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iOS 12

S K C I R T TIPS & How to make the most of your iPad’s new features

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Master drag and drop in iOS

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very autumn brings a big new update to iPads (as well as iPhones, and Apple’s other products). iOS 12 focuses on speed and stability improvements more than flashy new features, which is great if you use your iPad daily for work (or just as a computer replacement), because it’ll be smoother than ever. But there are still great new features to explore, and we’ve highlighted lots of them this issue. We’ll take a quick overview of the changes to things like the News app, we’ll look at how the Photos app’s search has been made even more powerful, and we’ll take you through using the brand new app Measure – and that’s just a taste! We’ve got some other great guides too, of course. Our guide to the guitar instrument in GarageBand shows how you can make a tune without having touched a musical instrument in your life (and what it can do if you actually have some guitar skills). We also look at how you can make a podcast, start to finish, just on your iPad – and you could always use our tutorial about the teleprompter in Pages for your podcast! And there’s lots more, of course – enjoy!

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Become an iOS 12 genius Make the most of your iPad’s new features


Do more with drag and drop Save yourself time and effort


Play guitar in GarageBand Play any style you like. No ability required!


Use Pages as a teleprompter Uncover the customisation options to make talks and presentations shine


Create a podcast in Anchor The easy way to share your thoughts with the world


Make stylised video clips Use LumaFusion to fix colour problems or add creative looks


Apple Gear Reviews of the latest iPad accessories



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Become an

iOS 12 Genius

Apple is adding some excellent new features to your iPad, so here’s how to make the most of them


pple is known for making software that can be used by people of all ages and technical knowledge levels. There is rarely a learning curve, as is evidenced by the lack of manuals included with the products, and for most people it is a case of jumping in and discovering what the hardware and software has to offer. However, if you take the time to truly understand what each new feature can do in iOS 12, you will get more out of your iPhone and iPad and you can learn how to become an iOS genius in no time. We will guide you through what’s new and highlight the changes to classic iOS apps, some of which

are hard to spot at first glance, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of them instantly. With Apple’s simple approach and a sprinkling of knowledge, your investment could grow overnight and become even more useful than it was before. No matter how intuitive software and hardware are, the fact is that modern-day devices can do so much that it’s impossible to cover every area, but if you continue to learn the benefits will become clear. You can save lots of time every day, become more productive and enjoy your device in ways that you may not have previously considered. iOS 12 is a progression from what has come before rather than a

completely new operating system, but there is still a lot to learn and a selection of features that require a little time to become familiar with. It may be that some of the changes are not valuable to you, but it is also likely that some will become features that you use every single day to get things done. Even if you just find one, it will be worth taking the time to understand how to make the most of it, and to have a long look around to see all that is new. It is likely that the smaller tweaks will not be discovered for some time, but once you know where they are you can start to adjust them to your requirements. Take your time and enjoy all the beneficial changes.


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9/6/18 3:29 PM

Become an iOS 12 Genius iOS

Understand your usage Screen Time will help you to know exactly how you use your iOS devices Screen Time lets you delve deeper than you normally would into your iPad and iPhone usage. You likely have some idea of how addicted to your devices you are, but here you can back

1 Enable it

When you first open the feature by going to Settings > Screen Time it will enable and start to track your usage of apps immediately.

that up with stats and, just like a fitness tracker, you can aim to change your usage over time, if you choose. The amount of data and control on offer is quite astonishing.

2 And so it begins

The stats will start to build up and you can now spend time diving deep into your usage by app, as well as your overall screen time.

3 Set a limit

Tap ‘Add Limit’ in any app to control your habits going forward. It’s voluntary, but it will help you manage your usage.

Measure anything in seconds Measure is the standout addition for many in iOS 12, and while it is very easy to use, there are some tricks to learn to help you get the most benefits from it

1 The right space

2 Point and scan

3 Tap to capture

4 Easy conversions

5 Point to point

6 It’s not exact

Your iPhone needs to calibrate itself to understand where it is before you can measure objects. It takes seconds.

You will be shown the measurement in two formats and you can tap once to share with others instantly.

Simply point at any object and the Measure app will recognise it and produce immediate data to work with.

Tap the ‘+’ icon to measure from a new point. You can do this again and again until it is complete.

Tap a marker and the measurement will be displayed ready for you to copy to any other app.

Remember that the measurements are not exact. They are great for general use, but not all technical projects.


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9/6/18 3:29 PM

iOS Become an iOS 12 Genius

Use the new camera The already impressive iPad camera has received a couple of useful changes to make your photos even better than before The hardware is what makes mobile iOS photography so popular and there is no doubt that Apple has put many resources into its development over the years. In iOS 12 there are no large-scale changes in the Camera

setup, but there are two useful additions. Some would like to see major changes, but the only way to seriously improve your photos is to take time to improve your own technique with continual practice.

2 Add a filter

3 Adding stickers

Some of the standard iOS apps have received an update in iOS 12. What were simplistic apps now have features that will help you to do more with them, and we will show you what is new so that you can explore the benefits. There is nothing technical to learn here, but knowing the changes will help a lot.

1 Interactive stocks

2 The financial news

3 A new voice

4 Edit your recordings 5 The classics remain

1 Fun effects

When you snap a photo in Messages or FaceTime you can now tap ‘Effects’ and take advantage of a host of fun features to add personality.

The first option, and most obvious change, is to add a filter. There’s a nice selection built into iOS 12, with a preview of each one.

iOS comes with some basic stickers to add to photos, and iMessage apps let you add others. Tap to add to the picture, then drag it around.

Understand the improved apps

Voice Memos has landed on iPad at last! Tap the red record button and away you go. It also has a new look in the iPhone app that matches it here.

The graphs in the Stocks app are now interactive, and when you place your finger on them you can drag to see data for any particular day.

Your voice memos can be edited: tap the Edit button in the top corner to be able to select sections of the audio to trim.

Below the graphs and data, you can also now see full financial articles with just one tap. It links perfectly to Apple News to give you the full picture.

There are lots of small changes in other areas. Safari can now show Favicons in tab names, for example – turn this on in its Settings entry.


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9/6/18 3:29 PM

Become an iOS 12 Genius iOS

Control your notifications Notifications are vital for keeping in touch and for connecting with friends and work colleagues, but they have tended to be slightly clunky when it comes to how they can be controlled. iOS 12 resolves this issue and you can now manage the settings in a much more personal way which will let you receive notifications in the way you want. It takes no time at all to learn.

3 Tap to expand

One tap lets you view all of the notifications from an app. You can then tap any message to read it. Tap the arrow to group them together

1 Individual notifications 2 Bringing order Multiple notifications can be tiresome to view if you receive many throughout the day via various apps. They need a little taming.

Notification Centre in iOS 12 groups everything by app, which makes it much easier to view what has come in with just a glance.

4 Manage everything

5 Quieter notifications

Swipe left on any notification and look for the new options. The ‘Manage’ option lets you personalise the settings for your needs.

Tap ‘Deliver Quietly’ to only show messages in Notification Centre, and ‘Turn Off…’ to disable them. Tap ‘Settings’ to see other preferences.

FaceTime comes of age

FaceTime just grew up significantly and can now be used to chat with many people for any reason FaceTime is a crucial feature for families and friends, but it has some big limitations. iOS 12 is set to add some much-needed flexibility: you will be able to converse with multiple people (2) at the same time in a group call. When someone is speaking, the software will intelligently make them prominent on the screen (1) which makes the conversation visually as well as audibly logical throughout. Try it with a few acquaintances and you will see just how quickly and smoothly it works no matter how many people are present. There is little to learn in the new FaceTime, and you will find that the screen prompts are completely obvious from the first use. People can join the call (3) from an iPhone, iPad, Mac or even an Apple Watch which will be audio only, but this does mean that the opportunities for communication are wideranging and likely much more frequent than previously thanks to the compatibility with so many devices. Perhaps the most pleasing aspect is the sparse design (4) which is merely a black background with a few thumbnails to signify the participants during the call. It is pure visual Apple in every respect and really does take FaceTime to the level many of us wanted to see. Sadly, this feature won’t be available at the launch of iOS 12, but will come later.






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9/6/18 3:29 PM

iOS Become xxx xxxxxxxx an iOS x 12 Genius

Make time for yourself Do Not Disturb can now be activated in any way you like Do Not Disturb is literally running in the background every day, doing exactly what it needs to with no fuss at all. To many people it is just about perfect, but this

1 The classic settings

You can still go to Settings and manage Do Not Disturb. It’s not an exciting screen, but it does work well.

has not stopped Apple from tinkering with it to add a little more functionality that will come in handy time and time again.

2 A new display

The lock screen display is now more detailed and transparent than before. A simple, but effective change.

3 The important change Enable Do Not Disturb in Control Centre and new temporary options appear. One tap sets each one.

Discover more books iBooks is now Apple Books – with a streamlined interface and many tweaks in all sorts of places it sounds as though it will take some learning, but the reality is that you can pick it up and start enjoying it straightaway. Just like you would a traditional paper book.

Discover new books Just like the new look App Store, Apple Books has curated offerings and collections designed to catch your eye and your reading time. It feels much more personal than before – just tap to investigate.

Improved reading experience When you start to read in Apple Books you will find that the interface now rivals and beats most of the competition. It has taken some time, but iOS reading is now comparable with the rest.

Your recommendations Your purchase history is used to recommend new titles. As is classic Apple, the software is designed to take the laborious parts away in favour of automated curation. The offerings are eerily accurate to your tastes.

Listen and read Audiobooks are prominently featured and offer a solution if you are struggling to find the time to read each day. The app now offers a perfect way to fill up your commute with interesting audio entertainment.


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9/6/18 3:29 PM

Become an iOS 12 Genius iOS

Find and share your best photos It is now easier than ever to search for individual photos and to share collections with other people Photos’ search facility is now more intuitive and is fast enough to change the results as you type with multiple word searches built in. Sharing suggestions give you

ideas of the content you can share with others and it is clever enough to allow the recipients to complete a memory by adding photos from the same event or day.

1 It just knows

2 Time to share

3 The search screen

4 Select a person

5 Search for anything

6 Be very precise

Tap the ‘For You’ tab and see what pops up. You will see photos at the top with sharing suggestions beneath them based on who is in the actual photos. It is eerily clever.

Tap a name at the top and all of the photos of that person will be displayed. You can then browse through them or edit and share as you so wish. The selections are vast.

When you tap the option, a list of people in the photos will populate. You can now select them all or individually choose who you want to share the photos with. It’s close to automated.

Typing a descriptive word or a person’s name at the top will bring up a series of photos that match what you need. The search mechanism is quicker and more accurate than ever before.

Tapping ‘Search’ at the bottom will also bring up a semi-populated screen with People, Memories and any other interesting things that you may wish to view. Scroll around to see the content.

Photos now also supports multiword searches, which allows you to specify objects, people and even weather conditions. You will be able to find practically any photo in seconds.


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9/6/18 3:29 PM

iOS Become an iOS 12 Genius

Get to grips with the new Apple News Apple News is a favourite among iPad and iPhone users, and it just got better and easier to use

1 A new design

You will notice a slightly cleaner and more logical Apple News design in iOS 12. The interface is close to perfect now.

2 Manage your channels 3 Play with Spotlight Spend time tailoring the channels to your preferences and you’ll get daily content that is interesting to you.

Spotlight is great at presenting long articles in a way that is readable, so you can catch up quickly.

Do more with Siri

Siri knows more than ever before and will send you to the web less often Siri gets a rough ride from many critics. Apple’s strong stance on privacy is partly the reason for the limitations, but a minimal loss of automation is a small price to pay

to stay safe when travelling or going about your daily business. Siri in iOS 12, however, is now smarter and will offer more genuinely useful benefits.

1 Know your celebrities 2 Instant translations

3 Understand your food

4 Wide-ranging answers 5 Get your passwords

6 Find your photos

You can ask Siri for celebrity facts and most answers will be displayed within the Siri interface rather than through a third-party website.

You can also ask Siri ‘How healthy’ a type of food is and you will be presented with a list of facts including fat and sodium content – very useful.

Siri is capable of translating phrases in 40 languages. Say a phrase and ask Siri to translate it to the language of your choice. The results are instant.

Ask Siri for a password that you have saved and you will be taken to the exact listing that you need on your iOS device. Siri has improved a lot in iOS 12.

The USDA database now backs up Siri and it offers a huge amount of data to give you answers to questions about foods. It can help you eat healthily!

Siri can also find photos of a place or person with a quick question. It links to many of the default apps to perform select actions that you need to do.

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9/6/18 3:29 PM

Become an iOS 12 Genius iOS

More battery information You can analyse the way your iOS battery is performing in greater detail in iOS 12. Extra long-term information is available which will highlight anomalies in performance and you can also see exact information for how a specific app has used the battery on a chosen day. It’s a small addition but can help stop future problems from occurring.

Check the trend The iOS 12 battery screen can display up to 10 days of detailed battery performance which will highlight which days you are using your device the most. It will also show if the battery is performing inconsistently.

Tap to view Tap any of the displayed bars to see the bottom half of the screen change. It will display detailed app usage for the day you have chosen and the other bars will be greyed out.

The power drainers The list of apps is displayed in order with the most power hungry at the top. Chances are that a handful of apps will dominate your usage which may be perfectly normal for most users.

For how long? When you select Activity you will see for how long an app has used the battery rather than in percentage terms. This helps to highlight apps that are running for longer than you expect.

Streamline with Shortcuts

Shortcuts will help you automate repetitive tasks that otherwise get in the way Siri has gained a new use in iOS 12 by letting you create your own shortcuts for commonly used tasks. No matter what you want to do it takes seconds to

1 Find the settings

Go to Settings > Siri & Search and tap ‘More Shortcuts’. Select an example actions in the list and tap the ‘+’ icon.

record a phrase which is connected to an action and you can create as many as you like. Potentially, you will find yourself using this feature every day.

2 Build a shortcut

Tap the record button and record a phrase to trigger the action. Tap ‘Done’ and it will be available in the future.

3 It’s also proactive

Siri also suggests actions on the lock screen. These supplement the manually created shortcuts perfectly.

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9/6/18 3:29 PM

iOS Drag and drop

Do more with drag and drop Leverage this technique to save yourself time and effort IT WILL TAKE 20 minutes YOU WILL LEARN Timesaving benefits of drag and drop YOU’LL NEED iOS 11 or later, an iPad that supports Split View and Slide Over

In iOS 11/12, rather than copying and pasting things or using the Share sheet to send things from one app to another, you can drag and drop them. This is a feature that has to be built into an app, so some of your apps may not support it – at least not yet. Try holding your finger on an item in a list or some text, for example, and wait for a moment. If it’s draggable, you’ll usually see it lift off the page. If not, you could let the app’s developer know you’d find it useful.

Many of the apps that come with iOS allow you to drag and drop. Here you’ll learn about different ways you can use it to save time. Often you’ll use drag and drop when you have two apps running side by side, but that’s not the only way you can use it. Once you’ve got hold of an item, you can use your other hand to interact with your iPad as usual, switching apps and navigating to the right place before dropping the item. Drag and drop makes using your iPad a lot more comfortable. Alan Stonebridge

HOW TO Use apps together more effectively

1 Side-by-side apps 9000

Open an app, then swipe up from the screen’s bottom edge to reveal the Dock. Hold a finger on an app icon. When it enlarges, drag it to the left or right edge. When the first app shrinks to make room, let go to open the other app on that side.

2 Move or swap apps

One app has a line at its top. Drag the line to move the app to the other side of the screen. Drag and drop is also used to replace what’s open. Drag an icon over one of the already-open apps. When the latter dims, let go to replace it.

3 Apps not in the Dock

You can drag app icons from places other than the Dock. Return to the Home screen and start dragging an app icon. Use your other hand to switch back to your app(s). You can drag icons from Spotlight’s results, too.

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