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The Sound of Silence Gabriel Ponte-Fleary

To God, Who never abandoned me. To my mother, Janet Fleary. Thanks for teaching me that the sky is the limit. Love You!

A journey through a silent world.

Many Deaf people aren’t allowed to communicate using Sign Language. This is a violation to their rights.

“As a Deaf person living with hearing people, I have always been forced to embrace the orally spoken language to be able to survive in a hearing world. Beside that I wasn’t allowed to communicate with my hands and having any connection with the Deaf world.” Joy Gibson

Deaf people are often tagged with words such as: Mute Dumb Retarded Loser Useless Unsuccessful

What not to say to Deaf people: Can you hear me? Read my lips.

My eyes are my ears... hands are my voice.

Deaf use American Sign Language (ASL) as a way of expression.

ASL is Poetry.

*The photo represents the sign for Shakespeare.

ASL is love

ASL is Freedom

ASL is Evolution

Deaf people are fighting for equality.

Deaf Rights Matter

“Deaf people can do everything hearing people can do, except hear.” King Jordan

Special Thanks: Estefania Blanco Joy Gibson Julia McCreedy Maria Lelie Samantha Geffen Shaylee Fogelberg Danica Zielinski Gabi Ertle Rajay Raman Lucia Constantino Carlos Garcia

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The Sound of Silence  
The Sound of Silence  

A book about Deaf struggles....