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Life Changing Education GRADES 6-12

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“Every day I am inspired by our teachers, students, and parents. The stories of how Fusion changes lives never fail to inspire. I’m incredibly proud of the work we do and the teams who make it happen.” Jeff Poole President & COO

More Than Just

Academics The first time I stepped onto a Fusion Academy campus was in 2008. This was the only location at that time: the original Solana Beach, California campus led by our Founder, Michelle Rose Gilman. My initial impression was that this place was special; an inspiring educational environment unlike any I had seen. Although not a large space, the campus vibe was lively and pleasant, with an air of calmness. In the one-to-one classrooms, students and teachers were engaged in teaching and learning, and the conversations clearly suggested that learning was happening naturally, not through coercion or with reluctance. I could tell the teachers sincerely cared about the students and knew them well enough to personalize the course content just for them. Bottom line, Fusion did not fit the traditional mold of education, and the campus atmosphere was truly different and special. I knew then and there that this school model had incredible potential and we needed to make this available to students nationwide. Today, when visiting Fusion campuses, I hear many stories of how Fusion has changed the lives of our students, and families. For example, during a recent visit to our Rockville, Maryland campus, I met a student who was struggling when he enrolled. With the support of the campus team, the student unearthed a passion and talent for rap music, which came from his love of poetry. If you visit that campus, you’ll more than likely find this student in the music studio, and you’ll see a student who has come alive. It’s amazing to think about how that one inspiring campus visit in 2008 made it possible for so many students to find success in their lives many years later. I’m so incredibly grateful for everyone who has helped Fusion grow to what it is today: over 60 campuses, 1,300+ teachers, and over 16,500 students taught since we first opened. As a father, I know looking for and choosing a school is difficult. We don’t take your time or decision lightly, and we thank you for trusting us enough to consider Fusion Academy. This brochure will tell you the why, what and how of Fusion. We’ve included some stories as well that may resonate with what you dream for your child. My hope is that these pages will change your idea of what school can be.

Warm regards,

Jeff Poole President Fusion Academy

A Letter from Jeff Poole | 3

Our Mosaic The Fusion Mosaic represents who we are: a collage of distinctive, creative individuals who come together as a one-of-a-kind community. Each of our students and team members are unique, and no matter how different, when we all work together, we make something beautiful. You’ll see the Mosaic throughout our campuses, and even in our logo. It’s that important.

Our Mission Guided by a fundamental belief in the immense potential within every person, our mission is to help each Fusion student flourish – emotionally, socially, and academically – through positive mentoring relationships and a personalized education experience.

4 | What is Fusion?

“I am very happy to see the change in my son. He was not doing well at his previous school, and now he is a great student who loves to go to Fusion. Previously, it was a “chore” every day to get him to go to school. I am very thankful for Fusion.” Guy Allen Fusion Parent

“Fusion has given our daughter the chance to shine and be the student and person we always knew she was. She has made so many friends; people she actually spends time with outside of school. She connects with her teachers and has demonstrated herself to be an amazing student, so creative and outgoing.” Meg Bennett Fusion parent

About Fusion A Brief History In 1989, Michelle Rose Gilman worked at a tutoring center. One day she went to work and found it closed permanently. It had lost its funding and had left Michelle and others out of a job. More devastating, there was now a group of students with nowhere to go. Michelle took a leap of faith and imagined a new way to teach middle and high school: one student and one teacher in a classroom. That dream became Fusion Academy. In 2010, with the help and partnership of the newly-formed Fusion Education Group, Fusion Academy opened its second campus in Los Angeles, California. Today, there are more than 60 campuses in 16 states and Washington D.C. with more campuses opening each year.

Though Fusion has grown tremendously, our purpose has not changed: to provide life-changing education through personalized instruction for every student.

Accreditations Fusion Academy has earned a School System accreditation by Cognia (formerly AdvancED). All Fusion campuses are fully accredited or (for our newest campuses) are a Candidate for accreditation with Cognia. Accreditation validates our unique education model and measures it against standards of educational quality. This recognition also enables a smooth transition for students seeking educational opportunities after their time at Fusion. We have earned accreditations from the following accrediting bodies:

National Accreditation: Fusion is nationally accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED), which includes NCA CASI, SACS CASI, and NWAC.

Regional Accreditations: Regional accreditations include: MSA NEASC WASC



What is Fusion? | 7

Attending Fusion We have over 60 campus locations across the country and also have a 100% virtual learning option: Fusion Global Academy. Both in-person and virtual instruction are completely personalized for each student.

Campus Locations Arizona


Fusion Scottsdale

Fusion Boca Raton Fusion Miami

California - Bay Area


Fusion Berkeley Fusion Los Gatos Fusion Marin (San Rafael) Fusion Palo Alto Fusion San Francisco Fusion San Mateo Fusion Santa Barbara+ Fusion Walnut Creek

California - Los Angeles Area Fusion Los Angeles (West LA) Fusion Miracle Mile (Mid Wilshire) Fusion Palos Verdes Fusion Pasadena Fusion South Bay (Hermosa Beach) Fusion Warner Center (Woodland Hills)

California - Orange County

Fusion Charlotte Fusion Raleigh (Cary)



Fusion Evanston Fusion Lake Forest Fusion Lincoln Park (Chicago) Fusion Oak Brook

Fusion Ardmore Fusion Malvern

Fusion Columbia Fusion Rockville

Massachusetts Fusion Burlington (Lexington) Fusion Hingham Fusion Newton

California - San Diego Area

New Jersey

Fusion Minneapolis

Fusion Denver

Fusion Cherry Hill Fusion Englewood Fusion Morristown Fusion Montclair Fusion Princeton


New York

Fusion Fairfield Fusion Greenwich (Stamford)

8 | What is Fusion?

Tennessee Fusion Franklin




North Carolina

Fusion Alpharetta Fusion Buckhead (Atlanta)

Fusion Huntington Beach Fusion Mission Viejo

Fusion San Diego Fusion Solana Beach

Fusion Park Avenue (New York City) Fusion Upper West Side (New York City) Fusion Westchester (White Plains)

Fusion Brooklyn Fusion Long Island (Woodbury)

Texas Fusion Austin Fusion Dallas Fusion Houston Galleria Fusion Plano Fusion San Antonio+ Fusion Southlake Fusion Sugar Land Fusion The Woodlands

Virginia Fusion Alexandria Fusion Loudoun (Leesburg) Fusion Reston Fusion Tysons (Vienna)

Washington D.C. Fusion Washington D.C. Washington Fusion Seattle

+ Features our Flex Learning Model. Learn more on page 14.

Global Academy Our Live, 100% Online School

Fusion Global Academy (FGA), launched in Spring 2020, provides a complete, accredited middle and high school program in a live, one-to-one virtual environment. This 100% virtual instruction school is open to students nationwide and those outside of the United States who would like to graduate with a U.S. diploma. Unlike many other virtual schools that rely on self-directed online content or remote group instruction, all FGA virtual classes are taught live and one-to-one by the teacher. This means when virtual students are participating in tutoring sessions or in class, a teacher is always present, working individually with the student for the entire session. Beyond instruction, FGA provides programs such as the global

Over 25,000 1:1 class sessions taught live and online each week by Fusion teachers

Homework Café, virtual field trips, and online clubs to create a dynamic community where students connect with peers to build lifelong friendships through shared passions. •

One-to-one instruction, taught live with a teacher

Fully accredited

250+ courses available

Full-time or part-time

Flexible scheduling

Global Homework Café

Social opportunities

Each year we open more campuses. For a full list of our schools, visit FusionAcademy.com/campuses. What is Fusion? | 9

an education that inspires a



“My son actually enjoys going to school now and loves that the teachers make learning fun! Fusion Academy has changed our lives in such a positive way!” Angie Hutson Fusion Parent

why one-to-one? Dr. Benjamin Bloom was an Educational Psychologist, instructor and University Examiner at the University of Chicago, and an educational adviser to numerous nations. He conducted a groundbreaking study1 demonstrating that the average student receiving

one-to-one instruction will outperform 98 percent of all other students in traditional group instruction. This is why Fusion Academy classes are one-to-one: one student and one teacher in a classroom. Our teaching philosophy is: Love, Motivate, Teach. We meet students where they are and personalize the entire educational experience according to their strengths, goals, and learning preferences. Because of this, not only do our students achieve academic growth and success, but they also develop socially and emotionally as well. We have a Mastery Learning model where students do not advance to the next subject until they have reached a level of 70% mastery. Scheduling, pacing, and instruction are all customized to meet your child’s and family’s needs. Fusion offers open enrollment so that students can start with us at any time of the year, even mid-semester.






57% 48%


Before Fusion

After 3 months at Fusion

Getting the academic support they need to be successful

Before Fusion

After 3 months at Fusion

Felt they were respected by other students

Before Fusion

After 3 months at Fusion

Felt they were receiving the emotional support they needed

Data from the 2019 Fusion Academy Student Survey 1 Bloom, Benjamin S. “The 2 Sigma Problem: The Search for Methods of Group Instruction as Effective as One-to-One Tutoring.” Educational Researcher, vol. 13, no. 6, 1984, pp. 4–16., doi:10.2307/1175554.

One-to-One Learning | 13

FLEX Learning Model In conjunction with one-to-one teaching, campuses that offer our Flex learning model also offer asynchronous digital and group project-based learning. We customize the mix of these learning modalities for each student based on their needs and goals.

One-to-One Learning One-to-one instruction means one student and one teacher per classroom with different subject matter experts for each class. In this format, students fully engage, gain skills, and build confidence. In this format, teachers personalize instruction for student strengths, interests, and learning preferences.

Asynchronous Digital Learning This tech-enabled, self-paced learning is personalized by our teacher/mentors and overseen in our Homework Café space. Students have access to a robust learning catalog to supplement their one-to-one and group sessions for their classes. Teachers adjust the content as the course progresses based on the student’s mastery of the curriculum.

Group Project-Based Learning Students participate in two discipline-specific learning experiences each semester. They will work together on a common theme from different angles, preparing them for collaborative environments in the future. These sessions encourage participation and support student development in the following areas: •


Becoming Researchers

Writing Like a Scholar

Finding Influence with Current Events

Developing Tools for Planning

For all students, this group experience gives them space to engage in academic discussions and opportunities to apply their learning. Students will have a safe space to build peer relationships which they can further nurture in the Homework Café and during social activities on campus.

14 | Flex Learning Model

Rolling Enrollment Students can start at Fusion at any point in the year.

Our approach is a key differentiator from other schools that claim to be individualized but do not continue personalization past the first assessment.

How we personalize Initial Assessments & Ongoing Individualization After your student enrolls full-time at Fusion, we typically provide two assessments: Measures of Academic Progress (MAP®) and Mindprint. The MAP® assessment is an independent assessment developed by NWEA and used worldwide. Through its computer adaptive approach, MAP® creates a personalized and accessible testing experience by adjusting questions based on a student’s ongoing performance. It covers three areas: Language Usage, Mathematics, and Reading. Fusion teachers utilize the results of this assessment to gain a more accurate sense of the content a student has mastered and what they are ready to begin learning. Mindprint is a cognitive assessment that reveals why a student is performing at a certain level. This tool helps teachers understand a student’s cognitive process while working to identify where challenges might occur due to processing speed, memory, executive functions, or complex reasoning. Both of these assessments help to inform instruction and serve as a basis for developing a Formal Education plan. This unique Fusion plan focuses on leveraging a student’s strengths and supporting growth areas. As teachers get to know their students better, they have the opportunity to further personalize the classroom experience.

How We Personalize | 17

Goals and Growth The Individual Reassessment of Commitment (IROC) process is one of the primary tools used to track student growth and goal attainment with full-time Fusion students. Students are encouraged to create goals for themselves at the beginning of the year that align with our SchoolWide Learner Outcomes: Independent Critical Thinking, Compassion, Resourcefulness, and Emotional Security. Throughout the year, students are supported by their Lead Teacher as they reflect on these goals and demonstrate their progress. Additionally, each student’s team of teachers can actively address goals with their students to create multiple opportunities for application and to strengthen student growth.

2018-2019 STUDENT ENGAGEMENT Likely to ask questions or offer thoughts in class What they’re learning is related to their interests Frequently excited or curious about something new Able to explore creative interests Had fun at school

53% 95% 41% 87% 40% 85% 38% 90% 66% 85% Before Fusion

After Fusion

For more student data please visit: FusionAcademy.com/success

18 | How We Personalize

“This was the place where our daughter leaped the chasm between failure and anxiety to success and self-esteem. The unique environment and highly-motivated teachers listened to our child and tapped into the way she learns. The results of this are a delight to see.” Henry Sopher Fusion Parent

Who Attends Fusion? Each student comes to Fusion for their own unique reason. Here are a few profiles that highlight the various paths of our students:

Will is a gifted student. He and his family have high goals of attending an Ivy league school. He’s accelerated in all his courses possible and plans to continue courses through the summer. You can find him in the Homework Café even after his school day is done because he enjoys connecting with his peers.

Justin is a 7th grader that has

struggled academically in Math and English. In past school experiences he has felt discouraged that he doesn’t understand the material. In Fusion’s personalized environment he has gained confidence and is enjoying school again.

Marissa felt like she didn’t fit in at her old school. She was bullied. The academic and social pressures led to anxiety and it got to a point where she refused to go to school. Her family found Fusion, and now she’s catching up on what she missed and can move forward in a supportive environment. She’s been able to make friends in the Homework

Carter had a hard time concentrating

Café and even started a tabletop gaming club on campus that has grown to 15 members.

in a class of 30 students due to his

ADHD. With Fusion’s one-to-one, focused instruction, Carter is no longer a “problem” at school but is thriving in all his classes. He’s worked with his teachers on ways to improve his focus and has learned to selfadvocate for extra help when he needs it.

Katie is a 9th grader, and this is her

first year at Fusion. She enrolled at two different middle schools before finding

Fusion Academy. She has always loved art class but her least favorite subject is math. Before starting geometry, she needs to close content gaps. She also loves that there are so many art classes available, and that teachers can bring her love of art into her other subjects as well.

Sara is advanced for an 6th grader. She enrolled at Fusion because she is a dancer

and needs to end school early on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to attend rehearsals. Her MAP scores show her above average in both math and reading. She can accelerate in her math and English classes while taking history classes at a slower pace.

For more student stories and student videos please visit: FusionAcademy.com/students Who Attends Fusion? | 21

Our Teachers

When teachers can personalize content so students feel a personal connection to the subject, learning is more effective.

Fusion Teacher/Mentors are... passionate educators who are experts in the subjects they teach. Their title is Teacher/Mentor because in the one-to-one environment they’re more than a teacher; they’re someone a student can count on to be there for them, guide them, and mentor them. Our teacher training is focused on how to best serve each individual student to help them grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Some of our teachers have come from other private school environments, public schools, or were professionals in their field of study.

Knowledgeable educators passionate about personalized learning. 22 | Our Teachers

Andrew Smith-Fatten

Fusion Pasadena Teacher “Working at Fusion has truly shown me the future of education. In all my years in teaching, I have never worked with a team that is more dedicated to meeting and exceeding the individual needs of each student.”

Tara Ford

Fusion Los Gatos Teacher “I love teaching yoga one-to-one at Fusion because I can meet the students where they are and individualize the classes just for them. What I didn’t expect to find here is the amazing passion and collaborative efforts amongst the staff – teachers and administration. Everyone works together to best support all of our students. It’s really an honor to be a part of such a heartfelt team.”

Kyle Mayers

Fusion Fairfield Teacher “Working at Fusion has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I get the opportunity to come in every day and make a difference. The growth of students in and out of the classroom is exponential, and noticeable every day. The environment at Fusion fosters nurturing and growth and allows both staff and student to make a positive impact. I love my job!”

Nancy Knor

Fusion Loudoun Teacher “I have taught in public, private, and Montessori schools and the Fusion one-to-one model, with love as the foundation, is by far my favorite system! I love and look forward to going to work every day. The culture at Fusion Loudoun is a breath of fresh air, and I have seen tremendous growth in the students. There is no place like Fusion!”

Visit the “Meet Our Team” page of your local campus website to learn more about the Fusion teachers in your community.

Fusion has over 1,300 teachers nationwide!

Welcome to your brilliant ambitious supportive


Our Programs Thousands of families have trusted Fusion Academy to be a part of their child’s education. Some students join us full-time, stay for years, and graduate with us. Other students take classes for one term before transferring back to their current school or join us after school for tutoring sessions or a class for credit to catch up or get ahead. Homeschooling families utilize our classes for credit in science, languages, music, etc.

Wherever your child is on their education journey, we’re ready to meet them where they are and customize a program just for them.

Full-Time Middle & High School Students in grades 6-12 can attend Fusion full-time for middle and high school. This includes one-to-one personalized instruction, asynchronous digital sessions, group project-based learning, and time in the Homework Café to complete coursework on campus. Students can start full-time at any point in the year and work towards their education goals. Fusion is an accredited school and awards diplomas to students who meet graduation requirements. In addition to state requirements, our graduates take success coaching which equip them with tools to thrive after high school.

Classes for Credit There are over 250 course options for middle and high school students to build a path to their future. Courses are personalized for the student’s strengths, interests, and learning preferences. Students may take a single class for credit to catch up, remediate, or get ahead in their education.

Tutoring & Mentoring Some subjects don’t come easily and can become a barrier to moving forward – academically and emotionally. That’s why we offer tutoring across all required subject areas and for many electives as well. The Fusion approach to tutoring mirrors our teaching approach: one-to-one, with one student and one teacher per classroom. Our tutors are Fusion teachers who have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher and are passionate about the subjects they teach. Our emphasis on positive relationships allows our teachers to have a mentoring role in their students’ lives, resulting in not only academic, but social and emotional growth as well.

Our Programs | 27

Homework Café Instead of taking it home, coursework and asynchronous digital learning can be completed on campus in our Homework Café. There are two spaces to do coursework on campus, one quiet and one social, both of which are monitored by a teacher who is available to provide support and mentorship. The social space is also where clubs meet, student meetings are held, and where students can interact with their peers between classes.

College and Post-Secondary Counseling To help students prepare for the future, we offer College and Post-Secondary Counseling virtually and on campus. We match your student with one of our trained Fusion counselors based on their needs and goals. With our counseling team, your student can work on the following: •

Interest, major and school exploration

ACT/SAT Test Prep

Essay writing and personal statement support

Letter of recommendation support

Scholarship & financial aid support

In-person interview preparation

Our College and Post-Secondary Counselors can also support students after graduating as they begin their college journey. This includes career planning, gap year support, and time management techniques.

Success Coaching Students who attend our Flex learning model campuses will be paired with a Success Coach that is an additional mentor for their Fusion journey. Our Student Success Coaches help students navigate the rapidly changing, high pressure environments of modern-day adolescence. Students will learn: •

How to manage stress

The importance of mindset

Goal setting

Future planning

Time management

Executive functioning

Our Student Success Coaches use a strengths-based approach to coach students, and work with families to remove any barriers to learning. Our aim is for students to unlock and maximize their potential.

Summer Many students attend Fusion during the summer to catch up, get ahead, or try something new. All of our programs are available year-round and offer the same personalized approach. Students can take a class for credit, work through a tough subject with tutoring, or prepare for their future with college counseling, all with a customized schedule. Families can take vacation without having to worry about a rigid summer school schedule. For students who need even more flexibility, we also offer our programs online.

28 | Our Programs

For more info about our summer offerings please visit FusionAcademy.com/Summer

Course Offerings Course Levels: Essential, College Prep, Honors, and AP Fusion offers core classes and unique electives for our middle and high school students. All courses meet or exceed state standards. Courses can be taken at essential and college prep levels, and certain courses have honors or AP levels available. Each year more courses are added by our team of curriculum writers. For more information on our courses or to see a list of UC-approved (California only) and NCAA course lists, connect directly with your nearest campus. nearest campus.

30 | Course Offerings


History and Social Studies


(English 6)

(Early US History TX, FL, CA)


(English 7)

(Early World Cultures CA)

(Digital Photography)

(English 8)

(Medieval & Early Modern History CA)


English 9*

(Modern World Geography TX)

(Coding: Intro)

English 10*

(Texas State History TX)

(Coding: Python & Javascript)

English 11*

Ancient Civilizations*

(Community Minds)

English 12*

Cultural Geography

(Game Design)





Business Entrepreneurship

(Algebra 1)

Modern World History*

Computer Programing 1-3

(Math Course 1-2)

US History*

Creative Writing


World History Survey TX*

Game Design

Algebra 1*


Algebra 1 A/B*

World Languages

Personal Finance

Algebra 2 with Trigonometry*

(American Sign Language)

Post-Secondary Counseling







Integrated Math 1-3*

American Sign Language 1-4*

Roadtrip Nation


French 1-4*

Senior Capstone


Spanish 1-4*




The Science of Happiness

Music & Arts

The Science of Learning

(Intro to Recording Arts)

Work Experience

(Earth Science)

Advanced Recording Arts

(Integrated Science 1-3)

Advanced Studio Arts (Premium)

(Life Science)

Digital Photography

(Physical Science)

Music Appreciation

Anatomy & Physiology*

Recording Arts

Applied Engineering

Studio Arts

Astronomy Biology*



(Independent PE)

Earth Space Science*

(Physical Education)

Environmental Science*


Forensic Science

Independent PE

Marine Biology*


*Available at the honors level (Brackets indicate Middle School) Course offerings are subject to teacher availability.


For a more detailed description of each course, visit FusionAcademy.com/CourseCatalog

32 | School Experience

School Experience Our campus is a connected community where students experience more than academics. Every Fusion campus is alive with social activities, events, and friendships.

Clubs & Groups

Field Trips

Clubs and groups are formed on campus

Fusion field trips include educational, community

around topics of student interest. Some are

service, and fun opportunities, all focused on

student-led, while others are headed by

expanding minds and connecting students. Trips vary

teachers or staff. Examples of clubs from

by campus, but here is a sampling of past field trips

campuses across the country:

from our campuses:

• Creativity Club

• Marine life studies

• Philosophers Club

• Planetarium visits

• Foreign Language/Foreign Films Club

• Local visits to universities and/or colleges

• Documentaries Club

• Art museums or scavenger hunts

• The Writer’s Club

• Nature hiking and field studies

• Drama Club

• Volunteering at assisted living homes or food banks

• Record Club

• Bowling

• Book Club

• Skiing

• Student Government

• Whale watching

• Photography Club

• Volunteering at homeless or animal shelters

• D&D Club

• Indoor rock climbing

• Video Game Club • Culinary Club • Animal Club • Yoga Club • Board Game Club • Running Club

School Events Students typically have a lunch period at the same time each day. If approved by their parents, high schoolers can have off-campus privileges, but many choose to eat together in the Homework Café. This is also the time we hold weekly student meetings so all can be present. Each campus team plans their own special events for students, but all campuses hold the typical rites of passage such as prom and graduation.

Our Parent

Communication Daily Communication Fusion parents receive daily communication from each teacher their child had a class with that day. This includes a brief rundown of content covered, successes, concerns, and questions.

MyFusion Parent Portal Each parent also gets a MyFusion account. This Parent Portal includes their student’s schedule, class information, billing logins, and places to update contact information.

Campus Events Each Fusion campus hosts regular events on and off campus. These might include community education nights, open houses, coffee chats, documentary screenings, anniversary celebrations, seasonal art & music festivals, and more. The purpose of these events is to connect our community members and to talk about topics that are important to the Fusion family.

34 | Parent Communication

“Fusion was instrumental in getting my teenage daughter re-engaged with school after a challenging first-semester in her high school. From the moment we stepped in the school we felt warmly welcomed and reassured that she could get quickly integrated into the Fusion curriculum. Which she did! I asked my daughter about the teachers, and the common thread was their desire to see her succeed while challenging her every step of the way. The one-to-one teaching model was perfect for her.” Melayne Packer Fusion Parent

Life After Fusion How Fusion Prepares Students for the Future Our goal is to help students forge a path toward the future that is the best fit for them. For many, that means a four-year college, while for others it means attending a trade school or community college, taking a gap year, enlisting in military service, entering the workforce, or following another opportunity that’s right for them. All of Fusion’s curriculum standards and graduation requirements meet or exceed state standards. Fusion’s model helps students build confidence through constant interaction with teachers. Through our program, students spend many hours in class holding conversations with an adult teacher/mentor, and build significant digital acumen, interpersonal communication, and self-advocacy skills. Fusion offers post-secondary/college counseling and success coaching to help students chart the course for their future.

Jonny B.


“Fusion was a lifesaver for me. If it wasn’t for Fusion I wouldn’t have gotten through high school, wouldn’t know what the definition of true friends is and wouldn’t have found my passion for music. I’d like to thank everyone that had an impact on me. It was the only school experience I could tolerate. Fusion will always have the most special place in my heart because I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it.” 36 | Life After Fusion

Rebecca Penner

Fusion San Diego Alumna “Fusion was the perfect high school experience for me. It allowed me to move at a faster speed than my previous school and allowed me to go far more in depth with my studies. The classes were personalized for me and what I was interested in. I also have teachers who will be lifelong mentors. My calc teacher and I still communicate while I’m at college. The teachers at Fusion are genuinely interested in what they are teaching, and they inspire you to be excited about it as well. I would recommend Fusion to anyone. It is like nothing else. I currently go to Johns Hopkins University and am majoring in Chemistry. Fusion has prepared me so well to thrive in this very high-stress and difficult academic environment. I am excelling in my studies and I owe so much of that to Fusion. Fusion taught me how to advocate for myself which has helped me land a prestigious research position in an inorganic chemistry lab in my first semester at Johns Hopkins. I am so grateful for what Fusion has allowed me to accomplish, like graduating high school in three years and attending my dream university.”

Alumni Paths

Olivia Valkenburg

While the vast majority of our students go directly to college, some students pursue different post-high school routes, including:

Fusion Englewood Alumna “Fusion Academy provided me with a high school experience better than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. The one-to-one classes allowed me to work at my own pace and learn about things I was truly interested in. Every teacher I had at Fusion was incredible. They were all so experienced in the topics they taught and incredibly enthusiastic, which made learning fun. Without Fusion Academy, I never would have gotten into my dream school that I now attend, Fordham University in New York City. A lot of people wonder if I had difficulty making friends when I tell them I went to such a unique and small school, but for me that was not the case. I made lifelong friends at Fusion Academy. I really related to my fellow Fusion students because we all had reasons to be in a non-traditional school setting, which was a uniting factor. The Homework Cafés and lunch periods allowed me to interact with my peers even though our classes were isolated. Overall, Fusion Academy was absolutely the right choice for me, and I am so grateful for the time I spent there.”

• starting and running a business that was inspired by their work in Fusion’s Business Entrepreneurship course • a gap year with AmeriCorps with a goal to enter the Peace Corps after graduating college • attending a makeup school in Los Angeles with a goal of being a special effects makeup artist

The list of acceptances for Fusion students who pursue post-secondary schooling is impressive and diverse. They include top national universities, gap year programs, community colleges, art schools, international programs, and more. Some of our

College Acceptances

students are entrepreneurs and have started their own businesses by the time they graduate, while others land an incredible job and go right from high school to the work force. Whatever their dream, we help them pursue their bright future.

Sampling of 2019 College Acceptances: Top National Universities: * Stanford University Northwestern University Vanderbilt University University of California Los Angeles University of Southern California Georgetown University Wake Forest University New York University Tufts University University of California San Diego Whitman College Lehigh University Pepperdine University Syracuse University Pennsylvania State University University of Washington Loyola Marymount University University of Maryland Southern Methodist University University of Connecticut George Washington University American University Brigham Young University Binghamton University Gonzaga University Indiana University Michigan State University

Top Liberal Arts Colleges: * Colby College Kenyon College Mount Holyoke College Occidental College Union College Bard College Reed College

Sarah Lawrence College Willamette University St. John’s College Earlham College Bennington College Southwestern University St. John’s University

Visual & Performing Arts Schools: Berklee College of Music Savannah College of Art and Design Parson’s School of Art and Design Pratt Institute New School for Performing Arts Boston Conservatory School of the Art Institute of Chicago School of Visual Arts (NYC)

Specialized Programs/Schools: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Stevens Institute of Technology Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Los Angeles Recording School

2019 graduates also chose international schooling options in: Tokyo Osaka Paris Rome Vancouver Switzerland Israel *in order of US News & World Report 2020 Ranking

Sampling of Other College Acceptances in Recent Years: Amherst College Arizona State University Art Institute of California Averett University Baylor University Becker College Belmont University Boise State University Boston University Bowdoin College Brown University California College of the Arts California Institute of Arts California Institute of Technology California Polytechnic State University California State University, Monterey Bay California State University, San Bernadino Carnegie Mellon University Chapman University Claremont McKenna College Clark University Colgate University College of Mount Saint Vincent College of William and Mary Colorado State University Colorado University Boulder Concordia College-Selma Cornell University CUNY New York College of Technology Dartmouth College Davidson College DePaul University Dickinson College Digipen Institute of Technology Drake University Drexel University Drexel University Duke University Emerson College Emory University Fordham University George Mason University Hamilton College Hampshire College

Harvard University Hofstra University Ithaca College Johns Hopkins University Johnson & Wales University Kalamazoo College Lake Erie College Lake Forest College Lawrence University Lesley University Macalester College Marist College Maryland Institute College of Arts Menlo College Mills College Montana State University Naropa University North Carolina State University North Park University, Chicago Notre Dame de Namur University Pace University Point Loma Nazarene University Pomona College Princeton University Purdue University Queens University of Charlotte Regis University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Rhode Island School of Design Rice University Saint Edward’s University Sam Houston State University San Diego State University San Francisco Art Institute San Francisco State University San Jose State University Santa Clara University Seattle University Smith College Stony Brook University SUNY at Purchase College SUNY Binghamton University SUNY College at Buffalo Temple University

Texas Tech University The College of Wooster The Evergreen State College The Juilliard School The New School The Ohio State University Towson University Trinity University Tulane University University of Alabama University of Arizona University of California at Berkeley University of California Santa Barbara University of California Santa Cruz University of California, Irvine University of Chicago University of Colorado Boulder University of Denver University of Georgia University of Hawaii University of La Verne University of Liverpool (UK) University of Miami University of Michigan University of Minnesota University of Mississippi University of Nevada, Las Vegas University of North Texas University of Notre Dame University of Oregon University of Pennsylvania University of Rhode Island University of Rochester University of San Diego University of Sciences University of Tampa University of Texas at Dallas University of the Pacific University of Vermont Wagner College Washington University of St. Louis Whittier College Xavier University Yale University

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small class,

big future

Frequently asked Questions What is one-to-one?

How does tuition work?

Fusion’s one-to-one classes are taught with one

Tuition is customized based on the number of

teacher and one student in the classroom for the

classes a student takes and the level of support

entire period. Students have different teachers for

they need. We offer three levels: Classic (for

each class and the instruction is personalized based

students who are at or near grade level), Classic Plus

on the student’s strengths, interests, and learning

(additional one-to-one sessions for support or topic


exploration), and Premier (the highest number of one-to-one sessions and schedule variability). When you initially meet with us, we’ll discuss your child’s

What will the asynchronous digital sessions look like? Will my student be supported?

goals and needs to customize the right mix for them.

Asynchronous learning is leveraged to support student course progress by sharing the instructional and

I heard there is no homework. Is that true?

assessment load with one-to-one sessions. Students

Homework Café time is built into each full-time

with fewer one-to-one sessions will receive additional

student’s schedule. It is during this time they can

asynchronous learning tasks. The asynchronous

complete homework from the classes they took that

sessions will be supplemental and personalized based

day. If they are struggling with assignments, there

on teacher observation. If a student falls behind, they

are teachers available to support and help ensure the

will receive additional practice on identified skills and

work can be completed before the student leaves for

continuous instruction outside of one-to-one classes.

the day. Doing “homework” on campus throughout

They will complete these sessions in our Homework

the day reinforces learning shortly after class and

Café space where the Director of Homework Café is

develops executive functioning skills such as time

available to support if needed.

management, organization, and prioritization.

Can my child attend Fusion and then attend or return to another school?

We want to try Fusion; can we start with just one class?

Yes. Our curriculum meets state standards and

Absolutely! Students can take a class for credit with

our campuses are accredited. If you are planning

us, even while attending their current school. We’re

to transfer any credits, you will be responsible for

open past traditional school hours to accommodate

connecting us with your school to ensure they will

for this. With Fusion’s rolling enrollment, students

accept Fusion’s credits. Making connections with

can start at any time of year. This allows students to

local schools is a priority for Fusion to ensure smooth

try a class during the summer, or even start mid-

transitions for students between schools.

semester before completely transferring to Fusion.

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Hear from the Experts

“As a School Psychologist and a Marriage Family Therapist I understand the value Fusion provides each student who enters their doors each day. The amount of attention from a teacher can really excel learning potential and provide the




students need as they grow. I turned to Fusion when helping a student transition schools. I was so impressed with their concept, I continue to refer students and their families as often as I can.

“The amount of attention from a teacher can really excel learning potential and provide the mentoring and guidance students need as they grow.”

Fusion would have been my dream school had it been around when I was younger. The staff at Fusion is so professional and knowledgeable and provides excellent community outreach that keeps me very involved as a professional and as a parent.”

Katharine Messerschmidt, MA, LMFT School Psychologist

“The team learned that Fusion’s success begins with the core belief that each student is unique and that students learn best when they feel safe, cared for, engaged, and confident. These beliefs are summarized in

“Fusion’s success begins with the core belief that each student is unique and that students learn best when they feel safe, cared for, engaged, and confident.”




approach to all interactions with students, ‘Love, Motivate, and Teach.’ Leaders have devoted significant




planning and implementation of



processes to address the individualized needs of learners within a changing and complex world. Fusion is committed to success for every student by providing ‘celebrity experiences’ to honor their individual academic, social, and emotional goals.”

Cognia (Previously AdvancED) Engagement Review 2019

44 | Fusion Stories

“If your child struggles to adapt to the traditional

“I have found the personalized support and the atmosphere ideal for fostering independent learning and creative problemsolving and thinking.”

school setting or needs more personalized accommodation or works more effectively in a one-to-one setting, Fusion just might be the best option for you. While they provide core course(s), I have found the personalized support and the atmosphere ideal for fostering independent learning






Craig James Co-Founder of Insight Into Action Therapy in Virginia

“Fusion Academy epitomizes the developmental

“In an unprecedented didactic paradigm, the system adjusts to the student!”

concept of scaffolding: In an unprecedented didactic






the student! By teaching to strengths and accommodating needs, Fusion liberates students to realize their true potential.”

Dr. Joe Dilley Clinical Psychologist

“Fusion Academy provides an atmosphere of creativity, further fostering their students above and beyond just the academic. The arts have been shown to improve language, spatial, and mathematic abilities, as well as foster conflictresolution and social emotional wellness. Thank you Fusion Academy for providing the very best for your students by incorporating the arts into their learning.”

Azizi Marshall Founder & CEO for Creative Arts Therapy in Illinois

“Thank you Fusion Academy for providing the very best for your students by incorporating the arts into their learning.”

Notes from our parents “The Fusion model allows teachers to truly understand my child, both academically and emotionally. The teachers not only are teaching her the course content, but make adjustments as needed to fill in gaps in her prior learning or to move ahead when she already has mastered something. My daughter is flourishing in the Fusion environment.”

Marge Wilcox Fusion Parent

“I have never met a group of teachers more willing to put children first.”

“I have worked in education for 25 years and I have never met a group of teachers more willing to put children first. My son has blossomed into a young man I only dreamed I might someday meet.”

Melissa Sadin Fusion Parent

“It’s a joy to see the lack of constant stress on my daughter’s face. She’s an elite athlete, and since coming to Fusion I can see her being able to enjoy life and her beloved soccer without being judged and constantly feeling like she is falling behind. She can finally be herself.”

Maurizio Cascapera Fusion Parent

46 | Fusion Stories

“The Fusion model allows teachers to truly understand my child, both academically and emotionally.”

“I can see her being able to enjoy life and her beloved soccer without being judged and constantly feeling like she is falling behind.”

“We always knew our son had the talent to succeed in school but his results were spotty. Sometimes he would excel in difficult classes and perform poorly in easy classes. Teacher feedback ranged from “very bright” to “possible learning impairment”. We finally realized that the one-size-fits-all approach his public school offered didn’t fit. He learns differently and needs to be taught differently. That’s when we found Fusion. From the first meeting he was excited about the school, the teachers and learning. He loves Fusion, is gaining confidence in his ability to learn and is setting systematically higher goals. We (and more importantly he) are thrilled with the change from the public school to Fusion.”

“He loves Fusion, is gaining confidence in his ability to learn and is setting systematically higher goals.”

Steve Van Wart Fusion Parent

“When we first started looking at Fusion as the school for our son to attend we had no idea that we would be making the best decision in the world. He had always had a problem with keeping up with his classes starting with elementary school. This kept up through middle school and once he started high school it

“He is such a different young man today. He is excited to go to school and his selfesteem is through the roof.”

just fell apart. His self-esteem took a toll. He was not able to keep up with his classes and it became a battle to keep his grades up. He is such a different young man today. He is excited to go to school and his selfesteem is through the roof. He loves his teachers and enjoys a great social circle of friends through Fusion. He will be graduating this year and is looking forward to attending college. Before Fusion his questions were how long do I have to go to school and when can I quit school. Thank you Fusion for giving our child the love of learning and the selfconfidence to stay on a path of learning.”

Myrna Husting Fusion Parent

Our son Gavin is graduating from Princeton Fusion in June, after three hugely successful, enriching, and happy years attending the school. I hardly know where to begin in praising

what Fusion has done for Gavin and made possible for him. To a person, the teachers and

staff are deeply committed, invested, professional, creative, patient, kind, caring, understanding, passionate, and inspiring. At other schools, Gavin would often model his behavior on the worst-behaved peer in class. From almost day 1 at Fusion, he so admired and connected with staff and his teachers, that he emulated their behavior and attitudes and learned so much about what being a mature, thoughtful, hardworking adult means and what it looks like. The one-to-one teaching allowed him to assimilate, integrate, understand, AND retain a copious amount of information in a comparatively short period of time. One-to-one classes kept Gavin

dialed-in, his attention focused. He couldn’t hide in the back of the room, decline to participate, or allow his mind to wander. In the gentlest, kindest, safest way imaginable, he was asked to be present and accountable. The teaching also removed so much peer social anxiety from the mix, a stressor that would send Gavin off the rails at other schools. Yet the Fusion program is so well designed that there are abundant opportunities throughout the day (and exciting and enriching special events and celebrations throughout the year) for subtly managed social interaction, social pragmatics, and positive socialization.

Fusion has taken a struggling “C” student with attention, executive function, and selfregulation issues and helped him transform himself into an “A” student who, most importantly, enjoys learning, seeks out knowledge, is curious about the world around him and the people in it, has friends and social connections, and is mature, thoughtful, empathetic, diligent, and responsible. Gavin has even been accepted into college, beginning in the fall – an outcome that, three years ago, was by no means certain or even likely. We are so grateful to Fusion and feel we owe them so much. They made everything possible for our son. A part of us wishes he could stay there forever – it is such a special, safe, nurturing, stimulating, joyous place. But we know that Fusion has led Gavin to where he needs to be to begin the next great phase of his life. They have given him wings and taught him how to soar. John Kemmerer Fusion Parent

48 | Fusion Stories

Student Stories Graduation is a special time for our schools. We had video crews visit a few of our campuses to allow students to tell their Fusion stories and to capture our unique graduation ceremonies. Here’s a preview of what you can see when you watch their videos online.

For more student stories and videos please visit: FusionAcademy.com/students

“Getting to work at Fusion is truly a gift. There is nothing more special than getting to talk with a family on the phone who is feeling helpless and watch their kid blossom in a matter of days. I feel so blessed to be able to change the lives of our students and families on a daily basis. Geanne Weaver-Hepler Director of Outreach - Dallas Region

Enrolling At Fusion Academy Choosing a school is an important decision, and we’re here for you every step of the way. Here’s what Fusion’s Admissions Process looks like:


Initial Connection: When you connect with us, you’ll first talk to a member of our admissions team to ask any questions you have. You can also schedule a tour of a campus where you’ll see firsthand how one-to-one works.


Meet the Head of School: If you think Fusion is a good fit for your child, you’ll meet with the Head of School. During this meeting, the Head of School will learn more about what brings your family to Fusion and what your educational goals are.


Receive Recommendations: If your family and the Head of School agree Fusion would be a good fit, you’ll discuss customized social, emotional, and academic recommendations for your child and begin registration.


Enroll: You’ll then connect with our Director of Student Development to build your child’s customized schedule and determine a start date.

Ready to connect? Find your nearest campus: FusionAcademy.com/Campuses Give us a call: 888.572.7459

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Watch Our Student Videos For more student stories visit: FusionAcademy.com/students

Find A Campus To find a campus near you please visit: FusionAcademy.com/Campuses

FusionAcademy.com 888.572.7459





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