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Welcome to FutureFly!

FutureFly is a family owned and run business founded in 2011 by Brian Størup. Back in the days, it started with a few items like American Opossum and Us Tubes. Ever since 2011, the business has grown and now we offer more than 5.000 items in all categories for your next flytying project. Besides our own brand, we also offer some of the best brands such as Textreme, Peak Vises and Sondergaard Products.

We have few, but simple core values. High Quality and to offer the Best Service.

Contact information

Gert Sørensen

Production & Customer Service

Mobile: +45 25304917

E-mail: gs@futurefly.dk

Finn Nielsen

Catalog & Fairs

Mobile:+45 61612417

E-mail: fn@futurefly.dk

Brian Størup

CEO & Founder

Mobile: +45 31491662

E-mail: bs@futurefly.dk

Lone Størup

Warehouse & Packing

Mobile: +45 22610299

E-mail: info@futurefly.dk

Superb hair for average sized flies. Slightly curly underwool with longer and shiny guard hairs, almost like polar bear. It’s soft, but not too soft. From mother nature’s hand this type of hair has got black tips. This is the best skin we have seen in a very long time, and it’s popularity is growing every day. The American Opossum is here to stay.

American Opposum

One of the most popular zonker materials for Salmon and Sea Trout flies. The leather on these patches are very thin which makes it the perfect material for all kinds of zonker flies. But also Opossum Shrimps, Crabs and other kinds of coastal flies are perfect with American Opossum, because of it’s translucent and shiny appearance in the water.

It has also become very popular as an underwing material for scandi flies in substitute for polar bear and and some have even had great success swapping bucktail in classic shrimp flies for an extra mobile yet slim tail, sprucing up your ally shrimps and cascades for slower moving pools with extra mobility when twitched and stripped.

Name: Magenta Pink 330 Name: Golden Olive 337 Name: Em Claret 323 Name: BG Green 320 : Banana Yellow 338 Name: Autumn Superior 302001N Name: King Fisher Blue 321 Name: Dirty Yellow 327 Name: Baitfish 334 Name: White Pink 304
Name: Pink 328 Name: Sunburst 302 Name: Hot Orange/Yellow 331 Name: Gold 309 Name: Phatagorva 305 Name: Olive 2 301 Name: Orange-Brown 312 Name: Magenta 339 Name: White 319 Name: Honey Gold 310N Name: Orange 313 Name: Light Pink 335 The Red Plug Frances tied with red Opossum

Our Tanuki is of the best quality available on the market, it is soft with stiffer spikehair, perfect for overwing in smaller flies. Furthermore, it is perfect for big pikeflies. Like our FF ShadowFox the leather is thin, so it can be used as a Zonkerwing for bigger flies. We have some both dyed on beige/Natural and some in pure colors on white.


There can be a little bit differences in the colors on the Beige/natural. In one Tanuki piece there are enough to create many flies.

One of the most popular ways to use our Tanuki is to make a shorter overwing on the Flashflies, which gives the fly a superb dropform in the water. And of cause, it is the original material in the famous MV-Fly. The spikehairs can also be used as feelers on Shrimp patterns.

Name: Phatagorva Dark Rust 700-015 Name: Golden Olive 700-002 Name: Burnt Orange 700-007 Name: Red 700-014 Name: White 700-011 Name: Yellow 700-006 Name: Sunburst 700-005 Name: Chartreuse 700-013 Name: Dark Ginger 700-001 Name: Magenta Pink 700-012 Name: Golden Beiss 700-009 Name: Black 700-004 Name: Olive 700-003 Name: Orange 700-008 Name: Kingfisher Blue 700-010 BananaFly tied with Golden Olive Tanuki and Salmo Flash

A strong baltic pike caught using only FutureFly materials in the fly.

Very soft bodyhairs which can be used for smaller as well as bigger flies. Very soft and slightly curly wool and with longer/straight spikehairs. Because of the very thind leather, it is possible to cut it into small Zonkers. Or you can tie it in like a normal wing. This is the best qaulity you will find on the market today.

Shadow Fox

With this hair you can the perfect small salmon or seatrout fly while it can also be used as the first wing in medium sizes flies. It is also broadly used in small Piglets, like the Pot Belly Pig Fly and other Scottish and Irish flies. Furthermore, the movement in the water is outstanding.

The colours are pure, dyed on white. The size of one piece is about 3x9 cm. which makes it perfect for tying a lot of flies from one piece.

Name: Black 506-000C Name: Dark Ginger 514-000C Name: Fl. Yellow 503-000C Name: Gold 513-000C Name: Hot Orange 507-000C Name: Green Highlander 504-000C Name: Honey Gold 510-000C Name: Orange 512-000C Name: Golden Carrot 508-00C Name: Grey 505-000C Name: Golden Yellow 522-000C Name: White 501-000C Name: Phatagorva 511-000C Name: Red 502-000C Name: SIlver Doctor Blue 521000C MV Flash Fly tied with Black Shadow Fox and Starflash

A box full of coastal flies tied with FutureFly materials.

FutureFly Nutria is a high quality product. It is very popular for light dressed salmon flies. Also perfect for a lot of Coastal flies. The spikehair is tapered and hollow.


Nutria has a short underwool with long spikehairs. They are dyed on light natural pelts, witch gives it a nice and cool look between the colour and the dark spots on the spikehair. FutureFly also have them dyed in pure colours. Nutria has got a short underwool with long spikehairs.

Try this material in a shrimp fly. Not only does it look splendid, it is also winner in the water. Nutria comes in a big piece in many great colours.

Nutria is used in many famous Finnish salmon flies – and we saw it for the first time many years ago in Finland.

Try use the Nutria as an underwing on a Sunray fly and experience the difference on your own!

Name: Red 006 Name: Pure Sunburst 019 Name: Hot Pink 003 Name: Naturel 004 Name: Yellow 005 Name: Salmon Pink 016 Name: Sunburst 007 Name: Olive 012 Nutria Shrimp tied using Nutria Grey 015 Name: Fierry Brown 010 Name: Cream 014 Name: Burnt Orange 001 Name: Black 011 Name: Hot Orange 008 Name: Grey 015 Name: Fl Chartreuse 017 Name: Chartreuse 009 A Nutria coastal fly caught this seatrout

Ondatra is the latin name for the Muskrat, and it is the perfect material for Zonkerflies

We are more than happy to introduce this material to the flytiers around the world. The hair on these skins are up 2 cm long, it has shiny spikehairs, the underwool is compact and the leather is very thin.


This combination makes it perfect for small and medium sized Zonkerflies. We have been using these skins for many years, but it has always been difficult to get. Since the Muskrat is living in and around the water, the fur is adapted to perform in water, which really shows in Zonkerflies made from Muskrat swims. Absolutely perfect!

Comes in half pelts, and it is very easy to cut a nice wing, using our Multi knife.

Name: Red 005 Name: Brown 004 Ondatra fly tied with our Brown Ondatra

Golden Silver Fox

Our Golden/Silver Fox is a high quality product, and have a good mix between underwool and spikehairs, the structure makes this hair popular amonst many tiers around the world. It don´t collaps in the water and move perfectly.

Golden/Silver Fox is perfect for all kinds of Salmon and Seatrout flies. It has a good lenght between 710 cm. It has black tips and it can vary in colour shades. But thats why it is a very interesting hair for our salmon flies.

Name: Red 001 Name: Chartreu Name: King Fisher Blue 004 Name: Yellow 007 Name: Hot Orange 002 Tied with Golden Silver Fox in yellow

Our Wild Boar pelts are as good at it gets – the highest quality on the market.

Wild Boar

Wild Boar is a classic material and broadly used in many types of flies like the Pot Belly Pig – Irish Shrimp patterns – Piglets – Créme Brùlee and many others in this style. Moreover, the underwool makes a deadly dubbing for your coastal Shrimp flies.

We try to get them as light in colour as possible, which makes it easier to dye and to achieve the right shine and shade. Since it is a natural material some colour variation might appear.

One piece contains enough hair to tie many flies. In each fly you only use few hair strands.

Name: Orange 03 Name: Black 06 Name: Yellow 01 Name: Sunburst Brown 002 Name: Red 04 Name: Natural Brown 05 Piglet tied with our Wild Boar

Supreme Goat

Our Supreme Goat or Cashmere Goat is another classic material, used in the original Sunray Shadow fly.

Supreme Goat is used in many types of flies, both Salmon and Seatrout flies whereas the most famous is the Sunray fly. Try to make a HKA Sunray with epoxy eyes, it can be a game changer some days by the river.

The hair is soft and shiny with no burnt tips. Our Supreme Goat is dyed on white hair witch makes the colours really bright. The hair length is up to 20 cm.

Name: Sunburst 010 Name: Magenta Pink 006 Name: Honey Gold 011 Name: Grey 009 Name: Green 008 Name: Banana Gold 012 Name: Red 002 Name: King Fisher Blue 007 Name: Black 005

Marble Fox

Our Marble Fox is widely used in Salmon and Seatrout flies. The quality is high, no burnt tips. The length is between 8-10 cm, some longer. The hair is soft, but with the right dense to make the perfect wing that are swimming really good without collapsing.

Marble fox is easy to tie with, and to get that perfect drop form on your wing has never been easier.

Marble fox is a hard to get product and we have been looking for a good supplier for a long time, we found it. The amount on the market is limited. Give it a good brush before using it.

Name: Yellow 011 e 010 Name: Golden Olive 015 Name: White 004 Name: Magenta Pink 012 Name: Hot Orange 007 Name: Chartreuse 008 Name: Fierry Brown 022 Name: Burnt Orange 016 Tied with Marble Fox in the colour Phatakorva

Icelandic sheep quality the market.

The hair is very special with its 10-20 cm long hairs, it feels stiff, however when it is in the water it gets soft, and moving like nothing else.


It won't absorbe water so even big flies is easy to cast. The Snowrunner is mostly used in Predator flies, like Pikeflies and baitfish. Mixed with our Predator Starflash you can tie the best Pikeflies out there. We use it both on Pike tubeflies and Pieflies tied on a hook.

The taper on the hair is nearly perfect, which in turn means you will not have to use much to get a really nice wing. One of the really cool things about Snowrunner/Nayat hair is that it gets transparent in the water, witch makes your flies looking absolutely fishy.

Give it a good brush before using it.

Name: Purple 006 Name: Olive 014 Name: Green Highlander 017 Name: Grey 004 Name: Dark Olive 015 Name: Black 002 Name: White 001 Name: Red 010 Name: Honey Gold 003 Name: Fierry Brown 012 Name: Chartreuse 005 Pike fly tied on tube with SnowRunner and Predator StarFlash

Tiny Muddler Hair

Our deerhair comes from Roedeer with short hair - up to 3 cm. This is why we call it Tiny Muddler Hair.

The Tiny Muddler Hair is of great quality. Soft and easy to tie. They are dyed on natural summer pelt.

There is not much underwool, and no burned tips. Our deerhair is perfect for smaller deerhair flies as Streaking Caddis, MV Muddler fly etc.

Name: Red 006 Name: Black 005 Name: Green Olive 007 Name: Brown 001 Name: Orange 003 Name: Honey Gold 002 Streaking Caddis V tied with our Tiny Muddler hair Name: Natural 008 Name: Golden Olive 004

Our Signature Hensaddle are probably the best feathers for small to medium sized flies. The quality is outstanding and all feathers on these saddles can be used.

Signature Hen Saddle

The stem is very thin, and the fibre is short. The saddles are perfectly dyed. We have them dyed on both white and grey dun, and we also offer the saddle in grizzly. Our Signature Hen Saddles are produced in the US witch also guarantee the best quality we can get.

We have a strict quality control on all our feathers, so you will only find the highest quality reaching the market. On each saddle you will get a full value, and feathers for a lot of flies

The availability is limited, and we try to get all we can. So be fast, buy it while you can!

Name: Silver Doctor Blue 005 Name: Red 006 Name: Orange 007 Name: King Fisher Blue 014 Name: Golden Yellow 012 Name: Dirty Orange 022 Name: Dirty Golden Yellow 035 Name: Claret 030 Name: Yellow 016 Name: Sand 031 Name: Green Highlander 0230 Name: Dirty Sunburst Olive 034 Name: Black 009 Name: Copper Olive 023 Name: Chartreuse Grizzly 013 Name: Copper Olive Grizzly 028 Name: King Fisher Blue Grizzly 025 Name: Orange Grizzly 001 Name: Red Grizzly 024 Name: Yellow Grizzly 002 Name: Dirty Fl Chartreuse 033 Name: Brown 029 Name: Fl Yellow Grizzly 018 Name: Sunburst Yellow Grizzly 021

Our Signature Rooster Capes is the best quality we have seen on the market in a very long time.

Signature Rooster Cape

Firstly, there is hundreds of feathers on each cape. Secondly, the taper on these feathers are perfect, and has the perfect dense and stiffness. And lastly, our Signature Rooster Cape is produced in the US, witch also guarantees a high quality. We have a strict quality control on all our feathers, which ensures that at FF, you will only find the best quality on the market.

We offer our Signature Rooster Cape in various pure colours – Grizzly and badger, all dyed to perfection.

Signature Rooster Capes are used in a bunch of flies like Shrimpfly patterns, Coastal flies, Salmon and Seatrout flies, Piglets, Pot Belly Pig style and many many more.

Name: Pink Grizzly 004 Name: Orange Grizzly 010 Name: Olive Copper Grizzly 003 Name: Natur Grizzly 001 Name: Hot Orange Grizzly 014 Name: Fl Green Grizzly 018 Name: Natural Ginger 024 Name: Red 023 Name: Salmon Grizzly 022 Name: Olive Grizzly 002 Name: Light Pink Grizzly 013 Name: Fl Chartreuse Yellow Grizzly 015 Name: Silver Badger 007 Name: Fl Green Char Badger 012 Name: Olive Badger 016 Name: Orange Badger 000 Name: Fl Yellow Chartreuse Badger 017 Name: Yellow Badger 020 Name: Salmon Pink 025 Name: Red Badger 021 Variant tied with Salmon Pink Signature Rooster Cape

Our Slinky fibre is made in nylon. The fibre will not absorbe water witch makes it easy to cast big flies.

Slinky Fiber

Slinky fibre is easy to tie with and you can cut it in the shape you want. It is mainly used in Predator flies like Pikeflies on both tube and hook. Mixed with our Starflash you can create flies that are easy and simple to tie. It has never been easier to tie big flies with few materials, when Slinky Fiber is involved.

We have Slinky fibre in fluorescent and solid colours. There are a huge amount of fibre in each package.

Try making a Pikefly with the Yellow/Chartreuse Slinky Fibre mixed with Predator Starflash in chartreuse finished of with a head in orange and red RAW dubbing, the pike loves it!

Name: Yellow Orange 019 Name: White 002 Name: Rusty Red 005 Name: Orange 004 Name: Sand 021 Name: Honey Golden 011 Name: Hot Orange 015 Name: Golden Olive 008 Name: Yellow 014 Name: Tan 012 Name: Red 003 Name: Olive 017 Name: Fl Yellow Chartreuse 009 Name: Bone 016 Name: Fl Orange 020 Name: Golden Grey 007 Name: Blue 013 Name: Black 001 Name: Grey 010 Name: Cream 006 Name: Chartreuse 018

FutureFly Star Flash is one of the most popular flash on the market. Normally used in Pikeflies, but with huge hype of Salmon flash flies it has become our best selling flash.

Star Flash

Because of the modern Flashwing for Salmon & Seatrout, our StarFlash has become a favourite amongst many anglers, and catching hundreds of salmons and seatrouts every year.

The StarFlash is also perfect for pikeflies and easy to use. Because of its great length (up to 35 cm), it can be cut in the shape you need, just remember to use a scissors suited for cutting in metallic fibre, like our Predator Scissors. The Starflash is made of four kinds of fibre, some crimped, some flat and holographic. This mix creates a perfect blend and makes sure the flash will not collapse in the water.

The Star Flash comes in many colours and in various colour mix.

Name: Red & Gold 013 Name: Purple 020 Name: Midnight Blue 001 Name: Old Gold 021 Name: Karneval 004 Name: Metallic Black 015 Name: Golden Yellow 009 Name: Golden Brown 016 Name: Silver 003 Name: Pink Purple 005 Name: Midnight Star 007 Name: Ice Ice Ice 008 Name: Crimson 011 Name: Copper 014 Name: Antiue Gold 002 Name: Black 006 Name: Gold & Green 010 Name: Crimson Red 018 Pikefly tied with Slinky Fibre and Starflash

The Predator StarFlash is every pike flyfishers dream. It is made for the big pikeflies, but lately we have seen it in a lot of salmon and seatrout flies aswell, where teh Em Burning Flashfly being one of them.

Predator Star Flash

It´s made of four kinds of fibre, some crimped, some flat and some holographic and florouscent. The mix of fibre makes sure that this flash will not collapse in the water and with the huge amount in each pack and the length of 63 cm, it is absolutely perfect.

The material in this type is heavier than our standard StarFlash. It can be used solo, or in a mix with our Slinky Fibre or Snowrunner/Nayat hair.

Using our Predator scissors it is easy to cut and trim your flies into the perfect shape. FutureFly offers Predator Star Flash in several different colours.

Name: Tan 018 Name: Silver 013 Name: Pink 009 Name: Peacock 012 Name: Pearl 005 Name: King Fisher Blue 014 Name: Green 020 Name: Green Gold 024 Name: UV Pearl 006 Name: Red 002 Name: Olive 011 Name: Grey 016 Name: Gold & Green 000 Name: Crimson Red 015 Name: Copper Black 021 Name: Chartreuse 017 Name: Burnt Orange 007 Name: Black 010 Name: Brown 022 Name: Blue Silver 004 Name: Golden Yellow 008 Name: Copper 019 Name: Blue 003 Name: Light Grey 023

Rugen Pike Flies

It was a birthday present from my big brother, and also first time ever fishing for Pike in German Rugen. It´s been on my bucket list for many years

The date was set to beginning of december, and when we got closer to the due date, cold weather and strong wind from east was a reality. But we are Vikings so we went to Rugen in december 2023...

We had a great trip, with a lot of pike, but they where playing hard to get in the cold weather and we needed to downsize our flies. In the shallow water it was really cool to hook a pike on the relativly small PikeFlash Fly..

I always bring my flytying when i am travelling, so in the evenings we tied flies, and adapted them to the conditions. The flies that did the trick was tied with Predator StarFlash and RAW Dubbing. Black and Copper was the best colours, but also classic colours like Pearl White and Red was good, a Hi-Lo variation. I like this kind of flies, mostly because they are so easy and fast to tie, and they work!

Watch a video of how to tie the Rugen Pike fly here

The name Salmo Flash says it all. This flash is perfect for wings in salmon and seatrout flies.

Salmo Flash

Beautiful colors with a small amount of glittery flash. Soft, but not too soft. It's a real swimmer, and easy to tie with. As mentioned, it can be used for wings on salmon and seatrout flies, but also as a back on your favorite shrimp patterns and for small baitfish.

It can be cut in the taper you prefer. The Salmo Flash fiber is made of polyester mixed with flat tinsel flash. Some colors are even mixed with a fluorescent fiber.

Name: Silver 06 Name: Salmon 08 Name: Orange 18 Name: Olive 04 Name: Hot Pink 14 Name: Hot Orange 12 Name: Green 10 Name: Golden Yellow 03 Name: Tan 09 Name: Red 16 Name: Hot Purple 05 Name: Grey 13 Name: Golden Olive 15 Name: Cinnamon Brown 07 Name: Ghost Grey 17 Name: Chartreuse 01 Name: Em Purple tied with Black Tanuki and Hot Purple Salmo Flash


Besides feathers and hair, we also offer a lot of vital tools that makes it easier to tie your own flies. We offer different fly tying vises, including ones that are suited very well to tie tube flies and some for regular flies on a hook. Furthermore, we have all the necessary needles to tie flies for catching salmon, trout and pikes. A good scissors is an absolute must. We offer different types, all incredibly sharp which slides through both hair, feathers and fibers.

In the next couple of pages, you’ll find an overview of our Toolbars, Hackle Toolbar, Standard Bobbin, Multi Needle, Tweezer, Hair Brush and Foam Trays. More information is available on our website FutureFly.dk.

Name: Tubebise Needle M Name: Tubevise Needle S Name: Tube Vise Grey Name: Tube Vise Black Name: Standard Bobbin Name: Toolbar Name: Tweezer Name: Multi Needle Name: Predator Needle Name: Munk Scissors Name: Lightweight Scissors Name: Foam Tray Green Name: Foam Tray Pink Name: Foam Tray Yellow Name: Razor Scissors Name: Predator Scissors Name: Foam Tray Orange Name: Foam Tray Red Name: Foam Tray Blue Name: Foam Tray Black Name: Jubilæums Saks

Sondergaard ecoastal was the first product launch many years ago. One of the lightest stripping baskets on the market!

Sondergaard’s ECOastal Stripping Basket is the result of the combination of light-weight materials, ergonomic design and functionality.


This comfortable and easy-to-use stripping basket comes equipped with flexible spikes that prevent line tangles. An adjustable velcro-fitted belt keeps the stripping basket in place and the half-open tray effectively keeps track of your flyline.

Today the Range of stripping Baskets include a smaller version "Creek" and a Belly Boat Basket

All the Stripping Baskets in the range is handmade in Denmark in Strong and flexible Danish Foam Sondergaard Products also produce some very nice and inovative products like Coastal Nippers and Knot Tightener

Name: Clip Name: Coastal Nipper Name: Spikes Blue Name: Spikes Red Name: Spikes Black Name: Belt Name: Spikes Green Name: Spikes Clear Name: Spikes Yellow Name: Spikes Orange Name: Coastal Green Name: Coastal Red Name: Coastal Black Name: Creek Navy Name: Creek Red Name: Creek Black Name: Creek Pink Name: Creek Green Name: Creek Yellow Our Black Creek with Yellow Spikes Creek Orange Name: Creek Blue

What to expect next!

Tungsten Beads

Tungsten Nano Ufo disc

Tungsten Ufo disc

Tungsten Balance tube

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