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Fresh off the streets of East, the self-assured rapper talks about music, mayhem and being Invincible

fusion 15


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Daisy Maffia Naval Shadi

Durell Crawford

What were you doing before DV8? s but they didn't “I was on a few music workshop in the long run.” take me to what I wanted to do What are you doing now? music business “I am now at university studying and production.”

What were you doing before DV8? t it.” c but didn’t know how to go abou “I knew I wanted to work in musi What are you doing now? minster. e in Commercial Music at West “After leaving DV8 I did a degre nt as an geme Mana ld cWor Musi at work After that I started nce.” ing with Kelly Rowland and Beyo International PM Assistant, work How did DV8 help you? what I to one basis, helping me outline “Dv8 worked with me on a one get a job in the me d helpe They it. t abou go wanted to do and how to ess for over a year even after the industry and monitored my progr valuable advice and links to me gave course was finished! They ’t able to get in touch with if I hadn been r neve people that I would have come from Dv8.”

re DV8? What were you doing befo Project”, I was e “The Complete Music Industry c Before I went on the DV8 cours ys have had a passion for musi alwa I do. to ed want I what caught up not knowing s I knew that I would benefit exion Conn at e cours the for flyer so when I saw the future. ed to do something to benefit my from the experience and I want What are you doing now? I'm in a great job the DV8 work placement scheme Now after doing the course and thanks to DV8. I have all ally basic set; I'm and le at MySpace with the best peop way! All I must and had so many jokes along the knowledge on event co-ordination got to be in it for real and e you'v that is DV8 by ded say about the courses provi e up for it! get a lot out so make sure you’r want to do it. If you put into it you

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Adidas,, RWD magazine, Myspace, Eastside Records and many


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It’s been an interesting 19 weeks for MMJ 6, with an all-female group, the expected but minor clashes, the limited time frame to teach the skills of journalism and of course, the extra ambition of producing a magazine that’s bursting with fun, creative and inspiring features. But alas it’s been achieved - and from a great cover feature with up and coming star Griminal and a breakdown on what’s hot in fashion to an insightful investigation on dangerous dogs, you’ll no doubt find something that you’ll appreciate. And if you think you’ve got what it takes to become a budding journalist yourself, you could see your name in print too by signing up to DV8’s multimedia and journalism course which takes place twice a year. You’ll get the chance to learn photography, interviewing skills and if you can prove your worth, an opportunity to meet some of your favourite celebrities. Check out to learn how to get involved, and in the meantime, enjoy Fusion 15.

4 Are teenagers aware of the dangers of cannabis? 5 ‘Go’ On Meleka

6 A photostory

10 What is Love? 11 I live in London 12 The Experiment

14 Be stylish with our 10 must have’s! 15 Loose Women 16 The Best Break Up Songs

18 Smooth Griminal 21 Living in a broken home 22 Sun Tan or Sun Burn? 23 Youths trapped in crime 24 Conspiracy Theories 26 Sorry doesn’t cut it. 27 Too gay or not too gay?

28 A Man’s Best Friend 30 Abortion is not your only option! 32 60 seconds with Femi Oyeniran 34 Review of Precious 35 Thank You!

These articles are not expressive or representative of the views of the Learning and Skills Council. fusion 15


The f O e r a Aw enagers

Are Te


bis a n n a C f O Dangers

The percentage of teenagers who smoke cannabis increases every year. But are they aware of the dangers cannabis has, and do they care about the effects of cannabis? Words: Shanice Andrew


n today’s society the amount of teenage cannabis smokers is increasing every year, and most teenagers start smoking cannabis from as young as 11-years- old. 42% of 11-18-years- olds know someone who has experienced memory loss, panic attacks or paranoia from the drug cannabis. 27,000 teenagers were asked if they were aware of the risks of cannabis, and this resulted in 74% of people who were aware of the risks. It revealed that 18% of teenagers felt under pressure to try the class B drug, and one in ten thought it made them look cool. But do teenagers care about the risks of the drug? Research was carried out on a networking website Habbo 64% of teenagers were aware cannabis could cause panic attacks, 41% knew it could bring on paranoia, and 38% thought it could result in memory loss. The study by the drug information service Frank found that 74% of young people are aware that cannabis can harm mental health, while 56% associate it with losing motivation and doing badly at school or college.


Chris Hudson from Frank says: “Cannabis messes with your mind and reactions can be more powerful with stronger strains such as skunk, which is around twice as potent.” Some teenagers argue that they use cannabis to help them cope with life and some teenagers see it as a ‘natural drug,’ despite the risks. Hudson also adds: “Of the majority of teenagers, 55% don’t want to risk their health by using cannabis. However, some people choose to take the risk, while others wrongly believe cannabis is harmless because it is a plant.” The NHS says that cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in Britain. It can lead to mental health problems and is more damaging to the lungs than cigarettes.

moving slowly, which is due to its hallucinogenic affects. Clearly a stronger joint such as skunk may have more powerful effects, but users may moderate this by inhaling and using less. If you are struggling with cannabis abuse, there are many ways to quit smoking cannabis. Frank is one of the most common and useful helplines and it offers help, advice and support for teenagers. As well as Frank, there are many other drug organisations where you can get support. Sources:,,

The common effects of cannabis Some cannabis smokers may feel chilled out, relaxed and happy, while others have one puff and feel sick. Others get the giggles and may become talkative It is known that a lot of people commonly get something known as ‘the munchies,’ which is eating more food than you normally would. Users may become more aware of their senses or get the feeling of time

Go On Meleka! She first found her singing voice at the age of six. Since then, she has failed and won talent shows and was rejected from the X Factor twice. Nowadays she is one of the most talked about up and coming UK artists on road. Team Fusion got the chance to interview this fresh artist. Words: Aneena Acraman-Lewis


he song ‘Go’ is your biggest hit so far. What inspired you to write the song? I co-wrote it with a friend who came up with the idea so for me, there was no personal experience with the lyrics. If you could work with any artist of your choice who would it be and why? I would love to work with Brandy or Mary J Blige as they are my favourite singers and a big inspiration to me. I understand you have made a song with Chipmunk and Kelis. Do you think this is going to boost your career? Definitely, it’s amazing to be working alongside such successful artists. There’s a lot of negative feedback on You Tube about the video not relating to the genre of your song ‘Go’. Have you seen these comments? I have seen them and the one that stood out to me the most is the one calling me ugly and saying the video is rubbish. When I saw it I couldn’t fusion 15

stop laughing. But the way I look at it is, “what are you doing that’s better?” So how are you dealing with all these comments? The way I deal with it is just to remember that not everyone is going to like my music, everyone has their own opinion. As long as I’m a good person and keep doing what I want to do it won’t affect me. What was the biggest challenge making the video ‘Go’? Definitely the fact that everyone was there because of me. There were so many people there from extras to my manager; I knew it was my time to shine, but I still felt nervous. What music events have you performed at? I preformed at the Urban Music Awards which was great but I’m not much of a party person, I just love singing. Your song ‘Go’ is quite an inspiring song; do you know anyone who can relate to the lyrics?

There was one girl who emailed me saying she was in an abusive relationship and my song helped her get through it; that was a bit strange. So how do you feel knowing that your tunes are being played in clubs all over the country? One of my friends called me at two in the morning to tell me she was listening to my song in a club. I just told her not to call me in the middle of the night and hung up the phone! It is good to know people are enjoying my music though. Finally what are your plans for 2010? I’m currently working on an album which will be released early 2010 but I’m also looking to write music for people; I love writing. 5



rick Lane is a long street in the London borough of Tower Hamlets, in the east end of London. It attracts many types of people and has a diverse atmosphere as it represents fashion, art and urban culture. There



are lots of clubs and bars on Brick Lane and also a wide selection of Asian restaurants. As well as all of this, there is a market which runs down the cobbled street. If you know anything about Brick Lane then you will know about the Old Truman Brewery. It houses over 250

businesses, ranging from cultural venues to art galleries, restaurants, and retail shops. Brick Lane really does have an energy to it that not many other London streets carry.

Photography by Aneena Acraman - Lewis

fusion 15



fusion 15



Is Love?

Some teenagers have experienced the feeling of love, and others don’t believe in love and have never been in love. It is believed that falling in love as a teenager is more intense than the experience in adulthood. Everyone has their own definition of love, but what do teenagers really think love is? Words: Shanice Andrew Xavier, age 17: I don’t really know because I’m still young, but I’ll take a guess; it’s mostly when two people have a connection, kind of like soulmates. But I don’t really know, like I said I’m still young.

Sade, age 17: I think it’s a strong connection between two people.

Aliyah, age 15: I’m not entirely sure, but I think with love you don’t have to be in a relationship to feel love. I think it’s more about a relationship of trust and understanding between two people.

Kerry, age 17: There is no definition, there is no way to explain the feeling you get when you’re in love. There is no way to know that you’re actually in love until you get the feeling; there is no way to describe it.

Steven, age 15: Well I think love is when you have feelings for someone else, and when you trust them and want to be with them all the time. Steven, age 18: For me I think the definition of love is like a soulmate or someone you want to be with for the rest of your life or for a certain moment. So for me I would have to say the definition of love will definitely have to be your partner, that person you can trust, and someone that you can depend on no matter what the situation is. 10

Frederick, age 18: I think it’s someone who you find that you want to spend the rest of your life with, someone you see as your lifetime partner.

Priscilla, age 18: Well love is a strong word, and I feel that it’s a couple trust each other and are faithful, and wouldn’t cheat on their partner. Because if he really loved you, he wouldn’t cheat on you.

Interestingly, most teenagers said that love comes with trust and love is about understanding and having a connection with the opposite sex. Some weren’t entirely sure but said their own definition.  Sources:

I live in


I’m 17-years-old and I’ve been living in the United Kingdom for four years now. I live in the capital of England which is London and I must say that London is a beautiful city. However, it definitely has its negatives. Words: Cindy Drabaviciute


e landed at Stansted airport on 5 February 2005, and I felt my heart beating faster than ever which meant I was excited to have arrived in London. I couldn’t stop smiling. I really thought my life would change for the better and it did. I was really happy to live in a new country at the start and I was thankful to my mum who brought me here. But my happiness didn’t last forever. After two months or so I started to feel like I really wanted to go back to Lithuania. I felt like I belonged there and I do belong there, it’s my home country. My first day at school ended in tears and it was so nerve-wracking, because I spoke very little English. It was very hard and everything was so different to the school I went to in Lithuania. It would definitely have been harder to fit in if everyone wasn’t so friendly and helpful; they accepted me without any negativity. fusion 15

But even after four years of living in three different areas I still don’t feel like I belong here. I still see myself living in Lithuania even though London has more to offer. London has more opportunities for me to have a better and more successful life. Living in London is a very good opportunity for me to improve my English and to reform my life. Yet it’s not all pink and shiny, even if it seems like it is.

It is very big and adventurous, but sometimes London seems like one, big, dirty, scary place. Four years might not seem like a long time, but in this time I’ve seen that London can be dangerous. With all the helicopters, police cars and ambulances running around the streets everyday and you can’t find a quiet space for yourself, it can get really annoying. But I guess you just have to live with it, because there’s not much you can do about it. I think Britain dislikes foreigners because they believe we come here to take over their jobs and we get better opportunities of studies. But really, everyone wants to be happy and they seek happiness in very different ways. Some people expect everything to be done for them and some people do it themselves and because a number of people dislike foreigners it shouldn’t stop anyone from following their ambitions. In conclusion, I must say that London has its buildings, statues and artists that make it well-known and proud, but it definitely has its negatives, although people love to visit, just to take a ride on its famous ‘London Eye’. But don’t be fooled by the pictures and what people might say. See it for yourself, try living a life and never let people underestimate you and seek your goals.


t n e m , i r e p

x E e Th


Don t

! e m o H t A s i h T t Try doing just fine, but this did not prepare me for what was about to come...

Are you afraid of the boogie man, the dark? Or worse snakes? Well I had to confront my fears of snakes and reptiles for you readers of the Fusion magazine. Enjoy! Words by Rochelle Eloise- Lythcott 1pm

My heart was pounding in my chest, butterflies in my stomach. I just stepped out of the taxi. With Matilda directly behind me we stopped and stared at the challenge straight ahead. I walked into the shop and as greeted by a shop assistant who talked me through the process of holding the animals and how to finally dash my phobia of all reptiles and spiders.


I held a tortoise. Oh my!!! I was so scared. To be honest I think it was more afraid of me than I was of it. Rather silly isn’t it? I thought i was fusion 15


Arhhhh!! I was challenged it my first snake of the day. A Californian king snake. My heart was going at 100mph, I could feel my chest tighten, and the shop assistant placed the snake in my hand. For a split second I thought I just might collapse, as it started to move about in my hand I started to feel just a little bit more comfortable. As Matilda was taking the pictures the snake started moving about more and more, and as you can see from the photos I was absolutely ecstatic about it LOOOL.


After a brief chat with the shop owners, I was faced with my final challenge. The bearded dragon lizard. I was terrified, it was so ugly! I didn’t think I could go through with this. At first I backed down but after gentle persuasion from Matilda, I finally held the lizard. It wasn’t so bad actually; he was very gentle and sweet. I finally got rid of my fears of reptiles and snakes. It was an experience I will never forget. I urge people to confront there phobias, underneath the right guidance. Once you have finally conquered your fears you are filled with such a sense of achievement and pride. 13

10 must have's!

There are things that will never go out of fashion and every girl has the right to know what her wardrobe should have. It doesn’t matter the season or the year, you just have to have it! Words: Cindy Drabaviciute 7. Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is the sexiest type of skirt you can ever get. You can get away with it on any occasion you can think of.

1. The little black dress

It is a MUST have! A friend just invited you to a party and you don’t have time to buy a new outfit. What do you do? You open your wardrobe and get your perfect LBD off your hanger which goes with anything and anywhere!

4. Big handbags

People say that a girl fits her whole life into her handbag which is exactly how it is! A big handbag is always in fashion, always looks stylish and is always very useful.

5. Black pumps

Ladies, your legs sure look sexy in them black pumps. You want people to stare you up and down!

8. Black sunglasses

You are on point if your bag has a space for a pair of black sunglasses. Stylish, modern, sexy and old school, it works all the time to make that boy wonder what’s behind those shades.

9. Plain gold or silver jewellery

Too much glitter won’t do you any good. Get yourselves a silver necklace and make your neck the centre of attention. Hit the streets and get yourselves gold earrings and be the girl they’ll never forget.

2. Red lipstick

You can never go wrong with red lipstick. If you wear it on your date it will only make the atmosphere sexier. If you were at a party you’ll stand out and if you wear it at a dinner party it will make you look mature. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, red lipstick will never make it worse, it will only make it better.

3. Leggings

Leggings can be worn with a skirt, a long top, a jumper, a vest, just anything you can think of. They’re comfortable, they’re stylish, they’re warm, so every girl needs a pair of leggings. It’s a must have. 14

6. White button-down shirt

Goes with anything! Whether it’s for a date, a wedding, an office meeting or a dinner, a white button-down shirt is your life saver if you’re not prepared. Match it with a pencil skirt, jeans, shorts, trousers - it’s there for you not to make you look boring, but to make you look stylish. Go girl!

10. Watches

Get yourself a watch, get yourself to an important meeting on time and keep yourself in style.


Be stylish with our

Rochelle Eloise Lythcott addresses the issues of women behaving badly. Words: Rochelle Eloise- Lythcott


Loose Women

hores might just be the most disgusting creatures that walk the face of this earth, according to many cultures. I personally think that they have taken this a little bit too far, however I understand their reasons for concern. Today’s generation seem to be in such a hurry to lose their virginity, even though it is the most precious thing to a woman’s virtue. Some may blame the music industry and television, and in some cases, this can be considered as the truth. I personally believe that the creative arts industry have a considerable involvement in the lack of self-worth some young woman have these days. An example of this would be the pop singer Britney Spears, who managed to create a huge impact on many teenage lives with her hit song ‘Baby One More Time’. The term used in her song could be interpreted in many ways; I would say that there are a lot of innuendos that a majority of teenagers would misinterpret as sexual acts. For example, the lyric “Show me, how you want it to be” could be interpreted by teenagers as sexual acts. Many cultures consider promiscuous women as the scum of their society; this is why many get stoned or beaten to death. However the men that perform the act of sex get off scot-free. This is wrong! Men also have a part to play, and if punishment is going to take place, they should also be passed down to the men also. fusion 15

I personally think that certain young women use sex as a cry for help or a form of attention-seeking because of the lack of love they have received in their primary years of life. Or maybe because they have been abused by someone and this is their warped way of coming to terms with what happened to them. On the other hand, peer pressure can play a key role in a young girl’s promiscuity; many girls between the ages of 13-16 feel under severe pressure to lose their virginity. I can relate to this pressure as I was going through secondary school. It seemed as if everyone around me was losing their virginity; and in some ways I felt the pressure to conform. However, I personally think it is up to the individual whether or not if they want to be a follower or trend-setter. For instance, there has been many an incidence where I know people who have given into peer pressure only to be called a ‘hoe’ or ‘slag’. These

insults were coming from the same people who encouraged the individual in question to go against their morals, culture and religion just to please their ‘friends’. Statistics prove that 10% of UK girls have STIs under the age of 16, which may give them cervical cancer later in life. It has been reported by the BBC that the London boroughs of Lewisham, Lambeth and Southwark have the highest incidence of STIs and Teenage Pregnancies. I have arrived to the conclusion that we all live in a pressurised world, where things are constantly thrown at you. However it is up to an individual to stand up for themselves and say NO! So girls, stop and think. Don’t just hand yourself out to any boy and become the local bike. Be strong and hold on. 15


Break up

Songs These are songs you can just cry your eyes out to, after a major breakup.

Words: Rochelle Eloise Lythcott

Kerry Clarkson Since U Been Gone The former American Idol winner tells her ex to bounce and how she can finally breathe since he’s been gone. (That’s how you know he didn’t bath!)


U2 With or Without You

Kanye West Heartless Kanye asks the question that has been on everybody’s mind – “how could you be so heartless?”

This is the Irish rock band’s first US number 1 hit. This song shows us that with or without the person you can make it and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You can do it … Gwarn U2, you tell them!

Ray Charles Hit The Road Jack

Justin Timberlake Cry Me a River

Ray Charles was one of the most established blues stars in the 1960s. He performed the hit song Hit The Road Jack, which is about a man that gets kicked out of his house because his girl has had enough of his wild behaviour.

Jazmine Sullivan Bust Your Windows

This song is allegedly about Britney Spears, who broke Justin’s iddy-biddy heart. This song is one of the most popular songs when you have just broken up with your girl or guy and you have a big tub of Haagen-Dazs ice cream and are crying into your pillow. We feel for you Justin.

The Ting Tings Shut Up and Let Me Go

Jazmine’s first major hit is about her trashing her boyfriend’s things and mainly busting the windows of his cars. The vocals in this song are powerful and you can really feel the pain and anger in her voice. It’s a true definition of girl power!

Jennifer Lopez Aint It Funny J-Lo tells her ex to bounce. Well that’s the J-Lo that we all know. fusion 15

Well… you can’t say it any better than that can you?

Toni Braxton Unbreak My Heart This song explains itself; we have all experienced that pain of being dumped and the pain it leaves. This is an emotional song that everyone can relate to. 17


Griminal Shot exclusively for fusion magazine by matilda egere-cooper

He’s probably the most controversial grime artist that the streets of East London has ever seen. Even Mr Muscle would have his work cut out with this amount of grime! Aged just 18 and still a college student he has every right to be confident. Fusion got the chance to interview one of the freshest artists on road, Griminal. 18


o Griminal, What’s really behind the name? Well, I’m sure everyone knows what a criminal is. Well they do crime but I came through the scene doing grime so I’m ‘Griminal’ and that’s where the name really comes from. Interesting, So what’s your real name then? Umm (smiles) that’s not important. Don’t you think that if you’re going to be famous that people are going to want to know your real name? Well, they’re going to find out anyway. (smiles)

ladies, how does that make you feel? I don’t really mind but that’s not the point that I’m trying to prove, it’s really about the music (smiles). Obviously it’s a good thing, but I just smile about it. Do you think your looks have had an advantage on your fame? I do, to be totally honest I do (pauses and smiles), but at the same time I don’t mind. Do you have any rivalry in the industry? Umm…rivalry? You’ve got to be careful with that word. I’ve had friendly battles with people.

Such as? Chipmunk, you might have heard of him, just friendly battles. What makes you different from other grime artists? Just my whole style, the way I come across, I haven’t really released any singles at the moment and I’ve managed to create a big buzz around my name already so I think that’s the difference between me and a lot of these other UK artists. Who’s your favourite artist that you’ve worked with? So far Ghetto obviously, but others would be someone like Wiley.

This is a quote from one of your freestyles ‘Splash’. You say “every girl sucks d**k and there isn’t no girl that don’t”. What type of message are you trying to convey? (Laughs) It’s not a message that I’m trying to convey or influence, it’s not something that I’m trying to make anyone else believe. It’s something that I believe and as a musician I feel that I should be free to say what I like. Obviously I can see from your face that you disagree (laughs) but you know, people don’t always agree with all types of music and that’s just how it goes. Do you think you’re big headed and a bit smug? Umm (pauses) no, not really. I would say that I’m confident but I’m not vain. There’s a thin line between it and it’s becoming more and more blurred and people can’t really decide which one it is. The videos you’ve appeared in so far have caused quite a stir with the fusion 15


How did you meet Colin (Batsa) your manager? Basically, after he was doing lots of work with Ghetto and he was coming out and doing his thing. He brought me around to a few shows and after a while Colin approached me so I guess he must have seen something in me. What are you most proud of? Just building a name for myself and to actually be here is an achievement for me. Who are you most inspired by? In the world? (Pauses) My mother. My mum has inspired me. Have you got any brothers or sisters? Yeah, I have five brothers no sisters (smiles). Same mum and dad. (Older brothers are DJ Marcus Nasty & Little Nasty) Would you ever make a funky house track? I’d make a track that would probably fall into that category, but I wouldn’t make a track and label it ‘funky house’. I don’t know if you heard it but I made a tune with Cheryl Cole, people would call that song ‘funky house’. If you weren’t in the music industry what do you think you would be doing? I don’t know to be totally honest with you; in school I didn’t know any other way to make money apart from the music industry. I didn’t have any other interests and I always knew from early that I only wanted to be involved in music. Do you plan to go university? Yeah I do. What do you plan to study? Music management. And lastly, for all the girls out there wondering, are you in a relationship? (Laughs) No. Not at the moment, I’m single. 20




Every year, tens of thousands of children in the UK are having to suffer when their parents split up or divorce. This is just one story of what it’s like to go through it. Kerry Mcginty explains.


’m what you would call a “daddy’s girl”. I found it almost unbearable to have to go days without seeing my dad and even now as a 17-year-old, it still brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about it. It still feels like it was yesterday - it happened three days after

Christmas and I remember hearing my parents arguing in the night and dad slamming the door. I assumed nothing of it seeing as it wasn’t the first time, but when he wasn’t asleep on the sofa the next morning, I knew he had left and it tore me apart.

If anyone in that position feels like It affected my life in a big way. For it’s impossible to talk to someone one, I had to grow up fast. I became about their parents splitting up, angry and distant, pushing people there is always someone to listen. away and also pushing myself to the I confided in one of my sisters’ bridge of exhaustion at school so friends, who had been through the I would have something, anything, exact same thing a few years before else on and she gave my mind me some really besides what “THERE IS ALWAYS valuable advice was going about not letting SOMEONE TO LISTEN on at home. it take over my TO YOU. I CONFIDED life and to take For two IN ONE OF MY SISTERS time for myself years after from everything FRIENDS.........” the split I that goes on rebelled around you. against my parents. I was drinking, smoking, going out until all hours, I just didn’t care, and then my dad If you or anyone you know want to explained why he and my mum split talk about the issues raised in this and that he was ten times happier story, you can go to or call: then he was before. I then knew ChildLine: 0800 1111 that although your parents aren’t NSPCC: 0800 800 500 together, your family still is. By then, my dad had found a girlfriend, and they are still together

fusion 15

now and my mum is in a happy relationship. In the five years that have passed, I have come to realise that all families have their ups and downs - sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

Or go to: 21

Sun Tan

or Sun Burn?

Beauty conscious girls and a fake tan go hand in hand. Whether it is self-tan, spray tan, or the most commonly used sun beds they are trying anything possible to get that glowing complexion. Oh, the extremes some people will go to get that sun kissed look! Yet many of them may not be aware of the health risks sunbeds carry. Aneena Acraman–Lewis investigates.



oth the sun and sunbeds produce UV rays (UVA and UVB) that penetrate deeply into our cells and can cause gene damage. This damage can trigger the development of cancer. A lot of health experts will tell you that they do not recommend sun beds and they shouldn’t be used as a tanning method, especially by people considered to wbe at “high risk”. You can’t feel UV damaging your skin, and it happens even when the sun doesn’t feel hot. Getting sunburned causes the top layers of skin to release chemicals that make blood vessels swell and leak fluids. Skin turns red and feels hot and painful, and severe sunburn can lead to swelling and blisters. “Sunburn is dangerous at any age, but it’s especially harmful in children and young people,” says Katy Scammell of Cancer Research UK’s SunSmart campaign. “Sunburn in childhood can greatly increase your risk of developing skin cancer later on in life.” After you’ve been sunburned, the skin peels to get rid of damaged cells. Eventually it will heal and look healthy, but you may have already done permanent damage. Some experts believe that just one episode of blistering sunburn before the age of 20 can

double your chance of getting the most serious form of skin cancer. About 65,000 cases of skin cancer are reported in the UK each year, with 2,000 proving fatal. Most cases are linked to sunburn or prolonged exposure to the sun and it’s believed that sunbeds play a role too. You wouldn’t go and lay on a beach in Spain without sun tan lotion so why it is that people don’t use it on a sunbed is beside me. After all, twenty minutes on a sunbed is enough to give you 3rd degree burns and people pay for this. Yes, sunlight is believed to affect the production of endorphins. These hormones play a role in giving us a sense of “well-being” and happiness, but who’s to say that this is not only an effect of natural sun light and not an artificial sunbed? If you do choose to use a sunbed, ensure that the salon conforms to safety rules and regulations (ask for the sun bed association rules). For those who thrive for a tan there is a safer option. This is selftan. It gives you almost the same complexion as a sunbed gives you without the fatal risks they hold. Sources,

N I D E P P A R T S H T E YOU M I CR want to sell drugs and become rich? Maybe there’s more to it than you think.

In 2008, there was a dramatic increase in gun and knife crime. Over 23 teenagers were stabbed to death in London. In the whole of the UK more than 70 teenagers have been violently killed in that year and knife, gun crime and gangs has featured regularly in the news headlines. Lollie Olatunji wonders why this is happening. Words: Lollie Olatunji


hat do you think of teens joining gangs and getting involved in gun and knife crime? I think there needs to be a serious stop to it. The increase of teens committing crime is becoming ridiculous, from the way I see it in the news and newspapers; I feel that not enough is happening to prevent this from growing. I’m sure there may be things that the police are doing to try and stop it but I really can’t see the change. Youths are dying on a weekly basis. The shocking part is fusion 15

that youth as young as 12 are either affiliated or are victims of gun and knife crime. That should start to ring an alarm to the Metropolitan Police because who knows what the average age rate will be in the next two years. Why do young youths feel that they need to be in a gang or feel like they need to do commit crime or even worse maybe commit murder? I wonder why teens join gangs. I’ve seen some people that I know who are in gangs and I wondered why they joined. Did they think they were going to be famous? Or did they

A lot of time when a young person’s family is domestically challenged, they end up spending more time on the streets, and the gang becomes like their second family in my opinion. Maybe they only have a mom and she has a drug problem or is always at work or is around too much and that sometimes they just can’t bear it. Maybe they have a dad that is always out or is on drugs as well - some children might think their dad doesn’t even like them. Some kids/teens suffer through home life with parents who are always consumed with alcohol or even just everyday family problems but they just don’t know how to deal with it and they don’t really know much about them. So they meet older gang members that give them money and make them feel like a little brother or sister, but really, they are just using them to do their dirty work. Sometimes it’s easy to join a gang. You can be accepted into a gang just from the postcode you live in down to what colour scarves you like to wear. If you don’t join the group and if he/she doesn’t join the gang, there might be a problem. If the gang knows you’re a weak person, they might just pressure you to join up until you give in and finally do it so they might just join for protection. So before you join a gang think, because there could be a price to pay. 23

do YOU believe in e So all these conspiracies are driving the world crazy; to believe or not to believe, that’s the question. Some of these conspiracy theories are stark crazy but a few could make sense with some harsh facts to prove it. Fusion magazine takes a deeper look and presents some underlying information that you wouldn’t believe, or would you?

Royal Family, did they kill Princess Diana? Since Princess Diana died it has been said that her death was planned by the Royal Family. Apparently the Queen or M.I.6 planned her death as she was engaged to a Muslim man and they didn’t want her to bear his child as that child would then be next in line to the throne. There are many other reasons why people think that the Royal Family killed Princess Diana, but this is the main one. 24

KFC makes black boys impotent? The crazy thoughts on this one are that, Kentucky Fried Chicken is owned by the franchise the Ku Klux Klan (for those who don’t know, the Ku Klux Klan are a hate group from America who are racist and promote the killing of black people). Apparently, these people are the real owners of KFC and they are lacing the chicken with a drug that makes only black men impotent. Also, a rumour started on the internet around 1999 that the US government no longer allows KFC to call their product ‘chicken’ and that they now have to use meat that has been changed genetically to vaguely resemble chicken. Fortunately tests have been done and proved that KFC does in fact use ‘REAL’ chicken.

2012, and the Mayans This had to be the number one conspiracy because this is the thing that’s on the tip of many people’s tongues and the moment that thousands of people around the world are waiting for, December 21st 2012. So the theory is… a group of people known only to us as the Mayans, created a calendar of prophesies. They basically believed that in every life time the world will come to an end and restart itself every 5,000 years or so and it just so happens that 2012 is the date worked out for everything to restart itself.

Area 51, home of the aliens? This thought has been around for ages. Nobody’s really sure what goes on inside area 51, a military base that supports the development and testing of weapons and aircrafts. The theory behind area 51 is that the government really uses this space to study dead and/or alive aliens. It has also been said that they control the weather and apparently time (that sounds bonkers, if you ask me).

everything you hear? UFOs in Roswell.

Moon landing, was it a hoax?

So the story with this one is that, apparently aliens landed in Roswell (which is in America). There has since been claims that alien corpses were found although the US government stand strong claiming that the things that were found was a surveillance air balloon.

The moon lading being faked has been spoken about since the day the astronauts ‘went to space’. Many people believe that the pictures have been proven to be fake and others say that the government lied to us for our own benefit and that technology is far more advanced then we really know. This topic will never be left to rest and apparently they never even set foot on the moon.

9/11 and the government Let’s just focus on one of the attacks for now, the attack that hit the World Trade Center was said to be planned and the aftershock of the destroyed landmark was a result of a controlled demolition (basically, everyone thinks the government did it). Another theory on this is that the pentagon was hit by missile which was apparently launched by the US government - sounds interesting right?

Royal Family are reptiles? This one is seriously crazy. Conspiracy king David Icke claims that the Royal Family and many other world leaders are alien reptiles who have taken on human form and apparently they are adamant to turn the world into slaves (or something like that). fusion 15

New World Order The theory is that there’s a group of people known as the Illuminati and they are a ‘global elite’ society (this means a group of people who want to control the world or are already in control of the world). It’s virtually impossible to give full detail of the Illuminati conspiracy because nobody knows who they are or what they do; everybody is just guessing and assuming they know. The Illuminati is supposedly a private board and have control to the world’s major banks. It is also said that they worship the devil and encourage their views on others with subliminal messaging through the mainstream industry, e.g. music and television.

The Devil’s Triangle (The Bermuda Triangle) Located between Florida and the Bahamas, more than 200 people have simply just gone missing without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle. This isn’t so much a conspiracy, it’s more of a weird occurrence that keeps happening. Ships, planes, boats, submarines – anything that has gone within that fifty miles of the ocean has simply just vanished, and nobody really actually knows why (weird isn’t it?).


y r r o S

t n s doe

t i t u c

Two women a day are killed in domestic violence relationships and over 1,300 calls are made to the police everyday, but domestic violence is still such a taboo subject. Words: Tanisha Clarke


housands of people are suffering in silence and some are too embarrassed to say anything. In fact, it’s a growing habit that young people, mainly females, are in abusive relationships because this may be their first time in what they say is a ‘serious relationship’. They don’t realise what they’re going through e.g. the controlling, the abuse, the forcefulness and more. They fail to realise that what they’re going through is not normal and by the time the realisation of danger sinks in, it’s too late to leave the relationship. Overcoming your tormenter is the hardest thing that a victim of domestic violence can possibly do. Over 30,000 women and children stay in refuges across the UK every year to escape their tormenter which is a good stepping stone for


someone who has lived in fear and silence for a long period of time. Although, saying that sounds like such a high number and statistics show that only 60% of women leave out of fear of death of themselves and their children. It’s hard to imagine that all these things happen on such a regular occurrence and yet it still seems like nothing is being done to help. 1 in 4 women will experience a domestic relationship at some stage of their life and 6 in 10 women will experience it at least once a year. Most people stereotypically think only women get abused. However, statistics show that at least 26% of men will be in a domestic violence relationship at some stage of their life. In England and Wales alone there is over almost 2.5 million men in abusive relationships. The first signs of a domestic violence relationship is controlling

(this can be from the clothes you wear to how much money you are entitled to). It also includes rape (sex without permission), verbal abuse, physical violence (anything from slapping, kicking, punching, strangling), breaking your trust, isolation (meaning cutting you away from friends and family), harassment and denial. This is the main one, where your abuser will make you think it’s your fault, they may even deny that anything happened. They will also say sorry and promise it will never happen again, and in most cases of course it does! If after reading all of this you think you may be in an abusive relationship, then you probably are and you need to get out now while you can. There is help out there for you so you’re not alone. Across the country there are over 122 domestic violence specialist courts that will help deal with the legal side such as restraining orders and rights to children. There are also thousands of websites and helplines that you can contact. Here’s a few you can get help from. Families anonymous 0800 735 0651

too gay?

or not too gay?

THAT is the question! What characteristics do you think gay men and lesbians have?? Kerry Mcginty went to the public, armed with a survey.


conducted a survey asking people four questions in order to get some statistics on what the most common stereotypes of gay people are, and after doing so, I came up with the following: 8 out of 12 people say that gay men talk like women 9 out of 12 people say that gay men are feminine 10 out of 12 people say that they have a feminine walk 8 out of 12 people say gay men like to wear pink 4 out of 12 people think that gay men like to wear tight clothes So, it seems to me that in a way, gay men are seen as “wannabe women”. What people need

fusion 15

to remember is that each man is different, although some love to live up to the stereotype. Others don’t and they prefer to be butch, and drink beer and not have anything pink in their home. But it seems that their are quite a few stereotypes out there. Not only did the survey include questions about gay men, it had two questions about gay women too! And it seems that it’s almost the opposite in this case: 9 out of 12 people think that lesbians are butch/ feminine 10 out of 12 people think that lesbians have short hair 8 out of 12 people think that lesbians dress like men 7 out of 12 people think that lesbians walk like men 4 out of 12 people think that lesbians have deep voices

Once again, if you look at it in a certain way, it IS actually the opposite of how people see gay men, sort of like, gay men want to be women and lesbians want to be men. Believe it or not, you do get very feminine lesbians walking down the street yet you don’t know they are actually gay because the stereotypes are drummed into your head. If you need someone to talk to or you question your sexuality you can call or go to: or call 020 7837 7324 or call 020 7837 3337 27

A Man s Best


Dangerous dogs in the UK are a major problem. There are countless news stories of another person, commonly a child, being savaged by a dangerous dog. This could sometimes be a family pet that turned wild for no apparent reason. There are many mixed views about this issue. Aneena Acraman- Lewis investigates and speaks to a victim of a dangerous dog attack.


here are five breeds of dogs that are banned in the UK. These are the Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and the Fila Braziliero. In March 1997 the Dangerous Dogs Act was passed by the House of Commons and the House of Lords. This came into effect in June 1997. Dangerous dogs are known to have more of a fighting mentality than those that are not dangerous. The majority of attacks are dangerous dogs and the affects are arguably worst. Austin Dawson was 13-yearsold when he was attacked by a dangerous dog. He was having a minor domestic with the dog’s owner (his step father) in their family home 28

when the dog punctured his foot, neck and face. Now aged 15, the scars on his face are noticeable. Yet he doesn’t blame the dog. He simply believes that the dog was just trying to protect its owner. Do you personally believe that a dangerous dog’s mentality is more aggressive than a non dangerous dog? If you mistreat or neglect a dog then no matter what breed it is, it will be aggressive. This is quoted from a documentary on BBC3 by Ricky HaywoodWilliams about dangerous dogs: “In some cases dogs are deliberately trained and even abused to make them vicious. Methods of “toughening up” dogs include chain fighting and beatings. The owners claim it’s all necessary for protection – but are they always in control of their animals. ’What do you have to say to the people who are doing this to their dog, because they think it will keep them protected? Personally I think it’s wrong. This needs to stop! If you show a dog love it will protect you because it is loyal to you, not because it is scared of you.   The RSPCA say that 66% of the calls they get about dog fights relate to young lads fighting their dogs in parks. Is this not enough

information to indicate that these dogs are merely doing what their immature owners are making them do? All dogs have a fighting mentality and these people are triggering it off.   In a documentary by Nomia Iqbal for BBC’s Newsbeat it states that: “Things are worst now than when the dangerous dog act was introduced 13 years ago.” In my opinion, this information indicates that people are keeping these dogs for the thrill of being in control. What are your opinions about this? It depends on the person. Some people probably do keep dangerous dogs for the fact they are illegal. Others for the money as dangerous dogs are worth a lot on the black market.   Do you think that more and more people are using these dogs purely as means of intimidation to others? Again it all depends on the person. The personality of the owner reflects on the dog. I believe the saying to be true; dogs are like their owners.   What do you have to say to the people using dangerous dogs as weapons? It’s wrong, weapons such as knifes and guns don’t have feelings but dogs do. You wouldn’t use a person as a weapon so why use a dog? Do you think dogs are a man’s best friend or just a predator that has been made a family pet? A man’s best friend. If you look after your dog it will look after you, the same way you would expect your friends to.   Sources:, dogstrust., Austin Dawson, (victim of a Dangerous Dog attack.)

fusion 15


Abortion is not

your only option! Are you pregnant? Are you thinking of having an abortion? Are you scared to take on the responsibility of having a baby? Whatever your question is, hopefully you’ll find all the answers you need in this advice feature. Words: Cindy Drabaviciute


early, 46 million babies die from abortion worldwide. That’s approximately one baby being aborted every two seconds. Over half (56%) of all women having abortions between 15-44 are in their 20s. Every year almost 12,000 teenagers had abortions provided by The British Pregnancy Advisory Service in United Kingdom. 30

There are a lot of reasons why women have abortions and there are a lot of reasons why they shouldn’t. Women have abortions because they’ve been raped, because of the life/health of mother or child or over personal choices like the baby being unwanted or an inconvenience. In the world we’re living in now there are so much other options instead of having an abortion and damaging your body and your mental health. The damage

could be excessive bleeding, you could damage the cervix, damage to the womb and after an abortion your body might have an infection. Having an abortion carries a risk of not having children in the future if the abortion goes wrong or if your body does not handle the abortion well. An abortion could affect your mental health and you could blame yourself and regret the action you once did and you might not have a very happy life.

There’s a wide variety of options you can choose from, rather than having an abortion. One of the options is putting the baby up for adoption as there are so many couples that are not able to have children and would love to adopt a child and be their parents. Adoption is a very good option as you can give the baby away from as early as you give birth. If you’re not happy or too young to be a parent, make someone else happy. Another option is social services. They can help you, and you can talk to them and explain the situation. If you’re living by yourself they could provide you with the things you need to grow a healthy baby and provide you with moral support. If you’re living in a big family they could also provide you with financial help. And above all you will have family and friends who could help you in every way possible like baby-sit when you’re off to school or college. Even if seems hard to raise a baby, it’s not that hard when you know what you’re options are and that there are people who would be more than happy to help you. Don’t kill a life, lead a life. My personal opinion is that abortion is a cruel and immature thing to do. I believe that having a baby makes you more mature, makes you think further about your life. I don’t believe that it is acceptable, but yet understandable. A friend of mine thinks, “Abortion is a good thing fusion 15

and every women should a have right to abortion, especially if she’s been raped and not ready to be a parent and carrying it for 9 months will be a complete disaster and a big responsibility.”

are innocent of your mistakes and they want you to love them. A baby could make you a better, happier person and hearing that one ‘I Love You’ from your baby could fix everything.

But you can’t fix the effects of an abortion, but holding a baby in your arms will make you realise that they

For more advice:,,, 31

60 seconds with Femi Oyeniran Femi Oyeniran is a British actor of a Nigerian descent. He is also a grime artist and most famous for his role as Moony in the 2006 film Kidulthood and its 2008 sequel Adulthood. He is currently studying Law.


f you could act with anyone who would it be? Will Smith because he makes the most money, which means I would make a lot of money as well. What is your biggest achievement? Having a law degree, definitely. I’m so proud of that.

What has been your biggest downfall in your life so far? I was a really bad kid in school. I was constantly fighting but I got good grades so fortunately I didn’t get kicked out. Is there any one in the industry you knew before you were famous? Alexandra Burke was my exgirlfriend’s best friend. When I see her now it’s like “wow - you’re there and I’m here.”

Weave or no weave? Most women have weave now, but me, I prefer no weave. If you could take three things to a desert island with you what would it be? A book, the bible because it’s got lots of stories and I am a Christian and of course my Blackberry - I don’t go nowhere without that. What is your favourite food? It’s got to be chicken! What type of girls do you go for? They have to be beautiful; I like a goodlooking girl.


fusion 15


Review: Precious Words: Cindy Drabaviciute


f you were overweight, sexually abused by your father and physically abused by your mother, classmates and people in the street, would you still have

hope that your life could change for the better? Clareece ‘Precious ‘Jones believes that she can take out of life whatever it presents her. In the film, Precious is constantly being abused by her parents,

classmates and the people in the streets. She has a go at the alternative school ‘Each One Teach One’ where she seeks her way to success. Another aspect that stood out in the film was Mariah Carey’s role as a social worker; the way the producers presented her looking like she just got out of bed was very unexpected. Also, when Precious has been hurt by her parents or the people in the street she fantasises of being famous and people watching her not because she’s overweight, but because she’s famous. What is inspiring about the film is that Precious is not willing to give up, she’s willing to fight! The film is a success for several reasons. She wasn’t Miss Perfect that everyone liked and wanted to get a piece of and she didn’t expect things for her to be done by someone else. Also Gabourey ‘Gabby’ Sidibe who played Clareece ‘Precious’ Jones has never experienced being an actress and acted her role very well. The film touched a lot of hearts; it had a deep meaning to it and the viewers enjoyed watching it. The film was excellent as it showed a small side of life in the 1980s. The film will bring tears to your eyes and melt your heart. It will make you realise that whatever life throws at you, you have to take the challenge and deal with it! Sources:


k n a h T

Well what can I say, it’s definitely been an experience to remember and one that will help me in the future. I would like to thank all the tutors, especially Matilda for inspiring me to get into journalism you actually taught me a lot, Carla for being there for support (the chat really helped and now I know what I actually want to do). You guys have definitely pushed me to where I need to be and am grateful for that. Finally I would like to say thanks to all the MMJ students - you lot have been great and all the other teachers. YOU LOT WATCH OUT FOR ME!!! LOL Lollie I would like to say big cheers to all the staff at the CLC for being friendly and not taking too long to open the door first thing in the morning when it’s cold! I would also like to say thanks to everyone in the group for helping me at some point or another, and I’m going to miss everyone, and our random chats during the LONG lunchtimes! Kerry fusion 15

! u Yo

from the

fusion team

I want to thank Matilda for making me more organised and Carla for giving me all the support I needed. I’ve had very good 19 weeks which will make me stronger and more confident in the future. I’ve had a great experience of being a journalist and I’m thankful to my classmates for accepting me the

Firstly I would like to say that when I started this course I felt welcomed by staff and students which were really good. During my time at DV8 I have progressed a lot, and I would like to say thank you to Matilda and Carla who have supported me along the way and making me a more confident person and Bukola and Lauren. I will miss all the MMJ students but every one got on well, and I will never forget this experience. XShanicex way I am. Thanks to Lauren who’s taught me maths and refreshed my memory and Bukola. Special thanks to the editor and the deputy editor for pushing us to do our work and not only playing the editor’s and the deputy editor’s role, but also for being friends. Cindy x

I would like to thank Carla and Matilda for all the support that they provided, also Lauren for helping improve my maths and also Bukola. To all my fellow journalists thank you for making it a pleasurable experience. Signed Care Bear aka Rochelle xxxx

I want to say thank you to DV8 for giving young people the opportunities to achieve their dreams. I also want to say a big thank you to Matilda and Carla for being excellent tutors and putting up with me for 19 weeks. Aneena

Thank you and well done to Lauren who was the first teacher to make me conquer the complicated language of maths - she achieved more in 19 weeks then other teachers have in most of my life time. I would also like thank Carla and Matilda for standing by me during my time at the course, and helping me when I needed it most. I would like to give a big shout out to

Matilda who helped me learn how to write to the fullest ability and never lost faith in me, with all the up’s and downs she still stuck by me. I would like to give Carla a big thank you just for being her lovable self; I would like to thank her for being so caring, kind and understanding, and lastly I would like to thank the whole DV8/ MMJ team for helping me progress in life. Tanisha xx 35




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