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Gabriela Molina Villa Architecture Portfolio

Parish Center, Monastery & Cementery:

Since the Renaissance, religion become an individual subject for each person, therefore, life in community to discuss transcendental issues almost disappeared. Therefore the project motivates the encounter in community with God through architectural spaces of reflection and not of nostalgia. The reflection spaces are for gatherings and relationship with nature. Therefore, a transition between reflection and nostalgic spaces is determined by public programs on the ground floor such as the entrance hall and the monastic brewery. On the other hand, spaces of nostalgia are those closed, with controlled lighting that motivate introspection. These consist of spaces like the cells of the monks or the funeral rooms of the cemetery. The project includes both types of spaces emphasizing in the landscape theme. The transition between the two spaces is through the use of courtyards, plazas and parks. Finally, the contrast between the nature of the garden and the park cemetery is essential when determining the architectural party. I proposed a cloister however it does not motivate introspection, instead, the transition of spaces and visual relationships. This are given at the moment of entering the sanctuary through a large plaza and ending in the outdoor chapel. The two libraries rise precisely to generate visual relationships considering the length of the site.

Public Chapel, Elevation View.
Gabriela Molina Villa. 2016
Interior Courtyard, Section View
Gabriela Molina Villa. 2016