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Our Mission


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Academic Success


Student Well-Being


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Class of 2021


A Note From Our CEO Dear families, friends, and teammates, Words like unprecedented have been overused to describe the last year, but it was indeed a year like no other. I’m proud of our teams, our students, and our families for persevering through tough and everchanging times. This report reflects our results for the 2020-2021 school year, where COVID-19 was present for the entire duration. The fact that we received our highest parent satisfaction scores to date in 2021 is a testament to how well one-to-one, relationship-based education works, in-person or online. Last year we pivoted to 100% virtual instruction with almost no interruptions for our families. This year, with lots of hard work and preparation, we were able to provide safe spaces for our students to learn and grow in-person. It is an honor to be a part of the incredible Fusion Education Group team. We’ve always been able to provide this, but I’m especially proud of the stability we were able to give families during a remarkably uncertain season. You’ll find our families were happy with this as well. In the pages that follow, you will find results from all Fusion Education Group schools. This is the first year that we’ve created a collective report representing all our schools. Thank you to all the people who made that happen and to all the families that responded. As we continue to open more schools and navigate challenging times, our commitment to our students’ well-being and success is unwavering. Our team is now more than 2,100 strong, and each and every person has an impact on the incredibly positive data inside this report. With gratitude,

Peter G. Ruppert CEO Fusion Education Group 3

Fusion Education Group Fusion Education Group (FEG) is focused on providing life-changing educational experiences through a relationship-based approach. Our four school brands operate as partner schools to bring our shared educational expertise to families and students. Each brand offers slight variances, but they are all committed to enabling students to unlock their academic potential, as well as create opportunities for their emotional and social growth.


Fusion Academy: Fusion Academy has over 60 campuses nationwide that offer personalized, one-to-one education. For over a decade, Fusion has changed the lives of students and their families through its revolutionary teaching philosophy of Love, Motivate, Teach.

Fusion Global Academy: Fusion Global Academy offers 100% virtual instruction for middle and high school students. Fusion Global has the ability to serve students worldwide with a personalized, one-to-one education.

Futures Academy: Futures Academy offers one-to-one and small group instruction, delivered in an innovative small school setting with 15 campuses across California. Their learning philosophy of EMPOWER develops habits and mindsets that empower students to create their own future.

Barnstable Academy: Barnstable Academy is located in Oakland, NJ and delivers a traditional college-prep education in a small school setting for students in grades 5-12. Classes average 8-10 students and have a maximum of 14.

Our schools 5

2020-2021 School Year This year, the desire for customized education in a safe environment was higher than ever. Fusion Education Group schools were there for families during a tough time with both part-time and full-time options for enrollment. Our teams worked hard to deliver excellent education virtually and inperson while following safety precautions on campus.

Served 9,257

middle and high school

students AT


Across 45 states and 18 international locations


and at our 100% online academy.


Our Mission Guided by a fundamental belief in the immense potential within every person, our mission is to help each student flourish – emotionally, socially, and academically – through positive, mentoring relationships and a personalized education experience.


97% of our parents are pleased with their child’s overall experience at their Fusion Education Group school.

93% of our parents believe their Fusion Education Group school is effectively fulfilling its mission​.



92% of our parents report that their child has fun at their Fusion Education Group school.



Real Results Survey results from hundreds of students and parents1 affirm that when students feel safe and understood, they fully engage in their personalized learning process. This allows them to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally and can lead to them experiencing life-changing shifts that result in long-term transformation. By first establishing positive, authentic relationships, and then personalizing the education experience, our schools help students realize their incredible potential and gain the confidence needed to set and achieve their goals. Fusion Education Group’s revolutionary approach focuses on the success of the whole student. In this section, we share our results in three key areas: 01. Academic Success 02. Student Well-Being 03. Total Family Impact


Survey reflects responses from approximately 2,178 students and approximately 1,781 parents (gathered in 2021).



Academic Success

Positive changes in mindset and academic behaviors yield positive changes in learning outcomes. Once trusting relationships and a safe environment are established, Fusion Education Group students experience a reawakening of curiosity, an infusion of confidence, and a positive connection to school. Teaching in a one-to-one or small class setting and personalizing course material builds on this foundation and shifts the way students relate to learning. This sets students on an upward trajectory toward academic success.


“the experience has exceeded our expectations — which were high.” - Wynne Brown, Fusion Global Parent


Academic Engagement When a student’s interest is captured, they are more likely to persist through challenges, retain new information, and pursue learning independently. Learning is always most effective when students are intrinsically motivated by an interest in, or personal connection to, a subject.


of parents agree that their child is appropriately challenged academically at their FEG school.

Fusion Education Group (FEG) teachers personalize learning by leveraging each student’s creative and personal interests. This sparks curiosity and excitement for learning, and it results in dramatic increases in student engagement.

| Academic Success 12


of parents agree or strongly agree that their child is academically engaged at their FEG school.

Student engagement is critical to success in high school and a strong predictor of post-secondary outcomes. According to national data from the 2016 Gallup Student Poll, student engagement is a persistent problem and rapidly declines by grade across the country.2 This is in contrast to FEG student engagement, where 92% of parents agree or strongly agree that their child is academically engaged at school.


Based on a 2016 poll of ~ 3,000 students nationally. Gallup defines engagement as “the involvement in and enthusiasm for school.”

Academic Confidence Reigniting students’ belief in themselves is as important as finding the right classes, teachers, content, and teaching styles. Students who are confident in their ability to learn start to enjoy learning, and tend to perform better in a postsecondary environment.3 This positive mindset is also critical to being a lifelong learner. At FEG, 83% of our parents report that their child seems more confident since joining their school, and 90% report that their child is more successful academically now than they were at their previous school.


90% of parents agree that compared to their previous school, their child is more successful academically. 92% of parents agree that their child enjoys learning at school.

79% of students feel proud of the work they do at school.

Nagaoka, J., Farrington, C.A., Roderick, M., Allensworth, E., Keyes, T.S., Johnson, D.W., Beechum, N.O. (2013). Readiness for college: the role of noncognitive factors and context. Voices in Urban Education, 38(45-52).


91% of students report that they are provided the academic support they need to be


“It has not even been a month, but the progress in my son is unbelievable. When we first had our meeting with Fusion Global Academy, my son was almost entirely shut down and most of my questions were like: ‘If he is feeling down in his class, what do we do?’ or ‘If he is not able to complete or misses the majority of his classes, what do we do?’ I do not think it is a problem anymore. I only wish that I had found you years earlier. My family is a big fan of FGA, and we want to be part of this family forever!”

| Academic Success

- Linda Li, Fusion Global Academy Parent


Academic Success

98% 90%

93% 80

The connections Fusion Education Group teachers form with students not only create an environment of safety and support, but also an opportunity to customize their teaching style and content as they get to know the students. FEG teachers set their students up for success and reverse the pattern of failure by adjusting their pace, approach, and assignments to target each student’s needs and ensure mastery of the curriculum.

A student’s academic mindset, behaviors, and learning are all strengthened when supported academically in the right school setting. The majority of our students said they weren’t getting the academic support they needed before FEG. Now, 91% report that they are getting the academic support they need to be successful. Learning soars and students take pride in their accomplishments when they are engaged in the classroom, feel confident about themselves as learners, and regularly complete school work.




My child’s teachers are committed to my child’s success.

My child’s academic progress at school meets my expectations.

My school partners with me to help my child succeed.​

“Our son’s attitude toward school has completely changed since enrolling in Fusion. His confidence has skyrocketed and he is proud of his academic accomplishments. The classes are taught at his pace and he feels at ease asking questions and engaging in dialogue with his teachers about the subject matter. Having his homework completed while he is at school is a huge bonus and gives us peace at home - gone are the nights of fighting over homework.” - Kerri Assell, Fusion Academy Parent



Student Well-Being

Along with academic success, we design our programs to support our students’ social and emotional development. We’re proud to say that our students receive support and guidance as they confront the complexities of establishing positive relationships, building self-confidence, learning to self-advocate, setting goals, and building their self-determination.


“Our son is finally spreading his wings, and this school has a lot to do with it.” - Futures Academy Parent



| Student well-being

Self-determination has been defined as “a combination of skills, knowledge, and beliefs that enable a person to engage in goal-directed, self-regulated, autonomous behavior. An understanding of one’s strengths and limitations, together with a belief of oneself as capable and effective, are essential to selfdetermination. When acting on the basis of these skills and attitudes, individuals have greater ability to take control of their lives and assume the role of successful adults in our society.” 4


At Fusion Education Group, we work with our students in three key areas to help them develop the self-determination they need to be successful adults in society. These areas are self-confidence, self-advocacy, and goal setting.


Field, S., Martin, J., Miller, R., Ward, M., & Wehmeyer, M. (1998). A practical guide for teaching self-determination. Reston, VA: Council for Exceptional Children

Mentoring Relationships and Self-Confidence Like adults, many adolescents struggle with emotions: the fear of failure, the search for social belonging, or the aftermath of negative experiences. These challenges can be painful and lonely to navigate and self-deprecation can become a survival mechanism for adolescents. High self-worth, on the other hand, requires trusting that you no longer need those defense mechanisms. It requires vulnerability, a safe space to explore, and the tools to effectively build confidence. Research in psychology has identified positive relationships and positive emotions as key elements of overall well-being.5 FEG teachers use their training as mentors to create a safe, supportive environment that fosters positive mindsets and ensures students are emotionally supported.

83% of students feel

comfortable being themselves.

83% of parents agree their child seems

more Confident since joining school.

94% of parents report that their child feels

comfortable at school.


97% of parents report their child has

Positive Relationships with their teachers.

87% of students feel that the adults on campus really

care about them.

Seligman, Martin E. P. Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being. 2013.


89% of our students report that they feel comfortable talking to the adults at their school.

| Student well-being

92% of our parents agree that their child is comfortable asking their teacher for help.


88% of students agree or strongly agree that they feel connected to their teachers. 81% of our students report that they are comfortable advocating for themselves.

6 7

Self-Advocacy At its heart, self-advocacy is the ability to communicate a need. This is an extremely important skill for students now and as they continue their academic journey after high school. Research shows that self-advocacy skills impact a student’s ability to plan and execute their academic goals.6 Self-advocacy skills are also related to academic performance and successful adaptation to college.7


of students feel that teachers listen to them and treat them with respect.

Bassett, D. S., & Lehmann, J. (2002). Student-focused conferencing and planning. Austin, TX: PRO-ED. Adams, K. S., & Proctor, B. E. (2010). Adaptation to college for students with and without disabilities: Group differences and predictors. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 22(3) 166-184.

Goal Setting Our students work with their teachers to create goals for themselves. These may include academic goals or goals for life outside the classroom. Each FEG school has systems in place to track and check-in on goal progress. This support and accountability helps students stay on track academically and emotionally.

85% of students agree that they participate in the process of creating their educational goals. ​


88% of students agree that they are aware of and understand their educational goals. ​


“Both of my children have attended and still attend Futures Academy. Futures Academy taught my children to be selfresponsible and self-motivated. Through their learning experience, they have a mature, worldly attitude. I am thankful to Futures Academy for all of their educational guidance and support.” - Yvette Lyons, Futures Academy Parent



Total Family Impact

We consistently hear that our schools not only change the lives of students, but of whole families as well. One child’s stress affects not only them, but everyone in their home. We intentionally have systems in place to create open communication between school and home to take away the burden many of our parents and guardians dealt with in previous school environments. This, along with the other elements of our programs, positively impact the total family.


“An enormous weight has been lifted from our family.” - Jill, Fusion Parent


Parent Communication Each of our schools do it a bit differently, but parent communication is a top priority for us at FEG. From daily class summaries and dedicated administrative connections, to thriving parent groups, our families are encouraged to be as connected as they’d like to be to their child’s education.

| Total Family Impact

You’ll see in the data, and on our various review platforms, that parents appreciate this and are highly satisfied with their school experience.


98% approachable

98% of parents believe that Fusion Education Group faculty and staff are approachable.


93% Timely



97% of parents feel that they are regularly informed about their child’s overall performance.


93% of parents agree their school provides timely communication about school updates or new initiatives.​

93% of parents have expressed satisfaction with the level of awareness about their child’s learning.

Overall Parent Satisfaction is Excellent 71

Visibility Leads to Overall Satisfaction



Needs Improvement

When parents know what their student is doing at school, it lowers stress and raises satisfaction in the institution. We strive to keep our parents in the know about all that is happening. One of the top ways people find our schools is because of referrals from happy parents.


30 Great




We asked our parents on a scale of 1-10 how likely they are to recommend Fusion Education Group schools to another family. We used those answers to calculate our Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is a powerful tool that measures overall customer satisfaction. Based on the global Net Promoter Score standards, any score above 0 is considered good. Fusion Education Group’s score of 71 is rated outstanding. For perspective, the 2021 NPS scores of top consumer brands were: Apple, 56, Amazon, 53, and Tesla, 44. (Source: research company Comparably)

Customization is the Greatest Strength When asked to vote for their school’s greatest strength, here is what parents said:

63% Customized Education 16% Teacher/Mentors 5% Flexibility 4% Student Engagement 16%


4% Care for my child 4% Welcoming environment 4% Other 25

I Can’t Recommend Futures Enough

Reviews & Testimonials Outside of our surveys, we get notes and online reviews* with success stories all the time. To the right are some of the 5-star online reviews and testimonials we have received.

Futures has increased my daughter’s self-esteem, confidence, and knowledge. She is a different person. She has gone from enduring school to loving it. She is now reading well above her grade level, enjoying Math, and excited about each day. Her grades are fantastic. The school adjusts to the student’s learning style so that they can focus on learning without stress. I can’t recommend Futures enough. Deborah Annes, Futures Parent

He Loves It There For the first time ever, my son has been coming home daily saying he’s had a great day! He’s quickly made friends there and said he loves it there. The school is on top of things with letting the parents know how their child is doing. Monica Margolis, Futures Parent

Fusion has been a Great Experience Fusion has been a great experience for our son Gray. He was not enjoying school prior to attending Fusion, was making horrible grades and had no interest in learning. Fusion has completely turned all of that around and he is now excelling, and is excited about learning and about his future. It took us a while to get him on the right track, but Fusion has been amazing and has been a very positive force in his life, and in ours!!! Kristin, Fusion Academy Parent


*Fusion’s Trustpilot page had over 250 reviews from families in 2021, resulting in an Excellent Trustscore of 4.8/5.

I Wish We Had Found This School Sooner

In College, This Helped Me Greatly

Since our son started in March, we have seen a huge change. I wish we had found the school sooner. Before, he was struggling in several classes. In the fall, we’re registered for multiple AP classes. The teachers are great and the student life team was a big part of his successful transition. Our son, as we tour colleges, is more confident and Fusion Global Academy is helping him develop new skills. So happy that we made the leap.

Barnstable allowed me to develop as a person and as a student. Through careful guidance from my teachers, I learned to reflect on my learning and to be thoughtful about my needs. In college, this helped me greatly. I graduated summa cum laude from TCNJ in 2017 and am completing a Master’s degree in education while preparing to begin doctoral work next year (either at Pennsylvania State University or Columbia Teacher’s College). Patrick Thane, Barnstable Alumni

Fusion Global Parent

FGA has been Life-Changing for Both of our Girls Our student has thrived this year. It was amazing to experience her opening up to teachers, letting them become her allies, and making friends across all kinds of borders! I think she has gained so much confidence in herself, is starting to find her identity, and has gone from completely hating school to now looking forward to learning and talking with her teachers and friends every day. FGA has been lifechanging for both of our girls. Fusion Global Parent

You Are Just Nailing It Fusion Global Academy has truly saved Isaiah not only from losing interest academically but given him a positive daily interaction to look forward to. He is in a hybrid school year, meaning he is half in public school, and half in Fusion Global Academy. It’s embarrassing to even compare the two. You guys deserve all the accolades and kudos right now. You are just nailing it! Corianne Tubbs, Fusion Global Parent

Fusion Just Rocks!!! Fusion has literally been life changing for our daughter! The amount of compassion, care and willingness extended by the entire staff/teachers, to incorporate her specific interests and gifts, throughout ALL her entire curriculum, has been so inspiring and refreshing to our ENTIRE family! Fusion has helped to facilitate enormous confidence in our daughter, which she has admittedly and painfully lacked academically (throughout much of her experience in the public school system). We are eternally grateful to Fusion for embracing our daughter and helping her to learn the best way she can and in the right environment! Best leap of faith our family has ever taken!!! Maryellen, Fusion Academy Parent

More Testimonials: Each of our brands have testimonials and videos on their websites. To read more reviews about a specific brand, please visit their site. You can find each website by visiting FusionEducationGroup.com. 27

“EVERY child should have the opportunity to be known, valued — and celebrated!” - Margaret King, Aunt of Barnstable Student 28

Class of 2021 Success is defined differently for each Fusion Education Group student. Because of this, we customize our Post-Secondary support around the needs, dreams, plans, and goals of each student to help them discover and pursue their own unique path. We are incredibly proud of the 881 graduates who were part of FEG’s Class of 2021.

“My daughter received an excellent education, graduated with honors, and received more than $90,000 in grants from the college of her choice. Sending our daughter to Fusion was the best decision we made for her education.” - Sheila Williams, Fusion Academy Parent


97.8% of 2021 graduates who wanted to attend a 4-year university or college were accepted.

Plans After Graduation

| Class of 2021

At FEG, we are committed to helping students find the path that’s right for them.


For most students, this means finding the right college or university — not just the school that sounds best on paper, but the one that allows them to flourish. For others, this means pursuing highly specific interests that may be best developed outside the traditional college model. We help connect students to colleges, local opportunities, internships, specialized programs, and/or certifications to develop their expertise and launch their careers.


$17.8 Million+ was awarded in scholarships to the Fusion Education Group Class of 2021 as reported to FEG by seniors or families.

Example Alternative Plans • Study abroad in Spain • Moving to England to apprentice • Signed with New Jersey Titans hockey team • Joined the military • Working for family business • Furthering their modeling career • Acting on Broadway • Attending a gap year program

Sample of 2021 College and University Acceptances

Post-Secondary Plans Our students are accepted by and attend a wide array of public and private colleges and universities, ranging in size, geographic location, and areas of specialty and training. They also pursue other paths like gap year programs, entering the workforce, and more. Here is the breakdown from the students who let us know what their post-secondary plans are:

75% College/University 10% Gap Year 75%

3% Vocational Training 12% Other

Adelphi University American University of Paris Arizona State University Art Center College of Design Bard College Baylor University Beacon College Belmont University Beloit College Bentley University Berklee College of Music Boston University Bridgewater State University Bucknell University Butler University California Institute of the Arts California Lutheran University California Polytechnic State University - Pomona - San Luis Obispo California State University - Bakersfield - Chico - East Bay - Fresno - Fullerton - Long Beach - Los Angeles - Monterey Bay - Northridge - Sacramento - San Bernardino - San Marcos Carthage College Chapman University Clemson University Colgate University College of the Holy Cross Colorado State University - Fort Collins Columbia University Concordia University - Irvine Cornell College Curry College DePaul University Dominican University Drexel University Duquesne University Eckerd College Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Emerson College Fairfield University Fairleigh Dickinson University Fashion Institute of Technology Flagler College Florida Gulf Coast University Florida International University Fordham University Full Sail University George Washington University Georgia State University Gnomon - School of Visual Effects, Games, & Animation Gonzaga University Goucher College

Grand Canyon University Guilford College Hampton University Hawaii Pacific University High Point University Hollins University Humboldt State University Indiana University Jacksonville University Johns Hopkins University Kansas City Art Institute Landmark College Lewis & Clark College Louisiana State University Loyola Marymount University Lynn University Marist College Marquette University Menlo College Metropolitan State University Miami University Michigan State University Montclair State University Mount Holyoke College Mount Saint Mary’s University New York University Northeastern University Ohio University Oregon State University Pace University Pacific Lutheran University Paul Mitchell the School Pepperdine University Pitzer College Pratt Institute Purdue University Radford University Reed College Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Rhode Island School of Design Rhodes College Ringling College of Art & Design Saint Mary’s College of California San Diego State University Santa Clara University Sarah Lawrence College Savannah College of Art & Design Seton Hall University Smith College Sonoma State University Southern Methodist University Southern Oregon University Southwestern University Stevens Institute of Technology Stevenson University Suffolk University SUNY - Albany - Binghamton - Brockport - Old Westbury - Purchase Temple University Texas A&M University

Texas State University Texas Tech University The Art Institute of Chicago The Los Angeles Film School The New School The University of Tampa The University of Tennessee The University of Texas Towson University Tufts University University of Amsterdam University of Arizona University of California - Berkeley - Davis - Irvine - Los Angeles - Merced - Riverside - San Diego - Santa Barbara - Santa Cruz University of Central Florida University of Colorado Boulder University of Connecticut University of Delaware University of Denver University of Hawaii - Manoa University of Houston University of Indiana - Bloomington University of La Verne University of Louisiana - Monroe University of Maryland University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth University of Miami University of Michigan University of Minnesota University of Nevada - Reno University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill University of North Carolina - Charlotte University of North Dakota University of North Georgia University of Northern Colorado University of Oklahoma University of Oregon University of Puget Sound University of Redlands University of Rochester University of San Diego University of San Francisco University of Southern California University of Southern Maine University of St. Andrews (UK) University of the Pacific University of Tulsa University of Utah University of Vermont University of Washington University of Wisconsin Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Washington State University West Virginia Wesleyan College Wheaton College

Barnstable Academy

Fusion Academy



Fusion Global Academy FusionGlobalAcademy.com

Futures Academy Futures.edu