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We know you want solid evidence before choosing any solution to protect your horse’s gastric health. This is as solid as it gets.

Their way:

Our way:

Put traditional Psyllium products in water and they get brick hard.

Our one-of-a-kind GST® technology uses whole blond Psyllium husks to encapsulate beneficial nutrients. It creates a gel that protects the live probiotics and prebiotics from hostile stomach acids & GI juices.

The good nutrients get exactly where they need to be in the hindgut all 29 feet of it!

The steam and high heat used in processing destroy the structure of the Psyllium - and its healthy benefits.

lly works nce this science rea We’ve got hard evide

Would you want this in your GI tract? Neither would your horse!

in real guts.

ASSURE® is the only digestive health system

with this kind of solid proof behind it.

ASSURE products are able to deliver billions of healthy microbes (“good” bacteria and yeast) to the hind gut.

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An unmatched level of service,

cutting -edge technology and an expansive product selection -

discover the Milburn difference.

Milburn Equine provides you with everything you need to practice equine veterinary medicine.

Call 800.279.6452 to experience the benefits of a partnership with Milburn Equine. 

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The Practitioner Issue 1 2013  

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