many ways to be able to access the house. It has no upward orientation, being able exist with any direction being up and down, a metaphor for the arbitrary nature of access and the way access for one person can be inaccessibility for another.

Gabriela Zappi



Gabriela Zappi

ReDesign Office Design Studio FALL 2016

Instructor: Brian Carter The re de sign office is a proposed architecture practice in the heart of Buffalo’s Allentown, a bustling neighborhood with a concentration of young creatives. The proposal takes advantage of the scenic buffalo streets, allowing for calibrated views into them, while also being closed off enough to allow for concentration and focus inside. Diagonally cut apertures in the right volume allow for subdued light into exhibition space, meeting and cafe spaces while the “work” module is clad in vertical wood louvers as a means to allow for views out over the “public” volume as well as tailor sunlight to designers’ needs. A row of trees on the west property line speak to Buffalo’s tradition of being a heavily tree-ed city as per Olmsted’s design of Buffalo’s vast park system nearby.

Gabriela Zappi

Section A

Section B

Section C




Ground Floor Plan

Floor 1

Floor 2



Gabriela Zappi

Direction of Disorder Design Studio FALL 2016 DS 1200 (2GAX): Semblances

Instructor: Marcelyn Gow

First Floor Plan

Gabriela Zappi

Site Plan



Gabriela Zappi

marmol radziner

In this time I became familiar with the construction documentation and design development phases of various commercial, hospitality, and high-end residential projects. My work was mostly in drawing sets and realistic rendering.

Gabriela Zappi



Gabriela Zappi

Gabriela Zappi



Gabriela Zappi

Virtual World Building

Imagining v a r i o u s “worlds” with different possibilities for use and experience. The image on the left imagines a digital museum where the laws of physics don’t apply and the image on the right assumes a surreal “boney” structure which houses spaces for resting, floating hydroponic gardens, wind collection, etc.

Gabriela Zappi



Gabriela Zappi

Object Project The Object Project is a limited line of one-of-one furniture and home pieces entirely cut from one sheet of plywood by a CNC machine. The line contains 5 larger furniture objects and 19 smaller household items ashtrays, trays, candle holders, incense holders, and a flower holder.

Gabriela Zappi



Gabriela Zappi

Gabriela Zappi



Gabriela Zappi

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Gabriela Zappi


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