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F R E E S T U D E N T N E W S PA P E R , V o l . 1 2 I S S U E 9 , 0 1 . 0 3 . 2 0 1 1

SU comes under criticism for College Week acts By Grainne Coyne

Labour’s Ruairí Quinn signs the USI pledge not to re-introduce fees of any form

Anti-fees Labour poised to enter coalition with pro-fees FG By Richard Manton In the lead up to the

The headline acts for College

is a disappointment compared to

Week are David McSavage and

other years. I was hoping for

The Rubberbandits. The lack of

better music acts like Calvin

better quality acts has led to

Harris last year and more comedy

criticism of the Students’ Union


by many students, claiming that higher profile acts were sourced

Another Final Year Arts student

in other universities this year and

said: “I heard that Jessie J is

in NUIG in previous years.

performing for Trinity and other colleges seem to have better acts

According to Melissa Mannion,

than we do here. There is nothing

consequences of reneging

Mannion continued: “Over

the SU Irish Language Officer,

to look forward to for College

general election, the

On Saturday Ruairí Quinn,

on clear promises made

the last 12 months the

“The acts question of College

Week.” However Melissa

Labour Party reaffirmed its

participating in RTÉ’s

about education.

strength of the student

Week is an interesting one

pointed out that “It's very

commitment to quality

Election Coverage, said

voice has been seen over

because the SU, as is the norm,

difficult to gauge what sort of

and publicly funded third

that the Labour Party had

Peter Mannion, President

and over. On November

are always interested in

acts people would like to see

level education. Ruairí

no “red line” issues, which

of the Students’ Union

3rd over 40,000 students

suggestions and ideas for the

when students don't provide

Quinn and Eamon

could not be negotiated on

said: “I am hugely

took to the streets of

week. Anything that will help us

input, which we receive much

GIlmore, on behalf of the

during talks with Fine Gael

concerned by Ruairi

Dublin to show their

raise more money for our

more of after the act has been

Labour Party, signed the

on forming a coalition. In

Quinn’s comments last

support for publicly

charities is obviously a good


USI Election pledge and

response, the Students’

weekend. The pledge he

funded education. Since


thereby promised not to

Union has reconfigured

signed, on behalf of the

then thousands of

re-introduce third level


Labour Party, is very clear

students registered to vote

The majority of students are

week there main act was also

fees in any form including

website to send an email

and guarantees Labour

on campuses all over the

comparing this year’s College

‘The Rubberbandits’ as well as

student loans, graduate

to all new Labour Party

Party support third level

country. The voice of

Week acts to last year’s ones,

many fundraising events such as

taxes and any further

TDs urging them all not to

education. I encourage all

students is clearly

where international DJ Calvin

bungee jumping and tomato

increase in the Student

forget the promises which

students to go on to

strengthening and I warn

Harris, The Coronas and Jason

fights. UL’s Charity Week, which

Contribution to Higher

were made during the and send

all of the new Labour Party

Byrne performed and many

coincides with NUIG’s College

Education. The Labour

General Election

an email to the new

TDs that we will punish

students expected similar acts to

Week, is focusing on fundraising

Party also pledged to

Campaign. The email

Labour Party TDs

any political party who

perform this year. Geraldine,

events such as Wet T-shirt

protect the Higher

draws parallels with the

reminding them of their

thinks they can lie to us for

Final Year Arts students told Sin:

competitions and their main

Education Maintenance

plight of the Liberal

promises and the strength

their electoral gain.”

“I expected better acts for

headliner act is also The

Grant and to tackle the

Democrats in the UK who

of the student vote.”

College Week, this year’s line up

Rubberbandits. ...

graduate emigration crisis.

are suffering the

GMIT’s Rag Week was held last


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Solicitors’ open offer to Mature Students

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SU comes under criticism for College Week acts NUIG’s College Week has various fundraising events such 90’s nights Smash Hits, Take Me Out, Mini Triathlon, Rock

By Méabh McDonnell

the Boat World Record Attempt and

Harry Bell of Bell & Carroll Solicitors has recently made contact with the Student’s Union in regard to mature students looking for job-seekers allowance. They recently settled a case involving an MA student from NUI Galway, whose job-seeker allowance had been withdrawn without notification due to the fact she was now classed as being ‘in full time education’. The law states that students who are in full time education are not considered for jobseekers allowance. However in 2007 a qualification was made in the law, if a student was over 23 years of age, then he or she could still avail of job-seekers allowance if they could provide

‘The Key to Hell’ Written by Niamh Dennis and directed by Hannah O'Reilly Starring (left to right): Andrew Buckley, David Burke, Conor Burke, Paul Rodgers and Jenny O'Donnell

sufficient proof that he or she would be available to work up to three days between Mondays and Saturdays. The student of NUIG fit these criteria, and her case reached a settlement earlier on in the year. Bell and Carroll Solicitors have offered their legal assistance to students around the country and are currently dealing with similar cases involving students from LIT and GMIT. They have told the Student Unions in colleges around the country, including NUIG that, in reference to this issue of mature students being denied jobseekers allowance, “we confirm that this firm is willing and able to act on their behalf on a “no foal, no fee” basis.

This means that the student will not be responsible for paying this firms, or indeed Counsels, legal costs. At all times, such costs will only be recoverable as against the proposed Defendant to any such litigation.” According to Harry Bell, of Bell and Carroll, “We have two solicitors working on this issue and a barrister, our policy is that no student will be charged even for a consultation”. They also pointed out that, “We are happy to attend your campus with our legal professionals, by appointment, to make a presentation on the above services and to discuss any queries your students may have”.

Skydiving which according to Melissa “...was widely requested as event and now that’s been organised.” Student Union charities for College Week are the Alan Kerins Projects and Ability West, Geraldine argued: “Surely the more popular acts they have for College Week the more money they can raise for charity.” However according to Melissa, “I think a lot more students partake in the fundraising and volunteering aspect of College Week than people think. You are technically helping the fundraising by buying tickets to the events put on, regardless of whether you also help out with bucket collections or take part in the more obvious fundraising activities.”

Jerome Hynes One Act Play Series 2011 By Naomi Moran

Photo by Joe Hyland The One Act Play Series ran from Tuesday 22nd-Thursday 24th as part of Theatre Week. The six winning plays brought their audience from Hell to a Presidential Crisis, to the future and back to remembering younger days. The winning playwrights included David Kilgannon, Niamh Dennis, Sarah Griffin, Thomas Dooley, Michael Shiels and Maedhbh Haicead. The series this year had three alumni theatre practitioners help and guide the playwrights and directors in the process namely Eileen Gibbons, Mephisto Theatre and Fregoli Theatre. Thanks to all involved for their time and effort. If you didn’t get a chance to see the one act plays last week, there is a second chance to see them during the ISDA fringe festival running in Kelly’s Bar from the 4th -13th of March. Check out Dramsoc Facebook for more information

NEWS Student Nurses protest against slave labour By Richard Manton

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Students to attempt ‘Rock the Boat’ world record By Richard Manton

On 16th February, NUIG Student Nurses joined forces with their counterparts from across the country to protest against government plans to reduce, and eventually eliminate, payments for student nurses on work placement. Thousands of student nurses took part in the protest march, which ended at the Department of Health & Children.

wage. Earlier this month, student nurses staged lunchtime stoppages in hospitals which resulted in the outgoing Minister for Health & Children, Mary Coughlan, committing to a review of the situation. However, the Minister has indicated that a cut in wages is still planned. Student nurses have warned the outgoing Minister that the planned cuts will be an election issue.

Student nurses and midwives work 36hour week as part of their final work placement. At present, the students who work full shift patterns including weekends and nights are paid 80% of a nurse’s salary. The students are an integral part of a hospital’s workforce providing essential, direct and immediate bedside care. However, the last Government proposed reducing the amount being paid to student nurses over the next four years and eliminating it completely in 2015. The cuts will mean that wages paid this year will be 76% of the newly reduced minimum

Peter Mannion, Students’ Union President, said: “Everybody is aware that our health system is completely inadequate and shambolic, but the notion of forcing student nurses to work 36 hour weeks for nothing is a step too far. Student Nurses aren’t looking for anything extra. They’re already underpaid for their work, but removing that payment simply isn’t fair. The protests over the past few weeks have involved thousands of people who will all cast a vote next week and candidates should remember that. ”

NUIG students will attempt to break a Guinness World Record by organising the largest “Rock the Boat” dance ever. “Rock the Boat” is a well known song by the Hues Corporation with a unique dance which involves everybody sitting on the floor in rows, swaying back and forth and side to side in time with the music. The current Guinness World Record stands at 820 people, which was set in Tipperary in 2009, but the

University Staff will also be involved in the fundraising through the annual Staff Auction. This year’s College Week Charities are Ability West and the Alan Kerins Project.

Students’ Union are confident that they will smash that record when they hold their attempt next Monday afternoon in the University’s Sports Centre.

students raise thousands of euro for charities and this world record attempt will serve as a reminder of their achievements.”

The world record attempt is part of the annual College Week organised by the SU which raises thousands of euro for local and national charities. Other fundraising events during the week will see students participate in a sponsored climb of Croagh Patrick, a sponsored Skydive and the Mini Triathlon.

MAnnion continued: “For the past number of months Galway students have been taking part in protests and demonstrations against a raft of cutbacks, so it’s fitting that they should hold a world record for rocking the boat!”

Students’ Union President, Peter Mannion said: “It’s great to see so many people get involved in a fun activity like Rock the Boat especially when it’s part of a charity fundraising drive. Every year


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Italian Society to hold Masquerade Ball

ISDA Theatre Festival launched in Galway Arts Centre

By Marion Carey By Méabh McDonnel The NUIG Italian Society is hosting its annual Carnevale Masquerade Ball on the 10th of March from 7.30 p.m. in the Harbour Hotel. Tickets to the event are available at the Socs Box and cost €45. This includes a Prosecco reception, a three course meal, and complimentary wine as well entertainment for the night. This year, proceeds from the Ball go the Jack and Jill Foundation, which provides care and support for children with severe neurological development issues, as well as offering some respite to the parents and families. Last year’s Ball raised over €2000 for the Galway charity Ability West.

Bake sale to fundraise for Aware By Natasha McGowan On the 8th March (Pancake Tuesday), the ROPES team will hold a charity bake sale in Áras na Mac Léinn, to raise money for Aware. ROPES is a literary journal edited, designed and published by the MA in Literature and Publishing. This year, the MA class has decided to donate all proceeds of the journal to Aware. The bake sale will run from from 12.30pm and there will be a range of goodies on sale - cheesecakes, blueberry muffins and pancakes are just a selection.

The 64th Irish Student Drama Association festival was launched on Thursday 24th February in the Galway Arts Centre. Neasa O’Callaghan, this year’s festival director launched the festival highlighting the 48 shows which will be taking place around the city as part of the festival from March 4th to March 12th encouraging people to enjoy the festival to the utmost extent. Dr Lionel Pilkington of NUIG’s English department spoke at the launch, wishing the committee luck and also congratulating them for taking on such a festival, he mentioned that in economic times such as these we need theatre and drama more than ever. The festival will not only include a showcase of student drama every day but also examples of new Irish writing as Kelly’s lunchtime theatre will be showing short original drama from students around the country. There will also be drama workshops taking place during the week. The festival will include awards at the closing ceremony, which will be judged by artist and stage designer Dolores Lyne, lighting designer Sinéad McKenna and leading Irish actress Derbhle Crotty. The judges will attend each performance and were thanked for taking time to participate in the festival. Further information is available at

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All changed, changed utterly, a terrible Beauty is born Marc Mc Menamin looks at the fallout of General Election 2011 and the potential danger of a Fianna Fáil wipeout. The 2011 General election has proven to be a defining moment in Irish history. Not since the watershed election of 1918 has the political landscape of Ireland been so dramatically altered. In that fateful election the rise of Sinn Féin began a process which would lead to the dissolution of the Irish Parliamentary Party the following year. The I.P.P. had until this point been the dominant party in Irish politics counting historical giants such as Parnell and Butt amongst its members. The old guard was discarded with and a new dispensation emerged which would chart the course of Irish history from that point forward. Undoubtedly there are many parallels between 1918 and 2011. Certainly the Sinn Féin party has succeeded in securing the antigovernment vote but they have also succeeded in capitalizing on the disillusioned republican vote, snaring many disaffected Fianna Fáil supporters. This is commendable but the party’s success will probably be short lived. It will be interesting to see if the party will maintain these numbers in five years time. The big story of the election is undoubtedly the meltdown of the Fianna Fáil vote. Remarkably, Brian Lenihan is the only surviving T.D. for the party in Dublin; an unthinkable fact in 2007 when the Ahern era was in full swing. The outgoing cabinet has been decimated, only four ministers have been returned; the most high profile casualty being in my own constituency. After twenty four years in politics the Coughlin dynasty came to an end at the count centre in Donegal town with Fianna Fáil losing both seats and for the first time in the history of the state Donegal South West is without a Fianna Fáil deputy. The United Left Alliance has made considerable gains with Joe Higgins being returned as well as People before Profit members Richard Boyd Barrett and Joan Collins. Independents have faired extremely well with Shane Ross and Mick Wallace topping the

poll in their respective constituencies. Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan has been returned in Roscommon South Leitrim and Maureen O’Sullivan in Dublin Central ensuring the Tony Gregory legacy lives on. Gombeen politics has also lived to fight another day with the elections of Michael Healy Rae and Michael Lowry who both achieved huge amounts of first preference votes in their respective constituencies. What is certain is that Fine Gael and Labour will be in a prime position to form a stable coalition. This is undoubtedly the most stable option available and ultimately the option that will most benefit the country. While detractors have criticized both parties for disagreements over the course of the campaign it is obvious that both parties have a lot more in common that many believe. They have on many occasions in the past been amicable coalition partners. Immediately the great partnership of Liam Cosgrave and Brendan Corish comes to mind; but also and perhaps more importantly the great social democratic tradition of Garret FitzGearald and Jim Dooge who met ideologically half way with the Labour party and who initiated a strong government as a result. The left wing policies of Labour will temper the extreme right of Fine Gael while the right wing element of Fine Gael will soften some of the unrealistic leftist views of Labour. Both sides in the coalition will have to give way to find a common middle ground given the extent of the crisis that the country now faces. The subsequent five years present a very important opportunity for Fianna Fáil. The party now has the chance to rebuild and reorganize itself. In order to survive it will need to move away from being the party of ‘golfers’ and ‘property developers’ and revert to De Valera's original vision as a party of the people. The excesses of the ‘Galway tent’ style of politics need to be banished

forever from the organization if it is ever to survive. There are good people in Fianna Fáil; however, this element has been overshadowed for decades ever since the Haughey era began. Ireland needs Fine Gael and Labour in government but it also needs Fianna Fáil in opposition; a slide to the left and to the extremist politics of Sinn Féin would only serve to destabilize and segregate our country. As I watched Fine Gael’s Dinny Mc Ginley being raised shoulder high in Donegal and the former Tánaiste leaving disappointed I

took note of the words uttered to the newly elected deputy by an elderly woman: “If today has proven anything, it’s this, when you get to Leinster House, remember who put you there.” Yeats spoke of a terrible beauty being born in the aftermath of 1916. Indeed a terrible beauty has been born once again; this being an awakening of the Irish people, not in opposition to oppression but to the imperialism of cronyism and clientelism and the political links to big business. The onus now is on Enda Kenny. He has the opportunity to be ranked

alongside Lemass and W.T. Cosgrave as one of Ireland’s greatest leaders. This will occur only if he dismantles the imperfections of the system and strives for people before party. If he aims to serve rather than rule and if he builds a future at home for the youth. If he succeeds then we as a nation will move forward and rebuild our institutions both political and economic. If he maintains the status quo then we will witness a further slide to the politics of extremism and in that potential future we will all lose out.

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The best description of anorexia I’ve

this danger. Its chief executive, Susan

heard is -‘Most people comfort-eat.

Ringwood said ‘So for her to even

Anorexics comfort-don’t eat.’ Kate Moss

inadvertently legitimise something that

once said ‘no food tastes as good as

could be so potentially harmful is

skinny feels’ and was slammed by critics


Dying to be

because the same motto was adopted by pro-anorexia websites. Was Kate Moss

With many designers banning size zero

promoting anorexia or was the wafer-

models on their runways, there has been

thin model trying to be sensational?

a change in the idea of typical beauty.

Moss has always been thin from the start

Louis Vuitton introduced plus size

of her career and because her weight

models for the first time in its fall and

never seems to fluctuate, the 5’7’’ model

winter collections. Prada used

is probably naturally thin. However, she

voluptuous models such as Rosie-

has fronted campaigns for Burberry, YSL,

Huntingdon-Whitley and Doutzen

Calvin Klein and most recently, Topshop.

Kroes. With the fifties influence to be

Her image is seen all over the world as

seen from many designers this season,

she is labelled as a fashion icon, so many

there is a re-introduction to the hour-

women try to look like her. Russell Brand

glass figure. The bust and the bum are

described her as looking like an ‘angel’

celebrated but this turn on the

and Kanye West mentions her in his

dangerously thin figures will not change

music. We all want a piece of Kate Moss.

anytime soon. It a wake-up call to the

But by placing such a spectacular looking

world of fashion. The runways of the

woman on a pedestal, are we also

fashion capitals-Milan, New York and

glorifying anorexia? Because the super

London, have been revolutionised.

model is a role model to so many people,

Anorexia is not glamorised anymore.

th n By Fiona Ní Mháille

many young women want to be like her. Therefore, this comment could be

Anorexia nervosa is first and foremost a

extremely dangerous to their health. The

psychological disease with physical side-

eating disorder charity ‘Beat’ recognises

effects. Anorexics are typically

calorie-obsessed people that engage in

our children will turn out alright? Strict

strenuous, frequent exercise and have

routines are the result of passion, of

warped perceptions. They perceive

wanting our children to be successful.

themselves to be overweight despite

Passion is a form of love. Where is the

being constantly told they are

line between a gentle push to success

Dee Newell

underweight. Pumping an anorexic with

and exercising too much control?

fatty foods would have no long-term

Obsession with control is ironically, a

can be seen

benefits because it is their own

primary symptom of anorexia. The

perceptions they need to change firstly.

‘denial’ Orbach speaks about is obviously

around campus with

Their weight is a result of their own

the denial of food. The ‘desire’ is a desire

restrictions and perceptions so a

to be thin. This desire is made stronger

temporary change of weight would

when images of skeletal figures fronting

achieve no good. The results of

beauty campaigns are splashed over

prolonged anorexia include tooth loss,

billboards and shop windows.

Profile with style...

her best friend, Lulu Guinness. Dee is famous for whiping

acne, osteoporosis and cardiac arrest. It is difficult to say what exactly triggers

Without a doubt, the size-zero craze did

anorexia because each case is individual.

nothing to favour those vulnerable to

forth and her

In her book about anorexia

anorexia nervosa. On the runway, a

wardrobe into shape.

:‘Hungerstrike’ Susie Orbach says ‘the

model must be tall to show clothes to

starvation amidst plenty, the denial set

best effect; and slim because the lighting

This lieutenant is

against desire, the striving for invisibility

and the camera adds pounds. A runway

versus the wish to be seen-these key

model should be at least 5’9’’ but with an

features of anorexia-are a metaphor of

American size zero being equal to a

our age.’ In her book, Orbach suggests

European size 4, many models of the

that anorexics can come from either

past were malnourished and

households that exercise a lot of control

underweight, often suffering from

and routine, or ones that exercise none

anaemia and osteoporosis. Now models

her hair back and

excused from wearing her manmagnet uniform on the college grounds

at all. They rebel against that which

are not forced to conform to unhealthy

because she is a

repulses them. This covers a lot of homes

sizes. Forever 21’s tagline sums up the

chemistry student

nationwide. What is the alternative?

modern world of fashion perfectly-

Walking on eggshells in the hope that

‘fashion is for everyone’.

Beauty? ?

? ? ?

By Saffron Ennis

This may sound like a feminist piece, but with the majority of boy-pleasing articles, I felt it time for a women's voice to be heard, and its subject is one that will capture nearly every woman's

brought higher and higher, putting more pressure on women to fulfill these ridiculous ideals. Would a man go to such lengths to find a partner? Questionable. I'm actually not sure if I

interest: Beauty.

qualify the “beautiful” criteria - how can anyone be sure

Why is there this huge

anymore? The term is too liberally distributed that it

pressure to be beautiful? This pressure has always been in existence, but only in the last century has it reached its peak. Women everywhere are in competition with each

has lost all meaning - all women are considered - or more appropriately expected to be beautiful. It

other, day in, day out,

seems that being beautiful is the only term that qualifies a

compelled to confine

women as accomplished.

themselves to societies dress code. It seems like a constant struggle, trying to keep up with the latest trends, spending an obscene amount of money and feeling both guilt and unsatisfied afterwards. Everywhere I look I see images of “ideal” women, women who are deemed attractive, setting up the type of woman men should have and the type of woman girls aspire to

Without beauty, our interest is immediately dampened. An impressive degree or not, this woman is not fitting our criteria without beauty. And the unfortunate thing is, most young women are completely unaware of the media's brainwashing; they gladly spend vast amounts on meaningless materials to keep their self-worth afloat. They


have no interest in removing the expensive covering and

How can one define beauty?

seeing what is truly important. But why should

Beauty is constantly changing, yet we are so quick to make the judgement of whether a girl is “hot” or not, prevalently among young

they? Being that media is playing propaganda on both males and females, how can they expect to find a man

men. How can one expect to

without her “beauty mask”? Their mission would be even

acquire and develop genuine

more impossible.

relationships with anyone in this unending cycle? How can a person's entire identity be judged by their carefully applied MAC make-up, or the latest tigh-waisted River Island jeans? The media throw images at us every single day, and our perception of beauty is altered yet again, compelling young women to overspend their savings in order to feel attractive. Yet this is not only confined to young women, it seems to be contagious,

So, what are the options for young women? Remain a clone, fashion victim, devaluing yourself and placing yourself in continuous competition against our own sex, in the hope of catching the eye of a masochistic moron? Or choosing to be different, wearing comfortable clothes that suit your mood, entering down the road of selfdevelopment, with the hope of finding a like-minded

spreading onto the

partner who doesn't plave

older generation.

value on physical materials and building a happy

From these air-brushed,

relationship? Don't fret ladies, it's worth the risk -

unnaturally skinny models, men gain the knowledge of the type of women to be sought. Their standards bar is

there are good men out there. I've found one.


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By Mark Kelly


Leaving Cert Irish optional So election fever is finally over, we roughly

secret? Irish had the biggest fail rate of any

you can go from 6th class, where your

you may have to write about 4 poems in a

know the make-up of our government

subject in the 2010 Leaving Cert. So, had

saying “Siúl me go dtí an siopa” to

answer, but you only need three quarters

know, whoopee. It was an election that

any students planned to go to Uni, and

analysing poems and stories in junior Cert

of a page per poem. In Irish it’s a page and a

failed to catch the imagination of the

failed Irish, the dream went up in smoke

is beyond me, its incomprehensible. Also, in

half in higher level! Its lunacy! Now don’t

government, and wasn’t too controversial.

right there.

Junior Cert English, you are expected to

get me wrong, I think Irish should be

right three quarters of a page on a poem in

compulsory up until Junior Cert, but I also

Well, one thing was. No, not the teacherTD scandal, it’s the fact that Enda Kenny

think that it should be made more oral.

said that Irish may no longer be a

That’s the reason why people prefer French

compulsory Leaving Certificate subject if

and German over it. It’s because it’s mainly

he got elected.

through oral you learn the language, and develop the skills you need. I know a lot

The outrage was mind-blowing, and I mean

more German than Irish just due to the way

that in the worst possible sense. Up until

it was taught to me. I studied German for 5

now, the Irish people, and especially the

years, and Irish for 13.

students, have acted very sensibly, not over-reacting even to the planned increase

A recent survey of students showed those

in fees, instead using measured responses

studying higher level Irish studied three

and demonstrations. That was, until Kenny

times more for that subject than for higher

said what a lot of students have been

level maths! The amount of work involved

wanting for a long time. The fact that the

in higher level Irish in Leaving Cert is

main argument that came out of the USI

overwhelming even for the best of

was that it could “kill the language” is one

students, and it detracts from the other

of the most outrageous comments made by

subjects as well, which leads to lower

anyone this year. Yes, of course, just

results in the other subjects. So something

making the subject optional for Leaving

has to be done. Hopefully, the curriculum

Cert will make it die off, as no-one will be

will be fixed and Irish is changed to a more

speaking it anymore. I’m sorry, but I just

oral sense, in order to encourage more

couldn’t agree less with this sentiment

everyday speakers of the language.

from the union.

Universities should take the example of somewhere like Trinity where instead of

Firstly, here are some facts for you.

needing English, Irish and a third language,

Approximately 10% of Irish school children

you need English, and a second language,

are, or were, attending a gaelscoil. Students

including Irish. That way, we can get more

who have a very good level of Irish and

everyday speakers of Irish, as Fine Gael and

decide to take the exam through Irish get

Fianna Fáil target, and make Irish more

an extra 10% up to 75%, and then an extra

enjoyable and a much picked subject in

5% thereafter. So basically an extra grade,

Leaving cert. I truly believe that Irish

an extra five points above 75%. And one of

should be a non-compulsory subject, and

the biggest reasons why it’s proved so

Now, Mr. Kenny is not suggesting that we

higher level, the same amount is required

this comes from a student who got an A1

popular is that to go to all Universities

scrap Irish from the Leaving Cert system,

for Irish. The fact you have to write the

in pass Irish last year. So, ansin, dhéanfaidh

excluding Trinity and RCSI, you need a C3

no, it will become a choice subject, and he

same amount for your first language and

an abhair gaeilge ní éigeantach atá sa

in pass Irish. That is the really outrageous

also wants to set up a new subject -

essential a second language is beyond me!

Ardteist [sic].

thing here. Not because Irish isn’t

communications through Irish. That is very

important, because the curriculum from

much to be welcomed, but in my opinion

You must certainly learn to dissect and

*This article will be replied to in next

primary to secondary all the way up to

so is making the subject a choice subject,

understand poems and stories in English in

week’s issue

Leaving is terrible. Do you want to know a

and no longer compulsory. The fact that

primary school. Yes, in Leaving Cert English

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Scéalta ón Acadamh Mic léinn Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge ag craoladh beo ón gCeathrú Rua ar Flirt FM faoi láthair! Staisiún Malartach na Gaillimhe! Flirt FM! Staisiún Malartach na

chéim sa chumarsáid cláir leath

Gaillimhe. Éistígí linn beo ar líne ar an suíomh nó ar 101.3FM.


seo éagsúlacht agus, dar liom,

Go dtí seo i mbliana phlé muid

uair a chloig ar nós, Scléip ar an

Bunaíodh Club Raidió an

cuireann sé go mór leis na cláir a

galar an ghrá, na rudaí maithe a

Aer, Iris an Iarthair, An Solas Glas

Acadaimh an seimeastar seo agus

bíonn á gcraoladh againn.

tharla sa bhliain 2010, na geallúintí

Tá mic léinn Acadamh na

agus Cumasc.

anois tá muid ag craoladh beo ar

I measc na n-ábhar a bhí againn ar

a dhéanann muid ar fad don

hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge ag an

Bhí mise Colleen Ní Bhaistir mar

Flirt FM gach seachtain arís! Tá

na cláir roimh na Nollag bhí gach

bhliain nua agus na moltaí maithe

gCeathrú Rua ag craoladh beo ar

bhall den grúpa ‘An Solas Glas’

gach saghas duine sa chlub raidió

rud ó Oíche Shamhna, scannáin

a bhíonn againn chun ré a chur i

Flirt FM faoi láthair. Gach Dé

agus bhí an-chraic go deo againn

atá againn, ón gcéad bhliain go dtí

maithe, na J1’s, Féile na Nollag

bhfeidhm sa chineál saoil a

Luain as seo go dtí deireadh an

ag craoladh na gclár seo gach

an ceathrú bliain. Cruthaíonn sé

agus roinnt ábhair eile.

chaitheann muid, cúrsaí ceoil agus

Aibreáin beidh mic léinn ón

tuilleadh lena chois.

Acadamh le cloisteáil beo ar an aer

Ní cláir leadránacha a bhíonn á

idir 11.00 agus 13.00. Tá an

gcraoladh againn, geallaim daoibh!

craoladh seo ag teacht ón stiúideo

Bíonn guthanna éagsúla iontu,

atá againn anseo san ollscoil ar an

tuairimí ón bpobal agus ceol le

gCeathrún Rua.

cloisteáil ar na cláir a chraolann an

Is iad na spéirmhná ón gceathrú

tAcadamh ar Flirt FM.

bliain den B.A sa Chumarsáid,

Tabhair cluas dúinn gach Dé Luain

Katie Ní Chongaile, Lisa Madden

idir a 11 agus a 1 ar Flirt FM! Is

agus Barbara Uí Choistealbha a

féidir libh teachtaireacht a

chuirfidh tús leis an gcraoladh ón

sheoladh chugainn tríd an suíomh

ngrúpa faoin teideal Míreanna nó seol téacs chugainn

Meara ‘For the Record’. Clár uair

ar 085 180 1013.Chomh maith leis

an chloig é seo. Tar éis an chláir sin

sin is féidir libh teachtaireacht a

craolfar ‘Scléip ar an Aer’ agus

fhágáil dúinn ar Facebook- An

‘Cúlchaint’ agus beidh glórtha

tAcadamh ar Flirt FM.

éagsúla ón Acadamh le cloisteáil ar

Beidh mise Colleen Ní Bhaistir ag

na gclár.

scríobh an cholúin seo “Scéalta ón

Conas a tharla sé sin, deireann sibh

Acadamh” sa pháipéar ‘Sin’ go

libh féin?

deireadh an tseimeastair agus beidh mé ag déanamh tráchta air

Bhuel bhí mic léinn sa dara bhliain

ábhair éagsúla in Ollscoile na

den B.A sa Chumarsáid ag craoladh

hÉireann Gaillimh. Má tá aon

beo trí Ghaeilge ar Flirt FM an

tuairimí agaibh seol chuig an

seimistear seo caite ar feadh aon

bpáipéar iad ag

seachtain dhéag mar chuid den

Slán agus Beannacht, Colleen Ní Bhaistir

obair a bhaineann leis an modúl i gcraoltóireacht raidió. Chraol na grúpaí éagsúla ón dara bhliain den

Imirce - Traidisiún na nGael? Tá Éireannaigh scapaithe ar fud an

chaithfidh dul ar imirce go dtí

2010 maidir le Príomh Oifig

cosúil linn féin iad, b’fhéidir go

isteach sa dtrioblóid muid, tá siad

domhain, cloistear go minic faoi na

Sasana, Meiriceá nó fiú amhráin

Staidrimh na hÉireann. I 2009

mbeidh orainn an rud céanna a

fós ag saothrú go leor airgid.

Gael-Mheiriceánaigh. Chuaigh ár

An Astráil le haghiadh fostaíocht.

d’imigh 18,400 duine amach as an

dhéanamh nuair a bhaineann muid

Ach le cúnamh Dé tiocfaidh muid

seantuismitheoirí ar imirce,

Tá fadhb oll-mhór sa tír seo le líon

tír seo agus i 2010 léim an figiúr sin

an chéim amach, ach níl muid ag


chuaigh ár dtuismitheoirí ar feadh

na ndaoine go háirithe daoine óga

suas go dtí 27,700. Tá na figiúirí

iarraidh é sin. Caithfidh an rialtas

scatha agus anois beidh orainn dul

atá ag fágail an tír ag cuartú saol

seo uafásach agus ba cheart go

nua aird a thabhairt ar an bhfadhb

ag iarraidh fostaíocht thar lear; tá

nua í dtíotha nua. Tá ardú tagtha ar

mbeadh an fhadhb seo ar barr an

seo. Nach mór an trua é go

an traidisiún sin inár bhfuil. Tá

an líon daoine a chuaigh ar imirce

liosta don rialtas nua. Formhór na

gcaithfidh an óige imeacht ón tír

aithne againn uilig ar duine éigin a

ó Aibreán 2009 go dtí Aibreán

ndaoine atá ag imeacht is scolairí

agus go mbeidh na ndaoine a chuir

Eileanóir Ní Chatháin agus Antoine Ó Griallais

page 10

Return of

70s fashion By Natasha McGowan

striped jackets and

store. After finishing

season trends and vintage,

hot pants,

her degree in

“vintage has been ideal for

flamboyant corset

fashion she moved

fashion followers, as now its

dresses and singing

to London; here she

popular but also offers the buyer

about S&M. The 70s

worked for two

something original and unique.

era is more exciting

different designers

When you buy a floral blouse

and colourful-

before moving into

from a high street shop someone

perfectly suited for

styling. As a stylist

else will have it too-its mass

the parties, holidays

she worked on

produced, whereas if you buy a

and festivals that the

photo-shoots, look

vintage one-it’s unique and it’s

summer will bring.

books and then

usually half the price.” This, we

This season allows

more specifically

will all agree, is true.

you to mix and match

music videos. She

outrageous and

then continued on

“I get clothes whenever I travel,

Vintage, as a previous Sin article

subtle items to suit

to open a clothing

and I watch what is going on

lately noted, has burst into

your personal taste,

store of the coast of

around me- on television, in the

mainstream fashion. Last season it

or the occasion.

France before

media and on catwalks; with the

was 50s themed full skirts, muted

Another advantage

eventually returning

explosion of Mad Men I could see

tones and luxurious textures of

which is possibilly

to Galway to set up

the market opening for 50s

velvet, leather and chiffon. This

the most important

a vintage store.

clothing. Similarly, I now see a

season, we are set to step into a

for students, is that it

dreamy mix of 70s inspired

is affordable.

trends. The spring/summer lines

switch toward more of the 70s As you walk into the

era. On my last trip I stocked up

store, you are met

on lots of 50s and 70s clothes,

are heaving with understated and

As designers, and

by a massive,

and I plan to go on another trip in

over-stated pieces; from subtle

consequently the

antique chest

the next two weeks to stock up

sepia-coloured button-up blouses

high street, move

drawer bulging with

again.” “For those who are slightly

and extra-long skirts and trousers;

back into the iconic


intimated by Vintage, I offer both

to tropical, floral explosions on

90s, 50s and now 70s-

headscarves. The

free style constellation and

short dresses and playsuits. The

fashion followers are

first floor is covered

alternations.” Before I left I asked

50s influence is still present,

able to find the

with racks of dresses

Sinead if she has any regrets in

trenches and ladylike formal wear

cheaper originals in

and coats and on the

her clothing choices this year, and

are still forerunners; but as we

vintage clothing

walls there are

if there’s anything she’ll be

move into the new seasons,

outlets. Galway has a

antique pictures, old

specifically looking for this time

fashion has progressed to

number of vintage

Top of the Pop

round. Sinead replied smiling “I

accommodate the fresh and fun

stores dotted around

posters and graphic

was not prepared for the all the

vibes that come with spring and

the city and I called

art work by a

girls looking for ball dresses, I

summer. Think Audrey Hepburn’s

in to talk to one store

Galway spray-paint

have some but I will be getting

in Breakfast at Tiffany’s mixed

owner about current

artist. The shop has

even more on this trip.”

with Kate Hudson’s in Almost

season trends and her

two floors bulging

Famous and you’ll get the idea of

vintage store; the

with multi-coloured

Vintage is prefect for students-

what I’m thinking.

store unfortunately,

individual pieces,

you can get casual, formal, on

cannot be mentioned.

enough to suit

trend, your own trend and

anyone’s taste.

affordable clothes. It has never

Head scarfs, long skirts, big hats, strips and floral makes an outift

Sinead had a well-

all girly and fun. Rihanna, with

established career in

“I get a variety of

pockets, as much as it does right

long red hair and a much less

fashion before

consumers”, Sinead

now. I myself left with two head

dominatrix style, becomes more

moving back to

explains, as I

scarfs, a pair of peg trousers and a

lady-like; but she is also wearing

Galway to open the

question her on new


suited fashion trends, or our

su pages Introduction Nominations for the Full time Students’

The issues that take up most of time for

Union Elections will close at 5pm on

the current President are:

Wednesday 2nd March. Elections for

- University lobbying: meeting with

President, Vice-President/Education

management and participating on

Officer and Vice-President/Welfare Officer

University committees

will then take place on Thursday March

- The management of the Students' Union

10th. All students will have a chance to

- Student Fees and national lobbying

hear candidates speak and ask questions

- Work as Chairperson of The College Bar,

during the SU Hustings on Tuesday 8th

Smokey's, the SU Shop or the Wall

Your guide to Students’ Union Elections

March at 8pm in the Kirwan Theatre. The role of the Students’ Union officers is

Vice President / Education Officer

sometimes hard to describe and its

The Education Officers role can be roughly

successes are often difficult to

divided into four main areas: casework,

communicate. There is a brief description

class reps, committees, and campaigns

of the role of President, Education Officer

(which would include other Union

and Welfare Officer below. What is


difficult to capture in the words below is the great potential of the student

Casework is simply the name given to the

movement and the Students’ Union. Each

incidences when students contact me

elected officer has the opportunity to

asking questions about academic issues,

carve out their own role and to have a

asking for advice, wanting to change

significant impact on the students they

course, have complaints about facilities on

represent. Though not all the successes of

campus and so on.

To find out more about the role of the President, contact the current officer –

Peter Mannion at or 086 3855502

officers make headlines or even attract the slightest bit of attention many of them

Part of the Education Officer’s job is to

have a huge bearing on the students. These

look after the class reps system. He/she

successes arise when dealing with the

attends approximately 15 meetings each

problems of individual students, bringing

semester, and works on the issues that

out change to some element of the

arise at each meeting. Promoting the

University or playing a part in lobbying

election of class reps early in September is

TDs on national issues.

a big task for the Education Officer.

On a personal level working as a SU

The Education Officer sits on around ten

Officer is a great privilege and challenge. I

university boards, including the Academic

encourage all students to seriously

Council, which is the main decision-making

consider running for a position on the

body on campus. He/she also sits on each

Students’ Union Executive. All of the

of the five College Boards, alongside the

officers are available to discuss the various

Dean and two student representatives. It

roles at any point.

is at these committees that a lot of the back-room work of the Union is done, and


where we stop potential problems with

The President is responsible for the

university decisions from coming into

management of the Students' Union


To find out more about the role of the Education Officer, contact the current officer –

Emmet Connolly at or 086 38536598

including Union finances, campaigns and students' interests through meeting with

Vice President / Welfare Officer

management and participating on

The Vice President-Welfare Officer assists

University Committees (e.g. Finance

students in the areas of finance, study,

Committee, Academic Council and

accommodation, childcare, health and

Governing Authority). He/she is

social welfare. The Welfare Officer also co-

chairperson of Students' Union

ordinates specific campaigns in areas such

Commercial Services, the company which

as mental, physical and sexual health. The

runs the College Bar, Smokey's, the SU

Welfare Officer also organizes a Welfare

Shop and the Wall. He/she also serves on

Forum for students to air concerns or

the Board of Directors of: Seirbhisi

opinions on the most pressing welfare

Comhaltas na Mac Léinn, the Health Unit

issues for students. The Welfare Officer

and Flirt Fm. The President is the

also sits on university committees that deal

spokesperson for the Union and leads

specifically with welfare issues.

initiatives. The President represents

coordinates lobbying on a national level.

To find out more about the role of the Welfare Officer, contact the current officer –

Emma Conway at or 086 3853659

su pages

College Week 2011 Get Involved! College Week Timetable

Student Union Referendum On the same day as the Full Time Elections, you will be asked to vote Yes or No on a new Constitution. The Class Reps and Student Union Executive are asking you to vote yes for these reasons

Sunday 27th February

8pm Comedian David McSavage –

Thursday 3rd March

9.30am Sponsored Croagh Patrick Climb - The final year Science

The star of the Savage Eye, David

9am-9pm 12 Hour Comic Challenge – with ArtSoc in Áras na

students are organising a sponsored

will be entertaining you in the Kirwan

Mac Lénn.

Theatre. Tickets are only €5 from the

11.30am – 3pm 5 A Side Soccer

just pick up a sponsorship card from


Competition - Gather your crew of

the Students’ Union and raise a

College Bar: 3pm DJ Byrno. 7pm Band: UV5

five and get down to the Kingfisher

climb of Croagh Patrick. To take part

minimum of €50. Buses, walking sticks

McSavage, with support Fred Cooke

Sports Hall to compete for the honour,

1.     A new part-time position of Mature Students Officer. 2.     A new Students’ Union Council – open to all students – which will decide on issues and policies, and will replace the current Full Class Reps Council.

the glory and the €500 prize! Team

and a 90’s After Party included for all participants!

Tuesday 1st March

registration in the SU €40 per team.

9pm 90’s Night in the College Bar

10am – 2pm Mini Triathlon – A

Spaces limited!

- Tickets are only €2.99 with 90’s cover

5km run, 10km cycle and 500m Swim –

College Bar: 8pm Take Me Out

band extraordinaire Smash Hits, a DJ

are you tough enough? Raise €25

and a free refreshment for everyone

minimum to enter and sign up in the

Friday 4th March

along with prizes for the best/worst

SU or the Sports Centre. Registration

1pm-4pm Tag Rugby Competition:

90’s outfits. Over 18’s ID required.

at the Kingfisher and all participants

1st prize is €500 cash and the event

3.     College Convenors to be elected from the Class Reps in each of the five Colleges of NUI Galway to represent the students in their College. 4.     A Board of Trustees to hold commercial assets in trust for you, the students and a Finance Committee to oversee the SU finances.

get a free t-shirt and lunch plus a first

takes place in Dangan on Friday 4th

Monday 28th February

prize of €200!

March. Register your team of 10 in the

11am: PhD in a Box – Our Postgrad

12pm-4pm Face Painting and Caricatures – with ArtSoc in Áras na Mac Lénn. College Bar: 4pm DJ Vinny Shaughnessy. 8pm Witless Final .

Students’ Union for just €50 now.

Saturday 5th/Sunday 6th March

will allow all students to have a say in how the SU

Watch as we lock her in outside Áras

Wednesday 2nd March

people to play their part as SU officers.

na Mac Léinn and see if she lasts until

12.30pm – 2pm Auction - The 4th

Sponsored Skydive at Galway Airport: If you feel like jumping out

her coming out party on Thursday!

Annual College Week Auction for

of a perfectly good plane for two great

of the new Constitution, call by the SU office or

11am-5pm Chalk Drawings – with

University staff will be held in the Aula

causes this College Week then email


Officer, Ciara, has agreed to live in a box for College Week to try and get her PhD written whilst raising money for charity and entertaining you. She is nuts but that is why we love her.

College Bar: 7pm Band: Apartment 44. 9pm DJ.

These changes are essential to ensure the SU is well -managed and accountable to you – the students – now and in the years to come. The new SU Council is run, while the extra positions will allow more If you have any questions or you would like a copy

ArtSoc (Location: TBC)

Maxima Lower. Tickets are €5 which with the

12pm – 3pm World Record Attempt: Largest Rock The Boat – Yes

includes lunch sponsored by the

subject “Jump” your name and phone

Gourmet Tart Company. Paddy Flynn

number for an information pack.

it’s that time honoured dance of

of Galway Real Estate will be

weddings and debs up and down the

overseeing proceedings and there will

The bucket squad will be shaking their

country where everyone sits on the

be some serious recession busting

money makers across Campus all week

floor, ruining their suit/dress, with

bargains to be had! A full list of

looking for your shiny coinage so

This year the Students’ Union picked two

their legs akimbo, swaying back and

auction items is available from the

please give generously when you see

worthwhile causes: Ability West and the Alan

forth and side to side to the sounds of

Students’ Union and there will be also

the yellow buckets.

Kerins Projects.

that classic number “Rock the Boat”.

be a raffle with some great prizes.

The current world record stands at 820

3pm-5pm Origami Workshop –

participants and we are confident that

with ArtSoc in Áras na Mac Lénn.

the students of NUI Galway can easily

8pm The Rubberbandits – The

beat this record whilst raising money

horse will be outside the Black Box

for two very worthy causes at the

Theatre. Tickets €10 with your SU card

same time. I Radio will be on hand to

from the SU. Over 18’s only event.

keep the boat afloat too! Registration

College Bar: 7pm DJ Evan. 9pm Open Mic Special.

from 12pm for the record attempt at 1pm in the Sports Hall.

College Week Charities

Ability West is a voluntary organisation which

Remember all proceeds from the weeks events go to the College Week Charities: Ability West and Alan Kerins Projects . If you have any event ideas, need more information or want to volunteer to help out please email

provides high quality, community based services to children and adults with an intellectual disability and their families throughout Galway City and County. The organisation is dedicated to enabling people with an intellectual disability to realise their dreams and ambitions. The Alan Kerins Projects is a charity supporting community and youth leadership development projects, mostly in Kaoma & Mongu in Zambia.

su pages

SU Elections 2011 The nominations for the Full Time positions are open and will close on Wednesday March 2nd at 5pm. Candidates who want to withdraw from the race have until 5pm on Friday March 4th Full Time Canvassing BEGINS on Monday 7th March. There will be a ‘Meet the Candidates’ event, hosted by PDS on Tuesday, March 8th at 8pm in the Kirwan Theatre.     Voting will take place across campus on Thursday March 10th between 10am and 9pm Áras na Mac Léinn: 10:00 - 21:00 An Bialann: 10:00-20:00 Friars: 11:00-14:00 Ácadamh: 12:00-13:00 CSI: 12:00 - 14:00 The Count will start at 10am onwards on Friday 11th March 2011 in The Hub in Áras na Mac Léinn For those interested in one of the part-time officer positions; the nominations will open on Thursday March 10th and close on Wednesday March 16th. The Part Time election will take place on Thursday March 24th

The Spirit of Rag Week

B y Va l e r i e Hartnett

Traditionally, RAG Week is

At this stage, it seems that

As a postgrad student, I’ve

viewed by the student

even without University

got mixed feelings about

population as the perfect

support, RAG Week is an

this week. I love RAG

excuse to miss lectures,

out-of-control beast

Week; I love the buzz it

drink beer for breakfast,

destined to destroy all in

generates around campus, I

avail of as much free

its path during its fortnight

love the daytime

entertainment as possible,

of life. It’s hard to argue

entertainment (is anything

Before this year’s RAG

and generally have a fine

with accounts of personal

as good as a go on a

Week turns into that

old time of it, or at least

and property damage,

bouncy castle on a Monday

uncontrollable monster,

that was the case in my

arrests and anti-social

morning?), and going out

just try to remember

undergraduate days. Only

behaviour which tend to

for RAG Week can be

something: Don’t lose the

the extremely dedicated

increase exponentially at

brilliant craic. It’s a good


seem capable of resisting

this time of year, so

feeling to know that all

the College Bar’s siren call,

perhaps the university is

that loose change that

Look out for your friends

and actually making it into

right to withdraw its

goes into the collection

this week – even if it is just

class during Rampant

affiliation with the Week.

buckets is doing some

the drunk leading the

Alcoholism Guaranteed

NUIG cannot condone

good in the world as well.

drunk – this week’s a

Week. Oh, sorry, Raise and

such behaviour and it

On the downside, all that

messy one and it can be a

Give Week.

cannot control its

booze means that people

rough one. Over-

students’ drinking

get messy and aggressive,

consumption of alcohol

The 2009 RAG week in

practices; it can’t stop us

and much earlier that

can turn perfectly nice

NUIG was deemed so out

from availing of the RAG

you’d think. This is

guys and girls into the

Last but not least, keep the

of control that the

Week special offer deals

unsurprising, when you

worst possible kind of

spirit of RAG Week in

university has withdrawn

on alcohol, even if the

consider that the standard

person, so look out for

mind. It’s a charity

its support, with a number

bouncer confiscates our

is apparently set at getting

each other. Remember, any

occasion, so don’t be afraid

of other universities also

Crouching Tiger (Hidden

completely banjaxed drunk

scenario starting with

to fling a bit of change into

citing vandalism, anti-

Naggin) at the door of the

by lunchtime – some

“Hold my pint” is bound to

a collection tin every now

social behaviour, increased


neighbourhoods turn into

end in disaster, so watch

and again. Even a tiny

arrests and hospitalisations

a bit of a nightmare. If

out for that one. Also,

amount given is better

and general mayhem

Dante were alive today,

there’s no need to get

than nothing. It’s Raise and

wrought as the reason why

he’d probably have

blame-happy on RAG

Give Week, so charity

they can no longer support

incorporated a tenth circle

Week. Galway offers

donations are the name of

a week of charity events

into hell (Living Next Door

plenty of excuses to booze

the game. As students,

which appears to be losing

to House Parties). It’s

it up, and something like

need to try to keep our

its charity status. Details of

sometimes hard to see if

the Races is just as hectic

own good names, and that

debauchery, excessive

the good outweighs the

as RAG Week, but with

of our college, out of the

drinking, vandalism and

bad here, like if you want

hardly a student in sight.

gutter. Support SU-

assault have overshadowed

to sleep at some stage

I’m not saying you should

organised events to put

those of free gigs, on-

during the week or if

overlook behaviour that

the spotlight back on the

campus entertainment and

you’re not a student and

causes concern. Anti-social

true focus of the week:

money raised for charitable

the shower next door are

and criminal behaviour

raising money for charity.

institutions. RAG Week is

throwing a week-long

should of course be

Raise and Give. Don’t lose

no longer being seen as an


reported and dealt with.

the RAG this week.

incentive for students to

Just don’t blame students

get involved in helping

for what isn’t their fault.

those less fortunate –

The RAG Week frenzy isn’t

instead it is viewed as an

limited to just students

unwelcome disruption to

from the college itself.

peace and safety in

Plenty of non-students go


just as crazy over RAG Week as the students do, and while students should accept the consequences of their RAG Week actions, they shouldn’t be used as a smokescreen for others to hide behind either.

Ah RAG week, where would we be without it? When else can you go to a nightclub during the day, have a can for breakfast or head out every night in the week without feeling guilty? Galway’s Rag Week

Rag Week:

By Aisling Scally

a rite of passage

is a rite of passage, an anticipated and celebrated event - we could probably

separate charities involved

high quality service and

way after a donation,

call it the Christmas of the

in College Week, but

support to over 480 adults

however small. For the

academic calendar.

unfortunately takings were

and children with

price of a pint you can help

significantly reduced in

intellectual disabilities.

another human being,

comparison with other

Both charities are

which seems like a pretty

Back in the day, RAG week

years. You can blame it on

extremely hard working

good deal. Enjoy the

was all about philanthropy

the Recession or the

and worthy causes and

nightlife, the day time

and got its name from their

Session, but either way

deserve the highest

entertainment in the bar

aim of Raising A Grand for

people were less

support from the students

and beyond, the parties

charity. Students did ‘off

magnanimous with their

of NUIG. They have

and the madness, but try

the wall’ things like

money than before.

various events organised

and remember what the

for the week, all of which

main aim of the week is -

launching crazy boats on the river and running

This year there are only

promise to be good fun

helping those less

around town shaking

two charities involved, so

and have been well

fortunate than us.

buckets at civilians instead

we really have no excuse

advertised around campus,

of having an all day session

but to give generously. The

so let’s remember the true

in Gippo. They were

Alan Kerins project came

spirit of RAG week and dig

making headlines for

about after a young

deep. Karma is not just the

raising money, not for

physiotherapist took a

name of a nightclub, and

drunken debauchery. In

three month leave of

there’ll be plenty of the

2009, Jim Browne was

absence from his job in

good stuff coming your

forced to withdraw the

Merlin Park hospital to

university’s support for the

volunteer in a town in

wild week after forty

Zambia, where poverty,

students were arrested for

AIDs and disease were rife.

various alcohol related

The things he witnessed

offences. RTÉ News

there inspired him to

journeyed west to capture

devote the rest of his life

the drunken antics

to giving a brighter future

resulting in an uncensored

to the people(and

exposé on the Six One

especially the children) of

bulletin, and I think we all

Zambia. Ability West is a

were gripped by the same

well established charity

fear that our granny could

here in Galway, providing

see us frolicking around Eyre Square brandishing a beverage. Unfortunately they made the event look like a free Tequila week in Tijuana, and gave the students of NUIG a bad name even though a mere 0.3% took it too far. The majority of students see RAG week, or College Week as it’s now called, as five nights of queues, crowds and craziness— the craic is mighty, but no-one ends up in jail, it’s all about having fun and making memories. However it’s also important to remember what it’s really all about - charity. Last year there were four


By Grainne Coyne

College Week Acts College Week or formerly

but instead GMIT and

there seems to be less

look forward to for

known as RAG (‘Raise and

NUIG separated their Rag

emphasis on performance

College Week.” GMIT’s

Give’ or ‘Raise a Grand’)

Weeks and NUIG renamed

acts than previous years.

Rag Week took place last

week, the most anticipated

the week, College Week,

Geraldine, a Final year Arts

week they also had more

event of the student

the former foam parties

student said “I expected

emphasis on fundraising

calendar, is finally here,

which took place in some

better acts for College

events with their main act

however some students are

Galway nightclubs during

Week, this year’s line up is

being Rubberbandits and

left disgruntled that this

the day stopped. College

a disappointment.” It was

likewise with UL’s Charity

year’s line up for college

Week 2010 was supposed

even part of Peter

Week which is happening

week is not as good as

to create a new image and

Mannion’s manifesto to

the same time as NUIG’s

previous years. The main

carnival atmosphere on

bring more international

College Week, having one

aim of College Week is to

campus however this

acts such as Calvin Harris

headliner act which is

raise money for charity yet

didn’t materialise as

but there has been less

Rubberbandits. So is it

in reality it is generally

majority of the main acts

emphasis on international

wrong to compare

known as an excuse for

weren’t allowed to

students to miss lectures,

perform in the new Bailey

get drunk and basically go

Allen Hall and were forced

crazy. Many argue what’s

to go to other locations

the harm, it’s only one

instead. The main headline

week a year, students

acts, Calvin Harris, the

deserve a chance to let

Coronas and Jason Byrne,

loose but the image of

were the biggest success

some students who take

for College Week, yes

the partying too far is the

there were some students

one that is constantly

drunk but anti-social

referred to and used to

behaviour wasn’t as bad as

show students in a

previous years. So was

negative light. RAG week

College Week 2010 a

2009 was the week that

success because of the

literally changed

€20,000 raised for charity,

everything, GMIT and

the international acts that

NUIG held their RAG

preformed or the fact

weeks together in the one

students anti-social

week which caused

behaviour managed to stay

madness around Galway.

out of the media spotlight?

The main acts who

The main acts for College

preformed for Rag Week

Week 2011 are David

2009 were Neil Delamere

McSavage and The

and The Saw Doctors, both

Rubberbandits who in my

were popular and sold out

opinion are hilarious but

quickly, raising a lot of

aren’t as impressive as acts

acts performing for

different colleges Rag

brilliant work we see most

money for charity.

of College Week 2010.

College Week 2011.

weeks or Charity weeks or

students doing throughout

According to Melissa

Melissa told Sin “It's very

Melissa told Sin as regards

complaining that aren’t

the week.” The fact that I

Mannion who is the Irish

difficult to gauge what

“the acts question of

enough big acts, as long

overheard two fellow

Language Officer for the

sort of acts people would

College Week is an

as money is raised for

students saying “I don’t get

Student Union, “It's only

like to see when student's

interesting one because

charity. The majority of

why they don’t cancel

ever a minority of students

don't provide input, which

the SU, as is the norm, are

students are more

lectures during Rag Week,

that grab the headlines for

we receive much more of

always interested in

concerned with whose

everyone is going to be too

disorderly behaviour and

after the act has been

suggestions and ideas for

performing and how drunk

drunk to go to lectures”,

it's a shame that people

announced.” There are

the week. Anything that

they can get, and according

shows that the stigma of

prefer to focus on that

various fundraising

will help us raise more

to Melissa “the stigma of

drunkenness and anti-

handful of people versus

activities such as skydiving,

money for our charities is

the week is increased and

social behaviour during

those that take part in the

mini triathlon, Croagh

obviously a good thing.”

encourage by focusing on

College Week doesn’t look

charity aspect.” There were

Patrick climb and the

One of my friends told me

the former events rather

to go away anytime soon.

rumours that RAG Week

world record attempt of

“Jessie J is performing in

than the latter, and I think

was going to be banned

rock the boat, however

Trinity, there is nothing to

that's a shame given the

Has NUIG lost the RAG?

By Lia Stokes

Rag Week, a week eagerly

removing some of the bad

Though a number of

anticipated by freshers and

feelings surrounding the

people are involved in the

remembered nostalgically

event, sadly that seemed to

organisation of such

by alumni, a

do little to curb the

events, it must be asked;

phantasmagorical frenzy of

enthusiasm of the students

do those taking part truly

fun and frolics for a full

or the rage of the people

appreciate it as a week to

week. The buzz of Rag

of Galway. In a last ditch

raise money, or do they

Week is well and truly in

attempt to salvage what

simply see it as a week

the air once more. Off-

was previously seen as a

dedicated to binge-

licences are selling out of

fun and admirable way for

drinking and raucous

naggins and no doubt the

young people to raise


College Bar has stocked up

money and do some good,

on kegs of Fosters.

the colleges decided to

After asking a number of

However, after the

once again host separate

students how they

negative backlash the

fundraising weeks.

perceived the yearly movement, the general

occasion has received over the past couple of years

For years the Rag Week

consensus seemed to be

there is a worry that

proceedings were focused

that although they are

‘College Week’ has lost its

on the charity element

supportive and aware of

ethos, threatening the

while the drinking and the

the week’s objective they

future of the age old

craic were a part of it.

do see it as a week of fun,

extravaganza which has

However, all of the bad

propelled for the most part

become something of a rite

press that the annual

by alcohol. Despite this,

of passage for students

fundraiser has received in

the alcohol based events

over the years.

recent years seems to have

are not the one’s attracting

overshadowed the main

all of the attention this

Since 2008 NUIG and

objective of the week

year. Instead, events such

GMIT have organised their

which is ‘Raising and

as the charity sky-dive,

respective Rag Weeks on

Giving’ money to worthy

comedy gigs and triathlon

the same week and as a

charities. Between 2008

are drumming up a lot of

result Galway residents

and 2010 NUIG Rag Week

interest. While previous

have experienced damage

has raised almost €70,000

Rag or College Weeks have

to property and

for various charitable

been dragged down by a

threatening behaviour

organisations. It is hoped

small minority of rogues,

while hundreds of drunken

that last year’s €20,000 will

there seems to be a more

students populated the

be exceeded to go towards

positive vibe surrounding

streets by day and night. It

this year’s charities of

this year’s operation.

is no surprise then that the

choice; The Alan Kerins

Thankfully Rag Week or

supposedly charitable

Projects and Ability West.

College Week is back on

week earned quite a bad

This kind of fundraising is

university territory and

name for its self not only

not to be frowned upon.

this year NUIG will only

locally but nationally with

have to take the slack of its

RTE news covering the

It is obvious that the

own rowdy students. And

‘mayhem’ of it all in 2009.

Student’s Union put in a

regardless of the negative

Although most of those

huge amount of work and

reputation proceedings

taking part in the

effort to make the week

have earned in the past, it

festivities do not cause

both fun and worthwhile,

seems NUIG has not lost

trouble, it seems that due

organising plenty of events

the RAG in fact the RAG is

to the sheer volume of

not all of which are

alive and well and truly

intoxicated students on

centred around drinking,


the streets during the

from gigs and triathlons to

event, disruptive behaviour

art classes and rugby blitz’.

is somewhat inevitable.

Not to mention those

Last year NUIG changed

which do include alcohol

the name to ‘College

such as the infamous Beer

Week’ in the hopes of

Olympics and 90’s Night.

page 18

A Sinful Prayer

By Saffron Brady By Mark Kelly

10/01/11 - the day mass jokes

with the priests using the mass

encounter. This may have gone a

got out of control, where every

leaflets”, “where they demand

bit too far where condoms are

Irish person developed an

Diagio for strings by tiesto”,

found in the holy water, where

obsession with joining mass

“Crowd surfing at mass, queuing

an unreal night was had, one’s

groups where they stay up half

a few times up the aisle to get a

Sunday best is seen as a pulling

the night on Facebook joining

seventh helping of communion”

technique where wearing your


best rosary beads to mass so you The Facebook groups represent

will get the ride. And if a girl

When the priest pulls up

sensitive subjects, referencing to

shakes hands with you she

outside the chapel and the

priests and alter boys, “the

definitely wants the ride. At

crowd goes wild. The opening

awkwardness when the priest

least they promote safe sex the

ceremony starts off with the

asks the alter boys to kneel”

pope recently said: “condoms

priest shouting Barbra Streisand

along with the priests having a

were okay in the prevention of

and the whole church erupts,

celebrity presence as if they



were leading a concert. Where

The church can’t even handle us

people boast about having an

The priest is a local celeb where

right now.

eventful mass, shouting one

David Guetta attends. People

more tune at the end of mass

cry out for his autograph, the

Is our perception of mass

and not forgetting one more

priest not David Guetta! They

changed forever? We Irish are

prayer also. They bring mass

rush home to add the priest and

known not to be able to keep a

into the 21st century where

perhaps receive a notification;

straight face in mass as it is but

they demand Wifi at mass and

you and three other friends have

has Facebook managed to

they rush home to add the

been tagged in father Maguire’s

escalate this? How will one keep

people on Facebook who they


a straight face in mass anymore?

made peace with… perhaps they

Making peace be you and

will add them there and then,

Then waking up the next

opening ones mouth for

and the priest, where one copies

morning in a confession box and

communion, thinking that any

the priests “style”.

“doing the walk of shame home

second now the priest will lean

after an all-nighter in mass” and

in to shift you “The awkward

The chalice and the communion

“Piecing together the events

moment when the priest shifts

bread are the main focus point

from the night before at mass

you when you stick your tong

of these groups. Where the

with your friends”. “I wasn’t

out for communion”

communion bread is associated

that drunk was I? Yes we found

with drug use, “dealing bags of

you in the confession box. You

Events have been set up such as

communion outside the church”

were nearly on a plane to

“a hardcore rave in Galway

“Dealing drugs in mass when

Lourdes for Gods sake.

cathedral” sure why would you

shaking hands”,” over dosing on

pay 250 euro to go to oxygen

communion” “snorting

And finally every mass groupie

for four days when you can go

communion up your nose”

reveals that they have a

free to the novena for nine.

“putting nuttella in your

conscious love about their

Similar to the Irish clubbing

communion” “saving the

religion where there is a sense

scene; Drug dealing, underage

communion to bring home to

of guilt and shame toward their

youngsters hopping church

make toast”.

group joining antics.

walls to join in on the fun

The awkward moment when we

because they have no ID,

The chalice the other significant

all go to hell for liking these

students taking advantage of

object acts like a beer keg, an

mass pages” which will be in

their students cards as a way to

endless supply of wine, “spiking

2012 when sadly there will be

avoid paying money in the

the chalice because your a mad

no more mass to attend

collection box, whilst sneaking

bastard”. Another object that is

anymore never mind a drink or

in a sly naggin. Where queuing

used is the confession box

two from the chalice ;)

for communion is synonyms

where one wakes up in the

with queuing for a large curry

confession box after a long

Everyone to the confession

cheese chips in Supermacs,

session in mass; “Dude you were

box…. Forgive me father for I

where the banter had while

that drunk we found you in the

have sinned, I fell asleep in the

pushing your way through the

confession box”.

confession box, I spiked the

aisle is unreal. Or synonyms

chalice, I abused the communion

with Raves; “the clubbers guide

Mass is seen as an eventful

bread, I sold counterfeit

to mass”, Singing lets go fucking

experience, where there is a

communion bread to foreigners,

mental in the queue for

perception that one will get

I shifted you to get more

communion”, “Rolling joints

drunk and have a sexual


Ah, college - where coming home to a roast dinner after a

Millennium. For those of us with more time on our hands, a

Come Dine With Me

hard day is about as likely as Enda Kenny winning the Rose

bowl of porridge is the ideal way to start the day. “Eh sorry,

Gone are the days when dinner meant killing the fattened

of Tralee. Most of us are rather familiar with this idea; after

is that not reserved for the old and infirm to slurp in a

calf, preparing a banquet and rofling over a goblet or two

a three hour lab and a walk home in the rain the last thing

toothless fashion?” , I hear you cry. No, it’s not. Nowadays

of mead. For most of us, what we eat depends on how long

you want to do is roll up your sleeves and start peeling a

you can even get quick microwavable stuff that’s ready in

it takes to prepare, making us turn to microwaves rather

few spuds. For all students, convenience is key, and more

two minutes which leaves you enough time to find a pen

than macrobiotics. There’s a common misconception that

often than not we find ourselves reaching for the pasta or

and maybe even a cure for cancer. If you’re still not

fast food means “fat food”, chips and their tasty friends

other perishable products and wolfing it down before we

convinced any type of cereal will do.

often take longer to cook than most healthier options. If you’ve never made a stir fry, take the wok of shame. They

actually know what’s happening. Then comes that sad dissatisfied feeling of wanting something else but not

Gimme a Break

are possibly the handiest, most nutritious and fastest of all

knowing what, so you end up just eating a handful of

By lunch time you’re allowed to be ravenous. You know it’s

meals. Lash in a few of your fave veggies (the more

biscuits and downing tea like a pensioner’s book club.

time to hit the Bialann when every first year on concourse

colourful the better), a handful of noodles and an extra

Before you know it you’ve consumed enough

looks like a walking sandwich. But what’s the healthiest

somethin-somethin for flavour and you’ll have a healthy

carbohydrates to sustain the camogie team for a month

option? It’s incredibly simple to hastily load up a plate of

meal in minutes. For the more carnivorous among us just

and little else nutrition-wise... and that’s just for dinner.

wedges or chips and wolf them down with a bottle of

add a few more minutes for preparation time. Salad is also

Sadly, a lot of students fall into this trap from a mixture of

Coke, but come three o’clock that slump will hit you

a great quick fix, and can be combined with pasta if it’s all

laziness (yes) or lack of know-how. While a diet of hot

harder than Chris Brown smacked Rihanna. Brown rolls

too Peter Rabbit for you. The average bolognese, lasagne,

chicken rolls and rashers may be the ultimate in easiness

with your choice of filling plus loads of salady stuff are an

pasta dish or even curry can be made infinitely healthier by

it’s not necessarily good for our health, or indeed our

excellent alternative and will keep you going for way

adding some well-chopped veg to help you well on your

waist-lines. If you skipped breakfast this morning and

longer (the Duracell bunny SWEARS by them). Wash it all

way to five a day.

Dominos is your last dialled number, read on.

down with copious amounts of water, which not only hydrates but maintains concentration levels and flushes

So there you have it, healthier meals don’t have to mean

Rise and Shine

toxins out of the body. It’s easy to get addicted to the Red

taking the more expensive or time consuming route.

How many times have you heard it before- breakfast is the

Bull rush or the Lucozade lols, but no-one likes doing a

Everyone ends up shovelling down a few curry chips

most important meal of the day. Many people cite an extra

group project with someone whose twitching and frothing

outside the charcoal once in a while, but on a day to day

couple of minutes in bed as preferable to breaking the

at the mouth all afternoon. Also, if you’re on your fourth

basis you’re much better off sticking to foods of an unfried

nightly fast, but this is really just plain silly!! Breakfast

coffee by 1pm, it’s highly likely you just pulled an all-

variety. It makes a world of difference to your skin,

doesn’t have to be a full a la carte continental affair, a

nighter or you have a problem. The evils of too much

waistline and cholesterol levels, not to mention your

quick banana and a slice of toast is preferable to spending

caffeine are widely known, plus you’re going to spend your

finances. So say a painful goodbye to pizza and hello to

your 10am lecture fantasizing about Pringles or feeling

life dashing to the bathroom. The same goes for tea,

peppers for a healthier new you this semester.

woozy and weak walking up the stairs in the Arts

moderation is key.

The Wok Of Shame Getting Fresh with Food

By Aisling Scally

page 20

EMOTIONAL PORNOGRAPHY – THE TRUE DANGER TO SOCIETY Does Hollywood’s portrayal of idealised romance set us up to fail? Visual pornography has been the

much of the dazzling plot, Maggie

subject of controversy between

changes Jamie’s entire life and

men and women since the 1800s.

outlook in just 112 minutes.

Censorship and societal values


have outlawed or condemned it in an effort to protect the vulnerable

Things aren’t plain sailing for the

and promote good old-fashioned

young couple in love you

family values.

understand; Jamie and Maggie have troubles and difficulties.

But who is protecting us from

They even break up. But, true to

another dangerous form of

romcom form, Jamie realises he

pornography – one that comes

simply can’t live without Maggie

into our homes every day through

and chases her across America to

one of the most insidious means

win her back.

possible and particularly targets the female species – the romcom.

After seeing dozens of movies just

Concerning Terms of Endearment and their Sarcastic Applications

like this one you can imagine my shock and surprise when I hear

It’s a sad fact that those who refer to each

to invite you into their home/life so they

entertainment may in fact be

the story of a friend who breaks

other as ‘friend’ are rarely actually friends.

can show you off to their social circle as a

more destructive to relationships

up with her boyfriend and he

If a term of endearment is true, it’s not

status symbol. Take note, this option is

than even the most explicit visual

doesn’t stand up at the lecturer’s

necessary to use it, because it’s known

significantly less likely.

pornography. Although it is only

podium in front of her entire class

already. It’s like going up to someone and

make-believe, some part of my

to proclaim his regret at his

telling them their own name. If you don’t

endearment, ‘my friend’, ‘my love’ and the

sentimental female brain

actions and beg for her

know someone well, giving them an

like pose significant hazards to the

forgiveness. Quel rat!

affectionate title may come across as

unwary, many of them difficult to realise

comedy and whispers to me that,

condescending or sarcastic. So if you

at first sight. ‘My fellow students’ or ‘my

even though it isn’t real life, it’s

The romcom almost conditions its

decide to approach a deli counter with

comrades’ should also be avoided, as this

pretty damn cute.

female audience to think

‘hey friend’, a frosty reaction may ensue.

may raise suspicions that you are about to

subconsciously that, even if true

Whoever you speak to may feel that

organise a bloody revolution to cast down

love hits a speed bump, their

whatever was said was presumptuous and

the status quo in the name of freedom,

light-hearted, contain a fluffy plot

relationship will glide out the

uncalled for. In fact, an attempt to use an

and sound condescending besides.

and revolve around the notion

other side and float on its merry

affectionate title in an inappropriate

Hidden caveats abound in the use of

that true love will conquer all.

way. Sure, we’re relatively smart

conversation may result in you gaining an

affectionate titles where they are not

But, be warned, repeated viewing

and can tell the difference

arch-nemesis. This will doubtless be

clearly applicable.

can cause unintended

between real life and a film but

entertaining for neutral parties should

This may be why they are rarely used in

consequences. Suddenly, men are

you can’t help but think – it could

your new rivalry result in a succession of

everyday speech, except when used for

happen to you.

epic battles to settle the issue, but it

mockery and/or sarcasm, or to stress a

protagonist in our favourite

might be wise to consider the

point. Unearned titles can seriously

romantic comedy – be sweet,

So what should we do to stem the

consequences before a throwaway

unsettle if there is no immediately

hopelessly in love with us and,

flow of this destructive influence?

comment results in destruction for us all.

apparent reason for their use. One of the

although he may be allowed to

Grab our copies of The Notebook,

Spoken to a certain kind of person, an

most effective ways to dismiss someone’s

have a short crisis of conscience

Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman

undue assertion of a close relationship

efforts or suggestions is by using an

mid-way through our relationship,

and stage a burning in the Quad?

may induce paranoia in the target, and

affectionate title. ‘Darling, I love you, but

he must realise the error of this

Write to Jennifer Anniston, Anne

possibly ultimately destroy their peace of

there’s no denying that you’re a total

ways just in time for the happy

Hathaway and Katherine Heigl

mind as they desperately strive to

idiot.’ This is especially useful after the


and inform them they are ruining

remember who you are and where they’ve

other party has made some form of threat,

our relationship expectations?

met you before. How could it be that you

as the instant response makes it clear that

Lobby for a private members bill

can believe yourself so familiar with

it is not being entertained. While I

Other Drugs staring the too-good-

to outlaw this scourge of society?

them? What shadowy figures from their

wouldn’t recommend this for dialogue

to-be-true Jake Gyllenhaal. And

I guess not. Maybe it should be

mysterious past have they forgotten?

with your landlady or in hostage

that’s the very point of the

appreciated for what it is -

They may fear that you are a secret stalker

negotiations, it’s one of the more

romcom – it is too good to be

unadulterated emotional

and take appropriate action, which results

interesting uses of language, used

true. Jake plays Jamie, a slick

pornography – and we should give

in two possibilities. First, calling the

judiciously. That said, you should always

ladies-man who falls for the off-

our poor bewildered men a break.

police and/or vigilante justice, which

take care.

This seemingly innocuous form of

remembers my favourite romantic

Romcoms are by their very nature

expected to behave like the

Last week I went to see Love and

results in real danger for the unwary

beat Maggie, played by Anne Hathaway. Without revealing too

Thus, using terms of

By Lisa Jackson

speaker, or second, be impressed enough

By Liam King

page 21

By Darragh O’Connor

MAX BROOKS AND THE ZOMBIE PHENOMENON Love them or hate them, there is no denying that zombies

to be a resounding success and I was lucky enough to meet

“There’s alot of young men out there who would love for a

are the big horror fascination of recent times, and if

up with him earlier that day and have a chat with every

zombie plague to happen, ‘cause then they could be the

current trends continue they look set to get even bigger,

zombies’ biggest fan.

hero and live out their post-apocalyptic fantasy as

(as if anybody is going to take vampires seriously again

“Well I’m not a zombie fan,” he begins, “I’m an anti-zombie

opposed to having to work at McDonalds.”

after the embarrassment that was the Twilight series).

fan. I’m terrified of ‘em cause I don’t wanna get eaten! I

Any advice to give to someone who finds a zombie

There is now an infinite amount of movies, comic books,

think number one of the fear factor is being eaten, and

crashing through their front window? “Go the other way, I

TV shows, video games and literature flooding the market

number two is that zombies don’t obey the golden law of

think that’s probably a good start”.

in an attempt to cash in on this undead craze. It’s become


If it happened that you were bitten yourself and became

so prevalent in popular culture that we’re at the stage

Which is...? “Most monsters you have to go find. In every

infected, what would you do? (he laughs) “If I were bitten?

where a sub-genre has been spawned exclusively to poke

other horror film or novel we have to leave our safe home

I’d have a one-way ticket to Mel Gibson’s house and I

fun at it, (seriously I walked past a novel the other day

and go to the swamp or the desert or to Transylvania to

would give him all the lovely payback for ruining my

titled “Pride and Prejudice... And Zombies”).

find a monster, (and if you do then I have no sympathy for

childhood hero”.

But the current resurgence can almost be pinpointed to

you!). But zombies come to us, and they come to us in the

You’ve openly expressed in the past your distaste of the

the moment when Max Brooks (son of Mel), went all out

hundreds and thousands, so I think that’s pretty darn

current generation of vampires in pop culture, care to

in 2006 and released “World War Z”, a tale of when

scary! I think it’s all based on genuine fear."

comment on that? “I think Twilight is good because it

zombies spread across the globe and the fight for

Do you ever wonder if this is something that could

gives art to a niche that’s never had it before. Young virgin

mankind’s survival that ensued. The book was a massive

actually happen? “Hey I lived through 8 years of George

girls who are afraid of penises, FINALLY there’s a vampire

success (it’s currently being made into a film starring Brad

Bush so I think that anything is possible at this point!”.

story for them”.

Pitt) and was the follow up to his “Zombie Survival

And how do you reckon the Irish people would fare under

When asked what his future plans were Max stated that

Guide”, itself a New York Times Bestseller. Both have been

such a scenario? “Your grandparents would be fine. They

he was going to stay here and start another political party,

credited with re-inventing the genre and their sales are

know how to fight, suffer, save and endure hardships. Your

“cause I don’t think you guys have enough for these

now in the millions.

generation? Gone. You Celtic Cubs , your grandparents

elections, so I’m starting one called Fianna Brooks”. Max

Recently, Max came to Galway to speak at an event held

have a history of being rebellious, you kids have a history

Brooks for Taoiseach? Considering he’s an expert on

by the Literary and Debating society in NUIG, coming all

on spending your parents money.” Fair point.

disasters and post-apocalyptic scenarios, he’d probably be

the way from California to do so. It was considered by all

So why do you think the genre has become such a big hit?

perfect for the job.

page 22

Socs Page

Six ways of Winning €1000!

Film Soc Present:

UCG Spirit of Socs Bursary

NUI Galway Film Festival


Monday, 28th Feb – Friday, 4th March Monday 28th

Hurt Locker

The Town

Black Cat, White Cat

19:30 Aras Ui Chatail

19:30 Aras Ui Chathail

(Screening by Huston

Anime Shorts


(Screening By Anime

Last Tango in Paris

9:30 pm Large Acoustic

and Manga Soc)

21:00 Bailey Allen Hall


20:00 Cairnes Lecture Theatre

Tuesday 1st

Thursday 3rd March

Wednesday 2nd

The Social Network

Vertigo Shutter Island

13:00 Bailey Allen Hall

13:00 Bailey Allen Hall

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

One, Two, Three

Napolean Dynamite

14:00 Large Acoustic

15:00 The Space

15:30 Bailey Allen Hall


The Elephant Man

Splendor in the Grass

18:00 Bailey Allen Hall

16:00 Bailey Allen Hall


A Collection of Polish animated short films for children (screening

Comedy Shorts

The Notebook

16:00 Large Acoustic

19:30 Aras Ui Chathail

by Polish Soc)  

21:00 The View

19:00 Large Acoustic

Somebody Up There Likes Me


18:30 Bailey Allen Hall

Friday 4th March

12:00 The Space

Awarding Winning Shorts 16:00 Large Acoustic


Old Boy

Persepolis The NUI Galway

regarded by many as a

Final are €15, €10

(Screening by Comic

Societies Office in

golden era in societies

student concession and


conjunction with the

and as we are currently

include dinner. The

18:00 Large Acoustic

Graduates of 1978 – 1980

experiencing a new

Bursary Coordination


are launching a Societies

golden era with the

Team. Brendan (Speedie)

Bursary for exceptional

opening of Aras na Mac

Smith - graduates/

Ghost World

students in the following

Léinn it is a perfect

sponsors coordinator

(Screening by Comic

categories to pursue their

project which fosters



cooperation and vision

Ríona Hughes -

20:00 Large Acoustic

There are 6 prizes worth

from the past and

Applicants and Grand


€1000 each in the form

present to promote

Final coordinator

of bursaries to reward

student creativity and



talent and help the

empowerment. A big

(Screening by Comic

winners to pursue their

thanks to all our former

For more information on


field of interest.

students from the

the graduates of 1978 –

22:00 Large Acoustic

Funding for 5 of the

graduating classes of

1980 visit


prizes are provided by

1978 – 1980 for their


NUI Galway Alumni from


the class of 1978 – 1980

Tickets for the Grand

page 23

Short Story:

The DNA test By Ndrek Gjini Alex Muddy is a taxi man. He is living alone now. The marriage break up was such a disaster for him. “A happy father of three children”, he thought he was, for more than fifteen years. He was a hardworking man trying to keep everything in order and everyone happy. “A taxi man, yes I still am a taxi man, but not a father of three lovely children as I thought”, he concluded. Last year on 27th September, around 2:30 am, a lady in her thirties raised her thumb asking him for a lift to the maternity hospital. “As soon as you can please, please”, the lady said eloquently. In her further emotional talk, she told him to which hospital she wanted to go to. Alex maintained silent. “A lovely baby is on the way”, he thought and speeded up towards the maternity hospital. When they arrived there, the lady asked him if he could give her his phone number and address. “Just in case”, she added with her soft voice. “Maybe I will need your help again when going home... with my baby”, she said while closing the taxi door after she paid the fare. “Ok” he replied and gave her a small printed card with all his details on it, without thinking that this card was going to bring a horrible disaster to his life. Three days later, his home phone rang. “Hello, is that Alex Muddy?”, the voice from the other side of the phone asked. Without waiting for any answers, the voice continued to explain that he was to go to the maternity hospital to take home his wife and their lovely baby girl. Alex was asleep. It was his wife who answered the phone. She rushed into his bedroom. “Get up you bastard!”, she shouted to him. While waking up in hurry he was very confused. What on earth did he do wrong? Days and weeks passed. His wife kept screaming and blaming him saying that he was not faithful to her.  His life became miserable.  Alex wondered what he should do to solve this horrifying blow, which had happened to his life. For a long while, he found himself in a big dilemma about where to start. “I sold some land and my parents’ house”, Alex moaned. He said he needed money as he had decided to do the DNA test for himself, for the little girl who was born that night whose mother claimed that he was the father of, for his three sons, and for his wife. “The DNA test proved that…”, Alex whimpered in tears, ‘the little girl was not mine, the DNA test also proved that, none of my three sons were mine either”.

page 24

Are We Safe On The Net? The danger of the hacker On the 26th January, Mark Zuckerberg’s fan page was

of us? Coincidently enough Facebook also launched the

My advice is to always be cautious of what you say and

supposedly hacked and the hacker posted the following

all new security features of the site a day after this so-

do on the web because a simple thing like all your

message: “Let the hacking begin: If Facebook needs

called hacking so many are led to believe that it was all

personal details may be all a hacker needs to either get

money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn’t

just a clever part on PR to raise the issue of the security

in to your computer or even commit identity fraud. So

Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social

of the site. Whether or not the hack was in fact a real

always maintain high levels of security and a good anti-

way? Why not transform Facebook into a ‘social

hack, it does effectively show the huge audience of

virus program to keep all that nasty spyware and such

business’ the way Nobel Prize winner Muhammad

Facebook and internet users that we have got to be

from threatening your computer. The main point which

Yunus described it? What do you think?

safer on the web. Facebook has now even introduced

this hacking has raised is that no one is truly safe on the


the more secure HTTPS connection which offers a

web so always stay one step ahead and never reveal too

better sense of security and there are also new

much personal information.

The statement was then quickly taken off the page but

authorisation features being implemented too.

it did not go unnoticed and received thousands of

If you want more info on how to stay safe on the web

‘likes’ and comments. There has not been much word

However, most users are unaware just how dangerous

you can email the SIN Tech Guy at

from Facebook on the hacking incident but it does raise

it can be to surf the web without proper knowledge of

for tips or websites with good information on how to

the important issue of safety on the internet as many

how to stay secure on the internet and protect your PC

keep safe on the web.

have stated that if the creator of Facebook’s account

from various hackers and viruses that lurk on every

can be hacked, then what does that mean for the rest

corner of the World Wide Web.

By Chris Cosgrove

Dark Tower books to hit the big screen With the announcement made, a film adaptation of

talk of a video game tie in for smaller areas of the plot.

Steven King’s epic book series The Dark Tower is

qualified to take on this project. But several fans would have preferred Guillermo Del Toro and

officially in the pipeline. Exciting news for anyone

The story so far is that Ron Howard is the man tasked

Christopher Nolan, (even Terry Gilliam and David

who is a fan of the fantasy and western books, (part

with bringing the books to the big screen. Not

Lynch were mentioned as more appropriate choices).

Lord of The Rings and part spaghetti western).

everyone’s favourite choice although he has tackled

Del Toro or Nolan would have been the better for my

fantasy before with Cocoon and Willow and

money; but with Nolan set for The Dark Knight Rises

The novels are a massive commitment spread over

converted books to film with The Da Vinci Code and

and Del Toro linked to do Frankenstein this year it is

seven books and took over twenty years for King

Angels and Demons. So you might think he is well

unlikely they would be able to commit to a project

himself to write. Bringing these

this size.

books onto screen would be a daunting task for any director,

Leading the race to star as Roland

given its highly complex plot

(the main character in the books),

and sheer volume. There is

are Christian Bale (The Dark

however a feeling that justice

Knight), Javier Bardem (No

could never be done on film,

Country for Old Men), and Viggo

even King has been very

Mortensen (The Lord of The

cautious about giving the rights

Rings). Mortensen would be my

over to adapt it onto screen and

personal favourite to see take the

he’s a man famous for having

role, but time will tell. Whatever

his works converted to film.

you feel, Dark Tower will be a highly anticipated film and I can’t

Early plans seem to be for three

wait as I am a big fan of the story.

films, accompanied by a

It won’t be released until 2013

television series. The TV series

which gives you plenty of time to

would be a link between films

read the books. Get cracking.

to fill in the gaps and get as much of the original material onto the screen. There is even

By Paul Varley

page 25

Hereafter Clint Eastwood seems like the type of guy who’d spit in

third is of a French reporter whose near-death

Instead there’s a feeling of quiet intimacy whenever the

the dirt with disgust at the idea of making a movie

experience has left her with frightening visions. Each of

dead are called upon. As a result these moments turn

about something as fanciful as communication with the

the three main characters feels like a real, relatable

out to be the most moving scenes in the film.

dead. His recent films are all firmly grounded in harsh

person. They not only have to deal with death but

reality, with no room for fantasy-style nonsense. But his

other ugly mundane problems like job loss, failing

Naturally, all three stories mesh towards the end, and

tendency for realism is exactly what makes his take on

marriage and drug-addicted parents. In this context, the

the film’s message turns out to be a positive one of

the paranormal so interesting in Hereafter.

idea that someone could communicate with your

taking comfort from those still living who can relate to

deceased loved ones somehow stops seeming so

your problems. If you’re looking for the next 6th Sense,


then you’ve come to the wrong place; this turns out to

The film tells three death-related stories. One is of a former psychic trying to suppress his paranormal

be quite a heart-warming story.

powers and live a normal life. Another is of a young boy

It’s not dealt with in the way you’d expect; convulsions

trying to cope with the death of his twin brother. The

and eyes rolling back in people’s heads are left out.

By Evin Keane

Boardwalk Empire HBO, the home of legendary shows including

producing the most expensive pilot episode in

gains Nucky’s admiration throughout the series in

Entourage, The Sopranos and The Wire has done it

television history. Rumours generally settle at the $50

more ways than one. Schroeder is played by

again. Its new series, Boardwalk Empire, is unique, epic

million mark. By comparison, it was speculated that its

Glaswegian Kelly Macdonald, previously of No

and downright brilliant.

nearest rival, Lost, spent around $10 million on its 2-

Country for Old Men. Her accent is a little grating in

hour pilot.

parts, especially when she frets about her “chill-der-

Set in Atlantic City during prohibition, the drama focuses on the life of Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson (Steve

en”. There are three other central characters in Boardwalk

Buscemi), the treasurer of the beachfront town. He

The final character is Agent Nelson Van Alden, the

appears to be part-politician and a greater part

straight-laced Federal Prohibition agent, played by

gangster. Women want him and men want to be him.

Michael Shannon. He quickly marks Nucky out as a

Despite being described in one of his previous movies

central character in the Atlantic City alcohol

(Fargo) as "kinda funny-lookin', Buscemi is made for

smuggling ring. Without giving away too much, watch

the role.

out for episode six when Van Alden admires a picture of Schroder. What happens next is not what I was

For those of you not in the know, prohibition entails

expecting at all.

the banning of the manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcohol. It was enforced in America in

There are lots of other characters to watch out for.

the 1920’s. With college week underway, that notion

Some guy called Al Capone seems to feature in it a bit.

might not fit very comfortably with some of you. But,

Also, Chalky White played by Michael Kenneth

don’t worry, with prohibition came a huge black

Williams, stands out as Nucky’s liaison to the black

market trade in alcohol. It was freely available to

community in Atlantic City. You might remember him

those in high places. Nucky acts as the ringleader for

from such TV shows as The Wire.

this trade making him the emperor of his South New Jersey town.

This is a great series for Irish viewers in particular. Many of the characters are from Irish backgrounds.

The series has been likened to what would emerge if

Episode five is dedicated to the shenanigans

the Sopranos and Mad Men produced a child. While

Empire. The first is James 'Jimmy' Darmody (Michael

surrounding St. Patrick’s Day but without most of the

that’s somewhat true, the comparison seems to sell

Pitt) who starts out as Nucky’s henchman before

paddywhackery we’ve come to expect from American

the series short. It really stands alone as a show that

branching out on his own. Pitt once played Henry

dramas portraying Irish characters.

boasts a compelling story, punchy script, varied cast

Parker in Dawson’s Creek. It’s nice to see him move up

and unrivalled set.

in the world!

Boardwalk Empire is currently showing on Sky Atlantic. If you have any posh friends with Sky, it’s

The 12-episode series immediately shot to prominence

Margaret Schroeder is the Oirish wife of a drunken,

advisable not to fall out with them until you see the

due to the involvement of Martin Scorsese, who

violent layabout. She is a devout member of the

whole series.

directed the first episode and is one of the show’s

Temperance League, a women’s organisation at the

executive producers. It was also credited with

forefront of prohibition lobbying in the US. Schroeder

By Lisa Jackson

page 26

Love & Other Drugs

The Fighter There are only so many plots

tad more toxic with the

away from the ‘Rocky’-

that make for a good

influence of chain-smoking

like comparisons with a shift

movie. So here we have ‘The

mother come manager,

of the lens in the direction

Fighter’ and it comes as no

(Melissa Leo) pushing and

of Micky’s seedier brother


pulling his boxing career to a

Dickie (Christian

bruising extent. There is of

Bale). Dickie shakily represen

Oh yes, there we

course the good woman, as

ts the burden to carry. The

have the sensation of being

per all praiseworthy biopics,

energetic Bale

hit with a fuzzy déjà vu. The

to be found in Charlene

depicts the actions of the

sense of a small town, the

(Amy Adams). Adams’

older sibling in a wide-eyed,

If it’s a typical, no-nonsense romantic comedy

rags to riches, it sounds

fantastic range as an actress

floor hopping,

you’re looking for, then the trailer for Love &

just like the usual fight.

shines in this

bridge sprinting, shirt

Other Drugs might suggest that you’ve found

Director David O. Russell,

less than angelic role in that

sweating, crack addicted

what you were after. But strangely, you’d be

who is often praised within

it allows her to throw ample

manner. The urge to shake

effective at either. But the sudden change of

a bubble of loose

rough guts right back in the

off this character fades with

pace throws everything off balance, and in a

and sometimes

direction of the mother

our acknowledgment that

way squeezing such a serious topic as

comedic movies, pricked not

(and her supporting chorus

the boxing come back

Parkinson’s into this sort of film feels sort of

only that bubble but also the

of sneering daughters) with a

documentary Dickie has us

wrong. That said, the movie’s highlight is the

ears of many critics with

few snide comments and

buying into in the opening

scene where Maggie stumbles across a

what sounded, somewhat

nose punches. The

scene, portrays more of a

convention for sufferers of Parkinson’s, and

disappointingly like a cliché.

movement from the ‘safe

disillusioned drug addicts

mistaken. While the film’s first half follows in the footsteps of many a Jennifer Aniston film, midway through everything gets surprisingly dark. Jake Gyllenhaal plays an unemployed chauvinist crying out for a female protagonist to come along so he can redeem himself. Having just been fired from his crappy job as a hi-fi salesman for getting frisky in the backroom with a co-worker, his entirely successful family persuade him to take a job as a salesman for a pharmaceutical company. This is how he meets Maggie, the lonesome sexcrazed photographer played by Anne Hathaway. Naturally, they’re perfect for each other and comedy, sex and gratuitous nudity ensue. But all goes wrong when Maggie’s Parkinson’s disease gets serious and gets in the way of their carefree fun. Had the film decided what it wanted to be from the start (hilarious sex caper or heavy health drama?) it might have been more

real-life sufferers of the disease entertain one

bet’ cliché comes with the

story than that of the

another by recounting all the awkward

The familiar theme and an

realisation that Ward very

‘hero’ the respecting Micky

situations that their disease led them to: their


much represents the bad bet.

sees him as. As their stories

shaking arms accidentally firing small children

conventional cast surprisingl

One boxer not to put your

play out, both in and outside

into trees, that sort of thing. Overall, then, it’s a

y provide for more than just

money on.

the ropes, we are audience

step above the average rom-com and can be

a boxing movie. Mark

pretty funny; just don’t expect a laugh a

Wahlberg, steps out of the

The reason the cliché works

Their struggles, their dreams,


limelight in a more reserved

is because Russell doesn’t try

their tight family ties and the

role in representing Micky

to oversell the material

slow unravelling of them, in

Ward. His family saga is

before him. He uses it

the name of a winners title.

not of the typical

tactically and brings it to us

dysfunctional variety but a

in a fresh arena. We step

By Evin Keane

to their individual fights.

By Hannah Cahill

page 27 By Ciaran Kelly

West Ham United:

from tradition to turmoil “Fortune’s always hiding, I’ve

elegance, ball-playing ability and

internationals and the likes of

distance between the seats and

and tradition of the club. The

looked everywhere” is the

leadership since this period. Hurst

Paolo Di Canio and Carlos Tevez,

the pitch will range from 45

main problem under previous

triumphant chorus of West Ham

finished as England’s top scorer at

financial instability in the past

metres to 205 metres.

ownerships was poor relations

United’s anthem, ‘I’m Forever

the finals with four goals and

decade has meant West Ham have

Blowing Bubbles’. This chorus

Peters also played a crucial role as

struggled to hold onto many of

Juventus’ Stadio delle Alpi has

personal disagreements with

sums up both the working-class

he scored a goal in the 4-2 win

their key players. They have

served as a warning as it had a

Harry Redknapp get in the way of

nature of West Ham’s loyal fans

over Germany in the final.

struggled to rise above the status

running track up to when

football matters and sacked him

of a feeder club, that is, a club

redevelopment began in 2009 and

in 2001. Magnusson’s board sold

but also how in their 116 year

with the manager. Brown let

history, the club with its tradition

The production of England

that does not have the finances to

was synonymous for its poor

defenders Anton Ferdinand and

of producing England

internationals continued in the

be able to hang on to their prized

atmosphere and fans’ restricted

George McCartney above Alan

internationals and playing good

1970s with club icons Trevor

assets. While it was fantastic to

view of the pitch. West Ham

Curbishley’s head in 2008 which

football, have never tasted the

Brooking and Frank Lampard Sr.

produce Ferdinand, Lampard,

midfielder Scott Parker has talked

led to Curbishley’s resignation.

glory and the financial muscle of

and into the 1980s with Alan

Cole and Defoe, West Ham fans

up the uniqueness of the new

its more illustrious London

Devonshire, Alvin Martin, Tony

never got to witness these talents

stadium but has inadvertently

Sadly, Gold and Sullivan have

neighbours. However, in their

Cottee and Paul Ince. However,

at the height of their ability.

summed up its faults with “we'll

proved even more controversial.

seven-year plan to turn the

the most successful period of

be playing there every week and

They constantly undermined last

Hammers into a top four club,

development came in the 1990s as

away teams won't, so they'll be

season’s manager Gianfranco

However, the club badly needs a

owners David Gold and David

Zola. Zola gave West Ham’s

Sullivan are in danger of losing

image a boost with his dignity and

touch with West Ham’s humble

attractive football after the

origins which could result in

murkiness of the Carlos Tevez

financial ruin.

affair where West Ham broke Premier League rules in signing

While Manchester United’s youth

him (as he was partly owned by a

teams of the 1960s and the 1990s

third party). However, Gold and

have been lauded, West Ham‘s

Sullivan never publicly backed

production line has often been

him and in January 2010, they

overlooked. The club have never

announced the entire squad, apart

won a top-level title yet as the

from talisman Parker, was up for

‘Academy of Football’, they have

sale. They also bid for West Brom

produced some of the modern

midfielder Graham Dorrans

greats. From the 1960s right up

without Zola’s knowledge. The

to the present day, the Hammers

owners replaced Zola with Avram

have developed the heartbeat of

the future core of the English

balance between selling their best

coming to something that is new

Grant in the summer of 2010 but

the English national team. This

national team rose through the

players and Gold and Sullivan’s

to them in terms of a running

he too is heading for the same

was a policy advocated by

ranks. Rio Ferdinand, Frank

lofty ambitions to turn West Ham

track". For a club who have

fate. Grant has not been fully

legendary manager Ron

Lampard, Joe Cole and Michael

into London’s top team as the

developed a boisterous and

supported by Gold and Sullivan

Greenwood in the 1960s which

Carrick have gone on to win a

owners are in danger of

intimate atmosphere at Upton

despite reaching the League Cup

has shaped the club’s traditions

combined 207 caps for England

overstretching the club with an

Park, the exposed Olympic

semi-final and the job was offered

for forty years. Local talents have

and generated £50 million in

alarming level of debt. This is a

Stadium will be dramatically

to Martin O’Neill while Grant

gone on to establish a great

transfer fees for West Ham.

matter of ego for Gold and

different and a huge risk. Added

was preparing for a league match

rapport with the fans and

Jermain Defoe and Glen Johnson

Sullivan who as two East London

to this is the £100 million

against Arsenal. The impatience

symbolise the club’s working-class

soon followed from the Academy

natives want to leave a legacy and

redevelopment cost which would

and ruthlessness of the owners is


and the likes of James Tomkins,

to be seen as the saviours of a

dramatically add to their already

in danger of further destabilising an already unstable club.

Jordan Spence, Mark Noble and

club who were £110 million in

perilous debt.

The club chant of ‘we won the

Junior Stanislas could have the

debt when they took over. They

Obviously, this debt will take

World Cup’ in relation to

potential to be future England

see their legacy immortalised in

time to be written off but the

West Ham United are at a

England’s 1966 World Cup win is


moving into the Olympic Stadium

owners have not helped matters

crossroads. Relegation would

not as absurd as it may seem.

at Stratford. With the aid of

on the pitch with their decision

mean financial meltdown but

West Ham’s Bobby Moore,

For a club of its size, West Ham's

Newham Council, who will

making. After the unpopular

survival will lead to Gold and

Martin Peters and Geoff Hurst

tradition of developing top-class

provide a £40 million loan, the

ownerships of Terrance Brown

Sullivan taking the credit and

were just as pivotal to England’s

international players is surely

owners will move the Hammers

(1989-2006) and Eggert

continuing to taint the club’s

victory as illustrious names like

unrivalled in world football.

into the stadium after

Magnusson (2006-2008), West

proud tradition and image.

Gordon Banks, Nobby Stiles and

However, although the Hammers

redevelopment in 2014. However,

Ham fans believed Gold and

Regardless of this, the West Ham

Bobby Charlton. Few central

fans have cherished memories of

in leaving the running track

Sullivan, as lifelong West Ham

faithful will forever be blowing

defenders have matched Moore’s

witnessing these England

between the pitch and stands, the

fans, would understand the pride



page 28

By Conor Lane

An uncompromising voice What makes a winner? A simple question with, quite frankly, a simple answer. An answer so obvious that many people know it, even though they may not realise it. Football managers in the Premier League don’t have a very long shelf-life, so when you see a man who has been in charge for over, let’s say five years, you begin to think about how he could have achieved such a feat. Then you try to comprehend twenty-three years as a manager at the same club. Is it down to talent or dumb luck? Disregarding the technical skill involved, you could say that Rooney scoring one of the league’s greatest goals against his team’s biggest rivals in probably the worst season of his career could be construed as an act of fate or the result of being under a manager who has had both tremendous luck

The nature/nurture argument

the All Blacks with the

(Barcelona ’99) and an incredible

cannot solve the complexities of

cohesiveness of South Africa

drive and work ethic.

a winner. While there is

resting on his and his

obviously an inherently

teammates’ shoulders? You can

Sir Alex Ferguson has been at

competitive trait in champions,

be strong, fast, tough and fit but

the helm of Manchester United

there’s also something more

if you can’t take that first step

for longer than most college

important and it cannot be

because you’re afraid to, then

students today have been alive.

inherited or taught easily. It’s

you won’t go any further in life

The old war-horse has seen

actually something that winners

or do anything which hasn’t

eleven league titles, five FA Cups

lack, the thing they need to lack

already been done.

and two European Cups come

to be successful: fear, a mixed

under his possession, he has

feeling of anxiety and

These men had voices that could

personally overseen the winning

apprehension, the emotion that

not be silenced. Alex and Ian are

of at least thirty-five trophies

holds most people back in life. It

in jobs where they need to make

throughout his United career and has truly established himself

fathom, yet he did it.

as one of the all-time greats.

is an emotion that can grip you

their voices heard whereas

brought them to uncharted

and force you to stop believing

Phelps and Bolt only needed

territory with the power of his

in yourself.

that unmovable influence inside

How has he done it? For twenty-

Ian Holloway didn’t need to be

voice. Belief is a difficult

three years he has worked

reminded of the fact that he was

concept. It’s hard to grasp and it

But do you think Michael Phelps

without fear of failure. There is

continually, year after year of

in charge of one of the poorest

can come and go depending on

had any fear when everybody

no difference between the two

the same-old, same-old: pre-

teams in the English game but

the mood but Holloway has

told him that winning eight gold

methods. Once you lose that

season, full season (training most

the charisma and enthusiasm

shown that faith in playing the

medals at the Olympics was

fear, discipline becomes second

days) and finally, end of season

that exuded from his voice

game as it should be played has

impossible? Did Usain Bolt have

nature; how else could Phelps

anxiety as the league ends with

brought the best out of the

its rewards and his footballing

any fear when he was told that it

train for over ten years of high-

hopefully a few trophies in the

group of players that he had. To

intelligence is evident every time

is not feasible to be the best at

intensity swimming, including

bag and then it starts all over

him, he had a team made up of

he speaks.

both the 100m and 200m

five years without taking a day

again. It’s the type of

eleven men out on a pitch with

events? Did Francois Pienaar

off? The only thing we should all

methodology that can make you

each having a head and a pair of

How have these men been able

have any fear when he led his

be afraid of is the possibility that

tired just thinking about it. The

arms and legs, just like any other

to attain so many great

Springbocks out in the Rugby

we don’t maximize our potential.

discipline required is hard to

team in the world, and he

successes? Is it genetic make-up?

World Cup final of ‘95 against

their own heads, a belief


page 29

Chelsea’s cursed trophy: the Uefa Champions League Roman Abramovich fell in love with football and

second round first leg where Chelsea lost 2-1 to

Terry, a warrior who has suffered broken bones,

indeed the Champions League after seeing the 3-2

Barcelona and had Didier Drogba sent off after 56

concussions and battle scars over the years, was

quarter-final epic between Real Madrid and


reduced to a weeping man who knew he may have

Manchester United in 2003 and eight years on,

cost Chelsea an unprecedented Champions League

Chelsea are still searching for their Holy Grail.

Mourinho claimed he saw Barcelona manager, Frank

title. After Anderson and Saloman Kalou exchanged

Although the Abramovich era has brought undoubted

Rijkaard, enter the referee Anders Frisk’s dressing

successful penalties, Ryan Giggs converted and

domestic success to the Blues, the pressure to win the

room at half-time. Frisk received numerous death

Nicolas Anelka missed to send Peter Kenyon and a

Champions League has dogged them. Former Chief

threats from Chelsea fans, was replaced for the

rain-soaked Grant up to collect a runners-up plaque

Executive Peter Kenyon summed up Abramovich’s

second-leg by Pierluigi Collina and then retired from

while Sir Bobby Charlton led Manchester United in

obsession for world domination in 2007, stating that

the game after the match. Mourinho’s claims were

their celebrations.

“over a ten-year period, you need two European Cups

never proven and a Uefa venue director, Pascal

to be a world club”. Unnecessary substitutions,

Fratellia, claimed he saw Frisk tell Rijkaard he could

Grant was harshly removed as manager and his

controversy, bad luck and poor refereeing have

not enter the dressing room. Controversy again

replacement, World Cup winner Luiz Felipe Scolari,

prevented Chelsea from fulfilling this ambition.

surrounded Chelsea when they took on Liverpool in

only lasted six months. Guus Hiddink, a one time

the semi-final. After a 0-0 draw in the first-leg at

winner of the Champions League, was parachuted into

Under Abramovich, Chelsea’s first season in the

Stamford Bridge, Luis Garcia poked home a ‘goal’ at

the hot seat until the end of the 2009 season. Yet

Champions League came in the 2003/2004 season.

Anfield to send Liverpool to Istanbul. To this day,

again, Chelsea defeated Liverpool along the way and

They were managed by the much-loved Claudio

Mourinho maintains that it was a ‘ghost goal’ and

set up a glamour tie against Barcelona in the semi-

Ranieri and faced a semi-final against AS Monaco.

replays have never been able to conclude whether the

final. The pre-match tension that had been instigated

Ranieri had developed a reputation as ‘the Tinkerman’

ball crossed the line or not.

by Rijkaard and Mourinho in previous battles was

as he constantly rotated his squad and made rash

non-existent. The pupil, Barca coach Pep Guardiola,

substitutions. In the semi-final first leg against

In 2007, Chelsea again met bitter rivals Liverpool in

was in awe of the master, Hiddink. After securing an

Monaco at the Stade Louis II, Ranieri’s reckless

the semi-final. The tradition of tactical bouts between

admirable 0-0 draw at the Nou Camp, Chelsea went

substitutions caught up with him. Admirably, Chelsea

Mourinho and Rafa Benitez continued and Real

into the second leg as slight favourites. When Michael

went into half-time with the score at 1-1-with a

Madrid legend Jorge Valdano compared the teams

Essien put Chelsea 1-0 up with a wonder strike in the

crucial away goal as well as dominating the game.

playing-styles to "a s*** hanging from a stick". Joe Cole

9th minute, it seemed the Blues were going to hold

However, Ranieri inexplicably substituted Jesper

edged Chelsea in front in the first-leg at Stamford

out as they went on to limit Barca to just one shot on

Gronkjaer for the unfit Juan Sebastian Veron at half-

Bridge and then Daniel Agger equalised the tie at


time which left them narrow and their centre of

Anfield. It went to penalties with Arjen Robben and

midfield overcrowded. After Monaco midfielder

Geremi missing theirs and Liverpool winning the

However, four penalty appeals (Florent Malouda

Andres Zikos was sent off in the 53rd minute, Ranieri

shootout. A whirlwind and unforeseen twelve months

being hauled down by Dani Alves, Drogba being

sent on Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink for Mario Melchiot

followed where Abramovich cooled his spending,

tugged back by Eric Abidal, Gerard Pique and Samuel

and Robert Huth for Scott Parker. The team was left

dispensed with Mourinho and appointed the

Eto’o handballing) and a verbal rant from Drogba

incredibly unbalanced and even narrower with a

mysterious figure of Avram Grant as manager in

overshadowed an incredible Andres Iniesta equaliser

midfield made up of Claude Makelele, Frank Lampard

October 2007. Grant did what Mourinho could not do

in the 94th minute–which won the Catalans the tie.

and Veron and three central strikers consisting of

in the Champions League- defeat Liverpool. The teams

Although Eric Abidal had been unfairly sent off for an

Eidur Gudjohnsen, Hernan Crespo and Hasselbaink.

met again in the 2008 semi-final which was a much

innocuous tackle on Anelka in the 65th minute, there

Fernando Morientes and Shabani Nonda turned the

more open affair with Grant leading the Blues to a 4-3

was a feeling of injustice on Chelsea’s part and

game in the 78th and 83rd minutes respectively and

aggregate victory and their first ever Champions

Drogba, complete with flip-flops, marched onto the

ultimately, Chelsea lost the tie.

League final.

pitch (after being substituted due to an injury at the end of the match). Although his rant towards referee

Unsurprisingly, Ranieri was replaced just weeks after

It seemed it was Abramovich’s destiny to capture the

Tom Ovrebo was unprofessional, there was a feeling

the tie with Jose Mourinho who had just won the

title in his home nation of Russia where the final took

that yet again, Chelsea had been unlucky in defeat.

Champions League with Porto. He oozed the vibrancy,

place at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. However,

brashness and arrogance that dominated Chelsea’s

yet again a penalty shootout prevented continental

The 2011 Champions League final is to be held in

image after the years of the humble Ranieri. ‘The

glory for Chelsea after an exhilarating 1-1 match

Wembley Stadium- a stadium where the Blues have

Special One’ used brilliant mind-games (named

against Manchester United. Without the services of

had good fortune and a great record. Will it provide

Barcelona’s starting XI in the pre-match press

Didier Drogba (who was sent off for a slap on

the inspiration for Chelsea to finally end their

conference) but at times deplorable tactics to lead the

Nemanja Vidic), John Terry stepped up to take the

Champions League curse?

Blues to the semi-final. This revolting side of

decisive penalty to fulfil Abramovich’s destiny after

Mourinho was evident after the final whistle of the

Cristiano Ronaldo had missed. However, Terry slipped.

By Ciarán Kelly


page 30

Champions League’s last 16

By Conor Lane

Tottenham pulled off one of their most

trying to carry on his argument with

formation to 4-4-2 and it worked for

before the half-hour mark and Arsenal

famous victories by beating AC Milan at

Spurs’ coach Joe Jordan. Gattuso received

them. Ancelotti left Drogba on the bench

were only kept in it because Messi failed

the San Siro in the opening match of the

a four-match ban for head-butting the

and it payed off as Anelka scored twice

to capitalise on his chances. Arsenal rode

Champions League’s last 16 round. Harry

old-school coach who barely flinched

against a rather poor team compared to

their luck but they also produced some

Redknaap was a visibly proud man as he

when it happened. It was refreshing to

Chelsea to all but guarantee passage

attractive moments themselves. Wilshere

lead his men into an arena where they

see. The game became quite feisty after

through to the next round. Torres looked

has been a revelation, the young man

had had the good fortune of playing in

Mathieu Flamini was let off the hook

as if he had concrete in his boots as he

came up against some of world football’s

during the group stages. That experience

when he wasn’t sent off for an obviously

wasn’t allowed yet again to complete his

best players and he fitted right in. Arsenal

served to help them. Tottenham made AC

gained momentum in the second-half and

AC Milan 0-1 Tottenham

Milan look exactly what they were, not quite a spent force but very nearly there.

FC Copenhagen 0-2 Chelsea

Milan still have quality and it’s not that long ago when they were once considered

Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona

to be the best team in the world, but thanks to Silvio Berlusconi running the

in the space of five minutes they went from being behind to being in the lead. Van Persie and Arshavin scored so the Gunners left the game with an advantage. The Nou Camp will test Arsenal’s metal.

Marseille 0-0 Manchester United

club just about as well as he runs Italy,

Manchester United went to Marseille on

they are not what they once were and are

dangerous, two-footed challenge that left

first full match for the Blues. He has too

the back of a drab performance which

in dire need of investment. They may be

Corluka injured. Aaron Lennon’s

much quality to stay in such bad form but

saw them beat an unlucky Crawly Town.

top of the Seria A for now but when you

explosive pace cut the Milan team open

he’ll have to start playing better soon if

Marseille were hosting the Red Devils in a

consider how weak the league has gotten,

and with less than fifteen minutes to go

Chelsea are to improve.

drab game where real chances were few

it’s no great achievement. Gennaro

he slid the ball into Peter Crouch’s path

Gattuso has long been be one of the best

who slotted it home for the win, a simple

Arsenal sent a shockwave through

the advantage since the return leg is at

midfielders in the game but his aging

finish for a hard earned win.

football as they beat Barcelona 2-1 at the

Old Trafford, which is a daunting place

Emirates. Barcelona are considered to be a

for any away team to play. You do worry

and far between. Ferguson’s side will have

body simply wasn’t allowing him to run the show like he used to, leaving him

Chelsea’s dreadful season took an upturn

superior version of Arsenal and for most

that United’s failure to score an away goal

visibly frustrated. If he wasn’t pounding

as they recorded an away win against FC

of the match that was noticeably true.

could come back to haunt them.

his fists in rage at the ground, he was

Copenhagen. They changed their

Villa gave the Spanish champions the lead

By Sinéad Farrell

Diarmaid Nash Sport: Handball Course: 3rd Commerce Sportsfile:

alleyway, which can


sponsorship but it is

vary in dimensions.

One of the most notable


Diarmaid specialises

benefits of engaging in a sport

Playing Handball while the

in “40x20 metre”

like handball is that it does not

Hurling season hibernates for

complexes. Games

lead to financial drainage. Apart

the winter is a prevalent part of

can be played in

from the ball, goggles and

Diarmaid’s athletic agenda. In

singles or doubles

gloves, there isn’t a lot of

fact, his association with

and protective

specific equipment needed to

Handball was prompted by his

clothing such as

play it. It enhances hand to eye

interest in Hurling. He has

goggles and gloves

co-ordination, reinforces your

played in the County jersey and

“All you need is a ball and a

2006 not to mention that he’s

are mandatory for participants.

reaction strength and generates

is a current member of the U-21

wall”. For anyone who is

rubbing shoulders with the top

A small rubber-based ball is

a greater command of your

squad as a corner back. Diarmaid

unaware of what the sport,

20 handball performers in the

volleyed against a high rising

concentration. According to

is happy to retain both

“Handball” entails, it’s pretty

ranking polls. To complete that

wall by the opposing players.

Diarmaid, “Onewall”, which is a

disciplines but predicts a

straight forward as Clare native

already remarkable profile,

There is a box outlined on the

variation of Handball, is

dilemma of choosing one as a

Diarmaid Nash conceded to me.

Diarmaid defeated Tralee I.T

wall to indicate boundaries and

gradually progressing into the

preference in the future, “I’m

If you’re not convinced of his

student Fergal Collins in the

the aim is to keep your shots

spectrum of professional sports

happy playing both and I haven’t

reliability in judgment, his list of

recent Intervarsity’s final, “Yeah

within those limits and force

and it is hoped that it will

had many major clashes with

credentials will soon ease your

it was great to win it. The final

your opponent to fail in

eventually be recognised as an

them so I hope I won’t have to


was two hours long but I love

returning a hit. Diarmaid’s

Olympic discipline. “It’s an

pick one because I love playing

playing. I started when I was 10

victory ended a long drought of

existing sport in over 16

them both” he insists. He’s

Fresh off the courts of the

and it just grew from there.

success in NUIG, “its 25 years

countries including Canada and

optimistic about impending

Intervarsity’s Handball

NUIG gave me a scholarship

since the college won it so that

Mexico and it’s developing all

tournaments such as the

competition, the final year

with it so it’s given me so much.”

was great. I had a great

the time. If they can get that

Munster Senior and

Commerce student revealed an

management staff working with

number up to 25, it will be

Intermediate competitions and

impressive but modest account

Handball is a distant relation of

me in Ryan O’Rourke, Ozer

promoted to a professional level.

encourages anyone to join the

of his career to date which

hurling and a cousin to squash.

McMahon and Robbie McCarthy

At the moment only 5

college club for training on

includes an U15 World title in

The game is played in an

so I was well prepared for the

professional players are receiving

Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

SPORT NEWS Ladies Hockey: NUIG 1-5 Portadown By Sile Johnson Spectators in Dangan were recently treated to a

again through goal hungry Sam Hill who once

spectacle of hockey as NUI Galway met

again found herself in possession behind

Portadown HC in the 2nd Round of the Irish

College’s defence.

Trophy. The 5-1 score line, in favour of the

page 31

Ladies footballers advance in O’Connor Cup By Nigel Concannon The NUI Galway Senior Ladies Football

sides. However NUI Galway took control

team progressed to the next round of the O’

from then on with points from Ward, Edel

Connor Cup with a comprehensive win over

Concannon and McHugh before goals from substitutes Sinead Burke and Ursula

visiting girls in blue, does little to reflect the

It would have been so easy, and somewhat

quality of play and the competitive nature of this

acceptable, for the college side to drop their


heads at this stage, but this was not the case.

a gallant UCC side in Mardyke Park last

Lesley O Flynn stepped up from sweeper in a bid

week. NUI Galway made a blistering start

Leonard gave Galway students a

College stormed down the throats of Portadown

to set up a goal for her side. Jane O’Higgins and

with goals coming from Marissa O’

commanding lead. In the last minute, a point

from the tip-off, launching an attack on the

Orla Callanan continuously pushed onto the

Callaghan and a well-taken penalty by Eilish

from Ciara Hegarty ended a great NUI

visitors’ circle. The college side were immediately

Portadown circle, desperately seeking a goal.

Ward. The visitors continued to build on

Galway team performance. Player of the

in the front foot and rolled with their

Unfortunately their efforts were in vain, as the

their great start with points from Ward and

match was goalkeeper Caoimhe Egan who

momentum, and continued to press on the Blue’s

game finished 5-1 to Portadown.

Natalie McHugh before the home side

was consistent throughout. Final score NUI

settled into the contest. Half-time score was

Galway 4-10 UCC 0-7. Up next for NUI Galway is a home tie with

defence unit. The visitors were not without their attacks, but it was NUI Galway who opened the

Pic: Aisling Gaffney The intensely contested match was characterised

stronger. The college side soon pushed ahead,

by the ferocity of Ulster hockey. This kind of

UCC 0-4 NUIG 2-4.

after a superb reverse tackle by Niamh O

competitiveness is something which the

The home side battled hard at the beginning

holders DCU on Thursday 24th February in

Halloran was played into the circle for Síle

Connaught side are unaccustomed to on a

of the second half, and by the 40th minute

Dangan at 2pm.

Johnson to finish.

regular basis, yet adjusted to straight off the

there was only four points between the

mark. The game was a display of fabulous The visitors were shaken but not defeated and

hockey, and afterwards both teams appreciated

they soon settled into the game and began to

the passion and talent of the other. Portadown

push forward, and now put the college side

now face in to the quarter final of the Irish

under a great deal of pressure. Only minutes

Trophy, a position they know well having

after NUI Galway went 1-0 up, the visitors had

reached the semi-final last year.

pulled one back through Sam Hill. They doubled their tally before the break after captain, Esther Dickson, won the scramble at the goal mouth to slot home for her side. The intensity was raised again in the second half. The college side needed to get a goal back early to restore confidence, while Portadown needed to seal the deal with a 3rd goal. Portadown employed the tactic of playing one forward extremely high, and played direct balls to her. It was Sam Hill who was filled this role and she did so sublimely. She received a ball inside the 22 from her backline and when she turned, had only the goalie to beat, and so she did in style. Her next contribution was to assist Ali Reid to score to push their side 4-1 ahead. Although the visitors were putting scores away, they had little possession other than when they scored. The college side enjoyed more possession but were just unable to convert their chances. The umpires strictly enforced the law, and a green card to both Louise Riordan and Lisa Geraghty was followed by Amy Rossitor getting sin binned for the same offence, not being 5 metres from the free taker. With College down to 10 players, they had to play a defensive game, depriving them of many opportunities to launch forward to get a goal which they so desperately needed. They rode the storm, and succeeded in not conceding during their period of numerical disadvantage. Despite being back to the full 11, they conceded

NUIG win Ashbourne Shield, beating CIT by 4-18 to 0-03

For all your student banking needs Dr Drop op into the Kevin and Kevin Advice Centr Centre e in our NUIG branch Email: Kevin.Br Call:

(091) 524555

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Volume 12 Issue 9

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